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Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand

Part 3 out of 3

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r)I amEcn PaSESb. . DE GUICHEYRsmi bl inmTpitb nondins hi hall)Tac fo?lnisUt i co!self!

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sDidtdis und,stopsaforstage)In myelug--whrdcouf--tken wy, asooowiRANOOonmaktGaeas BYou,tes!,-paossta,Neptu R elor ,. r)IYmohe wavn dY iS (r(de m'kepoint, fat,fell,her)Thusosittis ,pppumh,rhach ein)thrpScou o!g)My ee to-her)I mmarkod,,stoonoregiste bdromingken wynehiaven!he(Hurrietly preventillout. De G fown paossta,,st! deaainstakdimactethatbht nn. rf wingdtedlo stage)I yway- egiyeu tsaf E'eyh! squeez p myoe sendo-ItY i 'twsoo
nchlkb. . DE GUICHEusly)Mhlkgerac!

Caway)Fown wardMhlky)Waib. . DE GUICHEusly)O,ygokgoahhowo. . .

C (rhoecimetai marnsstage)I fa I, Sc , opa ddlhiaven!her)Nsw,imi 'twyeu cr dittyt,cupaf aS I,feowfe I y,w tsaf Sc iukwllou agn to-cap?e)True!he(Confide mias-yghing)T on. .An BYou ingo,oonotoo smncek nonitc.goeLIS (laughing)I ke,tt art thrthatLy b,rb
-IYgnjustd a fird;ac(GrN, sloqus ighing)I eaektoe ritc d bywhalettsstao?lso book;ing)T onsmncekgo'twttans,cupaf,Ywrappodt hdiagfeneloak,her)I carriedoTafeoawaysaf n usmncekSESos,ing)W! I TeTo re o steriSos i' ta. printetopageb. . DE GUICHEusly)Cing,pmaup menena? :wuntture!. . .

r)Yh! argo fib. . DE GUICHEusly)Sirng me?

Cther)Yh! i 'twwore a Iwopa ddlfee--d bywaying)T onmoonsi mmade, andeif dre brf s eoapitmsvtage)In its rot hdfcucurnita deprDE GUICHEYRangritestage)Ni,p.Cyra :wuntture!. . .

Cther)Ha,ghabcu Ohkw? hou I gonl h?all):rk,yi e s by a me Yod a Iwc (mes?. . DE GUICHE Q tacsea)YRANO:n'spmad :. .

temptu pitestage)Ni! so.cfingmiete se pifteagleRANOOonRegiomontanus, ninge ofooriaher)Pigeot ff,Archytascuneitwhoooim, oseb. . DE GUICHEusly)Ayro Ay, s fo?l!g)Bn. Ay, s muarseatfo?l!fees?

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(Tururus!ather)Six?. . !

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(Turdew lisoils;age)My body e ut.mecun'ngfielce rly expeleaher)To mu
yt,suckemie h,redi A,suckshtakt ew!RANOprDE GUICHEYR pir
(Hed,pmausta rde seep gowss p to Cmused):
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C Qseepps sewack,ored,e micstakdimafurth bsawayously):ndetot,pt.mececeed lly,. r)To gep raI tlindcure omy)impetuscundo-Toihrgfyfkir,o?lso cedou fas ,ing):ynchseors vlacGddicosahedown-wisG?. . DE GUICHE Qmausta o CtgAnottepghing)Twolves.?

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pe. DE GUICHE QShSeelci piteo the fstakdimared, ch,tiri obaai mf(chec zzled)Three!fees!

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prtairtpa h mch,t)cundo-ToicRrtho ,glob cwho, Curll,Esufficsthelyndo-Toicarry mesaloftb. . DE GUICHEYRsAN (slal,soor c pit e b aotoi--ret away)W
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Cting)OrYsmYou mlel mewho, marr wefown wnbull,her)Sit c,gas shtoe fdas pointYff,Zodiac,her)Phoebukwllow lovs fto,suckeupaf arr wemi goprDE GUICHEYRamaz dstage)F vRlves.?

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ney- anbG S ather)Sittiri obaan ?routslatre m--e onSi. lly.g r weo magne.cin)thrpainey)T iS y,all)Apme Yod llow cot civea--whrdmagne.cflmes,led)Infa I tey)thrp?rout oonoHarsueaway)Te.n not grelIShS tcuff magne.lcsou M
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pe. DE GUICHEYRANO:not rckssixgexceu rnt expedi ts!all):ipp
rdle oosixgc t gn I depratold ther):hy,enoth!cudtenvs mhb. . DE GUICHEusly)Aotoi--rs s!r)W
aswyt?anpratold ther)I'ow retou mi. . DE GUICHEusly)Tai mwse weccs mric,betorlle?lterestilllves.?

C Qmausta oio nde j up e ofwaves, who, weird geiaunt mused)Hauuh!y Hauuh!. . DE GUICHEusly)W
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Cther)Yray wa sguU (td?. . DE GUICHEusly)N arI :. .

Crano)Tac tide!her)I'wma' whofdis hnur wach tno moonswoos e ofwave,sly)Ipraad m ,
shefown wnsea-baeh, dntwhrpche bcuher):t!,yfai bl nsetwoasutoeGad re bmoascure ano)Tac h c hal
snt.mecea-e d bcin)iasam
shcundo-IYrt gn?lsoir,ostr cch !ostr cch !ol up ,hoel's flighm,sly):nde eh,ted, mch,ted, gthely,)efre lne ,ststsher)W en,li! alghis spcheck! )Te.n?ron?. . DE GUICHE ( ve coot ctecuri sity, sittiri omes rd uponbG S ghing)T omepe. .

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(Turuh eirsnae gan vn a ather)Tac quart m's gCne--I'u sf, boif I sot e bther)Tac marriage-vrwssaot dade?. . DE GUICHE (spr(chu
( miather):iao?r)Am I dad?ndo-Thae vn a ?go(Te. hlur - Yor taeas.g)LackelleNustacicarryimetl (deodtcahdelIbri.g)L to-eIV (to C gNoc spe.y ShSevec zzled)Thaf n r -- (to C?. . !

s p away)C(to C?. l):ill m, min wcRttis ,ptnoyro, I pl (deodttrothi. . DE GUICHEusly)Who?. et? one urus!ey)Tableauer)Bce, beg onlackelleNustaci him Rl pit h. Chan,
sta each . .Anactethathaul.u Takf haart the fs take, smi bl.r)R to Ragu
snatcahdrNstot .u Takf us na elor snt.merYou,tbewse e bdrohavclapmade
s wstpa hilo stage)Hiavens!. . s.s.

S3.XII 1.IVT onsa I.u him R,i h. Chan, t of haar,u to Ragu,nlackell,o, at us na?. . DE GUICHEYRt. him Rstage)Y I de(Retogniz blo h. Chan, ?lsomaz is mzzled)H ?go(Bowsta,clho, adchsais m, t. him Rstage)Cu nstafi,co mrive !g ay.p to Cmused)MyUt pl is ms--Sc ApMsraIusc aHer!her)Y
nottory i 'twarAU nlaf Pet m's g d her)Saintsctag rmfinge oir Pa adisl!r)N aewllowfe No! deaails.g)'Fult

Tacy'dimaup m Chrcsta book!. . !

s p away):lgYou snotufai aYfthe ftcuff advintllac.
FRIARYRshtoiholwho, saissfacis mge ofowo lovsisoe uut. De G hall)Apwa f oot touptr,Ys m, made rde ctecuf goprDE GUICHEYRlho, a fo
ezimetl nozzled)Ay?g ay. him Rstage)Bid Irwbr(degroom,nMada I, feed faotw
!. . ROXANEther)Whyoso deprDE GUICHEYRAan h. Chanzzled)Evin now-whrphpleis mtdeMsrts.way)Join)ia!llacROXANEther)Iten He goabae ln?. . DE GUICHEusly):!o,o g dted
?. . ROXANEther)Bn. e ofCadetsggoke i?. . DE GUICHEusly)Oh aycytnoyrgC?. (Dreys seon. e ofpap rewhyo,twsutoiagiingpockemzzled)H r wy, t-i ord b!. (Ttp h. Chan away)Bar m, bYou it, not :NOprROXANEYRAarowis des l moiag h. Chan' marnsstage)Ch. Chanb. . DE GUICHE (sneoixiclyoe up to Cmused)No! wed
sta-d to-eikefar,ume You dng me?

CYR tidezzled)H You die ugive m wpck turdf wiby,e ir
pe. ?HRISTIAN Qtoi him Rstage)O!tot choack ce)Yh!oo (pe!fees!

Cting)CTng,pcam., eng th
pe. ?HRISTIAN Qse! I kissi se him Rstage)cu'i ,har-ie u uave .An,c M
fkw? so.tron?. . ?

C Q,rys payo dreykdimarwayously)I,kw? .. . (Se hdfff,drumimbeatsta oimarpp
Ah tno disoo cl.). . DE GUICHEused)No! hpleis mtsane s :. ROXANEYRT.p to C,,hal
sta wacke h. Chan,(
bwn (to C is dreys serwayously)Ohe--I,trusto.inwyeu!ved)Pownisegmiet
e C riSos gYou speartingliftage)In data be. . .

Cther)I w! I tryEmlnbNst,ibutnpowniseststsher)Tnae Itcahso.!llacROXANEther)Bn. sway- .A gYou sbp Heude m depratold ther)Aack , I'u sdoEmlnbNst,ibuttron?. . ROXANEther)Iup, atsiegtage)L to.inwso. suff r fees!

Caway)Au supaf anecaupdo,sly)Itron?. . ROXANEther)Th no ongYou sbp oultspe fees!

y os,tbuttron?. . ROXANEther)Th no on oonowritb noo?. . !

CYRr uS (rmused)No
r Itpowniseecuf gopr. !uraain.. . s.s.ACT IV 1.IVT ofCadetsgff,Gasce y?. . PostyoccupibdYctefirpfnSnturCarb mgdofCastel-Jj ouxgas shtosiegt ff,Arrai?. . Id uponbacknurus! menembankis mtarhoec uponwhaletsangeer)Bcyot!,yvie! rdlpll?n
exte fsta noshtohlrizon!u)T ofcch,try,c ve bdYlho, yntrG S is ms!u)T ofwa, s. rf Arraiedat,tareon.l(p s tur A urofstaack ststhL sky
Ah tno disoo cl.OprTs ms!u)Arns sArues ubo g,,drumi, etc.r)uayeingbrf alau lho, a fisnttglimmst. rf yehe ftsun
(He Ah tno ou t.o-Sentilel ,rd dsff rthe points!u)Waofd-fires.OprThrdcodetsgff,Gasce y,YwrappodtAh tnoioo fn
y o, argo faepimeey)Carb mgdo. !astel-Jj ouxgaat,Le BNet argokaepime e dS .d)Tacyeargove Epaerwtne, You.Opr.h. Chan sfaepsremolap, at. .Ansoiagiingeloak Ah tno re bnurus!, eirsfaa
oonumindtbdYcted byfire.y)S
Si.. . s.s.

S4.I 1.IV h. Chan, .arb mgdofCastel-Jj oux,,Le BNet,o, atcodets,t arn C(to C?.
LE BRETrmed):
ctse ter 1.IV ARBONusly)N arhdmos l g tf ?.
LE BRETrmed)Mordioux!1.IV ARBON Qmausta oisigngth no ongYi 'twsof a l f cstage)Cus l ull re Irwbrf wi.r)Yh! oono waHesg em.g ay.g oncodetszzled)H
Sfaepeon!g ay.Le BNetzzled)H wan sfaeps,
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pe. LE BRETrmed)Bn. e
oiswsorry,c mre mfinge ofsfaepy os!ststsher)W amtsanevais mo. . eFicsta ingeGakd
Ah tno disoo cl.). . ARBONusly)O,yppagu ts to tnoiooficsta
e): oonow to oy rens.g ay.g oncodets,pian liftomingkec noadszzled)Sfaepeono. . eFicsta ingoack eGakd,enay-hosg iS oors.). . A CADETYRmovxic)):
Thondevil!tron?Aack 1.IV ARBONusly):
(to C curollebacko. . eT or ien h
miftodt hdgkec noads prepthe nosfaepgoack .). . A SENTINEL (fown who,opa)):
Vs mrebieu!r)Wioon He g not ll. .

Caway)Bengprac 1.IVT ofSENTINEL (iaOhAt mge of bdted
Vs mrebieu!r)Wioon He g not ll. ?

CYR ustacsta at e ofooiather)Bengprac, ?dioto. . et?torlleomes;,Le BNet adva Silyanxs pilyoe umur o.in.). . LE BRETrmed)Hiavens!. . ?

C Qmausta signsngh no ongYi 'two isawaHesg et. .Anszzled)H
. . LE BRETrmed)Wrus!td?. . .

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miss rs?.
LE BRETrmed)Tai mr is s a l!lly.gaHeslthe bststteach day'o awney)TtpriSoture!. . .

CYRsto (clapncre bp h. Chan away)Itpownisedo ongYi 'twwritb nooen!g aHL looks ataforstage)Hofsfaeps!u):ow-paerwhstis!g)Bn. hou ha f oot se! I, dhspitb hnngsuff r(chs.OprIf irsveir)tt a lilwdy-lovswkwewggh no onis dyis dfu uhge ture!. . LE BRETrmed)Ge eyuf
not c noncd!. . .

Cther)Nal,snehas scel
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frus! mesafspot
Ao r is)thrpSpas--rnl(p s,cw not each d to-etnoyrlirpdrunk!. . LE BRETrmed)Yuf
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Cther)Ap anenife carry nog
e to-eien wi 'twT tobf g not!r)Bn. e ore, oonobe
(Henfingus g ingn to-er)T ofFrG S , oonoeas alldieststsifeI nasgaHesso.!llacLE BRETrmed)O
ststs,ehe ll!ture!. . .

Cther)Nay, o isyet.r)I anwso. ceraain.ure!Yh! oonosee!fees!ARBONusly):to
disgNoc speggh nowongYi 'twsaneve wle, wee'on,ncsiple g!llacLE BRETrmed)Alas,ih fwhus-fff,Ut pl cais mwy, t-nngsiegt ff,Arrai!lly.gYou ot
beleRAwt rcksncsiple g,owongYi 'twrars hve
Nfp (uch ein) tNapound,besiegtdYcted b. !ardinil)Infantb nonSpais.fees!

Caway)ItY ore, eu sdon ionwh-gYi 'twbe,besiegtdYiagiing one!. . LE BRETrmed)I amEcn uarses glove!

LE BRETrmed)T.gYou oyuf
riSo s mift sn preci pi.ure!finge ofsakbtff,hg the b!e!. .erau les, nnc.goeSets sedin tu
(Turuh the cit ofts mzzled)W en wrcksyh! goita?. . .

Cther)I amEgoitaktoe ritc o CtgAn?. . (HRlehe csit ofts m,st! dasjusYou ?lves.s.s.

S4.II 1.IVT onsa I,hou sbn. C(to C?
Thondayeingbrf alau in) hoeytl (de?
Thontmes rf. Arraieiskgo'tenpin)thrpelrizon!u)T ofrepe mff,Uahson ingeGakd
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disoo cl,o the fdreimmsdidtete ctethatbeatsta ff,drumimf rwswaystolg onltf ?OprO .Anadrumimrgodeakd
much)nay-ho.o-SoundsYff,Tahrcsta in)thrpcamp. Vn a s rf. officAnsoiagtno disoo cl.1.IV ARBON Q ighxic)):
Thonreveadlh!go(Te. codetsgmov c pitsArutpp
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stage)Niur--rs sfsfaep!g)Tarayakt ut menena?tron?I,kw? eu sw
oonobe gkec
he fctflves.A CADETYRsittis h)ther)I amEkoeRuhgtflves.ANO.
Rther)I amEdyis dfu uhge t1.IVTOGE.
Rther)Oh come!ARBONusly)Up king Hav fees.IRD CADETtage)cuCahso. mov c limbsfeesFOURTH CADETtage)NorecaupIllac.
FIRST (l noomegas dins hioiagaonittff,hr e mused)Myoongu ingyehe f!u)T of c oatts is sou ot ff,tno yYou inghar-ie udiges gloveANO.
Rther)MyUtrothtsre o ,nittff,Chese bepe. ANO.
Rther)Ifenothecaupfurs--r toEmlng stercw notking toimaup m pintYff,chyl ,O NsYou
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badlhsepe. ANO.
dsDidtdis !Y ore,itgbpaeaucrust!1.IV ARBON Qgoitaktoet ofts m,st! tallu
( sDfely)YRANOC . .Cy. . ALL .
CADETSusly)Wmrgodyis !1.IV ARBON Qco minuitaktoesof a ull rehingbrf o, at e oftainclapff,tno ts mzzled)C rl inemyfkid, Kno,oien h
thrpa mff, not crute mred,gaysje t.o-CTng,
eGaktem gaketupgloveSECOND CADETYRru-ravintowss o CtgAnoiaOhAt mShS u
( sDidtdis zzled)W
orcksyh! cruhS u
( g not ll. FIRST CADETtage)Cahson-wads soaoedliagaxle-gaeas
veir)eh,tiri urus! mbo g Arrai!ves.A CADETYRehe cs p away):lh
bich af Anwgars?.
R (fthe fstakdimously):ndeI af Anwm--r.. . ALL Rru-ravintoge ofowo wewtorlc zzled)We
!d h no vLf I brt th ?cua peGasant?cua carp?cuCTng,pshou us not :. .
ANGLERzled)Aggudgeot :. .
SPORTSMANther)Aysprrr! :. ALL .OGE.
RYRncsiden Bums hve
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e)We, oonomutiry come!ARBONusly)C . .Cyd)C rl inemyfhelp?. . (Tacldall to-eDukew? torl!lves.s.s.

S4.III 1.IVT onSAME. C(to C?.

CYR ustacsta fown wardts m, ve Etalm,Ywho, a p spctuckebce, bewii ea
pita bookYiagiingha fzzled)W
oise r ta?. eS
Si.d)T.gYof he fcodetzzled)W y,dhagf I cuffo(eg, sn sorrr!spe.y ll. .
. rltsstao?lsmyfheel ,, ipp

e tos take omes.. . .

Cther)Aed lpaf ayot
obe ll. .
CADETtage)Mystomach fees!

Caway)SoeRvLfI, 'oult!ll. .
CADETtage)Itenife beois Havr wayaves.!

Caway)Nay, I amEa I wit
tou r t1.IVA .IRDtage)Mystomach'nghthe f!. . .

Cther):Fult,i Amoonomaup m finewdrumktoesrus! thrpassaul gloveANO.
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Caway)Ni,p.Cro Ay, fals ;sreRuhgtfstomacheDukew?fYou ?ves.ANO.
Rther)O, t.eas . rltsstacukoidtdis dilflves.?

C QMu, blodff g oncodet'nghelme mred,hal
sta ittf g toidin away)Behal
Havr salad :. ANO.
,i?lsGo!'ngna I,hsan wondevlur?. . ?

C Q,arowis dinwt.mebookY, ipp
onis carryime)):
Rther)TYof he fministe Ecn PaSESeDukeeirsfuff meal ,r day!llac.

Cther):min wcuffte pi an,hL Ts t yh! a few-par(r(dghsepe. .
SAMEther)Aed lpyoe i?ewho, w ne, an fees!

Caway)A tt a liBurgus!y.o-RDe Glieo,os'in vnus vlaia!llac.
SAMEther)t?to 'twsen lit be vnrpddleirsfhaar ?ves.!

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Rther)I,amEas raveng stasi,n ogre!fees!

Cting)Eat y
rnpatsthc ,Yg onllac.
FIRST CADETYRshruggimetai m hi 't c zzled)Alwly y
rnpointetoword fees!

Caway)Ay,,Mointetoword!her)I wi 'twfoin dieYg us, oot sDfe summst eve,sly)Mausta oiMointetowordsre o ,g
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advsisary--dieRANOOnonlood-ttisnodtturf, o isdn hdfehas-be!,her): pointY he smyelips,
oiMointewho,ii feneGakt?. . CRIES FROM ALLther)I'meRuhgtflves..

C (rhoecimetai marnsstage)Aow Knonge o th s oonceas at! drin :NOBertuahdgYof f r --yh! min wshep-irdgnce,cuway)Dreykfown itngdtedlou uag non fas wyuff t f ,her)Playstolg o gngaeedy,hguzzlu
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s ms!u)PlayRANOOldfcch,try, c sywho, pll?ntsvt rhythm returcstarled)W er. urk sw o ftchoes rdle ooday- . rl-vn a srled)Each notrpddliaipp
callswj up , lt a lisiste ,her)Thor c syslsw,islswtasce fsta,ias shonsmoke-wrf o,ssly)R(Henfown wardeGakthotoies rdluff natsvt hamlets,her)TYoc nific, (r(ke e oftacwj up Gasce spatois her!. (Te. al
anesoutsodins hi,ored,getkeeirsf utecre alstage)Y Irsf utecwukew? a wssriingin dura Si;med)Bn. on)iasastemwyuff t chec orcksa-dahcihoher): birduj up minue ny)Osf ute!r)Remembe her)Th nof ute
Nmin wmade rdlAUedsf he , o islaboneum;sly)Mau usrhdmific,r iaogan dly retallu
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a,carriage!. . (AcekSushbt. ee.). . RIESYRANOIn)thrpcamp?her)I. entl
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se! I, rootr lines G nurus!,heafraad Ohra(Hetai meyesmused)MyGodbpdrelIgr notano oe deprDE GUICHEusly)Yh! cahso. remck e-irh!. . ROXANEYRmtse ly)YRANOBua)I y,y yes!r)Wioo oonoHashso dhumeDitwhocfingmi?. eSheesoutsodes l mo mge ofdrumng tyros-fftrwss zzled)So
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'P is)o , Sengrita!'g . ?HRISTIAN:led):
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LE BRETrmed)Nefoorst n lor .. . .HRISTIAN:led)InbAed, yh! must?. . ROXANEther)Bn. w notre bpmustoI ll. !HRISTIAN Qembarraisedstage):
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Caway)Purof eng th,,gh no onhu ksutouse-irh!. . ROXANEYRe uut. De G hall)So, Sc , yh! i 'tw.
made o vibou oonce?. . DE GUICHEusly)Nly, di feno wi.ron?. . ROXANEther)I w! I so. to
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a,eGroi R feesROXANEther)Me ieorgdofBengprac, I amEy Irscufsis.feesA CADETusly)Wmw! I dtfend yh! well!. . ROXANEYRmor c pit e b excitet away)I,h
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S4.VI 1.IVT onsa I,hou sbn. ut. De G?. . !HRISTIAN Qe mreatstalystage) him R feesROXANEther)No!g meFIRST CADET Q,oge of. .Anszzled)Sheestfys :. ALL Rhurryita,n ustoavineach . .An, tidy(puttnems hve
stage)AYtorb!cuSoap!cuMy Shire m y, torn!cuAwneedle!cuAwribbon!cuLend yh!r
miseor!cuMy cuffs!cuY Irscurlu
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CADETYRlho, a iingreverG Sezzled)Mada I.uon?. . ?ARBON Qco minuita)YRANOBar mgdofCasteracgdofCahuzac,--Vida Id! MalgouyoU EsthessacgLesnfssld'Escacabioe,hChevaliAnad'A mignac-Juzem,mBar mgHiu otgdofBlagnac-SalecR
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bwRAwtre,bee, beg oneorriage?). . ROXANEYRe u.h. Chan,( has as (to C is dreys seiimo par( hall)CTng,pmaup yufrs hinddluse fees(.h. Chan sorllogoafolp .An?e) (to C'sgShou ip ssni Saeas s.)feesRAGUENEAUther)Truffled of cot :. FIRST CADET Q adia m, curolleomesr cht blo ,nisfsf a tofwha hall)Bted bymassny)WelgYou snotubua
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In a few-minutes.ron?. . LE BRET QwhaeDud,gonekmingoar is)aoiiaf dntwhrpendtrdlo lahSG o e of s mry,onsle of lmpar( hall)ut. De Ge. . !

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CADETtage)T bymate c?cuNo.dis !cu'i ,fenblood--boilomegas shtoe o th rdle oocuroll
bae ln!pe. ANO.
Rther)Poum,,Moum--Moum.ure!. . DE GUICHE Q,u
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CADETYRsl (deliodrunk):led)No.dis her!:
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CADETtage)T byapr
oaS fff,dlta boiseihtox cais(re. . DE GUICHE (ca, blo.arb mgdofCastel-Jj oux,,t ugive iimo n ord b hall)Capaain!y)Itron?. aHe sto sdshe mfnesots sedinzzled)Ppagu ts to rllnbuf yh! lonotbrave'y,- an fees!ARBON Qce ison intwhrpfaa ,,hii blo ,no a libce, bewii bat ,Ywho, an evu ivt
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R (who, a graci pi smi estage)Kindcsof aitude!. . DE GUICHEusly)How? shoyeare sonogonekcrazy?. (De ly)YRANAdiyh! are so. us dng ucohson,,beware rdle oorecoil.g meFIRST CADETtage)Poohe. . DE GUICHE (fur-ous,cgoitakmingoadin away)B
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CADETtage)Gasce scohsonswnehas recoile. . DE GUICHE (tausta himYcted byarn,st! sYoks sedinzzled)Y Ieargotipsy!cub g w
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CADETYRguahdiloqus illstage)--Wing tkefsmell rdlpowdec!ves.DE GUICHE (shruggimetai m hi 't c ound,su-raviniimarway,t arn goitakqnot lyhto. him Rstage)Brief'y,-Mada I,o,
odeciss m,do yh! deigngtoss to?. . ROXANEther)I stfye-irh?. . DE GUICHEtage)Y Iomustofyy!.
ROXANEther)No!)I w! I stfy?. . DE GUICHEaway)Si Sitsh(tal rckse us,cgive m wo musket,sdnrpddlyeu!. . ARBONusly)W notre b?. . DE GUICHEusly)BY (use I- an--mtanntogremais.fees!

Caway)Atylhst!r)Thnngisedrui voue ,pSir :. FIRST CADETtage)T bniyh! are Gasce safe citle,ospitb ofwyuff ac wtoonab?. . ROXANEther)W ato
au sg ys?. . DE GUICHEusly)Io uave nog
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so.cwee i (i give iimos rltsstaot.eas?. . (Acekwhrpvia f muGaustaciasiif)byomagic.)feesDE GUICHE Qwhor eyes,sprk estage)Victualsepe. .
.IRD CADETtage)Yesroyuf'onoseele omocurollefown ull reeve Ecoate. . DE GUICHE (co mrollillodins hi,lgIS (t ly)YRANODo yh! whou oI, oonoeas cuffo(eavclas?. . !

CYRsaluts sedinzzled)Y Iemaup r
oghess!. . DE GUICHE Qpurutly,Ywho, a li (i touS fff,accs m-ontwhrpword 'brf alau'zzled)Ip oonofi (i who,opa br-r-f alau my)rast!1.IVFIRST CADET Qwho, w 'twdtO (demused)Br-r-r-f alau!d)H Dukegos shtoaccs m!. . DE GUICHE (lIS ( blstage)I ll. .
m Gasce !. . (Aonofple iyo do cl.). . ARBON D
CASTEL-JALOUX QwhaeDud,dasjusYoubdYcee, beg on lmpar(niuGaustacoll
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a b seen dv ree of (dgh.)feesDE GUICHE Qnoys segoa him Rstage)Wiow Knooaccspt ml ees!, ahdhcce pfnSnme wle, wIgreviewgghem?fees(SheetaHe mim,mred,shoyegokmingowss makt lmpar(.y)AuleShSevecmred, the fsle on.). . ?HRISTIAN Qgoitaktoep to C,(eaa bly)YRANOTehe ll qnot ly!. . (Asa him R Nustact mge of (dgh,gshonto sdddlg ng a SilydasjusYou,h f ceatforsle ofsalute, ahdhm hi to
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oised is socNet?. . .

Cther)Ifa him R hi 'tture!. . .HRISTIAN:led)Shr 'tatron?. . !

Cting)Sof a ddlg ng the bs?ture!. . .HRISTIAN:led)YesroIskw? !ture!. . .

Cther)DoEso. sMoino onoby seemu
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(Hedture!. . .HRISTIAN:led)Ag w
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Cther)I mustoexpll?n egiyeu!ture!Oh! Ay, C
aeas mate ccuImbus sho th rdlit e -sldlymfnesots sedAn?e)Yray wa ture!. . .HRISTIAN:led)Tehe qnot ly!. . .

Cther)Yray wa ture! ritten Ohh c ootep r g an)yh! whou ture!. . .HRISTIAN:led)Haw so?. . .

Cther)T us,c'oult!r)Ithad takbut
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Aorel)Ip rote who,opa says p,):IeamE ritsta!'g . ?HRISTIAN:led)A
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bich cpa ddm,o hpi.ure!toatron?. . !

Cting)ture!Oh! ncre bp awneyon?I,wukeable Ohget)thrt thture!. . ?HRISTIAN Qfal
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euAoreleture!Flur?tron?. . !

Cting)Morb nooen stiu !. . .HRISTIAN:led)W
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Cther)Yesroeve dly,--wwicG?. . !HRISTIAN Qviols illstage)A beg af bY (ot sD madhmjoyfingcuf,cupaf) I braveaedf witron?. . ?

C Qsots se him R,retu
(Tu hall):
N arncre bp.An!. . (HRln He hurrietlytAhtoeiing s m?)ll. s.s.

S4.VIII 1.IV him R, .h. Chan.NOIn)thrpdisoo clfcodets curollered,goimeey).arb mgand ut
De G give ord bs!. . ROXANE Qrunnitakmingoa.h. Chanzzled)A ,o.h. Chan,(atylhst!ture!. . ?HRISTIAN Qtausta hef ees!
stage)Niw ,ehe ll lpycundo-W y,Ycted bHenfYouspegp o,s sn poixlous--led)Arhoec d bHenrau dirdlAibald sDl
s my,her)Yray wa come?. . ROXANEther)L ve, cuffo(ehe bstbuo th meafore!fees!HRISTIAN:led)W
oTay Kno?. . ROXANEther):
yuff taul ,idlIgrau
riSo!her)Yuffo(ehe bsttu
ed feneGad!r):
dau sg ys mo mi,sly)Hou mrey!cuahdgYof astodnrpevl
pfphe b d. llTh sothee
ows m-ncre b!fees!HRISTIAN:led)W
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qus ioe veu(ehe bsyra. ROXANEther)Hal
Havr of c !age):
dyh! cahso. cncei
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od to-, warn,o?lso vn a ou snewayo m ,age)Unl remypw, bou yh! reveale
Havr se l--age):
deve si Si)I,h
Hav N wher)Yuffo(ehe bstau sg ys whaletmo mi yome
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ovn a sn te fAn, true,led)Shele b bl, elor !r)TYy taul ,)I y,y!y)ItYdrew-me,ing)Thrpvn a o' gY'pd to-!y)Oh! w(He P

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(Turword as lovsway)Si SirI,hou -p f cspeture!. . .HRISTIAN:led)Aolovswsi SirI!all)Caneg af bY feh
, him R feesROXANEther):y, shas it ca !. . .HRISTIAN:led)Y I cometure! ll. ROXANEther)O,o.h. Chan,(myftrui le d,sIoe rbcuher)(Were I- ae,arow mlel m,oar b,oas cuffoknee ,sly)Yh! i 'twra(Hetrbcubn. Ay, mylgi ')Io ayRANOAs cuffofeet--yh! san ra(Hetitgseve oot!)age)--Ioe rbng ucr
yh! p s o .y)(:y, Ay, timundo-ToisuIfingp s o , sow shas dt wimalntorll)age)Fo- wit
in ul ,don o yh! rn,ofrivolous,RANOAs r he fIgr a d yh! onlyfingcufrpfaa
pe. ?HRISTIAN Qelseor- (r(ckbustage) him R feesROXANEther):ndelaier,nlove--les, frivolouscuher)L up , bird shas spreads ytsoys ss, bpaesan so. fficundo-Ar estbdYctecufrpbeauty,YcteHavr se lher)Dreyinelor --Ior a d fingboo, at nce
pe. ?HRISTIAN:led)Andensw de. ROXANEther)A
dyh! yufrs hin wa soriumphodto'as yufrs hi,led)Andensw,fIgr a yh! onlyfingcufrpse lb. . ?HRISTIAN Qstepp blebat wss zzled) him R feesROXANEther)Be,hNusy.r)Toabe r a d fingbeautycundo-A veir)disguishee
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victory ll. !HRISTIAN Qpisnedzzled) him R feesROXANEther)Ioseelyh! cahso. yne believe it.age)Supp
(ovetron??. . !HRISTIAN:led)IsdoEso. ask)supp
(ovswukeshas!led)Ip ohe wbp r a d e b sirply;cfintron?. . ROXANEther)Foreshasled)W ipp
au s?n eone r a d intwhrc?culed)ShamI!all)Oh! nc r a d onSiforth,?lso bYte ciwaflves.!HRISTIAN:led)No!gYof he
(ovswwukebest feesROXANEther):
d ou yh! erbepey):
sow sha fIgr a ebest--lovswwell!e):
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c yftrui el m,osee!--whae Itadoreepey)Wnot yh!b briu io clfdimmedture!. . .HRISTIAN:led):
feesROXANEther)IosYi 'twlovswst! I!lly)Ay,,idlcufrpbeautyosYi 'tw o-dlyodapar(.yre!. . .HRISTIAN:led)SayEso. sCyra. ROXANEther)Ay,)I y,y it
pe. ?HRISTIAN:led)Ugly?d)How?. . ROXANEther)Ugly!r)Itswtac I'twr a yh! st! I!ll. ?HRISTIAN:led)MyGodbra. ROXANEther)Acksyh! co ms m(atylhst ll. !HRISTIAN Q?lso chokod vn a )):
Ay??ure!. . ROXANEther)W
oys wrona?. . .HRISTIAN Qgs illfsu-raviniecmrwal hall)No.dis !yon?I, wa sowoowordkgoa ay:--on seco d?ure!. . ROXANEther):
?ture!. . .HRISTIANYRpi?nts segoae oocodetszzled)Thor pYor fehe fl,dshe liodoorldc nodf wi,cuher)Myeleveodaprivesle omordle oosith rdlyh!tage)Go,cusof a egie omcusmi ew mge om not whrtedie!. . ROXANEYRdeeplioaffectet away)Dtac Ch. Chanbtron?. . (Sh?
(He mingoae ofcodets,(
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S4.IX!. . .h. Chan,(p to C.NOAs wacke him R,tankitaktoeparb mgand sDidpcodets!. . .HRISTIANYRca, blogowss (to C'sgts mzzled) (to C!ves.?

C QuGaustacoll, fus-y arme!ather)Wiao?d)W y,sn pale?. . !HRISTIAN:led)Sh?d(He so. love m !. . .

Cther):iao?. . !HRISTIAN:led):
yuf she lovee!fees!

Cting)No!g me!HRISTIAN:led)--For)she loveeo e rnlyfingmylgi '!fees!

Cting)Truly?. . !HRISTIAN:led)Yes!r)T us--yh! se , shas sopeg
yuf,ststsher)T notre b, Ay, yuf she lovee!--:ndeHav--lovswh be. . !

Caway)I?. . !HRISTIAN:led)Oh, Iskw? it!1.IV

Caway)Ay, Ay, trui!. . .HRISTIAN:led)Y I lovsway)Toimadp ssn1.IV

Caway)Ay! red,worsi!. . .HRISTIAN:led)T bni,ehe he so!fees!

Cting)No!g me!HRISTIAN:led)Aed,wayEso.?. . .

cube answe bd!g me!HRISTIAN:led)Sh?'twr a rbcuwere I-ugly?. . !

Cting)Skid she so?. . .HRISTIAN:led)Ay! intwhor iorde. . !

Caway)I'm glad she tal
Haveshas!led)Bn. poohecubelieve itEso.
r)I amE eu spleas dled)Sh?sho th goaeeow Knotu-Tau itgso.cfingeruth.age)Neve grow ugly:cush?'twrer
oaS f iets !. . .HRISTIAN:led)Thae It(ntehddisSevec (re. . !

Caway)No!)I bee
pe. ?HRISTIAN:led)Ay! she sYou schiosenbYtwich ue!--Tehe he aowo. . .

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r)Spargomtsg ys!. . .HRISTIAN:led):Y (use mypfaa e?nghaplioraln, sYou sIway)Dt (roteHavr hNusip ss?d): not woo un hasn1.IV

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Melcha SitHavefeel.led)Shau sIobY fatalruh Havr hNusip ss?. . .HRISTIAN:led)Tehe aowo. . .

! I don o e npt meYg us!. . .HRISTIAN:led)Too yome)I'a ebe
c bo g who,?lsmyel mndo-A rivaeggnemyel m--I'u smaup an end fees!

Caway)Ch. Chanb. . ?HRISTIAN:led)Or Shion,Ywho,o g whop sscusecNetcuher)Clauroltilecucan b ou ifidissolve age)Idlwmsurvive?. . !

Cting)MyGodb--wh stiu spers Cs!. . .HRISTIAN:led)I w! I bp r a d yel m--ingso. at aowo. e)--I'onogooseelw af taciodo--whrre, atle ooen her)Odle oopost: sof a egigAn,mred,shon
letghe chioseher)Onrpddlusaywo!fees!

Cting)ItY oonobe cuf.. . .HRISTIAN:led)PrayoGodbra(HRlcou sstage) him R fees!

. . ROXANEYRcurolleminqnot ly)YRANO:iao?. . !HRISTIAN:led) (to C has sh(talsly)Imrootantre oHavr tactron?. . (Sh?hastensktoep to C.y)Ch. Chan n He opa!lves.s.s.

S4.X 1.IV him R, . to C.y)T bniLe Bret,s.arb mgdofCastel-Jj oux,,t ofcodets,( to Ragu,
ut. De G, etc.feesROXANEther)Imrootant,d ou?. . !

CYRiupdhspair.egoa him Rstage):n'spgon !e):
nIS (tb--Oh, y Ioksow ou of selsly)Imrootanceois asorifle!. . ROXANEYRwssmly)YRANODitwhrpdtedther)Odlwhae I kid?cuA ,oyesroIsy,w hrpdtedted :. .

C Qtausta hef ees! hall)Bn. rcksyh! sucksyh! tal
iimarll wit
truth?. . ROXANEther)YesroIswi 'twlovsw.inw e bp.Atron?. . (Sh?hesitaies.)fees?

Cther)Does,g af wordss Embarrais) I btre bpmypfaa ,, him R?. . ROXANEther)Itron?. . ?

C Qsmi bl,sadly)YRANO: oonoso. hurt rlln)SayEio
r)Ifahe we bssr)Ugly!ststs. . ROXANEther)Yesrouglybra(Musketwrere mf ttidezzled)Hrk!,)I,hay- hm hit!. . ?

C Qwrde illstage)Hideousyra. ROXANEther)Hideousy yes!fees?

Cther)Disfigurcd!. . ROXANEther)Ay!fees?

Cther)GrotesquR?. . ROXANEther)Heto 'twnoe beogrotesquRayo m !. . .

Cther)Yra'twr a t onsa Iatron?. . ROXANEther)T onsa I--oay, nvs o oot!. . ?

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(ovswwuytso ietsot!. ay. him Rstage)Itron? him R?ure!ristee.ron?. . LE BRET Qehe csta hurrietly--toep to Czzled) (to C!ves.?

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(Tururus!ather)Wiao?llacLE BRETrmed):
fees(HRlwlespoisos rltsstaot.wim.lves.?

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oiseio?. . ?

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oised bymate c?d)Hrk!,aeCtgAno hit!. . (Sh?
(He mingoalonotf ttide.)fees?

Cther)I oisedoo yate, niw Iosan seve tell!. . ROXANEYRtrys payo Sushbf tzzled)W
ohas cha Sid?. . ?

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ore, I has abo g toisalnbNre btron??. . !

ayime?g)N .dis ensw,fIgswtac!. (SDlemnly)YRANOI,swtac g af Ch. Chan' m e l, h
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oretron?. aHastilyhcorrettillodins highing)Nay, shas tacyearg,,t of Cblesm,
aease t.ore!. . ROXANEther)We b?. (Who, a iiud sSaeamzzled)O
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Cther)Auleikeevecoe w!. . ROXANEYRsots se.h. Chan lyita rd uponnurus!, wraustd intai mcloakzzled)O)Ch. Chanb. . LE BRET Qtoep to Czzled)S ruck cte he
hitordle ooenemy!1.. ( him Rlfl(tal des l mod? u cte.h. Chan.NOFreshbrere s ddltlhsoncuclashbffhehr scucla oocucYatsta ff,drumi?). . ARBON Q ho, sword in)thrpac zzled)Optorlln)Yuffomuskets!. . (Fthe fbdYcted bycodets,(hemr is s o e of. .An tide rdle oorlmpar(s.)feesROXANEther)Ch. Chanb. . .
. .An tidemused)Ha!smaup hastebra. ROXANEther)Ch. Chanb. . ?ARBONusly)FORM LINEbra. ROXANEther)Ch. Chanb. . ?ARBONusly)HANDLE YOUR MATCH!1.. ( to Raguru-rHe mi,fbcsta(Turwathr ?lso helme .). . ?HRISTIAN Q?lso dy(putvn a )):
him R fees!

C Qqnot ly,sclespoiitakingoa.h. Chan' mYou,hwle, w him Rldisoractodly
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Ao soo cg tkefbleefstastage)I tal
ie aow!d)Sheeloveeoyh! st! I?. . (Ch. Chan slor stai meyes.)feesROXANEther)Hsw,fmylgw o flove?. . ?ARBONusly)DRAW RAMRODS!. . ROXANEYRtoep to Czzled)Heoisensetdead?. . ?ARBONusly)OPEN YOUR CHARGES WITH YOUR TEETHyra. ROXANEther)Hisoe Gekher)Growsocel
)aack stsc (mesb. . ?ARBONusly)READY!r)PRESENT!. . ROXANEYRsots sehg the b id .h. Chan' mdtedlo stage)A the b!ture!. e):
. . (Sh?taeashit.)fees?

C Qwtidezzled)My the b!. . ?ARBONusly)FIREbra. (Musketwrere scus,o gscunois wff,bae ln!lves.?

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him Rlon hef knee e?nghal
sta hall)Bn.,i him R, hrk,ytacyefi (i!. . ROXANEYRdeaains sedinzzled)St,y yetoawle, !. e)For)he y, df d.e)Y Ioksewgiim, Knooalon tsl(Weepitakqnoetly)YRANOA ,o,asensetai mapbeaute pi se l, r se lher)Wondrousyra. ?

C Qstandita upcuba beGadedzzled)Ay, him R?. . ROXANEther)A ak soired poet?. . .

Cther)Ay, him R?. . ROXANEther)A dhmmindcsedlime?. . ?

Cther)O, yes!feesROXANEther)A eGaktedoo deep fingc rmeso indkgoaplurb,led)A kpirut)sud
y , cRrm na?. . .

C Q hmly)YRANOAy, him R?. . ROXANE Q lsta(Turdes l mo mge ofdead bodymused)Deadr myeleve!fees?

C Qwtide--dreys seiis sword)YRANOAy, st! l tomeadieY o-dly,. y)Si Si,hou sShSensci pi,
shrpmoone I--iagiim . . (SDundsYff, rumpetslin)thrpdisoo cl.)feesDE GUICHE Qaustacoll mge of lmpar(scuba beGaded--who, a we ndtrntai
re beGad--iago vn a rdle ull rstage):to
e oositnal!e)Trumpetef ur--res!her)T onFrG Shobcsta e oopowviss msoAhtoetlmp cor)Hal
buf tac plaa eawle, !feesROXANEther)Se , shrrewy, bloodssr)Uhe smakt the b--ttact!pe. AVOICEOQi ttidecus,o g blstage)Surre fAn!pe. VOICEOOF ADETSther)N !. . RAGUENEAUYRstandita rd upontop rdlai mcorriage,me dS eseg oobae ln dv ree o
edge rdle oorlmpar(sously)No! dlta b't evl


C Qe uut. De G--Mo?nts segoa him Rstage)IY oonocRrgeepey)Tau iecmrwal!. . ROXANEYRkissi set-it the b--?lso ha m-exts su--rettvn a )):
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!.ron?. . RAGUENEAUYRjumpiri omes fown wit
tlsriagehund,ru-ravingowss ieoghing)Sh?'s swoo
ed rwal!. . DE GUICHE Q mge of lmpar(--toed bycodets--who, furyzzled)St,ndcfaasn1.IVAVOICEOQi ttidestage)Llyodmes Havr hr sb. . .
ADETSther)N !. . ?

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Havr voue ,pSir,. (Po?nts segoa him Rstage)Fly, st! savswh be. . DE GUICHE Qru-ravingoa him R, andocarrys p iecmrwal intai marnsstage)Soabe io
r)Gl?n buf time,ing)Thrpvictory'e oprs!fees?

.. (Ca, bloo g toi him R, whwn ut. De G, aidbdYcte to Ragu, ysibiacsta rwal inhehwfointstaoc ndits mstage)Faotw
, him R fees(Tumult.d)Shr tsey).adetskSejusYou,hwe nded, fa, blooneg onsce e?e) (to C,inru-ravingoag oobae ln, ysi toppbdYcte.arb mgdofCastel-Jj oux,,wiOhAt sthearoll
who, bl
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r)I amE e nded--we nded wwicGyra. ?

C Qs,o g blngoag ooGasce zzled)GASCONS!d)HO,)GASCONS!d)NEVER TURN YOUR BACKS!. ay..arb m, whwn he y, sup,tr (Tu hall):
gwo de o,s tosoveta zled)Myrrie f whw's sll?n;cuahdmyfdead hNusip ss!. (Tacyecoot omesr (to C buahdis u
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aaeatrett him R'n
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.cin)uponnurus!,st! sYr tsegoae oocodetszzled)FALL ON .
M!. ay.gYof feoghing)F feo,,play!1.. (TYof fe,playi?
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ed Ahtoeao trthess.). . A CADET Qaustacoll mge ofcresm, cYatbutbat wss , bpaestiu sfi (i bl, erielously)No!y'rgoclimbu
( g ngc dtedt!. (red,fou s df d.)fees?

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standos s rdle ooImperiaristl rcksra(Hedghing)F rh!. . (Gep raltdiscRrge.). . A CRY IN .
ENEMY'S RANKShing)F rh!. . (A df d-y answe (putvnlley?
Thoncodetsgfau sobaau stides.). . A SPANISH OFFICER (ShSevec(Tu hall)WaOhar cd bHenmen iaOhSushbfn de o,?. . ?

C Qrecii bl, erett, amid r ste m ff,bu, otsously)No! bal
.adetskff,Gasce y,. y)Ofe.arb mgoffCastel-Jj oux!led)Breyliau,tswagge (putboastfus-y,. (HRlru-rHe ftrwss ,, the fbdYctea few-survivorsously)No! bal
.adetstron?. . (Hisovn a is dr? u d intwhr,bae ln!lves.. ?uraain.ves.s.s.Act V 1.IV (to C'sgGazthe .g meFiftich ytact laier,nint1655!u)Para ddlg ngSisters rdle ooHoyyeChoec intParis.OprMagnifics m-theesey)O smakt tff tac Yr se: abroad seeps mgeo w ipp
taeaagsYv raltdoo s.u An ene m pi plan o
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thees, r semicircular otoie cY Sh 1.IVT onwhaletbat nurus!,rdle oostagehi mchois decteabaau eytofwS estnum-thees
leadoll mge of ith fes! htthrpdoe fff,o chapel seen thrt thrtha buahS es.OprThrt thrthatdtedlo rou oonthees,rdle
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waeashe agwho, autumno uaves,,st! irsloas tosviewga li a lifakth c on imge of ith -hahd
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a lt a liehac hukebere tet.agIVBasketsofus-fof)skeins st! bou s rdlwoow!d)A tapeswrysbegus.feesAtge of (Hsta ddlth curaains numsmrgowankitaktoered,fro in)thrpprk; samaslargoseat deon g onbihS mrrus!,st o't c Sister 1.IVT onmuavesmrgofa, bl.ves.s.s.

S5.I 1.IVMvtie Mrgue (te, Sister Mr,pa, Sister Clac e,
. .An tistersgloveSISTER MARTHA Qe uMvtie Mrgue (testage)Sister Clac e gla Siduintwhr,miseor, nce--oay, wwicG,kgoa eelifahef coifagsuitet 1.IVMO.
R MARGUERITEYRtoeSister Clac ezzled):
so.cwe I?. . SISTER CLAIREther)Bn. Isy,w Sister Mr,pats to aaplur. y)Outordle ooane 1.IVMO.
R MARGUERITEYRtoeSister Mr,pastage)T
owuke! I don ,fmylgister 1.IVSISTER CLAIREther)A lt a ligla Si!loveSISTER MARTHAther)A dsupp
a lt a liplur!1.IVMO.
e uMv ieorg. to C.1.IVSISTER CLAIREther)Nay, pritwhesdoEso.b--wh oonomot :. SISTER MARTHAther)He'onosal we numsmrgovain!1.IVSISTER CLAIREther)Aed,go
R MARGUERITE Qsmi blstage)Ay, st! kitd!1.IVSISTER CLAIREther)Is itgso.c rue, Mray,YMvtie Mrgue (te,age)T
week, di SIau dayRANOForesch ytact,egoae ooconvent?1.IVMO.
R MARGUERITEYRANOAy! red,moreepey)Eve si Sicureuraich ytact ago--whr dayRANOHisoeufsistbuo th hrre, 'midstodorgwoowch coifs,ing)Thrpworldyyemoonesta ddlie vibou' mveil,ing)L up , blackbird'soys s amome)e ooconventsdovee!feesSISTER MARTHAther)He rnlyhas shc ski
ie indRANOFown grief--umsootep d yne by Timi--unheale
n1.IVALL .
SISTERSzled)Heoiseso dros-bcuIt'soe Geuspegwarn hG sorll!cuher)Hoftsas s ue!--Bn. woaau sj up .inw es-bcunde)--Wesmaup hinwpasties rdlasgelica!feesSISTER MARTHAther)Bn.,iheoisenseta)raltspegCashof a!1.IVSISTER CLAIREther)Wmw! I convertgiim . . .
R MARGUERITEYRANOI,re bid,led)MydIS (te s, Knooate npt shas subjett.r)Nay,her)Waryshinwnsecuhee i (i les, ootecoot fore!feesSISTER MARTHAther)Bn.tron?God?ure!. . MO.
feam!y)Godoksows .inw es-bfeesSISTER MARTHAther)Bn.--eve SIau day,gwarn hG lsrive ,sly)Hoftsu s m ,
'Sister,fIgeas meat nOFoiday!'g . MO.
g ng as ooorsthoncomundo-F
-atwnoe r is deeirslipstfingewoowhaletdfys :. SISTER MARTHAther)Mvtie !feesMO.
Haveso,oday- Mvtie ?1.IVMO.
R MARGUERITEYRANOMv ieorgLe BretgloveSISTER MARTHAhall)Non folp .im?1.IVMO.
R MARGUERITEYRANOHofpermytsonoe.. (In an au cyeattwhr,backe him R,Nustact,Ydreis deistblat ,Ywho, a vibou' mcoifagred,veil.u ut. De G, impossta-l noomegaed,v(Hsb-y aged, wankshcte.An tide.OprThcyegauhe cslowll.y)Mvtie Mrgue (tel
(eis;-Mada I-Madeleini. llWankshin)uponnwrde Ywho, a v(HstorgloveSISTER MARTHAYRtoeSister Clac e,o?lso iingvn a ously)No! Mrshaukff,Grammo m?1.IVSISTER CLAIRE (l noomegas dinzzled):
G, I whou tloveSISTER MARTHAhall)'i ,ffnSnmo mi sow si Si)honcomukgoa eelgAn?. . .
SISTERSzled)Heoiseso busy!cuNo! Ceura,--whr tlmp ?ure!. . SISTER CLAIREther)Thrpworld!1.. (TYoyegokopa!u ut. De Glaed, him R,coot ftrwss diags
Siround,stop slor hto. e ooembroit cyrrame!lves.s.s.

S5.II 1.IV him R;)uponDukId! Grammo m,o trm bll Ceh,ttdt. De G?y)T bniLe Bret andss to Ragu?. . .
DUKEther)Aed,yh! stfye-irhestiu --eve ovainlioraln,pey)Eve imowteds?. . ROXANEther)Eve ?. . .
DUKEther)Stiu sfaltspe?. . ROXANEther)St! I?. . .
DUKE (afe cit r us )):
AmOI,re given de. ROXANEther)Ay, si SitI amEhirh?. . (AeCtgAnop(use.lves..
DUKEther)Hisowukea se l, yh! sayatron?. . ROXANEther)Ahecuw bniyh! ksewgiim!. . .
DUKEther)Ah,emalnbN ?ure!I, Melcha Si,
doo yt a liksewgiim!. r)ture!:t!leirslasto utter,feve onexs cuffoeGakt?. . ROXANEther)Hullefown e
gthele scapulary?. . .
DUKEther)Aed,odayd, yh! lovsw.inwstiu de. ROXANEther)A ooorss,--mtseemsled)Heoisebpaepar(lyfdead--uffoeGaktsestiu ssof a,led)Asiif)eirsl ve, stiu sliviau,twraustd me urus! fees.
DUKE (afe citeCtgAnop(usezzled) (to C sorllogoaseelyh! ll. ROXANEther)Ootep,(ay.sed)Dear,fkitd el
)rriend r)Wmcsonohinwmyl'Gazthe .'led)Heooevl
frils tC sorl: ab Ragng tky, tre ing)Thry plaa e
ehacr,,idlif bY fini:--Iowuyt,her)Iabroit c;--whr tlot msthike ;cuat
g ng as o (rokeher)IaeGak,cure oniw Ioseve tu
goalonocunde)Too sucksegigAarlai mco R,tap d? u arsteps;led)Heoseatsodins hi:--who, gthele rrill cyled)Heomot , myltapeswrystiao'keseve don ;led)Heotsu s m arll wit
gossipordle ooweektron?. aLe Bret austact mge ofsteps hall)Way,oar b'keLe Bret!. aLe Bret desce !
(He it iho, ofrpfriend?llacLE BRETrmed)Is-bcuve ! I?. . .
DUKEtage)Hou?. . ROXANE Qgoae ooDukIzzled)Heoexagge ase !llacLE BRETrmed)Aule a
)Itpoophesied: adesertion,Ywant!ture!. e)Hiso(ehe bstnou mrup hinw reshbenemiesbcunde)Aaeat u
( g ngshamf Cbles,gshamfdevopa,led)Shamfbrave,--whr tkyevclapaushors,--rll wit
world!1.. ROXANEther):
dbpaeiis sword stiu shal
scgkem au s?n e Gck;all)Non getge ofbYte cidfewim.fees.
DUKE (sYoks sedisgeGadstage)Torstwiu ssh w!. . LE BRETrmed)Ah, bpaeIefeam fvrehimcunos man' maaeat ,cuher)Sof tudecuhuta b--cel
)Decembe days,age)T
owolf-j up stealtAhtoeiingchlmbe dream:cuher)Lo!gYof isassi se a
)Itfeam fvrehimepey)Eapp
dfye-iooo (teashcteon faletfysibelttage)T
opYor nor --t(ntetoj up el
)ivoryzled)Heohas reaain deonngshabby sui eof)sengp?. . .
DUKEther)Ay, shrrewy, vnrpwhaeDuken uprize of)Foraunebcunde)Ye oisensetwoabe pitiedb. . LE BRET Qwho, a bite cismi estage)MyLord Mrshau ?ure!. . .
DUKEther)Pityshinwnse!d)H Dukeliveaeopaeiis v fl,RANOFo
euintky, t o th s,(as intai macIs msw reeb. . LE BRET Qin)uponsomukgonestage)MyLord ?ure!. . .
DUKE (gIS (t ly)YRANOTrui!y)I,h
tle,ored,h DukenIS (t;ture!. e)Ye oIo
ore,purutgtoss toliingha f!. aBoys segoa him Rstage)Adieo!1.. ROXANEther)I gokwho, cuf.1.. (TYofDukIbousegoaLe Bret,sred,goesY,!o,n him R,towss maktsteps.lves..
DUKE Qpifsisg,hwle, wsh?
(He mistage)Ay, rue,--Ioenvyewim.fer)Lonotcuf,cw bnil fe,ysibrimspegof)supceisnde)--Tht thrthatpasto.o'twnomacIs m fv l--vnrpfeelsher)A t o sund,sl m-disgusm
, vdlw ipp
maktsur. y)Isenset bmorse,gbpaeaudim, vagu tunresm;her)Aed,oa, vnrpmeh,tsle oosteps rdlworldyyefame,ing)ThrpDukI's furrede ntle mtrril who,?lst oir fal
sher)A srus!,rdlde,twiu uss ms,ovain bnuo s,ino-A rust l--scaca easclespoi--j up as rn,RANOMvunts seg-iooerraa esteps,YcteHavr moonesta robsway)SweepstAh ytsotrrin)thrpdyclapausumno uaves?. . ROXANE Q?rouicsonyzzled)Y Ieargoaeasive?. . .
DUKEther)Trui!y)I,am!. (Asiheoisegoitakopa,dsuis sfi)YRANOMv ieorgLe Bret!. ay. him Rstage)A word,kwho, cufrfpermysss m?. (HRln He goaLe Bret,sred,?lso iingvn a ously)Nrue, t
e oni. llDrckse uaaeat gcufrpfriend;cubn. mfnSnhtb hnm;led)Yesoerday,gat
g ngQueen' mcacd-play, Awukesaidall)'hat (to Cemalndiecubyhccide i!'led)Leto.inwstal incube pruds m!. . LE BRET Qra(Hsta ai marns egigAavenzzled)Pruds m!d)H !ture!. e)He's curollehirh?y)I'u scarnehimcubn.!ststs. . ROXANE QwhaeDukestfyed mge ofsteps,,toso gister(
bw cootsngowss ieoghing)W
oiseio?. . .
SISTERusly)R to Raguwo 'twseetcuf,cMada I.1.. ROXANEther)Leto.inwcomet. ay.gYofDukIred,Le Bretzzled)Heosorllogoa,ehe hy, trtedlos.u Havclapbereher)AepaushorYRsaa t on rk!)--Moor fehe fcunowher)Btedone h?'s sita b.ron?. . LE BRETther)Ba.dis -mantron?. . ROXANEther)T bniactor.ron?. . LE BRETther)Bf d-etron?. . ROXANEther)Wi -mak b.ron?. . LE BRETther)Teapp cidfeg ng utetron?. . ROXANEther)W
owiow ofbYY o-dly,Yctecha Si?. . RAGUENEAUYRehe csta hurrietly)ther):
dcMada I!alaHe sees,Le Bretzzled)A
dyh! hrre, Sir :. ROXANE Qsmi blstage)Tehe aoweHavr misenielsly)Togwim;)IY oonoretu
iteCn?. . RAGUENEAUther)Bn.,iMada I.ron?. . ( him R,n He opakwho, gYofDukI.y)R to Ragun He gowss Le Bretglves.s.s.

S5.III 1.IVLe Bret,s to Ragu?. . RAGUENEAUther)Si Sityh! are hrre, 'tikebest she sYo 'twnoe ke w!. d)Ip as goitaktoecufrpfriend has n fcuwukebutage)A few-steps fown wit
Yr se,cw bniIsy,w hir. y)Gokopa!u I hurrietot.wim.n)Saw hiredoneing)Thrpce
m.ure!suis sfini sed opaeauw, bouher)W e bp.Ap as passi gcuwukeit cha Si?.ure!malnbN age)A lackel l tofau saslrge piea tofww
1.IVLE BRETther)Cowss s!r)O) (to C!ves.RAGUENEAUther)Igrau--Ioy,w.ron?. . LE BRETther):
ideousyra. RAGUENEAUther)Saw ufrfpoet,sSir--uffofriendcuher)S ruck goae oonurus!cua,trge we ndtintai meGad!. . LE BRETther)He's dead?. . RAGUENEAUther)Nocubn.cuImbe bp.iredoeiingroomture!. e):
d ingroom!r)W
oa tsstaot.see!--whae garret!. . LE BRETther)Hedsuff bs?. . RAGUENEAUther)No, h
Sensci pip ssnDukef fn?. . LE BRETther)Saw yh! acdoctin?. . RAGUENEAUther)Onrpwukekitdcuheeca I.1.. LE BRETther)MyMoor (to C!--Wesmhas n tseeow e
sly)Tog him R uis sfi.--W
oTaid tky, leech?cule. RAGUENEAUther)Said,cuw at, Iskw? nsecufeve ,nmensta(tik!--age):
dto 'twyh! se ehimcuahe hy, head bo ndtup!--age)Bn. letousehastebcuNo! b'keno othecte.ikebed!--age):ndtifahe wrystol
(He,pSir, hee i (i die!. . LE BRET Qdraggimetaimngowss makt (demused)Corlln)Thrt thrthatchapel!e):
c l qnot est wal!. . ROXANEYRaustacoll mge ofsteps,,und,slts seLe Bret gokrwal cted bycouo nade
leadoll goae oochapel doe )YRANOMv ieorgle Bret!. aLe Bret aed, to RagudasjusYouYwho,o g answe (pustage)Le Bret goescuw bniImcson!. :
soot newayrtedlotofwg
to Ragu's?. . (Sh?desce !

S5.IV 1.IV him R ouo e?e)Two tisters,o trhmmois m?1.. ROXANEther):
oa beautyointSeptembe 's elor !her)Myslseow' mYoHed!d)April' mjoydazzled yt,her)Bn. rusumnowine it iho, .An dyclapcsom.fe(Sh?seatsodes l moatle ooembroit cyrrame!e)Two tisters,coot outordle o
Yr se,cst! brs sehg rge arnehac ull regYof o
eously)No!reosorllogaon am pi arnehac w e bp.Apsi s,ino-Dtac raltspegrrie f!ll. SISTER MARTHAhall):to
e ooparlo 's best feesROXANEther)hanks,,gister 1.(TYoftisters,gCzzled)He'onobe e bpe w!. (Sh?seatsodes l m!d)A tlot msthike ously)No! hufrpsthike .nde)--Mysilks?--W y,ensw,fwit
Yr 's s ruck!age)Hou sorangsway)Toiblibce, bewii time,(atylhst,Y o-dly!age)Perhap e ooptrthesscuw b b'kemylthimble?ture!. e)Heree--It preacsstaot.wim.. (A p(usezzled)Yei,
shrpmife beopreacssta!age)Surelye-iomife coot so m!cuA ,oa de,twmuaf!cu. (Sheebru-rHe ofdlg ng taf, sed fer(
ork):led)No.dis , cYtides,dto 't--scissors?--Iinmy)bago. e)--Ci 'tw.ill rewim.non?. . A SISTERYRcurolle o e of teps hall)Me ieorgdofBengpraa.ves.s.s.

S5.V 1.IV him R,e (to C ahd,o trhmmois m, Sister Mr,pas. . ROXANE Qwho,o g ,u
ayime?tron?. aS ooembroit cs?e) (to C,ove Epale,liinghat pu, od d? u dv rewi meyes,inrustact?
bw -atwlhsou Siduaimnretiros.u H?desce !
slowll,Ywho, a v(Hsdlotdiff(cultyointhal
sta ains hitup (to-, biacsta gAavily
onlai mco R. g him R tiu s
orksgas d regapeswrystage)TorstDukedimmedegYof intsture!. e)Hou arnonize gkem nsw deay..(to C,owho, playspegrer
oaS ghing)Fo- wit
timundo-Laie!cuFo- wit
timu,arll witHenfeuraich ytacto. e). ?

C QwhaeDukesupceed deistreacsstaothe ehacr,,red,hasoseat dewimel m--?lso
live'ygvn a , w ipp

aeas co mrastoiho, .isEpalepfaa )):
villl?nousy )Igraged--wukestfyed?ure!. . ROXANEther):y?tron?. . !

Cting)Byo ,nold,ounwelcoot v(HstorgloveROXANEYRabse ill,s
ork blstage)Somitcreditin?. . .

Cther)Ay, eufsis,--whr as ocreditinher)WiaeDukea debetwoaclaim, sed I.1.. ROXANEther)Aed,yh!. e)H
paid it?. . .

Cther)No, so. yney )Igpus it ofd;. e)--Said, 'Cryoyh! mercy; tky, y, SIau day,her)W en)I,h
getgamstandita re fAzvufsage)T
onIS (t def cs?e) au s?n an
Yr 's timu!'g . ROXANEYRcareles,ly)ther)O, w
, aocreditinosan alwals wuyt!. d)Ipshau sso. lef) I goknot w ooi (i fou s?. . !

Cting)Hapli, Mel trcG, I qui eyh! er itgfou s fees(HRlshutstai meyes,,st! irss
to trhmmois m? Sister Mr,patchois sle o
prk fown wit
thapel t.gYof lith rdlsteps. i him R, sots sedAn,ositns egigAr
Ao Nus
oaS .)feesROXANEYRtoep to Czzled)H? nsw?r)Yray wa n tseeasedegYofSister?. . ?

C Qhastilyhtaeasta ai meyes)YRANOTrui!. (In a curocsony iiud vn a ously)Sister!ecoot fore!fe(TYoftister glideskmingoadin away)Ha
d a!r)Wiao?d)Thor b ith eyesher)Bf toeve rd uponnurus!?ll. SISTER MARTHA QwhaemaHe mhmmov ms m rdlaotoiishms m-ontsots sedispfaa )):
. . !

CYRiupasclespoi, Mo?nts segoa him Rstage):
Ay, IS (tb--. aLrutly,Y?lso bluster(putvn a )):
Iabrokecfaas yesoerday!ll. SISTER MARTHA Qwtidezzled)Iskw? roIskw? !age)T
'nghou ofiseso pale!d)Corloprese illway)Toimakt efectoey,oI'u smaup yh! dr(pkage)A fam pi bowl rdlsoup.ure!Yh!' I come?. . ?

Cther)Ay, sy!ll. SISTER MARTHAusly)No!re,osee!y)Y Ieargome bprou onable O-dal!. . ROXANEYRwhaeDtact them clespoiitaously)No! Sister wo 'twconvertgyh! ll. SISTER MARTHAhall)Nay, o tsI!fees?


dbpaeio'ke rue!y)Y Iepreacsayo m gsot e b,sly)Yh!, nceeso gliboiho, .oyyeiordey)I,amher)Aotoiished ?ure!. (Who, burlesquRafuryzzled)St,y,)I wiu sspir
(Hesyh! tao!age)Hrk!,)I,permyt Knotu.n?. aHe pretendkgoabe seeks se trs rltsstaot.eeaselie vith,mred,soy wa frus!
iemused)?ure!It isos rltsstaonew!cunde)To--pray fingmi,Y o-d to-, at
thapel-timu!ll. ROXANEther)O o
. . !

CYRlIS ( blstage)G
Sister Mr,patis s ruck dumb!ll. SISTER MARTHA Qge illstage)I did so.cwais cuffo(eave e uprayfingcuf?. . (Sh?
(He opa!lves.?

C Q,u
(Turtoi him R, whwtis s oonobe bsta fv rewer(
ogapeswry!r)Bfshrew-metifamy)eyesher)Wiow eve se itgfiiished 1.. ROXANEther)I wukesursway)Toihtac g af w
-kw? n jest fees(A li (i bo
ezeecaus sle onmuavesmtoifou .)fees?

Cther)No! ausumno uaves!. . ROXANEYRlifts p iecmhayd, st! l noomegd? u ardisoo t au cystage)Soft golde Ybrmesr j up , V

Chan' mhacr.nde)--Se ehiw ,pcyefaowo. . .

Caway)Ay, se ehiw brave ,pcyefaow,her)Ilst oir as ojooneeyodmeswss fown wit
bt th,way)Toirot who,?lst oaclay; yet,sl veyyes oon,sly)Hidstaothe elseordddlg ng as odecay,her)Who, all wit
waywss graa eddltlreles,f lith bra. ROXANEther)W
,nmela S.oyy--yh!?. . ?

C Qtoonettillodins highing)Nay, oay, him R feesROXANEther)Thon
letg arde,twmuavesofau swit
way ,pcyewiu ture!. e):ndoc
yh! so.sstaonewogoa,ehe,led)MyCeuragGazthe ?. . .

Cther)Listee.1.. ROXANEther):
. . ?

C Qgrowavinihitecmred,ihitecstage)SIau dayRANONo!
(Teaichth: nh
avineaten Ohexceisnde)Of of r-Sens
rvg,,t ofKs se eltgfeve ish;RANONo! la Sit que, od tky, treu onable revolt,led)AndegYof ugusm pu,senbYatso
e ormaegp c !. e)At
g ngQueen' mbau sobaSus!ay ,pirtyoscorsway)Of best ihite
waxen apoisow!reosonsumet 1.y)Ourc,roops,ytacyesay, .
chasedegYofAusthians!. e)FofrpserSirIisow!reohangsd?
Thonyt a lidogway)Of Mada I-d'Ae
e notaidosetron?. . ROXANEther)Iabidall)Yray al
Havr toigue, Me ieorgdofBengpraao. . .

Caway)Me daycunos much--Clac e changsd,purtectoe?. . ROXANEther)O
. . !

CYRwhor faa echangssome bpred,more):led)Tuesday, sh! Ceuragreraired OhFo main blegu?. r)Wdp sday, sh! Me tgl
oTaid to)CortId! FiesquRture!. e)No!))T ursdaycuMa Siii,gQueen of)Fra Si! Qwlmost )age)Foiday, sh! Me gl
oto)Coh,ttFiesquRoTaid--'Yee!'led)AndeSIau dayegYof ws my-sixwitron?. . (HRlclor stai meyes.e)Hisohead fou s ftrwss ? Si
(Hedgas disovn a cou is , done urus!, l nosgas din, st! (Hsta,
s!. (Sh?runsngowss iinwcrys pzzled) (to C!ves.?

C Qtaeasta ai meyes,s?n an
ShSenSirnettvn a )):
oised is?alaHe sees, him R be bsta fv rewin, st!, hastilyhpAU (s sedisgeat nOhy, head,inred,shr(pkiblebat intai mchac zzled)Nay, oinmy)wordss :
r)L tomeabR feesROXANEther)B
?ure!. . ?

Cther)Noat ld we ndway)Of Arrai,os rltorss,--as y Ioksowtron?. . ROXANEther)Dtac rrie f!ll. !

no.dis , 'twiu spass so m;alaHe smi esY,!o,nan ef trtstage)See!--i ohas r is d feesROXANEther)Eapp
ddlusahas ys we nd; ,y,)I .
mhn ,cuher)Neve heale
Het,sc (mld we nd!. (Sh?putsodes fes! on hef brou tzzled):
Gre,ob Ragng tky, the b brmesY,!o,nagb,sly)Aulesaain dewho, gf r-drops,,und,stiu ssaain dewho, bl
.1.. (T ooi (i beginsmtoifou .)fees?

Cther)Hiso(ehe b!d)A
dyh! purm(Hedgm sothedayRANONoae I Yo 'twread im?1.. ROXANEther)Wiaowwo 'twyh!?--Hiso(ehe b?. . .

Cther)YesroIswi 'twfoin,--wO-dalststs. . ROXANE Qgiviautwhr,baa humegas de oneckstage)See! e bp
.cisyra. ?

C Qtausta iemused)HvLfI cuffo(eave e utaea ll. ROXANEther)Oaea--rGad!. . (Sh?sorllobat egigArltapeswrysrrame, fal
.cmi,fse s wer(

C Qreadollzzled): him R, adieo!d)Ipso momife die!. NONoisove En(to-, bir a d;,und,Iway)Feel mylgi ')gAavyewho, lovswh,tal
.age)I die N t e b,(as intdays
ddlold,led)Mylovis , yomeavineyesY,!u sfou ther)On cuffo(eafe gssau b--ay, sh! (eafe!. d)Ipmindc iets
way yh! taupp
cuffoe Gekher)Who, cufrffita b,fsefill,sas y Iosof a age)Ah rlln)Iskw? whae gssau bw es-bfed)MyeGakteeriel opa!--Ioe E"Faotw
"!'g . ROXANEther)B
d ou yh! read whae (ehe b!d)Onrpwi 'tw hou tron?. . ?

C Qco minu(TurtoirGadstage)'Mylifer myelever myejtw
,fmylgw o ,fed)MyeGaktehukebere yufrsoiupeve EbYat!'g . (TYofthades rdlevens se au s?mperceptsb-y.)feesROXANEther)Yh! read iagsupp
a vn a --sn sorangscuahdyetcuher)I oisensetwit
timu)I,hay- e
ovn a !. . (Sh?sorllonay-l
ove Esefill,swho,o g .isEperceiviauti-, r is s bce, bewii
ehacr,,red, o (Heles,ly (eansta fv rewin, l nosgas sh! (ehe b.y)No! dlrkneisnddeepens.)fees?

Cther)'HGre,odys p,)a f t Gre,o?lst oales! on hith,way)I amEhi whwtr a d, whwtr a yuf,--Itron?'g . ROXANEYRputts p iecmhes! on his Yo 'tecstage)H? san yh! read?r)I oisedoo dlrkot.see!alaHe stakts, done , sees,hef clor htowim.n)Suis sfi alarme!, heehal
schy, headndd fn?r)Thon
in)thrpdusk, w ipp
Duken wsorp(eheyyeenfal
shrpsays,agve Eslowll,Ywho, classtd hes!s)YRANOAhd,o turaich ytact yome,,h Dukeplayod tky, par(way)Of thrpkitd el
bw cootsngo lIS ( andoc

Cther) him R feesROXANEther)'Twas y I!ll. !

Ctage)No, seve ;i him R, nCyra. ROXANEther)I Yo 'twh
gueis d,eeapp
oorsthonTaid mylnamI!al. !

Ctage)No, ito,asensetIyra. ROXANEther)Ito,asey I!ll. !

Ctage)Igswtac!. esROXANEther)Ioseelthrt thrrll wit
gep r pi couhe cfeitcuher)Th! (ehe bs--yh!!al. !

Ctage)No?. . ROXANEther)T blgw o , madlove-iorde. r)Yh!!al. !

Ctage)No feesROXANEther)Thoovn a shas tariu edegYofn(to---yh!,ey I!ll. !

Ctage)Igswtac yh! erb?. . ROXANEther)T blgv l--ito,asey Irpse lb. . ?

Ctage)Igr a d yh! noe.. esROXANEther)Yh! r a d eEso.?. . .

Cther)'Twas hR feesROXANEther)Yh! r a d e!al. !

Ctage)No feesROXANEther)See! ou yh! autecoe w!. . !

Ctage)No, mylgw o flove, Ioseve r a d yh!!1.. ROXANEther):
. NONoital dayd, yome)dayd, see! ou tacye
(Hesaack o. e)--W y,ewayEkeep s
Siarll witHenfeuraich ytact,her)W en, rd upiso(ehe b, w ipp
ore, Irpttact?. . ?

C Qhal
sta ous sh! (ehe b egigArously)No! bl
saains w!reohis?1.. ROXANEther)Wiy, sh!n, t
e oble s
Sir--kepteso yome--age)Brokenw o-dlyofo- wit
timucuw y?. . !

Cther):iy?tron?. . aLe Bret aed, to Raguehe crunnsta.lves.s.s.

S5.VI 1.IVT onsame!e)Le Bret aed, to Ragu.1.. LE BRETther)Wiaowmadp ssne)Here?n)Iskwew ito,eowo. . .

C Qsmi bl,und,sitts p mistage)W
e ow?llacLE BRETrmed): Dukebuo th hy, df o, by curoll,cMada I.1.. ROXANEther)Godbrad)Ah, sh!n! t
efointnes, oohmmois m si Sitron??. . !

Cther):iy, rue?l):to
he cruptedegYof'Gazthe :'sed)?ure!SIau day,g ws my-sixwi, at

stp r-time,ing)Aisassi aIs m ooDofBengpraa.ves.aHe taHe mofdldisgeat;ytacyesee hy, head bandogsd?)feesROXANEther)W
osals o? (to C!--Hisohead rll be nd!. NOA ,o,
ohas cha Sid?e)Hou?--W o?tron?. . !

Cting)'Toiblis ruck dmesring)Piercedectesword i'othe eGaktni sed o hero'ngha f!'led)Noae I-atwdreamedtu Oomot e of Fateo. e)--Kiu ed, I! oohu smea--?n an
ambuscode!age)S ruck sed bce, b,cst! btea lackel'ngha f!. d):
ve Ewe I?y)I amEfoi ed, foi eds?n ahe,led)Evon
in)myfdeath?. . RAGUENEAUther)A ,oMe ieor!tron?. . ?

C Qhal
sta ous iingha fngoadin away) to Ragu,
r)Wep so. sC bite cly!ststsW
odo yh! now,. y)O'twcomrode?. . RAGUENEAUYRamid iing sact)YRANOTrin wit
oi (istfingMolib b'kestage?. . !

Cting)Molib byra. RAGUENEAUther)Yes; bpaeIeshau s(eave e -mlseow.age)I tlhsot biac io
--Yesoerday,gthry playe age)'Scapin'--Ioy,w h?'twtkyeved r s

S sed yh!!1.. LE BRETther)Wiao!pasclolonsce e?. . RAGUENEAUther)O ,oyesroill ed, Me ieor,ing)Thrpfam pi on ,f'Que Diable alll?t-i sfalre?'1.. LE BRETther)Molib beDukestowch tiao?. . !

Cther)Nue!d)H did ,eowotu.n?. atoi to Ragustage)H? ws m-thonsce e?l):total
--Io hou eit e ld?. . RAGUENEAUYRsobb blstage)Ah! ou tacyelIS (ef!ll. !

Ctage)Lonotcuf,cito,asemylifeher)Noiblie oopsedpe ceve on re gets!. ay. him Rstage)T
oni (i w bni'Ragng Irpw, boue.h. Chan spokeher)--Unl re Irpbalce y, yh! remembe ?e)W

. NONoerrpwukegYof u ego of my)wlolonlifetage)I,o?lst oathad? roat
g ng ais 's oot,her)W i ew t Grs
oi (iyyemoon oto)Lovswa fnFamI!al Jhasn ve E hasne)Here rd uponthreshel
)dreamway)Of df wi,)I,plyomyltributedwho, gYofresm,her)NoiMolib b'kegepius,--.h. Chan' mfalrpfaa
. (TYofthapel-beonocRorss.y)No! numsmrgoseen passi ggd? u arau cyeattwhr
bat ,Ytoisalnt oir off(cestage)Letg arm gokMray,YgokMray,Yw bniwhr,beonoiitas!. . ROXANEYR (Hsta andocal blstage)Sister!e)Sister!. . ?

C Qhal
sta hl
fr tzzled)Cau sso o e?e)Leave eEso.;her)W en yh! coot bat ,YI Yo 'twbeogon re aye 1.(TYofnumsmh
tleehe cedegYofthapel.y)No! e gan sDundsstage)IY asos rlw
efoin fingmusic--hrk!, Ay, comet. . ROXANEther)Live,o trIgr a y I!ll. !

Ctage)No, Inmfalryltalesher)When OhgYofiu -stakcedePri Sitg ng aiyesaysher)'Igr a y I!' ahe hy, uglip ssmfadesofast--age)Bn. I remrin)thrpsame, mingoag ng as !. esROXANEther)Io.

Cther)Yh! dlosHedgmylife!her)Neve mome-atwresm dewoman' mr a .fed)MymCtgAnonvs oto 'twnoe findc iefalrther)Io.twnomtister; a f,liaen growlso man,way)I feamedegYofmisor ssm
bw wi 'twmot tanom .fed)Bn. I .
.twcufrpfriendship--graa etoecufage)Aewoman' mcRrmohas r is d achoisgmypath?. . LE BRET QMo?nts segoagYofmo m, whipp

seen bYtwich g oneheeszzled)Y Ir
. .An aiy-r a y, comet. . .

C Qsmi bl)YRANOI,seet. . ROXANEther)Igr a d bpaeo Si,
yne wwicG)Igr se mypleve!fees?

Cused)Hrotcuf,cLe Bret!d)Ipso moshau sreacsayYofmo m.her)No-d to-, alon ,fwho, n uprojetti e' maid ?ure!. . LE BRETther)Wiaowrcksyh! sayime?. . ?

Ctage)Igeeow Kno,p
.cis t Gre,. NONoerr, shas tacyesendc iefingmytParadis ,. NONoerreIeshau sfindcatylhst)thrpsi 's)Igr a ,her)Ilsexi e,--Gali eo--Soc ase !llacLE BRET Qrebeoni pillstage)No, so!r)I oisedoo clumsy, woo un hasn1.e)Soa
aeas a eGakt!e)Soa
aeas a poet!r)Diundo-L up d is? w at, diitron??. . !

Cther)Hlrkot.Le Bret,s
bw scel
!llacLE BRET Qweepitamused)Dearpfriendtron?. . ?

C Qstakts p mi, ai meyesY,!u!ather)Wiaowho!r).adetskff,Gasce y
. NONoe el ms ma smasscuah yes!y)No! hic?ure!. . LE BRETther)Hisosci Siastiu --Yofraves!. . !

Caway)Copernicfsage)Saidtron?. . ROXANEther)O
. . !

Cther)MaisoquRodiable alll?t-i sfalre,her)MaisoquRodiable alll?t-i sfalre dlt, cthe galere?ture!. e)P i osophe ,nmetaphysician,way)Rhyme ,nbreylAn,mred,musician,way)FamId fvrehi mrunarpexpedits m,led)AndegYofunnumbe od duelsiheofo th ,--age):ndtlfv realso,cuby
he cpossts m!cuher)HoronliesYHorcule S
avireher)Dof (to C dofBengpraa,her)W oY asoeve .dis , yne wukenIS (t.age)I tryoyh! pard m, bpaeIemalnso. stay;her)See,ayYofmo m-raystiao cootsngo chu smeihe Si!lo(: Duke au butbat intai mchac ;)thrpsibskff, him R recsonohinwtoirGality; hr
l nosgyome)as de ,,red, tauppsta hl
veilstage)IY o 'twnoe bid yh! moone les, raltspelyRANONoae g
, brave .h. Chan:e)IY o 'twrnlyaskRANONoae iaen my)boiyeshau sbeocel
)?n elayRANOYh! wtac g se sable moonesta wtedstfingewo,led)Andemoone awle, fingmi,Yin)moonesta wim.feesROXANEther)Ioswiac io y I!tron?. . ?

C Qshiver(putviowchill,ssh!n uis sfi (Hsta):led)No. t Gre! w at, seat d?cuns!. (TYoyespcsta eowss iinstage)Letgno othehel
)meiupcu. aHe propsodins hi aack sts aon o
eously)Osfi aon o
e!. (S
Sistage):tocoots.y)E'!n nou mypfeet,h
ed goa tone,fed)Myees!swrcksgr a d who, lGad!. aHe stas!swerett hall)Bn. si SitDagng coots,way)I meeto.inwst!u sa oot,heaHe drey iis sword)YRANOAhd sword in)ha f!. IVLE BRETther)C(to C!ves.ROXANEYRhalfmfointstazzled) (to C!ves.(Auleshr(pktbat inte cror.)fees?

Cther):iy, I ,eow,beoyevemed): drcksngo mot tmyln se?d)Ha!sk sowchi!. aHe ra(He iis sword)YRANOW
osalwyh!?r)I oiseuHeles,?y)Ay, Iskw? all)Bn.
bw fi (isteve hops se trsupceis?way)I fo th trloas caus ,mred, trfruitles, quRasn1.e)Yh! t Gre,owaOhar cy I!--Y Ieargot o sunds!her):
. NOIskw? yh! now, el
)enemies of mine!her)Falsehood!. aHe sthike s?n airoiho, .isEsword)YRANOHvLfaf) I!y)Ha
dred,Compurm(He!age)Prejud a , Treapp cyotu.n?. aHe sthike stage)Surre fAn, I?way)Par cy?e)No, seve !y)Y Iewoo, Fthey,--yh!?. n)Iskw? whae yh! ,!u sllyome iingatylhst;age)Letgbe!y)Ye oIofau sfi (i bl, fi (i blwst!u !. aHe maHe mr is s in)thrpac round,stops,Ycaeashles,zzled)Y Iesthip, sed Iag ng aurel ahdgYofror !her)Tau aowor)Dospite
yh! t Greoiseyne othe.dis her)Io.el
)aack stsKnooale,ored,wh!n, to-d to-,her)Ioehe c.h. C' mfalrpceuras,,red, lowll bowed,led)Sweep iho, doffedocasquRothe eGavs s'nthreshel
)blue,fed)Othe.dis irsleft, shas,ovn d rdlstrin)trsmutch,way)I biac rwal dospite
yh!.ves.aHe spcstae ftrwss ,,iis sword ra(Hed; itgfou s, sed fysiha f;thonTtagge s,wafou s,bat ingoagYofarns rdlLe Bret aed, to Ragu.)feesROXANEYRbe bsta st! ki (s sedisgre beGadzzled):
?tron?. . !

C Qtaeasta ai meyes,sretognizs sedAn,ound,smi bl)YRANOMY PANACHE.ves.s.?uraain.ves.s.s.s.s.Es!,rdle i mProjett Gutenbe g Etexs offC(to C dofBengpraa bteEdmoed, hstas!inis Englishs.s.

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