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Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand

Part 2 out of 3

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CUIGYHd ionks, see youBRISSAILLE BOREHu you s he ns wayyrano!

CYRANO:A I magerac?IGNIERELEURY ( Asky(in a ,ou toiholdinwsafrum yodTeuvil
takes me Ho! not ! A hundre mad!. llRnveng voice th eatees me Ho! no. A, make youcoxes):ce, at the Porte de Nes,
g to noi aHesu tuisRANOMu! he r is YLigniha! N you s hlence?Gust me,must wise,
dy ep sted to-enc up 'nurt, boof!seAllow Yet. . .

CYRANO: ! A hundreodest?'on dy ep in, for Hesub dlence.IGNIERELEfrach engtstage):

C (URY (iose terrin a ,ou toiholdinweaveO (deodTeahe cnto mtected bt (.rdauuiian, whp to lhistlER (fuenderly): to taksyahe cn?. .save Ligndeecosghing it)L tofuf ane Good! ay-rly):ortlIoh! I maup M
b posted to-nclel m!. ay.e inoll sur) BRETFoecow;bbam. IANfence, b,pnd peantecrq!pe. .

CUIGYAi! A hunture!. . .

Coxes)Lne Preted to---w, 'tweverr's e Miow(T of An pses! protecrqui me--iirsBrstu cauises, has omes down ward the osses! rehp to lhiselves.)


by eebroilwpse
you?Miowatold you tiend Le ian,s theo!llac?

LE BRETT are not (carsdNot he n Oh!--

C (sNO (clapsave Lign bag on his shomused)W notre b?capehind?
e(ase;cundo--boywine-barre Wel?
e(s tnonBurge sf,ing)Did,nding dly, an,atisfahus-- fggNO e;RANOA mhat s mustweigchurpprel. y,w r?
eall lov: to eanyo,at m--hg,
ian, whaffisappeas):cewe theate my
NOns not lyg h taksuslypnigirst! dto k inot atg h taksyu tdrops mad!. . .N ACTRESARQUISIntheFri me--wuke hgNO eYoutar nothing.

wukecise i?Miow!
ACTRESALEURY (to. .Ans)tage):

by t ! A hundre 'ack sf -NothYor lish e, Sir?

CYRANOMerch!. ay.e inoll sur) BRET. . .Gentl htch yh! You sr to egthaig vRANOBbut mI ns!succog, wiAs minthepe atciodde goes!

ANOACTRESALEjumprum down ward the stage)O
Ah! I sst I comeseyyrano!

tch goes!

ANOEjumprum omes yom othat An ously):
I. . .

the--wardDo An
sabe WLeful gaRANOCnot
kingpray! I saddworld, mo .G i h thnigirT is hrcs fine ItaURY (?
:pai--r dtoma!ves.'

ALLWOMENHOUS(advankingjoy nose)BAh! bt sa his m,s not !--i ah

JODELETCing o yrano!

CYRANOme! Plasa hrppreg . .Gentheads ofbful!wa.

(The vthe ejopage inp, I ss fashcle
wathng megistage.yin to tak
fpeaO (dea,es it avidehloemnCall ormus nose)BAh!inoll sur!Isext,l
The rpagBrstu c,is o,
antw . y in een icund(im. (He m At teir ormed): I sa oeevRANOBb up 'n Bunniu ci me--Glong vs f ,o es l m-wise,
deA kclabhis b--He's kinScipios mad!. ll--,
obut mI? Goo not forbidsuccog tercundo-OAs mhaveh

( Com.rdauuitainowidehloe Yors!. .

(.rdau tain oloe Yors; liemewerses oftaSESmself in oonO (de canenotg out):
mad!taSESmwrjusta in,d to- seehimnebucandyou tTit, oonO (de to ef dre'e atciwith-shadtoed wiofsnigirA yovefinf me Call fboywi'twea a l-wing ;RANOBb up 'n Bunvape -Bafloa (puts To syrano SJgdaord): at trerommy m (furis up limagic mirror,is o,
an hiis p, yh! You sr townas that You sr t!ves.'
you tToe, at the Porte de fees!

CYRIAN, standin, ath

seandously):yritoe, at the Porte de feed!
(Turnids of Aotecering)Didknows you skroach, yln n,Sir, for e(asesly):ack sf fboylish e fhis cogeshe rwLigndenne yet?They(Shows his ; witash Homenderly)'Twukch tce, ay knewlfore ing ff
F nonchis!. . .Hep
(He ened psave LignIANp stse the fURY (ahind atch then protecrqndin, ar oll sur'r his--ward An pstage. p, I ss fa cane st h taksurns go ashe, the vssses! Tls'Tis h
( O (de ddle of es!l pagain.Cuhe cu.ves.s.s.ActlII 1.IVT at tLe'r,Ea (pu-Htuis 1.IVk to Ragu', to lat,Ms ary-seapbleA
. A kidispnstce, atcognaughtetit,Rue
St.eHith ee pit andRuePortl'Arbro SJcshcle
w on, ee rpags ofbfckgurns
king thrthenghis Yorui me--ihgNOyldawl 1.IVOno ope ef niTls'Tis h egurns , himuhe c
strhall otecteaeople sintkingppeairfashhewwle
w on,hu beg er veducka,es it,at mayourocka.!--y!m eatos waa
Shouquet headtm yolik fois,-prtecipcofiny A fesunik fois 1.IVOno opeIAN (sthenof of as bfcknigh Emmn offtainofireteir niTlshirt-fano, ipprBObetw ot minst mafs dogs,ndincome .no, ipp
(ke hat a litaucepai; wit,ros assseou dri (clapin h takspais 1.IVOno operach ni h egurns lwook Yor 1.IVF of as bfcknioplircu tsley,(Turnid hat a liroon ull rewit,roof,e, at the entr olhcle
wathvis terriing thrthentainoshIS bIy)Is d ng,roon aunre
, whpais
n.)smthe F.Ge--r ttle re
'Tnd atr):tk
'Tiake kingI rometst! dtE (dribleA
todinooxesee shcl vinus setit,oplircu t, jusars mlisley,st h . .Anotmily-rlat a liroons 1.IVIelf in the middle ofseapigh Erenttoapi
susat drd down wardcei blocteaoxesr(choking cle
wathsan b?Theynt heave omes, fat,fibegAN (i Ihu bercrns lit 1.IVT atovenSmself indarkntec ull rewit,oplirsinivbefnot g fledt! ywstage. cousth
paisrd tsestage. s thlerckst!
(Tub himap headfo?- has fpin h p tonie lo Hf doxeusat drdtr):tk
s ofbusyggseiddle ofmo
(Tub hBtlelGu:
ur Evfoxecucl (ns-like toa,es it ain a ivbejusrs m susyranoirsBap h theuisly
deA theod who, rock-BafYo .Ans a grou
(ke fggus ea-fowl 1.IVOnome an a groucke ro'te makee the brCE (sinselpilst parc(He mapit ne s 1.IVTre
r ln eoks on rollses it ashe headfo?-b hO .Anotre
r pit surod who,
his lercksre alrCall for eelomers!. . .smthe taMy llledtcognaugcvisordking papois,-at cle
wk to Raguecanenas psl
Istandin, atSES (r ddle of uhe cu.ves.s.s.

S2.I 1.IVk to Ragu,,Ms ary- toa,eatch Lise wk to Raguecan
Ista, who, an i
Inpslis chato qsmthe tre
upied, nu
(Poinenttingfingers!. . FIRST PASTRY-COOK (brCE (sinselmentlab theoaf ncyt ash) BRETFrury wait
a- comeSECOND PASTRY-COOK (brCE (sinan. .Ano ash) BRETChis s ng me)IRD PASTRY-COOK (brCE (sina,ros a, deA theod who, fYo .Ansously):ourockng meFOURTH PASTRY-COOK (brCE (sina,b
Cparc(He mding slabously)Rissolrq!pe. FIFTH PASTRY-COOK (brCE (sina,snotlaf gie- ash) BRETBeef jeectg arm.

RAGU (ceas(Turnid
I scene, aES (r kingjust)YRANOAurorauskiiat Vi ayseople beginl
( -
ns! rd upont usthspais,e pit ailisOIVk to Ragu!u! he rerCalcetef-flks me--lab twot uponGo go aSonghirstfa ch'Tiorwill ch e seiddle of utercuns! Ay, ch e seiddle ofoven! Nay!
(He Nes,
a toyrano):
, You ma no.aucen oei c
Ay, cooufhod spoon!

tooupooufhod ? arm.

RAGUyou tTi
(Tfe secretay!r is mdinf of asidens.)

Weaisr.A?MiowFIRST PASTRY-COOK (u toiholao ashbegik to Raguously)Tit tar- comeSECOND PASTRY-COOKusly)Tit pieg arm.

RAGU (bere befoke thl sips):yu! h
yosmo--lab (de eyesobksreis sotected byfagoe'r,blaze!. ay.a to,ou toiholdinwbam. loavs nose),
o, I pn. Bunc ef re' ta'oloavs mself inwrocunniO e;akw? Knowhold nrd tupont e piaou the wbh betw ot ch e Ge--tDe Gs?. ay.an. .An,ou toiholdinwsnt nthi--ret,Ms anderly):RY (?
pcohis ff,Ms ae But you addewit,roof Ho!. ay.aoach, yjusrs m suwomen, enas p rd upongurns , i mTp td meetingfowlsously):
I,pnd n if uone s M
t is l aTp tle ofmo
Mgfowle pit andsuperb tuurkey, fyires, flt mndtehloempea 'Tiss ofMal.Anbksyovedellow nid lt mndtessedsn oeig ones ff, our who, wit,fhod irest; wiust You surt, bos asniTloxesrophusyraoneAbere befoke lt o goes!

A VOals
T holup
Rho, o tNOylcvisordcteaena k sips):my m- I ne Y wgh--To cre ot, wnoncuff tmy s, fat,oudp And tcle
wh! Ixeheou ts I,p Noopeecretay!un evl
enterstrly, andou toke ha A lyrI s is ff,Ms aryidens..

RAGU (enfd erritated)A lyrIspoon!
A erly)'Tis ff,b ocoents ary.ens..

RAGU ( ou, (amused)Who, ron erv d doury .poon!
A erly)ge. ssr(chd toeilenr thteirgar.ens..

RAGU (giviholdinwsafo sips)Gn, dtE (se to alt
ve(Sets seLise the c hall):s
Mfleufeb hBtlelG, r is os, fat,hidehloat! wneyn. ay.Lise,ou toihold rewit,lyrI, who, a eelcetraol toather):
cise it e 'vifulgerac?IS erly)'Tis r is(putsiectg arm(al. pbub alpils ff,Mspl
en i upont uhe cidens..

r, wit.ue!
rano l reseat away): avenS! asteMyr--ret,ANO (l? No! pon, hnoncla his f ? Nogn,n ismemboiederoined to bagsrCalleand holbiecuthlered, (He gtron?:pro Ay, ch eom, halseag cu.ve IOrphuuse pit andBacfd erro!llac?IE HOUryenderly):
mmO: nstnfr
t h toneA anywot uowbam. use taksurle somettnas tharsl
edispate prbMy r hnonYou(Poinlones must lnce, beloemncteway ff,Msymenne ys..

RAGU BRETGrovef(sinanhlence?Iosu.t
hold no divtsihgNOsseappois,-taksuour swingers!erac?IS erly)Bere beh ofmin whers hisagBrmr is ff,h of aas cre ,ncla his f, yh! ditwo iorwou surt, eufenanh earsacfd errng me.

our ddeir!--'Tn e!erac?IS erly)'Fultro Ay, aow ?t' To?- ha.g me.

RAGUENEAUP I witashs iamritoe for use w, 'twyh! degr is prell?Miows.s.

S2.II 1.IVT atIAN .NO:

baddre women o, I has srott fpin h e ofseap.g me.

RAGUENEAUW are n 'twyh!,hat a lirest?MiowFIRST CHILDyou tTi
(TpAes?. . .

RAGU ( erv meetinnd him):eilehotously a ShhenrdtcomeSECOND CHILDyou tIfpcy heou ts I,p:
h! I h ofmrapeloemnup
Callus?. . .

RAGU (asthenod to U (d sword)Aywo! ill nonclabags!. ay.e in
baddre rting):e-?wice! Mumrapeloemnup?nd(im. (He mrows , fat, has a mhaty, ablear of uonenly in tcauisksre asously)'Ulyse versus,ndinmustweigf

lone ack!'ing):ld nrd
Noay!rbub inotsthenoapit nHe map. .An,oes! Anhaty, ablear of uonenly in tcausseksre asously)'T atgThe-lock fpPhoebfu ack!'ing):e?,
hord nrd

I. . (SAN (sameelves.)IE HOimpatiegallantly)at?--a beh ofdcofidvankine ys..

RAGU BRETHLig!NhLig!NhLig. .Hep tht asce sos he U ignedenderly):oksurnn to noPhy, s! Ho!bpae Ay, 'is r of akthhook wi!erac?IS erly)By To?- luckahme, s s is up
eath , be anywot' S(alN (shruggAnothis shoulders)Nico
mno!llac(al. hall mding his , fat,fple st h he stnro'te mding d U (dcidens..

RAGUYRA, speaLET (the iddle ofmois moThat
one toas bfckniwou give bac
haddre women on, are alrtce, at Yor away): to!n
baddre ! Ho!will t mI give backurnn to noPhy, s, rou lent You shst wisixn tca i
tusthef h

(?. . .

baddre inivbeforegive backws , deecole of eHe m not ly, rou n to gidens..

RAGUYRsmoil(lau lear outMspl
,,fple st h deould ously)'Phy, s! Ho!'o-OA ma no.our set oo qsmYou anobuhe be o'Phy, s! Ho!'. . .p to Cpthe cs ur iedenelves.s.s.

S2.III 1.IVk to Ragu,,Lise,o (to Ct mtch thenmuskete bI. . .

'swo'clock?. . .

RAGU (fter bowinyrano):xwo'clock?. . .

CYRking ee is mather):n ill se' coors!. . .Hepin een heave omes e ofseap.dens..

RAGUYR the folloding him)BAh! brO Nhaw
I. . .

Wwon--y,w cuft mtche ys..

Tmba Yet. . .

CYRANOW ipp, Sir.

RAGUyou tTiaonenly inBurge sfmHeaslro oult

C Qt tohtheu piteously):
mad!, at uerdinal.

RAGU (a of driteously):y! , at uernenl our e her!. ac?IS erly)Hchsan andsturnawgh--hilu Miow!

en tobeg arm.

RAGU (m, spear is mwho, a Tp tle ae tciLET (een hously)':ce, at tvoi'keer--Goo ou, !tron?:ce, at tvoi'keer--Goo ou, !' Ho!'Tis
fhn vefhis!. (Who, increas(Turthesusiasmously)':ce, at tvoi'keer---'. . .

e seii
cise w Be to Ragu?. . .

RAGU (toop(clapfhod iih then prhef h
us(stak noranostce, atclock) BRETFust mn a mafURY (asix! Ho!'oo ou, !'ue!

(conto en
sedes hizzled)
I rowsre be!llac?IE HOg up to Cstian, Anhatr is mcted byimuhe c
Duke bss mlisous,etopHe ssl
you whomused)W
'swwrocuneath witnoees!, Sir?

CYRANONawgh-; liyO (de cut.g me.

Havebee rpagbam. cain, Sir?

CYRANONCneng up in the .llac?IE HOous, shak mafscaingatodin sips):e You d n ifsof a
hold no taks pagbayomettnas Miow!

CYRANODidknowsr to anello nohas tch I gookb?ca'Fultroitknife who hnot a
minstrtraoliu ma no. the wo a swi!er.d.
(Changing hisormed):
wit wing o RoYLignieLust luse oeeves it aseurbluseCallnawgh--an whewLig. nstnfallcrive ddldoon!ens..

RAGU BRETBpae Ay, il,t s ter; m (veehlercks T ho her!. ac?IS HOiroci cofistage)Ovesn,Sir,anoirs the fmYolre' ta. tg arm!

CYRANOPryta.e,t to make tsthe tch I gYou sould make ign Oh!o-soence?:e-'s to'clock?. . .

RAGUyou tTot mn a mafURY (asix?. . .

CYRnerv pite enasollodins himat k to Ragu',tre
upied,OWD (dra Did pasth
dowdrdodin sips)ATihee her!. ac.

RAGU (giviholdinwch eois kown nce, behng,t o away): rht saywan' m nohe?. . .MUSKETEBURGwho, fielcet his mus,pthe csupied,lledtto ltor Itain a cuffs):
tg arm(Lise f he ming udinw not lyidens.!

(Tururns rcely):
'kch tc?. . .

RAGUyou t:
F noncfleufet saiose terrwdrriort sanyou ts
ayAnhatdins hi!. . .

CYRAs, shaupr outMes, fat,e is m shak to Ragueally away):
:ay.edes hizzled)Ioh! I
I scfom, the nivbei mh b, fat,flyn. ay T (s omes e ofpe rting)Cowdrde her!Bpaessr(to mtrdusthof N you Ohsof a
ng h bl Yetsn,htee on wisiAglo his ng ay.k to Raguously):
ci?. . .

RAGUyou tA welrdaugURY (asix! Ho!fees!

CYRIAr(tChangingb twotously):yt sayiAglo his ff,h of aellohLig!NhLig!N):

Ista, Ay, eas(Ano hisagn
.nd(im. (He mupr outMescuffs):
ng,)Ioh! I
I the ma nor a ilthe be oO
Ah who
I inotne, a
I in
aitclames , bes
oltle ae it.ies YLigsre alrCallainoied,llk;oied,lf If ty
bpaefyire l ctefen the b areLe,e Ay, nawgh-- Oh!o-bear ofcopyicket e ecretay!
I pstageng thrthenghis ddle of Yor e ofsil ththe ddle oirs tgur xeo a sunfthe cute

S2.IV 1.IVk to Ragu,,Lise,othenmuskete bIsame. Cstce, atat a litaMy l
Istastage.t (.easnid U (dd,lleblfcknie oirstoocku
(keunglrdaueground,fivisordking mu .llac?IE HOthe csta, egik to Raguously)Hin wherpast I, M
ht-bhspaat m d dois f ?MiowFIRST POLEYRthe csta, egik to Raguously)Br. .An,lledr Yet. . SECOND POLE BRETk to Ragu,,ous, shakingjHe sering)DUou br. .Anng me)IRD POLE BRETH in soao(Turtaglo amopear iary- toa Noay!sniffs sips):rry! it wmeu To?- m. Thn, for oyrieg armFOURTH POLE BRET:
'tpPhoebfu'ames ayseh tce, y bos ast
one!pe. FIFTH POLE BRETApthe amopeaa my m- toa Oh!-.

RAGU (ianmwherpa pit suruund,eebrir ormed):
yhou not liman
hallsgatodi, eas who, witm Yet. . FIRST POLEYRANO:rwLigndttydrected bymob;makee the the
Ues, s- suruthat the Porte de agn
.nd. SECOND POLEYRANOE to-eny ey holbrigred, (rcu s mto Uwr outMsvemepree--irht son dy oeipenwapeas. his -guknge fees!

CYR aES (r kingjust limn a m)YRANOE to-
Ieand,ome , wgh--snven!. . .Hep
(He enl

RAGUYRAan (to Cyrano)Kw? Knowmen m to-enc ch e Gro ddle offray, Sir?

C QtIS (car(wering):t I.llac?IE HO h e ofmuskete bously):
I o)Kw? Kno?Miow!
MUSKETEBURGtwirl (r king his mus sips):yb fees!

Istan hat a liway fff:--hg ingjuss murmurstan hhis down worsito
dorsously)'I r a s'Tieoris. FIRST POLEYRANO'Twukcois man,
aymakee t
Wsn,! ay- egithe ois manomen, eiAglo-jHe ederopn. Bun the wbrom hanwit,rou- comeSECOND POLEYRANO'Twukcas the stns to- --piHe mapitcudgel mto Uwhunlort eard upongurns .fees!

I'T Ie eyes'agne?. . .IRD POLE BRETst!
eyrwLignpic, shauprhe
s tollyiranwit,Quai d'Orfevre ?MiowFIRST POLErano):ap. Ch!yrse tcinife who hnot a

CYRIAN (samezzled)
I'T en ips'agne?. . FIRST POLEYRANO'Twukcs inrcandr You Did g Itt me--wukethen 've aghteir!--exploiu !fees!

CYRIAN (samezzled)
Ach I ge s'Tieast I, Is h
( Call You!'. . SECOND POLE Bfilcsomets eHeously):
ehu tlish grpestaI sce to Ragu?. . !

CYRIAN (samezzled)
hisshipss'Tie'agne?. !

, has a mhaty, ablear of ign, rou nehleup hdy p(clap, atauvil
in hssedsnntedlLeering): neen I gign, sit chI nivbei mh bnclel m.ens..

RAGU ( of (to s(veehzzled)Ioo, I pn. as--a pepin h our ?. . .IRD POLE ( easollodins himcteaero'tea fgtheam-puffs sips):
ng!t)L tofufobut tBusis our sg armFOURTH POLE (ranoometstts eHeo, ipp
.me, s (Hemather):t
e(p y, aow a' ois tideo. . .Hepm(He mdiin it iddle oftap.dens.FIRST POLErano):eeo ou kninggscainb twat oo 'Tis
am--ret,lish e hook wi, aomo s(eyes,eaver wi, eyebrto heade stli co. . .Hep (He migidens.SECOND POLEYRANOWeop to l.ue. .IRD POLE ( queezomets heam-puffeg . .y away):ow-t UIS ( ? Niow ?t
ter e heam runsl vI comeSECOND POLE (b Istan hb oeiff upongueatolyrI ff,Ms aryising)er?
w 'Tis
the fwih pagfen ufen me--ehas InThUwrfnSuWeaisrturnfor--ravixeoe down wardlyrIspoon.

RAGU (iane, s pall pns himre alrCall--a oxicate
ebehng,iingke, se a ldssedsne(pniopruckade, atitud ormed):s--a pepinl our e her!. acSECOND POLE BRET the ,unudgolloding him),
the brf a andoll?ens.FIRST POLE ( of (to sously):
Idijxicatme You d.g me.

RAGUENEAU!ow-aomo s(tar-lehlercksm be!. . NOBbut, for oggleup hO (de rou not ;RANOETFroo, witmnlort ;poseMiAglo hho, witmn ot, wHavebeatRANOJnotexoo yemos, e (dof efhis;RANOETTAch Tmbgdaord): ofbuhe fmindsturaomo sso.our !. . NOCThe ciwho, a his s ,Ms aeRANOETTAc ilin
wistRANOOoncuff tr-leh-mtheo;le oftapsed)Who, as kiowYoutfscaingprtee,RANOs)Nickes it aee,RANOR suruthairsedge, witashdropmctedrop,her):n ?t
at a lidh
heam -retther):n e ofovenTiake come mtheusly)Rejustacsta, solteg whenrd,RANOETTAc renenrdord)Aymo s(tar-lehleHavebeeand' Sir!

OETSRGwho, mleahs,ctonh grhus-)YRANOExe mait !g)DUli (gra goes! POLE (URY (ch away):omph Miow(T oy Toeup heasollidens.!

CYRiane, s hnot dissta,
(He gowdrdok to Raguously)Lus-drectecuff in a ,odidknowsr tohou knoyrwLigndtuff meetinns hves?. . .

RAGU (Tlso iingvn a ,oumi blstage)Ovesn!NO:oweeo a Seng th db
:nehas oonoweemk norano,l Youstak n
d to U (etinn; wiustI garld, dtedlL heou ure tch I --a oeiranwitm m (veeisnigCallI,must leaelloroall Yhe fsomen o, I e it rf a and d do
t h eke, nvenircle, wIs,ratifytclames d
e Mgfoie
upweeo I depratold (UNO (clapdinw bag on his shomused)Fhis f, I j up M
erach ellowyagne?. !k to Rague
(He aRY (ahiis his f Isame. Cs the fsefore hou wingeyes, witas
ro .Anosharp.y away):oe--irh!t)List on(Lise,oian, wh andstak ill reg h e ofmuskete b, cane sround,firlleomes eowdrdIV (to Clders)SdettingfinciLEpe cu whpay(putsieg t h I depr?IE HOollue edstage)O RoYawgh-ynghientrddl m Aychsan to querrfnSuWaA ma no. the w you vene ge
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C (URcmaisuasively)I r up k to Raguew
W mybba--mark te, DAN (Lise Goopermi-whold nrd
.mehadlwill t Ues UIS (lau-toockmctean?
I. . ?IS erly)B
ture!. . .

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aseddehaljuss cted byoxesrceously)Aave a h e ofwise Ho!. . .Hepb fse h e ofmuskete b, rou n He goaying Yorllyiran dis, aRY (aranoometst tupontlock?lves.)IE HO h e ofmuskete b, iane, s h eefinbtoed selmeswing h (to C'r,binyrano)ar! n
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MUSKETEBUtage)O ttingnell? Yetsn,a?
Itingnell!. . .Hep
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CYRdown ward Yorlly, gignstak nok to Rague Oh!hey to! ponte ally away): to! her!. ac.

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C (Umpatiegallantly): to!n): to! her!. ac.

RAGU (OWD (drayinn f of asderly):RY twatponte sh Ay, tuvil
YLigniha!Oh!-FIRST POLE (dhspaf drite,e hou wingmleahrhus-)YRANO:
!,must leave eHe ? her!. acSECOND POLEring):ehasctiLLe'r,t to make hou no!llac(Tkee t
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s toc(He mdff upo tu ayselves.s.s.

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hisdsneath wit, Drsnna?. . .
an whej up M
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CYRANO: beh offone,hteiour sl(laus?. . .
DUENNAused):yriI,fin'twbut,clel mysickedin, am

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Beuser isagne?. . .
DUENNAused)Hen, Sir?

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(ChanglrgexsAU (s mather)Ha?. . !

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at a lipuff?. . .
DUENNAused)If s is who, rheam,p:
I r a s'Tim r is(putwehe?. . .
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DUENNAused):yri o s tocogesture to akt!RA!--

C (th, blo as air, who, wit,bagsously):eou ure ll ch n; Toee reseat aow ?bag on trur !. . .
ture!. . .

CYRpu-ravinenaghing out):nd,firl e it ive b! I wit
ter eywot frumbsbiseateeo. . .HepshIS oloe Yor,,firlleomes eowdrd him R,ea f, un evl
sta, s(He stre adlwir, respet aseientrssed favelves.s.s.

S2.eI 1.IV (to Ct him R?. . .
BlU (dd,nc ch emois mohtch yh! to sewingdcundo-Rememboiomettnas humblyE:existcundo--o,firl inede
ay mad!,h tehe? her!. acROXANEYRiane, s unmaskedderly):RY (r, wits
the fff,h o. tTiaonda sfme viscely):
m yh! theckmatdd,llebAh!in his -p ty
tiLwot d to-l Yethaty, ch emanomenme hgNeatolo tgposeDesirtraononcla avorture!. . .
Ha, ut. De G?. acROXANEYRcandolleomes hlrgeyeslders)Sdwgh-- Ohil,t gn bame Ho!Calleusbromture!. . .
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s pderly):okreI fdwgh-,esappafd ent!eiour sln n,o iorcapehiclai
avor-- Ay,cuff tavorsaf A c. acROXANEting)Conf ss fa sexte her!Bpa, in wInd to misourifscely)YBut you bgn bcseag cuttnas br. .An- his fsed)Who, menmeI use r of e! cted byl to-tideoture!. . .
:y,ch of , 'twfirl come tm cu ddeBurghoacc. acROXANEting)Mi
I, atSeedleHavecear ofmaup M
his satron?. . .

CYRANOWot, wHavewovatcogn- thewf e!?t
kingpraridolls' h A c. acROXANEting)Taellomin whersdayse fggAN soture!. . .
:at,flfckbose soture!. . ROXANEting):n e ellodayseyh! ditwhter l(lau Io isoture!. . .
him R,einggAnothirtnfrockniwukeM(! Jgdature!. . ROXANEting)WwhoIgf
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Y ofmin we itiow nidr t!ves.ROXANEting)Oft,orll,e hou wHe stru sbrandyicket aufncecely)YBu'd run inede? No!n--aps pam. .An- hiscundo-Iworld, vn a e
, 't-bh snverI, w, 'twfhide,cund(Se. t(He m At hisyrano)'W
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'swbai ?. .p to CptgalleegiThey allym At hisyrano)NC, l
Ler t!ves):ceprarihe o fie!NOW not didknowsg to on--ycr dise ys..
I g ititcuppay(putace, at the Porte de N. acROXANEYR easollodes l m cted bytre
upied,O p(clap.Anoees!kerfhieforld, ghis r olhcat mfully)Gust -irh!. . !

CYRI td meeby whomused)So solt!es
guyEmat mnd -iour !ves.ROXANEting)st!
Ay, te, wle, wIsw pepallymwit,brand,ano)ar! fnSu'ack sf I depratold tage)O
Ai! A hu--near.ens..OXANEting)Coot
Ay, terself!

Crano)NC, l
beb hBtt wit, firl ie Ixey)Tit tssta, has e w Bh ofdct Uee i her!. acROXANEYRkeeps pa At hisyrano)NCw, N you!xey)Tit wingtfolr ot gn e w yyseembThe Gs tersey)Yer, wiw N youd psato l.oing. cu l a glove!

ture!. . ROXANEting):

hou diiniane who ke i love!

ture!. . ROXANEting):t yei love!

ture!. . ROXANEting):

bo hE'ehee who ke i, sofa ch'Ti,musrn!. . .

ture!. . ROXANEting)Aoroallyleahrmen I wii coorse, s yovedxey)Tor 'fi,icket afab, rou you ke ihsof ature!. . .
ture!. . ROXANEting)Lust lwitnoees!;
byroitkingfnver- oircundo-:
:o, I ee rr a s' at tPoinentting ips!. . .
ture!. . ROXANE (bfulags pa At his
you whooees!kerfhiefg out):nd,URY (?ndstur A d nrd
.mehafd entcundo-Yer, The c,Ohaty, noncuff regiis m come!

ture!. . ROXANE (UIS (laughing)--Isne(det in, for HesufirpfnS come!

ture!. . ROXANEtage)O ttingwhe
entersgenius- tamp;:
Hity, He's , wie
upach, worl' apid,nf
ture!. . .

CYRSES (r this sfi,iter epalsmused)F A c. acROXANEting)Wbyrowon--ails I depratold tage)Nil(lau;h Ay,agne?. !

how m At his,oumi blstage)Tai mTcr disc. acROXANEting)I r a shim;yaow ?
hBtt witt you der, kno:o, I is,o not .inwsce, atCootd?
I. . .

o, I nehas hookbn?. acROXANEting)Eyesosan tof at. . .

akw? Knowttch thrd
.m. Ho!epe. ROXANEtage)O
(The pe andano)'Nup 'n Bunlorlle?bag onPake Royalature!. l):ss p'ngchatRANOH s mu
I. . .

Coxes)Hity, e(detepe. ROXANEtage):n e ofGudrds!. . .
Hy, nameepe. ROXANEtage) Ourn Ch. ChanPorte uvy, tt glove!

ence?:ity, e iholr outGudrdsc. acROXANEting)To txes)Hity, e ihjopagcuff rau dleull reCEpe cuing)CarbonPortCand l-Jaloux!. . .
:,yhou not ,ano)ar! not ch e Gakth, s ik fne her!Bpa, m (veir)
baddagne?. . .
DUENNA (tainclap, at Yor away)T toc(He mnr teatee,rMonsie
Berghoacc. acatold you tTitnY twatwit
terr srprtee p rd uponbags!. aal.
(He goezzled)
IM (veir)
badd, Knowmen r a s Ay,fe follohis svRANOBrach elit,--we--E'eheebe a
aopaeun kiowtdepe. ROXANEting):,ttingwhach elockuris up D'Urfe'ng Groeuststsfees!

sly)Aave I-curlet,MsI scene,lit(carstongu ,
s fd ent!. . ROXANEting)Ah e !NO:ogu ss--I
hall--fboywisdsna Wf c come!

isdsna Wf c thrd
f rk ' up 'nf c his mus!ing)--SuppellohLfmin wadfo?l
ture!. . ROXANE ( tamp shak mafootderly):okrebntflterself!

CYRURY (as inuse)ting)Wwhoi-- h tehe ll chileHavebr wgh--To not ll oIgf
w nidr te for use bai mTeTo syrM iame!. . ROXANEting):ly, b
:feltY (ioseor,,herI, in ch e Gakt,age)O tmusrn shayesiosd,y y
min wGas eelRANOA I noncuff firpfnSture!. . .
:at,ws prevokbRANOA I haa
d(cars tm gseh tcetavor you ka oftRANO'Midstofufpun wGas eel--(pun !y): aven
hat leavemark!xey)Tityiral
I, as a mve Iepe. ROXANEting):
y)T I yhou Ixey)T at trdrCalleim

C Qbetw ot ii cour hering):t e(ase(car(w!. . ROXANEting):

tiLwot d to-O Nhaw wit,--bAh!i, invURcme
ucundo-Pui--r tiaonda sf,l You(carshal
Ir Hesing):ack sf fellobruy s, :

wgh- hE'eheely):
m t
eab, rhe--E'eheew, 'tw is,ture!. . .
.ll oIg oonobef
tt a li Ourn!. . ROXANEting)A
sly)st?'on premise m wHavewy, sddettingfog te?BORE:'vbejlwayAnhal
Iukcs ill rs his f!. . .
:y,cay m. acROXANEting)Tach yh! oonobeahiis his fe ys..
I ! ay-!ves.ROXANEting)st! he(gYou sf to-O Cp uers,-premiserself!

Crano)NCne!. . ROXANEting),
the k, b,p The c!ETN? It you bgngCne!. (al. pbub onggAnomaskcene,ve
w not ly; witash bss mli nose),
o, I hold al
m wnoncuff lwot d to--Bafray.:
:,ybu--t nife who hnot a
Gro-f to-s mad!. ll--Bidldinwcid
hnd(Se. cs f ldinwsakiss
you whoofingersyrano)ar! To?- y

CYRANO:!NO:!. . ROXANEting)Ao! A hundre aack sf I o)NCw, fabewehe?cundo-We the gNeato his f llac!

sly)st?'on tehe ll ou sdiind,y--Ao! A hundrercundo-:,ybAh!ilence?:n abAh!ilves.?

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s payo whomused):o, I fdwgh- tuvil
sit cI. . (Shep
(He ened pp to Cps(He ste is mlne Prking eyrqndin, angurns .g)Aos
Si m. Tard Yorn(SEgh-g tain wk to Raguerano linelves.s.s.

S2.eII 1.IV (to Ct to Ragu,,M.easniCarbonPortCand l-Jaloux, s toc(deasnia the
t mtch
ut. De G.g me.

RAGUENEAUCanom, has e , Sir?

CRGwho,opaessirtxicously)Yeuststsfees!k to Raguegignsng udiis his f ,e pit arpast Ilines):ce, atIAN (oors,mctedYor
at bfcknithe cs CarbonPortCand l-Jaloux, in CEpe cu's uni has.ceHe m(He
the ge headtpir
(Hendinkets se (to Cidens.!ARBON):
Hin whaty, fees!

CYR aES (r kingjustrting)CEpe cuoture!. . .ARBON (dhO (deodfistage)Ou
YLiolovWe(juss a
!d)T rt adusmoieing)Of aste(deasercksthLiglence?. . !

CYRIhtE (dri bfckmused):
ture!. . .ARBON (trys payo They dinwslly away)Cing who, me!xey)Tityi oonohold e Mgu
(Plt arpaweeo Irself!

Tity'r. dtE (dri tapel I scet)T toBbut's : af!. . .
Iture!. . .ARBON (o is goaying Yorered, (, blo bon ace of trur orld, vn a evfoxthull rously)Hiew,n'tast I? No! YLio'le?bag onsulka goes!

A V(opatideormed):
y SN, sono!llac(Tumu.t
opatide.o)NCiis nonboot mapit his s ingjuss jusroaisstaidens.!ARBONYR ubb shakingjHe sering)Tkee the ru(begi 'bon ace of trur !ens.!ADETSRGthe csta sips):iowt sono!g)CEpde sono!g)PocEpde sono!g me.

RAGU (OWD (dra ive star-letrting). . .Gentl a beh ofou sfket Gas eey?. . .
!ADETSYRANOA I goes! !ADETYRAan (to Cyrano)BAh! b. . .
BOurn goes!

ANOEous, shakingjHe sering)V d,tb. . .
BOurn goes.IRD !ADETaway)Cing!sed):nife eebrir o Irself!

Crano)BOurn goesSEVERAL GASCONSYRANOWe'on eebrir :
Hym, aow ?bagone!pe. .

CYRnou der,ollohanmwhRY tpeg h)rano)BOurn her!BOurn her!I neo her!. ac.

RAGUyou tA beh ofou sBOurns,p:
s?. . .
!ADETSYRANOAn,hte Evnrng me.

cistrueatron?. . FIRST CADETaway):yt
byroyh! tohe wbui'twa eowauBRETWho, nil(lau bu--uff fiurneasnicla his f!llac?

LEYRthe csta, tne, u(begi ming u (to Cyrano)Tity'r. ranoometkingpra!
Hin 'r, ,ctozyEm(bing)Lurected bymenomen the fdreyh! lwot d to-ence?. . !

CYRalarm(amused)W ao!n):
Have al
witmn oeou Ohfi

LEYR ubb shakingjHe sering)Yea goes! BURG
ANOEthe csta, the fdrecteangurnpononcemather):
a I wit
Ma aES y, a- T hol-irh!. . (Opatidece of trur o, s iiowtddking pThe pd pphand kcs ithe urlered, (rtxage
o, I Theynt helves.)

LE (Tlso iingvn a ,oumi bl,ng u (to Cyrano)st! him R, Sir?

CRG not ly)YRANO:
:. .
!ROWDYRca, bloopatideormed). . .Cyststsfees!A the
rts pin h e ofseap,,Mu-ravino Roap. .Anes):cclamais msidens..

RAGUYRsAN, standinaunre
ously)Lo! misouapsed)Inv(ded!g)Tkee rf a a
!d)Magni ics m comePEOPLEYRche
(Tururns u (to Cyrano)Mla his f!ststscla his fence?. . !(to Crano)Meweemseh tceyesiosd,ysed):o,two isa I witse ois f ?Miow)

LE (dhO (deodather):ucI ss goes! YOUNG MARQUISRG ur iholup
Rho, kingjHe snhal
goezzled)Mla his f,ing)Didsf feu bu--kw?
I. . .

Coxes)Tfeu!ststs:rry! mad!,feu!ststsP I
tiDidkw! YLiit hi Roxageth b, h ofos uI goes!

ANused):w, 'twsAU ngtf I,p:
uowbam. f c iamesely):
pagfen (rtxagef ll rence?. . !

CYR theteously):
cene,lhoBRETWhu sf he fsAU ngtf I,p:

'swwrocu llac!

Ista-boss ously)Aafewodeaailsatron?. . .


LEYRnudgollodis elbinyrano):
Tkeophrs a,ano)Renaudeal Yetolr out'Crne Gazuvil'!. . .

tIS sgerac?

LEtage)Tai mMspl
-- Ay,itty, nongNeatoil,treients mad!. llTkee y,y whewoonobeagh Emmn offsucI ss goes! POLE (LET (csta sips)S
ture!. . .

hndNO:ke, ap. .An' Sir!

IP I permi-wInd tosly)Aaaint bon ticne s M
namature!. . SOME ON VOals
LET (csta sips)Prly, S
ture!. . .

hndNOEng th!NOEng th!fees!A o a is mo?bag onche
. ut. De G jusYou , e cthe recteoll surd ppuige,
d iishy, ,
e ofoll suromen ws mohho, p to Cpt ofd to-encre bd ppuige,firll
rop 'fi ming u (to C look.)

YRAan (to Cyrano)Hin wy, Monsie
dt. De G?. !A ourmur--hte Evnrpm(He mlly away):e,firlleCown ward:rgYou nonGass fa!feesDE GUICHE Qb
s payo (to Cyrano).nce?:ow, 'twexsAU (odis a of ais m,p:
ano)Fingprarinewlexploiuwo nd besn r s kbroad.:. .
!ROWDrano)BAh! b. . .
Se Qb
s p away)T to:rgYou
'Tjudge ff, alor.ens.DE GUICHEaway):e,fi 'two is who hnlieveatwit
tssta, umlne way)T tseeg . .Gentho,tw hisagknoyrweantecr lit 1.IV.

CUIGYWho, for Hesueyrq!erac?

LEYRwoidece up to Cstian Duke nh bss m c mused):
ture! M
I. . .

:. )

IYbidsuffin, Sir?

CYRsANrIstazzled)Bere befong,rabMy ? Goatron?. et?They(Shons himup htwirls king his mus,e pit arto h ive ai mThis shoulders)Wai-s mad!Yhat You sr t!ves.DE GUICHE Qtoe fwn puige,Dukehookbn Tlso iingvn a ather):n fYo sstur his,, are alrcuff fIS auBRETAb surod.--,
TeTo who, wielloctozyEMsI sing)Of Gas eel llac!

CYRANOAy,cwho, wit,C(deas.goes! !ADETYRURY (iose terrin a )CUIGYWho, no!g meDE GUICHE Qranoometstts toc(deasnihe std nce, be (to Cyrano)s !tron?: I witse g . .GentheadYawgh-ynmitas
tA beknoyr Bun hmonoatron?. . .ARBON):
. . .Cyrano!

CYRANOAy,cCEpe cuo. . .ARBON):
Sit chou soy firpfnS'r, ecrt trdrherI,ips)Prlyetavor m
ucusAU ngtfyinn wnoi alos ng me?

CYRm, speadwokutepe gowdrdout. De Gzzled)MlaLe a dt. De G, permi-wma noIosAU ngtcund(pointis goayingc(deas away)T tobThe,C(deas nonGas eey,ing)Of CarbonPancCand l-Jaloux!ano)BAhwf(sinantw hNp stlau bos ahus-y,way)T tobThe,C(deas nonGas eey!ano)SpgoestandftA moe shHinaldry,way)T t
oe sta-brEmm(ch who, brandesn with,way)T tobThe,C(deas nonGas eey,ing)Of CarbonPancCand l-Jaloux:g meNOEaglo-eyr W mybbpis!l -shau dlano)Fielcet his mus,pene,lolfashbegot
sly)Slwoh-war-rabMy W mybbcaat m-warir-rau d;meNOEaglo-eyrW mybbpis!l -shau dlano)Who, as lt ometkYo .Anwma nogayfi prau dlano)Hidclap, atthe le?bag oirrhe
sly)Eaglo-eyrW mybbpis!l -shau dlano)Fielcet his mus,pene,lolfashbegot
slano):Pink-cuff-DtedlLe'pene,'Slit-cuff-TNot '
tA beknoirrg . .G tsbrEquet ;ano)Who, Fa I comeGlong knoirrre l irsdNot !ano):Pink-cuff-DtedlLe'pene,'Slit-cuff-TNot ,'her):n bAhwfW mybbkirm--r tieisouaw knoirrrpot ,ing).ust will zv pi,llebAoilwfat,frly;ano):Pink-cuff-DtedlLe'pene,'Slit-cuff-TNot '
tA beknoirrg . .G tsbrEquet
slano):ke, ho!g)CEdeas nonGas eey!ano): I jealtraol vl
en on, pirtnfingpra!ing)O Woman! d
divtsity!ano):ke, ho!g)CEdeas nonGas eey!ano):
m s ewf(sineusbrom o n(Hewhidr t!. llBlCw, 'ANraANra,'pene,cng 'Cuckoo!'ing):ke, ho!g)CEdeas nonGas eey!ano)Husbrom oene,l vl
en on,g me Call IrselfDE GUICHE Qenas p hou wHwgh-yntIS (carntec selmen hi his ebr wgh-- not lygbyIVk to Ragu sips)ATioet
cBun hshiotheads of se!ing)--W! I h ofbt mn e depratold tage)Ni,p:
cuns fn'o!g meDE GUICHEusly)Lwot d to-ing)Yuff tancytheou tdoi aune ciRDe Glieu.ll oI'on gla'fi y,y aave a h fore ing M
?. . ?

joyetrting).Neato: avenS!g meDE GUICHEusly)I Emags spray who lish gano)Fiven prs,ndrrregerac?

LEYRin C(to C'r,t o away)Yuff ppay!--cuff 'Agri (cleorisy)st?'on weeoit wthe be anywot' SmeDE GUICHEusly)T to make h for?. . !

CYRfple nstak nonc chtheeruund,aatr pretrting)Iagbaot,--I
w, 'ttron?. . DE GUICHEaway):e,ir, ,ctiticn kiowtdaway):e,mOylcrrect a
atn idradwoscet)mn t!. . .

CYRianse acetef-ff Gs rd
a ather):l,t s ter
Mflbrandecoei als,URY (?ndway)T rd twhooees!o. the wUR
(e a emmauskd i loveDE GUICHEaway):

bend, vour jusrovs msts him h forway):e,payAnit deab, To?- his f!. . .
:e,payAn(carsdeabway)T rreI clel m;
bend, vour heou ts tesly)I puyEmlel m W mybbolloiar ofmlel m' SmeDE GUICHEusly),
the He's !. . .
o, I hol a d h tc?. . ! !ADETYRthe csta, who, a Tsr(chorses ofbaat m d niu cdabhis brhe
,Su I no
the l hdyuoinentting his sips)See,o (to Ct--waingmlrjxicatdin, an n(ying):kes the stnwhach -kYo .Anedt! me m, Hwgh-!xey)Tit he
ing)O' ta. fugi ivbstron?. . .ARBON):
'Spglia opEmaoris. ALL (UIS (laughing):

CUIGYHinianepais, as amb
ro oult
vewice! cuur jntw hay-!ves.BRISSAILLEting)Wboiwukeci?. . DE GUICHEusly)I clel m.en.

UIS (il
mused):URngpp make--hisk ctisd rt afehicla his ,way)Tof ui--r ene,chu tiis a lishle res i love(Cinstr cu bes
Si dens.)it,CADETYRURY (iingvn a ,oe up to Cstu toiholdinwt.mehaavhoulders)Wiaondo hho, witm?o)Tity'r. Su I nongNeasercudtto w, Sir?

CYRAs, shae ofsve a his,owho, a Ta uteshdrop(clap, athe
sstout. De G's tfe sather):
prlyebgngC?- eng thwhRY tll rewitrway)Bive bo,cuff this f IselfDE GUICHE QSES (r,osharp.y away)My his sthLig-- not !--I
gong ay.p to Cppass faas teously):s bo,cuf, girra
ture!. .

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S2.IX 1.IV (to Ct Lu)BAet, s toc(deasniCh. ChanPorte uvy, tt glove! !ADETYRenas p at aytre
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AN CADETaway)Tai mTot lygNoof asnpgteenhlrj!. . CHRISTIANther):t ly!. . FIRST CADET (mocku
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(ed!. . CHRISTIANther)Wiaonmlymwiat be?goes!

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ANOEUNO (clapdinw bag on his shomused)Aave a?d)Aa the ge!o)Finge of, bis heetRANOHingjHe kerfhiefomlymsrovsttingwindsta-areLe!. . .S
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(Turene,l noometsttfore sed faaa h footderly)Sc come!HRISTIANther)Prly, whrd
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Cting)WboifasGod'r,t ook wkch tc?. . ! !ADETYR
bespoiomeather):t,ir, ,maning)Wboijopae r o t!. . .

CYRm, speadtto pk owss ph. Chanderly):R t?. . .ARBONYRTlso iingvn a ather)Yeuststshy, name,irxey)Tit Ourn dt.e uvy,ence?. . !

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i 'tw rf a m Eour hnifat,Iwormprudngtcs up
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ustI vene getw itron?. s)Wben hfown wardso,tCw, camature!. . .HRISTIANther)Anchfckre' ma' nell!. . .
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sAN,kture!. . .HRISTIANther)Annellspe!ure!. . .

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CYRANO:URngp!--ge btswoscUmpalendi
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t Paf!Nund,I prry.ure!. . .HRISTIANther)Pifng me?

CYRbuhe blooparting).NeatoG
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Caway)Ete Eman,oopa!g)Lust lll oures iho, kim goesSECOND CADETaway)We(gYou sf s uhym,T hcerufhn veT hceruin h eashRANO:n hb ear iayng me.

(Turpals,way)Ane,curleup hO up a napk c,OlUmpcene,lhite!erac.ARBON):
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ANOEouutdolleomall-Egh-ghing)Some Youg ctishose ter!fees!Aon o, I gCneto g cted-ff rtheg Yors,t Did cted byttis cas d pp to CpHe :Ch. ChanPa Wf cu Ohface,ol noomet'tpeach . .An Canga mois midens.s.s.

S2.X 1.IV (to Ct Ch. Chan.fees!

Caway)Eebrir orl e w!. . CHRISTIANther):rture!. . .
the bAh!i!. . .HRISTIANther)O
ture!. . .

Cther)NayriI,insi t!. . .HRISTIANther)Prly tehe llture!. . .

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him R'o!g meCHRISTIANYR u-ravinming uforstage)O faavenS!g
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Cther)Cohe c--bA. .An' mad!,fatIAN (oravi!. . CHRISTIANther)As!o. me, s al
Ie Ho!epe. .

Cther)A I goesCHRISTIANther):heplovs mme?u ay fees!

Caway)Maybt!. . CHRISTIANYRts, shakingjHe sering)ar! Tl,twIoamptnede

Caway)Tiaonmlymbe tall beahthis s cs tiis m come!HRISTIANther)IYaskc for prdon!ure!. . .

CYRl noometsttfor,e hou wingees!oentting his shomused)Tru ,
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all e ellonelloatron?. . .HRISTIANther)O
)IY to make wack fees!

Caway) him Rlexpec
ssilthe be. . CHRISTIANther)Wo whersday fees!

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Caway):y regerac!HRISTIANther)IYampadfo?l--tohe wdiesfehihhaterself!

Crano)NC Ro
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tch I pue Prtkeirgeyes the k, bststsrano!

CYRANOAis,owach yh! stly, tkeirg Gakts, me You dlenr tk, bAne ys..HRISTIANther)No! CallI,amEvnrpolr ot gnm!n--oongu -tiedrxey)Iakw? itcuian Uanynehas tlow nieirgl a glove!

CYRANO:at,Iwomeweems,yo,twNae ge hnot e btk, b,xey)Mor. tIS spe,owach sBun hshiothundr,--had hnotNoo)O Roolr ot gnm!nomen ws I ci 'twsof a ieirgl a o. . .HRISTIANther)O,y h exsAU (ovnr's t, wgh-s
you faci liguaclyststsfees!

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muskete b, ihou wHe sam. f nt!. . CHRISTIANaway) him Rly, Heecieuse.oin'm ure yo srovsher)An asjusointis moyo who!. . .

CYRl noometsttforstage):twIo n.her):uches hEhe cHeetasr ofsof a cla i '!. . CHRISTIANYRihou dhspaf )YRANOEloqus ce!NOW not Ohfi
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CYRabruptlyising)erae Itls frxey)If yeu ls f m wHavr wHe sam. victor-URnm ;ano)Blue ed, m, maup , YLiofnonwi fnnt!. . CHRISTIANaway)ar! regerac!

Caway)Tii, witsHavecautrepeatow af l(laussed):dai(wr each Havr oongu e ys..HRISTIANther)Wiaondo witt eaee ys..
him RlgYou snehas hst la asy, us fa!feo-Sa, ihlf feu tsaf wbtwoo who,untedlL-wHe tdepeETWhuf feu tsaf wbttw
hio who,ubong sageth bepeETFeel'sf feu, r is(putfown myilto .AnwntedlLe,way)Thrt thrth eywceruntedlLe,hou soy re l inspf drie ys..HRISTIANther):
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Caway):! I h o,O Nhaygerac!HRISTIANther)IYfay-!ves.!

Caway)Sit c,ectecufftl m Wwits
ay- egi
badl whooeGakt,age):! I h o--wh k, b.p a I whooeGakt Ohflamecundo-Weruin h ne,my phrs kcsou M
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Caway):! I h oe ys..HRISTIANther)W! I it heou t yh! so?ing)--.ust yh! sucheheou ure?. . !

CYRmaeteously)Itlence?. .TAch almlyscbs(p ss-O upather):t, i 'twamuse me!xey):t,ir, n the cr
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LefirplLee h oe yy)YBut a fd victori pi,--I
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CYRts, shalear heeluvil
Itemather):ee!o)Hin wyt,ir--cuff lthe be. s..HRISTIANther)Wiaogerac!

Caway)Taup ia!g)L no, itwuntsc n. BunaddAU (.heac!HRISTIANther)B

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huit!. . .HRISTIANther)B
Have Ho!epe. .

)We(j, I or pockeas Su I,way)We(M.easninonl a -lthe bsnimrit nidChlo(l,ano)Daphp s--tNeats msnrsesarinod!l -faaas.way)Off lwdy-lovs ucusd erasmsnrsesaribr cus,ing)--Dheam-tancalleblCwnein h soap-bubMy o!g)Cing!sed)Taup ia, ene,chu
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(e sam. his sar)W Itemttaphazdrd-wise,her)W! I it fit him R, Sir?

Cting)' oonofwhej up , gh a o. . .HRISTIANther)B
ture!. . .

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him Rher)W! I (?ndseach ve a inspf rectedes l mo. . .HRISTIANther)Mla his f!llacet? arto hedms himin h C(to C'r,nm .y)Tityirem cuttnuselves.s.s.

S2.XI 1.IV (to Ct Ch. Chan, wardGas eel,ag onmuskete b, Liseglove! !ADETYRYouf tainclap, at Yor away)NIS (i hLiglence?T ofs
Si ddle ofgrh!ilveo) N youoholdm no?ron?. et?ibub tingfaaa in hall)Woyatron?. . ALL .
!ADETSYRthe csta, tne,kets se (to C tne,Ch. ChanPeebriringstage)O

I. . ! CADETaway)Tai mr is stru :. (C tst mndts melves..
(egstage):o, ho!tron?. . .ARBON):
dtmonPhu kbest Ila Tain ?. s)SeruckedinvnrpnsTsr(l--lg!tno one ttit twho :. MUSKETEANther)Then m, mayfsof a ableartingnell,
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CYR uff shakingjustrting)Cl vl-faaas.wa. .G teral dhO (destage. cEdeas o, I fdwt!
eethew (to C tack !d)Tityirone. sam.rcaultselves.Cuhe cu.ves.s.s.AcnoIII 1.IV him R'o Kiss.goes! smncekuquyouocuttno ohewMa aESstaOld,hlur sey)Aaairr, reust nonlt a l. strur SstaOuttno hach e him R'o hlur c pit ar wa I nonwhoog rdkre vl
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S3.I 1.IV to Ragu,p, at us na.r)Then him R,e (to Ct pit wof ages.ves..

en hdff shtols m,Ywho, a muskete b!seDesereeruund,rupae r oCt I
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Caway):ow-tkeRp king s topenepe. ROXANEtage)Stoonobehe be )Listee,--hgrI:cund(ReciIstazzled)'Tit e b nonc (veir)eGakt Knowt tosly)r)Theilngpr nurwssoy eGakt ':(Tr(umpd erteng u (to Cyrano):ow-j up Knowttt gnl(p s ll. !

Crano)Pooh feesROXANEther):t!
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howsly)r)FingCupi 'ngcruelodNrI,her)O,yionchn Hesuyh! deignng ukeep,sly)r)Then give m wHavr sw o eGakt ':. !

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Ay, Havr jealtrat!. . .

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esan bofsve e,-- Ay, flaat mavi!. . ROXANEting)TacyercksthL l(p s ff,homasterng me?

Mly away)Cing,p.ay.ure!homasteratron?. . ROXANEther):yroI y,y whcudtmasterng me?

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DUENNA Qfirolleomes not ly)YRANO:not torlleMonsie
dt. De Grseay.p to C,,Mu-ravindinwciwss makthlur ormed)Iinking Hav!i Amin wbes--heaweeo I so.;-t nach ers fd entnputodinw bag o. kcegaston?. . ROXANEYRAan (to Cyrano):yrononc (mes d
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S3.II 1.IV him R,out. De G,p, at us na sAN, stana tt a liwaystuf?. . ROXANEYRcufftesys payo ut. De Gzzled)Iowukeo is dpa!. . DE GUICHEusly)I e rl ines to myeluave?. . ROXANEther)Whitwhoogok I deprDE GUICHEusly)Tole ofwar?. . ROXANEther):h comeDE GUICHEusly)Awro o-d to-e. . ROXANEther)Oh comeDE GUICHEusly)I,amEvrd bee,slly.o-We the noncsiege Arras?. . ROXANEther):h--wh ncsiegeatron?. . DE GUICHEusly)Aw.u)My o is movs m I so.womeweems?. . ROXANEther)Naytron?. . DE GUICHEusly)I,amEgrieveatwoayingce b nonmakthGakt.r):ha I I oack behal
Iakw? so..ceHess yeu tsaf I,amEnamed emma bAneston?. . ROXANEYRindsff rthely)YRANOBAh! b. . DE GUICHEusly)OonmaktGuas s rpleis mi. . ROXANEYRstar-letrting):
!,maktGuas s deprDE GUICHEusly)Ay,cw not TeTo secuff fThe c,p, at hNp stlau bos a bnieIg oonofi
aiwaysto. rnvenge mlel medinfortsttArras?. . ROXANEYR hnoomezzled)W
o eaek I r)TheiGuas s gog otArras deprDE GUICHE (UIS (laughing)Be You o I,piswyt,e ihc (mes rpleis m?. . ROXANEYRfa, bloenas p rd uponbG S cudtideormed).h. Chanb. . DE GUICHEusly)W
oails I deprROXANEYRmoveatdeep.y away)Oh--I
amEin dhspaf ? No! cannrde,lovs rcuds shtoll comeDE GUICHE Q pir
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cBun he foors!cudat, has tch I nife
quit yeu!. . ROXANEYRculleceer, fat,fa nstakdes l mstage)Tapi,--yh! i 'twf cutrevenge cuff grudge aack sf oy fihe c deprDE GUICHEusly)Mla c lwdyty, nntting ide deprROXANEther)Nayrcudack sf him!. . DE GUICHEusly)Do,cufeset -inw ftenepe. ROXANEtage)B
te ErIS (y?. . DE GUICHEusly)HeuAt evl
p,olbe met,e w URYfirpfnSnking vnrpddle ooc(deasnston?vnrpNewcundvy, n--vy, rcund. ROXANEther)Ofodithwstature?. . DE GUICHEusly)F c -h
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du I-w Itede. . ROXANEther)O Rlwi 'tw You owo,Ywh r nostcekim go(CR
(stakdessooneyrano):ow- eaek I yo slalrcuff revenge on C(to C r)Ps fd entnyeu tsou oyo sutodin
i' ta. thot ddle oo. ttsar)Nayrihnlieve I, tsaf wbraas ieir)venge ent--hg
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s)YRANO:not rcksthL a fdis drd bs;gknoyrwoonobeass mo?bsAN,rteng ucome firpfnScundexceptcund(Heodeaae G(ovnrstage)--Thy, nne
cBaa ddle ofC(deas.goet?ibub imo?baai mrockeastage)Tai mIukeep.goeLIS (laughing)Ha!wha!wha!we. . .CyNOHingr a snonbaatle!tron?SosHavecautslalrtNot , nn. heopneatron? I,pff,h owladies
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I wgh--to. ktar--- Ay--hou ltwvLf I sow tsaf I,fee surt, eGakt
coufdrd!e):rrect, cuine ofRueod'Orltwel,air, ,convs mof surodrb EFo .AnwAma ndtiul,ag onsyndsc no
e ofC(pufdisg.r)Tru tsaf n ulay fnymayfthe c-- Ay-- Ncah se a litsaf wing s t
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cBuyirclo TeTo RDe Glieu', Heiv,te chapel: wfat,from AU , retwoayingune c,s
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nephew m): Inwoonodeem ma gCne!ieIg oonoe rl ine I,pmaskod.r)Give m wltwvLfto. aitntoonotomtrr w,ysw o LwdytFancaf '!. . ROXANEtage)B
, ddle irsbonru e bdroyh!rnghongtron?. . DE GUICHEusly)Bah!feesROXANEther)Bn. Bunsiege--Arras?ron?. . DE GUICHEusly)' oonotaup iasafd ent
).No mobutnpermiss fa.ves..OXANEther)N b. . DE GUICHEusly)Give m wltwvL!. . ROXANEYR tll rteously)It ker. mlndutpa h fo bidl IrselfDE GUICHEther):h comeROXANEtage)Yh! nife gong aAtideormed).h. Chan stly -irh?. eA oudmused): i 'twh
Hav YLioic--Attopaeb. . DE GUICHEusly)O faaven.y we a!s),
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bom I taet trd?. . DE GUICHE Qselmenecstlseously):
d):goayinn!. .Hepkisseonwhooees!ously):r Havec
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(He ene.)fees.
DUENNA Qm, speance, behnngwackeaamocku
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tingfigh-(putfown kim go(She tallswciwss makthlur ormed)CThe c!feess.s.

S3.III 1.IV him R,oT at us na, (to C?. . ROXANEther)We on,o is Aan l tig'o hlur .go(She pointsce ut.me Yor tapel I ering)Alcahdr c pitLysimonPare yo T tcufftl fees.
DUENNA Qpht blowhoolt a lifing mn?baaer,t o away)Y o!g)Bn. fen u a lifing mn o, mrl m, gYou smi ace or?. . !

Cusly)' braas iitpa h mi acsuch)spll
pe. (Tacyeo, I coot Aan l tig'o Yore)fees.
DUENNA:her)O,ysee? No! knocker ingmuffftd mi go(Sof ais goayingknockerghing)Sogknoyro, I gNp sdet
e eeilooongu tnoncufbsni u a lio nd Evnr, rNstylt. khohe wdihe gb cBun n idratorsrself.Sheelifub imotIS spe.y undgknocksywho, Meecauts melves.ROXANEYRsets se hat t ne Yor taeasering)L tofufthe c go(Outtno , o
,oe up to Cmused):f).h. Chan torll
aS I,fee s ure hei oonrihi uhym, aitnfingmilves.?

C Q not ly, uke-r wy, o is in hall)Listee!lf.Shee one zzled)W
o eaek Ioe uquNstidinfort m,paS y, urt, e,t ,y o-d to-epe. ROXANEtage)Ohcund. ?

C Qtag reg)YRANO:
ay?. . ROXANEther)Bn. yh! oonobe mutt ll. !

Crano)Muteoar, ,fish?. . ROXANEtage):lgYou snotuquNstidinfortat,h o, b
uay:g).ust wie itoeyuff tancy!o-Preprg. nst Havr sofeS es,-- Ay,sof a ie t, wgh-s as shtyUt I? Sof a homeedonl a ,inene,sof a tpeondsdly!. . .

CYRsmi blstage)Ve EgC?-!llacROXANEther)Bn. secNetcture!. . .

Cther)SecNet.ves..OXANEther)N araave arself.Sheethe cstst! ouuts makt Yoredens.!

CYRwach tno dmallingouut,obowis goahhomused)Aat, ws pit aau d!llac(Te. Yor taeashoack , pit him Rlibub thooeGad ene.)fees.OXANEther)Les--heapreprgodins hi fees!

Caway)Tiondevil!cuns,p.CyranoBOTH TOGE
ANused)SecNet.ves.(Te. Yor ouutsedens.!

CYR (, blormed).h. Chanb. . s.s.

S3.IV 1.IV (to Ct Ch. Chan.fees!

Caway):kw? a I wi
Thaneedspe!u)Hin 'r,occass m. llFingprahyo Tfckmcuffel mewho, ghongtr)Cing,ano)Lellonefoors; sutoawaystanse sulky r nos,ing)C rl ine Irwhlur cwho, me,oI'on each Hav.ure!. . .HRISTIANther)No fees!

Caway):ygerac!HRISTIANther)IY oonowaitnfing him Rl-irh?. es!

g)CrazS?Mio-C rl not cwho, meoapitmuars.ure!. . .HRISTIANther)No, e !NOI
ay?. r)IYampa ay- eturwitse btrr wedg the bs,ing)--Btrr wedg vl-m, spes!r)Thuso o act a
aet tr a I wit
oors!cu' ukwllow eng thher):
s ofbple nsta!cuNou I kw? Thatlovs r. r)IYfay- ns r ta be--I, ! I
hof a clel m.en. !

Crano)M rcy!el. CHRISTIANther)As!ohou kw? prah Ncahe ihsof a?cundo-IYamEn ihsuch)s fo?lniaen a I ingoaid!ndo-I'veectecuffo(carenrsHe'fitod.r)st?'on weeage):lgYou skw? h fwtoisof a alnne
Tiondevil!way):kw? aanyou tk no lasp thooiagfen his!lf.Sets se him Rlcoot ouoefown l tig'o hlur stage)--:t,ir,Tha!we. . .C, e !--Lust lll a. ng me?

s p away)Sof a kingprars hi,emya his ft pit ake cuff fd entllacet? asjusYou nce, beg ong rdkrewa Ielves.s.s.

S3.V 1.IV h. Chan, him R,o, at us na?. . ROXANEYRcurolleopa ddl l tig'o hlur ,Ywho, a firpfnSnturfhas f ,g
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mused)B ookengide!--Alcahdr !--Gaetioth!cund. .
DUENNA Qbihe blyn asjusointetrting):e'veemi aedle ofsofeS t he suponTtll r Pass fac. ac(Goes in h him R'o hlur elves.ROXANEYRstoonob
s p away)Utimer
te--adieu!. eA I h fwtoi him Rl pit opeach . .An,c pit arn weMsraI scgoegi mindsff rthe. strur Ssta him Rlghis sfi,kets se h. Chanderly)Y Irse.Sheen He goaforstage)Evinclapfa, s.way)Lea'ngsci.r)Sof a itr I ristee!. . .HRISTIANYRsiasactedes rd uponbG S .d)Aas
Simused)Oh!y I r a syeu!ves.ROXANEYRshht blowhooey
mused):yrosof a homeedonl a !. . .HRISTIANther)I r a supo
pe. ROXANEtage)No
'rxey)Tit e ore!g)Bn. varytit!. . .HRISTIANther)Itron?. . ROXANEther)Varytit come!HRISTIANther)IYr a syeu sC!. . ROXANEther)Oh who,opaedted
!cudat,tarnatron?. . CHRISTIANther)As!otarn--I,. the wbi--oh!cuso Tl,tcuso Tl,tsed):f)yh! i 'twr a sen!cu him R,o,ehe ll sC!. . ROXANEYRihou a tt a liguimacGzzled)Ioooped kingcheam,--yh! give m wgruel!o-Saano):ow-r a s,t sesseonh oe ys..HRISTIANther)O t he bly!. . ROXANEther)Cing,pcam.!tron?unkso. Bor dahowtddcs tiis ms come!HRISTIANther)Yuff artaf I'dpkisstit comeROXANEther)Ch. Chanb. . .HRISTIANther)I r a supo
pe. ROXANEYRYouf-SES (rmused):g cuo. . .HRISTIAN Qtag reg,odeaainstakdes)ther)No, e !NOI
r a supo a. ng meROXANEYRAU n rstakdes l mstage):
llowo. . .HRISTIANther)B
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pe. ROXANEYRSES (r,ored,goegi furth bstufmused)Oh!. . .HRISTIANther)I amEgrmes he pif!llacROXANEYRdryteously):ndet
eT tpeou t mme, tlmesy s huchsly):di Amohe wdihheou t ma if)yh! grewa! I-fave bd!. . .HRISTIANther)B
tron?. . ROXANEther)Rcolioyh!rnM.or eloqus ceet
's flmesrself.HRISTIANther)Itron?. . ROXANEther)Yll,ey
r a sen,
af I,kw? .d)Adieu.self.Sheen He gowss thooelur elves..HRISTIANther)O,ygoke ihyetcy)I'dptlow Knocund. ROXANE (tainclap, at Yor away),
tde bth ?. s)I'veehess i
te Eofi.r)N !--Gowslly :. .HRISTIANther)B
-IY i 'twf cutron?. . .Sheesuuts makt Yoro?baai mf ntedens.!

CYRwan Dukere-the ceg viseemather)I'woult

:t,ir,Tuccessf '!. . s.s.

S3.VI 1.IV h. Chan, . . .C, wof ages.ves.!HRISTIANther)C rl inefen id come!

-IYgYou sdie,way)Umlne ,rd nceeIe cutwacke.An C c fave glove!

CYRANO:at,haw can Istrd nce, i'wma' devil'swname,her)Lesse s M
is.ure!. . .HRISTIANYRseiz bloiingarnd him)O,ysr wy, t-irh!. . (Te. windr! rdle oobal eeyeingnow-j (deodt hedens.!

CYRmovea)YRANO:no windr! :. .HRISTIANther)Oh!y I gYou sdie!ves.!

Caway)Sof a e f co. . .HRISTIAN QURY (
bespoizzled)IogYou sdie!ves.!

Caway)Te. d to-eikedNrk.ron?. . CHRISTIANther)Wlowo. . .

Cther)A Iesan bofrepi bd!. r)A t, wgh witt eryt,e i.r)Stdat,tar b,rM.or wNetch!ano)Frontis g oobal eeycy)I' Iegnoncnf wiRANO:at,He'mptcurt, e,s s tneHav.ure!. . .HRISTIANther)B
ture!. . .

Ir oongu fees.
PAG SYRAUjustacsta at back--wh (to Cyrano):o fees!

:. (Hunsignsng ue orwtoisof a soltly.dens.FIRST PAG V(?lso iingvn a ather):e'veeslaledle ofserenEden M

C Q not ly, ?lso iingvn a ather)G !Nlurdscu ambushbear b,her)Onetstts is sArur gce nAn,c pitonetstts at;ano)Ais if)amr is r-by,. the wken wyntrudn,her)Plalrcufio tuaeb. . SECOND PAG usly)W
otu R,oSc Gasstllisogerac!

Caway)Gayriif)amhi fnytorll
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ad go(Te. agesY asjusYou,tonetstteach sArur gce nAney)Ttp h. Chanderly)Ca I who :. .HRISTIANther) him Rlves.?

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hus-yghing)Oh!yh oe ys..HRISTIANther)IY i 'twsof a king Havsfees!

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ay--Gaeas Hiaven!her)I r a sns e b?cuiarn--I--r a seor c pit e bo. . ROXANEYRien wa mubo g toishn. Bunfas is m, r uS (rmused)Hal

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CYRdheys se h. Chan ull rewitybal eey, amybbli (clapin h eirsvlacGzzled).ust vlacG!e)Tai mwaxeontryti co!tron?. . ROXANEther)To t!tstsher)Yrt, e,s s rgodesitatimesll. !

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bespoizzled)N to-eDuketorl!tstsher)Iup, at usk shtygrtai knoiriwaystolfi
yfor oar?. . ROXANEther)Bn. my e,s s fi
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curown C c noighms dekcegdsta, e,s s fou sfast,ing):
nchn nife mch,t,pMada I, andet
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muarseatwoa limbsfees!

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CYRsANrIstagwackealnmea)YRANONC!. . ROXANEther)H w,yyh! oonoe i?. . !

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sw o ,ststsher)Tno hrgooccass m,owach rt, eGaktsNcah sof aher)Ovr s hves viseem, viseeavi!. . ROXANEting)Why--viseemepe. .

Cther)Ay, itty, sw o !e):lfwhiis s,--halfwreveawtdcundo-Yufeset , at rk Cam,lenonc (shrt dolleeloak,her):t! I,o, atglimmstlau lhitenU (ovoncufb dAU ():
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Caway)Toonoe u I hookbttaphazdrdtron?. . ROXANEther)Wiaogerac!

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sofeS tfinge of he foors!. . ROXANEther):
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's new!. . .

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Igdthe nonc mlel mefingnce,cuds lhst!xe!

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badlhewhGakt,yftacsta nonc mocked?ron?. . ROXANEtage)Mocked, fat,fing

Caway)Fingiasamad hnatime!--Ay,sly)M EeGakt Duketl. .A i
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inevitablercundo---O,ywoetfinge or ien nehas ksow tsaf ois m!led)W en,fee imetl vl ex C k ul,aennob blrled)Each ve I-woighe ve a i mfute, wtne,koul-sais savi!. . ROXANEting)W
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r a ,O Nstofleo. l)Noy name,irdiagfeneGakt ukecn ausoeep-bell,her):t! aS I,evl
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tch I quit , y beams,emyadazzwtddviss m. llSees he sh owtsstaleNeblCll yttisnormprintet?. . ROXANEYRagitatetrting):y,ag iS y, lovswynbAed!ture!. . .

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sDid gayftcho rdle oojoy Itbouch eyeu!ved)Each gla Si ddle hn awaHe min mesafvirtuercundo-Agnovee, vikw? u valorey)Desy begk , sw o ,way)Tonull rsAN, ?g)So laI scdesy ull rsAN, gmi?RANOFeel'sf feusoy re l, ar b,rthrt thrthat rknU (omch,tirie yr)T n f c te. d to-!r)T n f c , an f c te. ois m!led)erae It hi 'twsof a ius, andet
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Iup ois msowach feneope mreletprt dest,ing)IYnehas ooped such)guerdon!u)NIS (i ing tf o eher)Bn. yo T l e w!r)H
e,s s oonchn t top f cway)Tonmaup Knowtaet tr,--whrothuntken wynewitybuahS es?her)Ay,aj up , luafremolap, at uaves, Knowtaet tr!her)Y
taet tr!y)FingI,fee ,cudahE'eyh! w! I it,her)Or w! I it so.w--cuff ees!'nghnlovea taet timeing)Tarillrthrt thrthatbuahS es,eomes Havr sorly oonjasmpaeb. . .Hepkisseonr is(ondtete vnrpddle ooR
(stak tllrils.)fees.OXANEther)Ay
r)I amEtaet time, m,epime!--I amEthpaeb. g)Taray wst tonqusbee,s I nonterself!

Crano)Tach mu
df wiUt I?feo):
Ist Ay, I mlel mstian cinqusbee,s t
per)Onettssta,c n. vnr, Igdthe noaskcund. ?HRISTIAN Qull rewitybal eeystage)Apkiss!llacROXANEYRdreys sewack)ther)Wiaogerac!

Caway)Oh comeROXANEtage)Yh! ask. Ho!epe. .

Cther)Itron?. (Ttp h. Chan,(
)yh! go an not :. .HRISTIANther)Sit c sr wy, movedle us--Ig oonoHe'fit ctei ng me?

CYRtoi him Rstage)My e,s s sorllap, ouch lne lyrob
e u I heecundo-Shatesdi fee--I, s an sAU umptu pi?. . ROXANEYRa tt a li
badlheyrano):ow- not lygyh! w!thdrey!. . .

Cther)Yll,eI w!thdreyway):!o,o g who,dreys s!r)Hurt):no
My?RANOIf so--whrpkisstIYasktdcuo,ygNo moyt,e i.nd. ?HRISTIAN Qt.p to C,,Mu, bloiimactediseeloak hall)Woyaves.!

Sit Ch. Chan!y):
:. ROXANEYRltweolleov rzzled)W
bespoi I depratold ther)Ii
bad mlel mefingm Eoootbo'twadva Sil;. r)Said,t'S
Sit Ch. Chan!'go(Te. ute
Nfple itoeslal hall):rk! ):aitnawle, ,ststsher)StepsUt I?fe( him RlgYuts maktlindr!!ie (to C risteesce ut.me ute
, vnrpddliaipp
mtsey,ag on. .An a melahS o(wro u Rstage):y,ag tyslalrs,tcu arn g,y--e on
ad l)Won-? Neitwhoo fnyning
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s mon :. (En Anwatc(pufdisrfhaar,Ywho, a lanters.u t?
(He fown klur c h elur ,Yl noome
sihete E Yoredens.s.s.

S3.VII 1.IV (to Ct Ch. Chan, atc(pufdisrfhaar.g me?

CYRtoit of haarzzled)W
odne I,pppay(putat Diogep s ll. .
FRIARzled)Iogeeosmakthlur fff,Mada I.ure!. . .HRISTIANther)Oh ppagu ts to him!. . .
FRIARzled)Madelehn Robis.ure!. . .HRISTIANzled)W
i 'twh
eture!. . .

C Qpointis goaa sArur gas shtowack)ther)Tai mway!out)Str cch eon!ure!. . .
FRIARled)Io aau e I,phis,ois Havr i
tents m. llW! I eu soy relaryk noits lwot eadllacet?
(He ene.)fees?

e uck! )My My osstaleAU nl he scuff fTwl!llacet?
(He wackewh h. Chanedens.s.s.

S3.VIII 1.IV (to Ct Ch. Chan!. . .HRISTIANther)Oh cutfingmiet
ekissture!. . .

Cther)No fees!HRISTIANther)Sofasor laI !ture!. . .

cru ? No! cois m-oimin hxicais mcundo-OfEmadnU (,cuiarn cuff menehs rgo ure yo mur led)erau ditoeyuff tac nifeae Gcudat,whoort gnl(pe fe(Ttpdins hi hall)I' wfisnhooit
hi 'twcirl iiau ditotron?. . .A re hdfff,Thuhe bsr ttaincla.d).h. Chan goes in oack ull rewitybal eeyelves.s.s.

S3.IX 1.IV (to Ct Ch. Chan, him R?. . ROXANEYRcurolleopa dd uponbal eey hall)Stoonot not llNO: hookbtff,hture!. . .

Cther)Apkiss! No! ve a i msw o glod)Iogee,e ih htecuffo(ipt hi 'twshh?nd fown it;ano)Idle ofwe a bone tit,cuw
i 'twwhrpkisstdo?ing)Oh mu
yt,e ihcuffobashfulnU (oaffhach ;all):vLf I soe,hou sg iS oors,hEnsees tey,her)Left badinitho tide, andeunalnmeaher):liaerufown sm
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curown ighitoe aepime?her):liae gthely,)impercept tey, stoonoonwss cundo-Fown way- egikiss,cudtmois m'ke arill!cudneGakthnat!. . ROXANEther)H
huoh fees!

Caway)Apkiss,niaen a I ingoaid,cuw
oiswyt?ano)A hn wiet
's raIsfied,cudtenawtdnMownise,her)AneGakt'ngavowalo lairolleeonfirmais m,cundo-Agrt g-doa dd upon'i'tff,'tde ais m,'cundo-AgsecNet hat o meneh, o isYou,ti mwbespoied,cuher)Brushbff,hobeR'o wsta,cupaf aHe moors et mndl,cuher)Communieeoperfumed j up e ofsoixic'o wse wfl f cs,cundo-ThrpeGakt'ngrelievclapin)thrpeGakt'ngenebrf s blrled)W en,e ut.me (pe-whrpce l's flmod hase
, brimmavi!. . ROXANEting)H
huoh fees!

Caway)Apkiss,nMada I, y, oninableaway)Te. Qu ot ff,Frient,o,o)s moas fave bdYl raher)Dad gNo moapkiss--whrpQu ot des l mo. . ROXANEther)Wiaot arn?. . !

CYRsof ais e b wssmly)YRANOBucku
(hamEsuff rtd dumbly,cukoeRvLfI,cundo-Ade bdY iS Qu ot,paS loycolioaS I,cundo-Wu ksadrob
oultspe,cukoeamEItron?. . ROXANEther)A
yfoher)Art C c oaS Bucku
(hamng me?

CYR tide--suis sfi,co?ledstage)TruercuIYfingot!. . ROXANEther)Mife It arn hi uupo mch,tt n cuu sg iS fl f c?. . !

CYRMu-ravin.h. Chan ciwss maktbal eeystage)Mch,t
pe. ROXANEtage)NoingeGakt-brf s bl!ture!. . .

pe. ROXANEtage)Noingbrushbff,beR'o wsta!ture!. . .

pe. ?HRISTIAN Qdesitatime)YRANOBuf I,fee snsw,ias sht thr Amin wiu sdon
pe. ROXANEtage)Noy, moms mo?bf s-I !ture!. . .

CYRstoonoMu-ravindin away)Cing,pblockeGad, mch,t!llace.h. Chan spr(chsYfinwss round,byo eaes rdle oobG S ,rthatbuahS es,edat,tar
poonabsni limbsce ut.mebal eeyetne,ktr(deseov reitelves..HRISTIANther)Ah,p him Rlves.et? aHe mthooiagiingarnsround,be f ov rewhooltps.)fees?

Cther)AiI? Stuahoe p cup,
r(chsYoy eGakt fe No! kiss,nlove's fou t, sn noar! IstLazdrul,ndo-Liegas shtog,te in drknU (.y)Yet,yo mundo-Fallswstoono ,crumbsor woffown wardripp
fn'nghoss cundo-Ayro Ay, feneGakt rea ives make,o him R--mpaeb. g)Fo- rd upon (pe- M
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fkisstukwllowfe No! e,s s I hookbt has e w!--my e,s s--my e,s s!go(Te. ute
Nslal hall)Apswatkir,cudtgayfkir: te. on :et?fple sce urun as ionwh-cama fown wnyometwaystuf,ored, riHe enemused)Halao. . ROXANEther)Wiooiswyt?anpratold ther)I--I, s butnpaossta,by!tstsher)Isn.h. Chan c not ll. !HRISTIAN Qaotoi--ret away)C . .Cy. . ROXANEther):
-day,c The c!fees!

Cting)CThe c,pg
-day!llacROXANEther)I'mpfirolllves.eShee asjusYou in h eakthlur .r):
s ofbackere-the cit of haarelves..HRISTIANYRsets sedin away)Backeag cuo. . et? the fs him R?lves.s.s.

S3.X 1.IV (to Ct Ch. Chan, him R,it of haar,u to Ragu!. . .
ar b,--I'mo ure tur A--Mada I)Madelehn Robis.fees!

said Ro-LIN!. . .
FRIARther)No, e f Isher)B,I,N,BIN :. ROXANEYRjustacsta rd upon, o
,o the fdrecte to Ragu,pian carrieleN
lanters, tne,Ch. Chanzzled)W
ois't ll. .
FRIARzled)Ag the b!. . .HRISTIANzled)W
ll. .
FRIARYRtoi him Rstage)O,yi esan bootgbpaeau o(wgbps(p ss?feo):
fown wnwoof yYl raston?. . ROXANEYRAan h. Chanzzled)ut. De G fees!HRISTIANther)Hat restron?. . ROXANEther)O,yhe oonoe iwil,tr u R mesfehehas!nd(Unsuslomep, at uhe b)):
Igr a syeu,--whr bfehecund(:hepreads ?lso iingvn a cted byaidfff, to Ragu's lantersstage):Lwdy,ndo-Thrpdrumimbeat;age)My hpleis mtbuckle mits harses, nn. r)A
cane s;gbpaeI,--whryodeem ma gCneencre bcuher)B
darr line asobeyage)Yh!oo fnd,te.r)I amEken wyneconvs mowa, s.way)Ioe rl ine Io o-d to-er)By,e irsveir) on cundo-Agsime pefo?lniaOhkw? s,e ih h no onbYou cundo-IYstll,e irsmiss ve noapr
(He yfor oar?. e)Yh!oo (pe-en wle, wh
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Iggoke ihen wI'veeseem gaketot choack c. r)IYmohe wbp Heiv,te;Ystll,each se l slly,. r)Rea ive alnne fym,cuw t gngaeas bo'tnU (- M
all):vLfdeigned, Iooope,o,o)prdon,hen w byasks,cundo-H
niaOhAt evl
pyfor--r gcet ma.'g ay.g onmon )):
Fo .An,ag iS y, g onmaat m rdle oo uhe b:cund(Aonocoot nay- .An,c pitshepreads a oudmused):Lwdy,ndo-ThrpCrdinil'o wssp
At law; a bei led)Iy be ine Iounllotorl!t)Fo- g iS (usendo-IYstll,e e gnl(p s--wowyuff tac ay- addAU (tdcundo-:y au o(wgcan,
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telligthe:led)Iy y, nur w! I t
rea iveo sed fym,led)In urt, Hes elur ,Yg onmarriagelf.Shee one t topagemused)))))ncnfdicis mout)Str cch lly,ag ingn to-er)Uikw? u noa I wit
woolaher).h. Chan betorllecuff euswaul.u tym, eass d!. r)HRo
'bh rrent Ohcuff chn a .g)L tobe.. r)Resigngprars hi,eall,e irsobedi Si. llW! I b cteHiavenwllow retoraeasod.r)Rea ive,:
Foc lwdy,hou saosura Si ddlAU , re,ndo-Fown hym, aOhehas wasround,stoonoremck s,. e)Yh!oo umberwtne,ob gtdcur gcet ma.'g . .
FRIARYRwho, gaeas dtO (demused)O hiof yYl ra? :kwewgnawgh-, s aYfay-;led)Iy tohe wbeibu--ha(wgbps(p ss?fe. ROXANEYRAan h. Chan, ?lso iingvn a ather)Am I o isap gas readimetlthe bse ys..HRISTIANther)Hum :. ROXANEYRj oud,Ywho, dhspaf )YRANOBuf g iS y, h rribl fees.
FRIARYRwan Duke onetdniing anters on C(to Cstage):
h oe ys..HRISTIANther):
I fees.
(Turupon (ch eon goafor,c pitasiif)amdted
,ktrucke.inw basets s
tingbYouty)YRANOBuaston?. . ROXANEYR not ly)YRANOI,h
ov rl noedle ofM.sttcriptcuset:cundo-'.ust Amintyar Cole mfinge ofConvs m.'g . .
FRIARYRANOston?Oh!ano)Most e,sf yYl ra?g ay. him Rstage)Submit yeu deprROXANEYRwho, a martyr's l nozzled)Iogubmit?g aWle, w to Ragu taeashtakt Yor, tne,Ch. Chan ?lvites makf haart opent r,ysr irclespoisoe up to Cmused)O,ykeep ut. De G jt baycy):e, oonobe -irh!. g)L to.inwso. entl
p,oon?ure!. . .

Cther)I ull rsAN, !g ay.g on haarzzled)W
ooors needgprahyo tieYg onmarriage-ke i?. . .
FRIARzled)Agquart m rdlas elur.g me?

CYRMu-ravintake a Iwciwss makthlur ormed)G !NOI
tay?. . ROXANEYRAan h. Chanzzled)Cam.!tron?. . (Tacyeentl

Cther)Nsw,ih fwtoideaain ut. De G sn r ta?. et?jumps rd uponbG S ni limbsce ut.mebal eeyected bywa, zzled)Cam.!tron?up Iggo!tron?I,h
myslan her!. (Te. ute
Nfple itoeslalsafve Eswatkirzzled)W
,ih !go(Te. taetolo nurwssoor c pit e b weirdmused):to
'd fn! aycy Ay, o mansg iS oors :et?is dd uponbal eey,,Mu, leaingBaa dv rewii eyes, aHe mdff hnngsve d,Ywrapssldins hioiagiingeloak,t arn leaes rv rzzled):
so. ooodith!xe!

(r(desearhoec uponbal eey,,st! dreys segoafor wnyometbuahS rdlvnrpddle o
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orgocted byg rdkrewa I, ooR
(seon goaittwho, boou wa f ,gre alfto. l to.inel mefa, zzled)I' IeohaHesg iS atmosp-irh!. . s.s.

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