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Contigo Pan y Cebolla by Manuel Eduardo De Gorostiza

Part 3 out of 5

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18. Una critica de ella.

19. La critica de D. Mariano Jose de Larra.

20. Otra terminacion posible.

21. El significado del titulo.

22. Una defensa de Matilde.

23. Escenas encontradas en otras comedias semejantes a las de _Contigo
Pan y Cebolla_.


The sign "*----*" means the word printed in black type at the head of
the paragraph; thus, *buenos ----s* under *dia* means *buenos dias*

*a* at; to; for; as; from; *---- la* (_with noun or adj._) in the
style of

*abandonar* abandon

*ablandar* soften

*abogado* _m._ lawyer

*aborrecer* abhor

*abrazar* embrace

*abrazo* _m._ embrace

*abrir* open

*absolutamente* absolutely

*absolutismo* _m._ despotism

*absoluto* absolute

*absorber* absorb

*aca* here; *desde entonces ----* from then till now

*acabar* finish, end; *---- con* use up; *---- de* (_with inf._) have
just; *que no acababa de llegar nunca* that you were never going to

*acaso, por ----*, perhaps; by chance

*acceder* accede to, grant

*accion* _f._ action

*aceptar* accept

*acerca: ---- de* about, concerning

*acercar(se)* draw near

*acero* _m._ steel

*acertar (con)* hit; hit upon; *a fe que lo acierta* you bet it agrees
with him

*acomodar* suit

*acomodaticio* adaptable, accommodating

*acompanar* accompany

*acordarse (de)* remember

*acostarse* go to bed

*acostumbrar* accustom

*acreedor* _m._ creditor

*actitud* _f._ attitude

*actividad* _f._ activity

*activo* active

*acto* _m._ act

*actual* present

*acusacion* _f._ accusation

*adelantado* (_pp. of_ *adelantar*) advanced, in advance

*adelantar(se)* advance

*ademas* besides

*adentro* within; off stage

*adios* good-by

*adivinar* guess

*adjetivo* _m._ adjective

*administracion* _f._ administration

*admiracion* _f._ admiration

*admirador* _m._ admirer

*admirar* wonder; admire

*admitir* admit

*adolescencia* _f._ adolescence

*adonde* where

*adorado* (_pp. of_ *adorar*) adored

*adorar* adore

*adquirir* acquire

*adversario* _m._ adversary

*adversidad* _f._ adversity

*advertir* notice

*afable* affable, kind

*afeitar(se)* shave

*aficion* _f._ fondness, liking; *---- a* fondness for

*afiladura* _f._ sharpening

*afilar* sharpen

*afortunado* fortunate

*Africa* _f._ Africa

*agente* _m._ agent

*agitacion* _f._ agitation

*agitar* agitate

*aglomeracion* _f._ heaping up

*agobiar* oppress

*agonia* _f._ agony

*agradar* please

*agradecer* be thankful for

*agreste* rough

*agrio* sour, bitter

*agrupar* group

*agua* _f._ water

*aguador* _m._ water-carrier

*agueero* _m._ omen

*agujero* _m._ hole

*agur* _colloquial exclamation of farewell_ (_cf. English_ So long)

*ahi* here; *de ----* from this, therefore

*ahinco* _m._ earnestness

*ahora* now, nowadays; *---- mismo* right now

*ahuecar* hollow; *---- la voz* speak in a solemn tone

*aire* _m._ air

*ajeno* foreign, remote; another's

*ajustar* adjust, fit, arrange, settle

*alabar* praise

*alameda* _f._ grove of poplar or cottonwood trees; public walk; park

*Alcala Galiano, Antonio* (1789-1865), noted Spanish statesman and

*alcanzar* attain, reach

*alegrar* gladden; *--se* be glad

*alegre* merry, gay; *---- de cascos* giddy

*alegria* _f._ joy, gladness

*alejar* remove

*aleman* German

*alfiler* _m._ pin

*algo* anything; something; somewhat

*alguacil* _m._ constable; *---- mayor* chief constable (an honorary

*alguacilazgo* _m._ constabulary office

*alguien* some one

*alguno* some, any; (_with negative_) at all, whatever; *alguna de las
tuyas* one of your breaks

*alhaja* _f._ jewel

*alianza* _f._ engagement

*alma* _f._ soul

*almondiguilla* _f. dim. of_ *almondiga* (_also written_ *albondiga,
albondiguilla*) little ball of forced meat with rice and egg etc.
*Albondigas* are served in the clear soup in which they have been

*almorzar* breakfast; eat for breakfast

*almuerzo* _m._ breakfast

*altar* _m._ altar

*alternativa* _f._ alternative

*alto* high, loud

*altura* _f._ height

*alla* there; *---- se van* are one and the same thing

*alli* there

*ama* _f._ mistress; *---- de casa* house-wife

*amable* kind

*amador* _m._ lover

*amanecer* dawn

*amansar* tame, soften

*amante* _m. and f._ lover

*amar* love

*amargar* embitter; be bitter

*amargura* _f._ bitterness

*amenazar* threaten

*americano* American

*amigo* _m._ friend

*amistad* _f._ friendship

*amo* _m._ master

*amor* _m._ love; *---- propio* self-esteem

*amoroso* love (_as in_ "love letters"), loving

*amueblar* furnish

*analisis* _m._ analysis

*anciano* _m._ old man

*ancho* wide

*andaluz* Andalusian

*andar* walk, go; *--se en miramientos* be too particular; *---- a
tientas* grope (as in darkness)

*angel* _m._ angel

*Angostura* _f._ Angostura (name of a narrow pass about seven miles
from the town of Saltillo in the state of Coahuila, Mexico)

*anhelar* long for

*animacion* _f._ animation

*animar* encourage, animate

*animo* _m._ courage, spirit

*anis* _m._ anise

*anoche* last night; *lo de ----* what happened last night

*anochecer* grow dark

*anotar* note

*antano* last year; times gone by

*ante* before

*anterior* former

*antes* before; rather; first

*antesala* _f._ antechamber, hall

*antiguo* old; former; *a la antigua* in the old style

*antiparras* _f. pl._ glasses, spectacles

*antojarse* fancy, imagine

*anublar* cloud

*anunciar* announce

*anadir* add

*ano* _m._ year

*apagar* put out, extinguish

*aparecer* appear

*aparentar* assume, sham

*apariencia* _f._ appearance

*apartamiento* _m._ apartment

*apartar* separate; *apartados entre si* removed from each other

*aparte* aside

*apelacion* _f._ appeal

*apelar* appeal; resort to

*apenas* scarcely

*apetecer* crave

*apetito* _m._ appetite

*apoderado* _m._ business representative

*apoderarse de* take possession of

*aposento* _m._ room

*apostar* place, station

*apreciar* appreciate

*aprecio* _m._ appreciation

*aprender* learn

*apretar* press, tighten; *aprieta* _exclam._ hush, stop

*aprobar* approve of

*aprovechar* take advantage of

*aproximar(se)* approximate; approach

*apurar* find out, clear up

*aquel, aquella*, _dem. adj._ that, that very

*aquel, aquella, aquello*, _dem. pron._ that one, he, she, the former,

*aqui* here

*aquiescencia* _f._ acquiescence

*ara* _f._ altar

*Aranjuez* Aranjuez (town and royal palace near Madrid. Here occurred
in 1808 the popular uprising against Godoy, the Spanish minister,
which caused Charles IV to abdicate in favor of his son Ferdinand)

*Araucana* _f._ Araucana (epic by Alonso de Ercilla, on the conquest
of Chile and the bloody encounters of the Spaniards with the native

*arbitrio* _m._ power, means

*argumento* _m._ plot (of a play or story)

*arma* _f._ arm, weapon

*armar* lay, set up (as a plot)

*armatoste* _m._ clumsy article

*arrancar* snatch, pull

*arrastrar* drag, drag out, draw

*arrebatar* carry off, snatch; *----se* be led away; rush

*arredrar* terrify; *----se* become terrified

*arreglar* arrange

*arreglo* _m._ arrangement, settlement

*arrepentirse* repent

*arriero* _m._ muleteer

*arriesgar* risk

*arrimar* draw near, draw up

*arrodillarse* kneel

*arrojar* throw

*arrullar* rock to sleep

*arte* _m. and f._ art

*artesano* _m._ artisan

*Ascalonita* _m._ native of Askelon (in Palestine), Askelonite

*ascendiente* _m. and f._ ancestor (direct or collateral)

*asegurar* assure; assert positively

*asi* this way; that way; so; *---- como* just as

*asimismo* likewise

*asomar* thrust out; *----se* appear

*asombrar* astonish

*aspaviento* _m._ demonstration of terror

*aspero* rough

*aspirar* aspire

*astuto* astute

*asumir* assume

*asunto* _m._ subject, matter

*asustar* frighten

*Atala* Atala (heroine of Chateaubriand's novel "Atala")

*ataque* _m._ attack

*atar* tie; *hay que --lo* he needs a strait-jacket; *---- tantos
cabos* arrange so many things

*atencion* _f._ attention; *en ---- a* bearing in mind

*atender a* heed, listen to; attend

*atento* attentive; *su ---- y seguro servidor* sincerely yours

*atisbar* take a peep; spy out

*atras* backwards

*atravesar* cross; pierce

*atreverse a* dare

*atrevido* bold

*atribuir* attribute

*atufarse* be angry

*aturdir* stun, bewilder

*aun* yet; still; even; _when placed before the word modified it is
written without the accent_

*aunque* although

*ausencia* _f._ absence

*autor* _m._ author

*autoridad* _f._ authority

*autorizar* authorize

*avalorar* estimate, appreciate

*avanzado* (_pp. of_ *avanzar*) advanced

*aventura* _f._ adventure

*averiguar* find out

*avisar* inform, notify

*ay* _exclam._ oh

*ayer* yesterday

*ayuda* _f._ help

*ayudar* help

*ayuno* in a state of fasting; *en ----, en ayunas*, without knowing,
without understanding

*ayuntamiento* _m._ municipal governing body

*baba* _f._ drivel; *caerse la ----* drivel, slaver with pleasure;
_cf. English_ lick one's chops

*bagatela* _f._ trifle

*bailar* dance; *esta es otra que bien baila* here's another one just
as bad

*baja* _m._ pasha

*bajar* come down; go down; bring down

*bajeza* _f._ lowness

*bajo* under; on; _adj. and adv._ low

*balde* _m._ (_from_ *balda* _f._ a thing of trifling value): *de
----* free; *en ----* in vain

*bandera* _f._ flag

*bando* _m._ party, faction

*barato* cheap

*barba* _f._ beard; _pl._ whiskers; *decir en sus ----s* say to one's

*Barbara* Barbara; *Santa ----* patron saint of gunnery; the

*barrer* sweep

*barrigoncito* _dim. of_ *barrigon* pot-bellied

*barrio* _m._ district, neighborhood

*Basilio* Basil; _as adj. applied to a monk_ of the order of St. Basil

*bastante* enough; quite; considerable

*bastar* be enough

*batalla* _f._ battle

*batallon* _m._ battalion

*batir* strike; _--se_ fight

*batista* _f._ batiste

*bayoneta* _f._ bayonet

*baza* _f._ trick (at cards)

*beber* drink

*belleza* _f._ beauty

*bello* beautiful, fine

*bendecir* bless

*berenjena* _f._ plant one of whose varieties is the egg-plant (_to
eat its fruit was once popularly supposed to cause insanity_); *que
----s* what craziness; what stuff

*Berlin* Berlin

*berroquena* _adj. used with noun_ *piedra* (rock, stone) _to mean_
granite, _as_ *piedra ----* granite, granite rock; *ser de piedra
----* be hard as stone

*besar* kiss

*biblioteca* _f._ library

*bibliotecario* _m._ librarian

*bien* well; quite; *mas ----* rather; _m._ good, benefit; object of
love; _pl._ property; *----es de fortuna* worldly treasures

*bienestar* _m._ well-being

*bigote* _m._ mustache; *decir en sus ----s* say to one's face (_cf._
*decir en sus barbas*)

*blanca* _f._ old silver coin (no longer in use)

*blanco* white

*blanquear* whiten

*boardilla* _f._ garret

*boca* _f._ mouth

*bocado* _m._ mouthful

*boda* _f._ wedding; marriage

*bodorrio* _m._ (_fam. for_ *bodijo*) unequal marriage

*bollo* _m._ roll, cake

*Bonaparte, Joseph* (1768-1844), brother of Napoleon I, through whose
agency he became Spain's unwelcome ruler from 1808 to 1813

*bondad* _f._ goodness

*bondadoso* kind, generous

*bonito* pretty; good-looking

*boquirrubio* simple, artless

*bordar* embroider

*borraja* _f._ borage

*bosque* _m._ forest

*bostezar* yawn

*botica* _f._ drug store; drug

*brasero* _m._ brazier, pan to hold coals

*bravo* brave, fierce

*brazo* _m._ arm

*breve* brief

*bribon* _m._ rascal

*brillante* brilliant

*brinco* _m._ leap

*Bruno* Bruno (brown)

*Bruselas* Brussels

*buche* _m._ crop, craw; "chest"

*bueno* good; all right; *estar ----* be well; *estar ---- para* be in
the mood for (_often with the opposite meaning_, be in no mood for)

*buey* _m._ ox

*Burgos* Burgos (city in northern Spain)

*burlarse de* make fun of, mock

*busca* _f._ search

*buscar* look for

*Bustamante, General Anastasio* (1780-1853), vice-president of Mexico
under President Guerrero in 1829; president of Mexico in 1830; again
president from 1837 to 1841

*cabal* exact; exactly

*cabalito* (_intensive of_ *cabal*) just exactly so

*cabalmente* exactly, precisely

*caballerito* _m._ (_dim. of_ *caballero*) young gentleman, young
master (_expression used by servants in addressing a young master_)

*caballero* _m._ sir; gentleman

*cabecera* _f._ head (of a bed)

*caber* be contained; *si cabe* if possible

*cabeza* _f._ head; *irse la ----* go mad

*cabo* _m._ end; *al ----* after all, finally, at last; *de ---- a
rabo* from start to finish

*cacao* _m._ cocoa

*cachivache* _m._ broken crockery; _pl._ worthless pots and pans

*cada* each, every; *---- cual* each one

*cadete* _m._ cadet

*Cadiz* Cadiz (city in Spain; in 1810 the scene of the radical
outburst of the Cortes that embodied the Spanish spirit of democracy;
here in Cadiz was drawn up the famous Constitution of 1812)

*caer* fall; *----se* fall down; *ya caigo* now I remember, now I

*caida* _f._ fall

*caja* _f._ drum; *echar con ----s destempladas* send away angrily

*calabaza* _f._ pumpkin, squash; *dar ----s* jilt, reject

*calabozo* _m._ cell, dungeon

*calceta* _f._ under-stocking; *hacer ----* knit

*calcular* calculate

*caliente* hot

*California* _f._ California; _pl._ Upper and Lower California

*caliz* _m._ chalice, cup

*calor* _m._ heat

*calumniar* slander

*calzar* put on shoes, put on spurs, _etc._

*calzoncillos* _m. pl._ drawers

*calzones* _m. pl._ breeches

*callado* (_pp. of_ *callar*) silent

*callar* hush; be silent; not mention; *calla, calle,* whew, why

*calle* _f._ street

*cama* _f._ bed

*camaranchon* _m._ garret

*cambiar* change

*cambio* _m._ change; *en ----* on the other hand; on the contrary

*camino* _m._ road, way

*camisa* _f._ shirt; chemise

*campanada* _f._ stroke of a bell

*campanudo* high-sounding

*campo* _m._ country; field

*canario* _exclam. of astonishment as_ good gracious

*cancel* _m._ inner door or wooden screen just inside the main
entrance; space between the inner door and the outer one (many of the
public buildings in the United States have an arrangement similar to
the Spanish *cancel*)

*candelero* _m._ candlestick

*canonigo* _m._ canon (of a church)

*cantar* sing; *---- de plano* speak out plainly

*Cantarranas (Cantaranas)* _literally_ croaking frogs. _The name of
the street was later changed to_ *Calle de Lope de Vega*

*cana* _f._ reed, cane

*canon* _m._ cannon

*caoba* _f._ mahogany

*capaz* capable

*capital* _f._ capital city

*capitan* _m._ captain

*cara* _f._ face

*Caracas* Caracas (capital of Venezuela)

*caracter* _m._ office; character

*caramba* _commonest exclam. in Spanish, expressing surprise,
admiration, vexation, etc._ indeed, the deuce

*carbon* _m._ coal

*carbunclo* _m._ carbuncle (glowing precious stone)

*cargo* _m._ care, charge; *a su ----* under his charge

*carino* _m._ tenderness, affection

*Carlos* Charles; Charles III, king of Spain from 1759 to 1788

*caro* dear; expensive

*carraspera* _f._ hoarseness (necessitating frequent clearing of the

*carrera* _f._ career

*carta* _f._ letter

*cartilla* _f._ primer

*cartucho* _m._ cartridge

*casa* _f._ house; *en ----* at home

*casamiento* _m._ marriage.

*casarse con* marry

*cascada* _f._ cascade, waterfall

*casco* _m._ skull, head (_used also in pl._)

*casero* _m._ landlord

*casi* almost

*caso* _m._ case; *el ---- es* the fact is

*caspita* _exclam. indicating surprise_ wonderful, gracious

*castigar* punish

*castillo* _m._ castle

*castizo* chaste, pure

*causa* _f._ cause, sake

*ce* ts (hissing sound made to call some one's attention)

*cebolla* _f._ onion

*cebon* fattened

*ceder* yield

*ceja* _f._ eyebrow; *entre ---- y ----* in one's head

*cenar* dine

*cenefa* _f._ border. (In what the ladies style a "dress pattern," the
*cenefa* is of the same material as the body of the goods with the
design so modified that the *cenefa* may serve as trimming at sleeves,
waist line, edge of skirt, etc.)

*ceniza* _f._ ashes

*centinela* _m._ sentinel; *de ----* on guard, on the lookout

*cepillar* brush

*cepillo* _m._ brush

*cerca de* near; about

*cerciorar* inform

*cerebral* cerebral

*ceremonia* _f._ ceremony

*cerezo* _m._ cherry-tree; cherry-wood

*cerrar* close; lock

*Cerro Gordo* Cerro Gordo (site near Jalapa in the state of Vera Cruz,
Mexico, scene of an important victory for the American forces under
General Winfield Scott, April 18, 1847)

*Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de* (1547-1616), author of "Don Quixote"

*ciego* blind

*cielo* _m._ heaven

*cien* one hundred

*ciertamente* certainly

*cierto* true; certain; *por ----* certainly, of course; *lo ---- es*
the fact is

*cifrar(se)* reckon, count

*cimarron* wild, maroon (term applied to runaway slave living wild in
the woods or mountains)

*cinco* five

*circunstancia* _f._ circumstance, condition; event

*citar* cite

*ciudadania* _f._ citizenship

*civil* civil

*clandestino* clandestine

*Clari* _f._ girl's name

*claro* clear

*clase* _f._ class

*claustro* _m._ cloister

*Clementina* _f._ Clementine

*cocinero* _m._ cook

*cocotero* _m._ coconut tree

*coche* _m._ coach

*codiciar* covet

*codillo* _m._ codille; card term in the game of *tresillo* or
*hombre* (_French_ *hombre*, _English_ *ombre*); _in tresillo the
hombre or solo player plays against two others;_ *dar ----* defeat the
solo player; _the solo player loses if either one of the other two
takes more tricks than he does_

*coger* catch

*cola* _f._ tail, train

*colchon* _m._ mattress

*colegiala* _f._ schoolgirl

*colegio* _m._ school

*color* _m._ color

*colorado* red

*collereta* _f._ (_dim. of_ *collera*) collar

*coma* _f._ comma

*combate* _m._ conflict, engagement

*combustion* _f._ combustion

*comedia* _f._ comedy; *entablar la ----* stage the play; begin

*comenzar* commence

*comer* eat

*comerciante* _m._ merchant

*comercio* _m._ commerce

*cometa* _f._ kite

*comico* comic, comical, humorous

*comision* _f._ commission

*como* as; how; like

*como* _interrog._ how; *de a ----* at how much

*comodidad* _f._ comfort

*comodo* comfortable

*compadecer* feel sorry for

*companera* _f._ companion, mate

*compania* _f._ company

*compartir* share

*compasion* _f._ compassion

*complacerse en* take delight in

*completamente* completely

*complot* _m._ plot, conspiracy

*composicion* _f._ composition, piece of work

*comprar* buy

*comprender* understand

*comprometer* bind; *----se* become engaged to marry

*compromiso* _m._ embarrassing situation

*con* with; *---- tal que* provided, provided that

*conceder* grant

*concepto* _m._ opinion

*conciencia* _f._ conscience

*conde* _m._ count

*condena* _f._ sentence

*condenar* condemn, damn

*conducir* conduct

*conferencia* _f._ meeting, interview

*confesar* confess

*confesonario* _m._ confessional

*confianza* _f._ confidence, trust

*confiar* confide

*confidencial* confidential

*confiscar* confiscate

*confite* _m._ candy

*confundir* embarrass, confuse

*confusion* _f._ confusion

*congoja* _f._ anguish

*conmigo* with me

*conocer* know; *si conocere a mi gente* don't I know them

*conque* and so

*consagrar* consecrate

*consecuencia* _f._ consequence

*conseguir* succeed in; attain; obtain

*consejero* _m._ counselor

*consejo* _m._ advice, counsel; council-house; *---- privado* privy

*consentimiento* _m._ consent

*consentir* consent

*conservar* keep, preserve

*considerar* consider

*consigo* with him; with her; with you; with them; with themselves;
with yourselves, _etc._

*consiguiente* _m._ consequence; *de ----, por ----,* consequently

*consistir* consist

*consolar* console

*conspirar* conspire; war

*constancia* _f._ constancy

*constante* constant, faithful

*constitucional* constitutional

*constituir* constitute

*consuelo* _m._ consolation

*consulta* _f._ consultation

*consultar* consult

*contar* count

*contento* happy, satisfied

*contestacion* _f._ answer

*contestar* answer

*contigo* with thee

*continuo* continual

*contra* against

*contrabandista* _m. and f._ smuggler

*contradecir* contradict

*contrario* contrary; *de lo ----* otherwise; *al ----* on the

*contribuir* contribute

*convencer* convince

*convenir* suit; *---- en* agree to, agree upon

*convento* _m._ convent

*conversacion* _f._ conversation

*conviccion* _f._ conviction

*cooperar* cooeperate; *---- a ella* cooeperate in it

*copa* _f._ crown (of a hat)

*copiante* _m. and f._ copyist

*copiar* copy

*Coralina* girl's name

*corazon* _m._ heart

*cordial* cordial

*coronar* crown

*coronel* _m._ colonel

*correccion* _f._ correction

*correr* run; *su corre ve y dile* (_now_ *correvedile* _or_
*correveidile*; _m. or f._) your fetch-and-carry

*corresponder* requite, love in return; belong

*correspondiente* corresponding

*corriente* current

*corte* _m._ cut, pattern

*corte* _f._ court; _pl._ Spanish Senate and Congress of Deputies

*cortedad* _f._ diffidence

*cortina* _f._ curtain

*cosa* _f._ thing, matter; anything

*coser* sew

*costa* _f._ cost

*costar* cost

*costumbre* _f._ custom

*cotorra* _f._ magpie

*cotorrita* _f. dim. of_ *cotorra*

*covachuelista, covachuelo,* _m._ familiar name given to an official
in the service of a minister to the Crown (the offices where the
secretaries worked were called *covachuelas*, little caves, because
located in the vaults of the old royal palace)

*Creador* _m._ Creator, God

*crear* create

*crecido* (_pp. of_ *crecer* grow, increase) large

*credo* _m._ creed (prayer containing the articles of Christian
belief); *hace un ----* a few minutes ago

*creer* believe; *ya lo creo* yes, to be sure

*crespo* crisp, curly

*criado (_pp. of_ *criar*) brought up; _m._ servant; _f._ servant

*criar* raise; rear, bring up

*criminal* criminal

*crisis* _f._ crisis

*cristal* _m._ glass; crystal

*cristiano* Christian

*critica* _f._ criticism *critico* _m._ critic

*crudo* raw

*cruel* cruel

*crueldad* _f._ cruelty

*cuadro* _m._ picture

*cual* which

*cualidad* _f._ quality

*cualquiera* any, any one

*cuando* when; *---- mas* at most (_cf._ *a lo mas*); *---- menos* at

*cuanto* as, as much; whatever; *en ---- a* as for; as regards; *----
mas pronto* the sooner; *---- mas que* the more so as

*cuanto* how much

*cuarenta* forty

*cuarteron* _m._ quarter of a pound

*cuartillo* _m._ pint

*cuarto* _m._ quarter; fourth; room; flat

*cuatro* four

*cubrir* cover

*cucurucho* _m._ paper cone

*cuenta* _f._ account

*cuerpo* _m._ body; *---- de ejercito* main body of an army

*cuestion* _f._ question

*cuidado* _m._ care, worry; *tener ---- con* worry; *---- que* I tell
you, no mistake; _used as an exclam. with verb understood_ take care,
be careful

*cuidar de* care, take care

*culpa* _f._ fault, blame

*cultivar* cultivate

*cumplido* _m._ compliment

*cumplir* fulfill; keep a promise

*cura* _m._ priest

*curiosear* watch, pry into others' affairs

*curiosidad* _f._ curiosity

*cuyo* whose

*charlar* chatter

*chasco* _m._ disappointment; trick

*chaveta* _f._ (_sometimes written_ *chabeta*) linchpin, key; *perder
la ----* _fam. expression_ go crazy (_cf. English_ go to pieces)

*chico* little; _m._ boy; _f._ girl

*chichon* _m._ bump

*chisme* _m._ gossip

*chispear* sparkle; *---- gracias* sparkle with witticisms

*chiste* _m._ joke

*chistoso* funny, humorous

*chocolate* _m._ chocolate

*chocolatera* _f._ chocolate pot

*chuleta* _f._ chop

*Churubusco* Churubusco (small village near Mexico City whose central
feature was the massive stone convent of San Pablo. A battle was won
here by the American troops on August 20, 1847)

*dama* _f._ lady

*dar* give; cause; *---- a luz* publish; *---- en* (_with inf_.) take
to; *---- la hora* strike the hour; *va a ---- algo* you are going to
have an attack of some sort; *--se con la cabeza* bump one's head

*datar* date

*de* of; from; as; by; at; with; _with inf._ to

*dean* _m._ dean

*debajo de* underneath

*debelar* conquer

*deber* owe; ought; *debia resultar* must result

*debido* (_pp. of_ *deber*) due

*debil* weak

*debilitar* weaken

*decidir* decide

*decir* say, tell

*declaracion* _f._ proposal of marriage

*decoro* _m._ decorum

*dedicar* dedicate

*dedo* _m._ finger; *---- menique* little finger

*deducir* deduce

*defecto* _m._ defect

*defender* defend

*defensa* _f._ defense

*defensor* _m._ defender

*dejar* leave; let alone; allow; *---- en el tintero* leave out in
writing; *---- de* (_with inf._) fail to

*delante* before

*delicioso* delightful

*demas: lo ----* the rest, the other; *los ----* the rest, the others

*demasiado* too; too much

*demonio* _m._ demon

*demostrar* show, indicate

*denominar* designate by name

*dentro* within, inside

*depender* depend

*derecho* straight; _m._ right

*derramar* shed

*desagradable* disagreeable

*desairar* slight, provoke, offend

*desaliento* _m._ discouragement

*desamar* cease to love

*desanimarse* become discouraged

*desarmar* disarm

*desastre* _m._ disaster

*desatar* untie, disarrange

*desatino* _m._ nonsense, folly

*desayunarse* take breakfast

*descansar* rest

*descanso* _m._ landing (of a staircase)

*desconocer* fail to recognize

*desconocido* (_pp. of_ *desconocer*) strange, unknown

*descoser* rip; open

*describir* describe

*descripcion* _f._ description

*descubrir* discover, disclose

*descuidar* neglect; *----se* be neglectful

*descuido* _m._ carelessness

*desde* from; *---- luego* at once

*desear* desire, wish

*desembarazado* (_pp. of_ *desembarazar*) unhindered

*desempenar* perform; *---- un papel* play a part

*desenamorarse* cease to be in love

*desencantar* disillusion

*desenganar* undeceive; *--se* find out one's mistake

*desengano* _m._ disillusion; discovery of a mistake; *Calle de
Desengano* name of a street in Madrid

*desenlace* _m._ denouement, ending (of a play or story)

*deseo* _m._ desire

*desesperacion* _f._ desperation

*desesperar* despair; drive to despair

*desgarrar* tear

*desgracia* _f._ misfortune

*desgraciadamente* unfortunately

*desgraciado* unfortunate

*desheredar* disinherit

*desistir* desist

*deslealtad* _f._ disloyalty

*deslumbrado* (_pp. of_ *deslumbrar*) dazed, dazzled; undecided

*desmejorar* change (for the worse)

*desnudar(se)* undress

*desorden* _m._ disorder

*despachar* finish; *----se* be quick

*despacho* _m._ office

*despedir* dismiss

*despego* _m._ aversion, coldness

*despenar* precipitate

*desperdiciar* fail to make use of; waste

*despertar(se)* awaken

*despojos* _m. pl._ remains

*despues* after; afterwards; *---- de* (_with inf._) after

*desterrar* banish

*destierro* _m._ banishment

*destinar* destine

*destrozar* tear, destroy

*desvan* _m._ attic

*desvelo* _m._ anxiety, watchful care

*desventurado* unfortunate

*detener(se)* stop

*determinar a* decide

*deuda* _f._ debt

*dia* _m._ day; *hoy ----* nowadays; *el ---- menos pensado*
unexpectedly; *buenos ----s* good morning

*diablo* _m._ devil

*diablura* _f._ deviltry, mischief

*dialogo* _m._ dialogue

*diario* daily

*dictar* dictate

*dicha* _f._ happiness

*dicho* (_pp. of_ *decir*) aforesaid; *lo ----* I mean it; enough
said; _m._ legal promise of marriage

*dichoso* happy

*Dieguito* Jimmy

*diez* ten

*diferencia* _f._ difference

*diferente* different

*dificil* difficult

*dificultad* _f._ difficulty

*digerir* digest

*dignamente* worthily, suitably

*dignidad* _f._ dignity

*digno* worthy

*dinero* _m._ money

*Dios* _m._ God; *por ----* for heaven's sake

*diplomatico* _m._ diplomat; _adj._ diplomatic

*direccion* _f._ executive board

*dirigir* address; *--se* go (toward)

*discernir* discern, distinguish

*disculpar* excuse

*discurso* _m._ course, space of time

*discutir* discuss

*disfrutar* enjoy

*disparate* _m._ nonsense; foolish remark

*dispensa* _f._ dispensation

*disponer* dispose, arrange

*disposicion* _f._ disposal

*disputo* _m._ dispute

*distinguido* (_pp. of_ *distinguir*) distinguished

*distinto* different

*distraer* distract

*diversion* _f._ amusement

*diverso* various

*divertido* (_pp. of_ *divertir*) amusing

*divinamente* divinely

*doblar* bend

*docena* _f._ dozen

*docil* docile

*doler* pain

*dominante* dominant

*Domingo* Dominic, the black slave in Bernardin de Saint-Pierre's
story "Paul et Virginie" (Paul and Virginia)

*Dominus* (_Latin_) Lord; *---- tecum* _Latin salutation meaning_ the
Lord be with thee

*don* _m._ Spanish title used only with a gentleman's Christian ame
(_abbreviated_ *D.*)

*don* _m._ gift

*doncella* _f._ maid

*donde* where

*donde* where (_interrog._)

*dona* _f._ Spanish title used only with a lady's Christian name
(_more commonly used in addressing or speaking of a married lady,
but as a mark of formality the title may be applied to a lady who is

*dorar* gild

*dormido* (_pp. of_ *dormir*) sleepy, dreamy

*dormir* sleep; *----se* go to sleep

*dos* two

*dote* _m. and f._ gift, quality; dowry

*dramatico* dramatic

*dramaturgo* _m._ dramatist

*ducado* _m._ ducat

*duda* _f._ doubt

*dudar* doubt

*duende* _m._ fairy, ghost

*durante* during

*duro* _m._ dollar; _adj._ hard

*e* and

*eclesiastico* ecclesiastical

*economia* _f._ economy

*echar* throw; throw out; put; pour; *---- mano a* seize; *haberse
echado el alma atras* be lost to a sense of duty; *---- por tierra*
outdo, overcome; _fig._ gainsay

*edad* _f._ age

*edicion* _f._ edition

*Eduardo* Edward

*educacion* _f._ breeding, education

*educar* educate

*efecto* _m._ effect; *en ----* in fact; really; at any rate

*eficaz* efficacious

*efimero* ephemeral

*ejemplo* _m._ example

*ejercito* _m._ army

*el, la, lo,* _pl._ *los, las,* the

*el, ella, ello,* _pl._ *ellos, ellas,* he; she; it; him; her; they;
them; *ello es* it is a fact

*eleccion* _f._ choice

*elegancia* _f._ elegance

*elegante* elegant

*elemento* _m._ element

*elogiar* praise

*elogio* _m._ eulogy

*embargo* _m._ embargo; *sin ----, sin ---- de,* notwithstanding; *sin
---- de que* notwithstanding the fact that

*embromar* joke, tease

*embustero* _m._ liar, cheat

*embutido* _m._ inlaid work

*emigrado* _m._ political exile

*Emilia Galotti* title of a play by Lessing

*emocion* _f._ emotion

*empacho* _m._ bashfulness, embarrassment

*empenarse en* insist; intercede

*empeno* _m._ determination, insistence

*empezar* begin

*empleado* _m._ employee; office-*holder

*emplear* employ; spend; use

*empleo* _m._ employment

*emporcar* soil

*emprender* begin, undertake

*empresario* _m._ manager (of a theater)

*en* in; on; (_after such verbs as_ *pensar*) of

*enamorado* (_pp. of_ *enamorarse*) enamored, in love; _m._ lover

*enamorarse de* fall in love

*encaje* _m._ lace

*encajera* _f._ lacemaker

*encantador* charming

*encaramar(se)* perch

*encargado de negocios* _m._ charge d'affaires

*encargar* intrust; *----se* take charge; *----se del mando* assume

*encargo* _m._ charge; request

*encender* light

*encerado* (_pp. of_ *encerar* wax) _m._ oilcloth, oilskin

*encerrar* shut up; shut in; lock up

*encierro* _m._ confinement

*encontrar* find, meet; *----se con* meet

*encuentro* _m._ meeting

*enemigo* _m._ enemy

*enfadar* make angry; *----se* become angry

*enfermedad* _f._ illness, sickness

*enfermo* sick

*enfrascar* bottle up; *----se* be absorbed; be deeply interested in

*enfrente* in front; opposite

*enganar* deceive

*engendrar* beget; form

*engullir* devour

*enhorabuena* _adv._ well and good

*enlace* _m._ union

*enojado* (_pp. of_ *enojar*) provoked, annoyed

*enojo* _m._ anger

*enorme* enormous

*ensalada* _f._ salad

*ensalzar* exalt

*ensangrentarse* rail offensively; *---- con* rail against

*ensenanza* _f._ teaching

*ensenar* teach; show

*entablar* make ready

*entender* understand

*enteramente* entirely

*enterarse de* inform one's self; be informed

*enternecer* move to pity; *----se* be moved to pity

*entero* whole

*enterrar* bury; *---- con palma* bury unwed (the palm branch being
here a symbol of virginity)

*entonces* then; *por ----* then

*entrada* _f._ entrance; *libro de ----s y salidas* book of debits and

*entrambos* both

*entrana* _f._ entrail; _pl._ affection, compassion; *hija de mis
----s* my darling daughter

*entrarse en* enter, come in; come upon; take in

*entre* between; among; *---- tanto* (*entretanto*) meanwhile

*entreabrir* half open

*entregar* hand; give over

*entretener* entertain; delay; *----se* be busy

*entristecer* sadden

*entusiasta* enthusiastic

*enviado* _m._ envoy

*enviar* send

*envidiable* enviable

*envolver* wrap

*epoca* _f._ epoch

*equivocado* (_pp. of_ *equivocar*) mistaken

*equivocar* mistake; *----se* be mistaken

*Ercilla y Zuniga, Alonso de* (1533-1594), author of the "Araucana"

*erupcion* _f._ eruption

*errar* miss; mistake

*escalera* _f._ stair, stairway

*escandalo* _m._ scandal

*escapar(se)* escape; elope

*escapatoria* _f._ escape; elopement

*escarmiento* _m._ warning, chastisement

*escasez* _f._ privation, scarcity

*escena* _f._ scene

*escenario* _m._ stage; setting

*escocer* smart

*escoger* select, choose

*esconder* hide

*escribano* _m._ notary

*escribir* write; *---- corrido* write steadily; write easily and

*escrito* (_pp. of_ *escribir*) _m._ writing

*escrupulo* _m._ scruple

*escuchar* listen

*ese, esa,* _dem. adj._ that, that very

*ese, esa, eso,* _dem. pron._ that, that one; _pl._ those

*esfera* _f._ sphere

*eso* _neuter pron. referring to an idea, phrase, or sentence_ that;
*---- es* that's it; *a ---- de* about

*espadin* _m._ rapier

*espalda* _f._ back; shoulder; *volver las ----s* turn one's back

*Espana* _f._ Spain; *Nueva ----* early name given to Mexico by the

*espanol* Spanish

*especialmente* especially

*especie* _f._ kind

*esperanza* _f._ hope

*esperar* wait; hope

*espina* _f._ thorn; splinter; physical cause of annoyance or
discomfort; _figurative meaning_ suspicion, worry; *no me da buena
----* arouses my suspicion (_cf. English_ doesn't look good to me)

*esportilla* _f._ flexible basket or pannier (woven of esparto grass
or something similar)

*esposa* _f._ wife

*esposo* _m._ husband

*espumar* skim; remove the scum; *saber como se espuma el puchero*
know how to skim a stew

*esquina* _f._ corner

*esta* _adj._ this (_f. form; m._ *este*)

*establecer* settle

*establecimiento* _m._ establishment

*estado* _m._ state

*Estados Unidos* _m. pl._ United States

*estar* be; *---- bueno para* be in a fine state for; *---- de vuelta*
be back; *---- de prisa* be in a hurry; *ya estoy (enterado)* I

*estatua* _f._ statue

*este, esta,* _dem. adj._ this

*este, esta, esto,* _dem. pron._ this; this one; the latter; _pl._
these _etc._

*esteril* fruitless

*esto* _neuter pron._ this (_sometimes_ that); *---- es* that is to

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