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Contes Francais by Douglas Labaree Buffum

Part 9 out of 10

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grouiller, _v._ to swarm, crawl.
groupe, _m._ group.
grouper, _v._ to group.
Guerande, small town in the department of Loire-Inferieure.
guere, _adv._ scarcely; ne ... -- , scarcely.
guerre, _f._ war.
guerrier, -ere, _adj. and s._ of war, warlike, warrior.
guet, _m._ watch; faire le --, to be on the lookout.
guetter, _v._ to watch, watch for.
gueule, _f._ mouth (of animals), jaws, chops.
gueusard, _m._ rascal.
gueux, -euse, _adj. and s._ beggarly, poor, beggar, scoundrel.
guide, _m._ guide.
guider, _v._ to guide, steer.
guigne, _f._ white-heart cherry.
guignon, _m._ bad luck.
Guillaume, William.
Guillemet, Willie (a child's name, diminutive of Guillaume).
guinder, _v._ to hoist, strain; guinde, -e, stiff, unnatural.
guirlande, _f._ garland, wreath.
guise, _f._ manner, way; en -- de, as a.
Gulistan, _m._ Garden of Roses (name of a moralizing poem
by Sadi, a Persian poet of the 13th century).
guttural, -e, _adj._ guttural.
guzla, _f._ guzla (Croatian violin with one string).
gymnastique, _adj._ gymnastic; pas --, double-quick, run, trot.


('h=aspirate h)

habile, _adj._ clever, skilful.
habilement, _adv._ cleverly, skilfully.
habiller, _v._ to dress.
habit, _m._ coat, dress-coat; _pl._ clothes.
habitant, _m._ inhabitant.
habitation, _f._ habitation, dwelling, house.
habiter, _v._ to live in, dwell.
habitude, _f._ habit; d'--, usual, usually.
habitue, _m._ frequenter, regular customer.
habituel, -le, _adj._ habitual.
habituellement, _adv._ habitually.
habituer, _v._ to accustom.
'hache, _f._ ax.
'hagard, -e, _adj._ haggard.
'haick, _m._ haik (piece of cloth used as an outer garment by the
'haillon, _m._ rag, tatter.
'haine, _f._ hatred, hate.
'hair, _v._ to hate.
haleine, _f._ breath.
'haleter, _v._ to pant.
'haleur, _m._ hallier (person who draws a boat upon entering a
port, etc.).
'halle, _f._ market; les Halles, the large Central Market in Paris.
hallucination, _f._ hallucination.
'halte, _f._ halt; faire --, to halt.
'hameau, _m._ hamlet.
'hanche, _f._ hip.
'hanter, _v._ to haunt.
'happer, _v._ to snatch (with the mouth).
'harasser, _v._ to harass, jade, tire out.
'hardes, _f. pl._ clothes.
'hardi, -e, _adj._ bold.
'hardiesse, _f._ boldness.
'hardiment, _adv._ boldly.
harmonie, _f._ harmony.
harmonier, _v._ to harmonize (obsolescent, more usually:
'harpe, _f._ harp.
'harpiste, _m., f._ harpist.
'hasard, _m._ hazard, chance, fortune, risk, danger; au --, at
'hasarder, _v._ to risk; se --, risk oneself, dare; -- un
oeil, risk exposing an eye.
Hassan, grandson of Mohammed and a favorite Mohammedan name, also a
mosque in Cairo containing Hassan's relics.
'hate, _f._ haste, hurry; a la --, in haste.
'hater, _v._ to hasten, hurry; se --, hasten, hurry.
'hausse, _f._ rise.
'hausser, _v._ to lift, shrug.
'haut, -e, _adj., adv. and m._ high, tall, loud, important, aloud,
loudly, raised, top; en --, upstairs, above, in the upper part; en
-- de, on (at the) top of; la- --, up there; tout --,
aloud; la haute, society people (slang); -- de cinquante
pieds, fifty feet high; le -- poisson, fine or highly esteemed
'hauteur, _f._ height; a la -- de, at the height of, opposite,
even with.
'have, _adj._ wan, emaciated.
'havre, _m._ haven, harbor.
'Havre (le), city and important port at the mouth of the Seine.
'he, _interj._ ho!, oh!, hello!
'Heidelberg, city with a noted university and castle on the Neckar,
in Baden.
'hein, _interj._ hey, what?
'Heinrich, Henry (German).
helas, _interj._ alas! (_s_ pronounced).
'heler, _v._ to hail, call.
helice, _f._ screw, propeller.
hemorragie, _f._ hemorrhage.
Henri IV, Henry IV, the popular French King, reigned: 1589-1610.
herbe, _f._ grass, herb.
hercule, _m._ Hercules, strong man.
herculeen, -enne, _adj._ Herculean (_en_ pronounced as in _bien_).
hereditaire, _adj._ hereditary.
'herisser, _v._ to bristle, make stand up, erect; herisse,
-e, _adj._ bristling.
heritage, _m._ heritage, patrimony.
heriter, _v._ to inherit.
heritier, -ere, _m., f._ heir, heiress.
heroique, _adj._ heroic.
'heron, _m._ heron.
'heros, _m._ hero.
'herse, _f._ harrow.
hesitation, _f._ hesitation.
hesiter, _v._ to hesitate.
hetairiste, _m._ hetoerist, member of the hetoeria (Greek secret
league at the time of the war for Greek independence).
'hetre, _m._ beech-tree.
heure, _f._ hour, o'clock, time; de bonne --, early; tout a
l'--, in a little while, in a moment, just now, a moment ago; a
cette --, now (colloquial).
heureusement, _adv._ happily, fortunately.
heureux, -euse, _adj. and s._ happy, fortunate, happy person.
'heurter, _v._ to strike against, knock.
'hideusement, _adv._ hideously.
'hideux, -euse, _adj._ hideous.
hier, _adv._ yesterday; arriver d'--, to arrive yesterday.
'hierarchie, _f._ hierarchy.
hieroglyphe, _m. and adj._ hieroglyph, hieroglyphic.
'hilfe, _f._ help (German).
hippogriffe, _m._ hippogriff (half horse, half griffin, a fabulous
steed of the romances of chivalry).
hippopotame, _m._ hippopotamus.
hirondelle, _f._ swallow.
histoire, _f._ history, story; -- de rire, just to laugh (slang).
historique, _adj._ historical, historic.
hiver, _m._ winter.
'hocher, _v._ to shake.
'hochet, _m._ rattle.
'homard, _m._ lobster.
hommage, _m._ homage, respects; -- et souvenir de l'auteur,
with the kind regards and remembrances of the author.
homme, _m._ man; familiarly: husband.
'Honeck (le), _m._ the Hohneck (one of the Vosges mountains west of
Honfleur, village at the mouth of the Seine, opposite le Havre.
honnete, _adj._ honest, honorable, decent, respectable.
honneur, _m._ honor; faire -- a, to honor.
honorable, _adj._ honorable.
'honte, _f._ shame; avoir --, to be ashamed; fausse --,
'honteux, -euse, _adj._ ashamed, shameful, bashful.
hopital, _m._ hospital (usually for the poor).
'hoquet, _m._ hiccough.
horizon, _m._ horizon.
horloge, _f._ clock.
honnis, _prep._ except, save.
horreur, _f._ horror; quelle --, how horrible; avoir --
de, to abhor.
horrible, _adj._ horrible.
horriblement, _adv._ horribly.
'hors (de), _prep._ out of; -- de lui, beside himself; -- de
combat, disabled; les yeux -- de la tete, the eyes popping out
of the head.
hostie, _f._ consecrated wafer, host.
hostilite, _f._ hostility.
hote, _m._ host, guest; hotesse, f. hostess.
hotel, _m._ hotel, mansion, large private house.
'houri, _f._ houri (woman of the Mohammedan paradise).
'hourra, _m._ hurrah, cheer.
'huche, _f._ trough, bin.
huile, _f._ oil.
huiler, _v._ to oil.
huis, _m._ door (now little used).
'huit, _card._ eight; -- jours, a week.
huitre, _f._ oyster.
humain, -e, _adj._ human.
humanite, _f._ humanity.
humble, _adj._ humble.
humblement, _adv._ humbly.
humeur, _f._ disposition, ill humor, humor.
humide, _adj._ humid, damp, moist.
'huppe, _f._ topknot, tuft.
'hurlement, _m._ howl, howling, shriek, roar.
'hurler, _v._ to howl.
'hurrah, _interj. and m._ hurrah!, cheer.
'hussard, _m._ hussar (light cavalryman).
hygienique, _adj._ hygienic.
hypocrite, _adj. and s._ hypocritical, hypocrite.
hysterique, _adj._ hysterical.


Ibnn-Ben-Omaz, a peculiar name, possibly due to Gautier; Ibn is the
Arabic name for son, Ben is Hebrew for son.
ici, _adv._ here; par --, this way; -- -meme, in this
very place; -- -bas, here below.
idee, _f._ idea.
idiot, -e, _adj. and s._ idiotic, idiot.
idole, _f._ idol.
Iena, Jena (town in Saxe Weimar, scelle of the battle (1806) in
which Napoleon defeated the Prussians).
if, _m._ yew-tree.
ignorer, _v._ to be ignorant of, not to know; ignorant, -e,
il, ils, _conj. pr._ he, it, there, they.
ile, _f._ island.
illimite, -e, _adj._ unlimited, unbounded, measureless.
illuminer, _v._ to illuminate, light up; s'--, light up, be
illusion, _f._ illusion.
illustre, _adj._ illustrious.
illustrer, _v._ to illustrate, make illustrious.
ilot, _m_. small island.
image, _f._ image, likeness, picture.
imagination, _f._ imagination.
imaginer, _v._ to imagine; s'--, imagine.
imbecile, _adj. and s._ foolish, silly, imbecile.
imberbe, _adj._ beardless.
imiter, _v._ to imitate.
immediat, -e, _adj._ immediate.
immediatement, _adv._ immediately.
immense, _adj._ immense.
immensite, _f._ immensity, vast stretch.
immobile, _adj._ quiet, motionless.
immobiliser, _v._ to render immovable, stop, paralyze.
immobilite, _f._ immobility.
immodere, -e, _adj._ immoderate, excessive.
immortel, -le, _adj._ immortal; _f._ everlasting (plant).
impartial, -e, _adj._ impartial (_ti_ pronouncedas _ci_).
impassible, _adj._ impassible, unmoved.
impassibilite, _f._ impassibility.
impatience, _f._ impatience (_ti_ in this and the next two words is
pronounced as _ci_).
impatient, -e, _adj._ impatient.
impatienter, _v._ to put out of patience, provoke.
impenetrable, _adj._ impenetrable, inscrutable.
imperceptible, _adj._ imperceptible.
imperieux, -euse, _adj._ imperious, pressing, domineering.
impertinent, -e, _adj. and s._ impertinent, impertinent fellow.
impetuosite, _f._ impetuosity.
impitoyablement, _adv._ pitilessly.
importance, _f._ importance.
importer, _v._ to matter; n'importe, no matter;
qu'importe?, what does it matter?; n'importe quoi, anything
whatsoever; n'importe qui, anyone.
imposer, _v._ to impose.
impossible, _adj._ impossible.
imposteur, _m._ impostor.
impot, _m._ tax, toll.
impression _f._ impression
impressionner, _v._ to impress, make an impression upon.
imprevu, -e, _adj._ unforeseen, unexpected.
imprimer, _v._ to impress, press upon, print.
improviser, _v._ to improvise.
imprudemment, _adv._ imprudently (_em_ pronounced as _am_).
impuissance, _f._ impotency.
impuissant, -e, _adj._ impotent.
impulsion, _f._ impulse, impetus.
imputer, _v._ to impute.
inabordable, _adj._ inaccessible.
inalterable, _adj._ unalterable, unchangeable.
inamovible, _adj._ irremovable (from office).
inattendu, -e, _adj._ unexpected.
incapable, _adj._ incapable.
incarnadin, -e, _adj._ flesh-colored, pink.
incarnation, _f._ incarnation.
incendie, _m._ fire, conflagration.
incertain, -e, _adj._ uncertain.
incertitude, _f._ uncertainty.
incessamment, _adv._ incessantly, directly.
incisif, -ive, _adj._ incisive.
incisive, _f._ incisor.
incliner, _v._ to incline, tilt; s'--, bow, lean.
incommode, -e, _adj._ indisposed.
inconcevable, _adj._ inconceivable.
inconnu, -e, _adj. and s._ unknown, strange, stranger.
inconsolable, _adj._ inconsolable.
incontestable, _adj._ incontestable.
inconteste, -e, _adj._ uncontested.
incontinent, -e, _adj._ incontinent, intact; _adv._ at once.
inconvenance, _f._ impropriety, improper remark.
incorporer, _v._ to incorporate, take in.
incredule, _adj._ incredulous.
incroyable, _adj._ incredible.
incruster, _v._ to incrust, inlay; incruste, -e, incrusted,
indecence, _f._ indecency, immodesty.
independamment, _adv._ independently.
Inde, _f._ India; Indes, _f. pl._ Indies, India.
index, _m._ index, forefinger.
indice, _f._ indication, probable evidence.
indicible, _adj._ unspeakable, unutterable.
indienne, _f._ calico.
indifference, _f._ indifference.
indifferent, -e, _adj. and s._ indifferent, of no difference or
importance, indifferent person, person of no concern.
indigestion, _f._ indigestion.
indignation, _f._ indignation.
indigner, _v._ to make indignant; indigne, -e, indignant.
indiquer, _v._ to indicate.
indiscret, -ete, _adj._ indiscreet.
indiscretion, _f._ indiscretion.
indispensable, _adj._ indispensable.
individu, _m._ individual.
industrie, _f._ industry, trade.
inebranlable, _adj._ unshakable, immovable.
ineffable, _adj._ ineffable, unutterable.
inegal, -e, _adj._ unequal, irregular.
inerte, _adj._ inert.
inexplicable, _adj._ inexplicable, unaccountable.
inexprimable, _adj._ inexpressible, unutterable.
inextinguible, _adj._ inextinguishable.
infaillible, _adj._ infallible.
infanterie, _f._ infantry.
infatigable, _adj._ indefatigable.
inferieur, -e, _adj._ inferior, lower.
infernal, -e, _adj._ infernal.
infini, -e, _adj. and m._ infinite, infinity.
infiniment, _adv._ infinitely.
infinite, _f._ infinite number.
infirme, _adj. and s._ infirm, weak, infirm person, cripple.
inflexible, _adj._ inflexible.
infliger, _v._ to inflict.
influence, _f._ influence.
informer, _v._ to inform; s'--, inquire.
infortune, -e, _adj. and s._ unfortunate, unfortunate person.
infranchissable, _adj._ insuperable, impassable.
ingenier (s'), _v._ to strive, tax one's ingenuity.
ingenieur, _m._ engineer.
ingenu, -e, _adj._ ingenuous, artless; ingenue, _f._ ingenuous
young girl.
ingrat, -e, _adj. and s._ ungrateful, ingrate.
inintelligible, _adj._ unintelligible.
injure, _f._ insult, wrong.
injustice, _f._ injustice.
innocent, -e, _adj._ innocent.
innombrable, _adj._ innumerable.
inoccupe, -e, _adj._ unoccupied.
inoffensif, -ive, _adj._ inoffensive.
inondation, _f._ inundation, flood.
inonder, _v._ to flood.
inoui, -e, _adj._ unheard of.
inquiet, -ete, _adj._ anxious, uneasy, restless.
inquieter, _v._ to disturb, worry; s'--, be disturbed, be
uneasy, fret.
inquietude, _f._ disquietude, restlessness, anxiety.
inquisiteur, -trice, _adj._ inquisitive, searching.
insatiabfe, _adj._ insatiable.(_t_ pronounced as _c_).
inscription, _f._ inscription.
insensible, _adj._ without feeling, indifferent, insensible.
insensiblement, _adv._ insensibly.
insignifiant, -e, _adj._ insignificant.
insister, _v._ to insist.
insolent, -e, _adj._ insolent.
insouciance, _f._ unconcern, carelessness.
insouciant, -e, _adj._ careless, heedless.
insoucieux, -euse, _adj._ thoughtless, unthinking.
inspecter, _v._ to inspect.
inspirer, _v._ to inspire, instil.
installer, _v._ to install.
instant, _m._ instant; pour l'--, for the time being; il
m'arrive a l'--, it has just come to me this instant.
instinct, _m._ instinct (_ct_ not pronounced).
instinctif, -ive, _adj._ instinctive.
instinctivement, _adv._ instinctively.
instruction, _f._ instruction; juge d'--, examining
instrument, _m._ instrument, tool.
insucces, _m._ failure.
insupportable, _adj._ insupportable.
insurrection, _f._ insurrection.
intact, -e, _adj._ intact, untouched (_ct_ pronounced).
intelligence, _f._ intelligence.
intelligent, -e, _adj._ intelligent.
intention, _f._ intention, purpose.
interdire, _v._ to interdict, forbid, prohibit, dumbfound, amaze.
interesser, _v._ to interest; interesse, -e, adj. interested, for
gain; interessant, -e, interesting; cela vous interesse?, is
that any business of yours?
interet, _m._ interest.
interieur, -e, _adj. and m._ interior, inside, mental.
interieurement, _adv._ internally, mentally, in or on the inside.
interminable, _adj._ interminable.
interpreter, _v._ to interpret.
interrogation, _f._ interrogation, questioning.
interrogatoire, _m._ questioning, examination.
interroger, _v._ to interrogate, question.
interrompre, _v._ to interrupt; s'--, interrupt oneself, stop.
interruption, _f._ interruption.
interstice, _m._ interstice, opening, crevice.
intervalle, _m._ interval, space.
intime, _adj._ intimate.
intimider, _v._ to intimidate.
intonation, _f._ intonation.
intrepide, _adj._ intrepid, dauntless, fearless.
intrigant, _m._ intriguer.
intriguer, _v._ to puzzle, perplex.
introduire, _v._ to introduce, put or show in; s'--, introduce
oneself, get in.
inusite, -e, _adj._ unused, unaccustomed.
inutile, _adj._ useless, needless.
invariablement, _adv._ invariably.
invasion, _f._ invasion.
inventer, _v._ to invent.
invention, _f._ invention.
investigation, _f._ investigation.
invincible, _adj._ invincible, uncontrollable.
invitation, _f._ invitation.
inviter, _v._ to invite; invite, -e, _m., f._ guest.
involontaire, _adj._ involuntary.
invoquer, _v._ to invoke.
invraisemblable, _adj._ improbable, unlikely (_s_ pronounced as
in _sembler_).
iraigne, dialectic for araignee.
Iran, _m._ Iran (Persia, also the surrounding countries of the
great Asiatic plateau).
ironie, _f._ irony.
ironique, _adj._ ironical.
irrecusable, _adj._ unexceptionable, unobjectionable.
irregulier, -ere, _adj._ irregular.
irreprochable, _adj._ irreproachable.
irresistiblement, _adv._ irresistibly.
irresponsable, _adj._ irresponsible.
irriter, _v._ to irritate; s'--, be irritated, be aroused.
irruption, _f._ irruption, bursting, inroad.
isoler, _v._ to isolate; isole, -e, isolated, solitary,
issu, -e, _adj._ descending, born.
issue, _f._ issue, escape, exit.
italien, -ne, _adj. and s._ Italian (written Italien when
itou, _adv. and conj._ also (dialectic survival of the Old French
ivoire, _m._ ivory.
ivre, _adj._ intoxicated, drunk.
ivrogne, _m._ drunkard.


j', _see_ je.
jabot, _m._ frill.
Jacobite, _m._ Jacobite.
Jacquerie (la), name given to the uprising of the French peasants
against the nobles in 1358.
Jacques, James.
Jacquette, _cf._ Jenny, Janet.
jadis, _adv._ of old, in former times (_s_ pronounced).
jaillir, _v._ to burst forth or out, gush out, spurt, flash.
jaloux, -ouse, _adj._ jealous.
jamais, _adv._ never, ever; ne ... --, never.
jambe, _f._ leg.
jambon, _m._ ham.
jante, _f._ rim (of a wheel).
janvier, _m._ January.
Japon, _m._ Japan. japonais, -e, _adj. and s._ Japanese
(written Japonais when _s._).
jaquette, _f._ jacket.
jardin, _m._ garden.
jaser, _v._ to chatter, gossip.
jaspe, _m._ jasper.
jasper, _v._ to vein, streak, mottle.
jatte, _f._ bowl.
jaunatre, _adj._ yellowish.
jaune, _adj. and m._ yellow; mettre la -- au nid, to put the
yellow hen on the nest.
Javotte, proper name (usually applied to talkative women).
je, _conj. pr._ I.
Jean, John.
Jean-Baptiste (_p_ not pronounced), frequent Christian name (from:
John the Baptist).
Jesus, Jesus; --!, _interj._ heavens!, etc. (_s_ pronounced).
jet, _m._ jet.
jetee, _f._ jetty, pier.
jeter, _v._ to throw, cast, throw out, cast or give forth, throw
down or away, utter; se --, throw oneself, etc., dart; la langue
au chat, give up guessing.
jettatura, _f._ bewitching, spell (cast by the eyes, etc.; Italian).
jeu, _m._ game, gambling, trick, set (of dominoes, etc.), gaming;
-- de mots, pun.
jeudi, _m._ Thursday.
jeune, _adj._ young, junior; -- fille, girl.
jeuner, _v._ to fast.
jeunesse, _f._ youth.
jeunet, -te, _adj._ too or very young, youthful.
joie, _f._ joy.
joindre, _v._ to join, put together, meet, clasp, add, reach.
joli, -e, _adj._ pretty, good looking.
joliment, _adv._ prettily, mighty (familiar in last sense).
Jonquieres, name of several French villages, the one to which
Daudet refers is in the department of Gard, near Beaucaire.
Joseph, Joseph (see Genesis xxxvii, etc.).
joue, _f._ cheek.
jouer, _v._ to play, stake; se --, play; faire --, start
moving, bring into action, call up, move to and fro; -- de, play (a
musical instrument); -- a, play (a game).
jouet, _m._ toy, plaything.
joueur, _m._ player gambler.
jouir, _v._ to enjoy (object is preceded by de).
jouissance, _f._ enjoyment, pleasure, delight.
joujou, _m._ toy, plaything.
jour, _m._ day, daylight, daytime, light, opening; a --,
open-work; au -- levant, at daylight; faire --, to be light;
ce n'est pas trop d'un --, a day is not too much.
journal, _m._ newspaper.
journee, _f._ day.
joyeusement, _adv._ joyfully, gaily.
joyeux, -euse, _adj._ joyous, merry, cheerful.
juge, _m._ judge.
juger, _v._ to judge, consider.
juif, -ive, _adj. and s._ Jewish, Jew, Jewess.
juin, _m._ June.
Julie, Julia.
Julien, Julian.
jument, _f._ mare.
jupe, _f._ skirt.
Jupiter, the father and master of the Greek and Roman gods; --
Olympien, Olympian Jupiter (famous statue by Phidias at Olympia,
called one of the seven marvels of the world).
jupon, _m._ petticoat.
jurement, _m._ oath.
jurer, _v._ to swear.
juron, _m._ oath.
jusque, _prep._ to, up to, as far as, until; jusqu'a, to, as
far as, up to, until, even; -- la, till there, till then;
jusqu'ici, till now; jusqu'a ce que, _conj._ until.
juste, _adj. and adv._ just, exact, exactly; au --, exactly.
justesse, _f._ accuracy, precision.
justice, _f._ justice, law, courts; homme de --, judge,
lawyer, man of law.
justicier, _m._ justiciary, judge.


kandjar, _m._ long Oriental dagger.
Karl, Charles (German).
Kasba, _f._ casbah (citadel and palace of a sovereign in the
Barbary States).
Kasper, Jasper (German).
kilometre, _m._ kilometer (5/8 mile).
kiosque, _m._ kiosque (pavilion).
Kislar-agassi, _m._ the chief of the Eunuchs in the Imperial Harem
(_kiz_ = girl or woman, in Turkish; _lar_ is the plural suffix; _aga_ =
chief; _si_ is the possessive pronoun of the third persan;
_kizlar-agasi_ = chief of the women).
kreutzer, _m._ kreutzer (German coin = 2/3 cent; pronounced in
French: _creutsair_).


l', used before on for euphony.
l', _see_ le, la (_art. or pr._).
la, _see_ le.
la, _adv_. there, here (frequent as affix or suffix, when so used
see word to which it is added); par --, that way, by there, over
that way.
lac, _m._ lake.
lache, _adj._ cowardly.
lacher, _v._ to loosen, let out, release, undo, let go.
lachete, _f._ cowardice, cowardly act.
laid, -e, _adj._ homely, ugly.
laine, _f._ wool; de --, woolen.
laique, _adj. and s._ secular, layman; a la --, outside the
Church, among the laity.
laisse, _f._ leash.
laisser, _v._ to let, leave, let alone; -- -la, leave alone,
drop (an acquaintance, etc.); il ne laissait pas que de, he did not
fail to.
lait, _m._ milk; enfant de --, nursling.
laiteux, -euse, _adj._ milky.
lambeau, _m._ rag, shred; mettre en lambeaux, to tear in shreds.
lambris, _m._ wainscoting, paneling.
lame, _f._ strip, blade, wave.
lamentable, _adj._ lamentable, sorrowful.
lampe, _f._ lamp.
lance, _f._ lance; -- a feu, squib, slow-match.
lancer, _v._ to dart, throw, hurl, let go, send forth, cast, cast
or throw out, start; -- une casquette, introduce (or set the style
for) a cap.
lande, _f._ waste-land, heath.
langage, _m._ language.
lange, _m._ piece of cloth (usually for wrapping a new-born child);
strip (of cloth), swaddling-clothes (infrequent in singular).
langue, _f._ tongue, language.
langueur, _f._ languor.
laniere, _f._ thong.
lanterne, _f._ lantern.
lapin, _m._ rabbit.
laps, _m._ lapse, period (_ps_ pronounced).
laquais, _m._ lackey, footman.
lard, _m._ bacon.
large, _adj. and m._ broad, wide, sweeping, great, large, width,
breadth, open sea; ouvert tout au --, wide open.
larme, _f._ tear; rire aux larmes, to laugh till the tears came.
larve, _f._ larva.
las, -se, _adj._ weary, tired.
latakie, _m._ latakia (a fine Turkish tobacco).
lateral, -e, _adj._ lateral, side.
latin, -e, _adj. and s._ Latin.
laver, _v._ to wash.
le, la (l', before vowels; les, _pl.), def. art._ the; de la
sorte, in that way.
le, la (les, _pl._; lui, leur, indirect), _conj. pr._ him,
her, it, so, them, to him, to them, etc.
lecon, _f._ lesson.
lecture, _f._ reading.
legende, _f._ legend.
leger, -ere, _adj._ light (weight), slight, thin.
legerement, _adv._ lightly, slightly.
legion, _f._ legion; Legion d'honeur, Legion of Honor (Order
established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 to reward merit).
legitime, _adj._ legitimate.
legitimement, _adv._ legitimately.
leguer, _v._ to bequeath.
legume, _m._ vegetable.
lendemain, _m._ following day, next day.
lent, -e, _adj._ slow.
lentement, _adv._ slowly.
lenteur, _f._ slowness; avec des lenteurs, slowly, with
hesitation or deliberation.
lequel, laquelle (lesquels, lesquelles,_ pl.), rel. and int. pr._
which, who, which?, who?
les, _see_ le.
lessive, _f._ lye, washing; couler la --, to soak the clothes
in lye, begin to wash.
lestement, _adv._ quickly, lightly.
lettre, _f._ letter.
leur, _conj. pr._, see le; _adj._ their; le --,
Levallois-Perret, manufacturing suburb northwest of Paris.
levee, _f._ raising, uprising, breaking up.
lever, _v._ to raise; se --, rise, arise, get up, break
(dawn); _m._ rise, rising; au jour leve (levant), at daybreak;
leve, -e, up; au soleil levant, at sunrise.
levre, _f._ lip; levres en fleur, full-blown lips (like a
liane, _f._ bind-weed.
liasse, _f._ bundle, roll.
liberte, _f._ liberty.
libraire, _m._ bookseller, stationer.
libre, _adj._ free, clear.
lien, _m._ bond.
lier, _v._ to bind, tie, tie up; lie, _m._ rubber (in games).
lieu, _m._ place, spot; avoir --, to take place, have reason;
au -- de, instead of; donner -- a, to cause.
lieue, _f._ league (2~1/2 miles).
lieutenant, _m._ lieutenant.
lievre, _m._ hare.
ligne, _f._ line, fishing-line.
lilas, _m._ lilac, lilac-bush.
limpide, _adj._ limpid, clear.
linge, _m._ linen, cloth; pl. linen clothes; -- sale, dirty
linen or clothes; laver le --, to wash the clothes.
lion, _m._ lion.
liqueur, _f._ liquor, cordial.
liquide, _adj. and m._ liquid.
lire, _v._ to read.
lis, _m._ lily (s pronounced).
lisere, _m._ strip.
lisiere, _f._ border, outskirts, selvage, list (cloth), string.
lit, _m._ bed.
litiere, _f._ litter.
litre, _m._ liter (about 7/8 of a quart).
litteraire, _adj._ literary.
litteralement, _adv._ literally.
litterature, _f._ literature.
livide, _adj._ livid.
livre, _m._ book; grand --, great book, ledger.
livre, _f._ pound, franc.
livrer, _v._ to deliver, give over; se -- a, devote or apply
oneself to, give oneself over to; un combat se livra, a battle was
livret, _m._ little book (of identification, etc., used as a passport).
local, -e, _adj._ local.
locution, _f._ locution.
lofer, _v._ to luff (bring the head of a vessel to the wind).
loge, _f._ lodge, porter's room, box (theater).
loger, _v._ to lodge, star.
logique, _adj._ logical.
logis, _m._ bouse, dwelling, lodge, lodging-house, lodgings.
loi, _f._ law.
loin, _adv. and m._ far away, distant, distance; plus --,
farther; de --, afar, at or from a distance; de -- en --, from
place to place, from time to time.
lointain, -e, _adj. and m._ distant, far away, distance.
loisir, _m._ leisure.
long, -ue, _adj. and m._ long, length; le -- de, along; tout
de son --, de tout son --, his whole length; tout le -- de,
the whole; de -- en large, to and fro.
longanimite, _f._ longanimity, forbearance.
Longosardo, Sardinian village and port at the western entrance of
the Strait of Bonifacio.
longtemps, _adv._ long time, long, for a long time.
longuement, _adv._ for a long time, lengthily, lingeringly.
longueur, _f._ length.
loque, _f._ rag, tatter.
lorgner, _v._ to squint at, look out of the corner of the eye,
ogle, look through opera glasses.
lors, _adv._ then, that time; pour --, then, thereupon;
depuis --, since then.
lorsque, _conj._ when.
louable, _adj._ laudable, praiseworthy.
louage, _m._ letting, hiring, hire; de --, hired, livery, for
louer, _v._ to praise, rent; se --, praise one self, be
pleased (with).
louis, _m._ louis (gold piece=$4).
Louis XIV, known as Louis le Grand, most famous of the French
kings; reigned: 1643-1715.
Louis XV, King of France; reigned: 1715-1774.
loup, _m._ wolf; -- cervier, lynx, speculator, sharper
(especially one who speculates without principle on government
enterprises); -- de mer, sea-dog.
lourd, -e, _adj._ heavy, dull, drowsy, clumsy, burdensome.
lourdement, _adv._ heavily.
lourdeur, _f._ heaviness, weight.
louvoyer, _v._ to tack (of a ship).
loyal, -e, _adj._ loyal.
lucarne, _f._ dormer-window.
lubine, _f._ popular name for the fish called bar, umbrine (usually
written lubin or loubin).
Lucien, Lucian.
Ludwig = Louis (German).
lueur, _f._ gleam, light.
lugubre, _adj._ mournful, lugubrious.
lugubrement, _adv._ dolefully, lugubriously.
lui, _conj. pr., see_ le; _disj. pr._ him, it, he, on his part,
himself, itself.
lui-meme, elle-meme (eux-memes, elles-memes, _pl.), pr._ himself,
herself, itself, etc.
luire, _v._ to shine.
lumiere, _f._ light; il faut que la -- se fasse, it must be
cleared up.
lumineux, -euse, _adj._ luminous.
lundi, _m._ Monday.
lune, _f._ moon, moonlight.
lunette, _f._ telescope; _pl._ spectacles.
Luneville, town in the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle.
luthier, _m._ lute-maker, seller of musical instruments.
lutte, _f._ struggle, wrestling.
luxe, _m._ luxury.
lys, _m._ lily (s pronounced; now written lis).


M., abbreviation for Monsieur; m', _see_ me.
ma, _see_ mon.
macher, _v._ to chew.
machinal, -e, _adj._ mechanical.
machinalement, _adv._ mechanically.
machoire, _f._ jaw.
machonner, _v._ to munch, chew.
maconner, _v._ to build, wall up; voute maconnee, vaulted
madame (mesdames, _pl.), f._ Mrs., Madam.
Madeleine (la), _f._ one of the principal and richest churches in
Paris, having the form of a Greek temple, built between 1764 and 1842.
mademoiselle, _f._ Miss, young lady.
madrigal, _m._ madrigal (love poem).
maestro, _m._ composer (Italian, = master).
magasin, _m._ warehouse, store, shop, storehouse.
mage, _m._ magian, astrologer; _pl._ magi, Wise Men (Bible).
magicien, _m._ magician, wizard.
magique, _adj._ magic.
magistrat, _m._ magistrate.
magistrature, _f._ magistracy; -- assise, judicial magistracy.
magnanime, _adj._ magnanimous, high-minded.
magnetique, _adj._ magnetic.
magnetiser, _v._ to magnetize.
magnificence, _f._ magnificence, splendor.
magnifique, _adj._ magnificent.
Mahnoud-Ben-Ahmed, Mahmud-Ben-Ahmed (the first and last names have
been borne by several Sultans of Turkey; Ben is the Hebrew word for son,
it is not Arahic).
Mahomet, Mohammed (founder of the Mohammedan religion, born in Mecca
c. 571, died in 632).
mai, _m._ May.
maigre, _adj. and s._ thin, scanty, meager, thin person.
maigreur, _f._ thinness.
maigrir, _v._ to grow thin.
maille, _f._ mesh, aperture.
main, _f._ hand; mettre la -- sur, to lay hold of.
maint, -e, _adj._ many, many a.
maintenant, _adv._ now.
maintenir, _v._ to maintain, keep, hold.
maire, _m._ mayor.
mais, _conj._ but; -- si, why yes; -- non, why no, no
indeed, no I tell you.
maison, _f._ house, household; -- de ville, town-hall.
maitre, _m._ master, teacher, Squire or Mr. (title); --
d'hotel, head-waiter, butler.
maitresse, _f._ mistress, sweetheart.
majeste, _f._ majesty.
majestueusement, _adv._ majestically.
majestueux, -euse, _adj._ majestic.
major, _m._ major.
majuscule, _adj. and f._ capital.
mal, -e, _adj._ (used only in a few phrases), bad, evil; male rage
(also written as one word), rage, fury.
mal, _adv. and m._ evil, wrong, ill, in a bad way, sore, badly,
poorly, indistinctly, harm, trouble, damage, malady; faire -- a, to
hurt; -- noir, gangrene; (familiarly used as _adj._) bad, ill;
faire -- a la tete, to give a headache.
malade, _adj. and s._ ill, sick, sick man, patient.
maladie, _f._ malady, illness.
maladif, ~ive, _adj._ sickly, unhealthy.
male, _adj. and m._ male, man.
Malesherbes (Boulevard), handsome street in the north-western
section of Paris, named after the minister of Louis XVI, who was
beheaded in the French Revolution (h not pronounced).
malgre, _prep._ in spite of.
malheur, _m._ misfortune, accident, bad luck, unhappiness.
malheureusement, _adv._ unfortunately.
malheureux, -euse, _adj. and s._ unhappy, wretched, unfortunate,
unlucky, wretch, unfortunate person.
malicieux, -euse, _adj._ mischievous, roguish, malicious.
malin, -igne, _adj. and s._ cunning, sly, shrewd, cunning person,
Maloisel, proper name; _oisel_ in Old French = oiseau.
Maloison, proper name, _cf._ oison, _m._ gosling.
malpropre, _adj._ dirty, unclean.
maltraiter, _v._ to maltreat, use roughly.
maman, _f._ mama.
mamelle, _f._ breast, teat, udder.
manche, _f._ sleeve; la Manche, the English Channel; _m._
manchot, -e, _adj. and s._ one-armed, one-armed person.
manege, _m._ horsemanship, riding-school, riding-grounds.
mangeaille, _f._ victuals.
manger, _v._ to eat, eat up; apporter a --, bring something to
mangeur, _m._ eater.
manie, _f._ mania, fancy.
maniement, _m._ handling.
maniere, _f._ manner; _pl._ manners.
manivelle, _f._ crank, handle.
manifester, _v._ to manifest, make known, show.
manne, _f._ manna, hamper.
mannequin, _m._ manikin, dummy, man of straw.
manoeuvrer, _v._ to manoeuver, perform evolutions, drill, move.
manque, _m._ lack, want.
manquer, _v._ to be lacking, be missing, lack, miss, come near,
fail; il n'y manquait pas, he did not fail to do it.
mansarde, _f._ attic, garret, garret-window, Mansard window or roof.
manteau, _m._ mantle, cloak.
maquignon, _m._ horse dealer, jockey.
maquis, _m._ thicket (in Corsica).
marais, _m._ marsh, swamp.
Marais, _m._ quarter in Paris, north of the Hotel de Ville,
more usually called the Temple.
maraudeur, _m._ marauder.
marbre, _m._ marble.
marchand, -e, _m., f._ merchant, peddler.
marchandise, _f._ (also _pl._) merchandise, wares, goods.
marche, _f._ march, walk, walking, pace, gait, step, progress,
move, moving, motion; marches perdues, superfluous steps (that lead
to nothing).
marche, _m._ market, market-place, bargain, bargaining; a bon
--, cheap, cheaply; par-dessus le --, into the bargain.
marcher, _v._ to march, go on, walk, go, proceed.
mardi, _m._ Tuesday.
mare, _f._ pool.
marecage, _m._ marsh, bog, swamp.
marechal, _m._ marshal, blacksmith.
mari, _m._ husband.
mariage, _m._ marriage.
Marie, Mary.
marier, _v._ to marry, marry off, blend; se --, get married;
se -- avec, marry; marie avec, married to; marie, _m._
Marignan, Melegnano (Italian town near Milan, where the French
defeated the Swiss in 1515).
marin, -e, _adj. and m._ marine, of the sea, sailor.
marine, _f._ marine, navy, shipping; officier de --, naval
maritime, _adj._ maritime.
marmaille, _f._ brats.
marmite, _f._ pot.
marmot, _m._ brat, little boy.
marmotter, _v._ to mutter, mumble.
marque, _f._ mark, track, token.
marquer, _v._ to mark, show, indicate.
marquis, -e, _m., f._ marquis, marchioness.
marron, _m._ large chestnut.
Marseille, Marseilles (principal seaport and second city in France).
marteau, _m._ hammer.
martial, -e, _adj._ martial (_t_ pronounced as _c_).
Martin, Martin (often applied to a simple person).
massacre, _m._ massacre.
massacrer, _v._ to massacre, slay;
massacrant, ~e, _adj._ murderous.
massif, -ive, _adj._ massive, solid.
mat, -e, _adj._ dull, dim, frosted.
mat, _m._ mast.
matelas, _m._ mattress.
matelot, _m._ sailor, seaman.
materiel, -le, _adj._ material, concrete.
maternel, -le, _adj._ maternal, on the mother's side.
matiere, _f._ matter; en -- de, in regard to.
matin, _m._ morning, dawn.
matin, _m._ mastiff, cur, rascal.
matinal, -e, _adj._ morning, early, in the morning.
matinee, _f._ morning.
maudire, _v._ to curse; maudit, -e, cursed.
maujeure, _f._ a dialectic word used in Toine in the sense of: fever.
mauresque, _adj._ Moorish.
maussade, _adj._ cross, sour, ill-humored, sulky.
mauvais, -e, _adj. and s._ bad, wretched, evil, mean, dirty,
ill (humor), poor.
me, _conj. pr._ me, to me.
-me, abbreviation of numerals; 2me, 3me, 4me, etc. (for
deuxieme, etc.).
mecanique, _adj._ mechanical.
mechancete, _f._ malice, ill will.
mechant, -e, _adj._ naughty, mean, mischievous, bad, malicious,
wicked, wretched.
mecontent, -e, _adj._ dissatisfied.
Mecque (la), Mecca (holy city of the Mohammedans, in Arabia).
medaille, _f._ medal.
medecin, _m._ doctor, physician.
mediocre, _adj._ mediocre, only moderate.
meditatif, -ive, _adj._ meditative, thoughtful.
meditation, _f._ meditation.
mediter, _v._ to meditate, think over.
Mediterranee, _f._ Mediterranean Sea.
mefiance, _f._ distrust.
meilleur, -e, _adj._ better; le --, best.
melancolie, _f._ melancholy, melancholia.
melancolique, _adj._ melancholy.
melee, _f._ scuffle, fight.
meler, _v._ to mingle, mix, confuse; se -- de, meddle with,
mind; se -- a (avec), mingle with, take part in.
melodie, _f._ melody.
melodieux, -euse, _adj._ melodious.
membraneux, -euse, _adj._ membranous.
membre, _m._ member, limb.
meme, _adj. and adv._ same, self, very, even; de --, in the
same way, at the same time.
memoire, _f._ memory.
memorable, _adj._ memorable.
menacer, _v._ to menace, threaten.
menage, _m._ housekeeping, household; faire son petit --, to
have one's own sweet will.
menager, -ere, _m., f._ thrifty persan, housekeeper.
mendiant, -e, _m., f._ beggar.
mendicite, _f._ mendicity; etre a la --, to be reduced to
mener, _v._ to lead, bring, take, drive.
menetrier, _m._ fiddler.
menottes, _f. pl._ handcuffs.
mensonge, _m._ lie.
mentir, _v._ to lie.
menton, _m._ chin.
menu, -e, _adj. and m._ thin, small, trifling, light, bill of fare.
menuet, _m._ minuet.
menuisier, _m._ cabinet-maker, joiner.
mepris, _m._ contempt, scorn.
meprisable, _adj._ contemptible.
mepriser, _v._ to despise.
mer, _f._ sea, tide.
mercenaire, _adj. and s._ mercenary, hireling.
merci, _f._ mercy, thanks, thank you (masculine with grand);
Dieu --, thank God.
mercier, _m._ mercer, haberdasher.
mercredi, _m._ Wednesday.
mere, _f._ mother.
meringue, _f._ meringue, light pastry with whipped cream.
merite, _m._ merit, worth.
meriter, _v._ to merit, deserve.
meritoire, _adj._ meritorious.
merle, _m._ blackbird.
Merope, a tragedy by Voltaire (1743).
merveilleusement, _adv._ marvelously, wonderfully.
merveilleux, -euse, _adj._ wonderful, marvelous.
mes, _see_ mon.
mesdames, _see_ madame.
messe, _f._ mass.
mesure, _f._ measure, proportion; a --, in proportion or
succession as (another action takes place); en --, in time, in
proportion; a -- que, in proportion as.
mesurer, _v._ to measure.
metamorphose, _f._ metamorphosis.
meticuleux, -euse, _adj._ over-scrupulous, fastidious.
metier, _m._ trade, loom.
metre, _m._ meter (39 inches).
mette, _f._ metal (Old French).
mettre, _v._ to put, place, put on, set, put in place, take (time);
se -- a, begin, set out in; se -- en route, start; se -- en
mouvement, begin to move; se -- a table, seat oneself at table;
se -- en colere, get angry; se -- en marche, set out on the
march; se -- au jeu, get in the game; se -- en bataille, form
for battle; se -- dans tous ses atours, attire oneself in all one's
finery; -- dans, put in, hit; -- bas, take off; -- pied a
terre, dismount; -- en pieces, tear or dash to pieces; -- a la
porte, put out of doors; -- la police en l'air, stir up the
police; -- le feu, set fire; -- en fuite, set to flight.
meuble, _m._ piece of furniture, furniture, _pl._ furniture.
meubler, _v._ to furnish.
meunier, _m._ miller;
meurtre, _m._ murder.
meurtrier, _m._ murderer.
meurtrir, _v._ to bruise; avoir le coeur meurtri, to be sick
at heart.
meute, _f._ pack (of hounds, etc.).
mi, _adv. and adj._ (invariable), equally; a -- -chemin, half
Michel, Michael.
midi, _m._ midday, noon, twelve o'ciock, south; Midi, _m._
South of France; les pleins midis, the midday heat.
miel, _m._ honey.
mien, -ne, _poss. adj. pr._ (usually with article), mine.
miette, _f._ crumb.
mieux, _adv._ better, more, more comfortable; tant --, so much
the better; de son --, the best he can, etc.; le --, best;
regardez --, look more closely.
mignon, -ne, _adj._ and s. darling, dainty, cunning, dear little.
migraine, _f._ sick-headache.
milice, _f._ militia.
milieu, _m._ middle, midst, middle ground, surroundings.
militaire, _adj. and m._ military, soldier.
mille, _card._ one thousand; -- et deuxieme, _ord._ thousand
and second (in this and in the next two words _ll_ is not liquid).
millier, _m._ about one thousand, thousand.
million, _m._ million.
Milon, Milo.
minaret, _m._ minaret.
minauder, _v._ to simper, mince, smirk.
minauderie, _f._ smirking, simpering.
mince, _adj._ thin, slender, narrow.
mine, _f._ look, appearance.
mine, _f._ mine.
minerai, _m._ ore.
ministere, _m._ department (of a cabinet minister), building for
the administration offices, ministry, cabinet.
ministre, _m._ minister; adjectively: ministerial.
minuit, _m._ midnight.
minute, _f._ minute; de cinq minutes en cinq minutes, every
five minutes.
minutieux, -euse, _adj._ minute, searching (_t_ pronounced as _c_).
mioche, _m., f._ brat, youngster.
miracle, _m._ miracle.
mirage, _m._ mirage.
miroir, _m._ mirror.
miroiter, _v._ to glitter, shine, reflect light.
Miromesnil (rue de), Parisian street crossing the Boulevard
Malesherbes (pronounced: _Miromenil_).
miserable, _adj. and s._ miserable, wretched, wretch.
misere, _f._ misery, destitution, hardship.
misericorde, _f._ mercy.
Moallakats, a collection of seven Arabic poems of different authors
in the 6th and 7th centuries (also written Moallakat).
mobile, _adj._ movable, mobile, unsteady, variable, in motion, restless.
mode, _f._ manner, style, fashion; marchande de modes,
milliner; a la --, in style.
modele, _m._ model.
moderation, _f._ moderation.
modere, -e, _adj._ moderate.
moderne, _adj._ modern.
modeste, _adj._ modest.
modestement, _adv._ modestly.
modestie, _f._ modesty.
modifier, _v._ to modify.
moelle, _f._ marrow (in this and in the next word _oe_ is
pronounced as _oi_ in moi).
moelleux, -euse, _adj._ soft.
moeurs, _f. pl._ manners, habits, customs (_s_ pronounced).
moi, _conj. and disj. pr._ me, to me, I, myself.
moignon, _m._ stump (of an arm, etc.).
moi-meme, _pr._ myself, I myself.
moindre, _adj._ less; le --, least, the slightest.
moins, _adv._ less, the less; le --, least; au --, at
least; du --, at least; a -- que or de, unless; pour le
--, at the least.
mois, _m._ month.
moisissure, _f._ mold.
moisson, _f._ harvest.
moite, _adj._ moist, damp.
moitie, _f._ half; a --, half.
moleskine, _f._ moleskin (corduroy, etc.; sometimes applied to
imitation leather).
mollesse, _f._ softness, laxness, enervation.
molleton,_ m._ swanskin (soft woollen stuff).
molosse, _m._ mastiff.
mome, _m., f._ youngster, "kldquo;kid" (familiar).
moment, _m._ moment.
momie, _f._ mummy.
mon, ma (mes, _pl.), poss. adj. pr._ my.
monarchie, _f._ monarchy.
Monceau (le parc), an attractive park in the northwestern section
of Paris.
monde, _m._ world, people, society; tout le --, everybody.
monnaie, _f._ change, coin.
monocle, _m._ monocle.
monotone, _adj._ monotonous.
monsieur (messieurs, _pl.), m._ mister, sir, gentleman, the
gentleman; abbreviated: M., Mr.; -- son pere, his father
(pronounced: _mesieu_).
monstre, _m. and adj._ monster, monstrous.
monstrueux, ~euse, _adj._ monstrous.
mont, _m._ mount.
montagne, _f._ mountain.
monter, _v._ to mount, go up, ascend, come up, get in.
Montivilliers, small Norman town between le Havre and Fecamp (_ll_
not liquid).
montre, _f._ watch, exhibition, show-window.
montrer, _v._ to show, indicate, point out; se --, show
oneself, appear.
montueux, -euse, _adj._ hilly.
monture, _f._ mount, horse (for riding).
monumental, -e, _adj._ monumental.
moquer, _v._ to mock; se -- de, make fun of, care nothing
about; s'en -- pas mal, not care a rap about it.
moral, -e, _adj._ moral, mental; faire de la morale a, to
preach to, exhort.
morceau, _m._ morsel, bit, piece.
mordieu, _interj._ by heaven!, etc.
mordre, _v._ to bite.
morgue, _f._ pride, arrogance.
morne, _adj._ gloomy, mournful, sad.
mornifle, _f._ slap on the jaws.
morsure, _f._ bite.
mort, _f._ death; -- -qui-trompe, deceptive death, death in
mortel, -le, _adj. and s._ mortal.
mortifier, _v._ to mortify.
morue, _f._ codfish.
mosaique, _f._ mosaic.
Moscou, Moscow.
mosquee, _f._ mosque.
mot, _m._ word; un bon --, a witty remark.
motif, _m._ motive.
motte, _f._ clod, lump.
mou, molle, _adj._ soft, nerveless, flabby.
mouche, _f._ fly; faire --, to hit the bull's-eye; -- a
vapeur, small steamboat used on French rivers.
moucheron, _m._ gnat, "kldquo;kid" (slang in the latter sense).
moucheter, _v._ to spot, speckle.
mouchoir, _m._ handkerchief.
moufle, _f._ mitten.
mouiller, _v._ to wet, bathe, cast (anchor); se --, become
mouillure, _f._ wetness, wetting, dampness.
moulin, _m._ mill.
mourir, _v._ to die; se --, be dying; faire --, make die,
kill, execute; -- pour --, as well die one time as another; mort
-e, _adj. and s._ dead, spent (bullet), dead man, etc.
mousquet, _m._ musket.
mousqueterie, _f._ musketry.
mousse, _f._ moss, foam.
mousse, _m._ cabin-boy.
mousseline, _f._ muslin.
mousseux, -euse, _adj._ foamy, frothy.
moustache, _f._ mustache.
moutard, _m._ urchin, brat.
mouton, _m._ sheep, mutton.
mouvement, _m._ movement, motion, impulse.
mouvoir, _v._ to move; mouvant, -e, adj. moving, busy.
moyen, -ne, _adj. and m._ average, mean, medium, middle, means,
resource, way; au -- de, by means of.
moyenageux, -euse, _adj._ medieval.
Mozart, (Wolfgang Amadeus), noted German composer of _Marriage of
Figaro, Don Giovanni, Requiem_; etc., (1756-1791).
muet, -te, _adj. and s._ mute, silent.
muezzin, _m._ muezzin (Mohammedan priest who announces from the
minaret the hour for prayer).
mule, _f._ mule.
mulon, _m._ great heap of salt.
Munster, Muenster (small Alsatian town).
mur, _m._ wall.
mur, -e, _adj._ ripe, mature.
muraille, _f._ wall, rampart.
murer, _v._ to wall up.
murir, _v._ to ripen, mature, develop.
murmure, _m._ murmur, murmuring.
murmurer, _v._ to murmur.
mutualite, _f._ mutuality.
muscle, _m._ muscle.
muse, _f._ muse.
musicien, _m._ musician.
musique, _f._ music; faire de la --, to play.
mystere, _m._ mystery.
mysterieux, -euse, _adj._ mysterious.
mystification, _f._ mystification, hoax.
mythologique, _adj._ mythological.


n', _see_ ne.
nabab, _m._ nabob.
nacre, _f._ mother-of-pearl.
nager, _v._ to swim.
naguere, _adv._ lately, but now, not long ago.
naissance, _f._ birth.
naitre, to be born; ne, -e, born.
naivement, _adv._ ingenuously, artlessly.
Nantes, important city on the lower Loire.
Napoleon III, French Emperor
from 1852 to 1870.
nappe, _f._ tablecloth, sheet (of water, light, etc.).
narguer, _v._ to defy, snap one's fingers at.
narguilhe, _m._ narghile (Oriental water pipe for smoking; usually
written narguile).
narine, _f._ nostril.
natal, -e, _adj._ natal, native.
natif, -ive, _adj. and s_. native.
national, -e, _adj._ national.
nature, _f._ nature, kind.
naturel, -le, _adj. and m._ natural, disposition, nature,
naturellement, _adv._ naturally.
naviguer, _v._ to sail.
navire, _m._ ship, vessel.
navrer, _v._ to break the heart of; navrant, -e, heartrending,
distressing; navre, -e, heart-broken; le coeur navre,
ne, _adv._ (usually with pas, point, etc.), not
(frequently pleonastic).
neanmoins, _adv._ nevertheless, notwithstanding.
nebuieux, -euse, _adj._ nebulous, glooiny, disturbing.
necessaire, _adj._ necessary.
necessite, _f._ necessity.
necropole, _f._ necropolis (catacombs).
negliger, _v._ to neglect, slight.
negociant, _m._ merchant, trader.
negre, _adj. and m._ negro.
neige, _f._ snow; eau de --, melted snow, water chilled with
nerf, _m._ nerve, sinew (_f_ pronounced).
nerveux, -euse, _adj._ nervous.
Nesmond, noble French family prominent in the 17th and 18th centuries.
net, -te, _adj._ neat, clear, short; couper --, to cut short
or squarely off (_t_ pronounced).
nettement, _adv._ clearly, plainly.
nettete, _f._ neatness, clearness, distinctness.
nettoyer, _v._ to clean, clean out.
neuf, _card._ nine.
neuf, neuve, new; de --, freshly.
neveu, _m._ nephew; petit --, great nephew.
Newton (Sir Isaac), the famous English mathematician, physicist,
astronomer and philosopher, especially noted for his discovery of the
laws of gravitation and for his work on light (1642-1727).
nez, _m._ nose; devant le --, before the face; fermer sur le
--, to shut in the face (pronounced: _ne_).
ni, _conj._ nor; -- ... --, neither ... nor.
niaiserie, _f._ nonsense.
niche, _f._ niche, recess, kennel.
Nicolas, Nicholas.
nid, _m._ nest.
niece, _f._ niece.
Nil (le), _m._ the Nile.
Nimes, city in the department of Gard.
noble, _adj. and s._ noble.
noblesse, _f._ nobility.
noce, _f._ wedding; _pl._ wedding.
Noel, _m._ Christmas; la --, the Christmas festival; le petit
--, Santa Claus.
noir, -e, _adj. and m._ black; le Noir, gangrene; voir tout
en --, to look on the dark side of everything.
noircir, _v._ to blacken.
noircisseur, _m._ dyer in black, scribbler.
noix, _f._ nut, Middle part, pope's eye (of meat).
nom, _m._ name; -- de --, euphemistic oath.
nombre, _m._ number; -- de, a number of.
nombreux, -euse, _adj._ numerous.
nommer, _v._ to name; nomme, -e, _adj. and s._ named, one
non, adv. no, not; -- pas, not, not at all.
non bis in idem, not twice in the same place (Latin).
nonchalamment, _adv._ nonchalantly, carelessly, heedlessly.
nonchalant, -e, _adj._ listless, unmindful, nonchalant.
non-seulement, _adv._ not only.
nopal, _m._ nopal (cactus).
nord, _m._ north; -- est, north-east (_d_ is not pronounced in
nord, but is pronounced in nord-est).
normal, -e, _adj._ normal, natural.
normand, -e, _adj. and s._ Norman (written Normand when _s._).
Normandie, _f._ Normandy (former French province on the English Channel).
nos, _see_ notre.
notable, _adj._ notable.
notaire, _m._ notary.
notamment, _adv._ especially, particularly.
note, _f._ note, bill.
notion, _f._ notion, idea.
notre (nos, _pl.), poss. adj. pr._ our.
notre, _poss. adj. pr._ ours (usually with article).
nouer, _v._ to knot, tie, tie up.
noueux, -euse, _adj._ knotty, knotted.
Nourmahal, popular Oriental name because of the wife of a Mogul
emperor, who bore this name in the 17th century.
nourrice, _f._ wet-nurse.
nourrir, _v._ to nourish, nurse, support, feed.
nourriture, _f._ food.
nous, _conj. and disj. pr._ we, us, to us.
nous-memes, _pr._ we ourselves, ourselves.
nouveau, (nouvel before vowels), -elle, _adj._ new, other; de
--, anew, again; nouvelle(s), f. news, piece of news, story
(longer than the conte and shorter than the roman); de vos
nouvelles, news of you; ---ne, new-born child, etc.; avoir des
nouvelles de, to hear from.
nouvellement, _adv._ newly, recently.
Novare, Novara (city of northern Italy).
novembre, _m._ November.
noyau, _m._ stone (of fruit).
noyer, _v._ to drown, swamp.
nu, -e, _adj._ naked, bare; a --, bare, exposed, openly;
-- pieds, barefooted.
nuage, _m._ cloud.
nuageux, -euse, _adj._ cloudy, somber.
nuance, _f._ tint, shade.
nudite, _f._ nudity, nakedness, bareness.
nuee, _f._ thick cloud.
nuire, _v._ to injure, be harmful.
nuit, _f._ night; la --, the night, at night.
nul, -le, _adj. and pr._ no, no one.
nullement, _adv._ in no wise, by no means.
numero, _m._ number.
nuptial, -e, _adj._ nuptial, marriage (_t_ pronounced as _c_).
nuque, _f._ nape (of the neck).


o, _interj._ O!
obeir, _v._ to obey.
obeissance, _f._ obedience.
objet, _m._ object.
obligeamment, _adv._ obligingly, courteously.
obliger, _v._ to oblige; obligeant, -e, adj. kind; rester
l'oblige, remain the debtor.
oblique, _adj._ oblique, slanting.
obscur, -e, _adj._ obscure, clark.
obscurcir, _v._ to darken.
obscurite, _f._ obscurity, darkness.
obseder, _v._ to beset (in this and in the next two words _b_ is
pronounced as _p_).
observation, _f._ observation.
observer, _v._ to observe, watch, look at.
obstacle, _m._ obstacle.
obstination, _f._ obstinacy.
obstine, -e, _adj._ obstinate.
obstinement, _adv._ obstinately.
obstruer, _v._ to obstruct.
obtenir, _v._ to obtain, get (_b_ pronounced as _p_).
obus, _m._ shell (_s_ pronounced as _z_).
occasion, _f._ occasion, opportunity, cause.
occupation, _f._ occupation.
occuper, _v._ to occupy; s'--, occupy oneself, be occupied,
busy oneself, attend.
ocean, _m._ ocean.
odalisque, _f._ odalisque (slave of a woman in the harem).
odeur, _f._ odor.
odorant, -e, _adj._ odorous, fragrant, sweet-smelling.
odorat, _m._ sense of smell.
oeil (yeux, pl.), _m._ eye, glance; regarder d'un --
favorable, to look upon favorably.
oeillade, _f._ ogling, sheep's eye.
oesophage, _m._ esophagus (pronounced: _esophage_).
oeuf, _m._ egg (_f_ pronounced in the singular, but not in the
offense, _f._ offense, affront.
offenser, _v._ to offend, hurt, injure, insult; offensant, -e,
_adj._ offensive.
offensif, -ive, _adj._ offensive.
officier, _m._ officer.
offre, _f._ offer.
offrir, _v._ to offer, offer the opportunity or the hospitality of;
s'--, be offered, be presented; m'-- sa maison, offer me the
hospitality of his house; -- a boire, offer a drink to.
oh, _interj._ oh!
ohe, _interj._ ho!, hello!
oiseau, _m._ bird; -- -mouche, humming-bird.
oisivete, _f._ idleness.
olive, _f._ olive, ornament or button of this shape.
olympien, -ne, _adj._ Olympian.
ombre, _f_. shade, shadow.
ombre, -e, _adj._ shaded.
omelette, _f_. omelet.
omettre, _v._ to omit.
omnibus, _m._ omnibus (_s_ pronounced).
on, _indef. pr._ one, people, they, you, we (accompanying verb may
often be translated as a passive).
oncle, _m._ uncle; -- a la mode de Bretagne, first cousin.
onde, _f._ wave, billow.
ondee, _f._ shower.
ongle, _m._ nail, claw.
onze, _card._ eleven (elision no longer allowed before this word).
opera, _m._ opera.
operation, _f._ operation.
operer, _v._ to operate; s'--, be effected, wrought.
opinion _f._ opinion.
opposer, _v._ to oppose, prevent; si ca ne vous opposait pas,
if you didn't mind.
or, _conj._ now, but.
or, _m._ gold.
orage, _m._ storm.
orateur, _m._ orator.
orchestre, _m._ orchestra (_ch_ pronounced as _k_).
ordinaire, _adj._ ordinary, usual; d'--, a l'--, ordinarily;
a son --, as usual, in his usual manner.
ordinairement, _adv._ ordinarily.
ordonnance, _f._ ordinance, regulation, orderly; pistolet
d'--, army pistol.
ordonner, _v._ to order.
ordre, _m._ order.
oreille, _f._ ear; dire a l'-- a, to say in a low tone to.
oreiller, _m._ pillow.
orfevre, _m._ goldsmith.
organiser, _v._ to organize, form, start, make.
orgueil, _m._ pride.
orgueilleux, -euse, _adj._ proud.
Orient, _m._ Orient, East.
oriental, -e, _adj. and s._ Oriental.
original, -e, _adj. and m._ original.
originel, -le, _adj._ original, primitive (chiefly used in such
phrases as: peche --, etc.).
ormeau, _m._ young elm.
ornement, _m._ ornament.
orner, _v._ to ornament, adorn.
orniere, _f._ rut.
orphelin, _m._ orphan.
os, _m._ bone (_s_ pronounced in the singular, but not in the
osciller, _v._ to oscillate, swing, sway.
oser, _v._ to dare.
Osiris, ancient Egyptian god, protector of the dead and a
sun god, husband and brother of Isis.
osseux, -euse, _adj._ bony, knarled.
oter, _v._ to remove, take off or away.
ou, _conj._ or; -- ... --, either ... or; -- bien, or, or
on the other band.
ou, _adv._ where, in which, when; d'--, whence, from where,
out of which; par --?, which way?, by which?; dans le cas --,
in case.
oublier, _v._ to forget; s'-- a dormir, forget and go to sleep.
ouest, _m._ west (_st_ pronounced).
ouf, _interj._ oh!, ah! (usually expresses relief).
oui, _adv._ yes.
ouragan, _m._ hurricane.
ourdisseur, -euse, _m., f._ warper.
outil, _m._ tool.
outre, _prep. and adv._ beyond, beside; en --, in addition,
besides; -- Manche, across the Channel.
ouverture, _f._ opening.
ouvrage, _m._ work, work of art, structure.
ouvrage, -e, _adj._ worked, figured, wrought, carved.
ouvrier, -ere, _adj. and s._ working, workman, workwoman.
ouvrir, _v._ to open; s'--, open, draw aside; ouvert, -e,
open, frank, cordial.


pacifique, _adj._ pacific, peaceful.
pacifiquement, _adv._ peacefully, peaceably.
page, _f._ page.
paien, -ne, _adj. and s._ pagan.
paillasse, _f._ straw mattress.
paille, _f._ straw.
pailleter, _v._ to bespangle.
paillette, _f._ spangle, golden flake.
pain, _m._ bread, loaf; bon comme le --, good as gold.
paire, _f._ pair.
paisiblement, _adv._ peacefully.
paix, _f._ peace.
palais, _m._ palace; -- de justice, court-house.
Palais-Bourbon, _m._ palace on the left bank of the Seine opposite
the Place de la Concorde, erected in 1722, for a member of the Bourbon
family, now used by the Chamber of Deputies.
palanquin, _m._ palanquin (litter).
pale, _adj._ pale.
paletot, _m._ overcoat.
paleur, _f._ pallor.
palier, _m._ landing (of a staircase).
palir, _v._ to become pale.
palissade, _f._ palisade, stockade.
palmier, _m._ palm, palm-tree.
palot, -te, _adj._ palish, wan.
palpiter, _v._ to palpitate; palpitant, -e, adj. palpitating,
throbbing, quivering.
paludier, _m._ salt-maker.
pan, _m._ side, skirt, face.
pan, _interj._ bang!
panier, _m._ basket, hoop-skirt.
panneau, _m._ panel.
panse, _f._ paunch, belly.
pansement, _m._ dressing.
pantalon, _m._ pair of trousers, trousers.
pantin, _m._ jumping-jack.
Paolo, Paul (Italian).
paon, _m._ peacock; yeux de --, peacock's eyes (of the
feathers; _o_ not pronounced).
papa, _m._ papa; p'pa, baby's pronunciation of papa.
pape, _m._ pope.
papier, _m._ paper; _pl._ papers, passport.
papillon, _m._ butterfly.
papyrus, _m._ papyrus (paper and plant; _s_ pronounced).
Paques, _m._ Easter.
paquet, _m._ package, pack, bundle, mass.
par, _prep._ by, through, with, because of, for, along, by way of,
in, in the name of, on; -- jour, a day.
paradis, _m._ paradise.
paraitre, _v._ to appear.
paralyser, _v._ to paralyze.
paralytique, _adj. and s._ paralyzed, paralytic.
parapet, _m._ parapet.
parbleu, _interj._ gad!, upon my word!, by George!
parc, _m._ park (_c_ pronounced).
parcelle, _f._ bit, parcel.
parce que, _conj._ because.
parcourir, _v._ to run through or over, look over, cover; -- de
l'oeil, glance over.
pardi, _interj._ truly, certainly, by George!, really.
pardon, _m._ pardon, I beg your pardon.
pardonner, _v._ to pardon.
pareil, -le, _adj. and s._ similar, like, such, such a.
pareillement, _adv._ similarly, likewise, too.
parent, -e, _m., f._ relative; _pl._ relatives, parents.
parer, _v._ to adorn, attire, dress up, ward off, parry.
parfait, -e, _adj._ perfect.
parfaitement, _adv._ perfectly.
parfois, _adv._ at times.
parfum, _m._ perfume, flavor.
parfumer, _v._ to perfume, scent.
parfumerie, _f._ perfumery.
parier, _v._ to wager, bet.
Paris, Paris.
parisien, -ne, _adj. and s._ Parisian (written Parisien when
parlementaire, _adj._ parliamentary.
parler, _v._ to speak, talk, talk of.
parmi, _prep._ among.
paroisse, _f._ parish, parish., church.
parole, _f._ word, speech; prendre la --, to speak; adresser
la -- a, speak to.
paroli, _m._ paroli, double stake or bet.
parrain, _m._ godfather.
part, _f._ part, direction, share; d'une --, on the one hand;
d'autre --, on the other hand; quelque --, somewhere,
anywhere; de -- en --, through and through.
partager, _v._ to share, divide, distribute.
parterre, _m._ rear of orchestra, pit (theater).
parti, _m._ party, decision, side, match; prendre le (son) --,
to make up one's (his) mind; prendre un --, come to a decision, en
tirer --, reap advantage, profit by it.
participation, _f._ participation.
participer, _v._ to participate, take part, be an accomplice.
particulier, -ere, _adj._ particular, peculiar, private.
particulierement, _adv._ particularly.
partie, _f._ part, portion, game; avoir -- gagnee, to win.
partir, _v._ to depart, leave, burst out, set out, go off, give
vent; begin; a -- de, from; partant, m. departing one.
partout, _adv._ everywhere; de --, from everywhere, on all
parure, _f._ ornament, set of jewels, attire.
parvenir, _v._ to reach, attain, succeed, arrive; parvenu, -e,
_m., f._ parvenu, parvenue, upstart.
pas, _m._ step, pace; de ce --, at once, directly; sur mes
--, at my heels.
pas, _adv._ not, no; ne ... --, not, no.
passablement, _adv._ passably, tolerably.
passage, _m._ passage, passing, trip across, going by, path.
passager, _m._ passenger.
passe, _f._ pass, passage, channel.
passe, _interj._ let it pass, all right.
passementer, _v._ to lace, adorn.
passer, _v._ to pass, pass over, take across, put, go by, pass
through one's mind, put on; se --, pass, happen, take place; elle
s'est fait -- ici, she got herself taken to this place; un frisson
me passa dans le dos, a shiver ran along my back; passant, -e,
_adj. and s._ passing, passer-by; passe, -e, _adj. and m._ past.
passerelle, _f._ foot-bridge.
passion, _f._ passion, love.
passionner, _v._ to impassion; passionne, -e, _adj._ passionate.
pasteque, _f._ watermelon.
pasteur, _m._ pastor.
patee, _f._ paste, mess (for dogs, etc.), porridge.
paterne, _adj._ grandmotherly, over-kindly.
paternel, -le, _adj._ paternal, father's.
paternellement, _adv._ paternally.
paternite, _f._ paternity.
pateux, -euse, _adj._ pasty, sticky, clammy.
patience, _f._ patience (in this and in the next word _ti_ is
pronounced as _ci_).
patient, -e, _adj._ patient, long-suffering, constant.
patir, _v._ to suffer.
patrie, _f._ native land.
patriote, _adj. and s._ patriotic, patriot.
patron, _m._ patron, master, employer.
patte, _f._ paw, foot, claw; a quatre pattes, on all fours.
paturage, m. pasturage, pasture; couleur de --, grass-green.
Paul 1er, Paul I (Russian Emperor; reigned: 1796-1801).
Pauline, Paulina.
Paumelle, proper name; _cf._ paumelle, long-eared barley,
hand-leather (for protecting the hand in sewing).
paupiere, _f._ eyelid.
pause, _f._ pause.
pauvre, _adj. and s._ poor, pitiful, late, poor person, beggar;
pauvres nous, alas for us.
pauvresse, _f._ poor woman, beggar.
pauvrete, _f._ poverty.
pave, _m._ pavement.
paver, _v._ to pave.
pavillon, _m._ pavilion, flag, canopy.
payement, _m._ payment.
payer, _v._ to pay, pay for.
pays, _m._ country (pronounced: _Peyi_; the same pronunciation
occurs in the next two words).
paysage, _m._ landscape, scenery.
paysan, -ne, _m., f. and adj._ peasant.
peau, _f._ skin.
pecaire, _interj._ what a pity; (compassionate interjection used in
peche, _f._ peach.
peche, _f._ fishing, catch, fishing trip; aller a la --, to go
peche, _m._ sin.
pecher, _v._ to fish, fish for.
pecheur, pecheresse, _m., f._ sinner.
pecheur, -euse, _m., f. and adj._ fisherman, fisherwoman, fishing.
peindre, _v._ to paint, picture.
peine, _f._ suffering, grief, pain, difficulty, trouble, labor,
hard work, anxiety, torment; a --, scarcely; c'est a -- si,
peiner, _v._ to trouble, pain.
peinture, _f._ painting, paint.
pelisse, _f._ pelisse, fur coat.
pelle, _f._ shovel.
peloton, _m._ ball of worsted, platoon, group; -- de travail,
penchant, _m._ slope, propensity.
pencher, _v._ to bend, lean, bow; se --, bend, lean, lean
over; penche, -e, bent, bowed, leaning.
pendant, _prep._ during, for (time); -- que, _conj._ while.
pendre, _v._ to hang.
pendule, _f._ clock, mantel-clock.
penetration, _f._ penetration.
penetrer, _v._ to penetrate, fathom, pervade, enter, go in, invade.
penible, _adj._ difficult, laborious, painful, distressing.
penitence, _f._ penitence; penance.
pensee, _f._ thought, thinking.
penser, _v._ to think, think out; pensez, think, you may imagine.
penseur, _m._ thinker.
pensif, -ive, _adj._ thoughtful.
pension, _f._ pension, board, boarding-house, boarding-school.
pensionnaire, _m., f._ boarder, boarding-school boy or girl.
pente, _f._ slope.
perce, _f._ borer, drill; mettre en --, to tap.
percepteur, _m._ tax-collector.
percer, _v._ to pierce, penetrate, be manifest.
perche, _f._ pole.
percher, _v._ to perch.
perclus, -e, _adj._ crippled, paralyzed.
perdre, _v._ to lose, ruin, undo; se --, lose oneself, get
lost, be lost.
perdrix, _f._ partridge (_x_ not pronounced).
pere, _m._ father, old man or "Uldquo;Uncle" (title).
perfection, _f._ perfection.
perfide, _adj._ perfidious.
perfidie, _f._ perfidy, treachery.
peri, _f._ peri (Oriental fairy).
peril, _m._ peril (l pronounced).
perilleux, -euse, _adj._ perilous, dangerous.
perir, _v._ to perish, be lost, die.
perle, _f._ pearl, bead.
perle, -e, _adj._ pearly, beaded, clear and silvery (voice).
permettre, _v._ to permit, allow.
Perotte, dialectic for Pierrette.
perron, _m._ perron, elevated stone landing, stoop.
perruque, _f._ wig.
perruquier, _m._ wig-maker, hair-dresser, barber.
Perse, _f._ Persia; tapis de --, Persian rug.
persecuteur, _m._ persecutor.
persistance, _f._ persistence.
personnage, _m._ personage, person, person of importance.
personne, _f._ person; _m._ anyone, no one; ne ... --, no one.
perspective, _f._ perspective.
persuader, _v._ to persuade; en --, convince of it.
perte, _f._ loss, ruin; a -- de vue, as far as the eye can reach.
peser, _v._ to weigh, lest, bang (over); pesant, -e, _adj._
petale, _m._ petal.
petiller, _v._ to crackle, sparkle.
petiot, -e, _adj._ tiny.
petit, -e, _adj. and s._ small, little, short, light, small person,
little one; -- a --, little by little.
petit-maitre, _m._ dandy.
petit-neveu, _m._ grand-nephew.
petrifier, _v._ to petrify.
petrole, _m._ petroleum.
peu, _adv. and m._ little, not very, a little, few; -- a --,
little by little; un --, a little, somewhat; tant soit --,
somewhat; -- de chose, not much, little, of small importance,
peuple, _m._ people, common people, crowd; adjectively: common.
peupler, _v._ to people, populate.
peur, _f._ fear; faire -- (a), to frighten.
peureux, -euse, _adj._ timorous, timid.
peut-etre, _adv._ perhaps; -- que, perhaps.
phalange, _f._ phalanx.
Phalsbourg, Pfalzburg (former French town in Lorraine, ceded to
Germany in 1871).
pharaon, _m._ faro (card-game, in which the players bet on the
order in which the dealer or banker will deal the cards); faire une
banque de --, to be the banker in a game of faro.
pharmacien, _m._ apothecary, druggist.
phenomene, _m._ phenomenon.
philosophe, _m._ philosopher.
philosophique, _adj._ philosophical.
phosphorescent, -e, _adj._ phosphorescent.
phrase, _f._ phrase.
physionomie, _f._ physiognomy, face.
piailler, _v._ to bawl, squeal, screech.
Pie Vll, Pius VII, Pope: 1800-1823; Pie VIII, Pope: 1829-1830;
Pie IX, Pope: 1846-1878; Pie X, Pope: 1903-1914.
piece, _f._ piece, room, play.
pied, _m._ foot; arme au --, weapon resting on the ground.
Pierre, Peter; saint --, Saint Peter.
pierre, _f._ stone.
Pierrette, feminine diminutive of Pierre.
Pierron, survival of the Old French oblique case of Pierre.
pieu, _m._ stake, "bldquo;bunk" (slang in last sense).
pieux, -euse, _adj._ pious.
pilastre, _m._ pilaster.
pile, _f._ pile, heap, reverse (of a coin); jouer a croix ou
--, to toss (a coin) for.
pilier, _m._ pillar, maintainer; steady customer, habitue.
piller, _v._ to plunder.
pilori, _m._ pillory.
Pimenti, proper name (_cf._ Italian _pimento_, cayenne pepper).
pince, _f._ pinch, pincers, claw.
pinceau, _m._ brush (painter's).
Pinchon (Robert), intimate friend of de Maupassant; many of the
anecdotes relating to de Maupassant are due to his published souvenirs;
he was also a librarian in Rouen.
pioche, _f._ pickax, mattock.
pipe, _f._ pipe.
piquer, _v._ to prick, stick, bite, peck; piquant, -e,
prickly, sharp, biting, stinging, keen.
pire, _adj._ worse; le --; worst.
Piriac, village and port in the department of Loire-Inferieure.
pis, _adv._ worse; le --, worst; tant --, so much the
pissenlit, _m._ dandelion.
pistil, _m._ pistil (_l_ pronounced).
pistolet, _m._ pistol.
piteux, -euse, _adj._ pitiful, woeful.
pitie, _f._ pity.
pitoyable, _adj._ pitiful.
pivert, _m._ green woodpecker.
pivoine, _f._ peony.
place, _f._ place, square, position, stronghold, room; sur --,
on the spot; -- forte, stronghold; faire -- a, to make way
for; -- d'Armes, parade-ground.
placer, _v._ to place.
placide, _adj._ placid.
plafond, _m._ ceiling.
plage, _f._ shore, beach.
plaie, _f._ wound, gare.
plaindre, _v._ to pity; se -- de; complain of, lament.
plaine, _f._ plain.
plainte, _f._ complaint, wail.
plaire, _v._ to please; plut a Dieu, would to God; se --, be
pleased; s'il vous plait, if you please; plaisant, -e, _adj.
and s._ pleasing, pleasant, joker; mauvais plaisant, sorry or
practical joker, joker.
plaisanter, _v._ to joke, jest.
plaisanterie, _f._ joke.
plaisir, _m._ pleasure.
plan, _m._ plan, plane.
planche, _f._ plank, board, skinny woman (slang in last sense).
plancher, _m._ floor.
planer, _v._ to goal.
plante, _f._ plant.
planter, _v._ to plant, place, fix; -- la, plant there, give
the slip to, leave in the lurch.
plaque, _f._ tablet, metal badge.
plat, _m._ dish.
plat, -e, _adj._ flat.
platane, _m._ plane-tree.
plateau, _m._ platter.
plate-bande, _f._ border (of a flower-bed, etc.).
plate-forme, _f._ platform.
platras, _m._ old plaster, rubbish.
platre, _m._ plaster.
plebeien, -ne, _adj. and s._ plebeian.
plein, -e, _adj._ full, open (air, field, door, etc.); en --,
in the middle or midst of, completely, all; en pleine figure, right
in the face; en -- decembre, in the middle of December; a pleins
cheveux, right by the hair; a pleine bouche, with mouth wide
open, lapping up without using the hands.
pleinement, _adv._ fully.
pleurer, _v._ to weep, weep for; -- a chaudes larmes, to shed
hot tears.
pli, _m._ fold, bend, plait, depression, hollow, elevation.
pliable, _adj._ pliable, flexible.
pliant, _m._ folding-chair, camp-stool.
plier, _v._ to fold, bend.
plisser, _v._ to plait, crease, wrinkle.
plomb, _m._ lead (_b_ not pronounced).
plombe, -e, _adj._ leaden, livid.
plongeon, _m._ plunge, dive, dipping, dip.
plonger, _v._ to plunge, dive, throw or stick in.
pluie, _f._ rain.
plume, _f._ feather, pen; -- a l'oreille, pen over the ear.
plus, _adv._ more, in addition, some more, plus, no more; le
--, most; -- ... --, the more...the more; ne ... --, no
longer, never more; non --, either; de --, in addition, more;
de -- en --, more and more; de -- ou de moins, more or less
(when = "sldquo;some more" or "pldquo;plus" or when emphatic, _s_ is pronounced).
plusieurs, _adj., pl._ several.
plutot, _adv._ rather, sooner.
poche, _f._ pocket.
poele, _m._ stove; _f._ frying-pan (_oe_ in this and in the next
word is pronounced as _oi_ in poil).
poelee, _f._ panful.
poeme, _m._ poem.
poesie, _f._ poetry, poesy, poem.
poete, _m._ poet; adjectively: poetic.
poetiquement, _adv._ poetically.
poids, _m._ weight.
poignee, _f._ handful, hilt.
poignet, _m._ wrist.
poil, _m._ hair (usually of the body or of an animal).
poilu, -e, _adj._ hairy.
poindre, _v._ to sting, dawn, rise, appear.
poing, _m._ fist.
point, _m._ point place; en tout --, in every respect;
troubler au dernier --, to disturb in the highest degree.
point, _adv._ not at all; ne ... --, not at all.
pointe, _f._ point, tip; sur la -- du pied, on tiptoe; casque
a --, pointed helmet.
pointer, _v._ to point, aim.
pointu, -e, _adj._ pointed.
poirier, _m._ pear-tree.
poisson, _m._ fish.
Poissy, town on the Seine near Versailles, contains a prison (see context).
poitrine, _f._ breast, chest.
poivre, _m._ pepper.
poix, _f._ pitch; Doigt-de-Poix, Light-fingered.
poli, -e, _adj._ polite, polished.
police, _f._ police.
poliment, _adv._ politely.
polisson, -ne, _adj. and s._ mischievous, naughty, broad (of a
joke), scamp.
politique, _adj. and s._ political; _m._ politician; _f._ politics.
polonais, -e, _adj. and s._ Polish, Pole (written Polonais when
Polyte, abbreviation of Hippolyte.
pomeranien, -ne, _adj._ Pomeranian (of the Prussian province of Pomerania).
pomme, _f._ apple; -- de terre, potato.
pommeau, _m._ pummel.
pommier, _m._ apple-tree.
pompe, _f._ pomp, splendor.
pompe, _f._ pump.
pomper, _v._ to pump.
pompon, _m._ topknot, tuft.
poney, _m._ pony.
pont, _m._ bridge, deck.
ponte, _m._ punter (any player but the banker at faro).
ponter, _v._ to punt (bet against the banker at faro, roulette, etc.).
ponton, _m._ pontoon; -- d'embarquement, floating dock.
populaire, _adj._ popular.
population, _f._ population.
porc, _m._ pig, pork (_c_ is now usually pronounced in this word).
porcelaine, _f._ porcelain.
poreux, -euse, _adj._ porous.
port, _m._ port, wharf.
portail, _m._ portal, large door, front of a church.
porte, _f._ door, gate, doorway, door-sill; assis (debout) sur la
--, seated (standing) on the door-step.
porte-amarre, _m._ apparatus for throwing a cable; fusil --,
rocket-gun, life-rocket.
porte-cigarres, _m._ cigar-case.
portee, _f._ reach, range, shot.
portefeuille, _m._ portfolio, pocket-book.
porter, _v._ to carry, bear, wear, support, contain (information);
se --, be (of the health); qui ne s'en portera pas plus mal,
which will not be any the worse for it; l'un portant l'autre, on an
porteur, _m._ bearer, porter.
portiere, _f._ door-curtain, carriage-door.
portion, _f._ portion, piece.
portrait, _m._ portrait.
pose, _f._ pose.
poser, _v._ to place, put, set down, ask (a question); se --,
be placed, place oneself, alight; pose sur, sitting on (of a bird).
position, _f._ position.
posseder, _v._ to possess, own, have.
possesseur, _m._ possessor, owner.
possession, _f._ possession.
possible, _adj._ possible; au --, most possible.
poste, _f._ post, post-office, mail, mail-coach; chaise de --,
post-chaise; _m._ military post, post, position.
poster, _v._ to post; se --, to be posted or established.
postillon, _m._ postilion.
posture, _f._ posture.
pot, _m._ pot.
potage, _m._ thick soup.
potence, _f._ gallows, gibbet.
pouce, _m._ thumb, inch.
Pouchkine, Pushkin (Alexander), Russian lyric poet, dramatist and
novelist, born in Moscow (1799-1837).
poudre, _f._ powder, dust; en --, powdered.
poudrer, _v._ to powder, sprinkle (powder, dust, money, etc.) on.
poudreux, -euse, _adj._ dusty.
poudroyer, _v._ to be dusty.
pouiller, _v._ to get the lice out of, clean, get into.
poulailler, _m._ chicken-house.
poule, _f._ hen, fowl, chicken; chair de --, goose-flesh.
poulet, _m._ chicken.
poulie, _f._ pulley.
poupee, _f._ doll.
pour, _prep._ for, to, in order to, in regard to; -- que,
_conj._ that, in order that, for; substantively: le -- et le
contre, the pros and cons; -- deux sous, two cents' worth.
pourboire, _m._ tip.
pourpre, _adj. and m._ purple (varying from violet to crimson).
pourquoi, _conj. and adv._ why, why?
pourrir, _v._ to rot.
pourriture, _f._ rot, decay, putrefaction.
poursuite, _f._ pursuit.
poursuivre, _v._ to pursue, follow up, continue, keep.
pourtant, _adv. and conj._ however, nevertheless.
pourvu que, _conj._ provided that.
pousser, _v._ to push, thrust, send forth, exhale, push to or in or
open, utter, urge on, heave, shoot (a bolt), give.
poussiere, _f._ dust.
poussif, -ive, _adj._ short-winded, puffing.
poussin, _m._ young chicken.
pouvoir, _v._ to be able, can, may, be able to do; se --, be
possible; n'en -- plus, be tired out, be utterly exhausted; _m._
pratique, _adj. and f._ practice, practical.
pratiquer, _v._ to practice, frequent, put up, make.
precaution, _f._ precaution.
precedent, -e, _adj._ preceding.
preceder, _v._ to precede.
precieux, -euse, _adj._ precious.
precipitamment, _adv._ precipitately, hurriedly.
precipitation, _f._ precipitation, hurry.
precipiter, _v._ to precipitate, throw; se --, rush forth,
rush forward, rush, throw oneself; precipite, -e, precipitate,
hurried, hasty.
precis, -e, _adj. and m._ precise, summary.
precisement, _adv._ precisely, exactly.
prediction, _f._ prediction.
prefecture, _f._ prefecture (office of the prefect of a department
or of the Prefect of Police in Paris).
preference, _f._ preference.
preferer, _v._ to prefer.
prefet, _m._ prefect (head of a French department or of the police
in Paris).
prejuge, _m._ prejudice, precedent.
prelever, _v._ to levy, take first.
premier, -ere, _adj._ first, greatest; porte du --, second
story door; gravir le --, to be the first to climb (abbreviated: 1er).
prendre, _v._ to take, take on, catch, seize, get, acquire, regard,
make (resolutions, arrangements), assume (an air); se -- a, begin;
s'y --, go about it; -- le galop, take to a gallop; -- a
travers, cut across (country); a tout --, everything
considered; -- a la cruche, to attack or take a drink from the jug.
prenom, _m._ first or Christian name.
preoccupation, _f._ preoccupation.
preoccuper, _v._ to preoccupy.
preparatoire, _adj._ preparatory.
preparer, _v._ to prepare, plan.
pres, _prep._ (with de) _and adv._ near, about to; de --
closely, near at hand; de si --, so closely; a peu --, almost,
presage, _m._ omen.
presager, _v._ to presage, foretoken, forebode.
presence, _f._ presence.
present, -e, _adj. and s._ present, person present; _m._ present,
gift; a --, at present, now.
presenter, _v._ to present.
preservatif, _m._ preservative, protection.
president, _m._ president, presiding judge.
presider, _v._ to preside, preside over.
presque, _adv._ almost.
presqu'ile, _f._ peninsula.
pressentiment, _m._ presentiment.
pressentir, _v._ to have a presentiment, foresee.
presser, _v._ to press, hurry, urge; se --, be in a hurry,
crowd, press, press close; aller d'un pas presse, hurry along;
pressant, -e, pressing, urgent; presse, -e, pressed, in a
hurry, hurried, quick, hasty.
pression, _f._ pressure.
presumer, _v._ to presume, conjecture.
pret, -e, _adj._ ready.
pretendre, _v._ to pretend, claim, lay claim, mean, aspire,
maintain, require, insist on.
pretentieux, -euse, _adj._ pretentious, pompous (_ti_ pronounced as
pretention, _f._ pretension, claim.
preter, _v._ to lend, attribute; -- serment a, swear
allegiance to.
pretexte, _m._ pretext, pretense.
pretoire, _m._ court-room.
pretre, _m._ priest.
preuve, _f._ proof.

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