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Cleveland Past and Present by Maurice Joblin

Part 11 out of 11

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What's this? light bulb idea Many people prefer to read off-line or to print out text and read from the real printed page. Others want to carry documents around with them on their mobile phones and read while they are on the move. We have created .pdf files of all out documents to accommodate all these groups of people. We recommend that you download .pdfs onto your mobile phone when it is connected to a WiFi connection for reading off-line.

Those marked with an asterisk (*) are illustrated with portraits.

*Aiken, S. C.
Adams, S. W.
*Allen, J. W.
*Andrews, S. J.
*Abbey, G. N.
Alcott, Leverett.
Armstrong. W. W.
Blair, John.
Barnett, Melancthon.
Baldwin, Dudley.
Baldwin, Norman C.
*Bradburn, Charles.
Beardsley, D. H.
*Bradley, Alva.
Barr, John.
Bingham, Wm.
Beckwith, T. S.
*Baldwin, E. I.
Brayton, H. F.
*Bolton, Thomas.
Backus, F. T.
*Bishop, J. P.
*Beckwith, D. H.
*Bousfield, John.
*Buhrer, S.
Barnett, James.
Benedict, G. A.
*Bone, J. H. A.
Cutter, Orlando.
*Chapin, H. M.
*Crittenden, N. E.
*Cooke, W. P.
Cobb. J. B.
Colwell, A. G.
*Cannon, A. V.
Childs, O. A.
Coe, S. S.
Coe, C. W.
*Case, Leonard.
*Coffinberry, J. M.
*Collins, W.
*Case, William.
*Crawford, L.
Cross, D. W.
Cassels, J. L.
Castle, W. B.
*Chisholm. H.
*Clark, M. B.
Creighton, W. R.
*Dangler, David A.
*Dodge, H. H.
Dickman, F. J.
Delamater, John
Edwards, Wm.
*Ely, George B.
Errett, Isaac
*Freese, Andrew
*Farmer, James
*Fairbanks, A. W.
Garretson, Hiram
Gordon, W. J.
*Goodrich, W. H.
*Garlick, Theodatus
Green, F. W.
Hilliard, Richard
Hickox, Charles
*Handy, T. P.
Hanna, Robert
Hurlbut, H. B.
*Hoyt, J. M.
*Humiston, R. F.
*Hart, William
*Hussey, J. G.
Haldeman. L.
Hayward, W. H.
*Johnson, Levi
*Jenness, B. W.
*Johnson, S. W.
*Jones, James M.
*Kelley, Alfred
*Kelly, Moses
*Kirtland, J. P.
Lyon, Richard T.
Lester, S. F.
Long, David
Lowman, Jacob
Merwin, Noble H.
*Mygatt, George
Morgan, E. P.
*McDermott, James
*Martin, John
*Morris, David
*Myers, R. P.
McNairy, A. C.
Morley, J. H.
*Newberry, J. S.
Otis, William A.
Otis, W. S. C.
Other Military Men
Perkins, Joseph
*Peck, E. M.
*Palmer, C. W.
*Perkins, Jacob
Philpot, William
*Price, W. I.
*Quayle, Thomas
*Robison, J. P.
Raymond, S.
Redington, J. A.
Ranney, R. P.
*Rice, Harvey
*Rhodes, D. P.
Rouse, Benjamin
Rockefeller, J. D.
Scovill, Philo
Scranton, Joel
*Sheldon, S. H.
Sackett, Alexander
Scott, M. B.
*Sims, Elias
Severance, J. L.
*Sanford, D.
Strong, S. M.
Starkweather, Samuel
*Sherman, C. T.
*Spalding, R. P.
*Smyth, Anson
*Stone, Amasa, Jr.
*Streator, W. S.
*Seelye, T. T.
*Stone, A. B.
*Scofield, W. C.
*Stager, Anson
*Stevens, H. S.
Scowden, T. R.
*Sargent, J. H.
Townsend, Amos
Tilden, D. R.
Thome, J. A.
*Thatcher, Peter
Weddell, P. M.
Winslow, Richard
White, Moses
Walton, T. A.
*Worthington, George
Wick, Henry
Warner, J. F.
Wood, Reuben
Willey, John W.
*Willson, H. V.
*Witt, Stillman
Woolson, C. J.
Westlake, G.
*Wilson, W. G.
*Wade, J. H.
*Whittlesey, C.
Younglove, M. C.

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