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Charles Philip Yorke, Fourth Earl of Hardwicke, Vice-Admiral R.N. by Lady Biddulph of Ledbury

Part 5 out of 5

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at Malta
visits Lord Byron
the 'Green Bag,'
at Smyrna
massacre at Psara
visit to Pasha
opinion of the Greek Committee
visit to Ali Bey at Magnesia
Malta again
visits Lady Hester Stanhope
account of Tyre
goes to Alexandria and Cairo
holiday in Sweden and Norway: Kiel
Gottenborg, incident at
the Storthing
dinner with Bernadotte
the Doverfeld
Diet at Stockholm
conversation with Bernadotte
desire for active service
returns to Mediterranean in _Alligator_
diplomatic duties in connection with Greek settlement
chases pirate Macri Georgio
proceeds to Crete
grief at leaving _Alligator_
voyage home; Reform question
Sir Joseph Yorke's death
his last letter
elected M.P. for Reigate
for Cambridgeshire
succeeds to Earldom
country gentleman
President of the Agricultural Society
attends on King of Prussia
visit to
fire at Hamburg
Berlin and Sans Souci
goes with King to Court of St. Petersburg, Dantzig
impressions of Emperor of Russia
and Russian Royal Family
Peterhof and Court life at St. Petersburg
review of military cadets
takes leave of Emperor
at Erdmansdorf with King of Prussia
and Konigsberg
Dresden pictures
Dresden fair
Sans Souci
attends Emperor of Russia in England
the Queen and Prince Consort visit Wimpole
Her Majesty's opinion of him
Wimpole cheese for King Louis Philippe
correspondence with Sir R. Peel
attitude on repeal of Corn Laws
resigns Court appointment
relations with Mr. Disraeli
wish for naval employment
Mr. Croker's opinion
appointed to command the _Vengeance_ under Sir W. Parker;
ordered to Leghorn
his instructions
at Genoa
letters to Lady Hardwicke describing his action during the
Genoese crisis
letters commending his conduct in having saved Genoa from
pillage and ruin from La Marmora, Syndic of Genoa, Sir
W. Parker, Lord Palmerston, &c.
but official approval somewhat grudging
joins Lord Derby's Cabinet as Postmaster-General
applies for command in the Baltic under Sir C. Napier
controversy with Sir James Graham
Lord Privy Seal in Lord Derby's second Cabinet
Chairman of Royal Commission on manning of the Navy
King of Italy's medal
life at Wimpole
evening amusements and society
music and theatricals
estate work
improvements at Wimpole
death of Hon. Victor Yorke
marriage of Hon. Eliot Yorke
his own illness and death at Sydney Lodge
Hardwicke, seventh Earl of
------Countess of, Margaret. See Cocks.
------Countess of, Susan. See Liddell.
Hotham, Sir H.
Hypsilantes, Prince Alexander

Independence, War of
Ismail Pacha
Italian unity, movement for

Karabusa in Crete
Keppel, Admiral

La Marmora, General

Liddell, Hon. Susan (Countess of Hardwicke)
Liverpool, Earl of

Maitland, Sir T.
Mansfield, Lord
Mecklenburg Schwerin, Duke of
Mehemet Ali
Melbourne, Viscount
Miaoulis, Admiral
Milne, Sir D.
Morden, Barony

Napier, Sir C.
Nelson, Lord
Newcastle, Duke of
Nore, mutiny at the
Normanby, Marquis of
Novara, battle of

Odysseus, the Chief
Otho, King
Oxford, Harley, Earls of

Palmerston, Viscount
Parker, Sir W.
Peel, Sir R.
Perceval, Rt. Hon. Spencer
Pitt, William (Lord Chatham)
Pitt, William
Prince Consort
Prussia, King of

Rattray, Elizabeth Weake (Lady Yorke)
Reform Bill
Rockingham, Lord
Rodney, Lord
Rothschild, Sir A. and Lady de
Royston, Lord
Russell, Lord John
Russia, Emperor of (Nicholas I)

Sadowa, battle of
St. Germans, Countess of
Schetky, John Christian
Somers, Lord Chancellor
Stanhope, Lady Hester
Stanhope, Col. Leicester
Stanislas, King of Poland
Stanley, Lord. See Earl of Derby
Sydney Lodge

Taylor, Tom
Trevelyan, Sir George's 'Life of Fox'

Victor, Emmanuel I
Victor, Emmanuel II
Victoria, Queen

Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester
Watson, Dr.
Wellington, Duke of
Wilkes, John
Wilmot, Lord Justice

Yorke, Lady Agneta
------Agneta (Hon. Mrs. Charles)
------Hon. Alexander G.
------Hon. Charles (second Chancellor)
------Rt. Hon. Charles Philip, M.P.
------Hon. Eliot
------Lady Elizabeth
------Hon. Grantham (Dean of Worcester)
------James, Bishop of Ely
------Hon. John
------Hon. Sir Joseph (Lord Dover)
------Admiral Sir Joseph Sydney, K.C.B.
------Hon. Victor A.
Yorkes of Forthampton
------of Hannington

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