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American Prisoners of the Revolution by Danske Dandridge

Part 9 out of 11

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Joel Hubbard
Moses Hubbard
William Hubbard
Abel Hubbell
William Huddle
John Hudman
Fawrons Hudson
John Hudson
Phineas Hudson
John Huet
Conrad Huffman
Stephen Huggand
John Huggins
Abraham Hughes
Felix Hughes
Greenberry Hughes
Greenord Hughes
Jesse Hughes
John Hughes
Peter Hughes
Thomas Hughes
Pierre Hujuon
Richard Humphrey
Clement Humphries
W W Humphries
Ephraim Hunn
Cephas Hunt
John Hunt (2)
Robert Hunt
Alexander Hunter
Ezekiel Hunter
George Hunter
Robert Hunter
Turtle Hunter
Rechariah Hunter
Elisha Huntington
Joseph Harand
Benjamin Hurd
Joseph Hurd
Simon Hurd
Asa Hurlbut
George Husband
John Husband
Negro Huson
Charles Huss
Isaac Huss
Jesse Hussey
James Huston
Zechariah Hutchins
Esau Hutchinson
John Hutchison
Abraham Smith Hyde
Vincent Hyer


Joseph Ignacis
Ivede Sousis Illiumbe
Benjamin Indecot
Isaac Indegon
John Ingersall
Henry Ingersoll (2)
John Ingraham
Joseph Ingraham
Joshua Ingraham
Philip Ignissita
Joseph Irasetto
David Ireland
James Ireland
Joseph Ireland
Michael Irvin
George Irwin
Michael Irwin
Isaac Isaacs
George Ismay
Gospar Israel
James Ivans
John Ivington
Francis D Izoguirre


Michael Jacen
Black Jack
John Jack (2)
John Jacks (2)
Frederick Jacks (2)
George Jacks (2)
Henry Jacks
John Jacks
John Jackson
James Jackson
Josiah Jackson
Nathaniel Jackson
Peter Jackson
Robert Jackson
Jean Jacobs
Bella Jacobs
Joseph Jacobs
Wilson Jacobs
Andrew Jacobus
Guitman Jacques
Guitner Jacques
Lewis Jacques
Peter Jadan
John Jaikes
Benjamin James
John James (2)
Ryan James
William James
Daniel Jamison
Josiah Janes
Jean Jardin
Francis Jarnan
Edward Jarvis
Petuna Jarvis
Negro Jask
John Jassey
Francis Jatiel
Clement Jean
Joseph Jean
William Jean
Benjamin Jeanesary
Roswell Jeffers
Samuel Jeffers
James Jeffrey
John Jeffries
Joseph Jeffries
Philip Jeffries
George Jemrey
Pierre Jengoux
David Jenkin
Enoch Jenkins
George Jenkins
Solomon Jenkins
George Jenney
John Jenney
Langdon Jenney
Langhorn Jenney
Nathaniel Jennings
Thomas Jennings
William Jennings
John Jenny
Langhorn Jenny
Frances Jerun
Abel Jesbank
Oliver Jethsam
Germain Jeune
Silas Jiles
Nathan Jinks
Moses Jinney
Verd Joamra
Manuel Joaquire
Robert Job
---- Joe
Thomas Joel
Elias Johnson (2)
Francis Johnson
George Johnson
James Johnson (3)
John Johnson (3)
Joseph Johnson
Major Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Stephen Johnson
William Johnson (8)
Ebenezer Johnston
Edward Johnston
George Johnston
John Johnston (2)
Joseph Johnston
Major Johnston
Michael Johnston
Miller Johnston
Paul Johnston
Peter Johnston
Robert Johnston (3)
Samuel Johnston
Simon Johnston
Stephen Johnston
William Johnston (8)
William B. Johnston
James Johnstone
John Joie
Thomas Joil
Adam Jolt
---- Joan
Benjamin Jonas
Abraham Jones
Alexander Jones
Benjamin Jones (3)
Beal Jones
Clayton Jones
Darl Jones
Edward Jones (2)
James Jones
Jib Jones
John Jones (7)
Thomas Jones (2)
Richard Jones (2)
Samuel Jones (3)
William Jones (10)
Jean Jordan
John Jordan
Philip Jordan
Nicholas Jordon (2)
Anthony Joseph
Antonio Joseph
Emanuel Joseph
Thomas Joseph
William Joslitt
Antonio Jouest
Thomas Joulet
Jean Jourdana
Mousa Jousegh
Jean Jowe
Thomas Jowe
Curtis Joy
Josiah Joy
Peter Joy (2)
Samuel Joy
Samuel Joyce
Conrad Joycelin
Randon Jucba
Manuel Joseph Jucerria
Peter Julian
Henry Junas
Henry Junus (2)
Jacques Jurdant
George Juster
Samuel Justice
Simeon Justive
George Justus
Philip Justus


Mark Kadoody
Jonn Kam
Lewis Kale
Barney Kane
Edward Kane
John Kane
Patrick Kane
Thomas Kane
Sprague Kean
Thomas Kean
Nathaniel Keard
William Keary
Tuson Keath
Daniel Keaton
Samuel Kelbey
Samuel Kelby
John Keller
Abner Kelley
John Kelley (5)
Michael Kelley (2)
Oliver Kelley
Patrick Kelley
Samuel Kelley
William Kelley
Roy Kellrey
Abner Kelly (2)
Hugh Kelly
James Kelly
John Kelly
Roger Kelly
Seth Kelly
Timothy Kelly
Nehemiah Kelivan
Olgas Kilter
William Kemplin
Simon Kenim
Charles Kenneday
James Kenneday
Jonathan Kenneday
Nathaniel Kenneday
Robert Kenneday (2)
Thomas Kenneday
William Kenneday (2)
David Kennedy
James Kennedy
John Kenney (2)
William Kensey
Elisha Kenyon
Joson Ker
John Kerril
William Kersey (2)
Edward Ketcham
Samuel Ketcham
William Keyborn
Anthony Keys
John Keys
Michael Keys
Jean Kiblano
James Kickson
George Kidd
John Kidd
James Kidney
Manuel Kidtona
Thomas Kilbourne
John Kilby
Lewis Kildare
John Kilfundy
Samuel Killen
William Killenhouse
Samuel Killer
Charles Killis
Gustavus Killman
Daniel Kilray
John Kilts
Nathaniel Kimberell
Charles King
Gilbert King
Jonathan King
John King (4)
Joseph King (4)
Michael King
Richard King
William King
Nathaniel Kingsbury
William Kingsley
Samuel Kinney
Josiah Kinsland
Benjamin Kinsman
Charles Kirby
John Kirk
William Kirk
Jacob Kisler
Edward Kitchen
John Kitler
Ebenezer Knapp
James Knapp
Benjamin Knight (2)
Job Knight
Reuben Knight
Thomas Knight (2)
James Knowles (2)
Nathaniel Knowles
James Knowls
Edward Knowlton
William Knowlton
Jeremiah Knox (2)
John Knox
Ezekiel Kuthoopen
Louis Kyer


Basil Laban
Pierre Labon
Francois Labone
Deman Labordas
Fortne Laborde
Frederick Laborde
Anton Laca
Michael La Casawyne
John Lack
Christopher Lacon
Oliver Lacope
Guilham La Coque
Anthony Lafart
Dennis Lafferty
Pierre La Fille
Anthony Lagarvet
Jeff Laggolf
Samuel Laighton
Thomas Laigue
Peter Lain
Christopher Laird (3)
John Laird (2)
Simon Lake
Thomas Lake
Nathan Lakeman
Thomas Laley
Samson Lalley
John Lalour
David Lamb
William Lamb
Pierre Lambert
Richard Lambert (2)
Cayelland Lambra
Thomas Lambuda
Evena Lame
Thomas Lame
Jean Lameari
Michael Lameova
Alexander Lamere (2)
Roque Lamie
Henry Land
Stephen Landart
George Landon
Peter Landon
William Lane
John Langdon
Jonathan Langer
Darius Langford
William Langford
John Langler
Obadiah Langley
Thomas Langley (2)
James Langlord
Joseph Langola
Andrew Langolle
Thomas Langstaff
Franes Langum
Francois Lan Hubere
Samuel Lanman
Nicholas Lanmand
William Lanvath
David Lapham
Bundirk Laplaine
Joseph La Plan
James Lapthorn
Pierre Laquise
Francis Larada
Matthew La Raison
Charles Larbys
Thomas Larkin
James Larkins
Gillian Laroache
Bundirk Larplairne
Pierre Larquan
Benjamin Larrick
Lewis Larsolan
Guillemot Lascope
Julian Lascope
Joseph Laselieve
John Lasheity
William Lasken
Jachery Lasoca
David Lassan
Michael Lassly
Pierre Lastio
David Latham
Edward Latham
James Latham
Thomas Latham
Elisha Lathrop
John Lathrop
Hezekiah Lathrop
Solomon Lathrop
James Latover
Lorenzo Lattam
Peter Lattimer
Thomas Lattimer
William Lattimer
William Lattimore
Frederick Lasker
William Lathmore
Samuel Laura
John Laureny
Homer Laury
Michael Lased
Daniel Lavet
Pierre Lavigne
Michael Lavona
Ezekiel Law (2)
John Law
Richard Law
Thomas Law
Michael Lawbridge
Thomas Lawrance
Antonio Lawrence
Isaac Lawrence
James Lawrence
John Lawrence (2)
Joseph Lawrence
Michael Lawrence
Robert Lawrence
Samuel Lawrence (3)
Thomas Lawrence
William Lawrence (2)
John Lawrie
Andrew Lawson
Joseph Lawson
Joseph Lawton
Edward Lay
Lenolen Layfield
William Layne
John Layons
Colsie Layton
Jessie Layton
Anthonv Layzar
Ezekiel Leach
Thomas Leach (3)
William Leach
William Leachs
John Leafeat
Cornelius Leary
John Leasear
John Leatherby
Louis Leblanc
Philip Le Caq
William Le Cose
Baptist Le Cour
Benjamin Lecraft
Joseph Lecree
Aaron Lee
Adam Lee
David Lee
Henry Lee
James Lee
John Lee
Josiah Lee
Peter Lee
Richard Lee (3)
Stephen Lee
Thomas Lee (3)
James Leech
John Leech (2)
George Leechman
Jack Leeme
Joseph Leera
Jean Lefant
---- Le Fargue
Michael Lefen
Samuel Le Fever
Nathaniel Le Fevere
Alexander Le Fongue
Jean Le Ford
Hezekiah Legrange
Thomas Legrange
Joseph Legro
Samuel Legro
George Lehman
Gerge Lehman
George Leish
Jacob Lelande
Jeremiah Leman
John Lemee
Rothe Lemee
Abraham Lemon
Peter Lernonas
Pierre Lemons
John Lemont
Powell Lemosk
John Lemot
James Lenard
Joseph Lenard
John Lenham
Tuft Lenock
Joseph Lenoze
John Leonard
Simon Leonard
Louis Le Pach
Joshua Le Poore
Pierre Le Port
Francis Lepord
Pierre Lepord
Pierre Lerandier
Jean Le Rean
Joseph Peccanti Lescimia
John Lessington
John Lessell
Christian Lester
Henry Lester
Lion Lesteren
Ezekiel Letts (2)
James Leuard
Anthony Levanden
Thomas Leverett
John Leversey
Joseph Levett
Nathaniel Levi
Bineva Levzie
Jean Baptiste Leynac
Nicholas L'Herox
Pierre Liar
John Lidman
George Lichmond
Charles Liekerada
Charles Liekeradan
Louis Light
John Lightwell
Homer Ligond
Joseph Lilihorn
Jonathan Lillabridge
Joseph Lillehorn
Thomas Lilliabridge
Armistead Lillie
John Lilling
John Limberick
Christopher Limbourne (2)
Lewis Lincoln
Samuel Lindsay
James Lindsey
Matthew Lindsley
William Lindsley
Lamb Lines
Charles Linn
Lewis Linot
Richard Linthorn
Nicholas Linva
Samuel Linzey
William Linzey
Jesse Lipp
Henry Lisby
Francis Little
George Little
John Little (3)
Philip Little
Thomas Little
Thomas Littlejohn
William Littleton
Thomas Livet
Licomi Lizarn
James Lloyd
Simon Lloyd
William Lloyd
Lones Lochare
John Logan
Patrick Logard
Eve Logoff
Samuel Lombard
John London
Richard London
Adam Lone
Christian Long
Enoch Long
Jeremiah Long
William Long
Martin Longue
Emanuel Loper
Joseph Lopez
Daniel Loran
John Lorand
Nathaniel Lord
William Loreman
Francis Loring
John Lort
Thomas Lorton
Jean Lossett
William Lott
David Louis
John Love (2)
Stephen Love
Thomas Love
John Loveberry
William Loverin
James Lovett
Thomas Lovett (2)
James Low
William Low
John Lowe
Abner Lowell (2)
Israel Lowell
Jonathan Lowell
John Lowering
Jacob Lowerre
Robert Lowerre (2)
Robert Lowerry
John Lowery
Philip Lowett
John Lowring
Pierre Lozalie
Jacques Lubard
James Lucas
Lucian Lucas
Jean Lucie
William Lucker
William Luckey (2)
W. Ludds
Samuel Luder
David Ludwith
Peter Lumbard
Francois Lumbrick
Joseph Lunt (3)
Skipper Lunt
Philip Lute
Nehemiah Luther
Reuben Luther
Benjamin Luyster
Augustin Luzard
Alexander Lyelar
Charles Lyle
Witsby Linbick
Jean Lynton
Peter Lyon
Samuel Lyon
Archibald Lyons
Daniel Lyons
Ephraim Lyons
Ezekiel Lyons
Jonathan Lyons
Samuel Lyons


Jean Franco Mabugera
John Macay
Nicholas McCant
John Mace
Anthony Macguire
Pierre Marker
William Macgneol
Romulus Mackroy
John Madding (2)
Peter Madding
Peter Maggot
John Maginon
Stringe Mahlan
Peter Mahrin
Jean Maikser
William Main
Joseph Mainwright
Simon Majo
Pierre Malaque
John Maleon
Lewis Malcom
Maurice Malcom
John Male
William Malen
Francis Maler
Matthew Malkellan
Enoch Mall
Daniel Malleby
Thomas Malleby
Frederick Malleneux
John Mallet
Daniel Mallory
John Malone
Paul Malory
Thomas Makend
Nathaniel Mamford
---- Mamney
Peter Manaford
Josiah Manars
John Manchester
Silas Manchester
Thaddeus Manchester
Edward Mand
Edward Manda
Jonathan Mandevineur
Sylvester Manein
Pierre Maneit
Etien Manett
George Manett
George Mangoose
John Manhee
William Manilla
Anthony Mankan
Jacob Manlore
William Manlove
John Manly
James Mann
John Manor
Isaac Mans
Benjamin Mansfield
Hemas Mansfield
William Mansfield
Joseph Mantsea
Jonathan Maples
Jean Mapson
Auree Marand
---- Marbinnea
Mary Marblyn
Etom Marcais
James Marcey
Jean Margabta
Jean Marguie
Timothy Mariarty
John Mariner (2)
Hercules Mariner (2)
Elias Markham
Thomas Marle
James Marley
Jean Marlgan
Francis Marmilla
David Marney
James Marriott
Zachary Marrall
William Marran
James Marriott
Alexander Marse
Jarnes Marsh
Benjamin Marshall
James Marshall
John Marshall
Joseph Marshall
Samuel Marshall
Thomas Marshall
Timothy Marson
Thomas Marston
Adam Martellus
Antonio Marti
Ananias Martin
Damon Martin
Daniel Martin
Daniel F. Martin
Emanuel Martin
Embey Martin
Francis Martin
George Martin
Gilow Martin
Jacob Martin
James Martin
Jesse Martin
John Martin (4)
Joseph Martin (3)
Lewis Martin
Martin Martin
Michael Martin
Peter Martin
Philip Martin
Samuel Martin (2)
Simon Martin
Thomas Martin (2)
William Martin (3)
Jose Martine (2)
Thomas Martine
Pierre Martinett
Philip Marting
Martin Martins
Oliver Marton
John Marton
Baptist Marvellon
Anthony Marwin
Andrew Masar
Thomas Mash
Matthew Maskillon
Thomas Masley
Jean Maso
Augustus Mason
Francis Mason
Gerard B. Mason
Halbert Mason
James Mason
Louis Mason
Charles Massaa
James Massey
James Maston
Pierre Mathamice
James Mathes
Jeffrey Mathews
John Mathews
Joseph Mathews (2)
Josiah Mathews
Richard Mathews (2)
Robert Mathews
Thomas Mathews
William Mathews (2)
Thomas Mathewson
Robert Mathias
Joseph Matre
James Matson
William Matterga
George Matthews
Joseph Matthews
Josiah Matthews
Richard Matthias
Thomas Maun
James Maurice
John Mawdole
Patrick Maxfield
Daniel Maxwell
David Maxwell
George Maxwell
James Maxwell (6)
John Maxwell (3)
William Maxwell (5)
George May
John Maye (3)
John Maygehan
Pierre Maywer (3)
Parick McAllister
Charles McArthur
John McArthur
Peter McCalpan
Nathaniel McCampsey
William McCanery
Edward McCann
Daniel McCape (2)
Andrew McCarty
Cornelius McCarty
William McCarty
John M. McCash
Francis McClain
James McClanagan
Daniel McClary
Henry McCleaf
Patrick McClemens
John McClesh
Patrick McCloskey
Murphy McCloud
Peter McCloud
James McClure
William McClure
Johnston McCollister
James McComb
Paul McCome
James McConnell
Hugh McCormac
James McCormick
William McCowan
Donald McCoy
George McCoy
Peter McCoy
Samuel McCoy
John McCrady
Gilbert McCray
John McCray
Roderick McCrea
Patrick McCuila
Francis McCullam
William McCullock
Daniel McCullough
William McCullough
Patrick McCullum
Caleb McCully
Archibald McCunn
James McDaniel (3)
John McDaniel
John McDavid
William McDermott
Alexander McDonald
Donald McDonald
John McDonald
Petre McDonald
William McDonald (2)
Patrick McDonough (2)
William McDougall
Ebenezer McEntire
John McEvan
John McFaggins
James McFall
Bradford McFarlan
Daniel McFarland
William McFarland (2)
Bradford McFarling
Bushford McFarling
John McFamon
William McGandy
John McGee (2)
Andrew McGelpin (3)
James McGeer
John McGey (3)
Arthur McGill
James McGill
Henry McGinness
James McGinniss
John McGoggin
Robert McGonnegray
James McGowan
John McGoy
Barnaby McHenry
Duncan Mclntire
Patrick McKay
Matthew McKellum
Barnaby McKenry
John McKensie
Thomas McKeon
Patrick McKey
James McKinney (2)
John McKinsey
George McKinsle
William McKinsley
Benjamin McLachlan
Edward McLain
Lewis McLain
Philip McLaughlin
Daniel McLayne
James McMichael
Philip McMonough
Francis McName
John McNauch
Archibald McNeal
John McNeal
James McNeil
William McNeil
John McNish
Molcolm McPherman
William McQueen
Charles McQuillian
Samuel McWaters
Samuel Mecury
John Medaff
John Mede
Joshua Medisabel
Joseph Meack
John Meak
Usell Meechen
Abraham Meek
Joseph Meek
Timothy Meek
John Mego
Springale Meins
William Melch
Joseph Mellins
Harvey Mellville
William Melone
Adam Meltward
George Melvin
Lewis Meneal
John Menelick
Jean Baptist Menlich
William Mellwood
John Mercaten
James Mercer
Robert Mercer (2)
Jean Merchant (2)
John Merchant
Peter Merchant
William Merchant
John Merchaud
Sylvester Mercy
Bistin Mereff
Jean Meritwell
Francis Merlin
John Merlin
Augustus Merrick
John Merrick
Joseph Merrick
Samuel Merrick
Nimrod Merrill
John Merritt
John Merry
John Mersean
Clifton Merser
John Mersey
Abner Mersick
William Messdone
Thomas Messell
George Messingburg
George Messmong
Thomas Metsard
Job Meyrick
Roger Mickey
Thomas Migill
James Migley
Jean Milcher
John Miles (2)
Segur Miles
Thomas Miles
Timothy Miles
George Mildred
James Millbown
Robert Millburn
John Millen
Christopher Miller
David Miller
Ebenezer Miller
Elijah Miller (2)
George Miller
Jacob Miller
John Miller (3)
John James Miller
Jonathan Miller
Michael Miller
Peter Miller
Samuel Miller (2)
William Miller (2)
Maurice Millet
Thomas Millet
Francis Mills
John Mills (2)
William Mills
Dirk Miners
John Mink
Renard Mink
Lawrence Minnharm
Arnold Minow
Kiele Mires
Koel Mires
Anthony Mitchell
Benjamin Mitchell
James Mitchell
Jean Mitchell
John Mitchell (2)
Joseph Mitchell
David P. Mite
Elijah Mix
Joseph Mix
Paul Mix
James Moet
William Moffat
David Moffet
Emanuel Moguera
Peter Moizan
Joseph Molisan
Alexander Molla
Mark Mollian
Ethkin Mollinas
Bartholomew Molling
Daniel Mollond
James Molloy
John Molny
Gilman Molose
Enoch Molton
George Molton
Isaac Money
Perry Mongender
William Monrass
James Monro
Abraham Monroe
John Monroe
Thomas Monroe
David Montague
Norman Montague
William Montague
Lewis Montaire
Matthew Morgan
Francis Montesdague
George Montgomery (2)
James Montgomery (3)
John Montgomery (2)
James Moody
Silas Moody
Hugh Mooney
Abraham Moore (2)
Adam Moore
Frederick Moore
Henry Moore
Israel Moore
James Moore
John Moore (2)
Joseph Moore
Nathaniel Moore
Patrick Moore
Ralph Moore
Richard Moore
Samuel Moore
Stephen Moore
Thomas Moore (6)
Wardman Moore
William Moore (6)
Charles Moosey
John Mooton
Acri Morana
John Morant
Adam Morare
John Baptist Moraw
W. Morce
Gilmot Morea
Toby Morean
Joseph Morehand
Abel Morehouse (2)
Grosseo Moreo
Jonathan Morey
Lewis Morey
Louis Morey
Abel Morgan
Henry Morgan
John Morgan (3)
Joseph Morgan
Matthew Morgan
John Moride
Edward Moritz
William Morein
James Morley
John Morrell
Osborne Morrell
Robert Morrell (3)
Francis Morrice
Andrew Morris (2)
Daniel Morris
David Morris
Easins Morris
Edward Morris
Foster Morris
Gouverneur Morris
John Morris (3)
Matthew Morris
Philip Morris
Robert Morris
W Morris
William Morris
Hugh Morrisin
James Morrison
Murdock Morrison
Norman Morrison
Samuel Morrison
Richard Morse
Sheren Morselander
William Morselander
Benjamin Mortimer
Robert Mortimer (2)
Abner Morton (2)
George Morton
James Morton
Philip Morton (2)
Robert Morton
Samuel Morton
Philip Mortong
Simon Morzin
Negro Moses
Daniel Mosiah
Sharon Moslander
William Moslander
John Moss (2)
Alexander Motley
William Motley
Elkinar Mothe
Enoch Motion
Benjamin Motte
Francis Moucan
Jean Moucan
George Moulton
John Moulton
Richard Mount
John Muanbet
Hezekiah Muck
Jacob Muckleroy
Philip Muckleroy (2)
Jacob Mullen
Eleme Mullent
Jean Muller
Leonard Muller
Robert Muller
Abraham Mullet
Jonathan Mullin
Leonard Mullin
Jonathan Mullin
Robert Mullin
William Mullin
Edward Mulloy (2)
Francis Mulloy
Richard Mumford
Timothy Mumford
Michael Mungen
John Mungon
John Munro
Henry Munrow
Royal Munrow
Thomas Munthbowk
Hosea Munul
James Murdock (2)
John Murdock
Peter Murlow
Daniel Murphy (2)
John Murphy
Nicholas Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Thomas Murphy (2)
Bryan Murray
Charles Murray
Daniel Murray (2)
John Murray (4)
Silas Murray
Thomas Murray
William Murray
Antonio Murria (2)
David Murrow
John Murrow
Samuel Murrow
Adam Murtilus
Richard Murus
Antonio Musqui
Ebenezer Mutter
Jean Myatt
Adam Myers (2)
George Myles
Henry Myres


Ebenezer Nabb
Dippen Nack
Archibald Nailer
Thomas Nandiva
Hosea Nandus
Richard Nash
Jean Natalt
Benjamin Nathan
Joseph Nathan
John Nathey (2)
Nathaniel Naval
Simon Navane
Francis Navas
Pierre Navey
David Neal (2)
George Neal
William Nealson
Ebenezer Neating
Gideon Necar
Joseph Negbel
Michael Negg
John Negis
James Neglee
Frank Negroe
James Negroe
James Negus
Thomas Negus
Abraham Neilson
Alexander Neilson
James Neilson
Joseph Neilson
Alexander Nelson
Andrew Nelson
John Nelson (2)
Joseph Nelson
Thomas Nelson (2)
William Nelson
Thomas Nesbitt
Bartholomew Nestora
Francis Neville
Jean Neville
Michael Neville
Ebenezer Newall
Sucreason Newall
William Neward
Elisha Newbury
Andrew Newcomb
John Newcomb
Andrew Newell
Amos Newell
Joseph Newell
Nathaniel Newell
Robert Newell
Nicholas Newgal
Joseph Newhall
Joseph Newille
Francis Newman
Moses Newman
Nathaniel Newman
Samuel Newman
Thomas Newman (4)
Adam Newton (2)
John Newton
William Newton
Adam Newtown
William Newtown
John Niester
James Nigley
Richard Nich
Thomas Nicher
Martin Nichets
Richard Nicholas
Allen Nichols
George Nichols
James Nichols
John Nichols
Richard Nichols
Alexander Nicholson
George Nicholson
Samuel Nicholson
Thomas Nicholson
George Nicks
Gideon Nigh
William Nightingale
James Nigley
Frank Niles
Robert Nixon
Jean Noblat
Arnox Noble
James Noble
John Mary Noblet
John Nocker
William Noel
William Nore
John Norfleet
Proper Norgand
John Norie
James Norman
John Norman
Joseph Norman
Peter Norman
Joseph Normay
Henry Norris
Anfield North
Daniel Northron
Harris Northrup
William Northrup
Elijah Norton
Jacob Norton
John Norton (3)
Nicholas Norton
Peter Norton
William Norton
Jacques Norva (2)
William Nourse
Nathaniel Nowell
Joseph Noyes
William Nurse
Pierre Nutern
David Nutter (2)
Joseph Nutter
John Nuttin (2)
Ebenezer Nutting
Robert Nyles


Charles Oakford
Solomon Oakley
John Oakman
Israel Oat
Joseph Oates
John Obey (2)
Cornelius O'Brien
Edward O'Brien
John O'Brien
William O'Bryan
Daniel Obourne
Samuel Oderon
Samuel Odiron
Pierre Ogee
John Ogillon
Richard Ogner
Patrick O'Hara
Robert O'Hara
Patrick O'Harra
Daniel Olbro
George Oldham
John Oldsmith
Raymond O'Larra
Devoe Olaya
Zebulon Olaya
Don R. Antonio Olive
Anthony Oliver
James Oliver (5)
Zebulon Oliver
Ebenezer Onsware
Allan Ord
John Ord
John Orgall
Sebastian Orman
Edward Ormunde
William Orr
John Orrock
Emanuel Orseat
Patrick Orsley
John Osborn
Joseph Osbourne
John Oseglass
Stephen Osena
John Osgood
Gabriel Oshire
Jean Oshire
Louis Oshire
John Osman
Henry Oswald
Gregorian Othes
Andre Otine (2)
Samuel Otis
Benjamin Otter
John Oubler
Charles Ousanon
Samuel Ousey
William Ousey
Jay Outon
John Outton
Jonathan Ovans
Samuel Ovell
Vincent Overatt
Samuel Overgorm
Lewis Owal
John Owen
Anthony Owens
Archibald Owens
Barnick Owens
James Owens
John Owens
Samuel Owens


Jean Packet
Abel Paddock
Joseph Paddock
Silas Paddock
Daniel Paddock
Journey Padouan
B. Pain
Jacob Painter
Henry Painter
John Palicut
Daniel Palmer
Elisha Palmer
Gay Palmer
George Palmer
James Palmer
John Palmer
Jonas Palmer
Joshua Palmer
Lemuel Palmer
Matthew Palmer
Moses Palmer
Philip Palmer
William Palmer (4)
Peter Palot
Moses Palot
Nicholas Pamphillion
Emea Panier
Anthony Panks
Joseph Parde
Christopher Pardindes
Jacob Pardley
John Parish
George Park
John Parkard
Thomas Parkard
George L. Parke
Joseph Parkens
Amos Parker
Ebenezer Parker
Edward Parker
George Parker (2)
John Parker (4)
Luther Parker (2)
Peter Parker
Samuel Parker (2)
Thaddeus Parker
Timothy Parker
George Parks
Richard Parks
Thomas Parkson
Joseph Parlot
Thomas Parnell
Jean Parol
Sebastian Parong
Dominick Parpot
Gabriel Parrie
Francis Parshall
James Parsons (3)
Jeremiah Parsons
John Parsons
Joseph Parsons
Samuel Parsons
Stephen Parsons
William Parsons (2)
James Partridge
Roman Pascan
Edmund Paschal
Leroy Pasehall
Richard Pass
William Pass
Israel Patch
Joseph Patrick
David Patridge
Edward Patterson
Hance Patterson
John Patterson (2)
Peter Patterson
W. Patterson
William Patterson
William Paul
Pierre Payatt
James Payne
Josiah Payne
Oliver Payne
Thomas Payne (3)
William Payne (2)
William Payton
John Peacock
Benjamin Peade
Benjamin Peal
Samuel Pealer
William Peals
John Pear
Amos Pearce
Benjamin Pearce
John Pearce
Jonathan Pearce
Edward Pearsol
John Pearson
George Peasood
Elisha Pease
Estrant Pease
Guliel Pechin
Andrew Peck (2)
Benjamin Peck
James Peck
Joseph Peck (2)
Simon Peck
William Peck
Benjamin Pecke
Gardner Peckham
John Peckworth
Zachary Peddlefoot
Solomon Pedgore
Edward Pedlock
Alexander Pees
John Pees
Silas Pegget
Jean Pegit
John Pelit
Pierre Pelit
Samuel Pell
Sebastian Pelle
Jacques Peloneuse
---- Pelrice
Gothard Pelrice
John Pelvert
Amos Pemberton (2)
Thomas Pemberton
William Pemberton
John Pendleton
Sylvester Pendleton (2)
---- Penfield
Peter Penoy
James Penwell
John Baptist Peomond
Alfred Peose
Michael Pepper
Thomas Perall
James Peril
Charles Perinell
Peter Perieu
Charles Perkinell
Charles Perkmell
Jabez Perkins
Jonathan Perkins
Joseph Perkins
William Perkins
Antonio Permanouf
Peter Perons
Peter Perora
Pierre Perout
John Perry
Joseph Perry
Raymond Perry
Richard Perry
William Perry (7)
Manuel Person
Jabez Pervis
Jean Peshire
John Peterkin (2)
Francis Peters
John Peters (2)
Aaron Peterson
Hance Peterson
Joseph Peterson (2)
James Petre
William Pett
Daniel Pettis
Ephraim Pettis
Nathan Pettis
Isaac Pettit
Joseph Antonio Pezes
Thomas Philbrook
John Philip (2)
Joseph Philip
Lewis Philip
Pierre Philip
John Philips
Lewin Philips
Nathan Philips
Thomas Philips
Edward Phillips
John Phillips (2)
Samuel Phillips
James Phimmer
Joseph Phipise
Nathaniel Phippin
Thomas Phippin
Jean Picher
Juan Picko
Pierre Pickolet
Richard Pierce (2)
Stephen Pierce
Jeremiah Pierel
Jean Pierre
Jesse Pierre
Jucah Pierre
Joseph Pierson
Amos Pike
John Pike
George Pill
Joseph Pillion
Truston Pilsbury
John Pimelton
Simeon Pimelton
James Pine (2)
Charles Pinkel
Jonathan Pinkman
Robert Pinkman
Augustus Pion
Henry Pipon
Jean Pisung
Elias Pitchcock
Sele Pitkins
John Pitman
Jonathan Pitman (2)
Thomas Pitt
John Pittman
W. Pitts
Nathaniel Plachores
Elton Planet
Etena Planett
John Platte
William Plemate
Francis Plenty
John Ploughman
Thomas Plunkett
James Plumer
John Plumstead
Thomas Plunkett
Motthew Poble
Henry Pogan
Daniel Poges
Salvador Pogsin
Michael Poinchet
Gilman Poirant
William Poke
John Poland
John Pollard
Peter Pollard
Jonathas Pollin
Elham Poloski
Samuel Polse
William Polse
Charles Pond
Pennell Pond
Peter Pond
Culman Poni
Fancis Ponsard
Hosea Pontar
Joseph Pontesty
Robert Pool
David Poole
Hosea Poole
John Poole
Richard Poole
Robert Poole
Morris Poor
Thomas Poor
Henry Poore
Morris Poore
William Poore
Alexander Pope
John Pope
Etienne Porlacu
Nathaniel Porson
Anthony Port
Charles Porter (3)
David Porter (3)
Edward Porter
Frederick Porter
Howard Porter
John Porter (2)
Thomas Porter
William Porter
Frank Portois
Seren Poseter
Jeremiah Post
Jean Postian
Edward Posture
Thomas Posture
Thomas Poteer
Abijah Potter
Charles Potter
Ephraim Potter
Rufus Potter
Mark Pouchett
Jean Poullain
Mark B Poullam
William Powder
John Powell
Thomas Powell
William Powder
Patrick Power
Richard Powers
Stephen Powers
Nicholas Prande (2)
Benjamin Prate
James Prate
Ebenezer Pratt
Ezra Pratt (2)
Andre Preno
Nathaniel Prentiss
Robert Prentiss
Stanton Prentiss
Andrew Presson
Isaac Presson
Benjamin Prettyman
John Pribble (2)
Edward Price (2)
Joseph Price
Nathaniel Price
Reason Price (2)
Richard Price
Samuel Price
William Price
John Prichard
Jonathan Pride
William Priel
Henry Primm
Edward Primus
Charles Prince
Negro Prince
Nicholas Priston
James Proby
James Proctor
Joseph Proctor
Samuel Proctor
Claud Provost
Paul Provost
John Proud (2)
Joseph Proud
Joseph Prought
Lewis de Pue
James Pullet
Pierre Punce
Peter Purlett
William Purnell
Edward Pursell
Abraham Putnam
Creece Putnam


James Quality (3)
Joseph Quality
Josiah Quality
Samuel Quamer
Thomas Quand
Louis Quelgrise
Duncan Quigg (2)
James Quinch
Samuel Quinn
Charles Quiot
Samuel Quomer


Thomas Race
Antonio Rackalong
Patrick Rafferty
Daniel Raiden
Michael Raingul
Richard Rainham
Thomas Rainiot
George Rambert
Peter Ramlies
Joseph Ramsdale
Abner Ramsden
Jean C. Ran
Benjamin Randall
Charles Randall
Edward Randall
Jesse Randall
Joseph Randall
Nathaniel Randall (2)
Thomas Randall
William Randall (2)
Dolly Randel
Paul Randell
Joseph Randell (2)
Joses Randell
George Randell
Paul Randell
George Randels
Nathaniel Randol
Jean Baptiste Rano
Benjamin Ranshaw
James Rant
Norman Rathbun
Roger Rathbun
Peter Rathburn
Samuel Rathburn
Rogers Rathburne
Peter Rattan
Arthur Rawson
Francis Rawson
James Rawson
Alexander Ray
John Ray
Nathaniel Ray
Nathaniel Raye
George Raymond
James Raymond
William Raymond
William Raymons
Jean Raynor
Benjamin Read
Oliver Reade
Jeremiah Reardon
Lewis Recour
John Red
James Redfield
Edward Redick
Benjamin Redman
Andre Read
Barnard Reed
Christian Reed
Curtis Reed
Eliphaz Reed
George Reed
Jeremiah Reed
Job Reed
John Reed (2)
Jonathan Reed
Joseph Reed
Levi Reed
Thomas Reed (2)
William Reed (2)
John Reef
Nicholas Reen
Thomas Reeves
Jacques Refitter
Julian Regan
Hugh Reid
Jacob Reiton
Jean Remong
Jean Nosta Renan
Louis Renand
John Renean
Pierre Renear
Thomas Renee
Thomas Rennick
Frederick Reno
Jean Renovil
Michael Renow
Jean Reo
Barton Repent
Jean Requal
Jesse Rester
Louis Rewof
Thomas Reynelds
Elisha Reynolds
Nathaniel Reynolds
Richard Reynolds (2)
Thomas Reynolds
Thomas Reyzick
Sylvester Rhodes
Thomas de Ribas
George Ribble
Benjamin Rice
Edward Rice
James Rice
John Rice (2)
Nathaniel Rice
Noah Rice
William Rice
Elisha Rich
Freeman Rich
John Rich
Matthew Rich
Nathan Rich
Benjamin Richard
Diah Richards
Gilbert Richards
James Richards
John Richards
Oliver Richards
Pierre Richards
William Richards
David Richardson
John Richardson
Pierre Richardson
William Richardson
Cussing Richman
Ebenezer Richman
Benjamin Richmond
Seth Richmond
Clement Ricker
John Rickett
Nathaniel Rickman
Lewis Ridden
Isaac Riddler
Lewis Rider
John Riders
John Ridge
John Ridgway
Isaac Ridler
Amos Ridley
Thomas Ridley
David Rieve
Israel Rieves
Jacob Right
James Rigmorse
Joseph Rigo
Henry Riker
R. Riker
James Riley
Philip Riley
Philip Rilly
Pierre Ringurd
John Rion
Daniel Riordan
Paul Ripley
Ramble Ripley
Thomas Ripley
Ebenezer Ritch
John River
Joseph River
Paul Rivers
Thomas Rivers
John Rivington
Joseph Roach
Lawrence Roach
William Roas
Thomas Robb
James Robehaird
Arthur Robert
John Robert
Julian Robert
Aaron Roberts (2)
Edward Roberts

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