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American Prisoners of the Revolution by Danske Dandridge

Part 8 out of 11

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What's this? light bulb idea Many people prefer to read off-line or to print out text and read from the real printed page. Others want to carry documents around with them on their mobile phones and read while they are on the move. We have created .pdf files of all out documents to accommodate all these groups of people. We recommend that you download .pdfs onto your mobile phone when it is connected to a WiFi connection for reading off-line.

Francis Cannon
John Cannon
Joseph Cannon
Samuel Cannon
Jean Canute
Francis Cape
Timothy Cape
Daniel Capnell
William Caransame
Robert Carbury
Juan Fernin Cardends
Joseph Carea
Isaac Carelton
Joseph Carender
Ezekiel Carew
Daniel Carey
John Carey (4)
Joshua Carey
Richard Carey
William Cargall
Joseph Cariviot
Edward Garland
Antonio Carles
William Carles
Jean Carlton
Thomas Carlton
John Carlisle
Justan Carlsrun
Benjamin Carman
Benjamin Carmell
William Carmenell
Edward Carmody
Anthony Carney
Hugh Carney
David Carns
Jean Carolin
Pierre Carowan
John Carpenter
Miles Carpenter
Richards Carpenter
Edward Carr
Isaac Carr
John Carr (2)
Philip Carr
William Carr
Robert Carrall
---- Carret
Thomas Carrington
Jean Carrllo
James Carroll
John Carroll
Michael Carroll
Perance Carroll
William Carrollton
John Carrow
Peter Carroway
Avil Carson
Batterson Carson
Israel Carson
James Carson
Robert Carson (2)
Samuel Carson
William Carson
Levi Carter
Thomas Carter
William Carter (2)
John Carvell
Joseph Casan
Joseph Casanova
John Case
Thomas Case
Thomas Casewell
Edward Casey
John Casey
William Casey
Stephen Cash
Jacob Cashier
Jean Cashwell
Gosper Cassian
Samuel Casson
John Casp
Anthony Casper
Michael Cassey
John Castel
Joseph Castile
Thomas Castle (2)
John Caswell (3)
Baptist Cavalier
Francis Cavalier
George Cavalier
James Cavalier
Thomas Cavalier
Joseph Augustus Cavell
Gasnito Cavensa
Thomas Caveral
Pierre Cawan
John Cawrier
John Cawrse
Edward Cayman
Anthony Cayner
Oliver Cayaran
John Cerbantin
---- Chabbott
Perrie Chalier
Samuel Chalkeley
Hurbin Challigne
John Challoner
William Challoner
Pierre Chalore
Benjamin Chamberlain
Bird Chamberlain
Charles Chamberland
Nancy Chambers
Dore Champion
Lines Champion
Thomas Champion
Clerk Champlin
Isaac Champlin
James Chapin
Joseph Chapley
Joseph Chaplin
Josiah Chaplin
Lodowick Chaplin
Daniel Chapman
James Chapman
Jeremiah Chapman
John Chapman (2)
Lion Chapman
Samuel Chapman
Charles Chappel
Frederick Chappell
John Chappell
John Charbein
Ichabod Chard
William Charfill
James Charles
John Charles
Jean Charoner
Aaron Chase
Augustus Chase (2)
Earl Chase (2)
George Chase (2)
Lonie Chase
Samuel Chase
Jean Chatfield
Jovis Chaurine
John Cheavelin
Christopher Chenaur
Louis Chenet
Andrew Cheesebrook
David Cheesebrook
James Cheesebrook
Pierre Cheesebrook
Samuel Cheesebrook
Britton Cheeseman
James Cheevers
Christopher Chenaur
Benjamin Chencey
Louis Chenet
John Cherry
William Cherry
John Chese
Hiram Chester
Benjamin Chevalier
John Chevalier
Jean Gea Chevalier
Julian Chevalier
Edward Cheveland
Lasar Chien
Silas Childs
Cadet Chiller
Thomas Chilling
Abel Chimney
David Chinks
Leshers Chipley
William Christan
Henry Christian
John Christian (2)
James Christie
Benjamin Chittington
Bartholomew Chivers
Benjamin Chopman
Matthew Chubb
David Chueehook
Benjamin Church (2)
Israel Church
Thomas Church
John Churchill
Pierre Clabe
Edward Clamron
Benjamin Clannan
Edward Clanwell
Supply Clap (2)
Supply Twing Clap
Edward Claring
Charles Clark
Church Clark
James Clark (2)
John Clark
Jubal Clark
William Clark (2)
Emanuel Clarke
Daniel Clarke
Jacob Clarke
James Clarke
Joshua Clarke
Lewis Clarke
Nicholas Clarke
Noel Clarke
Stephen Clarke
Theodore Clarke
Timothy Clarke
William Clarke (2)
Samuel Clarkson
Samuel Claypole
Edward Clayton
William Clayton
David Cleaveland
Michel Clemence
Clement Clements
Alexander Clerk
Gambaton Clerk
Isaac Clerk
Jacob Clerk
Jonathan Clerk
John Clerk (3)
Lardner Clerk
Nathaniel Clerk
Peleg Clerk
Thomas Clerk (3)
Tully Clerk
William Clerk
Thomas Clever
Jean Clineseau
David Clinton
Philip Clire
John Cloud
John Coarsin
Christian Cobb
Christopher Cobb
Francis Cobb
John Cobb
Jonathan Cobb
Nathaniel Cobb
Richard Cobb
Thomas Cobb
Christopher Cobbs
Raymond Cobbs
Timothy Cobley
Moses Cobnan
Eliphas Coburn
James Cochran
John Cochran (2)
Richard Cochran
John Cocker
John Cocklin
Equatius Code
Lewis Codean
Christopher Codman
James Codner
Abel Coffin
Edward Coffin
Elias Coffin
Elisha Coffin (2)
Obadiah Coffin (2)
Richard Coffin
Simon Coffin (2)
Zechariah Coffin
William Cogeshall
John Coggeshall
Robert Coghill
John Cohlen
David Coisten
Guilliam Cokill
James Colbert
Abial Cole
Benjamin Cole (2)
John Cole (2)
Joshua Cole
Rilhard Cole
Thomas Cole (2)
Waller Cole
David Coleman
James Coleman
Nicholas Coleman
Stephen Coleman
James Colford
Miles Colhoon
Lewis Colinett
Alexander Colley
Basquito Colley
Septor en Collie
Candal Collier
John Collings
Joseph Collingwood
Doan Collins
James Collins (2)
John Collins (3)
Joseph Collins
Powell Collins
William Collins
Daniel Collohan
Thomas Collough
Joseph Colloy
Elisha Colman
John Colney
Frederick Colson
James Colting
Julian Columb
Julian Colver
David Colvich
Nathaniel Colwell
Nathaniel Combick
Joseph Combs
Matthew Combs
Joseph Comby
Gilbert Comick
Patrick Condon
Stafford Condon
Philip Cong
Strantly Congdon
Muller Congle
John Connell
John Connelly
George Conner
James Conner
John Conner (2)
Robert Conner
Patrick Connelly
Samuel Connelly
John Connor
William Connor
George Conrad
Frederick Contaney
William Convass
John Conway
Thomas Conway
Robert Conwell
Amos Cook
Anthony Cook
Benjamin Cook
Eashak Cook
Esbric Cook
Ezekiel Cook (2)
Frederick Cook
George Cook
James Cook (3)
John Cook (4)
Joseph Cook
Richard Cook
Samuel Cooke
Stephen Cooke
Abraham Cooper
Ezekiel Cooper
Matthew Cooper (2)
Mot Cooper
Nathaniel Cooper (3)
Richard Cooper
Warren Cooper
William Cooper
Aaron Cooping
Joseph Copeland
Andrew Cord
Joseph Cornean
Peter Cornelius
John Cornell
Matthew Cornell
James Corner
Benjamin Corning
Robert Cornwell
William Cornwell
Bernard Corrigan
John Corrigan
John Corroll
Battson Corson
Pomeus Corson
Lewis Cortland
Robert Corwell
Joseph de Costa
Antonio Costo
Noel Cotis
Anghel Cotter
David Cotteral
David Cottrill
James Couch
John Couch
Thomas Coudon
John Coughin
Pierre Coulanson
Nathaniel Connan
Francis Connie
Perrie Coupra
Jean de Course
Leonard Courtney
Louis Couset
Joseph Cousins
Frances Cousnant
Jean Couster
John Coutt
Vizenteausean Covazensa
John Coventry
John Coverley
Peter Covet
Zechariah Coward
James Cowbran
James Cowen
John Cowins
Edward Cownovan
Enoch Cox
Jacob Cox
John Cox
Joseph Cox (2)
Portsmouth Cox
William Cox
Thurmal Coxen
Asesen Craft
Joseph Craft
Matthias Craft (2)
James Craig
Thomas Craig
Henry Crandall
Oliver Crane
Philip Crane
Samuel Crane
William Cranston
Abel Crape (2)
Thomas Craton (2)
Joshua Cratterbrook
Alias Crawford
Benjamin Crawford
John Crawford (4)
Richard Crawford
Samuel Crawford
William Crawford
Basil Crawley
Cornelius Crawley
Isaac Crayton (2)
James Crayton
Amos Creasey
Richard Creech
Thomas Creepman
William Cresean
William Cresley
Henry Cressouson
Michael Crider
John Crim
Others Cringea
William Crispin (2)
George Cristin
Benjamin Crocker
James Crocker
John Crocker
Joshua Crocker (2)
John Croix
Oliver Cromell
Oliver Cromwell (4)
Richmond Cromwell
Robert Cromwell
Hugh Crookt
John Croppen
Bunsby Crorker
Peter Crosbury
Daniel Crosby (3)
William Crosley
Joseph Cross
Thomas Crough
Christian Crowdy
Matthew Crow
Bissell Crowell
Seth Crowell
William Crowell
George Crown
Michael Crowyar
William Crozier
Janeise Cubalod
Benjamin Cuffey
Philip Cuish
Thomas Culbarth
Daniel Culbert
William Cullen (2)
David Cullett
Willis Culpper
Levi Culver
Samuel Culvin
Josea Comnano
Cornelius Cumstock
Isaac Cuningham
James Cunican
Barnabas Cunningham
Cornelius Cunningham
John Cunningham
Jacob Currel
Anthony Curry
Augustine Curry
Robert Curry
Daniel Curtis
Frederick Curtis
Joseph Curtis
Henry Curtis
Joseph Cushing
Robert Cushing
Eimnan Cushing


Guilliam Dabuican
Jean Dabuican
John Daccarmell
Isaac Dade (2)
Jean Dadica
Silas Daggott
John Dagure
Benjamin Dail
James Daily (2)
Patrick Daily
Robert Daily
Samuel Daily (2)
William Daily
James Dalcahide
Jeremiah Dalley
Reuben Damon
Thomas Danby
Christopher Daniel
John Daniel (3)
Samuel Daniss
Benjamin Dannison
William Dannison
William Dannivan
Benjamin Darby
William Darby
W Darcey
Thomas Darley
Henry Darling (2)
Richard Darling
William Darling
Charles Darrough
Robert Dart
Samuel Daun
Basteen Davan
James Daveick
Lot Davenport
Christopher Davids
John Davidson
Samuel Davidson
Pierre Davie
Benjamin Davies (2)
Christopher Davies
Edward Davies
Eliga Davies
Elijah Davies
Felton Davies
John Davies (9)
Henry Davies
Lewis Davies
Richard Davies (2)
Samuel Davies (3)
Thomas Davies (3)
William Davies (3)
Benjamin Davies (2)
Charles Davis
Christopher Davis
Curtis Davis
Henry Davis
Isaac Davis
James Davis
John Davis (2)
Lewis Davis
Samuel Davis
Thomas Davis
William Davis
Thomas Dawn
Henry Dawne
Samuel Dawson
John Day
Joseph Day
Michael Day
Thomas Day (2)
William Day
Joseph Days
William Dayton
Demond Deaboney
Jonathan Deakons
Isaac Deal
John Deal
Elias Deale (2)
Daniel Dealing
Benjamin Deamond
Benjamin Dean
Levi Dean
Lewis Dean
Orlando Dean
Philip Dean
Archibald Deane
George Deane
Joseph Deane
Thomas Deane
Michael Debong
James Debland
Peter Deboy
Benorey Deck
Joseph de Costa
Jean de Course
Francis Dedd
---- Defourgue
Jean Degle
Pierre Degoniere
Pierre Guiseppe Degue
William Degue
Louis Degune
Pratus Dehango
Jacob Dehart
Jasper Deinay
Domingo Delace
Zabulon Delano
Gare Delare
Gaspin Delary
Anthony Delas
Amos Delavan
Pierre Delavas
Joseph Delcosta
Francis Delgada
Henry Delone
Anthony Delore
James Demay
David Demeny
Israel Deming
Josiah Demmay
Element Demen
Jean Demolot
Richard Dempsey
Avery Denauf
Daniel Denica
Beebe Denison
Deverick Dennis
James Dennis
John Dennis (3)
Jonas Dennis
Joseph Dennis (2)
Moses Dennis
Paine Dennis
Lemuel Dennison
John Denoc
David Denroron
John Denronons
Lewis Depue
Manuel Deralia
John Derboise
Daniel Deroro
Daniel Derry
William Derry
Louis Deshea
John Desiter
Jacob Dessino
Jeane Devaratte
Isaac Devay
Gabriel Devay
James Devereux
Robert Devereux
James Deverick
John Devericks
Honor Devey
Joseph Deville
Frances Devise
Daniel Devoe
Thomas Devoy
Aaron Dexter
Benjamin Dexter
Simon Dexter
Elerouant Diabery
Jonah Diah
David Diber
Archibald Dick
Benjamin Dickenson
Benjamin Dickinson
Edward Dickinson
Ichabod Dickinson
John Dickinson
Edward Dickerson
Joseph Diers
Thomas Diggenson
Rone Digon
Joseph Dillons
John Dillow
Benjamin Dimon
Charles Dimon
James Dimon
Robert Dingee
Elisha Dingo
John Dingo
Pierre Disaablan
Mitchael Dissell
John Diver
Victoire Divie
Christian Dixon
Christopher Dixon
Daniel Dixon
James Dixon (2)
John Dixon
Nicholas Dixon
Robert Dixon (2)
William Dixon
Etamin Dluice
John Doan
Joseph Dobbs
John Dobiee
Henry Docherty
Hugh Docherty
William Dodd (2)
James Dodge
George Doget
Matthew Doggett
Samuel Doggett (2)
Timothy Doggle
John Doherty (2)
Thomas Doherty
Josiah Dohn
Samuel Dohn
Robert Doin
Frances Doisu
John Dolbear
Elisha Dolbuy
John Dole
Elisha Doleby
Nathaniel Dolloway
Pierre Dominica
Jean Domrean
Barton Donald
Anthony Donalds
Daniel Donaldson
Mc Donalm
Solomon Donan
John Dongan
Peter C Dongue
Anthony Dongues
Benjamin Donham
Devereux Donies
George Donkin
Francis Dora
John McDora Dora
Nathaniel Dorcey
Patrick Dorgan (3)
Timothy Dorgan
Joseph Dority
Paul Paulding Dorson
Joseph Doscemer
Jay Doudney
Francis Douglas
Robert Douglass
William Douglass
Iseno Douting
Thomas Douval
James Dowdey
William Dowden
Hezekiah Dowen (2)
John Dower
Henry Dowling
Francis Downenroux
Henry Dowling
John Downey
John Downing
Peter Downing
John Dowray
James Doxbury
Peter Doyle
Murray Drabb
Thomas Drake
Jean Draullard
James Drawberry
Samuel Drawere
James Drayton
William Dredge
Abadiah Drew
John Drew (2)
Thomas Drewry
John Driver
Simeon Drown
William Drown
Jean Dubison
Tames Dublands
Thomas Dubois
Henry Dubtoe
Michael Duchaee
Archibald Ducker
Jean Duckie
Martin Ducloy
Abner Dudley
Doulram Duffey
Ezekiel Duffey
Thomas Duffield
Michael Duffin
Thomas Duffy
Jacques Duforte
Franes Dugree
Chemuel Duke
John Duke
William Duke
Isaac Dukerson
Michael Duless
Terrence Dumraven
James Dunbar
George Duncan
John Duncan
James Duncan
William Duncan
Thomas Dung
John Dunhire
John Dunison
James Dunkin
Pierre Dunkwater
Thomas Dunlope
John Dunlope
Thomas Dunlope
Archibald Dunlopp
Allan Dunlot
John Dunmerhay
Arthur Dunn
Joseph Dunn
Peter Dunn
Sylvester Dunnam
John Dunning
Peter Dunning
Thomas Dunnon
Edene Dunreas
Allen Dunslope
William Dunton
Stephen Dunwell
Ehenne Dupee
Thomas Duphane
Francis Duplessis
France Dupue
Charles Duran
Henry Duran
Lewis Duran
Glase Durand
Jacques Durant
Sylvester Durham
Israel Durphey
Jonathan J Durvana
Robert Duscasson
Anthony Duskin
Andrew Duss
William Dussell
Raoul Dutchell
James Duverick
Timothy Dwier
William Dwine
John Dwyer
Timothy Dwyer (2)
William Dwyman
Alexander Dyer
Fitch Dyer
Hat Dyer
Hubert Dyer
Jonathan Dyer
Nathan Dyer
Patrick Dyer
Robert Dyer
Roger Dyer
Samuel Dyer


David Each
Simon Eachforsh
David Eadoe
Benjamin Earle
Isaac Earle
Lewis Earle
Pardon Earle (2)
Michael Eason
Amos Easterbrook
Charles Easterbrook
John Eaves
Joseph Ebben
John Ebbinstone
Avico Ecbeveste
Joseph Echangueid
Francis Echauegud
Amorois Echave
Lorendo Echerauid
Francis Echesevria
Ignatius Echesevria
Manuel de Echeverale
Fermin Echeuarria
Joseph Nicola Echoa
Thoman Ecley -- Edbron
Thomas Eddison
William Ede
Butler Edelin
Jessie Edgar
John Edgar
Thomas Edgar
William Edgar (2)
James Edgarton
Philip Edgarton
Doum Edmondo
Henry Edmund
John Edmund
Alexander Edwards
Charles Edwards
Daniel Edwards
Edward Edwards
Henry Edwards
James Edwards
John Edwards
Michael Edwards
Rollo Edwards
Thomas Edwards
William Edwards (2)
James Eggleston
Samuel Eggleston
James Egrant
James Ekkleston
Jonathan Elbridge
Nathan Elder
Luther Elderkin
Daniel Elderton
Aldub Eldred
Daniel Eldridge (2)
Ezra Eldridge
James Eldridge
Thomas Eldridge
William Eldridge
William Eleves
Richard Elgin
John Eli
Benjamin Elias
Benjamin Elith
James Elkins
Nicholas Ellery
Cornelius Elliott
Daniel Elliott
John Elliott
Joseph Elliott
Nathaniel Elliott
Jonathan Ellis
John Ellison (2)
Theodore Ellsworth
Stephen Elns
Nathaniel Elridge
Isaac Elwell
John Elwell
Samuel Elwell (3)
James Emanuel (2)
George Emery
Jean Emilgon
John Engrum
John Eoon
Samuel Epworth
John Erexson
Ignaus Ergua
Martin Eronte
James Esk
Walford Eskridge
Antony Esward
Anthony Eticore
Joseph Eton
Francis Eugalind
Joseph Eugalind
Nicholas Euston
Alias Evans
Pierre Evans
Francis Eveane
Lewis Eveane
Lewis Even
Peni Evena
Pierre Evena
Even Evens
William Evens
Jeremiah Everett
Ebenezer Everall
Robert Everley
George Everson
John Everson
Benjamin Eves
David Evins
John Evins
Peter Ewen
Thomas Ewell
William Ewell
Peter Ewen
Thomas Ewen
James Ewing
Thomas Ewing
Juan Vicente Expassa
Christian Eyes


Jean Paul Fabalue
John Faber
Ashan Fairfield
Benjamin Fairfield
John Fairfield (2)
William Faithful
Henry Falam
Ephraim Falkender
George Falker
Robert Fall
Thomas Fallen
Henry Falls
Francis Fanch
Jean Fanum
John Farland
William Farmer
John Faroe
Michael Farrean
William Farrow
Thomas Fary
Henry Fatem
Jacob Faulke
Robert Fauntroy
Joseph Feebe
Martin Feller
James Fellows
Nathaniel Fellows
John Felpig
Peter Felpig
Benjamin Felt
David Felter
Thomas Fennall
Cable Fennell
John Fenton
Cable Fenwell
Joseph Ferarld
Domigo Ferbon
David Fere
Matthew Fergoe
Pierre Fermang
Noah Fernal
Francis Fernanda
Thomas Fernandis
Matthew Fernay
Ephraim Fernon
Fountain Fernray
Ehemre Ferote
Joseph Ferre
Lewis Ferret
Toseph Ferria
Kennedy Ferril
Conway Ferris
Paul Ferris
William Fester
Elisha Fettian
Manuel Fevmandez
Frederick Fiarde
John Ficket
Charles Field
John Fielding
W Fielding
William Fielding
John Fife
Edwin Fifer
Nathaniel Figg
Benjamin Files
Jean Francis Fillear
Patrick Filler
Ward Filton
John Fimsey
Bartholomew Finagan
David Finch
John Fincher
George Finer
Dennis Finesy
Francis Finley
James Finley
Dennis Finn
John Finn
Jeremiah Finner
Jonathan Finney (3)
Seth Finney
Thomas Finney
Robert Firmie
Joseph Firth
Asel Fish
Daniel Fish
Ezekiel Fish
John Fish
Nathaniel Fish (2)
John Fisham
Abraham Fisher
Archibald Fisher
Isaac Fisher
Jonathan Fisher
Nathan Fisher
Robert Fisher (3)
Simon Fisher
William Fisher (2)
William Fisk
John Fist
Solomon Fist
Ebenezer Fitch
Jedeiah Fitch
Josiah Fitch
Peter Fitch
Theopilus Fitch
Timothy Fitch
Henry Fitchett
William Fithin
Cristopher Fitts
Patrick Faroh Fitz
Edward Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald
Thomas Fleet
John Fletcher
John Fling
William Fling
John Flinn
Berry Floyd
Michael Fluort
Thomas Fogg
Francis Follard
Jonathan Follett
Stephen Follows
John Folsom
John Folston
Joseph Fomster
Louis Fongue
Daniel Foot
Samuel Foot
Zakiel Foot
John Footman
Peter Forbes
Bartholomew Ford (3)
Daniel Ford
George Ford (2)
John Ford
Philip Ford
William Ford
Benjamin Fordham
Daniel Fore
Hugh Foresyth
Vancom Forque
Matthew Forgough
George Forket
Samuel Forquer
Nathaniel Forrest
Francis Forster
Timothy Forsythe
John Fort
Anthony Fortash
Emanuel Fortaud
Tohn Fortune
Thomas Fosdick
Andrew Foster
Asa Foster
Boston Foster
Conrad Foster
Edward Foster
Ephraim Poster
Henry Foster (2)
George Foster
Jacob Foster
Jebediah Foster
Josiah Foster (2)
John Foster (6)
Nathaniel Foster
Nicholas Foster
William Foster
Ephraim Fostman
John Fouber
Francis Foubert
William Foulyer
Edward Fousler
Pruden Fouvnary
Gideon Fowler
James Fowler (2)
John Fowler (2)
Joseph Fowler
Michael Fowler
John Butler Foy
William Foy
Jared Foyer
Ebenezer Fox
William Fox (3)
Jacob Frailey (2)
Fortain Frances
John Frances
Joseph Frances
Scobud Frances
John Francis
Thomas Francis (2)
William Francis
Manuel Francisco
Jean Franco
Jean Francois
Anthony Frankie
Pernell Franklin
Christopher Franks
Michael Franks
John Frasier
Thomas Frasier
Nathaniel Frask
John F Fravers
John Fravi
William Frey
Andrew Frazer
Thomas Frazier
Pierre Freasi
Iman Frebel
William Freebal
Charles Freeman
David Freeman
Henry Freeman
Humphrey Freeman
John Freeman
Thomas Freeman (2)
Zebediah Freeman
James French
Jonathan French
Michael French
Josias Frett
John Fretto
Juban Freway
Anthony Frick
Post Friend
Shadrach Friend
James Frieris
Ebenezer Frisby
Isaac Frisby
Josiah Frith
John Frost
Joseph Frost (2)
Peter Frume
James Fry (2)
Robert Fry
Abijah Fryske
Joseph Fubre
Joseph Fuganey
Joshua Fulger
Reuben Fulger
Stephen Fulger
Benjamin Fuller
James Fuller
Joseph Fuller
Thaddeus Fuller
Thomas Fuller (2)
George Fullum
James Fulton
Thomas Fulton
Abner Furguson
Samuel Furguson
John Furse
John Fury
Iman Futter


Eudrid Gabria
Francis Gabriel
Franes Gabriel
Hernan Gage
Isaac Gage
Matthew Gage
Stephen Gage
Jonas Gale
Joseph Galina
Andrew Gallager
John Gallard
John Gallaspie
Richard Galley
William Gallway
Anthony Gallys
James Gamband
James Gamble
Joseph Gamble
Peter Gambo
Pierre Ganart
William Gandee
William Gandel
Francis Gandway
John Gandy
Hosea Garards
Antony Gardil
Silas Gardiner
William Gardiner
Alexander Gardner (3)
Dominic Gardner
James Gardner (3)
Joseph Gardner (5)
Larry Gardner
Robert Gardner
Samuel Gardner
Silas Gardner
Thomas Gardner
Uriah Gardner
William Gardner
Dominico Gardon
John Garey
Manolet Garico
James Garish
Paul Garish
John Garland (2)
Barney Garlena
Joseph Garley
---- Garner
Silas Garner
John Garnet
Sylvester Garnett
Isaac Garret
Michael Garret
John Garretson
Antonio Garrett
Jacques Garrett
Richard Garrett
William Garrett
Louis C. Garrier
Jacob Garrison (2)
Joseph Garrison (3)
Joseph Garrit
Thomas Garriway
Jean Garrow
Roman Garsea
William Garty
Job Gascin
Daniel Gasett
Jacob Gasker
Simon Gason (2)
Manot Gasse
John Gassers
Francis Gater
Charles Gates
Peter Gaypey
John Gault
Paul Gaur
Thomas Gaurmon
Thomas Gawner
Solomon Gay
William Gay
Charles Gayford
John Gaylor
Robert Geddes
George George (2)
George Georgean
Hooper Gerard
Riviere de Ggoslin
George Gill
John Gibbens
Edward Gibbertson
John Gibbons
Charles Gibbs (3)
John Gibbs (2)
Andrew Gibson
Benjamin Gibson
George Gibson
James Gibson
William Gibson
Stephen Giddron
Archibald Gifford
George Gilbert
Timothy Gilbert
George Gilchrist
Robert Gilchrist
John Giles
Samuel Giles (2)
Thomas Giles
William Giles
John Gill
Philip Gill
William Gill
John Gilladen
Jean B. Gillen
Richard Gilleny
William Gillespie
John Gillis
John Gillison
David Gillispie
David Gillot
Toby Gilmay
John Gilmont
Nathaniel Gilson
Thomas Gimray
Peter Ginnis
Jean Ginnow
Baptist Giraud
Joseph Girca
William Gisburn
Francis Gissia
Jean Glaied
Charles Glates
Jean Glease
Jean Gleasie
Gabriel Glenn
Thomas Glerner
William Glesson
James Gloacque
William Glorman
Edward Gloss
Michael Glosses
Daniel Gloud
Jonathan Glover
William Glover
Thomas Goat
Ebenezer Goddard
Nicholas Goddard
Thomas Goddard
Joseph Godfrey
Nathaniel Godfrey
Samuel Godfrey
Simon Godfrey
Thomas Godfrey
William Godfrey (4)
Francis Godfry
Pierre Godt
Vincent Goertin
Patrick Goff
John Going
Ebenezer Gold
John Golston
William Golston
Robert Gomer
Pierre Goodall
George Goodby
Simon Goodfrey
Eli Goodfry
Lemuel Gooding
George Goodley
Francis Goodman
Eli Goodnow
Elizer Goodrich
Jesse Goodrich
Solomon Goodrich
James Goodwick
Charles Goodwin
Daniel Goodwin
George Goodwin
Gideon Goodwin
Ozeas Goodwin
Abel Goose
James Gootman
Abel Goove
---- Goquie
Jonathan Goram (2)
John Gord
Andrew Gordan
Andrew Gordon
James Gordon (2)
Peter Gordon
Stephen Gordon
Jesse Gore
Jonathan Goreham
James Gorham
Jonathan Gorham
Shubert Gorham
Joseph Gormia
Christian Goson
William Goss
Jean Gotea
George Gothe
Charles Gotson
Francis Goudin
Lewis Gouire
Augustus Goute
Francis Goutiere
Joseph Goveir
Sylverter Govell
George Gowell (2)
Henry Gowyall
Jean Goyear
Matthew Grace
William Grafton
Alexander Graham
Robert Graham
Samuel Graham
David Graines
Robert Grame
L. A. Granada
William Granby
Adam Grandell
Alexander Grant
Thomas Grant
William Grant
Thomas Grassing
William Gratton
Ebenezer Graub
Dingley Gray
Franes Gray
Joseph Gray (2)
James Gray
Samuel Gray
Simeon Gray
Simon Gray
William Gray
Isaac Greeman
Allen Green
Elijah Green (2)
Elisha Green
Henry Green
John Green (9)
Joseph Green (2)
Robert Green
Rufus Green
William Green (3)
Green Greenbury
Enoch Greencafe
James Greene (3)
John Greene (4)
Samuel Greene
John Greenes
Richard Greenfield
Abner Greenleaf
John Greenoth
William Greenville
Barton Greenville
Malum Greenwell
Robert Greenwold
Jacob Greenwood
David Gregory
Stephen Gregory (2)
Ebenezer Grenach
William Grennis
Ebenezer Grenyard
Samuel Grey
Charles Grier
Isaac Grier
Mather Grier
William Grierson
Moses Griffen
Alexander Griffin
Daniel Griffin
Elias Griffin
James Griffin (2)
Jasper Griffin
Joseph Griffin
Moses Griffin (2)
Peter Griffin
Rosetta Griffin
James Griffith
William Griffith
James Grig
John Griggs
Thomas Grilley
Peter Grinn
Philip Griskin
Edward Grissell
Elijah Griswold
Jotun Griswold
John Grogan
Joseph Grogan
Josiah Grose
Peter Grosper
Benjamin Gross
Michael Gross
Simon P. Gross
Tonos Gross
Peleg Grotfield
John Grothon
Andrew Grottis
Joseph Grouan
Michael Grout
Stephen Grove
Thomas Grover (2)
John Gruba
Samuel Grudge
Peter Gruin
George Grymes
John Guae
Cyrus Guan
Elisha Guarde
John Guason
John Guay
Bense Guenar
Nathaniel Gugg
Pierre Guilber
John Guilley
Peter Guin
William Guinep
Joseph Guiness
Joseph Guinet
William Gulirant
Joseph Gullion
Souran Gult
Jean Gumeuse
Antonio Gundas
Julian Gunder
William Gunnup
Jean Gunteer
Pierre Gurad
Anthony Gurdell
Franes Gusboro
George Guster
Jean Joseph Guthand
Francis Guvare
William Gwinnup


Samuel Hacker
John Hackett
Benjamin Haddock
Caraway Hagan
Anthony de la Hage
James Haggarty
John Haglus
Ebenezer Hail
David Halbort
William Haldron
Matthew Hales
Aaron Hall
Ebenezer Hall
Isaac Hall
James Hall
John Hall (3)
Joseph Hall
London Hall
Lyman Hall
Millen Hall
Moses Hall
Nathan Hall
Samuel Hall
Spence Hall
Thomas Hall (3)
William Hall
Willis Hall
Thomas Hallahan
James Hallaughan
Benjamin Hallett (2)
James Hallett (2)
Ephraim Halley
John Halley
Joseph Halley (2)
Samuel Halley
Richard Halley
Charles Hallwell
Henry Halman
William Halsey
Moses Halton
Jesse Halts
Byron Halway
Benjamin Halwell
James Ham
Levi Ham
Reuben Hambell
William Hamber
Empsen Hamilton
Henry Hamilton (2)
John Hamilton (2)
William Hamilton (2)
Flint Hammer
Charles Hammond
Elijah Hammond
Homer Hammond
James Hammond
Joseph Hammond
Thomas Hamsby
James Hanagan
Stephen Hanagan
Henry Hance
Abraham Hancock
Samuel Hancock
Elias Hand
Elijah Hand
Gideon Hand
Joseph Hand (2)
Thomas Hand
William Hand
Levi Handy
Thomas Handy (3)
John Hanegan
Josiah Hanes
Patrick Hanes
Samuel Hanes
John Haney
Gideon Hanfield
Peter Hankley
Every Hanks
John Hannings
Hugh Hanson
James Hanwagon
Jonathan Hanwood
John Hanwright
Neil Harbert
John Harbine
Daniel Harbley
Augustus Harborough
Peter Harcourt
Jean Hard
Lewis Harden
Richard Harden
William Harden
Turner Hardin
Frances Harding
Nathaniel Harding (2)
George Hardy
James Hardy
Joseph Hardy (2)
Thomas Harens
John Harfun
Joel Hargeshonor
Jacob Hargous
Abraham Hargus
Thomas Harkasy
John Harket
Solomon Harkey
Thomas Harkins
Charles Harlin
Selden Harley
Solomon Harley
Byron Harlow
John Harman
Richard Harman
John Harmon
Joseph Harner
William Harragall
John Harragall
Lewis Harrett
Bartholomew Harrington
Daniel Harrington
Charles Harris
Edward Harris
Francis Harris
George Harris
Hugh Harris
James Harris (2)
John Harris (2)
Joseph Harris
Nathaniel Harris (2)
Robert Harris
William Harris
Charles Harrison
Elijah Harrison
Gilbert Harrison
John Harrison
William Harron
Charles Harroon
Cornelius Hart
Jacob de Hart
John Hart
Samuel Hartley
Jacob Hartman
James Hartshorne
Thomas Hartus
John Harwood
John Harvey
Peter Haselton
Michael Hashley
Philip Hashton
John Hasker
Jacob Hassa
John Hassett
John Hassey
Benjamin Hatam
Charles Hatbor
Edward Hatch
Jason Hatch
Nailor Hatch
Prince Hatch
Reuben Hatch
William Hatch
Edward Hatchway
Burton Hathaway
Jacob Hathaway
Russell Hathaway
Woolsey Hathaway
Andrew Hatt
Shadrach Hatway
Michael Haupe
Jacob Hauser
William Hawke
Jacob Hawker
John Hawker
John Hawkin
Christopher Hawkins
Jabez Hawkins
John Hawkins (2)
Thomas Hawkins
Jacob Hawstick
John Hawston
George Haybud
Benjamin Hayden
Nicholas Hayman
David Hayne
Joseph Haynes
Peter Haynes (2)
Thomas Haynes
William Haynes
David Hays
Patrick Hays
Thomas Hays
William Hays
William Haysford
Benjamin Hazard
John Hazard
Samuel Heageork
Gilbert Heart
Samuel Heart
Joseph Hearth
Charles Heath
Joseph Heath
Seren Heath
Seson Heath
Jack Hebell
Heraclus Hedges
George Heft
Edmund Helbow
Matthias Hellman
Lacy Helman
Thomas Helman
Odera Hemana
Daniel Hemdy
Jared Hemingway
Alexander Henderson
Ephraim Henderson
Joseph Henderson
Michael Henderson
Robert Henderson
William Henderson
Archibald Hendray
Robert Hengry
Leeman Henley
Butler Henry
James Henry
John Henry (3)
Joseph Henry
Michael Henry (2)
William Henry (2)
John Hensby
Patrick Hensey (2)
Enos Henumway
Dennis Henyard
Samson Herart
Thomas Herbert
Philip Herewux
Ephraim Herrick
John Herrick (2)
William Herrick
Michael Herring
William Herring
Robert Herrow
Robert Herson
Robert Hertson
Augustin Hertros
Stephen Heskils
John Hetherington
John Hewengs
Lewis Hewit
William Heysham
Diah Hibbett
John Hibell
Michael Hick
Daniel Hickey
Baptist Hicks
Benjamin Hicks
John Hicks
Isaac Higgano
George Higgins
Ichabod Higgins
Samuel Higgins
Stoutly Higgins
William Higgins (3)
Henry Highlander
John Highlenede
John Hill (2)
James Hill
Joshua Hill (2)
Thomas Hill (2)
Edward Hilley
James Hilliard
Joseph Hilliard
Nicholas Hillory
Hale Hilton
Nathaniel Hilton
Benjamin Himsley
Peter Hinch
James Hines
William Hinley
Aaron Hinman
William Hinman
Nathaniel Hinnran
Jonathan Hint
John Hirich
Christian Hiris
Samuel Hiron
John Hisburn
Nathaniel Hise
Samuel Hiskman
John Hislop
Philip Hiss
Loren Hitch
Robert Hitch
Joseph Hitchband
Edward Hitchcock
Robert Hitcher
John Hitching
Arthur Hives
Willis Hoag
Edwin Hoane
Henry Hobbs
William Hobbs
Jacob Hobby
Nathaniel Hobby
Joseph Hockless
Hugh Hodge
Hercules Hodges (2)
Benjamin Hodgkinson
Samuel Hodgson
Conrad Hoffman
Cornelius Hoffman
Roger Hogan
Stephen Hogan
Stephen Hoggan
Alexander Hogsart
Jacob Hogworthy
Ephraim Hoist
Humphrey Hoites
Lemuel Hokey
William Hold
William Holden
Thomas Holdridge
John Holland
Michael Holland
William Holland (2)
Nicholas Hollen
William Holliday
Michael Holloway
Myburn Holloway
Grandless Holly
Henry Holman
Isaac Holmes
James Holmes
Joseph Holmes
Nathaniel Holmes
Thomas Holmes (3)
George Holmstead
Charles Hole
Samuel Holt
James Home
Jacob Homer
William Homer
William Honeyman
Simon Hong
Warren Honlap
Daniel Hood (2)
Nicholas Hoogland (2)
George Hook
John Hook (2)
George Hooker
Ezekiel Hooper
John Hooper (3)
Michael Hooper (3)
Sweet Hooper
Caleb Hopkins
Christopher Hopkins
John Hopkins
Michael Hopkins
Stephen Hopkins
William Hopkins
Edward Hopper
John Hopper
Richard Hopping
Levi Hoppins
Joseph Horn (2)
Jacob Horne
John Horne
Ralph Horne
Samuel Horne
Augusta Horns
Michael Horoe
Charles Horsine
Ephraim Hort
Jean Hosea
John Hosey
Jean Hoskins
James Hottahon
Ebenezer Hough
Enos House
Seren House
Noah Hovard
Joseph Hovey
John Howe
Absalom Howard
Ebenezer Howard
John Howard
Richard Howard
Thomas Howard
William Howard (3)
James Howburn
Edward Howe
John Howe
Thomas Howe
Ebenezer Howell
Jesse Howell
Jonathan Howell
John Howell
Luke Howell
Michael Howell
Thomas Howell
Waller Howell
William Howell
Daniel Howland
Joseph Howman
Benjamin Hoyde
Dolphin Hubbard
Jacob Hubbard
James Hubbard

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