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Amelia Volume III by Henry Fielding

Part 5 out of 5

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of that distemper. During this fit Amelia was his nurse, and her two
oldest daughters sat up alternately with him for a whole week. The
eldest of those girls, whose name is Amelia, is his favourite; she is
the picture of her mother, and it is thought the doctor hath
distinguished her in his will, for he hath declared that he will leave
his whole fortune, except some few charities, among Amelia's children.

As to Booth and Amelia, Fortune seems to have made them large amends
for the tricks she played them in their youth. They have, ever since
the above period of this history, enjoyed an uninterrupted course of
health and happiness. In about six weeks after Booth's first coming
into the country he went to London and paid all his debts of honour;
after which, and a stay of two days only, he returned into the
country, and hath never since been thirty miles from home. He hath two
boys and four girls; the eldest of the boys, he who hath made his
appearance in this history, is just come from the university, and is
one of the finest gentlemen and best scholars of his age. The second
is just going from school, and is intended for the church, that being
his own choice. His eldest daughter is a woman grown, but we must not
mention her age. A marriage was proposed to her the other day with a
young fellow of a good estate, but she never would see him more than
once: "For Doctor Harrison," says she, "told me he was illiterate, and
I am sure he is ill-natured." The second girl is three years younger
than her sister, and the others are yet children.

Amelia is still the finest woman in England of her age. Booth himself
often avers she is as handsome as ever. Nothing can equal the serenity
of their lives. Amelia declared to me the other day, that she did not
remember to have seen her husband out of humour these ten years; and,
upon my insinuating to her that he had the best of wives, she answered
with a smile that she ought to be so, for that he had made her the
happiest of women.


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