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Abraham Lincoln, Vol. II by John T. Morse

Part 7 out of 7

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social characteristics of frontier life in, see vol. i.;
democracy in;
vagrants in;
violence and barbarity of;
manners and customs;
grows in civilization;
economic conditions of;
frontier law and politics;
popular eloquence in;
its ignorance of foreign countries.

West Virginia,
origin of, see vol. i.;
campaign of McClellan in;
forms a state Constitution, see vol. ii.;
question of its admission;
its vote counted in 1864.

character of, in Illinois, see vol. i.;
support Lincoln for speaker;
fail to carry Illinois in 1840;
and in 1844;
elect Lincoln to Congress;
oppose Mexican war;
elect Taylor;
defeated in 1852;
join Know-Nothings in 1856.

White, Hugh L.,
supported by Lincoln in 1836, see vol. i.

Whiteside, General Samuel,
in Black Hawk war, see vol. i.

Wigfall, Lewis T.,
jeers at North in 1860, see vol. i.

battle of, see vol. ii.

Wilkes, Captain Charles,
seizes Mason and Slidell, see vol. i.;
applauded in North;
condemned by Lincoln.

Wilmot, David,
in Congress with Lincoln, see vol. i.;
in Senate in 1861.

Wilson, Henry,
hopes that Douglas will become Republican in 1858, see vol. i.;
in Senate in 1861;
introduces bill to emancipate slaves in District, see vol. ii.;
on negro troops;
admits small number of radical emancipationists;
denounces Blair to Lincoln.

Winthrop, Robert C.,
chosen speaker of House, see vol. i.

admitted as free State to balance Texas, see vol. i.;
Democratic gains in, see vol. ii.

Wood, Fernando,
advocates secession of New York City, see vol. i.;
wishes Lincoln to compromise, see vol. ii.

Wool, General John E.,
commands at Fortress Monroe, see vol. ii.

siege of, see vol. ii.

Yulee, David L.,
remains in Senate in 1861 to embarrass government, see vol. i.

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