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A Voyage Round the World, Vol. I (of ?) by James Holman

Part 7 out of 7

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After leaving the mountain, we arrived at the village of Antonio
Ferreira, which is ten miles from Ora Preta. At this village, the
Company have some landed property, which they intended to mine, but they
had not yet commenced their operations. From thence we passed on to
Inficionado, where the Company have another estate, Ceta Preta. The road
from Antonio Ferreira to this place, was very hilly and circuitous, as
well as very bad in particular places. We arrived about sunset, and got
comparatively well lodged, by some of the Company's servants, who reside
here to look after the estate: it had produced a little gold, but the
quantity was not considered sufficient to induce them to prosecute their
operations; and the people were consequently ordered to return to Gongo.

_Friday, 15_.--We breakfasted with Mr. and Mrs. Bilden (one of the
clerks of the Gongo establishment); and about nine miles distant we
stopped to refresh, at the village of Catas Altas; where we had tidings
by an _avant courier_ from Gongo, that the heads of the mining
department were on their way to receive their chief (Captain Lyon), at
Brunado, which is about twelve miles from the establishment; and we
accordingly met them. After an exchange of civilities, we all proceeded
in grand cavalcade, towards Gongo, Lieutenant Tom, of the navy
(Lieutenant-Governor), and myself, leading the way. On our arrival, we
were received with cheers and gratulations, from all the individuals in
the establishment; and the day concluded by an entertainment to the
officers, given by Captain Lyon, at the government-house.

Having arrived at this point of my journey, which brings me to a new and
interesting scene, I pause to look back upon the past, and to prepare
for the future. The traveller must rest in his book, as well as in his
route, and, bespeaking the reader's favour for the sequel of my
adventures and researches in the Gold Mines, I take my leave for the
present--hoping that the perusal of my discursive journal, may prove but
one-half as entertaining to others, as the consolatory resource of
producing it has been pleasurable to myself.


G. Norman, Printer, 29, Maiden-Lane, Covent-Garden.

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