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A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin

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_Plain Tales from the Hills_ (1887), _Soldiers Three_, _The Light that
Failed_ (1891), _The Jungle Books_ (1894 and 1895), _Kim_ (1901), _Puck
of Pook's Hill_, etc. Also poems, _Barrack-Room Ballads_, _The Seven
Seas_, and _The Five Nations_.

LANG, ANDREW, D.Litt., etc. (1844).--Poet, critic, and folklorist.
_Ballads and Lyrics of Old France_ (1872), _Ballads in Blue China_
(1880), _Custom and Myth_ (1884), _Books and Bookmen_ (1886), _Mark of
Cain_ (1886), _Myth, Ritual, and Religion_ (1887), "Blue," "Red,"
"Green," "Yellow," "Pink," and "Olive" Fairy Books (ed. 1889-1907), _Sir
Stafford Northcote_ (1890), _Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia_ (1893), _Homer
and the Epic_ (1893), _Life of J.G. Lockhart_ (1896), translation of
_Odyssey_ (with Prof. Butcher), and of _Iliad_ (with Mr. Myers and Mr. W.
Leaf), _The Making of Religion_ (1898), _History of Scotland from the
Roman Occupation_, vol. i., _Prince Charles Edward_ (1901), _The Mystery
of Mary Stuart_ (1901), _The Valet's Tragedy_ (1903), _John Knox and the
Reformation_ (1905), etc.

LANE-POOLE, STANLEY, Litt.D., etc. (1854).--Historian and archaeologist.
_Histories of the Moors in Spain_ (7th ed. 1904), _The Mohammedan
Dynasties_ (1893), _The Mogul Emperors_ (1892), _Art of the Saracens of
Egypt_ (1886), _The Story of Cairo_, _Lives_ of Lord Stratford de
Redcliffe, E.W. Lane, Aurangzib Saladin, etc., edit. Lane's _Arabic
Lexicon_, etc.

LAUGHTON, SIR JOHN KNOX (1830).--Writer on naval subjects, etc. _Physical
Geography in relation to the Prevailing Winds and Currents_ (1870),
_Studies in Naval History_ (1887), _Nelson_ (English Men of Action)
(1895), _Nelson and his Companions in Arms_ (1896), _Sea Fights and
Adventures_ (1901); ed. _Letters and Dispatches of Lord Nelson_, _From
Howard to Nelson_ (1899), etc.

LAW, WILLIAM ARTHUR (1844).--Dramatic author. _A Night Surprise_ (1877),
_Enchantment_ (1878), _Castle Botherem_ (1880), _Nobody's Fault_ (1882),
_A Mint of Money_ (1884), _The Judge_ (1890), _Country Mouse_ (1902),
_Three Blind Mice_ (1906), etc.

LAWLESS, THE HON. EMILY.--Novelist. _Hurrish_ (1886), _Story of Ireland_
(1887), _Plain Frances Mowbray_ (1889), _With Essex in Ireland_ (1890),
_A Garden Diary_ (1901), _Book of Gilly_ (1906), etc.

LEAF, WALTER, Litt.D. (1852).--Scholar and translator. _The Iliad of
Homer translated into English Prose_ (with A. Lang and E. Myers) (1882),
_Companion to the Iliad_ (1892), etc.

LEE, SIDNEY, D.Litt., LL.D. (1859).--Ed. of _The Dictionary of National
Biography_ (with Sir L. Stephen), _Stratford on Avon from the Earliest
Times to the Death of Shakespeare_ (1885), _Life of Shakespeare_ (1898),
_A Life of Queen Victoria_ (1902), _Shakespeare and the Modern Stage_
(1906), etc. Has also ed. various English texts.

LE GALLIENNE, RICHARD (1866).--Novelist and poet. _Volumes in Folio_
(1888), _The Religion of a Literary Man_ (1893), _Quest of the Golden
Girl_ (1896), _Romance of Zion Chapel_ (1898), _Sleeping Beauty_ (1900),
_New Poems_ (1909), etc.

LILLY, WILLIAM SAMUEL (1840).--Philosopher, etc. _Ancient Religion and
Modern Thought_ (1884), _Chapters in European History_ (1886), _A Century
of Revolution_ (1889), _The Great Enigma_ (1893), _Four English Humorists
of the Nineteenth Century_ (1895), _Renaissance Types_ (1901), _Studies
in Religion and Literature_ (1904).

LOCKE, WILLIAM JOHN (1863).--Novelist. _At the Gate of Samaria_ (1895).
_The Demagogue and Lady Phayre_ (1896), _A Study in Shadows_ (1896), _The
White Dove_ (1900), _The Usurper_ (1901), _The Beloved Vagabond_ (1906),
etc.; also dramas, _The Morals of Marcus_, _The Palace of Puck_, _Idols_,

LOCKYER, SIR JOSEPH NORMAN, K.C.B., F.R.S. (1836).--Astronomer.
_Elementary Lessons in Astronomy_ (1870), _Studies in Spectrum Analysis_
(1878), _Star-gazing, Past and Present_ (1878), _Chemistry of the Sun_
(1887), _Dawn of Astronomy_ (1894), _The Sun's Place in Nature_ (1897),
_Stonehenge and other British Stone Monuments Astronomically Considered_
(1906-1907), etc.

LODGE, SIR OLIVER JOSEPH, F.R.S., LL.D. (1851).--Scientist and
psychologist. _Elementary Mechanics_ (1881), _Modern Views of
Electricity_ (1888, 1892, 1907), _Signalling through Space without Wires_
(1894), _Life and Matter: A Short Treatise on Fundamental Problems_
(1905), _Electrons, or the Nature of Negative Electricity_ (1906), _The
Substance of Faith_ (1907), _Man and the Universe: A Study of the
Influence of Modern Discoveries on our Conception of Christianity_
(1908), _The Ether of Space_ (1909), _Survival of Man: A Study in
Unrecognised Human Faculty_ (1909), etc.

LODGE, RICHARD, LL.D., etc. (1855).--Historian. _Students' Modern
Europe_, _Richelieu_ (Foreign Statesmen Series), _The Close of the Middle
Ages_, etc.

LONDON, JACK (1876).--American novelist. _The Son of the Wolf_ (1900),
_The God of his Fathers_, _Children of the Frost_, _People of the Abyss_,
_Call of the Wild_, _Tales of the Fish Patrol_ (1905), _The Road_ (1908),

LOW, SIDNEY JAMES.--Journalist and miscellaneous writer. _The Governance
of England_ (1904), _A Vision of India_ (1906), _Dictionary of English
History_, etc.

LUCAS, EDWARD VERALL (1868).--Novelist. Ed. of Lamb, etc. _The Open Road_
(1899), _Old-fashioned Tales_ (1905), _The Friendly Town_ (1905),
_Forgotten Tales of Long Ago_ (1906); ed. _Works of Charles and Mary
Lamb_, _Life of C. Lamb_ (1905), books for children, etc.

LYALL, SIR ALFRED COMYN, K.C.B., etc. (1835).--Poet and biographer.
_Verses written in India_, _British Dominion in India_, _Asiatic
Studies_, _Lives_ of Warren Hastings, Lord Dufferin, etc.

M'CARTHY, JUSTIN (1830).--Novelist and historian. Novels, _Miss
Misanthrope_, _Dear Lady Disdain_, _Maid of Athens_, _Red Diamonds_,
_Mononia_, etc.; historical works, _History of our Own Times_, _Four
Georges and William IV._, _Modern England_, _Reign of Queen Anne_,
_Lives_ of Sir R. Peel, Pope, etc., Reminiscences, etc.

MCCARTHY, JUSTIN HUNTLY (1860).--Novelist and dramatist. Novels, _Dolly_,
_Marjorie_, _Flower of France_, _Needles and Pins_, etc.; _Ireland since
the Union_; plays, _The candidate_, _My Friend the Prince_, _If I were
King_, etc.

MACKAIL, JOHN WILLIAM, LL.D., etc. (1859).--Scholar, etc. _Select
Epigrams from the Greek Anthology_ (1890), _Latin Literature_ (1895),
_Life of William Morris_ (1899), and translated Homer's _Odyssey_ in

MAHAFFY, JOHN PENTLAND, LL.D., D.C.L., etc. (1839).--Scholar and writer
on philosophy. _Twelve Lectures on Primitive Civilisation_ (1868),
_Prolegomena to Ancient History_ (1871), _Kant's Critical Philosophy for
English Readers_ (1871), _History of Greek Literature_ (1880), _Greek
Life and Thought from Alexander to the Roman Conquest_ (1887), _Empire of
the Ptolemies_ (1896), _The Silver Age of the Greek World_ (1906), etc.

MAHAN, ALFRED THAYER, D.C.L., LL.D. (1840).--American writer on naval
history. _Influence of Sea Power upon History_ (1890), _Influence of Sea
Power upon French Revolution and Empire_ (1892), _The Interest of the
United States in Sea Power_ (1897), _Lessons of the War with Spain_
(1899), etc.


MALLOCK, WILLIAM HURRELL (1849).--Novelist and writer on politics,
evolution, etc. _The New Republic_ (1877), _The New Paul and Virginia_
(1878), _Studies of Contemporary Superstitions_, _Social Equality_,
_Property and Progress_, _Classes and Masses_ (1896), _Aristocracy and
Evolution_ (1898), _Religion as a Credible Doctrine_ (1902),
_Reconstruction of Belief_ (1905); novels, _A Romance of the Nineteenth
Century_, _The Old Order Changes_, _A Human Document_, _The
Individualist_, _The Veil of the Temple_.

"MATHERS, HELEN" (MRS. HENRY REEVES) (1853).--Novelist. _Comin' through
the Rye_, _Cherry Ripe_, _My Lady Green-sleeves_, _Venus Victrix_, _Griff
of Griffiths Court_, _The Ferryman_, etc.

MATTHEWS, JAMES BRANDER, Litt.D., D.C.L., etc. (1852).--American critic,
etc. _French Dramatists of the Nineteenth Century_, _Introduction to the
Study of American Literature_, _Aspects of Fiction_, _His Father's Son_,

MAUGHAM, WILLIAM SOMERSET (1874).--Novelist. _Liza of Lambeth_ (1897),
_The Making of a Saint_ (1898), _The Hero_ (1901), _Mrs. Craddock_
(1902), _The Land of the Blessed Virgin_ (1905), _The Bishop's Apron_
(1906). Plays: _Lady Frederick_, _Mrs. Dot_, _Smith_, etc.

MAXWELL, SIR HERBERT EUSTACE, F.R.S., LL.D., etc. (1845).--Novelist,
essayist, etc. Novels, _Sir Lucian Elphin_ (1889), _The Letter of the
Law_ (1890), _A Duke of Britain_ (1895), _Chevalier of the Splendid
Crest_ (1905), etc.; other writings, _Meridiana_, _Noontide Essays_
(1892), _Scottish Land Names_ (1894), _Afternoon Essays_ (1895), _Rainy
Days in a Library_ (1896), _Bruce and the Struggle for Scottish
Independence_, _Memories of the Months_ (4 series), _Story of the Tweed_
(1905), _Lives_ of W.H. Smith, Wellington, Romney, etc.

"MEADE, L.T." (MRS. TOULMIN SMITH).--Novelist. _Scamp and I_, _A World of
Girls_, _The Medicine Lady_, _Wild Kitty_, _Brotherhood of the Seven
Kings_, _From the Hand of the Hunter_, etc.

MEYNELL, MRS. ALICE (THOMPSON).--Poet and essayist. _Preludes_, _The
Rhythm of Life_ (1893), _The Colour of Life_ (1896), _The Flower of the
Mind_, _Anthology of English Poetry_ (ed.), _The Spirit of Place_ (1898),
_Later Poems_ (1901), a book on Ruskin, etc.

MITCHELL, SILAS WEIR, M.D., LL.D. (1830).--American poet, novelist, and
physician. _Hephzibah Guinness_ (1880), _Roland Blake_ (1886), _Masque
and other Poems_ (1888), _Cup of Youth_ (poems), _Characteristics_
(1892), _When all the Woods are Green_ (1894), _Adventures of Francois_,
etc., besides various medical works.

MITFORD, BERTRAM.--Novelist. _Romance of the Cape Frontier_, _Wind of
Deadly Hollow_, _A Veldt Official_, _Ruby Sword_, _A Veldt Vendetta_,

MOLESWORTH, MRS. MARY LOUISA (STEWART) (1839).--Novelist and writer for
children. _Carrots_, _Cuckoo Clock_, _Herr Baby_, _The Boys_, etc.;
novels, _Hathercourt Rectory_, _The Laurel Walk_, etc.

MOORE, FRANK FRANKFORT (1855).--Novelist and dramatist. _Dawn_ (verse),
_Told by the Sea_, _I forbid the Banns_ (1893), _The Jessamy Bride_
(1897), _A Damsel or Two_ (1902), _The King's Messenger_ (1907), etc.;
plays, _A March Hare_, _The Queen's Room_, _Kitty Clive_, _The Food of
Love_ (1909), etc.

MOORE, GEORGE (1857).--Novelist, playwright, and art critic. _Flowers of
Passion_ (verse) (1877), _A Mummer's Wife_ (1884), _Literature at Nurse_
(1885), _Vain Fortune_ (1890), _Ideals in Ireland_ (1891), _Modern
Painting_ (1893), _Esther Waters_ (1894), _The Bending of the Bough_
(play), etc.

(1838).--Biographer and essayist. _Edmund Burke_ (1867), _Critical
Miscellanies_ (1871-77) (two series), _Voltaire_ (1871), _Rousseau_
(1873), _On Compromise_ (1874), _Diderot and the Encyclopaedists_ (1878),
_Studies in Literature_ (1891), _Oliver Cromwell_ (1900), _Life of
Gladstone_ (1903), etc.

MORRISON, ARTHUR (1863).--Novelist. _Tales of Mean Streets_ (1894),
_Martin Hewitt_ (1894), _A Child of the Jago_ (1896), _The Hole in the
Wall_ (1902), etc.

MULLINGER, JAMES BASS (1834).--Historian. _Cambridge Characteristics in
the Seventeenth Century_ (1867), _The Ancient African Church_ (1869),
_The New Reformation_ (1875), _The Schools of Charles the Great_ (1876),
_The University of Cambridge from the Earliest Times to the Accession of
Charles I._, _Introduction to English History_ (with S.R. Gardiner),
_History of St. John's College, Cambridge_ (1901), etc.

MUNRO, NEIL (1864).--Novelist, etc. _The Lost Pibroch_ (1896), _John
Splendid_ (1898), _Gillian the Dreamer_ (1899), _Doom Castle_ (1901),
_The Shoes of Fortune_ (1901), _Children of the Tempest_ (1903), _The
Daft Days_ (1907), etc.

_In the Tennessee Mountains_ (1884), _Down the Ravine_ (1885), _The
Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains_ (1886), _Story of Keedar Bluffs_
(1887), _His Vanished Star_ (1894), _The Juggler_ (1897), _The
Bushwhackers_ (1899), etc.

MURRAY, GEORGE GILBERT AIMEE, LL.D. (1866).--Scholar. _History of Ancient
Greek Literature_ (1897), _Euripidis Fabulae adnotatione critica
instructae_ (1901 and 1904), _Euripides, Verse Translations_, _Rise of the
Greek Epic_ (1907), etc.

(1837).--Philologist. Ed. of _New English Dictionary_, _Dialect of the
Southern Counties of Scotland_, has ed. various works for the Early
English Text Society, etc.


NICOLL, SIR WILLIAM ROBERTSON, LL.D. (1851).--Journalist, poet, and
essayist, etc. _Literary Anecdotes of the Nineteenth Century_ (1895),
_Songs of Rest_ (two series), ed. _Letters on Life_, _The Church's One
Foundation_; has ed. _Works of C. Bronte_, _Expositors' Greek Testament_,
etc. Editor of _British Weekly_.

NORRIS, WILLIAM EDWARD (1846).--Novelist. _Heaps of Money_ (1877),
_Mademoiselle de Mersac_, _My Friend Jim_, _The Dancer in Yellow_ (1896),
_An Octave_ (1900), _The Credit of the County_ (1902), _Harry and Ursula_
(1907), etc.

NOYES, ALFRED (1880).--Poet, etc. _The Loom of Years_ (1902), _The Flower
of Old Japan_ (1903), _Poems_ (1904), _The Forest of Wild Thyme_ (1905),
_Drake_ (an English epic) (1906), _William Morris_ (1907), _The Enchanted
Island_ (1909).

O'GRADY, STANDISH (1846).--Writer on Irish history and literature.
_History of Ireland, Heroic Period_, vols. i. and ii., _History of
Ireland, Critical and Philosophical_, vol. i., _The Flight of the Eagle_,
_The Bog of Stars_, _Finn and his Companions_, _Ulrick the Ready_, _The
Chain of Gold_, _The Coming of Cuculain_, etc.

OKEY, THOMAS.--Writer on topography and art. _Venice and its Story_,
_Paris and its Story_, _Venetian Palaces and Old Venetian Folk_,
Translator of Dante's _Purgatorio_.

OMAN, CHARLES WILLIAM CHADWICK, (1860).--Historian. _A History of Greece_
(1888), _Warwick the Kingmaker_ (1891), _Short History of the Byzantine
Empire_ (1892), _A History of Europe_, 476-918 (1893), _Short History of
England_ (1895), _History of the Peninsular War_, vols. i. and ii., etc.

OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS (1866).--Novelist. _The Master Mummer_,
_Mysterious Mr. Sabin_, _A Prince of Sinners_, _Conspirators_, etc.

"ORCZY, BARONESS" (MRS. MONTAGU BARSTOW).--Novelist and playwright. _The
Emperor's Candlesticks_, _The Scarlet Pimpernel_ (1905), _A Son of the
People_ (1906), _I will Repay_ (1906), etc.

OXENHAM, JOHN.--Novelist. _God's Prisoner_ (1898), _John of Gerisau_
(1902), _White Fire_ (1905), _Giant Circumstance_, _The Long Road_, etc.

PATRICK, DAVID, LL.D. (1849).--Ed. of _Chambers' Encyclopaedia_ (1888-92),
_Chambers' Cyclopaedia of English Literature_ (1901-3), and _Chambers's
Biographical Dictionary_ (with F.H. Groome) (1897).

PAIN, BARRY (1868).--Novelist, etc. _In a Canadian Canoe_ (1891),
_Stories and Interludes_ (1892), _Graeme and Cyril_ (1893), _Kindness of
the Celestial_ (1894), _The Romantic History of Robin Hood_ (1898),
_Lindley Kays_ (1904), _Wilhelmina in London_ (1906), _Shadow of the
Unseen_ (1907), etc.

PASTURE, MRS. HENRY DE LA (BONHAM).--Novelist and dramatist. _The Little
Squire_ (1894), _A Toy Tragedy_, _Deborah of Tod's_ (1897), _Catherine of
Calais_ (1901), _Peter's Mother_ (1905), _The Tyrant_ (1909).

PAUL, HERBERT WOODFIELD (1853).--Historian and biographer. _Men and
Letters_ (1901), _History of Modern England_, _Stray Leaves_ (1906),
_Queen Anne_ (1906), _Lives_ of W.E. Gladstone, Matthew Arnold (English
Men of Letters), Lord Acton, and Froude.

PEARS, SIR EDWIN (1835).--War correspondent, etc, _Fall of
Constantinople_ (1885), _The Destruction of the Greek Empire_ (1903),

PEMBERTON, MAX (1863).--Novelist. _The Sea Wolves_ (1894), _The
Impregnable City_ (1895), _Christine of the Hills_ (1897), _Pro Patria_
(1901), _Dr. Xavier_ (1903), _Red Morn_ (1904), _The Hundred Days_
(1905), _The Fortunate Prisoner_ (1909), etc.

PHELPS, ELIZABETH STUART (MRS. H.D. WARD) (1844).--American novelist.
_The Gates Ajar_ (1869), _Hedged In_ (1870), _Story of Avis_ (1877), _An
Old Maid's Paradise_ (1879), _Beyond the Gates_ (1883), _The Madonna of
the Tubs_ (1887), _The Gates Between_ (1887), _Struggle for Immortality_
(1889), _Come Forth_ (with H.D. Ward, 1890), _Avery_, _Trixy_ (1904),

PHILLIPS, CLAUDE.--Writer on art. _Picture Gallery of Charles I._, _The
Earlier Work of Titian_, _The Later Work of Titian_, _Lives_ of Reynolds,
Watteau, etc.

PHILLIPS, STEPHEN (1868).--Poet. _Marpessa_ (1890), _Eremus_ (1894),
_Christ in Hades_ (1896), _Poems_ (1897), _Paolo and Francesca_ (1899),
_Herod_ (1900), _Ulysses_ (1902), _The Sin of David_ (1904), _Nero_
(1906), etc.

PHILLPOTTS, EDEN (1862).--Novelist. _Down Dartmoor Way_ (1894), _Lying
Prophets_ (1896), _Children of the Mist_ (1898), _Sons of the Morning_
(1900), _The River_ (1902), _The Secret Woman_ (1905), _The Whirlwind_
(1907), etc.

PINERO, SIR ARTHUR WING (1855).--Dramatist. _The Magistrate_, _Sweet
Lavender_, _The Profligate_, _The Weaker Sex_, _Lady Bountiful_, _The
Second Mrs. Tanqueray_, _The Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith_, _The Benefit of
the Doubt_, _The Princess and the Butterfly_, _The Gay Lord Quex_, _His
House in Order_, _Mid Channel_, etc.

POLLARD, ALBERT FREDERICK, F.R.Hist.S. (1869).--Historical writer. _The
Jesuits in Poland_ (1892), _England under Protector Somerset_ (1900),
_Henry VIII._ (Gougiel Series, 1902), _Life of Thomas Cranmer_ (1904),
etc., and has contributed largely to _The Dictionary of National
Biography_, and to the _Cambridge Modern History_, and ed. _Political
Pamphlets_, _Tudor Tracts_, etc.

POLLARD, ALFRED WILLIAM (1859).--Bibliographer, etc. _Books about Books_
(1893), _Bibliographica_ (1894-96), _Early Illustrated Books_ (1893),
_Italian Book Illustrations_ (1894), etc.; and has ed. _English Miracle
Plays_ (1890), Herrick, Chaucer (Globe ed.), etc.

POLLOCK, WALTER HERRIES (1850).--Poet and miscellaneous writer. _The
Modern French Theatre_ (1878), _Verse, Old and New_, _Sealed Orders and
other Poems_, _Lectures on French Poets_, _A Nine Men's Morrice_, _King
Zub_, _Jane Austen, her Contemporaries and Herself_, etc.

POOLE, REGINALD LANE, Ph.D. (1857).--Historical writer. _History of the
Huguenots of the Dispersion_ (1880), _Illustrations of the History of
Modern Thought_ (1884), _Wycliffe and Movements for Reform_ (1889),
_Historical Atlas of Modern Europe_ (1897-1902), etc.

(1851).--Australian novelist. _Policy and Passion_ (1881), _Nadine_
(1882), _The Head Station_ (1885), _Miss Jacobsen's Chance_ (1887),
_December Roses_ (1893), _The Insane Root_, _The Luck of the Leura_
(1907), etc.


PROTHERO, GEORGE WALTER, Litt.D., LL.D., etc. (1848).--Historian. _Life
and Times of Simon de Montfort_ (1877), _Memoir of Henry Bradshaw_
(1889), ed. Voltaire's _Louis Quatorze_, _Select Statutes, etc., of
Elizabeth and James I._, co-ed. of _Cambridge Modern History_, etc.

PROTHERO, ROWLAND EDMUND, M.V.O. (1852).--Biographer, etc. _Life and
Correspondence of Dean Stanley_ (1893), ed. _Letters of Edward Gibbon_,
_Letters and Journals of Lord Byron_, _The Psalms in Human Life_, etc.

QUILLER-COUCH, ARTHUR THOMAS ("Q") (1863).--Novelist. _Dead Man's Rock_
(1887), _Troy Town_ (1888), _The Splendid Spur_ (1889), _The Blue
Pavilions_ (1891), _The Golden Pomp_ (1895), _The Ship of Stars_ (1899),
_Shining Ferry_ (1905), finished R.L. Stevenson's _St. Ives_, etc.


RALEIGH, WALTER (1861).--Biographer and critic. _The English Novel_
(1894), _Robert Louis Stevenson_ (1895), _Style_ (1897), books on
Shakespeare, Milton, and Wordsworth, etc.


RHYS, ERNEST (1859).--Poet, novelist, etc. _A London Rose_ (verse), _The
Fiddler of Carne_ (1896), _Welsh Ballads_ (1898), _The Whistling Maid_
(1900), _The Man at Odds_, _Gwenevere_ (play); has ed. the Camelot Series
(1886-91), _Dekker's Plays_ in Mermaid Series, etc.

RHYS, MRS. GRACE (1865).--Novelist and essayist. _Mary Dominic_ (1898),
_The Wooing of Sheila_ (1901), _The Bride_ (1909), _Five Beads on a
String_ (essays) (1907), etc.

RHYS, SIR JOHN, D.Litt. (1840).--Celtic philologist. _Celtic Britain_
(1882), _Studies in the Arthurian Legend_ (1891), _Celtic Folklore_
(1901), etc.

RIDGE, WILLIAM PETT.--Novelist. _A Clever Wife_ (1895), _Mord Em'ly_
(1898), _A Son of the State_ (1899), _Erb_ (1903), _Mrs. Galer's
Business_ (1905), _The Wickhamses_ (1906), _Name of Garland_ (1907), etc.

RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB (1858).--American poet and humorist. _The Old
Swimmin' Hole_ (1883), _Pipes o' Pan at Zekesbury_ (1887), _Rhymes of
Childhood_ (1889), _Old-fashioned Roses_ (1891), _Green Fields and
Running Brooks_ (1893), _A Child World_ (1896), _While the Heart beats
Young_ (1906), etc.

RITCHIE, MRS. ANNE ISABELLA (THACKERAY) (1837).--Novelist, etc. _The
Story of Elizabeth_ (1863), _The Village on the Cliff_ (1865), _To
Esther_ (1869), _Old Kensington_ (1873), _Blue Beard's Keys_ (1874),
_Miss Angel_ (1875), _Mrs. Dymond_ (1885), etc.

ROBERTS, CHARLES GEORGE DOUGLAS (1860).--Canadian poet and naturalist. In
verse, _Orion_ (1880), _In Divers Tones_ (1887), _Songs of the Common
Day_ (1893), _New York Nocturnes_ (1898), _Book of the Rose_ (1903);
prose, _The Raid from Beausejour_ (1894), _Around the Camp Fire_ (1896),
_The Forge in the Forest_ (1897), _The Kindred of the Wild_ (1902),
_Haunters of the Silences_ (1907), etc.

ROBERTSON, JOHN MACKINNON (1856).--Critic, etc. _Buckle and his Critics_,
_Montaigne and Shakespeare_, _The Dynamics of Religion_, _History of Free
Thought_, _Christianity and Mythology_, _Introduction to English
Politics_, _Short History of Christianity_, _Essays in Ethics and
Sociology_, etc.

ROBINS, ELIZABETH ("C.E. RAIMOND").--American novelist and actress. _New
Moon_ (1895), _Below the Salt_ (1896), _The Open Question_ (1898), _The
Convert_ (1907), etc.

of Honeysuckles_ (1878), _The Crowned Hippolytus_ (1881), _Arden_ (novel)
(1883), _The New Arcadia_ (1884), _Italian Garden_ (songs) (1886), _A
Mediaeval Garland_ (1897), _The Fields of France_ (1903), _The End of the
Middle Ages_, books in French on Froissart, Renan, etc.

ROSE, JOHN HOLLAND, Litt.D. (1855).--Historical and biographical writer.
_A Century of Continental History_, _The Revolutionary and Napoleonic
Era_, _Napoleonic Studies_, _Life of Napoleon I._ (1902), _The
Development of the European Nations_, 1870-1900 (1905), etc.

etc. (1847).--Statesman and biographical writer. _Pitt_ (1891),
_Appreciations and Addresses_ (1899), _Sir Robert Peel_ (1899),
_Napoleon, the Last Phase_ (1900), and _Oliver Cromwell_ (1900).

ROSSETTI, WILLIAM MICHAEL (1829).--Biographer, ed., etc. Translator of
Dante's _Hell_ (1865), _Lives of Famous Poets_ (1878), _Life of Keats_
(1887), _Memoir of Dante G. Rossetti_, and has ed. many poets, etc.

RUSSELL, WILLIAM CLARK (1844).--Novelist. _John Holdsworth_, _Chief Mate_
(1874), _A Sailor's Sweetheart_ (1877), _An Ocean Tragedy_ (1881), _The
Convict Ship_ (1895), _List, ye Landsmen_ (1897), _Overdue_ (1903), _The
Yarn of Old Harbour Town_ (1905), etc.

SAINTSBURY, GEORGE EDWARD BATEMAN, LL.D., D.Litt., etc. (1845).--Critic
and biographer. _Short History of French Literature, etc._ (1882),
_Essays in English Literature_ (1890), _Nineteenth Century Literature_
(1896), _A History of Criticism_ (1900-4), _History of English Prosody_,
vol. i. (1906), etc., _Lives_ of Dryden (English Men of Letters) and Sir
W. Scott, etc.

SANDYS, JOHN EDWIN, Litt.D. (1844).--Scholar; joint ed. of _Dictionary of
Classical Mythology, Religion, etc._ (1891), _History of Classical
Scholarship from Sixth Century_, B.C., _to the End of the Middle Ages_
(1903), _History of Classical Scholarship from Revival of Learning to
Present Day_ (1907), etc.; has produced many ed. of classics.

SAYCE, ARCHIBALD HENRY, D.Litt., LL.D., etc. (1846).--Orientalist and
philologist, etc. _Principles of Comparative Philology_ (1874),
_Babylonian Literature_ (1877), _Monuments of the Hittites_ (1881),
_Ancient Empires of the East_ (1884), _Races of the Old Testament_
(1891), _Babylonians and Assyrians_ (1900), _Archaeology of Cuneiform
Inscriptions_ (1907), etc.

SEAMAN, OWEN (1861).--Parodist, etc. _Oedipus and the Wreck_ (1888),
_Horace at Cambridge_ (1894), _In Cap and Bells_ (1899), _A Harvest of
Chaff_ (1904), etc. Ed. of _Punch_ since 1906.

SECCOMBE, THOMAS (1866).--Miscellaneous writer. _Twelve Bad Men_ (1894),
_The Age of Johnson_ (1900), _The Age of Shakespeare_ (with J.W. Allen,
1903), _Bookman History of English Literature_ (1905-6), _In Praise of
Oxford_, etc.; was assistant ed. of _The Dictionary of National

SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON ("SETON THOMPSON") (1860).--Naturalist. _Wild
Animals I have Known_ (1898), _Biography of a Grizzly_, _Two Little
Savages_, books on natural history of Manitoba, etc.

SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD (1856).--Novelist, critic, and dramatist. Novels,
_The Irrational Knot_, _Cashel Byron's Profession_, etc.; _Plays Pleasant
and Unpleasant_ (1898), _Three Plays for Puritans_ (1900), _Man and
Superman_ (1903), _The Doctor's Dilemma_ (1906), _The Devil's Disciple_
(1907), etc.

SHIEL, MATTHEW PHIPPS (1865).--Novelist. _The Rajah's Sapphire_, _Shapes
in the Fire_, _The Yellow Danger_, _Unto the Third Generation_, etc.

SHORTER, CLEMENT KING (1858).--Journalist and biographer. _Charlotte
Bronte and her Circle_ (1896), _Sixty Years of Victorian Literature_
(1897), _Charlotte Bronte and her Sisters_ (1905), _The Brontes and their
Correspondents_ (1907), _Life of George Borrow_ (1907); is ed. of the

SHORTER, DORA SIGERSON.--Poetess. _The Fairy Changeling and other Poems_
(1897), _Ballads and Poems_ (1899), _The Father Confessor_ (1900), _As
the Sparks Fly Upward_ (1904), _Through Wintry Terrors_ (1907), etc.

SIMS, GEORGE ROBERT (1847).--Novelist and dramatist, etc. _The Dagonet
Ballads_, _Memoirs of Mary Jane_, _Ten Commandments_, _Once upon a
Christmas Time_ (1898), _Joyce Pleasantry_, etc.; plays, _Crutch and
Tooth-pick_, _Mother-in-Law_, _The Lights o' London_, _Harbour Lights_,

SINCLAIR, MISS MAY.--Novelist, etc. _Nakietas and other Poems_, _Audrey
Craven_, _Two Sides of a Question_, _The Divine Fire_, _The Helpmate_,

SKEAT, REV. WALTER WILLIAM, Litt.D., LL.D. (1835).--Philologist and Early
English scholar; has ed. Langland's _Piers Plowman_, _The Lay of
Havelock_, Barbour's _Bruce_, and other early English texts, a complete
ed. of Chaucer, 6 vols. (1894), and of many of his works separately, and
is author of _An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language_,
_Principles of English Etymology_, and books on the place-names of the
counties of Cambridge, Huntingdon, Herts, and Bedford, etc.

SMEATON, WM. HENRY OLIPHANT, M.A. (1856).--Novelist, etc. _By Adverse
Winds_ (1895), _Our Laddie_ (1897), _Treasure Cave of the Blue Mountains_
(1899), _A Mystery of the Pacific_ (1899), _William Dunbar and his Times_
(1898), _English Satires and Satirists_ (Warwick Library, 1899), _The
Medici and the Italian Renaissance_ (1901), and has ed. numerous English

SMITH, MRS. BURNETT ("ANNIE S. SWAN").--Novelist. _Aldersyde_,
_Carlowrie_, _A Lost Ideal_, _A Divided House_, _Not Yet_ (1898), etc.

SMITH, GEORGE ADAM, D.D., LL.D. (1856).--Biblical scholar, etc. _The Book
of Isaiah_ (1888-90), _Historical Geography of the Holy Land_ (1894),
_Jerusalem_ (1907), etc.

SMITH, GEORGE GREGORY (1865).--Critic, etc. _The Days of James IV., The
Transition Period_ (of European literature of the fifteenth century),
_Specimens of Middle Scots_ (1902), _Elizabethan Critical Essays_ (1904),

SMITH, GOLDWIN, D.C.L. (1823).--Essayist and writer on politics, etc.
_Three English Statesmen_, _Lectures on the Study of History_, _Rational
Religion and Rationalistic Objections_, _The Political Destiny of
Canada_, _Guesses at the Riddle of Existence_, _Revolution or Progress_,
etc.; books on Cowper, Miss Austen, etc.


STACPOOLE, H. DE VERE.--Novelist. _Fanny Lambert_, _The Crimson Azaleas_,
_The Blue Lagoon_ (1907), _Patsy_ (1908), _The Pools of Silence_ (1909).

_Bootle's Baby_, _Army Society_, _Beautiful Jim_, _The Soul of the
Bishop_, _Grip_, _He went for a Soldier_, _The Truth-tellers_, _A Name to
Conjure With_, _A Blaze of Glory_, _Marty_, _Jimmy_, _The Ivory Box_
(1909), etc.

STEEL, MRS. FLORA ANNIE (WEBSTER) (1847).--Novelist. _Wide-awake Stories_
(1884), _From the Five Rivers_ (1893), _The Potter's Thumb_ (1894),
_Tales from the Punjab_ (1894), _Red Rowans_ (1895), _On the Face of the
Waters_ (1896), _Voices in the Night_ (1900), _A Sovereign Remedy_
(1906), etc.

STEWART, JOHN ALEXANDER, LL.D. (1846).--Scholar. _The English MSS. of the
Nicomachean Ethics_ (1882), _Notes on the Nicomachean Ethics_ (1902),
article _Ethics_ in _Encyclopaedia Britannica_ (1902), and _The Myths of
Plato_ (1905).


SYMONDS, MISS E.M. ("GEORGE PASTON").--Novelist, etc. _A Modern Amazon_
(1894), _A Bread and Butter Miss_ (1894), _The Career of Candida_ (1896),
_A Fair Deceiver_ (1897), _Little Memoirs of the Eighteenth Century_
(1901), _Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century_ (1902), _Side-Lights
on the Georgian Period_ (1902), books on Mrs. Delaney, G. Romney, Lady
Mary Wortley Montagu, etc.

SYMONS, ARTHUR (1865).--Poet and critic. _An Introduction to the Study of
Browning_ (1886), _Days and Nights_ (1889), _London Nights_ (1895), _The
Symbolist Movement in Literature_ (1899), _Images of Good and Evil_
(1900), _Studies in Seven Arts_ (1906), etc.

TEMPLE, SIR RICHARD CARNAC, C.I.E. (1850).--Orientalist, etc. _Wide-awake
Stories_ (Punjab Folk Tales) (1884), with Mrs. F.A. Steel, _Legends of
the Punjab_ (1883-90), ed. various works dealing with the religions and
geography of India, etc.

THOMAS, ANNIE (MRS. PENDER CUDLIP).--Novelist. _Sir Victor's Choice_,
_Denis Doune_ (1862), _Comrades True_ (1900), _The Diva_ (1901), _The
Cleavers of Cleaver_ (1902), _Social Ghosts_ (1903), etc.; has written
over 100 novels and tales.

THOMAS, EDWARD.--Reviewer and miscellaneous writer. _Book of the Open
Air_, _Horae Solitarae_, _Oxford_, _Beautiful Wales_, _The Heart of
England_, _Life and Writings of Richard Jefferies_.

TOUT, THOMAS FREDERICK (1855).--Historian. _Analysis of English History_
(1891), _Edward I._ (12 English Statesmen series) (1893), _The Empire and
the Papacy_ (1898), _History of Great Britain_ (1902-6), _Germany and the
Empire_ (Cambridge Modern History), etc.

TRENCH, HERBERT (1865).--Poet, etc. _Deirdre Wedded_ (1901), _Apollo and
the Seaman_, _The Questioners_ (1907), etc.

TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY (1876).--Historical writer. _England in the
Age of Wycliffe_ (1899), _England under the Stuarts_ (1904), _The Poetry
and Philosophy of George Meredith_ (1906), _Garibaldi's Defence of the
Roman Republic_ (1907), etc.

TREVELYAN, SIR GEORGE OTTO, P.C., LL.D., etc. (1838).--Statesman,
biographer, etc. _The Competition Wallah_ (1864), _Life and Letters of
Lord Macaulay_ (1876), _The Early History of C.J. Fox_ (1880),
_Interludes in Prose and Verse_ (1905).

TROWBRIDGE, JOHN TOWNSEND (1827).--American poet, etc. Poems, _The
Vagabonds_, _The Book of Gold_, _The Emigrant's Story_, _A Home Idyll_,
_The Lost Earl_; books for the young, _The Little Master_, _Tide Mill_,
_The Pocket Rifle_, _The Kelp Gatherers_, _Jack Hazard Stories_,
_Fortunes of Toby Trafford_, etc.; novels, _Neighbours' Wives_, _Coupon
Bonds_, etc.

humorist. _The Jumping Frog_ (1867), _The Innocents Abroad_ (1869),
_Roughing It_ (1872), _Sketches New and Old_ (1873), _Adventures of Tom
Sawyer_ (1876), _A Tramp Abroad_ (1880), _The Prince and the Pauper_
(1880), _Life on the Mississippi_ (1883), _Huckleberry Finn_ (1885), _The
American Claimant_ (1892), _Tom Sawyer Abroad_ (1894), _Christian
Science_ (1907), etc.

TYLOR, EDWARD BURNETT, LL.D., F.R.S. (1832).--Anthropologist. _Anahuac_,
_Mexico, and the Mexicans_ (1859), _Researches into the Early History of
Mankind_ (1865), _Primitive Culture_ (1871), and _Anthropology_ (1881).

"TYNAN, KATHARINE" (MRS. TYNAN HINKSON) (1861).--Novelist and verse
writer. _Louise de la Valliere_ (1885), _Shamrocks_ (1887), _Ballads and
Lyrics_ (1890), _Cuckoo Songs_ (1894), _A Cluster of Nuts_ (1894), _An
Isle in the Water_, _The Way of a Maid_ (1895), _Miracle Plays_ (1896),
_A Lover's Breast Knot_ (1896), _The Handsome Brandons_, _The Wind in the
Trees_ (poems) (1898), _The Dear Irish Girl_, _She Walks in Beauty_
(1899), _Three Fair Maids_ (1900), _That Sweet Enemy_ (1901), _Love of
Sisters_ (1902), _A Red Red Rose_ (1903), _Judy's Lovers_ (1905), _A
Yellow Domino_ (1906), _For Maisie_ (1907), _Her Mother's Daughter_
(1909), etc.

TYRRELL, ROBERT YELVERTON, LL.D., D.C.L. (1844).--Scholar. Has translated
_Acharnians_ of Aristophanes into English verse (1883), author of
_Cicero in his Letters_ (1896), _Latin Poetry_ (1893), _Echoes of
Kottabos_ (with Sir E. Sullivan) (1906), has ed. various classics.

UPWARD, ALLEN (1863).--Novelist, etc. _Songs in Ziklag_ (1888), _The
Prince of Balkistan_ (1895), _A Crown of Straw_ (1896), _Secrets of the
Courts of Europe_ (1897), _A Day's Tragedy_ (1897), _Treason_ (1903),
_Secret History of To-day_ (1904), _A Flash in the Pan_ (comedy) (1896).

VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY (1861).--Novelist. _Romance of Judge Kitchener_
(1894), _Quicksands of Pactolus_ (1896), _A Drama in Sunshine_ (1897),
_The Procession of Life_ (1899), _John Charity_ (1900), _The Pinch of
Prosperity_ (1903), _The Hill_ (1905), _The Face of Clay_ (1906), and
_Her Son_ (1907).

VAMBERY, ARMINIUS, C.V.O., etc. (1832).--Traveller, etc. _Travels in
Central Asia_ (1864), _Sketches of Central Asia_ (1867), _History of
Bokhara_ (1873), _The Coming Struggle for India_ (1885), _Western Culture
in Eastern Lands_ (1906), _Arminius Vambery, his Life and Adventures_

VIZETELLY, ERNEST ALFRED (1853).--Novelist, etc. _The Scorpion_ (1894),
_A Path of Thorns_ (1901), _The Lover's Progress_ (1902), has ed. most of
E. Zola's works, etc.

WALFORD, MRS. LUCY BETHIA (1845).--Novelist. _Mr. Smith_ (1874),
_Pauline_ (1877), _Troublesome Daughters_ (1880), _The Baby's
Grandmother_ (1885), _The History of a Week_ (1886), _A Stiff-necked
Generation_ (1888), _A Sage of Sixteen_ (1889), _The Mischief of Monica_
(1891), _The Matchmaker_ (1893), _Frederick_ (1895), _The Intruders_
(1898), _A Dream's Fulfilment_ (1892), _The Enlightenment of Olivia_
(1907), etc.

WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL, F.R.S., LL.D., etc. (1823).--Naturalist and
evolutionist. _Travels on the Amazon_ (1853), _Palm Trees of the Amazon_
(1853), _The Malay Archipelago_ (1869), _Natural Selection_ (1870), _The
Geographical Distribution of Animals_ (1876), _Tropical Nature_ (1878),
_Australasia_ (1879), _Island Life_ (1880), _Darwinism_ (1889), _Studies
Scientific and Social_ (1900), _Man's Place in the Universe_ (1903), _My
Life_ (1905), etc.

WARD, ADOLPHUS WILLIAM, Litt.D., LL.D. (1837).--Historian and critic.
_The House of Austria in the Thirty Years' War_ (1869), _A History of
English Dramatic Literature to the Death of Queen Anne_ (1875), _Lives_
of Chaucer (1880) and Dickens (1882) (English Men of Letters Series),
_The Counter Reformation_ (1888), translated Curtius's _History of
Greece_, ed. Pope's poetical works (Globe), Poems of John Byrom, and
various other works, etc.

WARD, MRS. HUMPHREY (ARNOLD) (1851).--Novelist. _Milly and Olly_ (1881),
_Miss Bretherton_ (1886), _Robert Elsmere_ (1888), _The History of David
Grieve_ (1892), _Marcella_ (1894), _Sir George Tressady_ (1896), _Helbeck
of Bannisdale_ (1898), _Lady Rose's Daughter_ (1903), _The Marriage of
William Ashe_ (1905) _Fenwick's Career_ (1906); plays, _Eleanor_ (1902),
_Agatha_ (1905), etc.

WATSON, HENRY BRERETON MARRIOTT (1863).--Novelist, etc. _Lady Faintheart_
(1890), _The Web of the Spider_ (1891), _Diogenes of London_ (1893), _At
the First Corner_ (1895), _The Heart of Miranda_ (1897), _The Princess
Xenia_ (1899), _The House Divided_ (1901), _Captain Fortune_ (1904),
_Twisted Eglantine_ (1905), _The Privateers_ (1907), etc.

WATSON, WILLIAM, LL.D. (1858).--Poet. _The Prince's Quest_ (1880),
_Epigrams of Art, Life and Nature_ (1884), _Wordsworth's Grave_ (1890),
_Lachrymae Musarum_ (1892), _Lyric Love_ (1892), _The Eloping Angels_
(1893), _Excursions in Criticism_ (1893), _Odes and other Poems_ (1894),
_The Father of the Forest_ (1895), _The Purple East_ (1896), _The Year of
Shame_ (1896), _The Hope of the World_ (1897), _Collected Poems_ (1898),
_Ode on the Coronation of King Edward VII._ (1902), _For England_ (1903),
and _New Poems_ (1909).

WATTS-DUNTON, THEODORE (1832).--Poet, novelist, and critic. _The Coming
of Love_, _Rhona Boswell's Story_ (1897), _Aylwin_ (1898), _Christmas at
the Mermaid_, _The Renascence of Wonder_ (1903), ed. Borrow's _Lavengro_
and _Romany Rye_; article _Poetry_ in _Encyclopaedia Britannica_, and many
other articles in the same.

WAUGH, ARTHUR (1866).--Critic. _Alfred, Lord Tennyson, a Study_ (1892),
_Robert Browning_ (in Westminster Biographies), has ed. Johnson's _Lives
of the Poets_, Dickens, Milton, Lamb, Tennyson, etc.

WEDMORE, FREDERICK (1844).--Writer on art, etc. _Pastorals of France_,
_Renunciations_, _English Episodes_, _Orgeas and Miradou_, _Studies in
English Art_, _Meryon_, _Etching in England_, _Whistler's Etchings_,
_Fine Prints_, _On Books and Arts_, _The Collapse of the Penitent_
(novel), etc.

WELLS, HERBERT GEORGE, B.Sc., etc. (1866).--Novelist. _Select
Conversations with an Uncle_ (1895), _The Time Machine_ (1895), _The
Stolen Bacillus_ (1895), _The Wonderful Visit_, _The Wheels of Chance_,
_The Island of Dr. Moreau_ (1896), _The Invisible Man_ (1897), _The War
of the Worlds_ (1898), _When the Sleeper Wakes_ (1899), _The First Men in
the Moon_ (1901), _Mankind in the Making_ (1903), _The Food of the Gods_
(1904), _A Modern Utopia_ (1905), _The War in the Air_ (1908),
_Tono-Bungay_, _Ann Veronica_ (1909), etc.

WENDELL, BARRETT (1855).--American critic, etc. _William Shakespeare_
(1894), _A Literary History of America_ (1900), _Raleigh in Guiana_, etc.
(1902), _The Temper of the Seventeenth Century in English Literature_
(1904), _The France of To-day_ (1907), etc.

WERNER, ALICE (1859).--Miscellaneous writer. _A Time and Times_ (poems)
(1886), _O'Driscoll's Weird_ (1892), _The Humour of Italy_ (1892), _The
Humour of Holland_ (1893), _The Captain of the Locusts_ (1899),
_Chapinga's While Man_ (1901), _Native Races of British Central Africa_

WEYMAN, STANLEY JOHN (1855).--Novelist. _The House of the Wolf_ (1890),
_Francis Cludde_ (1891), _A Gentleman of France_ (1893), _Under the Red
Robe_ (1894), _My Lady Rotha_ (1894), _The Red Cockade_ (1895), _The Man
in Black_ (1896), _Shrewsbury_ (1897), _The Castle Inn_ (1898), _Sophia_
(1900), _The Long Night_ (1903), _The Abbess of Vlaye_ (1904),
_Starvecrow Farm_ (1905), _Laid up in Lavender_ (1907).

WHARTON, EDITH (JONES) (1862).--American novelist. _The Great
Inclination_ (1889), _A Gift from the Grave_, _Crucial Instances_ (1901),
_The Valley of Decision_ (1902), _Sanctuary_ (1903), _Italian
Backgrounds_ (1905), _The House of Mirth_ (1905), _Madame de Treymes_
(1907), _The Fruit of the Tree_ (1907).

WHIBLEY, CHARLES.--Critic and reviewer. _A Book of Scoundrels_, _Studies
in Frankness_, _The Pageantry of Life_, _Thackeray_ (1903), _William
Pitt_ (1906).

WHISHAW, FRED.--Novelist. _The Emperor's Englishman_, _Out of Doors in
Tsarland_, _Boris the Bear-Hunter_, _The Romance of the Woods_, _Harold
the Norseman_ (1896), _The White Witch_ (1897), _A Race for Life_ (1898),
_The Diamond of Evil_ (1902), _A Splendid Impostor_ (1903), _The Great
Green God_ (1906), _The Secret Syndicate_ (1907).

WHITE, WILLIAM HALE (_c._ 1830).--Novelist, etc. _The Autobiography of
Mark Rutherford_ (1885), _Mark Rutherford's Deliverance_ (1885), _The
Revolution in Tanner's Lane_ (1887), _Miriam's Schooling_ (1890),
_Catherine Furze_ (1889), _Clara Hopgood_ (1896), translated Spinoza's
_Ethics_, _Pages from a Journal_ (1900).

WHITEING, RICHARD (1840).--Novelist, etc. _The Democracy_ (1876), _No. 5
John Street_ (1899), _The Yellow Van_ (1903), _Ring in the New_ (1906),
_All Moonshine_ (1907).

WHITNEY, ADELINE DUTTON (TRAIN) (1824).--American novelist. _Faith
Gartney's Girlhood_, _The Gayworthys_, _Hitherto_, _Leslie Goldthwaite_,
_Real Folks_, _Homespun Yarns_; poems, _Pansies_, _Daffodils_, _Holy
Tides_, _Bird Talk_, etc.

WICKSTEED, REV. PHILIP HENRY (1844).--Writer on Dante, political economy,
etc. _Translation of the Bible for Young People_ (1882), _Alphabet of
Economic Science_ (1888), _Henrik Ibsen_ (1892), _Dante, Six Sermons_
(1895), _Trans.: De Witte's Select Essays on Dante_ (with C.M. Laurence)
(1898), _Trans.: Dante's Paradiso_ (1899), _Dante and Del Virgilio_ (with
E.G. Gardner) (1901), _Studies in Theology_ (with J.E. Carpenter) (1903),
_Further Translations of Dante's Convivio_ (1903), _Early Lives of Dante_
(1904), _Dante's Latin Works_ (1904), etc.

_Timothy's Quest_, _Polly Oliver's Problem_, _The Story of Patsy_,
_Penelope's Experiences_, _Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm_, _Mrs. Wiggs of
the Cabbage Patch_, etc.

WILKINS, MARY ELEANOR (MRS. C.M. FREEMAN) (1862).--American story-writer.
_A New England Nun_, _Young Lucretia_, _A Humble Romance_, _A Faraway
Melody_, _Giles Cory_, _The Wind in the Rosebush_, _The Debtor_, etc.


WINTER, WILLIAM (1836).--American critic, etc. _Shakespeare's England_,
_Grey Days and Gold_, _Old Shrines and Ivy Brown Heath and Blue Bells_,
_Life and Art of Edwin Booth_, _The Stage Life of Mary Anderson_, etc.

WRIGHT, WILLIAM ALDIS, LL.D., etc.--English scholar. Joint ed. of Globe
Shakespeare and of the Cambridge Shakespeare. _Bible Word-Book_ and many
other English Classics, _Letters and Literary Remains of Edward
Fitzgerald_ (1889), _The Works of Edward Fitzgerald_ (7 vols. 1903), etc.

YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER (1865).--Poet. _The Wanderings of Oisin_ (1889),
_The Countess Kathleen_ (1892), _The Celtic Twilight_ (1893), _A Book of
Irish Verse_ (1895), _Poems_ (1895), _The Secret Rose_ (1897), _The Wind
Among the Reeds_ (1899), _The Shadowy Waters_ (1900), _Ideas of Good and
Evil_ (1903), etc.

ZANGWILL, ISRAEL (1864).--Novelist. _Children of the Ghetto_ (1892),
_Merely Mary Ann_ (1893), _Ghetto Tragedies_ (1893), _The King of
Schnorrers_ (1894), _Dreamers of the Ghetto_ (1898), _They that Walk in
Darkness_ (1899), _The Mantle of Elijah_ (1900), _The Grey Wig_ (1903),
_Blind Children_ (verse) (1903), _Ghetto Comedies_ (1907); plays,
_Children of the Ghetto_, _The Moment of Death_, _The Revolted Daughter_,
_Merely Mary Ann_, _The Serio-Comic Governess_, etc.

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