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A Ride to India across Persia and Baluchistan by Harry De Windt

Part 4 out of 4

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Halting-place. English Remarks.

Sonmiani.... | | Small sea-port town.
Water abundant,
but brackish.
Fodder and

Shekh-Raj.... | 18 | Road fairly good.
Water sweet and

Outhal...... | 14 | Road stony and undulating;
crossed dry bed
of river Purali.
Well of brackish

Shekron-ka-Got | 22 | Road sandy. Passed several
salt marshes.
No water.

Beila....... | 24 | Road good through rich
alluvial land
irrigated by
river Purali.
Road near to
Beila intersected
by deep nullahs
distressing to
camels. Water
plentiful; supplies

Lakh........ | 18 | Road good and level
till Pass of Lakh,
which is steep
and extremely
difficult. Water
usually procurable,
though very
Forage for horse
and camel a
mile distant.

Natchi...... | 19 | Road stony and
difficult, through
country irrigated
(in wet season)
by river Lakh. A
small grazing
ground midway,
frequented by
nomads. Water
uncertain. Forage
(for camel only)

Lar-Anderi ... | 20 | Road along dry river
bed about three
hundred yards wide
(name unknown), for
about five miles. Then
over Plain of Arrah,
sparsely cultivated.
At end of stage
crossed river
Lar-Anderi, a
broad but shallow
stream about sixty
yards wide, seldom
dry. Good water
from river, but
brackish from
wells, of which
there are three.
Forage for horse
and camel.

Jhow........ | 14 | Crossed Jhow and
Seridab rivers,
both dry. No
cultivation to
be seen. Water
plentiful and
sweet. Forage
for horse and

Noundra..... | 20 | U { No road. Travelling
{ fairly easy.
n { Water brackish.

Kanero...... |about| e {Road rough and
| 20 | { in parts with scrub.
x { stony, overgrown
{ A very narrow track
p { extends from
{ Noundra to Kanero,
l { which we followed.
{ No water or forage.

Dhaira...... |about| o { No road, but struck
| 20 | { several narrow
r { paths leading in
{ all directions.
e { Water plentiful and
{ good. Forage for
d { horse and camel.

Gwarjak..... |about| {Road level and
| 20 | { good. Water
{ abundant, also
{ forage for horse
{ and camel, but
{ natives unfriendly.

Gajjar...... | 13 | Road good, through
cultivated country.
Water good and
plentiful. Forage
for horse and camel
procurable, also

Jebri....... | 20 | Road good, though
deep and marshy
in places. Water
good and
also horse and
camel forage.

Greshak..... | 26 | Road leads over
the Barida Pass.
Gradual and
easy ascent
and descent.
Water good
and plentiful.
Forage for
camel only.

Loch........ | 18 | Road very narrow
and much
overgrown (lost
in places) with
scrub. Water
scarce. Forage
scarce for camel,
none for horse.

Gidar........ | 32 | Good and level road.
Water procurable
from river only.
Forage for camel

Sohrab | 26 | Road difficult.
Passed several
steep, but not
lofty, ranges of
hills. Water
plentiful, but
brackish. No
forage for horse
or camel.

Rodingo | 36 | Road level and
easy. Much
wild thyme,
and (English)
furze on either
side of track.
Water good, but
scarce. No forage
for horse or camel.

Kelat.... | 14 | Road well defined,
and level. Water
good and abundant.
Forage for horse
and camel. Supplies
of all kinds

Mangachar | 26 | Road well defined
and level. Leads
through a fertile
country. Water
good. Forage for
horse and camel,
and supplies

Mastung | 32 | Road level and good,
but intersected
by deep nullahs,
rendering it
difficult for heavily
laden camels.
Water good and
plentiful. Forage
for horse and camel,
and supplies

Quetta..... | 32 | Road excellent, and
in parts macadamized.
A garrison town,
and railway to all
parts of India.
Total English
miles | 504 |


Makran (South). Kalati (North).
Ant Mor Khar
Ashes P[=u]r Hiss
Barley O S[=a]r
Boy Bachak M[=a]r
Cold Sara Yakt
Copper Rod Miss
Day Roch D[=e]h
Dog Kuchak Kuchik
Earth Duniah Daghar
Fire Ach Kh[=a]ka
Flower P[=u]l P[=u]l
Gold Tila Kisun
Heavy Giran Kolui
To eat Waraga Kuning
To kill Kushaja Kasfing
To bring Araga Atning
To see Guidaga Khanning



Remarks Mid day
Shade | Sun

16 Sonmiani. Fine, north
west breeze 79 deg. 83 deg.

17 Sonmiani. Fine, no
breeze 73 deg. 88 deg.
18 Sonmiani. Fine, no
breeze 72 deg. 105 deg.
19 Sonmiani. Fine,
breeze 80 deg. 98 deg.
20 Shekh-Raj. Fine, light
breeze 91 deg. 118 deg.
21 Outhal. Fine, light
breeze 92 deg. 114 deg.
22 Shekron-ka-Got
south west
breeze 93 deg. 109 deg.
23 Beila Rain and
light south
breeze 88 deg. 92 deg.
24 Beila Rain, no wind 83 deg. 87 deg.
25 Lakh Fine,
west wind 84 deg. 103 deg.
26 Natchi Fine, light
breeze 91 deg. 115 deg.
27 Lar-Anden Dull, no
breeze 93 deg. 108 deg.
28 Jhow. Fine, hot wind
(north east) 94 deg. 110 deg.
29 Noundra Fine, hot
wind 96 deg. 123 deg.
30 Kanero Fine, south
west breeze 90 deg. 120 deg.
31 Dhaira Fine, light
breeze 95 deg. 123 deg.

1 Gwarjak. Fine, light
breeze 91 deg. 111 deg.
2 Gajjar. Fine, south
wind 93 deg. 110 deg.
3 Jebri. Fine, strong
north west
wind 91 deg. 110 deg.
4 Greshak Fine, strong
wind 85 deg. 88 deg.
5 Loch. Fine, strong
north wind 76 deg. 89 deg.
6 Gidar. Fine, light
breeze 81 deg. 86 deg.

7 Sohrab. Fine; light
west breeze. 77 deg. 86 deg.
8 Dam. Rain;
wind 77 deg. 78 deg.
9 Kelat. Rain and
dust storm 73 deg. 75 deg.
10 Kelat. Fine; west
wind 59 deg. 87 deg.
11 Kelat. Fine; no
breeze. 58 deg. 74 deg.
12 Mangachar. Fine; no
breeze 80 deg. 95 deg.
13 Mastung. Fine;
hot wind. 89 deg. 116 deg.
14 Quetta. Dull;
no breeze 64 deg. 80 deg.
15 Quetta. Fine;
no breeze 61 deg. 83 deg.
16 Quetta. Fine;
breeze 63 deg. 68 deg.
17 Quetta. Fine; no
breeze 65 deg. 67 deg.
18 Sukkur, Sind. A hot wind
blowing 99 deg. 117 deg.



Kambar Khan.
Mahammad Khan.
Abdulla Khan.
| | |
Mobat Khan, Eltarz Khan, Nazir Khan, originally
reigned some slain a hostage at Kandahar;
time at Kelat; accidentally superseded his brother,
superseded by by his brother, Mobat Khan, and
his brother, Nazir Khan. reigned forty years.
Nazir Khan, |
and died a |
hostage at |
Kandahar. |
| |
| ------------------------------------
| | | |
Haji Khan, Mahmud Mohamed Mustapha Khan,
died a Khan, Rehim Khan, slain by his
hostage at reigned slain by sister brother, Mohamed
Kandahar. at Kelat. of Mustapha Rehim Khan
| Khan. |
Baram Khan, |
died at Kelat | |
| |-------------------
Ahmad Yar | | |
Khan, Mehrab Khan, Azem Khan.
slain by slain by the |
Mehrab British troops. Sarafrez Khan,
Khan. slain by
| Mehrab Khan.
| |
Hassan Khan Khudadad Khan,
(poisoned). present Ruler.


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