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A History of China by Wolfram Eberhard

Part 9 out of 9

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Settlement, of foreigners
(_see_ Colonization)
Sha-t'o, tribal federation
Shadow theatre
Shahruk, ruler
Shan tribes of South East Asia
_Shan-hai-ching_, book
Shan-yue, title of nomadic ruler
Shang dynasty
Shang Ti, deity
Shang Tz[)u], philosopher (Shang Yang)
Shanghai, city
Shao Yung, philosopher
Shen Nung, mythical figure
Shen Tsung, Sung ruler
Manchu ruler
Sheng Tsu, Manchu ruler
_Shih-chi_, book
Shih Ching-t'ang, ruler
Shih Ch'ung, writer
Shih Heng, soldier
Shih Hu, ruler
Shih Huang-ti, ruler
Shih Lo, ruler
Shih-pi, ruler
Shih Ss[)u]-ming
Shih Tsung, Manchu ruler
Shih-wei, Mongol tribes
Shintoism, Japanese religion
Ships (_see_ Navy)
Short stories
Shoulder axes
Shu (Szechwan), area and/or state
Shu-Han dynasty
Shun, dynasty
mythical ruler
Shun-chih, reign period
Sian (Hsi-an, Ch'ang-an), city
Siao Ho (Hsiao Ho), jurist
Silk road
Sin-lo (Hsin-lo, Silla), state of Korea
Sinkiang (Hsin-Chiang, Turkestan)
Slash and burn agriculture (denshiring)
Slave society
Temple slaves
Social mobility
Social structure of tribes
Socialism (_see_ Marxism, Communism)
Sogdiana, country in Central Asia
Soul, concept of soul
South-East Asia (_see_ Burma, Champa, Cambodia, Annam, Laos,
Vietnam, Tonking, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Mon-Khmer)
Soviet Republics (_see_ Russia)
Speculations, financial
Ss[)u]-ma, clan
Ss[)u]-ma Ch'ien, historian
Ss[)u]-ma Kuang, historian
Ss[)u]-ma Yen, ruler
States, territorial and national
State religion
Statistics (_see_ Population)
Stone age
Stratification, social (_see_ Classes, Social mobility)
Su Chuen, rebel
Su Tsung, T'ang ruler
Su Tung-p'o, poet
_su-wang_ (uncrowned king)
Sui, dynasty
Sun Ts'e, ruler
Sun Yat-sen (Sun I-hsien), revolutionary leader, president
Sung, dynasty
Liu-Sung dynasty
Szechwan (Ss[)u]-ch'uan), province (_see_ Shu)

Ta-tan (Tatars), tribal federation
Tada, Japanese militarist
Tai, tribes (_see_ Thailand)
Tai Chen, philosopher
Tai Ch'ing dynasty (Manchu)
T'ai P'ing, state
T'ai Tsu, Sung ruler
Manchu ruler
T'ai Tsung, T'ang ruler (_see_ Li Shih-min)
Taiwan (T'ai-wan, _see_ Formosa)
T'an-yao, priest
Tanaka, Japanese militarist
T'ang, dynasty
Later T'ang dynasty
T'ang Hsien-tsu, writer
T'ang Yin, painter
Tanguts, Tibetan tribal federation and/or state (_see_ Ch'iang)
Tao, philosophical term
Tao-kuang, reign period
_Tao-te-ching_, book
T'ao-t'ieh, mythical emblem
Tao-yen, monk
Taoism, religion
(_see_ Lao Tz[)u], Chuang Tz[)u], Chang Ling, etc.)
Tarim basin
Tatars (Ta-tan) Mongolian tribal federation
Tax collectors
Tax evasion
Tax exemptions
Taxes for monks
Tax reform
Te Tsung, Manchu ruler
Tea trade
Tea house (_see_ Brothel)
Teachers (_see_ Schools)
Tell, archaeological term
Temples (_see_ Monasteries)
Tengri khan, ruler
Textile industry (_see_ Silk, Cotton)
Thailand, state (_see_ Tai tribes)
Theatre (_see_ Shadow, Puppet, Opera)
Throne, accession to (_see_ Abdication, Legitimacy)
Ti, Tibetan tribes
Tibet (_see_ Ch'iang, Ti, T'u-fan, T'u-yue-hun, Lhasa Tanguts)
T'ien, deity
Tientsin (T'ien-chin), city
Timur, ruler
Ting-ling, tribal federation
T'o-pa (_see_ Toba)
T'o-t'o, writer
Toba, Turkish tribal federation
Tocharians, Central Asian ethnic group
Tokto (_see_ T'o-t'o)
Toeloes, Turkish tribal group
Tonking, state
Totalitarianism (_see_ Dictatorship, Fascism, Communism)
Tou Ku, general
T'ou-man, ruler
Towns (_see_ City)
barter trade
international trade
(_see_ Merchants, Commerce, Caravans, Silk road)
Transportation (_see_ Roads, Canals, Ships, Post, Caravans, Horses)
Travels of emperors
Treaty, international
Tribal organization (_see_ Banner, Army, Nomads)
Tribes, disappearance of
social organization
military organization
Tribute (_kung_)
_tsa-hu_, social class
Tsai T'ien, prince
Ts'ai Yuean-p'ei, scholar
Ts'ao Chih, poet
Ts'ao Hsueeh-ch'in, writer
Ts'ao K'un, politician
Ts'ao P'ei, ruler
Ts'ao Ts'ao, general
Tsewang Rabdan, general
Tseng Kuo-fan, general
Tso Tsung-t'ang, general
Tsou Yen, philosopher
Ts'ui, clan
T'u-chueeh, Goek Turk tribes (_see_ Turks)
Tu Fu, poet
T'u-fan, Tibetan tribal group
Tu-ku, Turkish tribe
_T'u-shu chi-ch'eng_, encyclopaedia
_tu-tu_, title
T'u-yue-hun, Tibetan tribal federation
Tuan Ch'i-jui, president
Tuemet, Mongol tribal group
Tung Ch'i-ch'ang, painter
T'ung-chien kang-mu, historical encyclopaedia
T'ung-chih, reign period
Tung Chung-shu, thinker
Tung Fu-hsiang, politician
Tung-lin academy
Tungus tribes (_see_ Juchen, Po-hai, Manchu)
Tunhuang (Tun-huang), city
Turfan, city state
Turgut, Mongol tribal federation
Turkestan (_see_ Central Asia, Tarim, Turfan, Sinkiang, Ferghana,
Samarkand, Khotcho, Tocharians, Yueeh-chih, Sogdians, etc.)
Turks (_see_ Goek Turks, T'u-chueeh, Toba, Toeloes, Ting-ling, Uighur,
Sha-t'o, etc.)
Tz[)u] Hsi, empress

Uighurs, Turkish federation
United States (_see_ America)
Ungern-Sternberg, general
Urbanization (_see_ City)
Urga, city

Vagrants (_liu-min_)
Vietnam (_see_ Annam)
Village commons
Vinaya Buddhism
Voltaire, writer

Great Wall
Wan-li, reign period
_Wang_ (king)
Wang An-shih, statesman
Wang Chen, eunuch
Wang Ching-wei, collaborator
Wang Ch'ung, philosopher
Wang Hsien-chih, peasant leader
Wang Kung, general
Wang Mang, ruler
Wang Shih-chen, writer
Wang Shih-fu, writer
Wang Tao-k'un, writer
Wang Tun, rebel
Wang Yang-ming, general and philosopher
size of wars
cost of wars
War lords
(_see_ Army, World War, Opium War, Lorcha War, Fire-arms)
Washington, conference
Wei, dynasty
small state
Wei Chung-hsien, eunuch
Wei T'o, ruler in South China
Welfare state
Well-field system (_ching-t'ien_),
Wen Ti, Han ruler
Wei ruler
Toba ruler
Sui ruler
Wen Tsung, Manchu ruler
Whampoa, military academy
White Lotus sect (Pai-lien)
Wood-cut (_see_ Colour print)
Wool (_see_ Felt)
World Wars
Women rights
Writing, invention (_see_ Script)
Wu, empress
Wuch'ang, city (_see_ Hankow)
Wu Ching-tz[)u], writer
Wu-huan, tribal federation
Wu P'ei-fu, war lord
Wu San-kui, general
Wu Shih-fan, ruler
Wu-sun, tribal group
Wu Tai (Five Dynasties period)
Wu Tao-tz[)u], painter
Wu (Ti), Han ruler
Chin ruler
Liang ruler
Wu Tsung, Manchu ruler
Wu Wang, Chou ruler
_wu-wei_, philosophical term

Yakub beg, ruler
Yamato, part of Japan
Yang, clan
Yang Chien, ruler (_see_ Wen Ti)
Yang (Kui-fei), concubine
Yang-shao, archaeological site
Yang Ti, Sui ruler
Yao, mythical ruler
tribes in South China
Yarkand, city in Turkestan
Yeh (K'ai-feng), city
Yeh-ta (_see_ Ephtalites)
Yehe-Nara, tribe
Yellow Turbans, secret society
Yeh-lue Ch'u-ts'ai, politician
Yen, state
Earlier Yen dynasty
Later Yen dynasty
Western Yen dynasty
Yen-an, city
Yen Fu, translator
Yen Hsi-shan, war lord
Yen-ta (Altan), ruler
_Yen-t'ieh-lun_ (Discourses on Salt and Iron), book
Yin Chung-k'an, general
Yin-ch'ue, city
Yin and Yang, philosophical terms
Ying Tsung, Manchu ruler
Yo Fei, general
Yue Liang, general
Yue-wen, tribal group
Yuean Chen
Yuean Chi, philosopher
Yuean Mei, writer
Yuean Shao, general
Yuean Shih-k'ai, general and president
Yuean Ti, Han ruler
Chin ruler
Yueeh, tribal group and area
Yueeh-chih, Indo-European-speaking ethnic group
Yuen-kang, caves
Yuennan (Yuen-nan), province
Yung-cheng, reign period
Yung-lo, reign period

Zen Buddhism (_see_ Ch'an)
Zoroaster, founder of religion

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