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A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents: Lincoln by Compiled by James D. Richardson

Part 10 out of 10

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present on the occasion.

_And be it further resolved_, That the President of the United States be
requested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to Mrs. Lincoln, and
to assure her of the profound sympathy of the two Houses of Congress for
her deep personal affliction and of their sincere condolence for the
late national bereavement.

[Footnote 18: Mr. Stanton having declined, Hon. George Bancroft, of New
York, in response to an invitation from the joint committee, consented
to deliver the address.]

[For proclamations of President Johnson recommending, in consequence
of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United
States, a day for special humiliation and prayer, see pp, 306-307, and
for Executive order in connection therewith see p. 339. For Executive
order closing the Executive Office and the Departments on the day of
the funeral of the late President, at Springfield, Ill., see p. 335.
For Executive order closing the public offices April 14, 1866, in
commemoration of the assassination of the late President, see p. 440.]

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