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A Collection Of Old English Plays, Vol. IV. by Editor: A.H. Bullen

Part 9 out of 9

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[307] Old form of _digestion_.

[308] Old ed. "Philantus."

[309] More.

[310] Old ed. "_Phylantus."

[311] Quy. "and, swilling those bowels [bowls], Death did," &c.?

[312] Old ed. "him himselfe."

[313] See note [288].--In old ed. the words are given to _Grac_.

[314] See note [295].

[315] Hip-bone.

[316] Old ed. "are are."

[317] Virg. _Ecls_. iv. 1. 49. _Bovis_ is of course an intentional
misquotation for _Jovis_.

[318] Honest.

[319] Old ed. "prig"; but on p. 375 we have "a mad merie grig."

[320] The _City of Niniveh_ and _Julius Caesar_ were famous

[321] Not marked in old ed.

[322] Old ed. "and."

[323] Old ed. "_Cittie Wife_."

[324] This speech is printed as verse in the old ed.

[325] Old ed. "witnesses."

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