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A Book of Golden Deeds by Charlotte M. Yonge

Part 6 out of 6

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hats, and it is the highest glory of many a family that one of their
number has served under Monsieur Henri.

Stofflet succeeded to the command, and carried on the war with great
skill and courage for another year, though with barbarities such as had
never been permitted by the gentle men; but his career was stained by
the death of Marigny, whom, by false accusations, he was induced to
sentence to be shot. Marigny showed great courage and resignation,
himself giving the word to fire--perhaps at that moment remembering the
warning of M. de Lescure. Stofflet repented bitterly, and never ceased
to lament his death. He was at length made prisoner, and shot, with his
last words declaring his devotion to his king and his faith.

Thus ends the tale of the Vendean war, undertaken in the best of causes,
for the honor of God and His Church, and the rescue of one of the most
innocent of kings, by men whose saintly characters and dauntless courage
have seldom been surpassed by martyrs or heroes of any age. It closed
with blood, with fire, with miseries almost unequalled; yet who would
dare to say that the lives of Cathelineau, Bonchamp, Lescure, La
Rochejaquelein, with their hundreds of brave and pious followers, were
devoted in vain? Who could wish to see their brightness dimmed with
earthly rewards?

And though the powers of evil were permitted to prevail on earth, yet
what could their utmost triumph effect against the faithful, but to make
for them, in the words of the child king for whom they fought, one of
those thorny paths that lead to glory!


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