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A Book Of German Lyrics by Various

Part 6 out of 6

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Wehmut, _f._ melancholy, sadness

wehren, _tr._ ward off (_etwas von jemandem_); _refl._ defend oneself,

Weib, _n._ -er woman; wife

weich, soft

weiden, _intr._ graze; _tr._ drive to pasture; (_fig._) feast

Weiher, _m._ -- pond

Weihnachten, _pl._ (_Weihnacht_ _f._) Christmas

Weile, _f._ while, a short space of time; _ueber eine kleine --_ a little
while later

weilen, _intr._ stay, tarry, linger

Wein, _m._ -e wine

weinen, _intr. and trans._ weep

Weise, _f._ -n melody, tune

weisen, ie, ie, _tr._ show, point out

Weiser, _m._ -- hand (_on a clock_)

Weisheit, _f._ -en wisdom

weiss, white

weit, spacious, wide; far (off)

weiter, (_comparative of_ _weit_) farther, further, on

weither, from afar

Weizen, _m._ wheat

welk, withered

welken, _intr._ wither, fade

Welle, _f._ -n wave

Wellenschlagen, _n._ beating, surging _or_ falling and rising of the

Welt, _f._ -en world

wenden, _reg. or_ _wandte, gewandt_, _tr. and refl._ turn; _sich wenden_

werfen, a, o; i, _tr._ throw, cast

Wert, _m._ -e value

Wesen, _n._ -- being, creature; nature, character

Wette, _f._ -n wager

Wetter, _n._ -- weather

wichtig, weighty, important

Widerhall, _m._ echo

wieder, again

wieder-kommen, a[l], o, _intr._ come again, replant

wieder-pflanzen, _tr._ plant again, replant

Wiege, _f._ -n cradle

wiegen, _tr. and refl._ rock, swing

wiegen, o, o, _tr._ weigh

Wiegenlied, _n._ -er cradle song, lullaby

wiehern, _intr._ neigh, whinny

Wiese, _f._ -n meadow

Wiesenthal, _n._ -"er meadow (_in a valley_), vale

wild, wild

willig, willing

willkommen, welcome

Willkommen, _m._, _n._ greeting, welcome

wimmeln, _intr._ swarm, be alive with

wimmern, _intr._ cry in pain, moan, whine

Wimper, _f._ -n eyelash

Wind, _m._ -e wind, breeze

Winde, _f._ -n morning glory, vine

windstill calm, becalmed

windverweht, carried away by the wind

winken, _intr._ beckon

Winter, _m._ -- winter

Winzer, _m._ -- vintager, gatherer of grapes

Wipfel, _m._ -- treetop

Wirbel, _m._ -- whirl, eddy

wirren, _tr._ confuse, entangle

Wirt, _m._ -e host, landlord

wirtlich, hospitable

wissen, wusste, gewusst; weiss, _tr._ know

Wissen, _n._ knowledge

wittern, _tr._ scent, get the wind of

Witz, _m._ -e wit, craft, cunning

Woche, _f._ -n week

Woge, _f._ -n wave, billow

wogen, _intr._ surge, wave

wohl, well, indeed; perhaps, probably

wohlbekannt, well known

wohlbegruendet, well founded

wohlig, comfortable, snug and cozy

Wohllaut, _m._ euphony

wohnen, _intr._ dwell, live

Wolke, _f._ -n cloud

Wolkenbruch, _m._ -"e cloud-burst, torrential downpour

Wolkenhuelle, _f._ -n veil _or_ covering of clouds

wolkenrein, cloudless

wolkig, cloudy

Wonne, _f._ -n bliss

wonniglich, blissfully

Wort, _n._ -e _and_ -"er word

wuehlen, _tr._ burrow, dig up

Wunde, _f._ -n wound

Wunder, _n._ -- wonder, miracle

wunderbar, wondrous, wonderful

wunderschoen, wondrous fair, very beautiful

wundervoll, wonderful, wondrous

Wunsch, _m._ -"e wish

wuenschen, _tr._ wish

wurzeln, _intr._ take root, have root, grow

Wueste, _f._ -n desert

Wut, _f._ rage

wueten, _intr._ rage


Zahl, _f._ -en number

zaehlen, _tr._ count

Zaehre, _f._ -n (_poet._) tear

zart, delicate

Zaertlichkeit, _f._ -en tender feeling, affection

Zauber, _m._ charm, spell

Zauberdunkel, _n._ magic darkness

zaubermaechtig, having magic power

Zaun, _m._ -"e hedge

Zecher, _m._ -- drinker, carouser

Zehe, _f._ -n toe

Zeichen, _n._ -- sign, token

zeigen, _tr._ show

Zeit, _f._ -en time, tide

Zeitvertreib, _m._ pastime

Zelt, _n._ -e tent, canopy

zentnerschwer, very heavy, of grievous weight (_Zentner_, _m._ =

zerbrechen, a[l], o; i, _tr._ break

zerfliessen, o[s], o[s], _intr._ melt, flow away, dissolve

zerreissen, i[s], i[s], _tr._ tear, rend

zerrinnen, a, o, _intr._ melt away, dissolve, vanish

zerschellen, _tr._ break, shatter; _intr._ be broken _or_ shattered

zerschlagen, u, a,; ae, _tr._ knock to pieces, shatter, batter to pieces

zerstampfen, _tr._ crush by stamping _or_ trampling

zerstieben, o, o, _intr._ fly away, vanish

zerstoeren, _tr._ destroy

zertreten, a, e; itt, _tr._ crush under foot

zerwuehlen, _tr._ claw (_cf._ _wuehlen_)

zeugen, _intr._ testify, bear witness

zeugen, _tr._ beget

ziehen, o, o, _tr._ pull, draw

ziehen, o, o, _intr._ journey, pass, go

zierlich, dainty, graceful

Zimmer, _n._ -- room

Zinkenist, _m._ -en clarion player

zirpen, _intr._ chirp

Zither, _f._ -n zither

Zitrone, _f._ -n lemon

Zitterhand, _f._ -"e trembling hand

zittern, _intr._ tremble

Zopf, _m._ -"e braid

zucken, _intr._ throb, quiver

zu-decken, _tr._ cover

zu-fallen, ie, a; ae, _intr._ close

Zug, _m._ -"e feature; passage, passing

Zuegel, _m._ -- bridle, reins

zugleich, simultaneous, at the same time

zuenden, _tr._ light, kindle

zurueck, back, backward

zurueck-schlagen, u, a; ae, _tr._ throw back, thrust back

zusammen, together

zusammen-brechen, ae, o; i, _intr._ break down, collapse

zusammen-nehmen, a, omm; imm, _tr. and refl_. gather (_seine Kraefte_ =
summon, collect)

zusammen-suchen, _tr._ gather up, collect

Zusatz, _m._ -"e addition, added stipulation

zu-senden, sandte, gesandt, _tr._ send towards

zuvor, formerly

zuweilen, at times

Zweifel, _m._ -- doubt

Zweig, _m._ -E twig

zweigen, _intr._ put forth new branches, flourish

ZwiegesprAech, _n._ -E dialogue, conversation between two

zwingen, a, u, _tr._ force

zwitschern, _tr. and intr_. twitter, chirp

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