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A Book Of German Lyrics by Various

Part 5 out of 6

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leeren, _tr._ empty

legen, _tr._ lay, place, put; _refl._ lie down

lehnen, _tr. and refl._ lean

Leib, _m._ -er body

Leiblied, _n._ -er favorite song

Leiche, _f._ -n corpse

Leichenchor, _m._ -"e funeral choir

Leichenzug, _m._ -"e funeral procession

Leichnam, _m._ -e corpse

leicht, light (_not heavy_)

leichtglaeubig, credulous

Leid, _n._ -es, -en grief, sorrow; wrong, injury; pain

leid tun, grieve for; _etwas tut mir --_ I grieve _or_ feel pity for

leiden, itt, itt, _tr._ suffer, endure

Leier, _f._ -n lyre

leise, soft (_not loud_)

Lende, _f._ -n loin

Lenz, _m._ -e spring

Lerche, _f._ -n lark

Lerchenwirbel, _m._ -- thrill (_song_) of the larks

Lerchenzug, _m._ -"e procession of larks

lernen, _tr._ learn

Lese, _f._ -n gleaning, harvest

lesen, a, e; ie, _tr._ read

leuchten, _intr._ shine, glow, gleam

Leute, _pl._ people

Leutnant, _m._ -s lieutenant

licht, light, bright

Licht, _n._ -er light; candle

Lid, _n._ -er eyelid

lieb, dear, sweet, beloved; (_superlative used as a noun_) _der (die)
Liebste_ dearest, beloved

Liebchen, _n._ -- sweetheart

Liebe, _f._ love

lieben, _tr._ love

Liebesschein, _m._ glow of love

liebevoll, affectionate, full of love

lieb-haben, _tr._ hold dear, love

lieblich, pretty, lovely, sweet

Liebling, _m._ -e pet, favorite, darling

liebselig, blessed with love

Lied, _n._ -er song

Liedeslust, _f._ joy of song

liegen, a, e, _intr._ lie

Lilie, _f._ -n lily

lind, gentle, mild

Linde, _f._ -n linden tree, basswood

links, left; _die Linke_ left hand

Lippe, _f._ -n lip

lispeln, _intr. and tr._ lisp

List, _f._ -en craft, cunning

Lob, _n._ praise

loben, _tr._ praise

Lobgesang, _m._ -"e song of praise

Locke, _f._ -n lock _or_ tress of hair

locken, _tr._ entice, lure

Lorbeer, _m._ -s, -en laurel

Los, _n._ -e lot, fate

lose (los), loose; _los werden_ get rid of

loesen, _tr._ loosen, set free, release

Lotosblume, _f._ -n lotus flower

Luft, _f._ -"e air, breeze (_dim. always_ = breeze)

luftig, airy

Lust, _f._ -"e joy, desire; (_pl. usually_ = lusts)

Lustgemach, n. -"er pleasure hall, festal hall


machen, _tr._ make

Macht, _f._ -"e power

Maedchen, _n._ -- girl

Madonna, _f._ -en Madonna, the Holy Virgin

Magd, _f._ -"e maid, maiden

Maegdlein, _n._ -- maiden, lassie

Mahd, _f._ -en mowing, hay crop

Mahl, _n._ -e _and_ -"er repast, banquet, feast

Maehne, _f._ -n mane

Maehre, _f._ -n mare

Mai, _m._ May (_month_) (_In compounds often_ _Maien_, _e.g._,
_Maienglueck_, _n._ Maytime bliss)

Maid, _f._ (_poet._) maiden

Mal, _n._ -e time; _zweimal_ two times

malen, _tr._ paint

Manen, _pl._ Manes, _i.e._, spirits of the departed

Mann, _m._ -"er man

Maennerwuerde, _f._ -n manly dignity

Mantel, _m._ -" mantle

Maerchen, _n._ -- fairy tale

maerchenstill, faery still

Maere, _f._ -n tale

Marie, _f._ Mary

Mark, _n._ marrow

markig, containing marrow; (_fig._) pithy, virile

Marmor, _m._ marble

Marmorbild, _n._ -er marble image, statue

Marsch, _m._ -"e march

Matte, _f._ -n meadow (_especially_) mountain meadow

Mauer, _f._ -n wall

Maultier, _n._ -e mule

Meer, _n._ -e sea

meiden, ie, ie, _tr._ shun, avoid

meinen, _tr._ think, mean, be of the opinion

Meister, _m._ -- master

melden, _tr._ announce, make known; mention

Melodei, _f._, (_poet. license_) for _Melodie_, _f._ -en melody

melodisch, melodious

Menge, _f._ -n crowd, throng

mengen, _tr. and refl._ mix, intermingle

Mensch, _m._ -en human being, man (_i.e., homo_) (_In compounds_
_Menschen-_ _often_ = human)

messen, a[l], e; i, _tr._ measure, compare; _sich mit jemandem messen_
try one's strength against another's

Miene, _f._ -n expression, mien, air

mild, mild, gentle

mischen, _tr._ mix, mingle

mit, _sep. pref._ along (_with others_); _e.g._, _mit-gehen_ go along

Mitte, _f._ -n middle, midst

Mitternacht, _f._ -"e midnight

Moder, _m._ mould, decay

Mohn, _m._ poppy

Mond, _m._ -e moon

Mondnacht, _f._ -"e moonlit night

moosig, mossy

Mord, _m._ -e murder

Moerder, _m._ -- murderer

morgen, to-morrow

Morgen, _m._ -- morning

Morgenland, _n._ Orient

Morgenrot, _n._ the red morning sky, Aurora

Moewe, _f._ -n sea gull

muede, tired; _eine Sache -- sein_ be tired of a thing

Muehe, _f._ -n difficulty; endeavor

muehen, _tr._ weary

Muehle, _f._ -n mill

Muehlengraben, _m._ -" mill brook _or_ ditch

Mueller, _m._ -- miller

Mund, _m._ (-e _or_ -"er, _both rare_) mouth

munter, merry, cheerful

muerbe, tender, soft, brittle

murmeln, _intr._ murmur

Musik, _f._ music

Mut, _m._ courage, spirit

Mutter, _f._ -" mother

Muetze, _f._ -n cap

Myrte, _f._ -n myrtle


Nachforschung, _f._ -en searching out, exploring

nach-gellen, _intr._ echo _or_ reverberate shrilly

Nachmittag, _m._ -e afternoon

nach-sehen, a, e; ie, _intr._ follow a person with one's gaze (with

Nacht, _f._ -"e night

naechtens, at night

Nachtigall, _f._ -en nightingale

naechtlich, nightly, nocturnal

nackend, nackt naked

Nacken, _m._ -- neck

nahe, near, close to; _nah an_ close to

Naehe, _f._ nearness, presence

nahen, _refl._ approach, draw near

naehen, _tr._ sew

Nahrung, _f._ -en food

Name, _m._ -ns, -n name

nass, wet, moist

Natter, _f._ -n viper, adder

Natur, _f._ -en nature

Nebel, _m._ -- fog, mist

necken, _tr._ tease; _neckend_ playful

nehmen, a, omm; imm, _tr._ take

neidisch, envious

neigen, _tr. and refl._ bow, bend

Nest, _n._ -er nest

netzen, _tr._ wet, moisten, wash

neu, new

Neujahr, _n._ New Year

nicken, _intr._ nod

nie, never

nieder, _sep. pref._ down, downward

nieder-brechen, a[l], o; i, _intr._ plunge down

Niederlaender, _m._ -- Dutchman; Dutch Master (_i.e._, painter)

nieder-liegen, a, e, _for_ _darnieder-liegen_, _intr._ lie prostrate

nieder-steigen, ie, ie _intr._ descend

nimmer, never, nevermore

nimmermehr, nevermore

nimmersatt, insatiable

nirgends, nowhere

Nixe, _f._ -n nymph

Nord(en), _m._ north

Nordlicht, _n._ -er northern lights

Normann(e), _m._ -en Norman

Not, _f._ -"e dire need, distress

nun, now


obgleich, although

obschon, even if, although

oede, desolate, waste

offen, open

oeffnen, _tr. and refl._ open

Oeffnung, _f._ -en opening

Ohr, _n._ -s, -en ear

Oktober, _m._ October

Opfer, _n._ -- sacrifice

Orakel, _n._ -- oracle; _--spruch_ utterance of the oracle

Orange, _f._ -n orange

Ort, _m._ -e _and_ -"er place, spot

Ost(en), _m._ east


Paar, _n._ -e pair, couple

Page, _m._ -n page

Palast, _m._ -"e palace

Palme, _f._ -n palm (tree)

Panier, _n._ -e banner

Pantoffel, _m._ -s, -(n) slipper

Panzer, _m._ -- coat of mail

passen, _intr._ watch, wait for

passieren, _intr._ (s) happen, come to pass

Pein, _f._ pain, torment

peitschen, _tr._ lash, whip

Perserschah, _m._ the Shah of Persia

Pfad, _m._ -e path

pfeifen, iff, iff, _tr._ whistle

Pfeil, _m._ -e arrow

Pferd, _n._ -e horse

Pfingsten, _f. pl._ Pentecost

pflanzen, _tr._ plant

Pflug, _m._ -"e plow

Pfuehl, _m., n._ -e pillow, bolster, cushion

Piccolo, _f._ piccolo (_a small shrill flute_)

picken, _tr. and intr._ tick (_of a watch_)

Pinsel, _m._ -- painter's brush

plaetschern, _intr._ ripple, splash

ploetzlich, suddenly

pochen, _intr._ beat, knock

Pokal, _m._ -e goblet

Port, _m._ -e port

Post, _f._ -en mail, mail cqach

Posthorn, _n._ -"er postman's horn

Postillion, _m._ -e postilion

Pracht, _f._ splendor

praechtig, splendid, magnificent

Preis, _m._ -e prize, the best of all

preisen, ie, ie, _tr._ praise

pressen, _tr._ press, choke

Puk, _m._ Puck

pulsen, _intr._ pulse

Pulver, _n._ -- powder


Qual, _f._ -en torment, torture, pain

quaelen, _tr._ torment, torture

Qualm, _m._ dense smoke _or_ vapor

qualmen, _intr._ rise in fumes, give forth smoke

Quartier, _n._ -e quarters

Quell, _m._ -e, _f._ -en spring, fountain

quellen, _intr._ well; flow

querfeldein, straight through the fields


Rache, _f._ revenge, vengeance

raechen (_archaic_ o, o), _tr. and refl._ revenge, avenge

Raecher, _m._ -- avenger

Rad, _n._ -"er wheel

ragen, _intr._ tower, loom up

Rand, _m._ -"er edge, rim

rasch, quick, fast

rascheln, _intr._ rustle

rasen, _intr._ rage

Rasen, _m._ -- green sward, turf

rasten, _intr._ rest

rauben, _tr._; _jemanden etwas --_ rob _or_ deprive a person of a thing

Raeuber, _m._ -- robber

rauh, rough, rude

Raum, _m._ --"e space, realm, room, place

rauschen, _intr._ roar, rustle; _leis rauschend_ softly rustling _or_

Rebe, _f._ -n grape

Rechnung, _f._ -en bill, account

recht, right; true, real

rege, active

regen, _refl._ move, stir

Regen, _m._ rain

Regenbogen, _m._ -- rainbow

regungslos, motionless

Reh, _n._ -e roe, deer

reich, rich

Reich, _n._ -e empire, realm

reichen, _tr._ reach, give

Reigen, _m._ -- a round dance

Reihe, _f._ -n row

reihen, _tr. and refl._ arrange; join in a row _or_ line

Reihen, _m._ = Reigen

rein, clean, pure

Reise, _f._ -n journey

reisen, _intr._ travel, journey

reissen, i, i, _tr._ tear, pull, draw

reiten, itt, itt, _intr._ ride

Reiter, _m._ -- rider, horseman

Reitersmann, _m., pl._ -leute _poet. for_ _Reiter_

reizen, _tr._ allure, attract, charm

rennen, rannte, gerannt, _intr._ run, race

Requiem, _n._ requiem

Rest, _m._ -e remnant

retten, _tr._ rescue, save

Retter, _m._ -- rescuer

Reue, _f._ repentance, remorse

Revier, _n._ -e territory, ground

Rhein, _m._ Rhine

richten, _tr._ judge; _das Wort an jemanden --_ address somebody

riechen, o[s], o[s], _tr._ scent, smell, sniff

Riese, _m._ -n giant

riesengross, of gigantic size

Riesengroesse, _f._ -n giant size

riesenhaft, gigantic

Riesenmass, _n._ -e giant stature _or_ size

Ring, _m._ -e ring, circle

Ringelreihen, _m._ -- round dance

ringen, a, u, _tr._ struggle, fight

rings, rings herum round about, on all sides

rinnen, a, o, _intr._ flow, stream

Rippe, _f._ -n rib

rippenduerr, skinny, gaunt (_so thin that the ribs protrude_)

Ritter, _m._ -- knight

Ritterschaft, _f._ knighthood

roecheln, _intr._ rattle in one's throat, breathe the last gasp

Rock, _m._ -"e coat

Rocken, _m._ -- distaff

Rohr, _n._ -e reed, cane; tube, pipe (_hence_ smokestack, chimney)

rollen, _tr. and intr._ roll

Roemer, _m._ -- Roman

roemisch, Roman

Rose, _f._ -n rose

Rosenband, _n._ -er wreath _or_ garland of roses

rosenfarben, rose-colored

Rosenkranz, _n._ -e rosary

Ross, _n._ -e steed

rot, red

Rotonde, _f._ -n rotunda

ruecken, _tr. and intr._ move

Ruder, _n._ -- oar

rudern, _intr. and tr._ row

Rudertakt, _m._ rhythm of the oars

rufen, ie, u, _tr. and intr._ call, cry, shout

Rufer, _m._ -- caller

Ruhe, _f._ rest, quiet; _in Ruh' lassen_ leave alone _or_ undisturbed

ruhen, _intr._ rest

Ruhestaette, _f._ -n resting place

ruhig, calm, quiet

Ruhm, _m._ fame, glory

ruehren, _tr._ stir, move; touch; wield

rund, round

Rund, _n._ -e round

Runde, _f._ -n circle; _tosende Runde_ boisterous circle of the dance

Rune, _f._ -n runic letter

Runenstein, _m._ -e rune stone

Russland, _n._ Russia

Ruestung, _f._ -en armor, coat of mail


Saal, _m._ -e hall

Saat, _f._ -en seed, grain sown; young crop

Saatengruen, _n._ the green of young crops

Sache, _f._ -n matter, cause; _meine --_ my affair

sacht, soft

saeen, _tr._ sow

Saeer, _m._ -- sower

Sage, _f._ -n myth, legend

sagen, _tr._ say

Saite, _f._ -n string (_of a musical instrument_)

samt, (_prep, with dat._) together with

Sand, _m._ sand

sanft, gentle

Sang, _m._ song

Saenger, _m._ -- singer

Saengertum, _n._ minstrelsy

Sattel, _m._ -- saddle

sauber, neat

saugen, o, o, _tr._ suck, drink in

Saeule, _f._ -n pillar, column

Saum, _m._ -e hem, edge, border

saeumen, _tr._ hem, fringe

saeuseln, _intr._ rustle

sausen, _intr._ rush, roar, whiz

Schacht, _m._ -e gorge, ravine

schade: _es ist --_ it is a pity; _ewig --_ great pity

Schaefer, _m._ -- shepherd

schaffen, u[l], a, _tr._ create, bring forth; _intr. and tr. weak verb_
work, do

Schale, _f._ -n cup, bowl; scale (_of a balance_); _in gleichen Schalen_
in equal scales

schallen, _weak and_ o, o, sound, resound

Schalmei, _f._ -en reed pipe, shawm

Schar, _f._ -en flock, crowd

Schaerpe, _f._ -n sash, scarf

Schatten, _m._ -- shadow, shade

Schauder, _m._ -- shudder, thrill of awe

schauen, _tr. and intr._ look, gaze, see

Schauer, _m._ -- thrill of awe, shudder

schauerlich, causing a shudder, horrible

schauern, _intr._ shudder

Schaugerueste, _n._ -- stage, platform

schaeumen, _intr._ foam

schaurig, horrible

Schauspiel, _n._ -e drama

Scheide, _f._ -n line of separation

scheiden, ie, ie, _tr. and intr._ separate, part, leave

Scheidetag, _m._ -e day of parting

Scheidewand, _f._ -"e partition

Schein, _m._ -e light, glow

scheinen, ie, ie, _intr._ shine, gleam; seem

Scheitel, _m._ -- crown _or_ top of the head

Schelle, _f._ -n bell

Schellentraeger, _m._ -- crescent player (_the crescent_ _Schellenbaum_,
_m._, = _a crescent-shaped instrument with a series of bells that are
struck with a hammer_)

Schelm, _m._ -e rogue, rascal

Schemen, _m._ -- phantom, shadow

schenken, _tr._ present, give

scheren, _tr._ vex, tease; _was schert mich das?_ what does that matter
to me _or_ concern me?

scheu, shy, timid, timorous

Scheuer, _f._ -n barn, granary

schicken, _tr._ send

Schicksal, _n._ -e fate, destiny

schier, sheer

schiessen, o[s], o[s], _tr. and intr._ shoot; _intr._ (= _sich schnell
bewegen_) shoot _or_ dash along; _zur Erde --_ to plunge to earth

Schiff, _n._ -e ship

schiffen, _intr._ travel by ship, sail

Schiffer, _m._ -- sailor, boatman

Schild, _m._ -e shield

Schilderklang, _m._ ringing or clanking of shields

Schildwache, _f._ -n sentinel, guard

Schilf, _n._ sedge

schilfig, covered with sedge

schimmern, _intr._ glisten, gleam

schirmen, _tr._ protect, shield

Schlaf, _m._ sleep

Schlaefe, _f._ -n temple

schlafen, ie, a; ae, _intr._ sleep

schlaefrig, sleepy

Schlag, _m._ -"e blow, stroke

schlagen, u, a; ae, _tr._ beat, strike; _die Saiten --_ strike the cords;
_den Mantel um jemanden --_ throw the mantle around someone; _intr._
beat; (_of birds_) sing

Schlange, _f._ -n snake

schlank, slender

schleichen, i, i, _intr._ steal, slip _or_ creep along

Schleier, _m._ -- veil

Schleppe, _f._ -n train (_of a dress_)

schleppen, _tr._ drag

schleudern, _tr._ hurl

schliessen, o[s], o[s], _tr._ close

Schlinge, _f._ -n snare, sling

schlingen, a, u, _tr._ wind, circle

Schloss, _n._ -"er castle

Schlummer, _m._ slumber

Schlummerer, _m._ -- slumberer

schlummerlos, slumberless

schlummern, _intr._ slumber

Schmach, _f._ disgrace

schmal, narrow

Schmaus, _m._ -"e feast, banquet

schmeicheln, _intr. (with dat.)_ flatter

Schmerz, _m._ -es, -en pain

schmerzenlos, painless

Schmetterling, _m._ -e butterfly

Schmied, _m._ -e smith

Schmiede, _f._ -n smithy

schmuck, trim, handsome

schmuecken, _tr._ adorn, deck

schnarchen, _intr._ snore

Schnee, _m._ snow

schneiden, itt, itt, _tr._ cut

schneien, _intr._ snow

schnell, quick

Schnitter, _m._ -- reaper

schnoede, mean, despicable

schnueren, _tr._ lace

Scholle, _f._ -n clod

schoen, beautiful, fair

Schoenheit, _f._ -en beauty

Schrank, _m._ -"e cupboard, press, case

Schrecken, _m._ -- terror

schreckenbleich, pale with terror

Schrei, _m._ -- cry, scream

schreiben, ie, ie, _tr._ write

schreien, ie, ie, _tr. and intr._ scream, shout, cry

Schrein, _m._ -e shrine

schreiten, itt, itt, _intr._ step, stride; _ihm zur Seite --_ walk at his
side; _zum Sturme --_ proceed to attack

Schrift, _f._ -en writing

Schritt, _m._ -e step, pace

schrittweise, step by step

Schuld, _f._ -en guilt, debt

schuldbewusst, conscious of guilt, conscience stricken

schuldig, guilty

Schuppe, _f._ -n scale

Schuppenkette, _f._ -n scale chain

schueren, _tr._ stir up; _das Feuer --_ poke the fire

Schuss, _m._ -"sse shot; _ein -- faellt_ a shot is heard

Schutt, _m._ ruins, rubbish, debris

Schutz, _m._ protection

schuetzen, _tr._ protect, shield

schwach, weak, feeble

Schwager, _m._ -" brother-in-law; coachman (_corruption of chevalier_)

Schwalbe, _f._ -n swallow

Schwan, _m._ -"e swan

schwanken, _intr._ waver, vacillate

Schwarm, _m._ -"e swarm

schwarz, black

schwaerzlich, blackish

schwatzen, _tr. and intr._ chatter, chat, gossip

schweben, _intr._ hover

Schweif, _m._ -e tail (_as of a horse or of a peacock_); train (_of a

schweifen, _intr._ roam, rove; _tr._ curve, slope

schweigen, ie, ie, _intr._ be silent; (_as a noun_ = silence)

Schweizerland, _n._ ( = die Schweiz) Switzerland

Schwelle, _f._ -n threshold

schwellen, o, o; i, _intr._ swell, rise; _manch Herze schwoll_ many a
heart beat high; _der Klang zum Ohre schwoll_ the sound surged in upon
the ear

schwenken, _tr._ swing, shake, flourish

schwer, heavy; grievous

Schwert, _n._ -er sword

Schwester, _f._ -n sister

schwimmen, a, o, _intr._ swim

schwindeln, _intr._ be dizzy; _schwindelnde Hoehen_ dizzying heights

schwinden, a, u, _intr._ dwindle, vanish, disappear

Schwinge, _f._ -n pinion, wing

schwingen, a, u, _tr. and intr._ swing; _sich aufs Pferd --_ mount; _das
Rad --_ turn the wheel

schwirren, _intr._ whir

schwuel, sultry

Schwuele, _f._ sultry heat, sultriness

Schwung, _m._ -e swing

See, _m._ -s,-n lake

See, _f._ -n sea, ocean; _zur --_ on sea

Seele, _f._ -n soul

segeln, _intr._ sail

Segen, _m._ -- blessing

segnen, _tr._ bless

sehen, a, e; ie, _tr. and intr._ see

Sehnsucht, _f._ longing, yearning

sehnsuchtsvoll, full of longing

Seide, _f._ -n silk

seiden, silk, silken

seitab, apart, off to one side

Seite, _f._ -n side

selig, blessed, blissful

seltsam, strange

senden, sandte, gesandt, _tr._ send

senken, _tr._ cause to sink, lower; _mit gesenktem Haupte_ with bowed

Sense, _f._ -n scythe

setzen, _tr._ set, place, put

seufzen, _intr._ sigh

Seufzer, _m._ -- sigh

Sichel, _f._ -n sickle

sicher, firm, safe

Sieg, _m._ -e victory

Silber, _n._ silver

silbern, silver, silvery

singen, a, u, _tr. and intr._ sing

sinken, a, u, _intr._ sink, descend; (_of eyes_) close

Sinn, _m._ -e sense, mind, spirit, thought, intent

sinnen, a, o, _tr. and intr._ think, ponder, meditate

Sitte, _f._ -n custom

Sitz, _m._ -e seat

sitzen, sass, gesessen _intr._ sit

Sklave, _m._ -n slave

sobald, _conj._ as soon as

sogar, _adv._ even

sogleich, at once, immediately

Sohle, _f._ -n sole; bottom of a valley

Sohn, _m._ -"e son

Soldat, _m._ -en soldier

Sommer, _m._ -- summer

Sonne, _f._ -n sun

Sonnenregen, _m._ rain that falls during sunshine, "sun shower"

Sonnenschein, _m._ sunshine

Sonntag, _m._ -e Sunday, Sabbath

sonst, otherwise; besides; _-- nichts_ naught else

Sorge, _f._ -n care

sorgen, _intr._ care for, take care of

Span, _m._ "-e chip, splinter

spannen, _tr._ stretch, bend; _das Gezelt --_ pitch the tent

spaet, late

Spaetboot, _n._ -"e late evening boat

Spaten, _m._ -- spade

Speer, _m._ -e spear

Speise, _f._ -n food

speisen, _tr. and intr._ eat; feast on

sperren, _tr._ bar, block

spiegeln, _tr._ mirror, reflect

Spiel, _n._ -e play, game; _mit etwas sein -- treiben_ make sport of a

spielen, _tr. and intr._ play

Spielmann, _m._, _pl._ _--leute_ minstrel

spinnen, a, o, _tr._ spin

Splitter, _m._ -- splinter, fragment, shred

Sporn, _m._ -s, Sporen spur; _einem Pferde die Sporen geben_ set spurs to
a horse

Spott, _m._ mockery, jest

spotten, _intr._ mock, jeer, deride

sprechen, a[l], o; i, _tr. and intr._ speak, say

sprengen, _intr._ gallop

spriessen, o[s], o[s], _intr._ sprout

springen, a, u, _intr._ spring, leap, jump; (_of sparks_) fly; (_of a
brook_) gush _or_ play

Spruch, _m._ -"e verse, motto

Sprung, _m._ -"e leap, jump, bound

Spur, _f._ -en trace, track, clue

spueren, _tr._ notice, feel

spueren, _intr._ trace, track

Stab, _m._ -"e staff

Stadt, _f._ -"e city, town

Staffelei, _f._ -en easel

Stamm, _m._ -"e tribe

stampfen, _tr. and intr._ stamp

Stange, _f._ -n beam, pole, stalk

Stapfe, _f._ -n footstep, footprint

starr, rigid, motionless

starren, _intr._ stare

stattlich, stately, splendid

Staub, _m._ dust

staeuben, _intr._ fly like dust, spray

Staubgewand, _n._ -"er garb of dust

staunen, _intr._ marvel, wonder

stechen, a[l], o; i, _tr._ sting, prick; stab, pierce

stecken, _tr._ stick, place, erect

stecken, _intr._ be, find oneself

Steg, _m._ -e path; narrow wooden bridge

stehen, stand, gestanden _intr._ stand

stehlen, a, o; ie, _tr._ steal

steigen, ie, ie, _intr._ rise, ascend

steil, steep

Stein, _m._ -e stone, rock

steinern, (of) stone

sterben, a, o; i, _intr._ die

sterblich, mortal

Stern, _m._ -e star

sternklar, starry clear

stets, always

Steuer, _n._ -- rudder

Steurer, _m._ -- steersman

still, silent, still

Stille, _f._ silence

stillen, _tr._ hush, assuage

Stimme, _f._ -n voice

Stirn(e), _f._ -n brow, forehead

stoehnen, _intr._ groan

stolz, proud

Stolz, _m._ pride

stoeren, _tr._ disturb

Stoss, _m._ "-e thrust, blow

stossen, ie, o; oe, _tr._ thrust, push

Strahl, _m._, -s, -en beam _or_ ray (_of light_); jet _or_ stream (_of

strahlen, _intr._ beam, shine

stramm, sturdy

Strand, _m._ -e strand

Strasse, _f._ -n street

Strassentreiben, _n._ bustle _or_ stir of life on the streets

Strauch, _m._ "-er bush

Strauss, _m._ "-e bouquet

streben, _intr._ strive

strecken, _tr._ stretch

Streich, _m._ -e blow, stroke

streicheln, _tr._ caress, stroke

streichen, i[s], i[s], _tr._ stroke; _intr._ pass or roam along

Streif, _m._ -e = Streifen, _m._ -en strip

streifen, _tr._ pass along, brush

Streit, _m._ -e battle, combat

streng, severe, stern

streuen, _tr._ strew (_durcheinander_ helter-skelter)

Strich, _m._ -e stroke (_as with a pen or brush_)

Stroh, _n._ straw

Strom, _m._ -"e stream, river

stroemen, _intr._ stream

strotzen, _intr._ swell, be full to bursting

Stube, _f._ -n room, chamber

Stueck, _n._ -e piece, part

Stufe, _f._ -n step (_of a stairway_); tier (_of seats_)

stufenweise, by steps

stumm, mute, silent, dumb

Stunde, _f._ -n hour

Sturm, _m._ -"e storm; attack

stuermen, _intr._ storm, rage

Sturmglocke, _f._ -n tocsin

Sturz, _m._ -"e plunge, fall

stuerzen, _intr._ plunge, fall

Stuetze, _f._ -n support, prop

stutzen, _intr._ start back, stop short, startle

suchen, _tr._ seek, look for

Sueden, _m._ south

suehnen, _tr._ atone, expiate

Summe, _f._ -n sum

summen, _intr._ hum, buzz

Suende, _f._ -n sin

Suender, _m._ -- sinner

suess, sweet

Syringe, _f._ -n lilac

Szene, _f._ -n scene


Tag, _m._ -e day

Tagwerk, _n._ -e daily labor, day's work

Tal, _n._ -"er valley

Tanne, _f._ -n evergreen, pine

Tanz, _m._ -"e dance

tanzen, _intr._ dance

Tanzplan, _m._ dance floor; (_Plan_, _m._ glade, open place in the

tasten, _intr._ grope, feel about

Tat, _f._ -en deed

Taeter, _m._ -- doer

Tau, _m._ dew

tauchen, _tr_ dip, plunge, immerse; _intr._ dive

tauschen, _tr._ exchange

taeuschen, _tr._ deceive

Teich, _m._ -e pond

teilen, _tr._ share, apportion

Tempel, _m._ -- temple

teuer, dear

Theater, _n._ -- theater

Thron, _m._ -e, (-en) throne

thronen, _intr._ be enthroned

Thronenflitter, _m._ -- royal pomp

tief, deep

Tiefe, _f._ -n depth

Tochter, _f._ -" daughter

Tod, _m._ -e death

Todesglut, _f._ -en deadly glow

Todeskampf, _m._ -"e death struggle

Todesritt, _m._ ride of death

toll, mad

Ton, _m._ -"e tone

toenen, _intr._ sound, resound, ring

Tor, _n._ -e gate, portal

tosen, _intr._ rage, roar

tot, dead

Totenbahre, _f._ -n bier

Totenschrein, _m._ -e shrine for the dead (_i. e._, coffin)

traben, _intr._ trot

Tracht, _f._ -en garb, costume

traege, idle, lazy

tragen, u, a; ae, _tr._ carry, bear

Traene, _f._ -n tear

trauen, _intr._ (_with dat._) trust

Trauer, _f._ mourning, sadness

trauern, _intr._ mourn

traulich, cozy

Traum, _m._ -"e dream

traeumen, _tr. and intr._ dream (_ich traeume_ _or_ _mir traeumt_)

traeumerisch, dreamy

Traumesflug, _m._ flight or passing of a dream

traurig, sad

traut, dear, beloved, sweetly familiar

treffen, a, o; i, _tr._ strike, hit

treiben, ie, ie, drive; carry on (_as a noun_ - bustle, stir, contending)

trennen, _tr._ separate

treten, a, e; itt, _intr._ step; _ins Glied --_ step into line

treu, faithful

Treue, _f._ faithfulness, troth

treulos, faithless

Tribunal, n.--e tribunal

Trieb, _m._-e impulse, impetus

trinken, a, u, _tr. and intr._ drink

Tritt, _m._ -e step

Triumph, _m._ -e triumph

trocknen, _tr. and intr._ dry

Trommel, _f._ -n drum

Tropfen, _m. -- drop

Trost, _m._ consolation

trostlos, disconsolate

trotzen, _intr._ (_with dat._) defy

trotzig, defiant, bold

truebe, sad, melancholy

Trug, _m._ deception, delusion

Truhe, _f._ -n ehest, trunk

Truemmer, _n. pl._ ruins

Trunk, _m._ drink, potion

Tuba, _f._ -s _and_ _Tuben_ tuba

tun, a, a; _tr._ do

Tuer, _f._ -en door

Tuerkentrommel, _f._ -n kettle-drum

Turm, _m._ -"e tower

tuermen, _intr._ tower; _tr._ pile up


ueben, _tr. and refl._ practise, exercise; use, give play to, exert

Ueberfluss, _m._ abundance, profusion

ueberfluten, _tr._ inundate, cover (_as with a flood_)

ueberlassen, ie, a; ae, _tr._ leave to

ueberschallen, _tr._ outsound

ueberschlagen, u, a; ae, _tr._ cover

ueberschuetten, _tr._ pour over, cover

ueberspuelen, _tr._ over flood, inundate

ueberwehen, _tr._ blow over

Ufer, _n._ -- bank, shore

um-bringen, brachte, gebracht, _tr._ rob of life, put to death

umfangen, i, a; ae, _tr._ embrace, surround, enclose

umflechten, o, o; i, _tr._ entwine, encircle (_cf._ _flechten_)

umflimmern, _tr._ surround with flickering light

umfluegeln, _tr._ fly around, encircle in flight

umgeben, a, e; _tr._ surround

um-guerten, _tr._ gird or buckle on

umhallen, _tr._ surround with sound

umher-geisten, _intr._ move about like ghosts _or_ phantoms

umhuellen, _tr._ enwrap, envelop

umsausen, _tr._ roar around; whiz around

umsonst, in vain

umwandeln, _tr._ encircle in wandering

umwinden, a, u, tr. wind about, encircle, entwine

umwogen, _tr._ flow around, encircle (_as waves do_)

unaufgefunden, unfound, undiscovered

unbeweint, unmourned

unbewusst, unconscious

unchristlich, unchristian

unendlich, infinite, endless

unerforschlich, inscrutable

unergruendet, unfathomed

unergruendlich, unfathomable

unerreichlich, unattainable

unfreiwillig, involuntary

ungebrochen, unbroken

ungeduldig, impatient

Ungeheuer, _n._ -- monster

ungehoert, unheard

ungesehen, unseen

ungestuem, impetuous

ungeteilt, undivided

ungeweiht, unhallowed

ungewiss, uncertain

unmutig, vexed, angry

unsicher, unsafe, uncertain

unsichtbar, invisible

unterbrechen, a[l], o; i, _tr._ interrupt

unter-gehen, ging, gegangen, _intr._ go down; perish; (_of the sun_) set

Unterlass, _m._; _occurs only in_ _ohne Unterlass_ incessantly

unterscheiden, ie, ie, _tr._ distinguish

unverbunden, not bandaged

unverrueckt, undisturbed, not moved out of place

unversehens, unexpectedly

unverstellt, undisguised, unhidden

unverwuestlich, indestructible (_verwuesten_, _tr._ = lay waste, devastate)

unzaehlig, beyond number, numberless

ueppig, luxuriant, rich

uralt, very old, ancient, primeval

Urne, _f._ -n urn


Vater, _m._ -" father

Vaterland, _n._ -"er fatherland

Vaetersaal, _m._ -saele ancestral hall

Veilchen, _n._ -- violet

verbeissen, i[s], i[s], _tr._ suppress, stifle

verbergen, a, o; i, _tr._ hide, conceal

verbieten, o, o, _tr._ forbid

verbleichen, i[s], i[s], _intr._ fade, turn pale

verbringen, verbrachte, verbracht, _tr._ spend, pass

verderben, a, o; i, _intr._ perish

verdienen, _tr._ deserve, merit

verdorren, _intr._ wither, dry up

verdraengen, _tr._ push aside, crowd out, displace

verdriessen, o[s], o[s], _tr._ vex, grieve

verdunkeln, _tr._ darken

vereinen, _tr._ unite

verengen, _tr._ narrow, contract, compress

Verfall, _m._ ruin

verfliegen, o, o, _intr._ fly away, vanish

verfliessen, o[s], o[s], _intr._ flow off or away; (_of time_) pass by

verfuehren, _tr._ lead astray, seduce

vergehen, verging, vergangen, _intr._ vanish, pass away

vergessen, a[l], e; i, _tr._ forget (_in poetry sometimes with gen._)

vergleichen, i[s], i[s], _tr._ compare

vergnuegt, happy, contented

vergolden, _tr._ gild; _den grauen Tag --_ turn the gray day into gold

vergoennen, _tr._ grant, allow

verhallen, _intr._ (_of sound_) vanish, die away

verhaengt, (_of reins_) slackened; _mit verhaengtem Zuegel_ at full speed

verhauchen, _tr._ breathe out, expire

verhuellen, _tr._ cover, veil, hide

verirren, _intr. and refl._ go astray, err

verklingen, a, u, _intr._ (_of sound_) die away, vanish

verkuenden, _tr._ announce, make known

Verlangen, _tr._ demand; mich verlangt nach etwas I long for something

Verlangen, _n._ desire, longing

verlassen, ie, a; ae, _tr._ leave, forsake

verlernen, unlearn, forget

verliebt, in love, enamored, lovelorn

verlieren, o, o, _tr._ lose

verlocken, _tr._ entice

vermaehlen, _tr._ give in marriage; _refl_. marry, wed (_mit jemand_)

vermeinen, _intr._ think, believe

vermoegen, vermochte, vermocht (_inflected like_ _moegen_) _tr._ (_with_
_zu_ _and infinitive_) be able (to do a thing)

vernehmen, a, omm; imm, _tr._ become aware of, perceive, hear

veroeden, _intr._ become waste or desolate; _tr._ lay waste or devastate

verraten, ie, a; ae, _tr._ betray

verrauschen, _intr._ rush away, hurry past, rustle _or_ rush by

verreisen, _intr._ go on a journey

verroecheln, _intr._ expire, breathe the death rattle

verrucht, accursed, ruthless

versagen, _tr._ refuse

versammeln, _tr. and refl_. gather, collect

verscharren, _tr._ bury (hurriedly _or_ carelessly)

verscheiden, ie, ie, _intr._ pass away, die

verschlafen, drowsy with sleep

verschleiern, _tr._ veil

verschliessen, o, o, _tr._ close up

verschlingen, a, u, _tr._ engulf, swallow up

verschweigen, ie, ie, _tr._ keep secret, conceal

verschwinden, a, u, _intr._ disappear

versehren, _tr._ injure, damage, defile

versenken, _tr._ sink, bury

versetzen, _tr._ reply

versiegen, _intr._ run dry, dry up

versinken, a, u, _intr._ sink down, go to the bottom; _in Leid versunken_
buried _or_ lost in sorrow

versoehnen, _tr._ reconcile; propitiate, appease

verspaeten, _tr. and refl._ make late, delay

versprechen, a[l], o; i, _tr._ promise

verspueren, _tr._ notice, feel

Verstaendnis, _n._ understanding

verstaendnisinnig, with deep understanding

versteint, covered with stones

verstohlen, stealthy, in secret

verstoeren, _tr._ disturb, upset, bewilder

verstreuen, _tr._ scatter, disperse

verstummen, _intr._ grow mute, become silent

versuchen, _tr._ tempt

vertrauen, _tr._ entrust; _vertraut_ confiding, trusting

verwacht, weary with waking

verwaisen, _intr._ become an orphan; _verwaist_ orphaned

verwehen, _tr._ (_of the wind)_ blow _or_ drive away; _intr._ be blown
away, scatter

verwildern, _intr._ grow wild

verwirren, _tr._ confuse; _p.p._, _verworren_ confused

verwundert, astonished

verzehren, _tr._ consume

viel, much

vielleicht, perhaps

Viererzug, _m._ "-e team of four

Vogel, _m._ "- bird

vogelsprachekund, understanding the language of the birds

Volk, _n._ "-er people

voll, full

vollenden, _tr._ complete, accomplish

Vollkommenheit, _f._ -en perfection

Vollmond, _m._ -e full moon

voran, before, at the head

vorbei, gone, past, by

vorbei-fliegen, o, o, _intr._ fly by _or_ past

vorkommen, a[l], o, _intr._ seem, appear

vor-sprechen, a[l], o; i, _tr._ pronounce a word before a person; _sich
etwas --_ say a thing to oneself

vorueber, past

vorueber-gehen, ging, gegangen, _intr._ go past or by, pass

vorwaerts ahead, forward


wach, awake

wachen, _intr._ be awake

wachsen, u, a; ae, _intr._ grow

waechsern, wax, waxen

Waechter, _m._ -- watchman, guard

Wachtgebell, _n._ watch bark (of dogs)

wacker, brave, good

Wage, _f._ -n balance, pair of scales

wagen, _tr._ dare, venture

Wagen, _m._ -- wagon, chariot

waehlen, _tr._ choose, elect

wahrhaftig, indeed, in truth

Wahrheit, _f._ -"en truth

wahrlich, forsooth, indeed

Wald, _m._ -"er forest

Waldesnacht, _f._ -"e forest gloom

wallen, _intr._ wander, journey; wave, flutter, undulate

Wallfahrt, _f._ -en pilgrimage

walten, _intr._ rule, hold sway

waelzen, _tr._ roll, _refl._ toss

Wand, _f._ -"e wall

Wandel, _m._ journeying, passing by; change

wandeln, _intr._ wander, journey

Wanderblick, _m._ -e wandering glance (_i.e._, glance of a wanderer)

Wanderer, _m._ -- wanderer

Wandergans, _f._ -"e wild goose

wandermuede, tired of wandering

wandern, _intr._ wander

Wandersang, _m._ -"e song of wandering

Wanderschuh, _m._ -e wanderer's shoe

Wandersmann, _m._, _pl._ -leute _poet. for_ _Wanderer_

Wange, _f._ -n cheek

Wanken, _intr._ totter, waver, sway

warm, warm

Waerme, _f._ warmth

waermen, _tr._ warm

warnungsvoll, full of warning

warten, _intr._ wait; _tr._ wait upon, serve

Wartfrau, _f._ -en nurse, female attendant

Wasser, _n._ -- water

Wasserbahn, _f._ -en watery track, expanse of water

weben, o, o, _tr. and intr._ be astir, stir, move

wechseln, _intr._ change

wecken, _tr._ awaken

weg, away

Weg, _m._ -e way, path, road

weg-reissen, i, i, _tr._ tear away

weh, woe; _-- dir_ woe to thee; _-- tun_ pain, hurt

wehen, _intr._ blow, be wafted

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