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A Book Of German Lyrics by Various

Part 4 out of 6

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Bart, _m._ -"e beard

Bau, _m._ -s, -ten structure, building

Bauch, _m._ -"e belly, paunch

Bauer, _m._ -s _and_ -n, -n farmer

Baum, _m._ -"e tree

baeumen, _refl._ rear, prance

beben, _intr._ tremble, shake

Becher, _m._ -- cup, goblet

Beckenschlag, _m._ -"e clang of cymbals

bedecken, _tr._ cover

bedeuten, _tr._ mean, portend

Bedeutung, _f._ -en meaning

bedrohen, _tr._ threaten, menace

bedruecken, _tr._ oppress

beengen, _tr._ narrow in, oppress

beerdigen, _tr._ bury

Beet, _n._ -e bed (in a garden)

befragen, _tr._ question

befreien, _tr._ free, liberate

befreundet, friendly

begegnen, _intr._ meet, pass

Begier, _f._ desire

beginnen, a, o, _tr._ begin

beglaenzen, _tr._ illumine, cover with radiance

begleiten, _tr._ accompany

Begleiter, _m._ -- one who accompanies a person, companion

begluecken, _tr._ make happy, bless with happiness

begraben, u, a; a[s], _tr._ bury

begrenzen, _tr._ confine, limit

Behagen, _n._ content, delight

behalten, ie, a; a[s], _tr._ retain, keep; das Wort -- keep on speaking

Beharrung, _f._ perseverance, continuance

behend(e), nimble, agile

beherzt, courageous, daring

Bein, _n._ -e leg

beinern, bony, skeleton

beisammen, together

bekaempfen, _tr._ combat, resist

bekennen, bekannte, bekannt, _tr._ confess

beklommen, oppressed

bellen, _intr._ bark

bemessen, a[l], e; i, _tr._ measure

benebeln, _tr._ cover with fog; _p.p._ befuddled, drunk, made drowsy

bereit, ready, prepared

bereiten, _tr._ prepare

Berg, _m._ -e mountain

bergen, a, o; i, _tr._ hide, shelter

Bergeshang, _m._ -"e mountain slope

Bergesrand, _m._ -"er edge _or_ side of a mountain _or_ hill.

Bergesruecken, _m._ -- mountain ridge _or_ crest

bersten, a (o), o; i, _intr._ burst, explode

beruhigen, _tr._ calm

beruehren, _tr._ touch

besaenftigen, _tr._ assuage

beschatten, _tr._ cast a shadow on, shade

beschauen, _tr._ view, look at

Bescheid, _m._ -e answer, response; _-- trinken_ pledge (_i.e., answer to
a toast_)

bescheiden, ie, ie, _tr._ apportion, allot, destine; _refl._ moderate
oneself, resign oneself to one's fate

Bescheiden, _n._ moderation, content, resignation

bescheinen, ie, ie, _tr._ illumine, shine upon

beschleichen, i[s], i[s], _tr._ steal upon

beschmutzen, _tr._ make dirty, sully

Beschuetzer, _m._ -- protector

besiegen, _tr._ overcome, conquer

besingen, a, u, _tr._ sing about, praise in song

Besinnung, _f._ consciousness, reflection; _-- raubend_ robbing one of
the power of reflection, sense destroying

besinnungslos, unconscious

Besitz, _m._ possession

besitzen, besass, besessen, _tr._ possess

bespiegeln, _refl._ gaze at oneself in a glass

besprechen, a[l], o; i, _tr._ charm by magic words

besser, better

bestehen, bestand, bestanden, (in), _intr._ consist (of)

bestellen, _tr._ order, give a message

bestrahlen, _tr._ shine upon, illumine

beten, _intr._ pray

betoeren, _tr._ beguile, delude

betruegen, o, o, _tr._ deceive

Bett(e), _n._ -es, -en bed

Bettelkind, _n._ -er beggar child

betteln, _tr._ beg

Bettler, _m._ -- beggar

beugen, _tr. and refl._ bend, bow

bewachen, _tr._ guard, watch over

bewahren, _tr._ guard, keep

bewegen, _tr._ move, stir, agitate

beweinen, _tr._ lament, weep for

bewusst, conscious of

bezeigen, _tr. and refl._ show manifest

biegen, o, o, _tr. and refl._ bend

Biene, _f._ -n bee

Bier, _n._ -e beer

Bild, _n._ -er picture; image

bilden, _tr._ form

binden, a, u, _tr._ bind, tie

Birne, _f._ -n pear

Bitte, _f._ -n request, prayer

blaehen, _tr_ cause to bloat, distend

blank, shining, bright

blasen, ie, a; ae, _tr. and intr._ blow

blass, pale

Blatt, _n._ -"er leaf

blau, blue, azure; _im Blauen_ in the azure blue

Blau, _n._ azure of the sky

Blaeue, _f._ blueness, azure

blauen, _intr._ appear blue, become blue

bleiben, ie, ie, _intr._ (s) remain

bleich, pale

blenden, _tr._ blind, dazzle

Blick, _m._ -e glance, look

blicken, _intr._ look, gaze

blinken, _intr._ gleam, glisten

Blitz, _m._ -e lightning, flash of lightning

blitzen, _intr._ flash, gleam

Blitzesschlag, _m._ -"e stroke of lightning

blond, blonde, fair

bluehen, _intr._ blossom, bloom; _bluehend_ in the bloom of life

Blume, _f._ -n flower

Blumengesicht, _n._ -er blossom face

Blumengewind, _n._ -e wreath of flowers

Blut, _m._ blood

Bluete, _f._ -n blossom

bluten, _intr._ bleed

Bluetendampf, _m._ -"e odor of blossoms (_Dampf_ steam, vapor)

bluetenreich, rich in blossoms, full of blossoms

Bluetenschimmer, _m._ -- shimmer of blossoms

blutig, bloody

Blutstrahl, _m._ -s, -en stream of blood

Boden, _m._ soil, ground; space below the rafters

Bodenluke, _f._ -n trapdoor opening into the attic

Bogen, _m._ bow, arch

Bombardon, _n._ bombardon

Boot, _n._ -e _and_ _Boete_ boat

Born, _m._ -e fount, spring

boese, evil, wicked

Boesewicht, _m._ -er rascal, wrong doer

brauchen, _tr._ use, need, be in need of (_with genitive_)

brauen, _tr. and intr._ brew, ferment

braun, brown

brausen, _intr._ roar

Brautfest, _n._ -e bridal festival

brechen, a[l], o; i, _tr._ break; pick (_eine Blume_); _das Auge bricht_
the eye grows dim in death

brennen, brannte, gebrannt, _intr._ burn

Brot, _n._ -e bread

Bruecke, _f._ -n bridge

Bruder, _m._ -" brother

Brudergruss, _m._ -"e brotherly greeting

Brunnen, _m._ -- well, fountain, spring

Brust, _f._ -"e breast

Brut, _f._ -en brood

Bube, _m._ -n knave, boy, fellow

Buch, _n._ -"er book

Buche, _f._ -n beech

buchendunkel, dark with beeches

Bucht, _f._ -en bay

Buhle, _f._ -n sweetheart; _m._ lover

Buhler, _m._ -- lover, wooer

Buehne, _f._ -n stage

bunt, of various colors

Bursche, _m._ -en (-e) fellow, youth, boy

Busch, _m._ -"e shrub, bush

Busen, _m._ -- bosom


Chor, _m._ -"e chorus, choir

christlich, Christian

Christus, _m._ -i, -o, -um Christ


Dach, _n._ -"er roof

Dachgestuehl(e), _n._ -e rafters

daheim, at home

dahin, thither

dahin-strecken, _tr._ stretch out

damit, with it _or_ them

daemmern, _intr._ spread a feeble light (_used of the coming of dawn or

Daemmerschein, _m._ -e twilight

daemm(e)rig, dusky

Daemmerung, _f._ twilight, dawn

daempfen, _tr._ subdue

Dank, _m._ thanks, gratitude; _zu --_ so as to merit thanks _or_ meet

daran, at it, beside it

darben, _intr._ suffer want

dar-bieten, o, o, _tr._ offer

dar-bringen, brachte, gebracht, _tr._ offer, present, sacrifice

darob, on that account

darueber-gehen, ging, gegangen, _intr._ surpass; _es geht mir nichts
darueber_, I prize nothing more highly

da-sein, _intr._ be present

Dasein, _n._ existence

da-stehen, stand, gestanden, _intr._ be _or_ stand there

dauern, _intr._ last, endure, continue

dazu, besides

dazwischen, in between

Decke, _f._ -n covering, blanket; ceiling, roof

decken, _tr._ cover

Degen, _m._ -- sword

Degenknauf, _m._ -"e pommel of the sword's hilt

Deingedenken, _n._ thinking of you

Demut, _f._ humility

denken, dachte, gedacht, _tr._ think; _jemandes_ _or_ _an jemanden --_
think of someone

dereinst, some (future) day, in days to come

derweil, the while that (_archaic for_ _waehrend_ while)

deutsch, German

dicht, dense, close

dichten, _tr._ compose _or_ create in poetry; _im Leben oder Dichten_ in
life or verse

Dichter, _m._ -- poet

dick, thick, fat, plump

dienen, _intr._ (_with dat_.) serve

Dienst, _m._ -e service; _ich bin zu --_ I am at your service

Dirne, _f._ -n lass, girl

Distel, _f._ -n thistle

Donner, _m._ -- thunder

donnern, _intr._ thunder

Donnerkeule, _f._ -n thunder club

doppelt, double, twofold

Dorf, n. -"er village

dort, there, yonder

Drache, _m._ -n dragon

drall, buxom

draengen, _tr._ press

draus, daraus, out of, therefrom

draussen, outside, without

drehen, _tr._ turn

drein- (_or_ darein-) blicken, _intr._

drein-schauen, look on

dreist, bold

dringen, a, u, _intr._ press, penetrate; _in jemanden --_ importune

drinnen, within

droben, up there

droehnen, _intr._ reverberate

Drossel, _f._ -n thrush

drueben, yonder

druecken, _tr._ press

drunten, down below, down there

Duft, _m._ -"e odor, fragrance; haze

duften, _intr._ be fragrant, spread fragrance

duftig, fragrant; hazy, airy

dulden, _tr._ bear, tolerate

dumpf, dull, hollow (_of sound_)

dumpfbrausend, with a hollow roar

dunkel, dark

dunkeln, _intr._ grow dark

duenn, thin

durchbeben, _tr._ throb through

durchdringen, a, u, _tr._ penetrate

durcheilen, _tr._ hasten _or_ pass through quickly

durchstreichen, i[s], i[s], _tr._ ramble, roam through

durchwandeln, _tr._ wander through

duerftig, scanty, sparse

duerr, withered, dry

Durst, _m._ thirst

Dursteswut, _f._ rage of thirst

durstueberquaelt, overtortured by thirst

duester, dark, gloomy

Duester, _n._ gloom, darkness

duesterrot, gloomy red


eben, _for_ soeben just

echt, genuine, real

Ecke, _f._ -n corner

edel, noble

Efeu, _m._, _n._ ivy

ehe, before

Ehre, _f._ -n honor

Ehrenkreuz, _n._ -e cross of honor

Eiche, _f._ -n oak

eigen, peculiar

Eigentum, _n._ -"er possession

eilig, hasty, hurried

ein-fallen, ie, a; ae, _intr._ interrupt

ein-kehren, _intr._ enter, turn in

ein-laeuten, _tr._ ring in

ein-legen, _tr._ lay _or_ put in; _ein-gelegte Ruder_ oars dipped into
the water

einmal, once (upon a time)

einsam, lonely, alone

ein-scharren, _tr._ bury hurriedly (_scharren_ = scrape, scratch)

ein-schenken, _tr._ pour in _or_ out; _Wein --_ fill the glasses with

ein-schlafen, ie, a; ae, _intr._ fall asleep

ein-schlummern, _intr._ fall asleep; _wieder --_ return to slumber

einst, sometime, once upon a time

ein-steigen, ie, ie, _intr._ get in

einstmals, once upon a time

eintoenig, monotonous

ein-treten, a, e; tritt, _intr._ enter

einzeln, single

einzig, single, unique, only

Eis, _n._ ice

Eisen, _n._ -- iron

elend, wretched

Elfe, _f._ -n elf

empfangen, i, a; ae, _tr._ receive

empfinden, a, u, _tr._ feel

empor, upward

Ende, _n._ -s, -n end; _an allen -n_ everywhere; _am --_ finally

enden, _intr._ end, stop

Engelland = England, _n._ England

englisch, English

entbrennen, entbrannte (entbrennte), entbrannt, _intr._ start to burn
_or_ to glow

entdecken, _tr._ discover

entfachen, _tr._ enkindle

entfahren, u, a; a, _intr._ escape, slip from

entfaerben, _tr._ decolorate; _refl._ lose color, fade

entfernen, _tr._ remove; _refl._ withdraw

entfliehen, o, o, _intr._ escape

entgegen-ragen, _intr._ project _or_ loom up against

entgelten, a, o; i, _tr._ suffer _or_ atone for

entkleiden, _tr. and refl._ undress

entlang, (_prep. with acc._) along

entlegen, distant, far off

Entsagung, _f._ -en renunciation

entschlafen, ie, a; ae, _intr._ go to sleep

entschleiern, _tr._ unveil

entschweben, _intr._ soar away

Entsetzen, _n._ terror

entspringen, a, u, _intr._ escape

entstellen, _tr._ disfigure

entzwei-springen, a, u, _intr._ burst asunder

Erbe, _m._ -n heir

erblassen, _intr._ turn pale, die

erbleichen, i[s], i[s], _intr._ turn pale

erblicken, _tr._ catch sight of

erdbeschmutzt, "earth sullied," covered with earth

Erde, _f._ -n earth

erdenken, erdachte, erdacht, _tr._ devise, invent

erfahren, u, a; ae, _tr._ experience, learn

erfinden, a, u, _tr._ invent (_archaic for_ _finden_ find)

erfreulich, joyful, pleasing; _-- sein_ be a thing of joy

ergiessen, o[s], o[s], _tr._ pour forth, shed

erglaenzen, _intr._ shine forth

ergoetzlich, amusing

ergreifen, iff, iff, _tr._ seize, grasp

erhalten, ie, a; ae, _tr._ preserve, keep; receive

erheben, o, o, _tr._ raise, uplift; _refl_. rise

Erinnerung, _f._ -en memory, remembrance

erkalten, _intr._ grow cool

erkennen, erkannte, erkannt, _tr._ recognize

erklingen, a, u, _intr._ resound

erlernen, _tr._ learn

erlesen, a, e; ie, _tr._ choose

erleuchten, _tr._ illumine

erliegen, a, e, _intr._ succumb, be defeated

erloeschen, o, o; i, _intr._ go out, be extinguished

ermatten, _intr._ grow weary

ermueden, _intr._ grow tired

ernst, earnest, serious

Ernst, _m._ earnestness, seriousness

Ernte, _f._ -n harvest

erquicken, _tr._ refresh

Erquickung, _f._ -en refreshment

erreichen, _tr._ reach, attain

erschallen, _weak or_ o, o, _intr._ resound, ring out

erscheinen, ie, ie, _intr._ appear

erschlagen, u, a; ae, _tr._ slay, kill

erschrecken, a[l], o; i, _intr._ be terrified _or_ frightened

erschwingen, a, u, _refl_. take wing _or_ flight

erstarren, _intr._ grow numb, be paralyzed, turn rigid

erstechen, a[l], o; i, _tr._ kill by stabbing, stab _or_ run through with
a knife _or_ sword

ersteigen, ie, ie, _tr._ climb

ersticken, _tr. and intr_. smother, choke, suffocate

erwachen, _intr._ awaken

erwaehlen, _tr._ choose

erwarten, _tr._ await, wait for

erweisen, ie, ie, _tr._ prove; render, bestow upon

erweiten, _tr. and refl_. widen, expand, grow

Erz, _n._ -e ore, metal, bronze

erzaehlen, _tr._ tell, relate

essen, ass, gegessen; isst, _tr._ eat

ewig, eternal

Ewigkeit, _f._ -en eternity


fachen, _tr._ fan, kindle

Fackel, _f._ -n torch

Fahne, _f._ -n flag

fahren, u, a; ae, _intr._ move, journey, go

fallen, ie, a; ae, _intr._ fall, drop; _etwas faellt jemandem in die Augen_
something strikes one's gaze

falten, _tr._ fold

Falter, _m._ -- butterfly

fangen, i, a; ae, _tr._ catch, capture

Farbe, _f._ -n color

fassen, _tr._ grasp, take hold of, seize, understand

fast, almost

Faust, _f._ -"e fist

Fehl, _m._ -e wrong, guilt, blemish

Feier, _f._ -n festal celebration

feierlich, festal, solemn

feiern, _intr._ rest (_from one's labor_)

feig, cowardly

fein, fine, delicate, fair

Feind, _m._ -e enemy

Feld, _n._ -er field

Fels, _m._ -ens, -en rock, cliff

Felsenbank, _f._ *e bench of rock

Felsenriff, _n._ -e reef

Felsenschlucht, _f._ -en rocky ravine

felsig, rocky

Felswand, _f._ -"e wall of rock, precipice

Fenster, _n._ -- window

Ferge, _m._ -n ferryman

fern, far, distant; (_with dat._) far from

Ferne, _f._ -n distance

fernher, from afar

fernhin, far off

Fest, _n._ -e festival, celebration

fest(e), firm, fast

fest-halten, ie, a; ae, _tr._ hold (firmly)

feucht, moist, wet

Feuer, _n._ -- fire

Feuerleiter, _f._ -n fire ladder

feurig, fiery, ardent

Fichte, _f._ -n pine

Fieber, _n._ -- fever

fieberwild, wild _or_ raging with fever

finden, a, u, _tr._ find

finster, dark, gloomy

Finsternis, _f._ -isse darkness

Firn, _m._ -e last year's snow; mountains topped with perpetual snow

Firneschein, _m._ -- glow of the snow-capped mountains

Fisch, _m._ -e fish

fischen, _tr._ fish

Fischer, _m._ -- fisherman

flach, flat, level

flaemisch, Flemish

Flamme, _f._ -n flame

flattern, _intr._ flutter

flechten, o, o; i, _tr._ braid, plait, intertwine

flehen, _intr._ beseech, implore, pray (um etwas for something)

fleissig, industrious, busy

fliegen, o, o, _intr._ fly

fliehen, o, o, _intr._ flee; _tr._ flee from

fliessen, o[l], o[l], _intr._ flow

flimmern, _intr._ glitter, glimmer

Flinte, _f._ -n gun, rifle

flirren, _intr._ vibrate

Flitter, _m._ -- spangle, tinsel; empty pomp

Flor, _m._ veil

Floetist, _m._ -en flute player

Fluch, _m._ -"e curse

fluechtig, fleeting, fleeing

Flug, _m._ -"e flight

Fluegel, _m._ -- wing, pinion

Fluegelschlag, _m._ -"e flap _or beat_ of the wings

Fluegelwehn, _n._ wafting of wings

Flur, _f._ -en field, plain

Fluss, _m._ -"e river

flussueberwaerts, across the river

fluestern, _intr._ whisper

Fluesterwort, _n._ -e whispered word

Flut, _f._ -en flood

fluten, _intr._ stream, surge

Flutengrab, _n._ -"er grave beneath the water

fodern = fordern, _tr._ demand

Foehn, _m._ -e south wind

folgen, _intr. (with dat.)_ follow

foerdern, _tr._ advance, hasten

Form, _f._ -en form

Forschbegierde, _f._ desire to learn _or_ investigate

forschen, _intr._ inquire into, search

fort, _adv._ away; _sep. pref. (1) with verbs expressing a change of
place_ away, _e.g._, _fortziehen_ journey away, depart; _forttragen_
carry away; (2) on, to continue to, _e.g._, _fortsingen_ keep on singing,
continue to sing

fort und fort, on and on

fragen, _tr._ ask

Frager, _m._ -- questioner

frank, frank

Frankreich, _n._ France

Frau, _f._ -en woman, wife, Mrs.

Fraeulein, _n._ -- Miss, unmarried young lady, (archaic) young lady of

frech, insolent, audacious

frei, free

freigeben, a, e; i, _tr._ set free, release

Freiheit, _f._ -en freedom, liberty

fremd, foreign, alien, strange

Fremdling, _m._ -e stranger

Freude, _f._ -n joy

Freudenrechnung, _f._ -en account of joys

freudig, joyful

freuen, _refl._ rejoice, be happy; _tr._ make rejoice, make happy

Freund, _m._ -e friend

freundlich, friendly, kindly

Frevel, _m._ -- outrage, wrong

freventlich, outrageous, nefarious

Friede, _m._ -ens peace

Friedenswunder, _n._ -- miracle of peace, peaceful miracle

friedfertig, peaceful

friedlich, peaceful

froh, merry; (_with gen._) happy in

froehlich, joyful, glad

fromm, pious, reverend, Godfearing

frommen, _intr._ (_with dat._) be useful, avail _or_ profit

Frucht, _f._ -"e grain, fruit

frueh, early

Fruehe, _f._ dawn, early morning

Fruehling, _m._ -e spring

Fruehstueck, _n._ -e breakfast

fuehlen, _tr. and intr. (refl.)_ feel

fuehren, _tr._ lead; _einen Schlag --_ deal a blow

Fuehrer, _m._ -- leader, guide

fuellen, _tr._ fill

funkeln, _intr._ sparkle

Funken, _m._ -- spark

furchtbar, terrible

fuerder, onward

fuersichtig = vorsichtig, prudent, cautious

Fuss, _m._ -"e foot

Fussgestell, _n._ -e pedestal


Gabe, _f._ -n gift

Gang, _m._ -"e course

ganz, whole, entire

gaenzlich, entire

gar, very, utterly

Garbe, _f._ -n sheaf

Garten, _m._ -" garden

Gasse, _f._ -n narrow street

Gast, _m._ -"e guest

Gastfreund, _m._ -e _person connected with another by ties of hospitable

gastlich, hospitable

Gaul, _m._ -"e horse of inferior breed, nag

Gazelle, _f._ -n gazelle

Gebein, _n._ (_collective_) -- bones, frame

Gebell, _n._ barking

geben, a, e; i, _tr._ give

Gebet, _n._ -e prayer

Gebruell, _n._ roar, roaring

Gedanke, _m._ -n thought

gedankenvoll, full of thought, absorbed in thought

gedrang, narrow (_from_ _draengen_)

Gedraenge, _n._ -- throng, surging crowd

Gedroehne, _n._ -- resounding _or_ sonorous pealing

geduldig, patient

gefaehrden, _tr._ endanger

gefallen, ie, a; ae, _intr._ please; _es gefaellt mir_ I like it

Gefieder, _n._ -- plumage

Gefild(e), _n._ -e field

Gefluegel, _n._ birds, winged creatures

gefluegelt, winged

gefrieren, o, o, _intr._ freeze, congeal

Gefuehl, _n._ -e feeling, emotion

Gefunkel, _n._ sparkling, glittering

Gegend, _f._ -en region, country

gegenwaertig, present

geheim, secret

Geheimnis, _n._ -isse secret

gehen, ging, gegangen, _intr._ go

geheuer, (_only with negative_ _nicht_) uncanny

Geier, _m._ -- vulture

Geierflug, _m._ -"e flight of vultures

Geissel, _f._ -n scourge, lash

Geist, _m._ -er spirit, ghost, phantom

geistern, _intr._ spook

Gelaende, _n._ -- open fields

gelassen, calm, gentle

Gelaeut(e), _n._ -e set of bells, chime; ringing, pealing (_of bells_)

Geliebter, _m._ Geliebte, _f._ beloved, lover, sweetheart

gelinde, gentle, mild, soft

gellen, _intr._ sound shrill

geloben, _tr._ promise, vow

gelten, a, o; i, _intr._ be valid, be worth; concern; _es gilt mir_ it is
for me; _es gilt uns heut zu ruehren_ our duty to-day is _etc_.

Gemach, _n._ -"er room, chamber

gemachsam, _adv._ leisurely

Gemahl, _n._ spouse, consort

Gemuet, _n._ -er feeling, soul, heart

genau, exact

geniessen, *, *, _tr._ enjoy

Genoss or Genosse, _m._ -n companion

Genuege, _f._ sufficiency, content

genuegen, _intr._ suffice

genueg(e)sam content

Geraeusch _n._ -e noise

gerecht, just

Gericht, _n._ -e judgment; tribunal

Gerippe, _n._ -- skeleton

gerne, _adv._ gladly; (_with verb_) like to

Gesang, _m._ -"e song

geschehen, a, e; ie, (s) _intr._ happen

Geschichte, _f._ -n story

Geschlecht, _n._ -er generation; race

Geschmeide, _n._ -- jewelry

Geschrei, _n._ cry, shout

Geschwader, _n._ -- squadron

geschwind, quick, swift

Geschwister, _n. pl_. brother(s) and sister(s); _n. sing_. (_rare_)

Geselle, _m._ -n journeyman, fellow, youth

gesellen, _tr. and refl_. join, ally; _dicht gesellt_ closely together

Gesetz, _n._ -e law

Gesicht, _n._ -er face

Gesinde, _n._ servants

Gespenst, _n._ -er phantom, ghost

Gestalt, _f._ -en form, figure

gestehen, gestand, gestanden, _tr._ confess

Gestein, _n._ -e large rocks _or_ stones; stony debris _or_ ruins

Gestirn, _n._ -e star

Gestraeuch, _n._ -e shrubs, bushes

gesund, healthy

Gesundheit, _f._ -en health

Getrabe, _n._ trotting

getreu, faithful

getrost, confident

Gewaechs, _n._ -e plant

gewaffnet, armed

gewaehren, _tr._ grant

Gewalt, _f._ -en force, violence

gewaltig, powerful, mighty

Gewand, _n._ -"er garment, robe

Gewerbe, _n._ -- profession, trade

gewichtig, weighty, momentous

Gewimmel, _n._ crowd, crush, throng

gewinnen, a, o, _tr._ win, gain

Gewissen, _n._ -- conscience

Gewitter, _n._ -- thunderstorm

gewogen, kindly disposed to

gewohnt, accustomed

Gewoelbe, _n._ -- vault

Gewuehle, _n._ tumult, throng

Gezelt, _n._ -e (_poet for_ _Zelt_) tent

giessen, o[s], o[s], _tr._ pour

giftgeschwollen, swollen by poison, venom filled

Gipfel, _m._ -- top (_mountain top_)

Gitter, _n._ -- lattice, grating, screen

Glanz, _m._ splendor

glaenzen, _intr._ shine, gleam

Glas, _n._ -"er glass

glatt, smooth

Glaube, _m._ -ns, -n faith, belief

glauben, _tr. and intr._ believe

gleich, like (with _dat._); _ein gleiches_ another

gleich, _for_ _sogleich_ at once

gleichen, i[s], i[s], _intr._ (with _dat._) be similar _or_ like

gleichgeschwungen, having an equal swing

gleiten, itt, itt, _intr._ glide

Glied, _n._ -er limb; _ins -- treten_ fall into line

glimmen, o, o, _intr._ glimmer, glow

Glocke, _f._ -n bell

Glueck, _n._ fortune, happiness

gluecklich, fortunate, happy

gluehen, _intr._ glow

Glut, _f._ -en glow, fire

Gnade, _f._ -n mercy, grace

gnaden, _intr._ (with _dat._) be merciful to

Gold, _n._ gold

golden, gold

Goldorange, _f._ -n golden orange

goennen, _tr._ not begrudge, be willing to let have

gotisch, Gothic

Gott, _m._ -"er God

Goetterfreund, _m._ -e friend of the gods (_i.e._, beloved by the gods)

Gottesmagd, _f._ -"e maiden of God

Gottheit, _f._ -en divinity, God

Grab, _n._ -"er grave; _zu Grabe bringen_ bury

graben, u, a ae, _tr._ dig

Graben, _m._; -" ditch, moat

Graebergraber, _m._ -- grave digger

Grabesruh(e), _f._ peace of the grave

Grad, _m._ -e degree

Gram, _m._ woe, grief

Gras, _n._ -"er grass

grasen, _intr._ graze

grau, gray

grauen, turn gray; _es graut_ it dawns

Grauen, _n._ horror, awe; _suesses Graun_ thrills of mysterious sweet awe

grauenvoll, full of horror, appalling

graulicht, grayish

graus, horrible, dreadful

Graus, _m._ horror

grausen, _intr._ have a feeling of horror; _mir graus(e)t_ I shudder

Greis, _m._ -e aged man

Grenadier, _m._ -e grenadier

Grenze, _f._ -n limit, border

Grieche, _m._ -n Greek

Griechenland, _n._ Greece

Grille, _f._ -n cricket

grinsen, _intr._ grin

Groom, _m._ groom (_English_)

gross, large, big, great

Gruft, _f._ -"e tomb, grave, cavern

gruen, green

Grund, _m._ -"e bottom, earth, ground

gruenen, _intr._ grow, flourish

Gruss, _m._ -"e greeting

gruessen, _tr._ greet; _seid mir gegruesst_ I greet you; _-- lassen_ send

guelden, golden

Gunsft, _f._ favor, good will, kindness

gut, good; _es gut haben_ fare well

Guete, _f._ goodness


Haar, _n._ -e hair

Habe, _f._ possessions, belongings; _mein Hab' und Gut_ all I have and

Habsucht, _f._ avarice

Hafen, _m._ -" harbor, port

haften, _intr._ cling

Hag, _m._ -e hedge; wood, grove

Hahn, _m._ -"e cock, rooster

Hain, _m._ -e (_poet_.) grove

halb, half

Halle, _f._ -n hall

hallen, _intr._ resound

Halm, _m._ -e stalk of grain _or_ grass

Hals, _m._ -"e throat

halten, ie, a; ae, _tr._ hold, contain; celebrate; _intr._ stop, halt

Hand, _f._ -"e hand

hangen, i, a; ae, _intr._ hang, cling

Harfe, _f._ -n harp

Harfenspieler, _m._ -- harp player, minstrel

Harmonie, _f._ -en harmony

harren, _intr._ wait, tarry

hart, hard

Hast, _f._ haste, hurry

Hauch, _m._ -e breath

hauchen, _intr._ breathe

hauen, hieb, gehauen, _tr._ hew, strike

Haupt, _n._ -"er head

Hauptmann, _m._, _pl._ -leute captain

Haus, _n._ -"er house

heben, o (u), o, _tr._ raise

Heer, _n._ -e army

heften, _tr._ fasten, attach

heftig, violent

hegen, _tr._ cherish, protect

hehr, high, noble, lofty

hei, hurrah! hey!

Heide, _f._ -n heath; heather

Heiland, _m._ Savior

heilig, holy, sacred

Heiligkeit, _f._ sacredness, holiness

Heimat, _f._ -en home

Heimatflur, _f._ -en home, native fields

heimatlich, homelike

heim-bringen, brachte, gebracht, _tr._ bring home

Heimchen, n. -- cricket

heim-gehen, ging, gegangen, _intr._ go home; die

heim-kehren, _intr._ return home

heimlich, secret

Heimlichkeit, _f._ -en secrecy

heiraten, _tr._ marry

heiss, hot

heissen, ie, ei, _tr._ name, call; _intr._ be called; _ich heisse_ my name

Heiterkeit, _f._ -en cheer, cheerfulness

Held, _m._ -en hero

helfen, a, o; i, _intr._ help

Helikon, _n._ helicon

hell, bright, clear

her, hither

herab, down, down from

heran, hither, up to

heran-kommen, a[s], o, _intr._ approach

herauf, up here, upward

herauf-klimmen, o, o; _intr._ climb upward

herb, harsh, bitter, acrid

herbei, hither

Herbst, _m._ -e autumn, fall

Herd, _m._ -e hearth

Herde, _f._ -n herd

Herdgetoen, _n._ chime of herds

herein, in here, into, in

herfuer = hervor

hernieder, down

hernieder-lachen, _intr._ laugh down from on high

Herr, _m._ -en master; gentleman; (_in address_ Sir; _with name_ Mr.);
the Lord

herrlich, glorious, splendid

herunter, down, downward

herunter-steigen, ie, ie, _intr._ descend

hervor, forth, forth from

hervor-rauschen, _intr._ come forth _or_ emerge from with a rustling

Herz, _n._, _gen._ -ens, _dat._ -en, pl. -en heart

herzlieb, very dear _or_ lovable

Herzliebchen, _n._ -- sweetheart

Herzog, _m._ -e duke

Heu, _n._ hay

heulen, _intr._ howl

heute, to-day

heutig, _adj. from_ _heute_; _am heutigen Tag_ on this day

Himmel, _m._ -- sky, the heavens; Heaven

himmelan, heavenward

himmlisch, heavenly

hin, along, thither, toward

hinab, down, downward

hinauf, up, upward

hinaus, out, hence; _-- ueber_ _with acc._ beyond

hinein, into, in; _-- in_ (_with acc._) _or_ _zu --_ into

Hintergrund, _m._ -"e background

hinueber, over, across

hinunter, down

hinunter-spuelen, _tr._ wash _or_ rinse down

hinzu-setzen, _tr._ add

Hirsch, _m._ -e deer

Hirt, _m._ -en herdsman, shepherd

hoch, high

hochgetuermt, high towering

hochueber, across on high

Hochzeit, _f._ -en wedding

Hof, _m._ *e yard, court, home

hoffen, _tr. and intr._ hope; (auf for)

Hoffnung, _f._ -en hope

Hoefling, _m._ -e courtier

Hoehe, _f._ -n height

hoehen, _tr._ heighten.

hohl, hollow

Hoehle, _f._ -n cave, cavern

hold, gracious, fair, sweet

hollaendisch, Dutch

Hoelle, _f._ -n Hell

Hoellenschein, _m._ infernal light _or_ glow

horchen, _intr._ listen, hearken

hoeren, _tr._ hear

Hoerer, _m._ -- listener

Horn, _n._ -"er horn

hueben, on this side

huebsch, pretty

Huf, _m._ -e hoof

Huegel, _m._ -- hill

huldigen, _intr._ do homage to

Huelle, _f._ -n wrap, covering

Hund, _m._ -e dog

hungrig, hungry

husch!, hush! 'sh!

Hut, _m._ -"e hat

Huette, _f._ -n hut, cottage

Hymnus, _m._ chant, solemn song


immer, always

immerdar, always, forever

immerhin, at all events

inbruenstiglich, fervent, ardent

inmitten, in the midst of

inner, inner, interior

innerlich, inward, within

innig, fervent, heartfelt

Insel, _f._ -n island

irdisch, earthly, of this world

irgend ein, any

irr, confused; erring

irren, _intr. and refl._ err, go astray


jagen, _tr._ hunt

Jaeger, _m._ -- hunter

Jahr, _n._ -e year

Jammer, _m._ lament, distress

jammern, _intr._ lament, moan, wail

jauchzen, _intr._ cry out with joy, exult

je, ever

jetzt, now

jetzo, jetzund old forms for jetzt

Joch, _n._ -e yoke

Johanneswuermchen, _n._ -- glow-worm

Jugend, _f._ youth

jung, young

Junge, _m._ (_adj. used as a noun_) boy, swain

Jungfrau, _f._ -en maiden

Juengling, _m._ -e young man, youth

Juni, _m._ June

Junker, _m._ -- squire

just, by chance


kahl, bare, bald

Kahn, _m._ -"e boat

Kaiser, _m._ -- emperor

Kamerad, _m._ -en comrade

Kamm, _m._ -"e comb

kaemmen, _tr._ comb

Kammer, _f._ -n chamber, room

Kampf, _m._ -"e battle, contest

Kanone, _f._ -n cannon

Kapelle, _f._ -n chapel

Kapuze, _f._ -n cap, hood, cowl

karg, sparse, meager

Kasten, _m._ -" box

kaum, hardly, barely

keck, bold

Kehle, _f._ -n throat

kehren, _tr. and intr. (refl.)_ turn, return

Kelch, _m._ -e calyx, cup

kennen, kannte, gekannt, _tr._ know

Kerze, _f._ -n candle

kerzenhell, made bright by candles

Kette, _f._ -n chain

keuchen, _intr._ gasp, breathe with difficulty

kichern, _intr._ laugh softly, chuckle

Kind, _n._ -er child (_In many compounds_ _Kinder-_ is best rendered by
childhood, _e.g._, _Kinderfrieden_ peace of childhood)

kindlich, childlike, childly

Kinn, _n._ -e chin

Kirche, _f._ -n church

Kirchhof, _m._ -"e churchyard

Kissen, _n._ -- pillow

Kiste, _f._ -n chest

Klage, _f._ -n complaint, plaint; accusation

klagen, _intr._ complain, make lament

klaeglich, pitiable

Klang, _m._ -"e sound

klappen, _intr._ clap, click

klar, clear, bright

Kleid, n. -er dress, garment

kleiden, _tr._ dress, clothe

klein, small, little

klettern, _intr._ climb

klingen, a, u, _intr._ resound, sound

klirren, _intr._ clatter, clank, rattle

Kluft, _f._ -"e cleft, chasm

klug, clever, intelligent, wise

Knabe, _m._ -n boy

knallen, _intr._ crack

Knaeuel, _m._ -- ball of thread; entanglement

Knecht, _m._ -e servant

Knie, _n._ -e knee

knieen, _intr._ kneel

knistern, _intr._ crackle

Knochen, _m._ -- bone

Knospe, _f._ -n bud

kommen, a[l], o, _intr._ come

Koenig, _m._ -e king (_In com- pounds_ _Koenigs-_ _is often best rendered
by royal, e.g.,_ _Koenigsmahl_, _n._ royal feast _or_ banquet)

Kopf, _m._ -"e head

Korn, _n._ grain, "corn" (_the chief grain of a country; in Germany rye
or wheat; with the pl._ _Koerner_ = single seed of grain)

kosen, _intr. and tr._ fondle, caress

Kraft, _f._ -"e strength, power

kraeftig, strong

Kraehe, _f._ -n crow

kraehen, _intr._ crow; scream, cry out

Kranich, _m._ -e crane

Kranichzug, _m._ -"e flight _or_ flock of cranes on wing

krank, ill, sick

kraenken, _tr._ grieve, wound

Kranz, _m._ -"e wreath, garland

Kraut, _n._ -"er plant; _collective_ plants, herbage

Kreis, _m._ -e circle

kreischen, _intr._ screech

Kreuz, _n._ -e cross, crucifix

Kreuzbild, _n._ -er image of the crucified Savior

Krieg, _m._ -e war

Krieger, _m._ -- warrior

Krone, _f._ -n crown

Kruemlein (_dim. of_ _Krume_, _f._) -- crumb

Kuchen, _m._ -- cake

Kugel, _f._ -n bullet, ball

kuehl, cool

kuehlen, _tr._ cool

Kummer, _m._ worry, care

kummervoll, filled with care

Kunde, _f._ lore, news

kund-machen, _tr._ make known, announce

kuenftig, future

Kunst, _f._ -"e art

Kunstgebild, _n._ -e work of art

Kuppel, _f._ -n cupola, dome

Kuss, _m._ -"e kiss

kuessen, _tr._ kiss

Kueste, _f._ -en coast


laben, _tr._ refresh

Lache, _f._ -n pool, puddle

laecheln, _intr._ smile

lachen, _intr._ laugh

Lager, _n._ -- couch

Laken, _n._ -- sheet

Lampe, _f._ -n lamp

Land, _n._ -"er (_poet. pl._ _Lande_) land, country

Landesenge, _f._ -n isthmus

Landschaft, _f._ -en landscape

lang, long

langsam, slow

laengst, long since

Lanze, _f._ -n lance

Laerm, _m._ noise

Last, _f._ -en burden

Laterne, _f._ -n lantern

lau, lukewarm, mild

Laub, _n._ foliage

Laube, _f._ -n arbor

lauern, _intr._ (auf with _acc._) wait eagerly _or_ greedily for
something; lie in wait for, lurk for

Lauf, _m._ course

laufen, ie, au; aeu, _intr._ run

lauschen, _intr._ listen

laut, loud

Laut, _m._ -e sound

Laute, _f._ -n lute

lauter, pure, nothing but

leben, _intr._ live; _lebe wohl_ farewell

Leben, _n._ -- life

lebendig, alive, living

lebenlos, lifeless

Lebewohl, _n._ farewell

leer, empty, vacant; meaningless, idle

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