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What's this? light bulb idea Many people prefer to read off-line or to print out text and read from the real printed page. Others want to carry documents around with them on their mobile phones and read while they are on the move. We have created .pdf files of all out documents to accommodate all these groups of people. We recommend that you download .pdfs onto your mobile phone when it is connected to a WiFi connection for reading off-line.

Chukchi Sea Arctic Ocean
Ciskei South Africa
Ciudad Juarez [US Consulate Mexico
Cochabamba [US Consular Agency] Bolivia
Coco, Isla del Costa Rica
Cocos Islands Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Colombo [US Embassy] Sri Lanka
Colon [US Consular Agency] Panama
Colon, Archipielago de Ecuador
(Galapagos Islands)
Commander Islands Russia
(Komandorskiye Ostrova)
Conakry [US Embassy] Guinea
Congo (Brazzaville) Congo
Congo (Kinshasa) Zaire
Congo (Leopoldville) Zaire
Con Son Islands Vietnam
Cook Strait Pacific Ocean
Copenhagen [US Embassy] Denmark
Coral Sea Pacific Ocean
Corn Islands (Islas del Maiz) Nicaragua
Corsica France
Cosmoledo Group Seychelles
Cote d'Ivoire Ivory Coast
Cotonou [US Embassy] Benin
Crete Greece
Crooked Island Passage Atlantic Ocean
Crozet Islands (Iles Crozet) French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Curacao [US Consulate General] Netherlands Antilles
Cusco [US Consular Agency] Peru

Dahomey Benin
Daito Islands Japan
Dakar [US Embassy] Senegal
Daman (Damao) India
Damascus [US Embassy] Syria
Danger Atoll Cook Islands
Danish Straits Atlantic Ocean
Danzig (Gdansk) Poland
Dao Bach Long Vi Vietnam
Dardanelles Atlantic Ocean
Dar es Salaam [US Embassy] Tanzania
Davis Strait Atlantic Ocean
Deception Island Antarctica
Denmark Strait Atlantic Ocean
D'Entrecasteaux Islands Papua New Guinea
Devon Island Canada
Dhahran [US Consulate General] Saudi Arabia
Dhaka [US Embassy] Bangladesh
Diego Garcia British Indian Ocean Territory
Diego Ramirez Chile
Diomede Islands Russia [Big Diomede]; United States
[Little Diomede]
Diu India
Djibouti [US Embassy] Djibouti
Dodecanese Greece
Doha [US Embassy] Qatar
Douala [US Consulate General] Cameroon
Dover, Strait of Atlantic Ocean
Drake Passage Atlantic Ocean
Dubai [US Consulate General] United Arab Emirates
Dublin [US Embassy] Ireland
Durango [US Consular Agency] Mexico
Durban [US Consulate General] South Africa
Dushanbe Tajikistan
Dusseldorf [US Consulate General] Germany
Dutch East Indies Indonesia
Dutch Guiana Suriname

East China Sea Pacific Ocean
Easter Island (Isla de Pascua) Chile
Eastern Channel (East Korea Pacific Ocean
Strait or Tsushima Strait)
East Germany (German Democratic Germany
East Korea Strait (Eastern Pacific Ocean
Channel or Tsushima Strait)
East Pakistan Bangladesh
East Siberian Sea Arctic Ocean
East Timor (Portuguese Timor) Indonesia
Edinburgh [US Consulate General] United Kingdom
Elba Italy
Ellef Ringnes Island Canada
Ellesmere Island Canada
Ellice Islands Tuvalu
Elobey, Islas de Equatorial Guinea
Enderbury Island Kiribati
Enewetak Atoll (Eniwetok Atoll) Marshall Islands
England United Kingdom
English Channel Atlantic Ocean
Eniwetok Atoll Marshall Islands
Epirus, Northern Albania; Greece
Eritrea Ethiopia
Essequibo [claimed by Venezuela] Guyana
Etorofu Russia[de facto]

Farquhar Group Seychelles
Fernando de Noronha Brazil
Fernando Po (Bioko) Equatorial Guinea
Finland, Gulf of Atlantic Ocean
Florence [US Consulate General] Italy
Florida, Straits of Atlantic Ocean
Formosa Taiwan
Formosa Strait (Taiwan Strait) Pacific Ocean
Fort-de-France Martinique
[US Consulate General]
Frankfurt am Main Germany
[US Consulate General]
Franz Josef Land Russia
Freetown [US Embassy] Sierra Leone
French Cameroon Cameroon
French Indochina Cambodia; Laos; Vietnam
French Guinea Guinea
French Sudan Mali
French Territory of the Afars Djibouti
and Issas (F.T.A.I.)
French Togo Togo
Friendly Islands Tonga
Frunze (Bishkek) Kyrgyzstan
Fukuoka [US Consulate] Japan
Funchal [US Consular Agency] Portugal
Fundy, Bay of Atlantic Ocean
Futuna Islands (Hoorn Islands) Wallis and Futuna

Gaborone [US Embassy] Botswana
Galapagos Islands (Archipielago Ecuador
de Colon)
Galleons Passage Atlantic Ocean
Gambier Islands (Iles Gambier) French Polynesia
Gaspar Strait Indian Ocean
Geneva [Branch Office of the US Switzerland
Embassy, US Mission to European
Office of the UN and Other
International Organizations]
Genoa [US Consulate General] Italy
George Town [US Consular Agency] Cayman Islands
Georgetown [US Embassy] Guyana
German Democratic Republic Germany
(East Germany)
German Federal Republic of Germany
(West Germany)
Gibraltar, Strait of Atlantic Ocean
Gilbert Islands Kiribati
Goa India
Gold Coast Ghana
Golan Heights Syria
Good Hope, Cape of South Africa
Goteborg [US Consulate General] Sweden
Gotland Sweden
Gough Island Saint Helena
Grand Banks Atlantic Ocean
Grand Cayman Cayman Islands
Grand Turk [US Consular Agency] Turks and Caicos Islands
Great Australian Bight Indian Ocean
Great Belt (Store Baelt) Atlantic Ocean
Great Britain United Kingdom
Great Channel Indian Ocean
Greater Sunda Islands Brunei; Indonesia; Malaysia
Green Islands Papua New Guinea
Greenland Sea Arctic Ocean
Grenadines, Northern Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Grenadines, Southern Grenada
Guadalajara Mexico
[US Consulate General]
Guadalcanal Solomon Islands
Guadalupe, Isla de Mexico
Guangzhou [US Consulate General] China
Guantanamo [US Naval Base] Cuba
Guatemala [US Embassy] Guatemala
Gubal, Strait of Indian Ocean
Guinea, Gulf of Atlantic Ocean
Guayaquil [US Consulate General] Ecuador

Ha'apai Group Tonga
Habomai Islands Russia[de facto]
Hague,The [US Embassy] Netherlands
Haifa [US Consular Agency] Israel
Hainan Dao China
Halifax [US Consulate General] Canada
Halmahera Indonesia
Hamburg [US Consulate General] Germany
Hamilton [US Consulate General] Bermuda
Hanoi Vietnam
Harare [US Embassy] Zimbabwe
Hatay Turkey
Havana [US post not maintained, Cuba
representation by US Interests
Section (USINT) of the Swiss
Hawaii United States
Heard Island Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Helsinki [US Embassy] Finland
Hermosillo [US Consulate] Mexico
Hispaniola Dominican Republic; Haiti
Hokkaido Japan
Holy See, The Vatican City
Hong Kong [US Consulate General] Hong Kong
Honiara [US Consulate] Solomon Islands
Honshu Japan
Hormuz, Strait of Indian Ocean
Horn, Cape (Cabo de Hornos) Chile
Horne, Iles de Wallis and Futuna
Horn of Africa Ethiopia; Somalia
Hudson Bay Arctic Ocean
Hudson Strait Arctic Ocean

Inaccessible Island Saint Helena
Indochina Cambodia; Laos; Vietnam
Inner Mongolia (Nei Mongol) China
Ionian Islands Greece
Ionian Sea Atlantic Ocean
Irian Jaya Indonesia
Irish Sea Atlantic Ocean
Islamabad [US Embassy] Pakistan
Islas Malvinas Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
Istanbul [US Consulate General] Turkey
Italian Somaliland Somalia
Iwo Jima Japan
Izmir [US Consulate General] Turkey

Jakarta [US Embassy] Indonesia
Japan, Sea of Pacific Ocean
Java Indonesia
Java Sea Indian Ocean
Jeddah [US Consulate General] Saudi Arabia
Jerusalem [US Consulate General] Israel; West Bank
Johannesburg South Africa
[US Consulate General]
Juan de Fuca, Strait of Pacific Ocean
Juan Fernandez, Isla de Chile
Juventud, Isla de la Cuba
(Isle of Youth)

Kabul [US Embassy now closed] Afghanistan
Kaduna [US Consulate General] Nigeria
Kalimantan Indonesia
Kamchatka Peninsula Russia
(Poluostrov Kamchatka)
Kampala [US Embassy] Uganda
Kampuchea Cambodia
Karachi [US Consulate General] Pakistan
Kara Sea Arctic Ocean
Karimata Strait Indian Ocean
Kathmandu [US Embassy] Nepal
Kattegat Atlantic Ocean
Kauai Channel Pacific Ocean
Keeling Islands Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Kerguelen, Iles French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Kermadec Islands New Zealand
Khabarovsk Russia
Khartoum [US Embassy] Sudan
Khmer Republic Cambodia
Khuriya Muriya Islands Oman
(Kuria Muria Islands)
Khyber Pass Pakistan
Kiel Canal (Nord-Ostsee Kanal) Atlantic Ocean
Kiev [Chancery] Ukraine
Kigali [US Embassy] Rwanda
Kingston [US Embassy] Jamaica
Kinshasa [US Embassy] Zaire
Kirghiziya Kyrgyzstan
Kiritimati (Christmas Island) Kiribati
Kishinev (Chicsinau) Moldova
Kithira Strait Atlantic Ocean
Kodiak Island United States
Kola Peninsula Russia
(Kol'skiy Poluostrov)
Kolonia [US Special Office] Micronesia, Federated States of
Korea Bay Pacific Ocean
Korea, Democratic People's Korea, North
Republic of
Korea, Republic of Korea, South
Korea Strait Pacific Ocean
Koror [US Special Office] Pacific Islands, Trust Territory of
Kosovo Yugoslavia
Kowloon Hong Kong
Krakow [US Consulate] Poland
Kuala Lumpur [US Embassy] Malaysia
Kunashiri (Kunashir) Russia [de facto]
Kuril Islands Russia [de facto]
Kuwait [US Embassy] Kuwait
Kwajalein Atoll Marshall Islands
Kyushu Japan
Kyyiv (Kiev) Ukraine

Labrador Canada
Laccadive Islands India
Laccadive Sea Indian Ocean
La Coruna [US Consular Agency] Spain
Lagos [US Embassy] Nigeria
Lahore [US Consulate General] Pakistan
Lakshadweep India
La Paz [US Embassy] Bolivia
La Perouse Strait Pacific Ocean
Laptev Sea Arctic Ocean
Las Palmas [US Consular Agency] Spain
Lau Group Fiji
Leningrad see Saint Petersburg Russia
[US Consulate General]
Lesser Sunda Islands Indonesia
Leyte Philippines
Liancourt Rocks Korea, South
[claimed by Japan]
Libreville [US Embassy] Gabon
Ligurian Sea Atlantic Ocean
Lilongwe [US Embassy] Malawi
Lima [US Embassy] Peru
Lincoln Sea Arctic Ocean
Line Islands Kiribati; Palmyra Atoll
Lisbon [US Embassy] Portugal
Lombok Strait Indian Ocean
Lome [US Embassy] Togo
London [US Embassy] United Kingdom
Lord Howe Island Australia
Louisiade Archipelago Papua New Guinea
Loyalty Islands (Iles Loyaute) New Caledonia
Lubumbashi [US Consulate General] Zaire
Lusaka [US Embassy] Zambia
Luxembourg [US Embassy] Luxembourg
Luzon Philippines
Luzon Strait Pacific Ocean
Lyon [US Consulate General] France

Macao Macau
Macedonia Bulgaria
Macquarie Island Australia
Madeira Islands Portugal
Madras [US Consulate General] India
Madrid [US Embassy] Spain
Magellan, Strait of Atlantic Ocean
Maghreb Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco,
Mahe Island Seychelles
Maiz, Islas del (Corn Islands) Nicaragua
Majorca (Mallorca) Spain
Majuro [US Special Office] Marshall Islands
Makassar Strait Pacific Ocean
Malabo [US Embassy] Equatorial Guinea
Malacca, Strait of Indian Ocean
Malaga [US Consular Agency] Spain
Malagasy Republic Madagascar
Male [US post not maintained, Maldives
representation from Colombo,
Sri Lanka]
Mallorca (Majorca) Spain
Malpelo, Isla de Colombia
Malta Channel Atlantic Ocean
Malvinas, Islas Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
Managua [US Embassy] Nicaragua
Manama [US Embassy] Bahrain
Manaus [US Consular Agency] Brazil
Manchukuo China
Manchuria China
Manila [US Embassy] Philippines
Manipa Strait Pacific Ocean
Mannar, Gulf of Indian Ocean
Manua Islands American Samoa
Maputo [US Embassy] Mozambique
Maracaibo [US Consulate] Venezuela
Marcus Island (Minami-tori-shima) Japan
Mariana Islands Guam; Northern Mariana Islands
Marion Island South Africa
Marmara, Sea of Atlantic Ocean
Marquesas Islands French Polynesia
(Iles Marquises)
Marseille [US Consulate General] France
Martin Vaz, Ilhas Brazil
Mas a Tierra Chile
(Robinson Crusoe Island)
Mascarene Islands Mauritius; Reunion
Maseru [US Embassy] Lesotho
Matamoros [US Consulate] Mexico
Mazatlan [US Consulate] Mexico
Mbabane [US Embassy] Swaziland
McDonald Islands Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Medan [US Consulate] Indonesia
Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean
Melbourne [US Consulate General] Australia
Melilla Spain
Mensk (Minsk) Belarus
Merida [US Consulate] Mexico
Messina, Strait of Atlantic Ocean
Mexico [US Embassy] Mexico
Mexico, Gulf of Atlantic Ocean
Milan [US Consulate General] Italy
Minami-tori-shima Japan
Mindanao Philippines
Mindoro Strait Pacific Ocean
Minicoy Island India
Minsk Byelarus
Mogadishu [US Embassy] Somalia
Moldovia Moldova
Mombasa [US Consulate] Kenya
Mona Passage Atlantic Ocean
Monrovia [US Embassy] Liberia
Montego Bay [US Consular Agency] Jamaica
Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro
Monterrey [US Consulate General] Mexico
Montevideo [US Embassy] Uruguay
Montreal [US Consulate General, Canada
US Mission to the International
Civil Aviation Organization
Moravian Gate Czechoslovakia
Moroni [US Embassy] Comoros
Mortlock Islands Micronesia, Federated States of
Moscow [US Embassy] Russia
Mozambique Channel Indian Ocean
Mulege [US Consular Agency] Mexico
Munich [US Consulate General] Germany
Musandam Peninsula Oman; United Arab Emirates
Muscat [US Embassy] Oman
Muscat and Oman Oman
Myanma, Myanmar Burma

Naha [US Consulate General] Japan
Nairobi [US Embassy] Kenya
Nampo-shoto Japan
Naples [US Consulate General] Italy
Nassau [US Embassy] Bahamas, The
Natuna Besar Islands Indonesia
N'Djamena [US Embassy] Chad
Netherlands East Indies Indonesia
Netherlands Guiana Suriname
Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis
New Delhi [US Embassy] India
Newfoundland Canada
New Guinea Indonesia; Papua New Guinea
New Hebrides Vanuatu
New Siberian Islands Russia
New Territories Hong Kong
New York, New York [US Mission United States
to the United Nations (USUN)]
Niamey [US Embassy] Niger
Nice [US Consular Agency] France
Nicobar Islands India
Nicosia [US Embassy] Cyprus
Nightingale Island Saint Helena
North Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean
North Channel Atlantic Ocean
Northeast Providence Channel Atlantic Ocean
Northern Epirus Albania; Greece
Northern Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Northern Ireland United Kingdom
Northern Rhodesia Zambia
North Island New Zealand
North Korea Korea, North
North Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean
North Sea Atlantic Ocean
North Vietnam Vietnam
Northwest Passages Arctic Ocean
North Yemen (Yemen Arab Republic) Yemen
Norwegian Sea Atlantic Ocean
Nouakchott [US Embassy] Mauritania
Novaya Zemlya Russia
Nuevo Laredo [US Consulate] Mexico
Nyasaland Malawi

Oahu United States
Oaxaca [US Consular Agency] Mexico
Ocean Island (Banaba) Kiribati
Ocean Island (Kure Island) United States
Ogaden Ethiopia; Somalia
Oil Islands (Chagos Archipelago) British Indian Ocean Territory
Okhotsk, Sea of Pacific Ocean
Okinawa Japan
Oman, Gulf of Indian Ocean
Ombai Strait Pacific Ocean
Oporto [US Consulate] Portugal
Oran [US Consulate] Algeria
Oresund (The Sound) Atlantic Ocean
Orkney Islands United Kingdom
Osaka-Kobe [US Consulate General] Japan
Oslo [US Embassy] Norway
Otranto, Strait of Atlantic Ocean
Ottawa [US Embassy] Canada
Ouagadougou [US Embassy] Burkina
Outer Mongolia Mongolia

Pagan Northern Mariana Islands
Palau Pacific Islands, Trust Territory of the
Palawan Philippines
Palermo [US Consulate General] Italy
Palk Strait Indian Ocean
Palma de Mallorca Spain
[US Consular Agency]
Pamirs China; Tajikistan
Panama [US Embassy] Panama
Panama Canal Panama
Panama, Gulf of Pacific Ocean
Paramaribo [US Embassy] Suriname
Parece Vela Japan
Paris [US Embassy, US Mission to France
the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development
(OECD), US Observer Mission at
the UN Educational, Scientific,
and Cultural Organization
Pascua, Isla de (Easter Island) Chile
Passion, Ile de la Clipperton Island
Pashtunistan Afghanistan; Pakistan
Peking (Beijing) China
Pemba Island Tanzania
Pentland Firth Atlantic Ocean
Perim Yemen
Perouse Strait, La Pacific Ocean
Persian Gulf Indian Ocean
Perth [US Consulate] Australia
Pescadores Taiwan
Peshawar [US Consulate] Pakistan
Peter I Island Antarctica
Philip Island Norfolk Island
Philippine Sea Pacific Ocean
Phoenix Islands Kiribati
Pines, Isle of Cuba
(Isla de la Juventud)
Piura [US Consular Agency] Peru
Pleasant Island Nauru
Ponape (Pohnpei) Micronesia
Ponta Delgada [US Consulate] Portugal
Port-au-Prince [US Embassy] Haiti
Port Louis [US Embassy] Mauritius
Port Moresby [US Embassy] Papua New Guinea
Porto Alegre [US Consulate] Brazil
Port-of-Spain [US Embassy] Trinidad and Tobago
Port Said [US Consular Agency] Egypt
Portuguese Guinea Guinea-Bissau
Portuguese Timor (East Timor) Indonesia
Poznan [US Consulate] Poland
Prague [US Embassy] Czechoslovakia
Praia [US Embassy] Cape Verde
Pretoria [US Embassy] South Africa
Pribilof Islands United States
Prince Edward Island Canada
Prince Edward Islands South Africa
Prince Patrick Island Canada
Principe Sao Tome and Principe
Puerto Plata [US Consular Agency] Dominican Republic
Puerto Vallarta Mexico
[US Consular Agency]
Pusan [US Consulate] South Korea
P'yongyang Korea, North

Quebec [US Consulate General] Canada
Queen Charlotte Islands Canada
Queen Elizabeth Islands Canada
Queen Maud Land Antarctica
[claimed by Norway]
Quito [US Embassy] Ecuador

Rabat [US Embassy] Morocco
Ralik Chain Marshall Islands
Rangoon [US Embassy] Burma
Ratak Chain Marshall Islands
Recife [US Consulate] Brazil
Redonda Antigua and Barbuda
Red Sea Indian Ocean
Revillagigedo Island United States
Revillagigedo Islands Mexico
Reykjavik [US Embassy] Iceland
Rhodes Greece
Rhodesia Zimbabwe
Rhodesia, Northern Zambia
Rhodesia, Southern Zimbabwe
Riga [Interim Chancery] Latvia
Rio de Janeiro Brazil
[US Consulate General]
Rio de Oro Western Sahara
Rio Muni Equatorial Guinea
Riyadh [US Embassy] Saudi Arabia
Robinson Crusoe Island Chile
(Mas a Tierra)
Rocas, Atol das Brazil
Rockall [disputed] United Kingdom
Rodrigues Mauritius
Rome [US Embassy, US Mission to Italy
the UN Agencies for Food and
Agriculture (FODAG)]
Roncador Cay Colombia
Roosevelt Island Antarctica
Ross Dependency Antarctica
[claimed by New Zealand]
Ross Island Antarctica
Ross Sea Antarctica
Rota Northern Mariana Islands
Rotuma Fiji
Ryukyu Islands Japan

Saba Netherlands Antilles
Sabah Malaysia
Sable Island Canada
Sahel Burkina; Cape Verde; Chad; The Gambia;
Guinea-Bissau; Mali; Mauritania;
Niger; Senegal
Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam
Saint Brandon Mauritius
Saint Christopher and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint George's [US Embassy] Grenada
Saint George's Channel Atlantic Ocean
Saint John's [US Embassy] Antigua and Barbuda
Saint Lawrence, Gulf of Atlantic Ocean
Saint Lawrence Island United States
Saint Lawrence Seaway Atlantic Ocean
Saint Martin Guadeloupe
Saint Martin (Sint Maarten) Netherlands Antilles
Saint Paul Island Canada
Saint Paul Island United States
Saint Paul Island French Southern and Antarctic Lands
(Ile Saint-Paul)
Saint Peter and Saint Paul Rocks Brazil
(Penedos de Sao Pedro e
Sao Paulo)
Saint Petersburg Russia
[US Consulate General]
Saint Vincent Passage Atlantic Ocean
Saipan Northern Mariana Islands
Sakhalin Island (Ostrov Sakhalin) Russia
Sala y Gomez, Isla Chile
Salisbury (Harare) Zimbabwe
Salvador de Bahia Brazil
[US Consular Agency]
Salzburg [US Consulate General] Austria
Sanaa [US Embassy] Yemen
San Ambrosio Chile
San Andres y Providencia, Colombia
San Bernardino Strait Pacific Ocean
San Felix, Isla Chile
San Jose [US Embassy] Costa Rica
San Luis Potosi Mexico
[US Consular Agency]
San Miguel Allende Mexico
[US Consular Agency]
San Salvador [US Embassy] El Salvador
Santa Cruz [US Consular Agency] Bolivia
Santa Cruz Islands Solomon Islands
Santiago [US Embassy] Chile
Santo Domingo [US Embassy] Dominican Republic
Sao Luis [US Consular Agency] Brazil
Sao Paulo [US Consulate General] Brazil
Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo, Brazil
Penedos de
Sapporo [US Consulate General] Japan
Sapudi Strait Indian Ocean
Sarawak Malaysia
Sardinia Italy
Sargasso Sea Atlantic Ocean
Sark Guernsey
Scotia Sea Atlantic Ocean
Scotland United Kingdom
Scott Island Antarctica
Senyavin Islands Micronesia, Federated States of
Seoul [US Embassy] Korea, South
Serbia Serbia and Montenegro
Serrana Bank Colombia
Serranilla Bank Colombia
Severnaya Zemlya (Northland) Russia
Seville [US Consular Agency] Spain
Shag Island Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Shag Rocks Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
Shanghai [US Consulate General] China
Shenyang [US Consulate General] China
Shetland Islands United Kingdom
Shikoku Japan
Shikotan (Shikotan-to) Japan
Siam Thailand
Sibutu Passage Pacific Ocean
Sicily Italy
Sicily, Strait of Atlantic Ocean
Sikkim India
Sinai Egypt
Singapore [US Embassy] Singapore
Singapore Strait Pacific Ocean
Sinkiang (Xinjiang) China
Sint Eustatius Netherlands Antilles
Sint Maarten (Saint Martin) Netherlands Antilles
Skagerrak Atlantic Ocean
Slovakia Czechoslovakia
Society Islands French Polynesia
(Iles de la Societe)
Socotra Yemen
Sofia [US Embassy] Bulgaria
Solomon Islands, northern Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands, southern Solomon Islands
Soloman Sea Pacific Ocean
Songkhla [US Consulate] Thailand
Sound, The (Oresund) Atlantic Ocean
South Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean
South China Sea Pacific Ocean
Southern Grenadines Grenada
Southern Rhodesia Zimbabwe
South Georgia South Georgia and the South
Sandwich Islands
South Island New Zealand
South Korea Korea, South
South Orkney Islands Antarctica
South Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean
South Sandwich Islands South Georgia and the South
Sandwich Islands
South Shetland Islands Antarctica
South Tyrol Italy
South Vietnam Vietnam
South-West Africa Namibia
South Yemen (People's Democratic Yemen
Republic of Yemen)
Soviet Union Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelarus, Estonia,
Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia,
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,
Spanish Guinea Equatorial Guinea
Spanish Sahara Western Sahara
Spitsbergen Svalbard
Stockholm [US Embassy] Sweden
Strasbourg [US Consulate General] France
Stuttgart [US Consulate General] Germany
Suez, Gulf of Indian Ocean
Sulu Archipelago Philippines
Sulu Sea Pacific Ocean
Sumatra Indonesia
Sumba Indonesia
Sunda Islands (Soenda Isles) Indonesia; Malaysia
Sunda Strait Indian Ocean
Surabaya [US Consulate] Indonesia
Surigao Strait Pacific Ocean
Surinam Suriname
Suva [US Embassy] Fiji
Swains Island American Samoa
Swan Islands Honduras
Sydney [US Consulate General] Australia

Tahiti French Polynesia
Taipei Taiwan
Taiwan Strait Pacific Ocean
Tallin [Interim Chancery] Estonia
Tampico [US Consular Agency] Mexico
Tanganyika Tanzania
Tangier [US Consulate General] Morocco
Tarawa Kiribati
Tartar Strait Pacific Ocean
Tashkent [Interim Chancery] Uzbekistan
Tasmania Australia
Tasman Sea Pacific Ocean
Taymyr Peninsula Russia
(Poluostrov Taymyra)
Tegucigalpa [US Embassy] Honduras
Tehran [US post not maintained, Iran
representation by Swiss Embassy]
Tel Aviv [US Embassy] Israel
Terre Adelie (Adelie Land) Antarctica
[claimed by France]
Thailand, Gulf of Pacific Ocean
Thessaloniki Greece
[US Consulate General]
Thurston Island Antarctica
Tibet (Xizang) China
Tbilisi Georgia
Tierra del Fuego Argentina; Chile
Tijuana [US Consulate General] Mexico
Timor Indonesia
Timor Sea Indian Ocean
Tinian Northern Mariana Islands
Tiran, Strait of Indian Ocean
Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
Tokyo [US Embassy] Japan
Tonkin, Gulf of Pacific Ocean
Toronto [US Consulate General] Canada
Torres Strait Pacific Ocean
Toshkent (Tashkent) Uzbekistan
Trans-Jordan Jordan
Transkei South Africa
Transylvania Romania
Trieste [US Consular Agency] Italy
Trindade, Ilha de Brazil
Tripoli [US post not maintained, Libya
representation by Belgian
Tristan da Cunha Group Saint Helena
Trobriand Islands Papua New Guinea
Trucial States United Arab Emirates
Truk Islands Micronesia
Tsugaru Strait Pacific Ocean
Tuamotu Islands (Iles Tuamotu) French Polynesia
Tubuai Islands (Iles Tubuai) French Polynesia
Tunis [US Embassy] Tunisia
Turin [US Consulate] Italy
Turkish Straits Atlantic Ocean
Turkmeniya Turkmenistan
Turks Island Passage Atlantic Ocean
Tyrol, South Italy
Tyrrhenian Sea Atlantic Ocean

Udorn [US Consulate] Thailand
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
Ullung-do Korea, South
Unimak Pass [strait] Pacific Ocean
Union of Soviet Socialist Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelarus, Estonia,
Republics Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia,
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,
United Arab Republic Egypt; Syria
Upper Volta Burkina
USSR Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelarus, Estonia,
Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia,
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,
Vaduz [US post not maintained, Liechtenstein
representation from Zurich,
Vakhan Corridor (Wakhan) Afghanistan
Valencia [US Consular Agency] Spain
Valletta [US Embassy] Malta
Vancouver [US Consulate General] Canada
Vancouver Island Canada
Van Diemen Strait Pacific Ocean
Vatican City [US Embassy] Vatican City
Velez de la Gomera, Penon de Spain
Venda South Africa
Veracruz [US Consular Agency] Mexico
Verde Island Passage Pacific Ocean
Victoria [US Embassy] Seychelles
Vienna [US Embassy, US Mission Austria
to International Organizations
in Vienna (UNVIE)]
Vientiane [US Embassy] Laos
Vilnius [Interim Chancery] Lithuania
Volcano Islands Japan
Vostok Island Kiribati
Vrangelya, Ostrov Russia
(Wrangel Island)

Wakhan Corridor Afghanistan
(now Vakhan Corridor)
Wales United Kingdom
Walvis Bay South Africa
Warsaw [US Embassy] Poland
Washington, DC [The Permanent United States
Mission of the USA to the
Organization of American
States (OAS)]
Weddell Sea Atlantic Ocean
Wellington [US Embassy] New Zealand
Western Channel Pacific Ocean
(West Korea Strait)
West Germany (Federal Republic Germany
of Germany)
West Korea Strait Pacific Ocean
(Western Channel)
West Pakistan Pakistan
Wetar Strait Pacific Ocean
White Sea Arctic Ocean
Windhoek Namibia
Windward Passage Atlantic Ocean
Winnipeg [US Consular Agency] Canada
Wrangel Island (Ostrov Vrangelya) Russia [de facto]

Yaounde [US Embassy] Cameroon
Yap Islands Micronesia
Yellow Sea Pacific Ocean
Yemen (Aden) [People's Democratic Yemen
Republic of Yemen]
Yemen Arab Republic Yemen
Yemen, North [Yemen Arab Yemen
Yemen (Sanaa) [Yemen Arab Yemen
Yemen, People's Democratic Yemen
Republic of
Yemen, South [People's Democratic Yemen
Republic of Yemen]
Yerevan Armenia
Youth, Isle of Cuba
(Isla de la Juventud)
Yucatan Channel Atlantic Ocean
Yugoslavia Bosnia and Hercegovina; Croatia;
Macedonia; Serbia and Montenegro;

Zagreb [US Consulate General] Yugoslavia
Zanzibar Tanzania
Zurich [US Consulate General] Switzerland

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