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10,000 Dreams Interpreted [Or. . ."What's In A Dream"] [Or. . .Dreams, Their Scientific and Practical Interpretations]

Part 8 out of 13

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enjoyment in life is assured. If it be soiled, sorrow and ill luck
will be met with occasionally, mingled with the good in your life.

_Linseed Oil_.

To see linseed oil in your dreams, denotes your impetuous extravagance
will be checked by the kindly interference of a friend.


To dream of a lion, signifies that a great force is driving you.

If you subdue the lion, you will be victorious in any engagement.

If it overpowers you, then you will be open to the successful
attacks of enemies.

To see caged lions, denotes that your success depends upon your ability
to cope with opposition.

To see a man controlling a lion in its cage, or out denotes
success in business and great mental power. You will be favorably
regarded by women.

To see young lions, denotes new enterprises, which will bring
success if properly attended.

For a young woman to dream of young lions, denotes new and fascinating lovers.

For a woman to dream that she sees Daniel in the lions' den, signifies that by
her intellectual qualifications and personal magnetism she will win fortune
and lovers to her highest desire.

To hear the roar of a lion, signifies unexpected advancement
and preferment with women.

To see a lion's head over you, showing his teeth by snarls,
you are threatened with defeat in your upward rise to power.

To see a lion's skin, denotes a rise to fortune and happiness.

To ride one, denotes courage and persistency in surmounting difficulties.

To dream you are defending your children from a lion with a
pen-knife, foretells enemies will threaten to overpower you,
and will well nigh succeed if you allow any artfulness to persuade
you for a moment from duty and business obligations.


To dream of thick, unsightly lips, signifies disagreeable encounters,
hasty decision, and ill temper in the marriage relation.

Full, sweet, cherry lips, indicates harmony and affluence.
To a lover, it augurs reciprocation in love, and fidelity.

Thin lips, signifies mastery of the most intricate subjects.

Sore, or swollen lips, denotes privations and unhealthful desires.


To dream of buying liquor, denotes selfish usurpation of property upon
which you have no legal claim If you sell it, you will be criticised
for niggardly benevolence.

To drink some, you will come into doubtful possession of wealth,
but your generosity will draw around you convivial friends,
and women will seek to entrance and hold you.

To see liquor in barrels, denotes prosperity, but unfavorable
tendency toward making home pleasant.

If in bottles, fortune will appear in a very tangible form.

For a woman to dream of handling, or drinking liquor,
foretells for her a happy Bohemian kind of existence.
She will be good natured but shallow minded. To treat others,
she will be generous to rivals, and the indifference of lovers
or husband will not seriously offset her pleasures or contentment.


To dream of a disordered liver, denotes a querulous person will be your mate,
and fault-finding will occupy her time, and disquiet will fill your hours.

To dream of eating liver, indicates that some deceitful person
has installed himself in the affection of your sweetheart.


To dream of lizards, foretells attacks upon you by enemies.

If you kill a lizard, you will regain your lost reputation or fortune;
but if it should escape, you will meet vexations and crosses
in love and business.

For a woman to dream that a lizard crawls up her skirt,
or scratches her, she will have much misfortune and sorrow.
Her husband will be a victim to invalidism and she will be left
a widow, and little sustenance will be eked out by her own labors.


To dream that you carry a load, signifies a long existence filled
with labors of love and charity.

To fall under a load, denotes your inability to attain comforts
that are necessary to those looking to you for subsistence.

To see others thus engaged, denotes trials for them in which you
will be interested.


To dream of a loadstone, denotes you will make favorable
opportunities for your own advancement in a material way.
For a young woman to think a loadstone is attracting her,
is an omen of happy changes in her family.


To dream of loaves of bread, denotes frugality. If they be of cake,
the dreamer has cause to rejoice over his good fortune, as love
and wealth will wait obsequiously upon you.

Broken loaves, bring discontent and bickerings between those who love.

To see loaves multiply phenomenally, prognosticates great success.
Lovers will be happy in their chosen ones.


To dream of seeing lobsters, denotes great favors, and riches
will endow you.

If you eat them, you will sustain contamination by associating too freely
with pleasure-seeking people.

If the lobsters are made into a salad, success will not change
your generous nature, but you will enjoy to the fullest your
ideas of pleasure.

To order a lobster, you will hold prominent positions and
command many subordinates.


To dream of a lock, denotes bewilderment. If the lock works at your command,
or efforts, you will discover that some person is working you injury.
If you are in love, you will find means to aid you in overcoming a rival;
you will also make a prosperous journey.

If the lock resists your efforts, you will be derided and scorned
in love and perilous voyages will bring to you no benefit.

To put a lock upon your fiance'e's neck and arm, foretells that you
are distrustful of her fidelity, but future episodes will disabuse
your mind of doubt.


If a young woman dreams that her lover places a locket around
her neck, she will be the recipient of many beautiful offerings,
and will soon be wedded, and lovely children will crown her life.
If she should lose a locket, death will throw sadness into her life.

If a lover dreams that his sweetheart returns his locket,
he will confront disappointing issues. The woman he loves will
worry him and conduct herself in a displeasing way toward him.

If a woman dreams that she breaks a locket, she will have a changeable
and unstable husband, who will dislike constancy in any form,
be it business or affection,


To dream that you have lockjaw, signifies there is trouble ahead
for you, as some person is going to betray your confidence.
For a woman to see others with lockjaw, foretells her friends will
unconsciously detract from her happiness by assigning her unpleasant tasks.
If stock have it, you will lose a friend.


To dream of a locomotive running with great speed, denotes a rapid rise
in fortune, and foreign travel. If it is disabled, then many vexations
will interfere with business affairs, and anticipated journeys will be laid
aside through the want of means.

To see one completely demolished, signifies great distress
and loss of property.

To hear one coming, denotes news of a foreign nature.
Business will assume changes that will mean success to all classes.

To hear it whistle, you will be pleased and surprised at the appearance
of a friend who has been absent, or an unexpected offer, which means
preferment to you.


To dream of locusts, foretells discrepancies will be found
in your business, for which you will worry and suffer.
For a woman, this dream foretells she will bestow her affections
upon ungenerous people.


For a woman to dream that she has lodgers, foretells she will
be burdened with unpleasant secrets. If one goes away without
paying his bills, she will have unexpected trouble with men.
For one to pay his bill, omens favor and accumulation of money.


For a woman to dream of a looking-glass, denotes that she is soon
to be confronted with shocking deceitfulness and discrepancies,
which may result in tragic scenes or separations.

[115] See Mirror.


To dream of standing by and seeing a loom operated by a stranger, denotes much
vexation and useless irritation from the talkativeness of those about you.
Some disappointment with happy expectations are coupled with this dream.

To see good-looking women attending the loom, denotes unqualified success
to those in love. It predicts congenial pursuits to the married.
It denotes you are drawing closer together in taste.

For a woman to dream of weaving on an oldtime loom, signifies that she
will have a thrifty husband and beautiful children will fill her life
with happy solicitations.

To see an idle loom, denotes a sulky and stubborn person,
who will cause you much anxious care.

_Lord's Prayer_.

To dream of repeating the Lord's Prayer, foretells that you are threatened
with secret foes and will need the alliance and the support of friends
to tide you over difficulties.

To hear others repeat it, denotes the danger of some friend.


To dream of a lottery, and that you are taking great interest
in the drawing, you will engage in some worthless enterprise,
which will cause you to make an unpropitious journey.
If you hold the lucky number, you will gain in a speculation
which will perplex and give you much anxiety.

To see others winning in a lottery, denotes convivialities and amusements,
bringing many friends together.

If you lose in a lottery, you will be the victim of designing persons.
Gloomy depressions in your affairs will result.

For a young woman to dream of a lottery in any way, denotes that
her careless way of doing things will bring her disappointment,
and a husband who will not be altogether reliable or constant.

To dream of a lottery, denotes you will have unfavorable friendships
in business. Your love affairs will produce temporary pleasure.


To dream of a louse, foretells that you will have uneasy feelings regarding
your health, and an enemy will give you exasperating vexation.

[116] See Lice.


To dream of loving any object, denotes satisfaction with
your present environments.

To dream that the love of others fills you with happy forebodings,
successful affairs will give you contentment and freedom from the anxious
cares of life. If you find that your love fails, or is not reciprocated,
you will become despondent over some conflicting question arising in your
mind as to whether it is best to change your mode of living or to marry
and trust fortune for the future advancement of your state.

For a husband or wife to dream that their companion is loving,
foretells great happiness around the hearthstone, and bright
children will contribute to the sunshine of the home.

To dream of the love of parents, foretells uprightness in character
and a continual progress toward fortune and elevation.

The love of animals, indicates contentment with what you possess,
though you may not think so. For a time, fortune will crown you.


Dreaming of lovely things, brings favor to all persons connected with you.

For a lover to dream that his sweetheart is lovely of person and character,
foretells for him a speedy and favorable marriage.

If through the vista of dreams you see your own fair loveliness,
fate bids you, with a gleaming light, awake to happiness.


To dream of lozenges, foretells success in small matters.
For a woman to eat or throw them away, foretells her life
will be harassed by little spites from the envious.


To dream of being lucky, is highly favorable to the dreamer.
Fulfilment of wishes may be expected and pleasant duties will
devolve upon you.

To the despondent, this dream forebodes an uplifting and a
renewal of prosperity.


To dream of luggage, denotes unpleasant cares. You will be encumbered
with people who will prove distasteful to you.

If you are carrying your own luggage, you will be so full of your own
distresses that you will be blinded to the sorrows of others.

To lose your luggage, denotes some unfortunate speculation or family
dissensions To the unmarried, it foretells broken engagements.


To dream of lumber, denotes many difficult tasks and but little
remuneration or pleasure.

To see piles of lumber burning, indicates profit from an unexpected source.

To dream of sawing lumber, denotes unwise transactions and unhappiness.


To dream of playing on one, is auspicious of joyful news from absent friends.

Pleasant occupations follow the dreaming of hearing the music
of a lute.


To dream that you are surrounded by luxury, indicates much wealth,
but dissipation and love of self will reduce your income.

For a poor woman to dream that she enjoys much luxury, denotes an early
change in her circumstances.


To dream that you are lying to escape punishment, denotes that you will act
dishonorably towards some innocent person.

Lying to protect a friend from undeserved chastisement, denotes that
you will have many unjust criticisms passed upon your conduct,
but you will rise above them and enjoy prominence.

To hear others lying, denotes that they are seeking to entrap you. Lynx.

To dream of seeing a lynx, enemies are undermining your business
and disrupting your home affairs. For a woman, this dream indicates
that she has a wary woman rivaling her in the affections of her lover.
If she kills the lynx, she will overcome her rival.


To dream of listening to the music of a lyre, foretells chaste pleasures
and congenial companionship. Business will run smoothly.

For a young woman to dream of playing on one, denotes that she will enjoy
the undivided affection of a worthy man.


``_And they dreamed a dream both of them, each man his dream in one night,
each man according to his interpretation of his dream, the butler
and the baker of the King of Egypt, which were bound in the prison_.''--
Gen. xl., 5.


To dream that you see or travel on a macadamized road, is significant
of pleasant journeys, from which you will derive much benefit.
For young people, this dream foretells noble aspirations.


To dream of eating macaroni, denotes small losses. To see it in large
quantities, denotes that you will save money by the strictest economy.
For a young woman, this dream means that a stranger will enter her life.


To dream of machinery, denotes you will undertake some project
which will give great anxiety, but which will finally result
in good for you.

To see old machinery, foretells enemies will overcome in your strivings
to build up your fortune. To become entangled in machinery, foretells loss
in your business, and much unhappiness will follow.

Loss from bad deals generally follows this dream.

_Mad Dog_.[117]

To dream of seeing a mad dog, denotes that enemies will make scurrilous
attacks upon you and your friends, but if you succeed in killing the dog,
you will overcome adverse opinions and prosper greatly in a financial way.

[117] See Dog.


To dream of being mad, shows trouble ahead for the dreamer.
Sickness, by which you will lose property, is threatened.

To see others suffering under this malady, denotes inconstancy of friends
and gloomy ending of bright expectations.

For a young woman to dream of madness, foretells disappointment
in marriage and wealth.


To see a madstone applied to a wound from the fangs of some mad animal,
denotes that you will endeavor, to the limits of your energy,
to shield self from the machinations of enemies, which will soon
envelop you with the pall of dishonorable defeat.


To dream of accomplishing any design by magic, indicates pleasant surprises.

To see others practising this art, denotes profitable changes
to all who have this dream.

To dream of seeing a magician, denotes much interesting travel
to those concerned in the advancement of higher education,
and profitable returns to the mercenary.

Magic here should not be confounded with sorcery or spiritism. If the reader
so interprets, he may expect the opposite to what is here forecast to follow.
True magic is the study of the higher truths of Nature.


To dream of a magistrate, foretells that you will be harassed
with threats of law suits and losses in your business.

[118] See Judge and Jury.


To dream of a magnet, denotes that evil influences will draw you
from the path of honor. A woman is probably luring you to ruin.
To a woman, this dream foretells that protection and wealth will
be showered upon her.


To look through a magnifying-glass in your dreams,
means failure to accomplish your work in a satisfactory manner.
For a woman to think she owns one, foretells she will encourage
the attention of persons who will ignore her later.


To dream of a magpie, denotes much dissatisfaction and quarrels.
The dreamer should guard well his conduct and speech after this dream.


To dream of entertaining malice for any person, denotes that you will
stand low in the opinion of friends because of a disagreeable temper.
Seek to control your passion.

If you dream of persons maliciously using you, an enemy in friendly
garb is working you harm.


To dream of a mallet, denotes you will meet unkind treatment from friends
on account of your ill health. Disorder in the home is indicated.


To dream of malt, betokens a pleasant existence and riches
that will advance your station.

To dream of taking malted drinks, denotes that you will interest yourself
in some dangerous affair, but will reap much benefit therefrom.


To dream of a man, if handsome, well formed and supple, denotes that
you will enjoy life vastly and come into rich possessions.
If he is misshapen and sour-visaged, you will meet disappointments
and many perplexities will involve you.

For a woman to dream of a handsome man, she is likely to have distinction
offered her. If he is ugly, she will experience trouble through some one whom
she considers a friend.


To dream of seeing ugly-mannered persons, denotes failure to carry
out undertakings through the disagreeableness of a person connected
with the affair.

If you meet people with affable manners, you will be pleasantly surprised
by affairs of moment with you taking a favorable turn.


To dream of a man-of-war, denotes long journeys and separation from country
and friends, dissension in political affairs is portended.

If she is crippled, foreign elements will work damage to home interests.

If she is sailing upon rough seas, trouble with foreign powers
may endanger private affairs.

Personal affairs may also go awry.


To dream that you are in a mansion where there is a haunted chamber,
denotes sudden misfortune in the midst of contentment.

To dream of being in a mansion, indicates for you wealthy possessions.

To see a mansion from distant points, foretells future advancement.


For a woman to dream that she sees, or is in any way connected with,
manslaughter, denotes that she will be desperately scared lest her name
be coupled with some scandalous sensation.

[119] See Murder.


To dream of seeing a mantilla, denotes an unwise enterprise which will bring
you into unfavorable notice.


To dream of a large manufactory, denotes unusual activity
in business circles.

[120] See Factory.


To dream of seeing manure, is a favorable omen. Much good will follow
the dream. Farmers especially will feel a rise in fortune.


To dream of manuscript in an unfinished state, forebodes disappointment.
If finished and clearly written, great hopes will be realized.

If you are at work on manuscript, you will have many fears for some
cherished hope, but if you keep the blurs out of your work you will
succeed in your undertakings. If it is rejected by the publishers,
you will be hopeless for a time, but eventually your most sanguine
desires will become a reality.

If you lose it, you will be subjected to disappointment.

If you see it burn, some work of your own will bring you profit
and much elevation.


To dream of a map, or studying one, denotes a change will be contemplated
in your business. Some disappointing things will occur, but much profit
also will follow the change.

To dream of looking for one, denotes that a sudden discontent
with your surroundings will inspire you with new energy,
and thus you will rise into better conditions. For a young woman,
this dream denotes that she will rise into higher spheres
by sheer ambition.


To dream of a marble quarry, denotes that you life will be
a financial success, but that your social surroundings will be
devoid of affection.

To dream of polishing marble, you will come into a pleasing inheritance.

To see it broken, you will fall into disfavor among your associates
by defying all moral codes.


To dream of marching to the strains of music, indicates that you
are ambitious to become a soldier or a public official, but you
should consider all things well before making final decision.

For women to dream of seeing men marching, foretells their inclination
for men in public positions. They should be careful of their reputations,
should they be thrown much with men.

To dream of the month of March, portends disappointing returns in business,
and some woman will be suspicious of your honesty.


To dream of seeing mares in pastures, denotes success in
business and congenial companions. If the pasture is barren,
it foretells poverty, but warm friends. For a young woman,
this omens a happy marriage and beautiful children.

[121] See Horse.


To dream of seeing marigolds, denotes contentment with frugality
should be your aim.


To dream that you are a mariner, denotes a long journey to distant countries,
and much pleasure will be connected with the trip.

If you see your vessel sailing without you, much personal discomfort
will be wrought you by rivals.


To dream that you are in a market, denotes thrift and much activity
in all occupations.

To see an empty market, indicates depression and gloom.

To see decayed vegetables or meat, denotes losses in business.

For a young woman, a market foretells pleasant changes.


To dream of eating marmalade, denotes sickness and much dissatisfaction

For a young woman to dream of making it, denotes unhappy
domestic associations.


To dream of seeing a marmot, denotes that sly enemies are approaching
you in the shape of fair women.

For a young woman to dream of a marmot, foretells that temptation
will beset her in the future.


For a woman to dream that she marries an old, decrepit man, wrinkled face
and gray headed, denotes she will have a vast amount of trouble and sickness
to encounter. If, while the ceremony is in progress, her lover passes,
wearing black and looking at her in a reproachful way, she will be driven
to desperation by the coldness and lack of sympathy of a friend.

To dream of seeing a marriage, denotes high enjoyment,
if the wedding guests attend in pleasing colors and are happy;
if they are dressed in black or other somber hues, there will
be mourning and sorrow in store for the dreamer.

If you dream of contracting a marriage, you will have unpleasant news
from the absent.

If you are an attendant at a wedding, you will experience much
pleasure from the thoughtfulness of loved ones, and business
affairs will be unusually promising.

To dream of any unfortunate occurrence in connection with a marriage,
foretells distress, sickness, or death in your family.

For a young woman to dream that she is a bride, and unhappy or indifferent,
foretells disappointments in love, and probably her own sickness.
She should be careful of her conduct, as enemies are near her.

[122] See Bride.


To dream of Mars, denotes that your life will be made miserable
and hardly worth living by the cruel treatment of friends.
Enemies will endeavor to ruin you.

If you feel yourself drawn up toward the planet, you will develop keen
judgment and advance beyond your friends in learning and wealth.


To dream of walking through marshy places, denotes illness resulting
from overwork and worry. You will suffer much displeasure from the unwise
conduct of a near relative.


To dream of martyrs, denotes that false friends, domestic unhappiness
and losses in affairs which concern you most.

To dream that you are a martyr, signifies the separation from friends,
and enemies will slander you.


To dream that you are wearing a mask, denotes temporary trouble,
as your conduct towards some dear one will be misinterpreted,
and your endeavors to aid that one will be misunderstood,
but you will profit by the temporary estrangements.

To see others masking, denotes that you will combat falsehood and envy.

To see a mask in your dreams, denotes some person will be
unfaithful to you, and your affairs will suffer also.
For a young woman to dream that she wears a mask, foretells she
will endeavor to impose upon some friendly person.

If she unmasks, or sees others doing so, she will fail to gain
the admiration sought for. She should demean herself modestly
after this dream.


To dream that you see a mason plying his trade, denotes a rise
in your circumstances and a more congenial social atmosphere
will surround you.

If you dream of seeing a band of the order of masons in full regalia,
it denotes that you will have others beside yourself to protect and keep
from the evils of life.


To dream of attending a masquerade, denotes that you will indulge in foolish
and harmful pleasures to the neglect of business and domestic duties.

For a young woman to dream that she participates in a masquerade,
denotes that she will be deceived.


To dream of seeing the masts of ships, denotes long and pleasant voyages,
the making of many new friends, and the gaining of new possessions.

To see the masts of wrecked ships, denotes sudden changes in your
circumstances which will necessitate giving over anticipated pleasures.

If a sailor dreams of a mast, he will soon sail on an eventful trip.


To dream that you have a master, is a sign of incompetency on your part
to command others, and you will do better work under the leadership
of some strong-willed person.

If you are a master, and command many people under you,
you will excel in judgment in the fine points of life,
and will hold high positions and possess much wealth.


Keep away from mats in your dreams, as they will usher you
into sorrow and perplexities.


To dream of matches, denotes prosperity and change when least expected.

To strike a match in the dark, unexpected news and fortune is foreboded.


To dream of matting, foretells pleasant prospects and cheerful news
from the absent. If it is old or torn, you will have vexing things
come before you.


To dream of a mattress, denotes that new duties and responsibilities
will shortly be assumed.

To sleep on a new mattress, signifies contentment with present surroundings.

To dream of a mattress factory, denotes that you will be connected
in business with thrifty partners and will soon amass wealth.


To dream of a mausoleum, indicates the sickness, death, or trouble
of some prominent friend.

To find yourself inside a mausoleum, foretells your own illness.


To dream of the month of May, denotes prosperous times,
and pleasure for the young.

To dream that nature appears freakish, denotes sudden sorrow
and disappointment clouding pleasure.

_May Bugs_.

To dream of May bugs, denotes an ill-tempered companion where a congenial
one was expected.


To dream of meadows, predicts happy reunions under bright promises
of future prosperity.


To dream of meals, denotes that you will let trifling matters
interfere with momentous affairs and business engagements.

[123] See Eating.


To dream that you have measles, denotes much worry, and anxious
care will interfere with your business affairs.

To dream that others have this disease, denotes that you will be troubled
over the condition of others.


For a woman to dream of raw meat, denotes that she will
meet with much discouragement in accomplishing her aims.
If she sees cooked meat, it denotes that others will obtain
the object for which she will strive.

[124] See Beef.


To dream of a mechanic, denotes change in your dwelling place
and a more active business. Advancement in wages usually follows
after seeing mechanics at work on machinery.


To dream of medals, denotes honors gained by application and industry.

To lose a medal, denotes misfortune through the unfaithfulness of others.


To dream of medicine, if pleasant to the taste, a trouble will
come to you, but in a short time it will work for your good;
but if you take disgusting medicine, you will suffer a protracted
illness or some deep sorrow or loss will overcome you.

To give medicine to others, denotes that you will work to injure
some one who trusted you.


To dream that you feel melancholy over any event, is a sign of disappointment
in what was thought to be favorable undertakings.

To dream that you see others melancholy, denotes unpleasant interruption
in affairs. To lovers, it brings separation.


To dream of melons, denotes ill health and unfortunate ventures in business.

To eat them, signifies that hasty action will cause you anxiety.

To see them growing on green vines, denotes that present troubles
will result in good fortune for you.


To dream that you make memoranda, denotes that you will engage
in an unprofitable business, and much worry will result for you.

To see others making a memorandum, signifies that some person
will worry you with appeals for aid.

To lose your memorandum, you will experience a slight loss in trade.

To find a memorandum, you will assume new duties that will cause much
pleasure to others.


To dream of a memorial, signifies there will be occasion for you to show
patient kindness, as trouble and sickness threatens your relatives.


To dream of visiting a menagerie, denotes various troubles.


For a woman to dream of mendicants, she will meet with disagreeable
interferences in her plans for betterment and enjoyment.


To dream of mending soiled garments, denotes that you will undertake
to right a wrong at an inopportune moment; but if the garment be clean,
you will be successful in adding to your fortune.

For a young woman to dream of mending, foretells that she will be a systematic
help to her husband.


To dream of mercury, is significant of unhappy changes through the constant
oppression of enemies. For a woman to be suffering from mercurial poison,
foretells she will be deserted by and separated from her family.


To dream being merry, or in merry company, denotes that pleasant events
will engage you for a time, and affairs will assume profitable shapes.


To dream of being entangled in the meshes of a net, or other
like constructions, denotes that enemies will oppress you in time
of seeming prosperity. To a young woman, this dream foretells that her
environments will bring her into evil and consequent abandonment.
If she succeeds in disengaging herself from the meshes, she will
narrowly escape slander.


To dream of receiving a message, denotes that changes will take
place in your affairs.

To dream of sending a message, denotes that you will be placed
in unpleasant situations.


To dream of seeing anything metamorphose, denotes that sudden
changes will take place in your life, for good or bad,
as the metamorphose was pleasant or frightful.


To dream of mice, foretells domestic troubles and the insincerity of friends.
Business affairs will assume a discouraging tone.

To kill mice, denotes that you will conquer your enemies.

To let them escape you, is significant of doubtful struggles.

For a young woman to dream of mice, warns her of secret enemies,
and that deception is being practised upon her. If she
should see a mouse in her clothing, it is a sign of scandal
in which she will figure.


To dream of a microscope, denotes you will experience failure
or small returns in your enterprises.


To see a midwife in your dreams, signifies unfortunate sickness
with a narrow escape from death.

For a young woman to dream of such a person, foretells that distress
and calumny will attend her.


To dream you see or pass a mile-post, foretells that you
will be assailed by doubtful fears in business or love.
To see one down, portends accidents are threatening to give
disorder to your affairs.


To dream of drinking milk, denotes abundant harvest to the farmer and
pleasure in the home; for a traveler, it foretells a fortunate voyage.
This is a very propitious dream for women.

To see milk in large quantities, signifies riches and health.

To dream of dealing in milk commercially, denotes great increase in fortune.

To give milk away, shows that you will be too benevolent for the good
of your own fortune.

To spill milk, denotes that you will experience a slight loss
and suffer temporary unhappiness at the hands of friends.

To dream of impure milk, denotes that you will be tormented
with petty troubles.

To dream of sour milk, denotes that you will be disturbed
over the distress of friends.

To dream of trying unsuccessfully to drink milk, signifies that you
will be in danger of losing something of value or the friendship
of a highly esteemed person.

To dream of hot milk, foretells a struggle, but the final winning
of riches and desires.

To dream of bathing in milk, denotes pleasures and companionships
of congenial friends.

[125] See Buttermilk.


To dream of milking, and it flows in great streams from the udder,
while the cow is restless and threatening, signifies you will see
great opportunities withheld from you, but which will result in final
favor for you.


To dream of a mill, indicates thrift and fortunate undertakings.

To see a dilapidated mill, denotes sickness and ill fortune.

[126] See Cotton Mill, etc.


To dream that you see clear water pouring over a mill-dam, foretells
pleasant enterprises, either of a business or social nature.
If the water is muddy or impure, you will meet with losses,
and troubles will arise where pleasure was anticipated.

If the dam is dry, your business will assume shrunken proportions.


To see a miller in your dreams, signifies your surroundings will grow
more hopeful. For a woman to dream of a miller failing in an attempt
to start his mill, foretells she will be disappointed in her lover's wealth,
as she will think him in comfortable circumstances.


To dream of being in a mine, denotes failure in affairs.

To own a mine, denotes future wealth.

[127] See Coal Mine.


To dream of minerals, denotes your present unpromising outlook will grow
directly brighter. To walk over mineral land, signifies distress,
from which you will escape and be bettered in your surroundings.

_Mineral Water_.

To dream of drinking mineral water, foretells fortune will favor
your efforts, and you will enjoy your opportunities to satisfy
your cravings for certain pleasures.


To see mining in your dreams, denotes that an enemy is seeking
your ruin by bringing up past immoralities in your life.
You will be likely to make unpleasant journeys, if you stand
near the mine.

If you dream of hunting for mines, you will engage in worthless pursuits.


To dream of seeing a minister, denotes unfortunate changes
and unpleasant journeys.

To hear a minister exhort, foretells that some designing person
will influence you to evil.

To dream that you are a minister, denotes that you will
usurp another's rights.

[128] See Preacher and Priest.


To dream of seeing the minuet danced, signifies a pleasant existence
with congenial companions.

To dance it yourself, good fortune and domestic joys are foretold.


To dream of a minx, denotes you will have sly enemies to overcome.

If you kill one, you will win your desires. For a young woman to dream
that she is partial to minx furs, she will find protection and love
in some person who will be inordinately jealous.


To dream of going through mire, indicates that your dearest wishes
and plans will receive a temporary check by the intervention of unusual
changes in your surroundings.


To dream of seeing yourself in a mirror, denotes that you will meet
many discouraging issues, and sickness will cause you distress
and loss in fortune.

To see a broken mirror, foretells the sudden or violent death
of some one related to you.

To see others in a mirror, denotes that others will act unfairly
towards you to promote their own interests.

To see animals in a mirror, denotes disappointment and loss in fortune.

For a young woman to break a mirror, foretells unfortunate
friendships and an unhappy marriage. To see her lover in a mirror
looking pale and careworn, denotes death or a broken engagement.
If he seems happy, a slight estrangement will arise, but it
will be of short duration.

[129] See Glass.


To dream of a miser, foretells you will be unfortunate in finding true
happiness owing to selfishness, and love will disappoint you sorely.

For a woman to dream that she is befriended by a miser,
foretells she will gain love and wealth by her intelligence
and tactful conduct.

To dream that you are miserly, denotes that you will be obnoxious
to others by your conceited bearing

To dream that any of your friends are misers, foretells that you
will be distressed by the importunities of others.


To dream that you are enveloped in a mist, denotes uncertain
fortunes and domestic unhappiness. If the mist clears away,
your troubles will be of short duration.

To see others in a mist, you will profit by the misfortune of others.


To dream of mistletoe, foretells happiness and great rejoicing.

To the young, it omens many pleasant pastimes

If seen with unpromising signs, disappointment will displace
pleasure or fortune.


To see or hear a mocking-bird, signifies you will be invited to go
on a pleasant visit to friends, and your affairs will move along
smoothly and prosperously. For a woman to see a wounded or dead one,
her disagreement with a friend or lover is signified.


To dream of a model, foretells your social affairs will
deplete your purse, and quarrels and regrets will follow.
For a young woman to dream that she is a model or seeking to be one,
foretells she will be entangled in a love affair which will give
her trouble through the selfishness of a friend.


To dream of molasses, is a sign that some one is going to
extend you pleasant hospitality, and, through its acceptance,
you will meet agreeable and fortunate surprises. To eat it,
foretells that you will be discouraged and disappointed in love.
To have it smeared on your clothing, denotes you will have
disagreeable offers of marriage, and probably losses in business.


To dream of moles, indicates secret enemies.

To dream of catching a mole, you will overcome any opposition
and rise to prominence.

To see moles, or such blemishes, on the person, indicates
illness and quarrels.


To dream of finding money, denotes small worries, but much happiness.
Changes will follow.

To pay out money, denotes misfortune.

To receive gold, great prosperity and unalloyed pleasures.

To lose money, you will experience unhappy hours in the home
and affairs will appear gloomy.

To count your money and find a deficit, you will be worried
in making payments.

To dream that you steal money, denotes that you are in danger
and should guard your actions.

To save money, augurs wealth and comfort.

To dream that you swallow money, portends that you are likely
to become mercenary.

To look upon a quantity of money, denotes that prosperity and happiness
are within your reach.

To dream you find a roll of currency, and a young woman claims it,
foretells you will lose in some enterprise by the interference
of some female friend. The dreamer will find that he is
spending his money unwisely and is living beyond his means.
It is a dream of caution.

Beware lest the innocent fancies of your brain make a place
for your money before payday.


To dream of seeing a monk, foretells dissensions in the family
and unpleasant journeyings. To a young woman, this dream signifies
that gossip and deceit will be used against her.

To dream that you are a monk, denotes personal loss and illness.


To dream of a monkey, denotes that deceitful people will flatter
you to advance their own interests.

To see a dead monkey, signifies that your worst enemies will soon be removed.

If a young woman dreams of a monkey, she should insist on an early marriage,
as her lover will suspect unfaithfulness.

For a woman to dream of feeding a monkey, denotes that she will be betrayed
by a flatterer.


To dream of being pursued by a monster, denotes that sorrow and misfortune
hold prominent places in your immediate future.

To slay a monster, denotes that you will successfully cope with enemies
and rise to eminent positions.


To dream of seeing the moon with the aspect of the heavens remaining normal,
prognosticates success in love and business affairs.

A weird and uncanny moon, denotes unpropitious lovemaking,
domestic infelicities and disappointing enterprises of
a business character.

The moon in eclipse, denotes that contagion will ravage your community.

To see the new moon, denotes an increase in wealth and congenial
partners in marriage.

For a young woman to dream that she appeals to the moon to know
her fate, denotes that she will soon be rewarded with marriage
to the one of her choice. If she sees two moons, she will lose
her lover by being mercenary. If she sees the moon grow dim,
she will let the supreme happiness of her life slip for want
of womanly tact.

To see a blood red moon, indicates war and strife, and she will see
her lover march away in defence of his country.


To dream that you visit a morgue searching for some one, denotes that you
will be shocked by news of the death of a relative or friend.

To see many corpses there, much sorrow and trouble will come
under your notice.


To see the morning dawn clear in your dreams, prognosticates a near
approach of fortune and pleasure.

A cloudy morning, portends weighty affairs will overwhelm you.


To see morocco in your dreams, foretells that you will receive substantial
aid from unexpected sources. Your love will be rewarded by faithfulness.


To dream that you give a mortgage on your property, denotes that you
are threatened with financial upheavals, which will throw you
into embarrassing positions.

To take, or hold one, against others, is ominous of adequate wealth
to liquidate your obligations.

To find yourself reading or examining mortgages, denotes great possibilities
before you of love or gain.

To lose a mortgage, if it cannot be found again, implies loss and worry.


If you find yourself morose in dreams, you will awake to find the world,
as far as you are concerned, going fearfully wrong.

To see others morose, portends unpleasant occupations
and unpleasant companions.


To dream that you feel mortified over any deed committed by yourself,
is a sign that you will be placed in an unenviable position
before those to whom you most wish to appear honorable and just.
Financial conditions will fall low.

To see mortified flesh, denotes disastrous enterprises and
disappointment in love.


To dream that you see Moses, means personal gain and a connubial alliance
which will be a source of sweet congratulation to yourself.


To see mosquitoes in your dreams, you will strive in vain
to remain impregnable to the sly attacks of secret enemies.
Your patience and fortune will both suffer from these designing persons.

If you kill mosquitoes, you will eventually overcome obstacles
and enjoy fortune and domestic bliss.


To dream of moss, denotes that you will fill dependent positions,
unless the moss grows in rich soil, when you will be favored with honors.


To see a moth in a dream, small worries will lash you
into hurried contracts, which will prove unsatisfactory.
Quarrels of a domestic nature are prognosticated.


To see your mother in dreams as she appears in the home,
signifies pleasing results from any enterprise.

To hold her in conversation, you will soon have good news from interests
you are anxious over.

For a woman to dream of mother, signifies pleasant duties
and connubial bliss.

To see one's mother emaciated or dead, foretells sadness caused
by death or dishonor.

To hear your mother call you, denotes that you are derelict in your duties,
and that you are pursuing the wrong course in business.

To hear her cry as if in pain, omens her illness, or some affliction
is menacing you.


To dream of your mother-in-law, denotes there will be pleasant
reconciliations for you after some serious disagreement.
For a woman to dispute with her mother-in-law, she will find
that quarrelsome and unfeeling people will give her annoyance.


For a young woman to dream of crossing a mountain in company
with her cousin and dead brother, who was smiling, denotes she
will have a distinctive change in her life for the better, but there
are warnings against allurements and deceitfulness of friends.
If she becomes exhausted and refuses to go further, she will be
slightly disappointed in not gaining quite so exalted a position
as was hoped for by her.

If you ascend a mountain in your dreams, and the way is pleasant
and verdant, you will rise swiftly to wealth and prominence.
If the mountain is rugged, and you fail to reach the top,
you may expect reverses in your life, and should strive to overcome
all weakness in your nature. To awaken when you are at a dangerous
point in ascending, denotes that you will find affairs taking
a flattering turn when they appear gloomy.


To dream that you wear mourning, omens ill luck and unhappiness.

If others wear it, there will be disturbing influences among
your friends causing you unexpected dissatisfaction and loss.
To lovers, this dream foretells misunderstanding and probable separation.


For a woman to dream of a mouse, denotes that she will have an enemy
who will annoy her by artfulness and treachery.


To see a mouse-trap in dreams, signifies your need to be careful of character,
as wary persons have designs upon you.

To see it full of mice, you will likely fall into the hands of enemies.

To set a trap, you will artfully devise means to overcome your opponents.

[130] See Mice.


To dream that you walk in mud, denotes that you will have cause to lose
confidence in friendships, and there will be losses and disturbances
in family circles.

To see others walking in mud, ugly rumors will reach you of some friend
or employee. To the farmer, this dream is significant of short crops
and unsatisfactory gains from stock.

To see mud on your clothing, your reputation is being assailed.
To scrape it off, signifies that you will escape the calumny of enemies.


To dream of wearing a muff, denotes that you will be well provided
for against the vicissitudes of fortune.

For a lover to see his sweetheart wearing a muff, denotes that a worthier
man will usurp his place in her affections.


If a mulatto appears to you in a dream, beware of making new friendships
or falling into associations with strange women, as you are threatened
with loss of money and of high moral standing.

[131] See Negro.


To see mulberries in your dreams, denotes that sickness will prevent
you from obtaining your desires, and you will be called upon often
to relieve suffering.

To eat them, signifies bitter disappointments.


If you dream that your are riding on a mule, it denotes that you
are engaging in pursuits which will cause you the greatest anxiety,
but if you reach your destination without interruption, you will
be recompensed with substantial results.

For a young woman to dream of a white mule, shows she will marry a wealthy
foreigner, or one who, while wealthy, will not be congenial in tastes.
If she dreams of mules running loose, she will have beaux and admirers,
but no offers of marriage.

To be kicked by a mule, foretells disappointment in love and marriage.

To see one dead, portends broken engagements and social decline.


To see murder committed in your dreams, foretells much sorrow
arising from the misdeeds of others. Affair will assume dulness.
Violent deaths will come under your notice.

If you commit murder, it signifies that you are engaging in some
dishonorable adventure, which will leave a stigma upon your name.

To dream that you are murdered, foretells that enemies are secretly
working to overthrow you.

[132] See Killing and kindred words.


To dream of seeing your muscle well developed, you will have strange
encounters with enemies, but you will succeed in surmounting their evil works,
and gain fortune.

If they are shrunken, your inability to succeed in your affairs is portended.
For a woman, this dream is prophetic of toil and hardships.


To dream of a museum, denotes you will pass through many and varied
scenes in striving for what appears your rightful position.
You will acquire useful knowledge, which will stand you in better
light than if you had pursued the usual course to learning.
If the museum is distasteful, you will have many causes for vexation.


To dream of hearing harmonious music, omens pleasure and prosperity.

Discordant music foretells troubles with unruly children,
and unhappiness in the household.

_Musical Instruments_.

To see musical instruments, denotes anticipated pleasures.

If they are broken, the pleasure will be marred by uncongenial companionship.
For a young woman, this dream foretells for her the power to make her life
what she will.


To see mushrooms in your dreams, denotes unhealthy desires,
and unwise haste in amassing wealth, as it may vanish in law
suits and vain pleasures.

To eat them, signifies humiliation and disgraceful love.

For a young woman to dream of them, foretells her defiance of propriety
in her pursuit of foolish pleasures.


To dream of musk, foretells unexpected occasions of joy,
and lovers will agree and cease to be unfaithful.


To dream of water mussels, denotes small fortune, but contentment
and domestic enjoyment.


To dream that you have a mustache, denotes that your egotism and
effrontery will cause you a poor inheritance in worldy{sic} goods,
and you will betray women to their sorrow.

If a woman dreams of admiring a mustache, her virtue is in danger,
and she should be mindful of her conduct.

If a man dreams that he has his mustache shaved, he will try to turn
from evil companions and pleasures, and seek to reinstate himself
in former positions of honor.


To see mustard growing, and green, foretells success and joy to the farmer,
and to the seafaring it prognosticates wealth.

To eat mustard seed and feel the burning in your mouth,
denotes that you will repent bitterly some hasty action,
which has caused you to suffer.

To dream of eating green mustard cooked, indicates the lavish
waste of fortune, and mental strain.

For a young woman to eat newly grown mustard, foretells that she
will sacrifice wealth for personal desires.


To converse with a mute in your dreams, foretells that unusual
crosses in your life will fit you for higher positions,
which will be tendered you.

To dream that you are a mute, portends calamities and unjust persecution.


To see myrrh in a dream, signifies your investments will give satisfaction.
For a young woman to dream of myrrh, brings a pleasing surprise to her
in the way of a new and wealthy acquaintance.


To see myrtle in foliage and bloom in your dream, denotes that your desires
will be gratified, and pleasures will possess you.

For a young woman to dream of wearing a sprig of myrtle, foretells to her
an early marriage with a well-to do and intelligent man.

To see it withered, denotes that she will miss happiness
through careless conduct.


To find yourself bewildered by some mysterious event, denotes that
strangers will harass you with their troubles and claim your aid.
It warns you also of neglected duties, for which you feel much aversion.
Business will wind you into unpleasant complications.

To find yourself studying the mysteries of creation, denotes that a change
will take place in your life, throwing you into a higher atmosphere
of research and learning, and thus advancing you nearer the attainment
of true pleasure and fortune.


``_And he slept and dreamed the second time; and, behold,
seven ears of corn came up upon one stalk, rank and good_.''--
Gen. xli, 5.


To see nails in your dreams, indicates much toil and small recompense.

To deal in nails, shows that you will engage in honorable work,
even if it be lowly.

To see rusty or broken nails, indicates sickness and failure in business.


To dream that you are naked, foretells scandal and unwise engagements.

To see others naked, foretells that you will be tempted by designing
persons to leave the path of duty. Sickness will be no small factor
against your success.

To dream that you suddenly discover your nudity, and are trying to conceal it,
denotes that you have sought illicit pleasure contrary to your noblest
instincts and are desirous of abandoning those desires.

For a young woman to dream that she admires her nudity,
foretells that she will win, but not hold honest men's regard.
She will win fortune by her charms. If she thinks herself
ill-formed, her reputation will be sullied by scandal.
If she dreams of swimming in clear water naked, she will enjoy
illicit loves, but nature will revenge herself by sickness,
or loss of charms. If she sees naked men swimming in clear water,
she will have many admirers. If the water is muddy, a jealous
admirer will cause ill-natured gossip about her.


To dream of a napkin, foretells convivial entertainments in which you
will figure prominently. For a woman to dream of soiled napkins,
foretells that humiliating affairs will thrust themselves upon her.


To dream of the navy, denotes victorious struggles with unsightly
obstacles, and the promise of voyages and tours of recreation.
If in your dream you seem frightened or disconcerted, you will
have strange obstacles to overcome before you reach fortune.
A dilapidated navy is an indication of unfortunate friendships
in business or love.

[133] See Gunboat.


To dream that you are nearsighted, signifies embarrassing
failure and unexpected visits from unwelcome persons.
For a young woman, this dream foretells unexpected rivalry.

To dream that your sweetheart is nearsighted, denotes that she
will disappoint you.


To dream that you see your own neck, foretells that vexatious
family relations will interfere with your business.

To admire the neck of another, signifies your worldly mindedness will cause
broken domestic ties.

For a woman to dream that her neck is thick, foretells that she will become
querulous and something of a shrew if she fails to control her temper.


For a woman to dream of receiving a necklace, omens for her a loving
husband and a beautiful home.

To lose a necklace, she will early feel the heavy hand of bereavement.


To dream of a necromancer and his arts, denotes that you are threatened
with strange acquaintances who will influence you for evil.

[134] See Hypnotist.


To dream that you are in need, denotes that you will speculate unwisely
and distressing news of absent friends will oppress you.

To see others in need, foretells that unfortunate affairs will affect
yourself with others.


To use a needle in your dream, is a warning of approaching affliction,
in which you will suffer keenly the loss of sympathy,
which is rightfully yours.

To dream of threading a needle, denotes that you will be burdened
with the care of others than your own household.

To look for a needle, foretells useless worries.

To find a needle, foretells that you will have friends who
will appreciate you.

To break one, signifies loneliness and poverty.


To dream of seeing a negro standing on your green lawn, is a sign
that while your immediate future seems filled with prosperity
and sweetest joys, there will creep into it unavoidable discord,
which will veil all brightness in gloom for a season.

To dream of seeing a burly negro, denotes formidable rivals
in affection and business.

To see a mulatto, constant worries and friction with hirelings is foretold.

To dream of a difficulty with a negro, signifies your inability to overcome
disagreeable surroundings. It also denotes disappointments and ill fortune.

For a young woman to dream of a negro, she will be constrained
to work for her own support, or be disappointed in her lover.

To dream of negro children, denotes many little anxieties and crosses.

For a young woman to dream of being held by a negro, portends for her many
disagreeable duties. She is likely to meet with and give displeasure.
She will quarrel with her dearest friends.

Sickness sometimes follows dreams of old negroes.

To see one nude, abject despair, and failure to cope with
treachery may follow. Enemies will work you signal harm,
and bad news from the absent may be expected.

To meet with a trusty negro in a place where he ought not to be,
foretells you will be deceived by some person in whom you placed
great confidence. You are likely to be much exasperated over
the conduct of a servant or some person under your orders.
Delays and vexations may follow.

To think that you are preaching to negroes is a warning to protect
your interest, as false friends are dealing surreptitiously with you.
To hear a negro preaching denotes you will be greatly worried over
material matters and servants are giving cause for uneasiness.

[135] See Mulatto.


To see your neighbors in your dreams, denotes many profitable hours
will be lost in useless strife and gossip. If they appear sad,
or angry, it foretells dissensions and quarrels.


To dream of your nephew, denotes you are soon to come into
a pleasing competency, if he is handsome and well looking;
otherwise, there will be disappointment and discomfort for you.


To dream of seeing birds' nests, denotes that you will be
interested in an enterprise which will be prosperous.
For a young woman, this dream foretells change of abode.

To see an empty nest, indicates sorrow through the absence of a friend.

Hens' nests, foretells that you will be interested in domesticities,
and children will be cheerful and obedient.

To dream of a nest filled with broken or bad eggs,
portends disappointments and failure.

[136] See Birds' Nest.


To dream of ensnaring anything with a net, denotes that you will be
unscrupulous in your dealings and deportment with others.

To dream of an old or torn net, denotes that your property has mortgages,
or attachments, which will cause you trouble.


If in your dreams you walk among nettles without being stung,
you will be prosperous.

To be stung by them, you will be discontented with yourself
and make others unhappy.

For a young woman to dream of passing through nettles,
foretells that she will be offered marriage by different men,
and her decision will fill her with anxious foreboding.

To dream of nettles, is portentous of stringent circumstances
and disobedience from children or servants.


To hear good news in a dream, denotes that you will be fortunate
in affairs, and have harmonious companions; but if the news be bad,
contrary conditions will exist.


To dream of newspapers, denotes that frauds will be detected in your dealings,
and your reputation will likewise be affected.

To print a newspaper, you will have opportunities of making foreign
journeys and friends.

Trying, but failing to read a newspaper, denotes that you will fail
in some uncertain enterprise.

_Newspaper Reporter_.

If in your dreams you unwillingly see them, you will be annoyed
with small talk, and perhaps quarrels of a low character.

If you are a newspaper reporter in your dreams, there will be a varied course
of travel offered you, though you may experience unpleasant situations,
yet there will be some honor and gain attached.

_New Year_.

To dream of the new year, signifies prosperity and connubial anticipations.
If you contemplate the new year in weariness, engagement will be
entered into inauspiciously.


For a woman to dream of her niece, foretells she will have unexpected
trials and much useless worry in the near future.


If you are surrounded by night in your dreams, you may expect unusual
oppression and hardships in business. If the night seems to be vanishing,
conditions which hitherto seemed unfavorable will now grow bright,
and affairs will assume prosperous phases.

[137] See Darkness.


To dream of being attacked with this hideous sensation,
denotes wrangling and failure in business. For a young woman,
this is a dream prophetic of disappointment and unmerited slights.
It may also warn the dreamer to be careful of her health, and food.


To dream that you are listening to the harmonious notes of the nightingale,
foretells a pleasing existence, and prosperous and healthy surroundings.
This is a most favorable dream to lovers, and parents.

To see nightingales silent, foretells slight misunderstandings among friends.


To dream that you play ninepins, denotes that you
are foolishly wasting your energy and opportunities.
You should be careful in the selection of companions.
All phases of this dream are bad.


To dream of associating with the nobility, denotes that your aspirations
are not of the right nature, as you prefer show and pleasures to the higher
development of the mind.

For a young woman to dream of the nobility, foretells that she
will choose a lover for his outward appearance, instead of wisely
accepting the man of merit for her protector.


If you hear a strange noise in your dream, unfavorable news is presaged.
If the noise awakes you, there will be a sudden change in your affairs.


To dream of noodles, denotes an abnormal appetite and desires.
There is little good in this dream.


To see your own nose, indicates force of character, and consciousness of your
ability to accomplish whatever enterprise you may choose to undertake.

If your nose looks smaller than natural, there will be failure
in your affairs. Hair growing on your nose, indicates extraordinary
undertakings, and that they will be carried through by sheer force
of character, or will.

A bleeding nose, is prophetic of disaster, whatever the calling
of the dreamer may be.


To dream of a notary, is a prediction of unsatisfied desires,
and probable lawsuits. For a woman to associate with a notary,
foretells she will rashly risk her reputation, in gratification
of foolish pleasure.


To dream of November, augers a season of indifferent success
in all affairs.


To dream that you feel a numbness creeping over you, in your dreams,
is a sign of illness, and disquieting conditions


To dream of numbers, denotes that unsettled conditions in business
will cause you uneasiness and dissatisfaction.

[138] See Figures.


For a religiously inclined man to dream of nuns, foretells that
material joys will interfere with his spirituality.
He should be wise in the control of self.

For a woman to dream of nuns, foretells her widowhood, or her
separation from her lover. If she dreams that she is a nun,
it portends her discontentment with present environments.

To see a dead nun, signifies despair over the unfaithfulness of loved ones,
and impoverished fortune.

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