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10,000 Dreams Interpreted [Or. . ."What's In A Dream"] [Or. . .Dreams, Their Scientific and Practical Interpretations]

Part 12 out of 13

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Seeing all the teeth drop out, death and famine usually will prevail.
If the teeth are decayed and you pull them out, the same, only yourself,
is prominent in the case.

To dream of tartar or any deposit falling off of the teeth and leaving them
sound and white, is a sign of temporary indisposition, which will pass,
leaving you wiser in regard to conduct, and you will find enjoyment
in the discharge of duty.

To admire your teeth for their whiteness and beauty, foretells that
pleasant occupations and much happiness will be experienced through
the fulfilment of wishes.

To dream that you pull one of your teeth and lose it,
and feeling within your mouth with your tongue for the cavity,
and failing to find any, and have a doctor for the same,
but to no effect, leaving the whole affair enveloped in mystery,
denotes that you are about to enter into some engagement which
does not exactly please you, and which you decide to ignore,
but will later take it up and secretly prosecute it to your own
disquieting satisfaction and under the suspicion of friends.

To dream that a dentist cleans your teeth perfectly,
and the next morning you find them rusty, foretells you will
believe your interest secure concerning some person or position,
but you will find that they have succumbed to the blandishments
of an artful man or woman.


To dream that you receive a telegram, denotes that you
will soon receive tidings of an unpleasant character.
Some friend is likely to misrepresent matters which are of much
concern to you.

To send a telegram is a sign that you will be estranged from some one holding
a place near you, or business will disappoint you.

If you are the operator sending these messages, you will be affected
by them only through the interest of others.

To see or be in a telegraph office, foretells unfortunate engagements.


To dream of a telephone, foretells you will meet strangers
who will harass and bewilder you in your affairs.
For a woman to dream of talking over one, denotes she will have
much jealous rivalry, but will overcome all evil influences.
If she cannot hear well in conversing over one, she is threatened
with evil gossip, and the loss of a lover.


To dream of a telescope, portends unfavorable seasons for love
and domestic affairs, and business will be changeable and uncertain.

To look at planets and stars through one, portends for you
journeys which will afford you much pleasure, but later cause
you much financial loss.

To see a broken telescope, or one not in use, signifies that matters
will go out of the ordinary with you, and trouble may be expected.


To dream of tempests, denotes that you will have a siege of
calamitous trouble, and friends will treat you with indifference.

[222] See Storms and Cyclones.


To dream that you are surrounded by temptations, denotes that
you will be involved in some trouble with an envious person
who is trying to displace you in the confidence of friends.
If you resist them, you will be successful in some affair
in which you have much opposition.


For a landlord to see his tenant in a dream, denotes he will have
business trouble and vexation. To imagine you are a tenant,
foretells you will suffer loss in experiments of a business character.
If a tenant pays you money, you will be successful in some engagements.


If you dream at playing at tenpins, you will doubtless soon
engage in some affair which will bring discredit upon your name,
and you will lose your money and true friendship.

To see others engaged in this dream, foretells that you will find
pleasure in frivolous people and likely lose employment.

For a young woman to play a successful game of tenpins, is an omen
of light pleasures, but sorrow will attend her later.


To dream of being in a tent, foretells a change in your affairs.

To see a number of tents, denotes journeys with unpleasant companions.

If the tents are torn or otherwise dilapidated, there will be
trouble for you.


To dream that you feel terror at any object or happening,
denotes that disappointments and loss will envelope you.

To see others in terror, means that unhappiness of friends
will seriously affect you.


To dream of hearing a minister reading his text, denotes that quarrels
will lead to separation with some friend.

To dream that you are in a dispute about a text, foretells unfortunate
adventures for you.

If you try to recall a text, you will meet with unexpected difficulties.

If you are repeating and pondering over one, you will have great obstacles
to overcome if you gain your desires.


To dream that you thatch a roof with any quickly, perishable material,
denotes that sorrow and discomfort will surround you.

If you find that a roof which you have thatched with straw is leaking,
there will be threatenings of danger, but by your rightly directed energy
they may be averted.


To dream of seeing ice thawing, foretells that some affair which has caused
you much worry will soon give you profit and pleasure.

To see the ground thawing after a long freeze,
foretells prosperous circumstances.


To dream of being at a theater, denotes that you will have much
pleasure in the company of new friends. Your affairs will be
satisfactory after this dream. If you are one of the players,
your pleasures will be of short duration.

If you attend a vaudeville theater, you are in danger of losing
property through silly pleasures. If it is a grand opera,
you will succeed in you wishes and aspirations.

If you applaud and laugh at a theater, you will sacrifice duty
to the gratification of fancy.

To dream of trying to escape from one during a fire or other excitement,
foretells that you will engage in some enterprise, which will be hazardous.


To dream of looking at a thermometer, denotes unsatisfactory business,
and disagreements in the home.

To see a broken one, foreshadows illness. If the mercury seems
to be falling, your affairs will assume a distressing shape.
If it is rising, you will be able to throw off bad conditions
in your business.


To dream of being a thief and that you are pursued by officers,
is a sign that you will meet reverses in business, and your social
relations will be unpleasant.

If you pursue or capture a thief, you will overcome your enemies.

[223] See Stealing.


To dream of seeing your thigh smooth and white, denotes unusual
good luck and pleasure.

To see wounded thighs, foretells illness and treachery.

For a young woman to admire her thigh, signifies willingness
to engage in adventures, and she should heed this as a warning
to be careful of her conduct.


If you use a thimble in your dreams, you will have many others
to please besides yourself. If a woman, you will have your own
position to make.

To lose one, foretells poverty and trouble. To see an old or broken one,
denotes that you are about to act unwisely in some momentous affair.

To receive or buy a new thimble, portends new associations in which you
will find contentment.

To dream that you use an open end thimble, but find that it is closed,
denotes that you will have trouble, but friends will aid you in escaping
its disastrous consequences.


To dream of being thirsty, shows that you are aspiring to things beyond
your present reach; but if your thirst is quenched with pleasing drinks,
you will obtain your wishes.

To see others thirsty and drinking to slake it, you will enjoy
many favors at the hands of wealthy people.


To dream of thorns, is an omen of dissatisfaction, and evil will surround
every effort to advancement.

If the thorns are hidden beneath green foliage, you prosperity
will be interfered with by secret enemies.


To dream of thread, denotes that your fortune lies beyond intricate paths.

To see broken threads, you will suffer loss through the
faithlessness of friends.

[224] See Spools.


To dream of threshing grain, denotes great advancement in business
and happiness among families. But if there is an abundance of straw
and little grain, unsuccessful enterprises will be undertaken.

To break down or have an accident while threshing, you will have some
great sorrow in the midst of prosperity.


To dream of seeing a well-developed and graceful throat,
portends a rise in position.

If you feel that your throat is sore, you will be deceived in your estimation
of a friend, and will have anxiety over the discovery.


If you dream of sitting on a throne, you will rapidly rise
to favor and fortune.

To descend from one, there is much disappointment for you.

To see others on a throne, you will succeed to wealth through
the favor of others.


To dream of seeing a thumb, foretells that you will be the favorite
of artful persons and uncertain fortune.

If you are suffering from a sore thumb, you will lose
in business, and your companions will prove disagreeable.
To dream that you have no thumb, implies destitution and loneliness.
If it seems unnaturally small, you will enjoy pleasure for a time.
If abnormally large, your success will be rapid and brilliant.

A soiled thumb indicates gratification of loose desires.
If the thumb has a very long nail, you are liable to fall
into evil through seeking strange pleasures.


To dream of hearing thunder, foretells you will soon be threatened
with reverses in your business.

To be in a thunder shower, denotes trouble and grief are close to you.

To hear the terrific peals of thunder, which make the earth quake,
portends great loss and disappointment.


To dream of being tickled, denotes insistent worries and illness.

If you tickle others, you will throw away much enjoyment through
weakness and folly.


To dream you see ticks crawling on your flesh, is a sign of impoverished
circumstances and ill health. Hasty journeys to sick beds may be made.

To mash a tick on you, denotes that you will be annoyed
by treacherous enemies.

To see in your dreams large ticks on stock, enemies are endeavoring
to get possession of your property by foul means.


To dream of a tiger advancing towards you, you will be tormented and
persecuted by enemies. If it attacks you, failure will bury you in gloom.
If you succeed in warding it off, or killing it, you will be extremely
successful in all your undertakings.

To see one running away from you, is a sign that you will overcome opposition,
and rise to high positions.

To see them in cages, foretells that you will foil your adversaries.

To see rugs of tiger skins, denotes that you are in the way to enjoy
luxurious ease and pleasure.


To dream of seeing money and valuables in a till, foretells coming success.
Your love affairs will be exceedingly favorable. An empty one,
denotes disappointed expectations.


To see timber in your dreams, is an augury of prosperous times
and peaceful surroundings.

If the timber appears dead, there are great disappointments for you.

[225] See Forest.


To dream that you are tipsy, denotes that you will cultivate
a jovial disposition, and the cares of life will make no serious
inroads into your conscience.

To see others tipsy, shows that you are careless as to the demeanor
of your associates.


To dream of toads, signifies unfortunate adventures.
If a woman, your good name is threatened with scandal.

To kill a toad, foretells that your judgment will be harshly criticised.

To put your hands on them, you will be instrumental in causing the downfall
of a friend.


To dream of tobacco, denotes success in business affairs,
but poor returns in love.

To use it, warns you against enemies and extravagance.

To see it growing, foretells successful enterprises.
To see it dry in the leaf, ensures good crops to farmers,
and consequent gain to tradesmen.

To smoke tobacco, denotes amiable friendships.


To dream of hearing a tocsin sounded, augurs a strife from which you
will come victorious. For a woman, this is a warning of separation
from her husband or lover.


To dream of taking a toddy, foretells interesting events will soon change
your plan of living.


To dream of eating tomatoes, signals the approach of good health.
To see them growing, denotes domestic enjoyment and happiness.

For a young woman to see ripe ones, foretells her happiness
in the married state.


To dream of seeing tombs, denotes sadness and disappointments in business.

Dilapidated tombs omens death or desperate illness.

To dream of seeing your own tomb, portends your individual
sickness or disappointments.

To read the inscription on tombs, foretells unpleasant duties.


To dream of seeing your own tongue, denotes that you will be looked
upon with disfavor by your acquaintances.

To see the tongue of another, foretells that scandal will villify you.

To dream that your tongue is affected in any way, denotes that your
carelessness in talking will get you into trouble.


To dream that you are toothless, denotes your inability to advance
your interests, and ill health will cast goom{sic} over your prospects.

To see others toothless, foretells that enemies are trying in vain
to calumniate you.


To dream of tooth-picks, foretells that small anxieties, and spites
will harass you unnecessarily if you give them your attention.

If you use one, you will be a party to a friend's injury.


To see topaz in a dream, signifies Fortune will be liberal
in her favors, and you will have very pleasing companions.
For a woman to lose topaz ornaments, foretells she will
be injured by jealous friends who court her position.
To receive one from another beside a relative, foretells an
interesting love affair will occupy her attention.


To dream of a top, denotes that you will be involved
in frivolous difficulties.

To see one spinning, foretells that you will waste your means
in childish pleasures.

To see a top, foretells indiscriminate friendships will involve
you in difficulty.


To dream of seeing torches, foretells pleasant amusement
and favorable business.

To carry a torch, denotes success in love making or intricate affairs.
For one to go out, denotes failure and distress.

[226] See Lantern and Lamp.


If you dream that you are in a tornado, you will be filled with
disappointment and perplexity over the miscarriage of studied
plans for swift attainment of fortune.

[227] See Hurricane.


To dream that you are looking upon a rushing torrent, denotes that you
will have unusual trouble and anxiety.


To dream of being tortured, denotes that you will undergo disappointment
and grief through the machination of false friends.

If you are torturing others, you will fail to carry out well-laid
plans for increasing your fortune.

If you are trying to alleviate the torture of others, you will succeed
after a struggle in business and love.


To dream that you are a tourist, denotes that you will engage in some
pleasurable affair which will take you away from your usual residence.

To see tourists, indicates brisk but unsettled business and anxiety in love.


To dream of seeing a tower, denotes that you will aspire to high elevations.
If you climb one, you will succeed in your wishes, but if the tower crumbles
as you descend, you will be disappointed in your hopes.

[228] See Ladder.


To see toys in dreams, foretells family joys, if whole and new,
but if broken, death will rend your heart with sorrow.

To see children at play with toys, marriage of a happy nature is indicated.

To give away toys in your dreams, foretells you will be ignored
in a social way by your acquaintances.


To dream of trading, denotes fair success in your enterprise.
If you fail, trouble and annoyances will overtake you.


To dream of a tragedy, foretells misunderstandings
and grievious disappointments.

To dream that you are implicated in a tragedy, portends that a calamity
will plunge you into sorrow and peril.


To see a train of cars moving in your dreams, you will soon have cause
to make a journey.

To be on a train and it appears to move smoothly along, though there
is no track, denotes that you will be much worried over some affair
which will eventually prove a source of profit to you.

To see freight trains in your dreams, is an omen of changes which will tend
to your elevation.

To find yourself, in a dream, on top of a sleeping car, denotes you will
make a journey with an unpleasant companion, with whom you will spend
money and time that could be used in a more profitable and congenial way,
and whom you will seek to avoid.


To see a traitor in your dream, foretells you will have enemies working
to despoil you. If some one calls you one, or if you imagine yourself one,
there will be unfavorable prospects of pleasure for you.


To dream of the transfiguration, foretells that your faith in man's
own nearness to God will raise you above trifling opinions,
and elevate you to a worthy position, in which capacity you will
be able to promote the well being of the ignorant and persecuted.

To see yourself transfigured, you will stand high in the esteem
of honest and prominent men.


To dream of setting a trap, denotes that you will use intrigue to carry
out your designs

If you are caught in a trap, you will be outwitted by your opponents.

If you catch game in a trap, you will flourish in whatever vocation
you may choose.

To see an empty trap, there will be misfortune in the immediate future.

An old or broken trap, denotes failure in business, and sickness
in your family may follow.


To dream of traveling, signifies profit and pleasure combined.
To dream of traveling through rough unknown places, portends
dangerous enemies, and perhaps sickness. Over bare or rocky steeps,
signifies apparent gain, but loss and disappointment will swiftly follow.
If the hills or mountains are fertile and green, you will be eminently
prosperous and happy.

To dream you travel alone in a car, denotes you may possibly
make an eventful journey, and affairs will be worrying.
To travel in a crowded car, foretells fortunate adventures,
and new and entertaining companions.

[229] See Journey.


To see trays in your dream, denotes your wealth will be foolishly
wasted, and surprises of unpleasant nature will shock you.
If the trays seem to be filled with valuables, surprises will come
in the shape of good fortune.


To dream that you find treasures, denotes that you will be greatly
aided in your pursuit of fortune by some unexpected generosity.

If you lose treasures, bad luck in business and the inconstancy
of friends is foretold.


To dream of trees in new foliage, foretells a happy consummation of hopes
and desires. Dead trees signal sorrow and loss.

To climb a tree is a sign of swift elevation and preferment.

To cut one down, or pull it up by the roots, denotes that you
will waste your energies and wealth foolishly.

To see green tress newly felled, portends unhappiness coming unexpectedly
upon scenes of enjoyment, or prosperity.

[230] See Forest.


To see trenches in dreams, warns you of distant treachery.
You will sustain loss if not careful in undertaking new enterprises,
or associating with strangers.

To see filled trenches, denotes many anxieties are gathering around you.

[231] See Ditch.


To dream of a triangle, foretells separation from friends,
and love affairs will terminate in disagreements.


To see tripe in a dream, means sickness and danger.

To eat tripe, denotes that you will be disappointed in some serious matter.


To dream of seeing triplets, foretells success in affairs
where failure was feared.

For a man to dream that his wife has them, signifies a pleasant
termination to some affair which has been long in dispute.

To hear newly-born triplets crying, signifies disagreements
which will be hastily reconciled to your pleasure.

For a young woman to dream that she has triplets, denotes that she will suffer
loss and disappointment in love, but will succeed to wealth.


To see trophies in a dream, signifies some pleasure or fortune
will come to you through the endeavors of mere acquaintances.
For a woman to give away a trophy, implies doubtful
pleasures and fortune.


To dream of trousers, foretells that you will be tempted
to dishonorable deeds.

If you put them on wrong side out, you will find that a fascination
is fastening its hold upon you.


To dream of seeing trout, is significant of growing prosperity.
To eat some, denotes that you will be happily conditioned.

To catch one with a hook, foretells assured pleasure and competence.
If it falls back into the water, you will have a short season of happiness.

To catch them with a seine, is a sign of unparalleled prosperity.

To see them in muddy water shows that your success in love will bring
you to grief and disappointments.


To dream of a trowel, denotes you will experience reaction
in unfavorable business, and will vanquish poverty. To see one
rusty or broken, unavoidable ill luck is fast approaching you.


To dream of a trumpet, denotes that something of unusual interest
is about to befall you.

To blow a trumpet, signifies that you will gain your wishes.


To dream of trunks, foretells journeys and ill luck. To pack your trunk,
denotes that you will soon go on a pleasant trip.

To see the contents of a trunk thrown about in disorder, foretells quarrels,
and a hasty journey from which only dissatisfaction will accrue.

Empty trunks foretell disappointment in love and marriage.

For a drummer to check his trunk, is an omen of advancement and comfort.
If he finds that his trunk is too small for his wares, he will soon
hear of his promotion, and his desires will reach gratification.
For a young woman to dream that she tries to unlock her trunk
and can't, signifies that she will make an effort to win some
wealthy person, but by a misadventure she will lose her chance.
If she fails to lock her trunk, she will be disappointed in making
a desired trip.


To see a truss in your dream, your ill health and unfortunate
business engagements are predicted.


To dream of trusts, foretells indifferent success in trade or law.

If you imagine you are a member of a trust, you will be successful
in designs of a speculative nature.


To dream of seeing a tub full of water, denotes domestic contentment.
An empty tub proclaims unhappiness and waning of fortune.

A broken tub, foretells family disagreements and quarrels.


To dream that you tumble off of any thing, denotes that you are given
to carelessness, and should strive to be prompt with your affairs.

To see others tumbliing,{sic} is a sign that you will profit
by the negligence of others.


To dream of going through a tunnel is bad for those in business
and in love.

To see a train coming towards you while in a tunnel, foretells ill health
and change in occupation.

To pass through a tunnel in a car, denotes unsatisfactory business,
and much unpleasant and expensive travel.

To see a tunnel caving in, portends failure and malignant enemies.

To look into one, denotes that you will soon be compelled to face
a desperate issue.


To dream of a racing turf, signifies that you will have pleasure
and wealth at your command, but your morals will be questioned
by your most intimate friends.

To see a green turf, indicates that interesting affairs will
hold your attention.


To dream of seeing turkeys, signifies abundant gain in business,
and favorable crops to the farmer.

To see them dressed for the market, denotes improvement in your affairs.

To see them sick, or dead, foretells that stringent circumstances
will cause your pride to suffer.

To dream you eat turkey, foretells some joyful occasion approaching.

To see them flying, denotes a rapid transit from obscurity to prominence.
To shoot them as game, is a sign that you will unscrupulously amass wealth.

_Turkish Baths_.

To dream of taking a Turkish bath, foretells that you will seek health far
from your home and friends, but you will have much pleasurable enjoyment

To see others take a Turkish bath, signifies that pleasant companions
will occupy your attention.


To see turnips growing, denotes that your prospects will brighten,
and that you will be much elated over your success.

To eat them is a sign of ill health. To pull them up, denotes that you
will improve your opportunities and your fortune thereby.

To eat turnip greens, is a sign of bitter disappointment.
Turnip seed is a sign of future advancement.

For a young woman to sow turnip seed, foretells that she will inherit
good property, and win a handsome husband.


To dream of turpentine, foretells your near future holds unprofitable
and discouraging engagements. For a woman to dream that she binds
turpentine to the wound of another, shows she will gain friendships
and favor through her benevolent acts.


To dream of a torquoise,{sic} foretells you are soon to realize
some desire which will greatly please your relatives. For a woman
to have one stolen, foretells she will meet with crosses in love.
If she comes by it dishonestly, she must suffer for yielding to hasty
susceptibility in love.


To dream of seeing turtles, signifies that an unusual incident will cause
you enjoyment, and improve your business conditions.

To drink turtle soup, denotes that you will find pleasure
in compromising intrigue.


To see tweezers in a dream, denotes uncomfortable situations will fill
you with discontent, and your companions will abuse you.


To see twine in your dream, warns you that your business is assuming
complications which will be hard to overcome.

[232] See Thread.


To dream of seeing twins, foretells security in business,
and faithful and loving contentment in the home.

If they are sickly, it signifies that you will have disappointment and grief.


To see type in a dream, portends unpleasant transactions with friends.
For a woman to clean type, foretells she will make fortunate speculations
which will bring love and fortune.


To dream that you are affected with this malady, is a warning
to beware of enemies, and look well to your health.

If you dream that there is an epidemic of typhoid, there will be depressions
in business, and usual good health will undergo disagreeable changes.


``_And Solomon awoke; and, behold, it was a dream_.''--
First Kings, III., 15.


To dream that you are ugly, denotes that you will have a difficulty
with your sweetheart, and your prospects will assume a depressed shade.

If a young woman thinks herself ugly, she will conduct herself
offensively toward her lover, which will probably cause a break
in their pleasant associations.


To see an ulcer in your dream, signifies loss of friends and removal
from loved ones. Affairs will remain unsatisfactory.

To dream that you have ulcers, denotes that you will become unpopular
with your friends by giving yourself up to foolish pleasures.


To dream of carrying an umbrella, denotes that trouble and annoyances
will beset you.

To see others carrying them, foretells that you will be appealed
to for aid by charity.

To borrow one, you will have a misunderstanding, perhaps, with a warm friend.

To lend one, portends injury from false friends. To lose one,
denotes trouble with some one who holds your confidence.

To see one torn to pieces, or broken, foretells that you will
be misrepresented and maligned.

To carry a leaky one, denotes that pain and displeasure will be felt by you
towards your sweetheart or companions.

To carry a new umbrella over you in a clear shower, or sunshine,
omens exquisite pleasure and prosperity.


If you see your uncle in a dream, you will have news of a sad character soon.

To dream you see your uncle prostrated in mind, and repeatedly
have this dream, you will have trouble with your relations
which will result in estrangement, at least for a time.

To see your uncle dead, denotes that you have formidable enemies.

To have a misunderstanding with your uncle, denotes

that your family relations will be unpleasant, and illness
will be continually present.


To dream of being in an underground habitation, you are in danger
of losing reputation and fortune.

To dream of riding on an underground railway, foretells that you
will engage in some peculiar speculation which will contribute
to your distress and anxiety.

[233] See Cars, etc.


To dream that you are undressing, foretells, scandalous gossip
will overshadow you.

For a woman to dream that she sees the ruler of her country undressed,
signifies sadness will overtake anticipated pleasures.
She will suffer pain through the apprehension of evil to those
dear to her.

To see others undressed, is an omen of stolen pleasures,
which will rebound with grief.


To dream that you are unfortunate, is significant of loss to yourself,
and trouble for others.


To see a uniform in your dream, denotes that you will have influential
friends to aid you in obtaining your desires.

For a young woman to dream that she wears a uniform,
foretells that she will luckily confer her favors upon
a man who appreciated them, and returns love for passion.
If she discards it, she will be in danger of public scandal
by her notorious love for adventure.

To see people arrayed in strange uniforms, foretells the disruption
of friendly relations with some other Power by your own government.
This may also apply to families or friends. To see a friend
or relative looking sad while dressed in uniform, or as a soldier,
predicts ill fortune or continued absence.

_United States Mail Box_.

To see a United States mail box, in a dream, denotes that you
are about to enter into transactions which will be claimed
to be illegal.

To put a letter in one, denotes you will be held responsible
for some irregularity of another.


To dream of meeting unknown persons, foretells change for good,
or bad as the person is good looking, or ugly, or deformed.

To feel that you are unknown, denotes that strange things will cast
a shadow of ill luck over you.

[234] See Mystery.


To dream that you are supporting an urgent petition, is a sign that you
will engage in some affair which will need fine financiering to carry
it through successfully.


To dream of a urinal, disorder will predominate in your home.


To dream of seeing urine, denotes ill health will make you disagreeable
and unpleasant with your friends.

To dream that you are urinating, is an omen of bad luck,
and trying seasons to love.


To dream of an urn, foretells you will prosper in some respects,
and in others disfavor will be apparent. To see broken urns,
unhappiness will confront you.


To find yourself a usurer in your dreams, foretells that you will
be treated with coldness by your associates, and your business
will decline to your consternation.

If others are usurers, you will discard some former friend
on account of treachery.


To dream that you are a usurper, foretells you will have trouble
in establishing a good title to property.

If others are trying to usurp your rights, there will be a struggle
between you and your competitors, but you will eventually win.

For a young woman to have this dream, she will be a party to a spicy rivalry,
in which she will win.


``_Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law,
happy is he_.''--Prov. xxix., 18.


To dream of being vaccinated, foretells that your susceptibility
to female charms will be played upon to your sorrow.

To dream that others are vaccinated, shows you will fail to find contentment
where it is sought, and your affairs will suffer decline in consequence.

For a young woman to be vaccinated on her leg, foreshadows her
undoing through treachery.


To dream that you are a vagrant, portends poverty and misery.
To see vagrants is a sign of contagion invading your community.
To give to a vagrant, denotes that your generosity will be applauded.


To dream that you are sending valentines, foretells that you
will lose opportunities of enriching yourself.

For a young woman to receive one, denotes that she will marry a weak,
but ardent lover against the counsels of her guardians.


To find yourself walking through green and pleasant valleys,
foretells great improvements in business, and lovers will be happy
and congenial. If the valley is barren, the reverse is predicted.
If marshy, illness or vexations may follow.

_Vapor Bath_.

To dream of a vapor bath, you will have fretful people for companions,
unless you dream of emerging from one, and then you will find that your
cares will be temporary.


To dream of varnishing anything, denotes that you will seek to win
distinction by fraudulent means.

To see others varnishing, foretells that you are threatened with danger
from the endeavor of friends to add to their own possessions.


To dream of a vase, denotes that you will enjoy sweetest pleasure
and contentment in the home life.

To drink from a vase, you will soon thrill with the delights
of stolen love.

To see a broken vase, foretells early sorrow. For a young woman
to receive one, signifies that she will soon obtain her dearest wish.


To see a vat in your dreams, foretells anguish and suffering from the hands
of cruel persons, into which you have unwittingly fallen.


To dream of the vatican, signifies unexpected favors will fall within
your grasp. You will form the acquaintance of distinguished people,
if you see royal personages speaking to the Pope.


To dream of a vault, denotes bereavement and other misfortune.
To see a vault for valuables, signifies your fortune will
surprise many, as your circumstances will appear to be meagre.
To see the doors of a vault open, implies loss and treachery
of people whom you trust.


To dream of eating vegetables, is an omen of strange luck.
You will think for a time that you are tremendously successful,
but will find to your sorrow that you have been grossly imposed upon.

Withered, or decayed vegetables, bring unmitigated woe and sadness.

For a young woman to dream that she is preparing vegetables for dinner,
foretells that she will lose the man she desired through pique,
but she will win a well-meaning and faithful husband.
Her engagements will be somewhat disappointing.


To ride in a vehicle while dreaming, foretells threatened loss, or illness.

To be thrown from one, foretells hasty and unpleasant news.
To see a broken one, signals failure in important affairs.

To buy one, you will reinstate yourself in your former position.
To sell one, denotes unfavorable change in affairs.


To dream that you wear a veil, denotes that you will not be perfectly sincere
with your lover, and you will be forced to use stratagem to retain him.

To see others wearing veils, you will be maligned and defamed
by apparent friends.

An old, or torn veil, warns you that deceit is being thrown around
you with sinister design.

For a young woman to dream that she loses her veil, denotes that her lover
sees through her deceitful ways and is likely to retaliate with the same.

To dream of seeing a bridal veil, foretells that you will make a successful
change in the immediate future, and much happiness in your position.

For a young woman to dream that she wears a bridal veil, denotes that she will
engage in some affair which will afford her lasting profit and enjoyment.
If it gets loose, or any accident befalls it, she will be burdened with
sadness and pain.

To throw a veil aside, indicates separation or disgrace.

To see mourning veils in your dreams, signifies distress and trouble,
and embarrassment in business.


To see your veins in a dream, insures you against slander,
if they are normal.

To see them bleeding, denotes that you will have a great sorrow
from which there will be no escape.

To see them swollen, you will rise hastily to distinction
and places of trust.


To dream of velvet, portends very successful enterprises.
If you wear it, some distinction will be conferred upon you.

To see old velvet, means your prosperity will suffer from your extreme pride.

If a young woman dreams that she is clothed in velvet garments,
it denotes that she will have honors bestowed upon her,
and the choice between several wealthy lovers.


To dream that you are veneering, denotes that you will systematically deceive
your friends, your speculations will be of a misleading nature.


To dream of a ventriloquist, denotes that some treasonable affair
is going to prove detrimental to your interest.

If you think yourself one, you will not conduct yourself honorably
towards people who trust you.

For a young woman to dream she is mystified by the voice of a ventriloquist,
foretells that she will be deceived into illicit adventures.


To dream of being on a veranda, denotes that you are to be successful
in some affair which is giving you anxiety.

For a young woman to be with her lover on a veranda, denotes her early
and happy marriage.

To see an old veranda, denotes the decline of hopes, and disappointment
in business and love.


Vermin crawling in your dreams, signifies sickness and much trouble.
If you succeed in ridding yourself of them, you will be fairly successful,
but otherwise death may come to you, or your relatives.

[235] See Locust.


To dream that you have vertigo, foretells you will have loss in
domestic happiness, and your affairs will be under gloomy outlooks.


To dream of vessels, denotes labor and activity.

[236] See Ships and similar words.


If you are vexed in your dreams, you will find many worries scattered
through your early awakening.

If you think some person is vexed with you, it is a sign that you
will not shortly reconcile some slight misunderstanding.


To dream of a vicar, foretells that you will do foolish things
while furious with jealousy and envy.

For a young woman to dream she marries a vicar, foretells that she
will fail to awake reciprocal affection in the man she desires,
and will live a spinster, or marry to keep from being one.


To dream that you are favoring any vice, signifies you are about to endanger
your reputation, by letting evil persuasions entice you.

If you see others indulging in vice, some ill fortune will engulf
the interest of some relative or associate.


To dream that you are the victim of any scheme, foretells that
you will be oppressed and over-powered by your enemies.
Your family relations will also be strained.

To victimize others, denotes that you will amass wealth dishonorably
and prefer illicit relations, to the sorrow of your companions.


To dream that you win a victory, foretells that you will successfully resist
the attacks of enemies, and will have the love of women for the asking.


To dream that you are in a village, denotes that you will enjoy
good health and find yourself fortunately provided for.

To revisit the village home of your youth, denotes that you will have pleasant
surprises in store and favorable news from absent friends.

If the village looks dilapidated, or the dream indistinct,
it foretells that trouble and sadness will soon come to you.


To dream of vines, is propitious of success and happiness.
Good health is in store for those who see flowering vines.
If they are dead, you will fail in some momentous enterprise.

To see poisonous vines, foretells that you will be the victim
of a plausible scheme and you will impair your health.


To dream of drinking vinegar, denotes that you will be exasperated
and worried into assenting to some engagement which will fill you
with evil foreboding.

To use vinegar on vegetables, foretells a deepening of
already distressing affairs.

To dream of vinegar at all times, denotes inharmonious
and unfavorable aspects.


To dream of a vineyard, denotes favorable speculations
and auspicious love-making.

To visit a vineyard which is not well-kept and filled with bad odors,
denotes disappointment will overshadow your most sanguine anticipations.


To dream that any person does you violence, denotes that you
will be overcome by enemies.

If you do some other persons violence, you will lose fortune and favor
by your reprehensible way of conducting your affairs.


To see violets in your dreams, or gather them, brings joyous occasions
in which you will find favor with some superior person.

For a young woman to gather them, denotes that she will soon meet
her future husband.

To see them dry, or withered, denotes that her love will be scorned
and thrown aside.


To see, or hear a violin in dreams, foretells harmony and peace in the family,
and financial affairs will cause no apprehension.

For a young woman to play on one in her dreams, denotes that she
will be honored and receive lavish gifts.

If her attempt to play is unsuccessful, she will lose favor,
and aspire to things she never can possess.

A broken one, indicates sad bereavement and separation.


To dream of a viper, foretells that calamities are threatening you.
To dream that a many-hued viper, and capable of throwing itself into
many pieces, or unjointing itself, attacks you, denotes that your
enemies are bent on your ruin and will work unitedly, yet apart,
to displace you.


To dream of a virgin, denotes that you will have comparative luck
in your speculations. For a married woman to dream that she is
a virgin, foretells that she will suffer remorse over her past,
and the future will hold no promise of better things.

For a young woman to dream that she is no longer a virgin,
foretells that she will run great risk of losing her reputation
by being indiscreet with her male friends.

For a man to dream of illicit association with a virgin,
denotes that he will fail to accomplish an enterprise,
and much worry will be caused him by the appeals of people.
His aspirations will be foiled through unwarranted associations.


If you visit in your dreams, you will shortly have some pleasant occasion
in your life.

If your visit is unpleasant, your enjoyment will be marred by the action
of malicious persons.

For a friend to visit you, denotes that news of a favorable
nature will soon reach you. If the friend appears sad
and travel-worn, there will be a note of displeasure growing
out of the visit, or other slight disappointments may follow.
If she is dressed in black or white and looks pale or ghastly,
serious illness or accidents are predicted.


To dream that you have a strange vision, denotes that you will be unfortunate
in your dealings and sickness will unfit you for pleasant duties.

If persons appear to you in visions, it foretells uprising and strife
of families or state.

If your friend is near dissolution and you are warned in a vision,
he will appear suddenly before you, usually in white garments.
Visions of death and trouble have such close resemblance,
that they are sometimes mistaken one for the other.

To see visions of any order in your dreams, you may look for unusual
developments in your business, and a different atmosphere and surroundings
in private life. Things will be reversed for a while with you.
You will have changes in your business and private life seemingly bad,
but eventually good for all concerned.

The Supreme Will is always directed toward the ultimate good of the race.


If you see vitriol in your dreams, it is a token of some innocent
person being censured by you.

To throw it on people, shows you will bear malice towards parties
who seek to favor you.

For a young woman to have a jealous rival throw it in her face,
foretells that she will be the innocent object of some person's hatred.
This dream for a business man, denotes enemies and much persecution.


To dream of hearing voices, denotes pleasant reconciliations,
if they are calm and pleasing; high-pitched and angry voices,
signify disappointments and unfavorable situations.

To hear weeping voices, shows that sudden anger will cause you to inflict
injury upon a friend.

If you hear the voice of God, you will make a noble effort to rise higher
in unselfish and honorable principles, and will justly hold the admiration
of high-minded people.

For a mother to hear the voice of her child, is a sign of approaching misery,
perplexity and grievous doubts.

To hear the voice of distress, or a warning one calling to you,
implies your own serious misfortune or that of some one close to you.
If the voice is recognized, it is often ominous of accident or illness,
which may eliminate death or loss.


To see a volcano in your dreams, signifies that you will be
in violent disputes, which threaten your reputation as a fair
dealing and honest citizen.

For a young woman, it means that her selfishness and greed will lead
her into intricate adventures.


To dream of vomiting, is a sign that you will be afflicted with a malady
which will threaten invalidism, or you will be connected with a racy scandal.

To see others vomiting, denotes that you will be made aware of the false
pretenses of persons who are trying to engage your aid.

For a woman to dream that she vomits a chicken, and it hops off, denotes she
will be disappointed in some pleasure by the illness of some relative.
Unfavorable business and discontent are also predicted.

If it is blood you vomit, you will find illness a hurried and
unexpected visitor. You will be cast down with gloomy forebodings,
and children and domesticity in general will ally to work you discomfort.


If you dream of casting a vote on any measure, you will be engulfed
in a commotion which will affect your community.

To vote fraudulently, foretells that your dishonesty will overcome
your better inclinations.


To dream of vouchers, foretells that patient toil will defeat
idle scheming to arrest fortune from you.

To sign one, denotes that you have the aid and confidence of those around you,
despite the evil workings of enemies.

To lose one, signifies that you will have a struggle for your
rights with relatives.


To dream that you are making or listening to vows, foretells complaint will
be made against you of unfaithfulness in business, or some love contract.
To take the vows of a church, denotes you will bear yourself with unswerving
integrity through some difficulty.

To break or ignore a vow, foretells disastrous consequences
will attend your dealings.


To make a voyage in your dreams, foretells that you will receive
some inheritance besides that which your labors win for you.

A disastrous voyage brings incompetence, and false loves.


To dream of vultures, signifies that some scheming person
is bent on injuring you, and will not succeed unless you see
the vulture wounded, or dead.

For a woman to dream of a vulture, signifies that she will be overwhelmed
with slander and gossip.


``_Therefore night shall be unto you, that ye shalt not have
a vision, and it shall be dark unto you, that ye shall not divine;
and the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall
be dark over them_.''--Mich. iii., 6.


If you wade in clear water while dreaming, you will partake of evanescent,
but exquisite joys. If the water is muddy, you are in danger of illness,
or some sorrowful experiences.

To see children wading in clear water is a happy prognostication,
as you will be favored in your enterprises.

For a young woman to dream of wading in clear foaming water,
she will soon gain the desire nearest her heart.

[237] See Bathing.


Wadding, if seen in a dream, brings consolation to the sorrowing,
and indifference to unfriendly criticism.


Wafer, if seen in a dream, purports an encounter with enemies.
To eat one, suggests impoverished fortune.

For a young woman to bake them, denotes that she will be tormented
and distressed by fears of remaining in the unmarried state.


To dream of making a wager, signifies that you will resort to dishonest
means to forward your schemes.

If you lose a wager, you will sustain injury from base connections
with those out of your social sphere.

To win one, reinstates you in favor with fortune.

If you are not able to put up a wager, you will be discouraged
and prostrated by the adverseness of circumstances.


Wages, if received in dreams, brings unlooked for good to persons
engaging in new enterprises.

To pay out wages, denotes that you will be confounded by dissatisfaction.

To have your wages reduced, warns you of unfriendly interest
that is being taken against you.

An increase of wages, suggests unusual profit in any undertaking.


To dream of a wagon, denotes that you will be unhappily mated,
and many troubles will prematurely age you.

To drive one down a hill, is ominous of proceedings which will fill
you with disquiet, and will cause you loss.

To drive one up hill, improves your worldly affairs.

To drive a heavily loaded wagon, denotes that duty will hold you
in a moral position, despite your efforts to throw her off.

To drive into muddy water, is a gruesome prognostication,
bringing you into a vortex of unhappiness and fearful foreboding.

To see a covered wagon, foretells that you will be encompassed
by mysterious treachery, which will retard your advancement.

For a young woman to dream that she drives a wagon near
a dangerous embankment, portends that she will be driven
into an illicit entanglement, which will fill her with terror,
lest she be openly discovered and ostracised. If she drives
across a clear stream of water, she will enjoy adventure without
bringing opprobrium upon herself.

A broken wagon represents distress and failure.


To see a wagtail in a dream, foretells that you will be the victim
of unpleasant gossip, and your affairs will develop unmistakable loss.


To dream of a waif, denotes personal difficulties, and especial
ill-luck in business.


A wail falling upon your ear while in the midst of a dream,
brings fearful news of disaster and woe.

For a young woman to hear a wail, foretells that she will be deserted
and left alone in distress, and perchance disgrace.

[238] See Weeping.

_Waist and Shirt-Waist_.

To dream of a round full waist, denotes that you will be favored
by an agreeable dispensation of fortune.

A small, unnatural waist, foretells displeasing success
and recriminating disputes.

For a young woman to dream of a nice, ready-made shirt-waist, denotes
that she will win admiration through her ingenuity and pleasing manners.

To dream that her shirt-waist is torn, she will be censured for her
illicit engagements. If she is trying on a shirt-waist, she will encounter
rivalry in love, but if she succeeds in adjusting the waist to her person,
she will successfully combat the rivalry and win the object of her love.


To dream of a waiter, signifies you will be pleasantly entertained
by a friend. To see one cross or disorderly, means offensive people
will thrust themselves upon your hospitality.


To dream that you attend a wake, denotes that you will sacrifice
some important engagement to enjoy some ill-favored assignation.

For a young woman to see her lover at a wake, foretells that she
will listen to the entreaties of passion, and will be persuaded
to hazard honor for love.


To dream of walking through rough brier, entangled paths, denotes that you
will be much distressed over your business complications, and disagreeable
misunderstandings will produce coldness and indifference.

To walk in pleasant places, you will be the possessor of fortune and favor.

To walk in the night brings misadventure, and unavailing
struggle for contentment.

For a young woman to find herself walking rapidly in her dreams,
denotes that she will inherit some property, and will possess
a much desired object.

[239] See Wading.

_Walking Stick_.

To see a walking stick in a dream, foretells you will enter into contracts
without proper deliberation, and will consequently suffer reverses.
If you use one in walking, you will be dependent upon the advice of others.
To admire handsome ones, you will entrust your interest to others,
but they will be faithful.


To see wallets in a dream, foretells burdens of a pleasant
nature will await your discretion as to assuming them.
An old or soiled one, implies unfavorable results from your labors.


To dream that you find a wall obstructing your progress,
you will surely succumb to ill-favored influences and lose
important victories in your affairs.

To jump over it, you will overcome obstacles and win your desires.
To force a breach in a wall, you will succeed in the attainment
of your wishes by sheer tenacity of purpose.

To demolish one, you will overthrow your enemies.
To build one, foretells that you will carefully lay plans
and will solidify your fortune to the exclusion of failure,
or designing enemies.

For a young woman to walk on top of a wall, shows that her future
happiness will soon be made secure. For her to hide behind
a wall, denotes that she will form connections that she will
be ashamed to acknowledge. If she walks beside a base wall.
she will soon have run the gamut of her attractions, and will
likely be deserted at a precarious time.


To dream of walnuts, is an omen significant of prolific joys and favors.

To dream that you crack a decayed walnut, denotes that your expectations
will end in bitterness and regretable collapse.

For a young woman to dream that she has walnut stain on her hands,
foretells that she will see her lover turn his attention to another,
and she will entertain only regrets for her past indiscreet conduct.


To see the waltz danced, foretells that you will have pleasant
relations with a cheerful and adventuresome person.

For a young woman to waltz with her lover, denotes that she will be
the object of much admiration, but none will seek her for a wife.
If she sees her lover waltzing with a rival, she will overcome
obstacles to her desires with strategy. If she waltzes with
a woman, she will be loved for her virtues and winning ways.
If she sees persons whirling in the waltz as if intoxicated,
she will be engulfed so deeply in desire and pleasure that it
will be a miracle if she resists the impassioned advances of her
lover and male acquaintances.


To dream that you are in want, denotes that you have unfortunately
ignored the realities of life, and chased folly to her stronghold
of sorrow and adversity.

If you find yourself contented in a state of want, you will bear
the misfortune which threatens you with heroism, and will see
the clouds of misery disperse.

To relieve want, signifies that you will be esteemed for your
disinterested kindness, but you will feel no pleasure in well doing.


To dream of war, foretells unfortunate conditions in business,
and much disorder and strife in domestic affairs.

For a young woman to dream that her lover goes to war, denotes that she
will hear of something detrimental to her lover's character.

To dream that your country is defeated in war, is a sign that it
will suffer revolution of a business and political nature.
Personal interest will sustain a blow either way.

If of victory you dream, there will be brisk activity along business lines,
and domesticity will be harmonious.


To dream of your wardrobe, denotes that your fortune will be endangered
by your attempts to appear richer than you are.

If you imagine you have a scant wardrobe, you will seek
association with strangers.


To dream of a warehouse, denotes for you a successful enterprise.
To see an empty one, is a sign that you will be cheated and foiled
in some plan which you have given much thought and maneuvering.


To dream that a warrant is being served on you, denotes that you will
engage in some important work which will give you great uneasiness
as to its standing and profits.

To see a warrant served on some one else, there will be danger of
your actions bringing you into fatal quarrels or misunderstandings.
You are likely to be justly indignant with the wantonness of some friend.


If you are troubled with warts on your person, in dreams,
you will be unable to successfully parry the thrusts made
at your honor.

To see them leaving your hands, foretells that you will overcome
disagreeable obstructions to fortune.

To see them on others, shows that you have bitter enemies near you.
If you doctor them, you will struggle with energy to ward off threatened
danger to you and yours.


To see a washboard in your dreams, is indicative of embarrassment.
If you see a woman using one, it predicts that you will let women
rob you of energy and fortune.

A broken one, portends that you will come to grief and disgraceful
deeds through fast living.


To dream of a wash-bowl, signifies that new cares will interest you,
and afford much enjoyment to others.

To bathe your face and hands in a bowl of clear water,
denotes that you will soon consummate passionate wishes
which will bind you closely to some one who interested you,
but before passion enveloped you.

If the bowl is soiled, or broken, you will rue an illicit engagement,
which will give others pain, and afford you small pleasure.

_Washer Woman_.

A washer woman seen in dreams, represents infidelity and a strange adventure.
For the business man, or farmer, this dream indicates expanding trade
and fine crops. For a woman to dream that she is a washer woman,
denotes that she will throw decorum aside in her persistent effort to hold
the illegal favor of men.


To dream that you are washing yourself, signifies that you pride yourself
on the numberless liaisons you maintain.

[240] See Wash Bowl or Bathing.


Wasps, if seen in dreams, denotes that enemies will scourge
and spitefully villify you.

If one stings you, you will feel the effect of envy and hatred.
To kill them, you will be able to throttle your enemies,
and fearlessly maintain your rights.


To dream of wandering through waste places, foreshadows doubt and failure,
where promise of success was bright before you.

To dream of wasting your fortune, denotes you will be unpleasantly
encumbered with domestic cares.


To dream of a watch, denotes you will be prosperous in
well-directed speculations. To look at the time of one,
your efforts will be defeated by rivalry. To break one,
there will be distress and loss menacing you.

To drop the crystal of one, foretells carelessness,
or unpleasant companionship. For a woman to lose one,
signifies domestic disturbances will produce unhappiness.
To imagine you steal one, you will have a violent enemy who will
attack your reputation.

To make a present of one, denotes you will suffer your interest
to decline in the pursuance of undignified recreations.


To dream of clear water, foretells that you will joyfully realize
prosperity and pleasure.

If the water is muddy, you will be in danger and gloom will
occupy Pleasure's seat.

If you see it rise up in your house, denotes that you will struggle
to resist evil, but unless you see it subside, you will succumb
to dangerous influences.

If you find yourself baling it out, but with feet growing wet,
foreshadows trouble, sickness, and misery will work you
a hard task, but you will forestall them by your watchfulness.
The same may be applied to muddy water rising in vessels.

To fall into muddy water, is a sign that you will make many bitter mistakes,
and will suffer poignant grief therefrom.

To drink muddy water, portends sickness, but drinking it clear
and refreshing brings favorable consummation of fair hopes.

To sport with water, denotes a sudden awakening to love and passion.

To have it sprayed on your head, denotes that your passionate
awakening to love will meet reciprocal consummation.

The following dream and its allegorical occurrence in actual life
is related by a young woman student of dreams:

``Without knowing how, I was (in my dream) on a boat,
I waded through clear blue water to a wharfboat, which I found
to be snow white, but rough and splintry. The next evening I
had a delightful male caller, but he remained beyond the time
prescribed by mothers and I was severely censured for it.''
The blue water and fairy white boat were the disappointing
prospects in the symbol.


To see water-carriers passing in your dreams, denotes that your
prospects will be favorable in fortune, and love will prove
no laggard in your chase for pleasure.

If you think you are a water-carrier, you will rise above
your present position.


To dream of a waterfall, foretells that you will secure your wildest desire,
and fortune will be exceedingly favorable to your progress.

_Water Lily_.

To dream of a water lily, or to see them growing, foretells there
will be a close commingling of prosperity and sorrow or bereavement.


To dream of waves, is a sign that you hold some vital step in contemplation,
which will evolve much knowledge if the waves are clear; but you will make
a fatal error if you see them muddy or lashed by a storm.

[241] See Ocean and Sea.

_Wax Taper_.

To dream of lighting wax tapers, denotes that some pleasing occurrence
will bring you into association with friends long absent.

To blow them out, signals disappointing times, and sickness will forestall
expected opportunities of meeting distinguished friends.


To dream you lose your way, warns you to disabuse your mind
of lucky speculations, as your enterprises threaten failure
unless you are painstaking in your management of affairs.

[242] See Road and Path.


To dream that you are possessed of much wealth, foretells that you
will energetically nerve yourself to meet the problems of life
with that force which compells success.

To see others wealthy, foretells that you will have friends who will come
to your rescue in perilous times.

For a young woman to dream that she is associated with wealthy people,
denotes that she will have high aspirations and will manage to enlist
some one who is able to further them.


To see a weasel bent on a marauding expedition in your dreams,
warns you to beware of the friendships of former enemies,
as they will devour you at an unseemly time.

If you destroy them, you will succeed in foiling deep schemes
laid for your defeat.


To dream of the weather, foretells fluctuating tendencies in fortune.
Now you are progressing immensely, to be suddenly confronted with doubts
and rumblings of failure.

To think you are reading the reports of a weather bureau,
you will change your place of abode, after much weary deliberation,
but you will be benefited by the change.

To see a weather witch, denotes disagreeable conditions
in your family affairs.

To see them conjuring the weather, foretells quarrels in the home
and disappointment in business.


To dream that you are weaving, denotes that you will baffle
any attempt to defeat you in the struggle for the up-building
of an honorable fortune.

To see others weaving shows that you will be surrounded by healthy
and energetic conditions.

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