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10,000 Dreams Interpreted [Or. . ."What's In A Dream"] [Or. . .Dreams, Their Scientific and Practical Interpretations]

Part 10 out of 13

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[168] See Bacon.


To see a porpoise in your dreams, denotes enemies are thrusting
your interest aside, through your own inability to keep people
interested in you.


Seeing a porter in a dream, denotes decided bad luck and eventful happenings.

To imagine yourself a porter, denotes humble circumstances.

To hire one, you will be able to enjoy whatever success comes to you.

To discharge one, signifies that disagreeable charges will be
preferred against you.


To dream of a portfolio, denotes that your employment will not be
to your liking, and you will seek a change in your location.


To dream of gazing upon the portrait of some beautiful person,
denotes that, while you enjoy pleasure, you can but feel
the disquieting and treacherousness of such joys. Your general
affairs will suffer loss after dreaming of portraits.

[169] See Pictures, Photographs, and Paintings.


To dream of postage stamps, denotes system and remuneration in business.

If you try to use cancelled stamps, you will fall into disrepute.

To receive stamps, signifies a rapid rise to distinction.

To see torn stamps, denotes that there are obstacles in your way.


To dream of a postman, denotes that hasty news will more frequently
be of a distressing nature than otherwise.

[170] See Letter Carrier.


To dream of a post-office, is a sign of unpleasant tidings.
and ill luck generally.


To dream of a pot, foretells that unimportant events will work you vexation.
For a young woman to see a boiling pot, omens busy employment of pleasant and
social duties. To see a broken or rusty one, implies that keen disappointment
will be experienced by you.


Dreaming of potatoes, brings incidents often of good.

To dream of digging them, denotes success.

To dream of eating them, you will enjoy substantial gain.

To cook them, congenial employment.

Planting them, brings realization of desires.

To see them rotting, denotes vanished pleasure and a darkening future.


To dream of a potter, denotes constant employment,
with satisfactory results. For a young woman to see a potter,
foretells she will enjoy pleasant engagements.

_Potter's Field_.

To see a potter's field in your dreams, denotes you will have poverty
and misery to distress you. For a young woman to walk through a potter's
field with her lover, she will give up the one she loves in the hope
of mercenary gain.


To see dressed poultry in a dream, foretells extravagant
habits will reduce your security in money matters.
For a young woman to dream that she is chasing live poultry,
foretells she will devote valuable time to frivolous pleasure.


To see powder in your dreams, denotes unscrupulous people are dealing
with you. You may detect them through watchfulness.


To dream of a prairie, denotes that you will enjoy ease,
and even luxury and unobstructed progress.

An undulating prairie, covered with growing grasses and flowers,
signifies joyous happenings.

A barren prairie, represents loss and sadness through the absence of friends.

To be lost on one, is a sign of sadness and ill luck.


To dream of saying prayers, or seeing others doing so,
foretells you will be threatened with failure, which will take
strenuous efforts to avert.


To dream of a preacher, denotes that your ways are not above reproach,
and your affairs will not move evenly.

To dream that you are a preacher, foretells for you losses in business,
and distasteful amusements will jar upon you.

To hear preaching, implies that you will undergo misfortune.

To argue with a preacher, you will lose in some contest.

To see one walk away from you, denotes that your affairs will move
with new energy. If he looks sorrowful, reproaches will fall
heavily upon you.

To see a long-haired preacher, denotes that you are shortly to have disputes
with overbearing and egotistical people.


To dream of standing over a yawning precipice, portends the threatenings
of misfortunes and calamities.

To fall over a precipice, denotes that you will be engulfed in disaster.

[171] See Abyss and Pit.


For a woman to dream that she is pregnant, denotes she will be unhappy
with her husband, and her children will be unattractive.

For a virgin, this dream omens scandal and adversity.
If a woman is really pregnant and has this dream, it prognosticates
a safe delivery and swift recovery of strength.


To receive presents in your dreams, denotes that you will
be unusually fortunate.

[172] See Gifts.


A priest is an augury of ill, if seen in dreams.

If he is in the pulpit, it denotes sickness and trouble for the dreamer.

If a woman dreams that she is in love with a priest,
it warns her of deceptions and an unscrupulous lover.
If the priest makes love to her, she will be reproached for her
love of gaiety and practical joking.

To confess to a priest, denotes that you will be subjected
to humiliation and sorrow.

These dreams imply that you have done, or will do,
something which will bring discomfort to yourself or relatives.
The priest or preacher is your spiritual adviser, and any dream of his
professional presence is a warning against your own imperfections.
Seen in social circles, unless they rise before you as spectres,
the same rules will apply as to other friends.

[173] See Preacher.


To dream of this little flower starring the grass at your feet,
is an omen of joys laden with comfort and peace.


To see a printer in your dreams, is a warning of poverty,
if you neglect to practice economy and cultivate energy.
For a woman to dream that her lover or associate is a printer,
foretells she will fail to please her parents in the selection
of a close friend.

_Printing Office_.

To be in a printing office in dreams, denotes that slander and contumely
will threaten you

To run a printing office is indicative of hard luck.

For a young woman to dream that her sweetheart is connected
with a printing office, denotes that she will have a lover
who is unable to lavish money or time upon her, and she will
not be sensible enough to see why he is so stingy.


To dream of a prison, is the forerunner of misfortune in every instance,
if it encircles your friends, or yourself.

To see any one dismissed from prison, denotes that you will
finally overcome misfortune.

[174] See Jail.


To dream that your privacy suffers intrusion, foretells you
will have overbearing people to worry you. For a woman,
this dream warns her to look carefully after private affairs.
If she intrudes on the privacy of her husband or lover,
she will disabuse some one's confidence, if not careful
of her conversation.

_Prize Fight_.

To see a prize fight in your dreams, denotes your affairs will give
you trouble in controlling them.

_Prize Fighter_.

For a young woman to see a prize fighter, foretells she will have pleasure
in fast society, and will give her friends much concern about her reputation.


To dream of a procession, denotes that alarming fears will
possess you relative to the fulfilment of expectations.
If it be a funeral procession, sorrow is fast approaching,
and will throw a shadow around pleasures.

To see or participate in a torch-light procession, denotes that you
will engage in gaieties which will detract from your real merit.


To dream of profanity, denotes that you will cultivate those traits
which render you coarse and unfeeling toward your fellow man.

To dream that others use profanity, is a sign that you will be injured
in some way, and probably insulted also.


To dream of profits, brings success in your immediate future.

[175] See Gain.


To dream of promenading, foretells that you will engage in energetic
and profitable pursuits.

To see others promenading, signifies that you will have rivals
in your pursuits.


To dream that you own vast property, denotes that you will be successful
in affairs, and gain friendships.

[176] See Wealth.


To dream that you are in the company of a prostitute, denotes that you
will incur the righteous scorn of friends for some ill-mannered conduct.

For a young woman to dream of a prostitute, foretells that
she will deceive her lover as to her purity or candor.
This dream to a married woman brings suspicion of her husband
and consequent quarrels.

[177] See Harlot.


To dream of a publican, denotes that you will have your sympathies aroused
by some one in a desperate condition, and you will diminish your own gain
for his advancement. To a young woman, this dream brings a worthy lover;
but because of his homeliness she will trample on his feelings unnecessarily.


To dream of a publisher, foretells long journeys and aspirations
to the literary craft.

If a woman dreams that her husband is a publisher, she will be jealous
of more than one woman of his acquaintance, and spicy scenes will ensue.

For a publisher to reject your manuscript, denotes that you will
suffer disappointment at the miscarriage of cherished designs.
If he accepts it, you will rejoice in the full fruition of your hopes.
If he loses it, you will suffer evil at the hands of strangers.


To dream of puddings, denotes small returns from large investments,
if you only see it.

To eat it, is proof that your affairs will be disappointing.

For a young woman to cook, or otherwise prepare a pudding,
denotes that her lover will be sensual and worldly minded,
and if she marries him, she will see her love and fortune vanish.


To find yourself stepping into puddles of clear water in a dream,
denotes a vexation, but some redeeming good in the future.
If the water be muddy, unpleasantness will go a few rounds with you.

To wet your feet by stepping into puddles, foretells that your pleasure
will work you harm afterwards.


To dream of a pulpit, denotes sorrow and vexation.

To dream that you are in a pulpit, foretells sickness, and unsatisfactory
results in business or trades of any character.


To dream of your pulse, is warning to look after your affairs and health
with close care, as both are taking on debilitating conditions.

To dream of feeling the pulse of another, signifies that you are committing
depredations in Pleasure's domain.


To see a pump in a dream, denotes that energy and faithfulness
to business will produce desired riches, good health also is
usually betokened by this dream.

To see a broken pump, signifies that the means of advancing in life
will be absorbed by family cares. To the married and the unmarried,
it intimates blasted energies.

If you work a pump, your life will be filled with pleasure
and profitable undertakings.


To dream of drinking the concoction called punch, denotes that you
will prefer selfish pleasures to honorable distinction and morality.

To dream that you are punching any person with a club or fist,
denotes quarrels and recriminations.


To dream of pups, denotes that you will entertain the innocent and hapless,
and thereby enjoy pleasure. The dream also shows that friendships
will grow stronger, and fortune will increase if the pups are healthful
and well formed, and _vice versa_ if they are lean and filthy.

[178] See Dogs and Hound Pups.


To dream of purchases usually augurs profit and advancement with pleasure.


To dream of your purse being filled with diamonds and new bills,
denotes for you associations where ``Good Cheer'' is the watchword,
and harmony and tender loves will make earth a beautiful place.

[179] See Pocket-book.


To dream of working in putty, denotes that hazardous chances
will be taken with fortune.

If you put in a window-pane with putty, you will seek fortune
with poor results.


To dream of pyramids, denotes that many changes will come to you.

If you scale them, you will journey along before you find the gratification
of desires. For the young woman, it prognosticates a husband who is in
no sense congenial.

To dream that you are studying the mystery of the ancient pyramids,
denotes that you will develop a love for the mysteries of nature,
and you will become learned and polished.


``_And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth,
and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold, the angels
of God ascending and descending on it_.''--Gen. xxviii., 12.

_Quack Doctor_.

To see a quack doctor in your dreams, denotes you will be alarmed
over some illness and its improper treatment.

_Quack Medicine_.

To dream you take quack medicine, shows that you are growing morbid under
some trouble, and should overcome it by industrious application to duty.
To read the advertisement of it, foretells unhappy companions will wrong
and distress you.


To dream of dancing a quadrille, foretells that some pleasant
engagement will occupy your time.

[180] See Dancing.


To dream of being in a quagmire, implies your inability to meet obligations.
To see others thus situated, denotes that the failures of others will be felt
by you. Illness is sometimes indicated by this dream.


To see quails in your dream, is a very favorable omen, if they are alive;
if dead, you will undergo serious ill luck.

To shoot quail, foretells that ill feelings will be shown by you
to your best friends.

To eat them, signifies extravagance in your personal living.


To dream of a Quaker, denotes that you will have faithful friends
and fair business. If you are one, you will deport yourself
honorably toward an enemy.

For a young woman to attend a Quaker meeting, portends that she
will by her modest manners win a faithful husband who will provide
well for her household.


To dream of being in quarantine, denotes that you will be placed
in a disagreeable position by the malicious intriguing of enemies.


Quarrels in dreams, portends unhappiness, and fierce altercations.
To a young woman, it is the signal of fatal unpleasantries, and to
a married woman it brings separation or continuous disagreements.

To hear others quarreling, denotes unsatisfactory business
and disappointing trade.


To dream of being in a quarry and seeing the workmen busy,
denotes that you will advance by hard labor.

An idle quarry, signifies failure, disappointment, and often death.


To dream of a quartette, and you are playing or singing,
denotes favorable affairs, jolly companions, and good times.

To see or hear a quartette, foretells that you will aspire
to something beyond you.


To dream of a quay, denotes that you will contemplate making a long
tour in the near future.

To see vessels while standing on the quay, denotes the fruition
of wishes and designs.


To dream of a queen, foretells succesful{sic} ventures.
If she looks old or haggard, there will be disappointments
connected with your pleasures.

[181] See Empress.


To question the merits of a thing in your dreams, denotes that
you will suspect some one whom you love of unfaithfulness,
and you will fear for your speculations.

To ask a question, foretells that you will earnestly strive for truth
and be successful.

If you are questioned, you will be unfairly dealt with.


To find yourself in quicksand while dreaming, you will meet
with loss and deceit.

If you are unable to overcome it, you will be involved
in overwhelming misfortunes.

For a young woman to be rescued by her lover from quicksand,
she will possess a worthy and faithful husband, who will still
remain her lover.


To dream of quills, denotes to the literary inclined a season of success.

To dream of them as ornaments, signifies a rushing trade,
and some remuneration.

For a young woman to be putting a quill on her hat, denotes that she will
attempt many conquests, and her success will depend upon her charms.


To dream of quilts, foretells pleasant and comfortable circumstances.
For a young woman, this dream foretells that her practical and wise
business-like ways will advance her into the favorable esteem of a man
who will seek her for a wife.

If the quilts are clean, but having holes in them, she will win
a husband who appreciates her worth, but he will not be the one
most desired by her for a companion. If the quilts are soiled,
she will bear evidence of carelessness in her dress and manners,
and thus fail to secure a very upright husband.


To dream of quinine, denotes you will soon be possessed of
great happiness, though your prospects for much wealth may be meager.
To take some, foretells improvement in health and energy.
You will also make new friends, who will lend you commercial aid.


To dream of being afflicted with this disease,
denotes discouraging employments.

To see others with it, sickness will cause you much anxiety.

_Quoits_. To play at quoits in dreams, foretells low engagements and loss
of good employment. To lose, portends of distressing conditions.


``_And the angel of God spake unto me in a dream, saying `Jacob:' And I said,
`Here I am_.' ''--Gen. xxxi, 11.


To dream of rabbits, foretells favorable turns in conditions,
and you will be more pleased with your gains than formerly.

To see white rabbits, denotes faithfulness in love, to the married or single.

To see rabbits frolicing about, denotes that children will contribute
to your joys.

[182] See Hare.


To dream of a raccoon, denotes you are being deceived by the friendly
appearance of enemies.


To dream that you are in a race, foretells that others will aspire
to the things you are working to possess, but if you win in the race,
you will overcome your competitors.


To dream of a rack, denotes the uncertainty of the outcome of some engagement
which gives you much anxious thought.


To dream of a racket, denotes that you will be foiled in some
anticipated pleasure. For a young woman, this dream is ominous
of disappointment in not being able to participate in some
amusement that has engaged her attention.


To dream of seeing a bed of radishes growing, is an omen of good luck.
Your friends will be unusually kind, and your business will prosper.

If you eat them, you will suffer slightly through the thoughtlessness
of some one near to you.

To see radishes, or plant them, denotes that your anticipations
will be happily realized.


If you dream of raffling any article, you will fall a victim to speculation.

If you are at a church raffle, you will soon find that
disappointment is clouding your future. For a young woman,
this dream means empty expectations.


To dream of a raft, denotes that you will go into new locations
to engage in enterprises, which will prove successful.

To dream of floating on a raft, denotes uncertain journeys.
If you reach your destination, you will surely come into good fortune.

If a raft breaks, or any such mishap befalls it, yourself or some friend
will suffer from an accident, or sickness will bear unfortunate results.


To be in a rage and scolding and tearing up things generally, while dreaming,
signifies quarrels, and injury to your friends.

To see others in a rage, is a sign of unfavorable conditions for business,
and unhappiness in social life.

For a young woman to see her lover in a rage, denotes that there
will be some discordant note in their love, and misunderstandings
will naturally occur.


To dream of seeing railings, denotes that some person is trying
to obstruct your pathway in love or business.

To dream of holding on to a railing, foretells that some desperate chance will
be taken by you to obtain some object upon which you have set your heart.
It may be of love, or of a more material form.


If you dream of a railroad, you will find that your business will need
close attention, as enemies are trying to usurp you.

For a young woman to dream of railroads, she will make a journey
to visit friends, and will enjoy some distinction.

To see an obstruction on these roads, indicates foul play in your affairs.

To walk the cross ties of a railroad, signifies a time of worry
and laborious work.

To walk the rails, you may expect to obtain much happiness from your skilful
manipulation of affairs.

To see a road inundated with clear water, foretells that pleasure will wipe
out misfortune for a time, but it will rise, phoenix like, again.


To be out in a clear shower of rain, denotes that pleasure will be enjoyed
with the zest of youth, and prosperity will come to you.

If the rain descends from murky clouds, you will feel alarmed
over the graveness of your undertakings.

To see and hear rain approaching, and you escape being wet, you will succeed
in your plans, and your designs will mature rapidly.

To be sitting in the house and see through the window a downpour of rain,
denotes that you will possess fortune, and passionate love will be requited.

To hear the patter of rain on the roof, denotes a realization of domestic
bliss and joy. Fortune will come in a small way.

To dream that your house is leaking during a rain, if the water is clear,
foretells that illicit pleasure will come to you rather unexpectedly;
but if filthy or muddy, you may expect the reverse, and also exposure.

To find yourself regretting some duty unperformed while listening to the rain,
denotes that you will seek pleasure at the expense of another's sense
of propriety and justice.

To see it rain on others, foretells that you will exclude friends
from your confidence.

For a young woman to dream of getting her clothes wet and soiled while
out in a rain, denotes that she will entertain some person indiscreetly,
and will suffer the suspicions of friends for the unwise yielding
to foolish enjoyments.

To see it raining on farm stock, foretells disappointment in business,
and unpleasantness in social circles.

Stormy rains are always unfortunate.


To see a rainbow in a dream, is prognostic of unusual happenings.
Affairs will assume a more promising countenance, and crops will give
promise of a plentiful yield.

For lovers to see the rainbow, is an omen of much happiness
from their union.

To see the rainbow hanging low over green trees, signifies unconditional
success in any undertaking.


To dream of eating raisins, implies that discouragements will darken
your hopes when they seem about to be realized.


To dream of using a rake, portends that some work which you have left
to others will never be accomplished unless you superintend it yourself.

To see a broken rake, denotes that sickness, or some accident
will bring failure to your plans.

To see others raking, foretells that you will rejoice in the fortunate
condition of others.


To dream that a ram pursues you, foretells that some misfortune threatens you.

To see one quietly grazing denotes that you will have powerful friends,
who will use their best efforts for your good.

[183] See Sheep and Lamb.


To dream that you are rambling through the country, denotes that you
will be oppressed with sadness, and the separation from friends,
but your worldly surroundings will be all that one could desire.
For a young woman, this dream promises a comfortable home,
but early bereavement.


To dream of a ramrod, denotes unfortunate adventures.
You will have cause for grief. For a young woman to see one bent
or broken, foretells that a dear friend or lover will fail her.


To dream that a ransom is made for you, you will find
that you are deceived and worked for money on all sides.
For a young woman, this is prognostic of evil, unless some one
pays the ransom and relieves her.


To dream that rape has been committed among your acquaintances,
denotes that you will be shocked at the distress of some
of your friends.

For a young woman to dream that she has been the victim of rape,
foretells that she will have troubles, which will wound her pride,
and her lover will be estranged.


To imagine that you are being carried over rapids in a dream,
denotes that you will suffer appalling loss from the neglect
of duty and the courting of seductive pleasures.


To see raspberries in a dream, foretells you are in danger of entanglements
which will prove interesting before you escape from them.

For a woman to eat them, means distress over circumstantial evidence
in some occurrence causing gossip.


To dream of rats, denotes that you will be deceived, and injured
by your neighbors. Quarrels with your companions is also foreboded.

To catch rats, means you will scorn the baseness of others,
and worthily outstrip your enemies.

To kill one, denotes your victory in any contest.

[184] See Mice.


To dream of falling into a rat-trap, denotes that you will be victimized
and robbed of some valuable object.

To see an empty one, foretells the absence of slander or competition.

A broken one, denotes that you will be rid of unpleasant associations.

To set one, you will be made aware of the designs of enemies,
but the warning will enable you to outwit them.

[185] See Mouse-trap.

_Rattan Cane_.

To dream of a rattan cane, foretells that you will depend largely
upon the judgment of others, and you should cultivate independence
in planning and executing your own affairs.


To dream of seeing a baby play with its rattle, omens peaceful contentment
in the home, and enterprises will be honorable and full of gain.
To a young woman, it augurs an early marriage and tender cares of her own.

To give a baby a rattle, denotes unfortunate investments.


To dream of a raven, denotes reverse in fortune and
inharmonious surroundings. For a young woman, it is implied
that her lover will betray her.

[186] See Crow.


To dream of a razor, portends disagreements and contentions over troubles.

To cut yourself with one, denotes that you will be unlucky in some deal
which you are about to make.

Fighting with a razor, foretells disappointing business,
and that some one will keep you harassed almost beyond endurance.

A broken or rusty one, brings unavoidable distress.


To be engaged in reading in your dreams, denotes that you will excel
in some work, which appears difficult.

To see others reading, denotes that your friends will be kind,
and are well disposed.

To give a reading, or to discuss reading, you will cultivate
your literary ability.

Indistinct, or incoherent reading, implies worries and disappointments.


To dream of seeing reapers busy at work at their task,
denotes prosperity and contentment. If they appear to be going
through dried stubble, there will be a lack of good crops,
and business will consequently fall off.

To see idle ones, denotes that some discouraging event will come
in the midst of prosperity.

To see a broken reaping machine, signifies loss of employment,
or disappointment in trades.

[187] See Mowing.


To dream of attending a reception, denotes that you will
have pleasant engagements. Confusion at a reception will
work you disquietude.

[188] See Entertainment.


To see a refrigerator in your dreams, portends that your selfishness will
offend and injure some one who endeavors to gain an honest livelihood.

To put ice in one, brings the dreamer into disfavor.


To dream that some one registers your name at a hotel for you,
denotes you will undertake some work which will be finished by others.

If you register under an assumed name, you will engage in some guilty
enterprise which will give you much uneasiness of mind.


To dream of a reindeer, signifies faithful discharge of duties,
and remaining staunch to friends in their adversity.

To drive them, foretells that you will have hours of bitter anguish,
but friends will attend you.


If you dream of discussing religion and feel religiously inclined,
you will find much to mar the calmness of your life, and business
will turn a disagreeable front to you.

If a young woman imagines that she is over religious, she will disgust
her lover with her efforts to act ingenuous innocence and goodness.

If she is irreligious and not a transgressor, it foretells that she will have
that independent frankness and kind consideration for others, which wins
for women profound respect, and love from the opposite sex as well as her own;
but if she is a transgressor in the eyes of religion, she will find that there
are moral laws, which, if disregarded, will place her outside the pale
of honest recognition. She should look well after her conduct. If she
weeps over religion, she will be disappointed in the desires of her heart.
If she is defiant, but innocent of offence, she will shoulder burdens bravely,
and stand firm against deceitful admonitions.

If you are self-reproached in the midst of a religious excitement,
you will find that you will be almost induced to give up your own
personality to please some one whom you hold in reverent esteem.

To see religion declining in power, denotes that your life
will be more in harmony with creation than formerly.
Your prejudices will not be so aggressive.

To dream that a minister in a social way tells you that he has given
up his work, foretells that you will be the recipient of unexpected
tidings of a favorable nature, but if in a professional and warning way,
it foretells that you will be overtaken in your deceitful intriguing,
or other disappointments will follow.

(These dreams are sometimes fulfilled literally in actual life.
When this is so, they may have no symbolical meaning.
Religion is thrown around men to protect them from vice, so when
they propose secretly in their minds to ignore its teachings,
they are likely to see a minister or some place of church worship
in a dream as a warning against their contemplated action.
If they live pure and correct lives as indicated by the church,
they will see little of the solemnity of the church or preachers.)


To dream that you rent a house, is a sign that you will enter
into new contracts, which will prove profitable.

To fail to rent out property, denotes that there will be much
inactivity in business.

To pay rent, signifies that your financial interest will be satisfactory.

If you can't pay your rent, it is unlucky for you, as you will see a falling
off in trade, and social pleasures will be of little benefit.


To be under sentence in a dream and receive a reprieve, foretells that you
will overcome some difficulty which is causing you anxiety.

For a young woman to dream that her lover has been reprieved,
denotes that she will soon hear of some good luck befalling him,
which will be of vital interest to her.


If a reptile attacks you in a dream, there will be trouble
of a serious nature ahead for you. If you succeed in killing it,
you will finally overcome obstacles.

To see a dead reptile come to life, denotes that disputes
and disagreements, which were thought to be settled, will be
renewed and pushed with bitter animosity.

To handle them without harm to yourself, foretells that you
will be oppressed by the ill humor and bitterness of friends,
but you will succeed in restoring pleasant relations.

For a young woman to see various kinds of reptiles, she will have many
conflicting troubles. Her lover will develop fancies for others.
If she is bitten by any of them, she will be superseded by a rival.


To dream of being rescued from any danger, denotes that you will be threatened
with misfortune, and will escape with a slight loss.

To rescue others, foretells that you will be esteemed for your good deeds.


To dream that you resign any position, signifies that you will unfortunately
embark in new enterprises.

To hear of others resigning, denotes that you will
have unpleaasant{sic} tidings.


To dream that you are resurrected from the dead, you will have
some great vexation, but will eventually gain your desires.
To see others resurrected, denotes unfortunate troubles will
be lightened by the thoughtfulness of friends


To dream that you are being resuscitated, denotes that you will
have heavy losses, but will eventually regain more than you lose,
and happiness will attend you.

To resuscitate another, you will form new friendships, which will give
you prominence and pleasure.


To dream of a revelation, if it be of a pleasant nature,
you may expect a bright outlook, either in business or love;
but if the revelation be gloomy you will have many discouraging
features to overcome.


To dream of taking revenge, is a sign of a weak and uncharitable nature,
which if not properly governed, will bring you troubles and loss of friends.

If others revenge themselves on you, there will be much to fear from enemies.


To dream you attend a religious revival, foretells family disturbances
and unprofitable engagements.

If you take a part in it, you will incur the displeasure of friends
by your contrary ways.

[189] See Religion.


For a young woman to dream that she sees her sweetheart with a revolver,
denotes that she will have a serious disagreement with some friend,
and probably separation from her lover.

[190] See Pistol, Firearms, etc.


To feel rheumatism attacking you in a dream, foretells unexpected
delay in the accomplishment of plans.

To see others so afflicted brings disappointments.


To dream of rhinestones, denotes pleasures and favors of short duration.
For a young woman to dream that a rhinestone proves to be a diamond,
foretells she will be surprised to find that some insignificant act
on her part will result in good fortune.


To dream that you see a rhinoceros, foretells you will have a great
loss threatening you, and that you will have secret troubles.
To kill one, shows that you will bravely overcome obstacles.


To dream of rhubarb growing, denotes that pleasant entertainments
will occupy your time for a while.

To cook it, foretells spirited arguments in which you will lose a friend.

To eat it, denotes dissatisfaction with present employment.


To dream of seeing ribs, denotes poverty and misery.


Seeing ribbons floating from the costume of any person in your dreams,
indicates you will have gay and pleasant companions, and practical cares
will not trouble you greatly.

For a young woman to dream of decorating herself with ribbons,
she will soon have a desirable offer of marriage, but frivolity may
cause her to make a mistake. If she sees other girls wearing ribbons,
she will encounter rivalry in her endeavors to secure a husband.
If she buys them, she will have a pleasant and easy place in life.
If she feels angry or displeased about them, she will find that
some other woman is dividing her honors and pleasures with her
in her social realm.


Rice is good to see in dreams, as it foretells success and warm friendships.
Prosperity to all trades is promised, and the farmer will be blessed with
a bounteous harvest.

To eat it, signifies happiness and domestic comfort.

To see it mixed with dirt or otherwise impure, denotes sickness
and separation from friends.

For a young woman to dream of cooking it, shows she will soon assume
new duties, which will make her happier, and she will enjoy wealth.


To dream that you are possessed of riches, denotes that you will rise to high
places by your constant exertion and attention to your affairs.

[191] See Wealth.


To dream that you are trying to solve riddles, denotes you will engage
in some enterprise which will try your patience and employ your money.

The import of riddles is confusion and dissatisfaction.


To dream of riding is unlucky for business or pleasure.
Sickness often follows this dream.

If you ride slowly, you will have unsatisfactory results in your undertakings.

Swift riding sometimes means prosperity under hazardous conditions.

_Riding School_.

To attend a riding school, foretells some friend will act falsely by you,
but you will throw off the vexing influence occasioned by it.


To dream of wearing rings, denotes new enterprises in which you
will be successful.

A broken ring, foretells quarrels and unhappiness in the married state,
and separation to lovers.

For a young woman to receive a ring, denotes that worries
over her lover's conduct will cease, as he will devote himself
to her pleasures and future interest.

To see others with rings, denotes increasing prosperity and many new friends.


To dream of having ringworms appear on you, you will have a slight illness,
and some exasperating difficulty in the near future.

To see them on others, beggars and appeals for charity will beset you.


To dream of riots, foretells disappointing affairs.

To see a friend killed in a riot, you will have bad luck
in all undertakings, and the death, or some serious illness,
of some person will cause you distress.


To dream of rising to high positions, denotes that study and advancement
will bring you desired wealth.

If you find yourself rising high into the air, you will come into unexpected
riches and pleasures, but you are warned to be careful of your engagements,
or you may incur displeasing prominence.


To dream you have a rival, is a sign that you will be slow in asserting
your rights, and will lose favor with people of prominence.

For a young woman, this dream is a warning to cherish the love
she already holds, as she might unfortunately make a mistake
in seeking other bonds.

If you find that a rival has outwitted you, it signifies that you
will be negligent in your business, and that you love personal ease
to your detriment.

If you imagine that you are the successful rival, it is good for
your advancement, and you will find congeniality in your choice
of a companion.


If you see a clear, smooth, flowing river in your dream,
you will soon succeed to the enjoyment of delightful pleasures,
and prosperity will bear flattering promises.

If the waters are muddy or tumultuous, there will be disagreeable
and jealous contentions in your life.

If you are water-bound by the overflowing of a river, there will
be temporary embarrassments in your business, or you will suffer
uneasiness lest some private escapade will reach public notice
and cause your reputation harsh criticisms.

If while sailing upon a clear river you see corpses in the bottom,
you will find that trouble and gloom will follow swiftly upon present
pleasures and fortune.

To see empty rivers, denotes sickness and unusual ill-luck.


Traveling over a rough, unknown road in a dream, signifies new undertakings,
which will bring little else than grief and loss of time.

If the road is bordered with trees and flowers, there will be some
pleasant and unexpected fortune for you. If friends accompany you,
you will be successful in building an ideal home, with happy children
and faithful wife, or husband.

To lose the road, foretells that you will make a mistake in deciding
some question of trade, and suffer loss in consequence.


To see or eat roast in a dream, is an omen of domestic infelicity
and secret treachery.


To see a rocket ascending in your dream, foretells sudden and
unexpected elevation, successful wooing, and faithful keeping
of the marriage vows.

To see them falling, unhappy unions may be expected.


Rocking-chairs seen in dreams, bring friendly intercourse and contentment
with any environment.

To see a mother, wife, or sweetheart in a rocking chair,
is ominous of the sweetest joys that earth affords.

To see vacant rocking-chairs, forebodes bereavement or estrangement.
The dreamer will surely merit misfortune in some form.


To dream of rocks, denotes that you will meet reverses,
and that there will be discord and general unhappiness.

To climb a steep rock, foretells immediate struggles
and disappointing surroundings.

[192] See Stones.


To see or think yourself a rogue, foretells you are about to commit
some indiscretion which will give your friends uneasiness of mind.
You are likely to suffer from a passing malady.

For a woman to think her husband or lover is a rogue, foretells she
will be painfully distressed over neglect shown her by a friend.

_Rogue's Gallery_.

To dream that you are in a rogue's gallery, foretells you will
be associated with people who will fail to appreciate you.
To see your own picture, you will be overawed by a tormenting enemy.

_Roman Candle_.[193]

To see Roman candles while dreaming, is a sign of speedy attainment
of coveted pleasures and positions.

To imagine that you have a loaded candle and find it empty,
denotes that you will be disappointed with the possession
of some object which you have long striven to obtain.

[193] See Rocket.


To find yourself on a roof in a dream, denotes unbounded success.
To become frightened and think you are falling, signifies that,
while you may advance, you will have no firm hold on your position.

To see a roof falling in, you will be threatened with a sudden calamity.

To repair, or build a roof, you will rapidly increase your fortune.

To sleep on one, proclaims your security against enemies
and false companions. Your health will be robust.

_Roof Corner_.

To see a person dressed in mourning sitting on a roof corner,
foretells there will be unexpected and dismal failures
in your business.

Affairs will appear unfavorable in love.


To dream of rooks, denotes that while your friends are true,
they will not afford you the pleasure and contentment for which
you long, as your thoughts and tastes will outstrip their humble
conception of life.

A dead rook, denotes sickness or death in your immediate future.


To dream of a rooster, foretells that you will be very successful
and rise to prominence, but you will allow yourself to become
conceited over your fortunate rise.

To see roosters fighting, foretells altercations and rivals.

[194] See Chickens.


To dream of seeing roots of plants or trees, denotes misfortune,
as both business and health will go into decline.

To use them as medicine, warns you of approaching illness or sorrow.


Ropes in dreams, signify perplexities and complications in affairs,
and uncertain love making.

If you climb one, you will overcome enemies who are working to injure you.

To decend{sic} a rope, brings disappointment to your most sanguine moments.

If you are tied with them, you are likely to yield to love contrary
to your judgment.

To break them, signifies your ability to overcome enmity and competition.

To tie ropes, or horses, denotes that you will have power to control others
as you may wish.

To walk a rope, signifies that you will engage in some
hazardous speculation, but will surprisingly succeed.
To see others walking a rope, you will benefit by the fortunate
ventures of others.

To jump a rope, foretells that you will startle your associates
with a thrilling escapade bordering upon the sensational.

To jump rope with children, shows that you are selfish and overbearing;
failing to see that children owe very little duty to inhuman parents.
To catch a rope with the foot, denotes that under cheerful conditions
you will be benevolent and tender in your administrations.

To dream that you let a rope down from an upper window to people below,
thinking the proprietors would be adverse to receiving them into the hotel,
denotes that you will engage in some affair which will not look exactly
proper to your friends, but the same will afford you pleasure and interest.
For a young woman, this dream is indicative of pleasures which do not bear
the stamp of propriety.


To see a rosebush in foliage but no blossoms, denotes prosperous
circumstances are enclosing you. To see a dead rosebush,
foretells misfortune and sickness for you or relatives.


Rosemary, if seen in dreams, denotes that sadness and indifference will cause
unhappiness in homes where there is every appearance of prosperity.


To dream of seeing roses blooming and fragrant, denotes that some
joyful occasion is nearing, and you will possess the faithful love
of your sweetheart.

For a young woman to dream of gathering roses, shows she will soon
have an offer of marriage, which will be much to her liking.

Withered roses, signify the absence of loved ones.

White roses, if seen without sunshine or dew, denotes serious
if not fatal illness.

To inhale their fragrance, brings unalloyed pleasure.

For a young woman to dream of banks of roses, and that she is gathering
and tying them into bouquets, signifies that she will be made very happy
by the offering of some person whom she regards very highly.


To wear or see rosettes on others while in dreams, is significant
of frivolous waste of time; though you will experience the thrills
of pleasure, they will bring disappointments.


To dream of using rouge, denotes that you will practice deceit
to obtain your wishes.

To see others with it on their faces, warns you that you are being artfully
used to further the designs of some deceitful persons.

If you see it on your hands, or clothing, you will be detected
in some scheme.

If it comes off of your face, you will be humiliated before some rival,
and lose your lover by assuming unnatural manners.


To dream of seeing a roundabout, denotes that you will struggle
unsuccessfully to advance in fortune or love.


To dream that you are in a rowboat with others, denotes that you will
derive much pleasure from the companionship of gay and worldly persons.
If the boat is capsized, you will suffer financial losses by engaging
in seductive enterprises.

If you find yourself defeated in a rowing race,
you will lose favors to your rivals with your sweetheart.
If you are the victor, you will easily obtain supremacy with women.
Your affairs will move agreeably.


To dream of being clothed in rubber garments, is a sign that you
will have honors conferred upon you because of your steady
and unchanging stand of purity and morality. If the garments
are ragged or torn, you should be cautious in your conduct,
as scandal is ready to attack your reputation.

To dream of using ``rubber'' as a slang term, foretells that you
will be easy to please in your choice of pleasure and companions.

If you find that your limbs will stretch like rubber, it is a sign
that illness is threatening you, and you are likely to use deceit
in your wooing and business.

To dream of rubber goods, denotes that your affairs will be conducted
on a secret basis, and your friends will fail to understand your conduct
in many instances.


To dream of rubbish, denotes that you will badly manage your affairs.


To dream of a ruby, foretells you will be lucky in speculations of business
or love. For a woman to lose one, is a sign of approaching indifference
of her lover.


To dream of a rudder, you will soom{sic} make a pleasant journey
to foreign lands, and new friendships will be formed.

A broken rudder, augurs disappointment and sickness.


To dream of ruins, signifies broken engagements to lovers,
distressing conditions in business, destruction to crops,
and failing health.

To dream of ancient ruins, foretells that you will travel extensively,
but there will be a note of sadness mixed with the pleasure in the realization
of a long-cherished hope. You will feel the absence of some friend.


To dream of drinking rum, foretells that you will have wealth,
but will lack moral refinement, as you will lean to gross pleasures.

[195] See other intoxicating drinks.


To dream of running in company with others, is a sign that you
will participate in some festivity, and you will find that your
affairs are growing towards fortune. If you stumble or fall,
you will lose property and reputation.

Running alone, indicates that you will outstrip your friends in the race
for wealth, and you will occupy a higher place in social life.

If you run from danger, you will be threatened with losses,
and you will despair of adjusting matters agreeably.
To see others thus running, you will be oppressed by the threatened
downfall of friends.

To see stock running, warns you to be careful in making new trades
or undertaking new tasks.


To dream that you are ruptured, denotes you will have physical disorders
or disagreeable contentions. If it be others you see in this condition,
you will be in danger of irreconcilable quarrels.


To dream of rust on articles, old pieces of tin, or iron, is significant
of depression of your surroundings. Sickness, decline in fortune and false
friends are filling your sphere.


To see rye, is a dream of good, as prosperity envelopes your future
in brightest promises.

To see coffee made of rye, denotes that your pleasures will be
tempered with sound judgment, and your affairs will be managed
without disagreeable friction.

To see stock entering rye fields, denotes that you will be prosperous.

_Rye Bread_.

To see or eat rye bread in your dreams, foretells you will have a cheerful
and well-appointed home.


``_And it came to pass at the end of the two full years,
that Pharaoh dreamed; and behold, he stood by the river_.''--
Gen. Xli., 1.


To dream of saddles, foretells news of a pleasant nature,
also unannounced visitors. You are also, probably, to take
a trip which will prove advantageous.


To dream of seeing a safe, denotes security from discouraging
affairs of business and love.

To be trying to unlock a safe, you will be worried over the failure
of your plans not reaching quick maturity.

To find a safe empty, denotes trouble.


Saffron seen in a dream warns you that you are entertaining false hopes,
as bitter enemies are interfering secretly with your plans for the future.

To drink a tea made from saffron, foretells that you will have quarrels
and alienations in your family.


To dream of sage, foretells thrift and economy will be practised by your
servants or family. For a woman to think she has too much in her viands,
omens she will regret useless extravagance in love as well as fortune.


To dream of sailing on calm waters, foretells easy access to blissful joys,
and immunity from poverty and whatever brings misery.

To sail on a small vessel, denotes that your desires will not excel
your power of possessing them.

[196] See Ocean and Sea.


To dream of sailors, portends long and exciting journeys.

For a young woman to dream of sailors, is ominous of a separation from her
lover through a frivolous flirtation. If she dreams that she is a sailor,
she will indulge in some unmaidenly escapade, and be in danger of losing
a faithful lover.


To dream of eating salad, foretells sickness and disagreeable
people around you.

For a young woman to dream of making it, is a sign that her lover
will be changeable and quarrelsome.


Dreaming of salmon, denotes that much good luck and pleasant duties
will employ your time.

For a young woman to eat it, foretells that she will marry a cheerful man,
with means to keep her comfortable.


Salt is an omen of discordant surroundings when seen in dreams.
You will usually find after dreaming of salt that everything goes awry,
and quarrels and dissatisfaction show themselves in the family circle.

To salt meat, portends that debts and mortgages will harass you.

For a young woman to eat salt, she will be deserted by her lover for a more
beautiful and attractive girl, thus causing her deep chagrin.


To dream of saltpeter, denotes change in your living will add
loss to some unconquerable grief.


To dream of salve, denotes you will prosper under adverse circumstances
and convert enemies into friends.


To dream of receiving merchandise samples, denotes improvement
in your business. For a traveling man to lose his samples,
implies he will find himself embarrassed in business affairs,
or in trouble through love engagements. For a woman to dream
that she is examining samples sent her, denotes she will have
chances to vary her amusements.


To dream of sand, is indicative of famine and losses.


To dream of Sanskrit, denotes that you will estrange yourself from friends
in order to investigate hidden subjects, taking up those occupying the minds
of cultured and progressive thinkers.


To dream of sapphire, is ominous of fortunate gain, and to woman,
a wise selection in a lover.


To eat sardines in a dream, foretells that distressing events
will come unexpectedly upon you.

For a young woman to dream of putting them on the table,
denotes that she will be worried with the attentions of a person
who is distasteful to her.


To dream of sardonyx, signifies gloomy surroundings will
be cleared away by your energetic overthrow of poverty.
For a woman, this dream denotes an increase in her possessions,
unless she loses or throws them away, then it might imply
a disregard of opportunities to improve her condition.


To dream of wearing a sash, foretells that you will seek to retain
the affections of a flirtatious person.

For a young woman to buy one, she will be faithful to her lover,
and win esteem by her frank, womanly ways.


To dream of Satan, foretells that you will have some dangerous adventures,
and you will be forced to use strategy to keep up honorable appearances.

To dream that you kill him, foretells that you will desert wicked
or immoral companions to live upon a higher plane.

If he comes to you under the guise of literature, it should be heeded
as a warning against promiscuous friendships, and especially flatterers.

If he comes in the shape of wealth or power, you will fail to use
your influence for harmony, or the elevation of others.

If he takes the form of music, you are likely to go down before his wiles.

If in the form of a fair woman, you will probably crush every kindly
feeling you may have for the caresses of this moral monstrosity.

To feel that you are trying to shield yourself from satan, denotes that you
will endeavor to throw off the bondage of selfish pleasure, and seek to give
others their best deserts.

[197] See Devil.


To dream of making sausage, denotes that you will be successful
in many undertakings.

To eat them, you will have a humble, but pleasant home.


To dream that you use a hand-saw, indicates an energetic and busy time,
and cheerful home life.

To see big saws in machinery, foretells that you will superintend
a big enterprise, and the same will yield fair returns.
For a woman, this dream denotes that she will be esteemed,
and her counsels will be heeded.

To dream of rusty or broken saws, denotes failure and accidents.

To lose a saw, you will engage in affairs which will culminate in disaster.

To hear the buzz of a saw, indicates thrift and prosperity.

To find a rusty saw, denotes that you will probably restore your fortune.

To carry a saw on your back, foretells that you will carry large,
but profitable, responsibilities.


To dream of sawdust, signifies that grievous mistakes will cause
you distress and quarreling in your home.


To dream of a scabbard, denotes some misunderstanding will be
amicably settled. If you wonder where your scabbard can be,
you will have overpowering difficulties to meet.


To dream of a scaffold, denotes that you will undergo keen disappointment
in failing to secure the object of your affection.

To ascend one, you will be misunderstood and censured by your friends
for some action, which you never committed.

To decend one, you will be guilty of wrong doing, and you
will suffer the penalty.

To fall from one, you will be unexpectedly surprised while engaged
in deceiving and working injury to others.


To see any one with a scaldhead in your dreams, there will be uneasiness
felt over the sickness or absence of some one near to you.

If you dream that your own head is thus afflicted, you are in danger
of personal illness or accidents.


To dream of being scalded, portends that distressing incidents
will blot out pleasurable anticipations.


To dream of weighing on scales, portends that justice will temper
your conduct, and you will see your prosperity widening.

For a young woman to weigh her lover, the indications are that she will find
him of solid worth, and faithfulness will balance her love.


To dream that you are an object of scandal, denotes that you
are not particular to select good and true companions, but rather
enjoy having fast men and women contribute to your pleasure.
Trade and business of any character will suffer dulness
after this dream.

For a young woman to dream that she discussed a scandal, foretells that
she will confer favors, which should be sacred, to some one who
will deceive her into believing that he is honorably inclined.
Marriage rarely follows swiftly after dreaming of scandal.


To dream of scarcity, foretells sorrow in the household and failing affairs.

_Scarlet Fever_.

To dream of scarlet fever, foretells you are in danger of sickness,
or in the power of an enemy. To dream a relative dies suddenly with it,
foretells you will be overcome by villainous treachery.


To imagine in your dreams that you wield a sceptre, foretells that you
will be chosen by friends to positions of trust, and you will not disappoint
their estimate of your ability.

To dream that others wield the sceptre over you, denotes that you will seek
employment under the supervision of others, rather than exert your energies
to act for yourself.


To dream of attending school, indicates distinction in literary work.
If you think you are young and at school as in your youth, you will find
that sorrow and reverses will make you sincerely long for the simple
trusts and pleasures of days of yore.

To dream of teaching a school, foretells that you will strive
for literary attainments, but the bare necessities of life must
first be forthcoming.

To visit the schoolhouse of your childhood days, portends that discontent
and discouraging incidents overshadows the present.

_School Teacher_.

To dream of a school teacher, denotes you are likely to enjoy learning
and amusements in a quiet way. If you are one, you are likely to reach
desired success in literary and other works.


To dream of scissors is an unlucky omen; wives will be jealous
and distrustful of their husbands, and sweethearts will quarrel
and nag each other into crimination and recrimination.
Dulness will overcast business horizons.

To dream that you have your scissors sharpened, denotes that you
will work to do that which will be repulsive to your feelings.

To break them, there will be quarrels, and probable separations for you.

To lose them, you will seek to escape from unpleasant tasks.


To dream of a scorpion, foretells that false friends will improve
opportunities to undermine your prosperity. If you fail to kill it,
you will suffer loss from an enemy's attack.


To dream of a scrap-book, denotes disagreeable acquaintances
will shortly be made.


To scratch others in your dream, denotes that you will be ill-tempered
and fault-finding in your dealings with others.

If you are scratched, you will be injured by the enmity
of some deceitful person.

_Scratch Head_.

To dream that you scratch your head, denotes strangers will annoy you
by their flattering attentions, which you will feel are only shown
to win favors from you.


To dream that you hear the shrill startling notes of the screech-owl,
denotes that you will be shocked with news of the desperate illness,
or death of some dear friend.


To dream of seeing screws, denotes that tedious tasks must
be performed, and peevishness in companions must be combated.
It also denotes that you must be economical and painstaking.


To dream of a sculptor, foretells you will change from your present
position to one less lucrative, but more distinguished.

For a woman to dream that her husband or lover is a sculptor,
foretells she will enjoy favors from men of high position.


To dream of scum, signifies disappointment will be experienced by you
over social defeats.


To dream of a scythe, foretells accidents or sickness will
prevent you from attending to your affairs, or making journeys.
An old or broken scythe, implies separation from friends,
or failure in some business enterprise.


To dream of hearing the lonely sighing of the sea, foretells that you will be
fated to spend a weary and unfruitful life devoid of love and comradeship.

Dreams of the sea, prognosticate unfulfilled anticipations,
while pleasures of a material form are enjoyed, there is an inward
craving for pleasure that flesh cannot requite.

For a young woman to dream that she glides swiftly over the sea with
her lover, there will come to her sweet fruition of maidenly hopes,
and joy will stand guard at the door of the consummation of changeless vows.

[198] See Ocean.

_Sea Foam_.

For a woman to dream of sea foam, foretells that indiscriminate and
demoralizing pleasures will distract her from the paths of rectitude.
If she wears a bridal veil of sea foam, she will engulf herself in material
pleasure to the exclusion of true refinement and innate modesty.
She will be likely to cause sorrow to some of those dear to her,
through their inability to gratify her ambition.


To dream that you see seals, denotes that you are striving for a place
above your power to maintain.

Dreams of seals usually show that the dreamer has high aspirations
and discontent will harass him into struggles to advance his position.


To see a seamstress in a dream, portends you will be deterred
from making pleasant visits by unexpected luck.


To dream of visiting a seaport, denotes that you will have opportunities
of traveling and acquiring knowledge, but there will be some who will object
to your anticipated tours.


To think, in a dream, that some one has taken your seat,
denotes you will be tormented by people calling on you for aid.
To give a woman your seat, implies your yielding to some

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