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  • 1837
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MARECHAL, Atheist, Calendar by.

MARECHALE, the Lady, on nobility.

MARSEILLES, Brigands at, on Decheance, the bar of iron, for Girondism.

MARSEILLESE, March and Hymn of, at Charenton, at Paris, Filles-St.-Thomas and, barracks.

MASSACRE, Avignon, September, number slain in, compared to Bartholomew.

MATON, Advocate, his ‘Resurrection.’

MAUPEOU, under Louis XV., and Dame Dubarry.

MAUREPAS, Prime Minister, character of, government of, death of.

MAURY, Abbe, character of, in Constituent Assembly, seized emigrating, dogmatic, efforts fruitless, made Cardinal.

MEMMAY, M., of Quincey, explosion of rustics.

MENOU, General, arrest of.

MENTZ, occupied by French, siege of, surrender of.

MERCIER, on Paris revolting, Editor, the September Massacre, in National Convention, King’s trial.

MERLIN of Thionville in Mountain, irascible, at Mentz.

MERLIN of Douai, Law of Suspect.

METZ, Bouille at, troops mutinous at.

MEUDON tannery.

MIOMANDRE de Ste. Marie, Bodyguard, October Fifth, left for dead, revives, rewarded.

MIRABEAU, Marquis, on the state of France in 1775, and his son, his death.

MIRABEAU, Count, his pamphlets, the Notables, Lettres-de-Cachet against, expelled by the Provence Noblesse, cloth-shop, is Deputy for Aix, king of Frenchmen, family of, wanderings of, his future course, groaned at, in Assembly, his newspaper suppressed, silences Usher de Breze, at Bastille ruins, on Robespierre, fame of, on French deficit, populace, on veto, Mounier, October Fifth, insight of, defends veto, courage, revenue of, saleable? and Danton, on Constitution, at Jacobins, his courtship, on state of Army, Marat would gibbet, his power in France, on D’Orleans, on duelling, interview with Queen, speech on emigrants, the ‘trente voix,’ in Council, his plans for France, probable career of, last appearance in Assembly, anxiety of populace for, last sayings of, death and funeral of, burial-place of, character of, last of Mirabeaus, bust in Jacobins, bust demolished.

MIRABEAU the younger, nicknamed Tonneau, in Constituent Assembly, breaks his sword.

MIRANDA, General, attempts Holland.

MIROMENIL, Keeper of Seals.

MOLEVILLE, Bertrand de, Historian, minister, his plan, frivolous policy of, and D’Orleans, Jesuitic, concealed.

MOMORO, Bookseller, agrarian, arrested, guillotined, his Wife, ‘Goddess of Reason.’

MONGE, Mathematician, in office, assists in new Calendar.

MONSABERT, G. de, President of Paris Parlement, arrested.

MONTELIMART, covenant sworn at.

MONTESQUIOU, General, takes Savoy.

MONTGAILLARD, on captive Queen, on September Massacres.

MONTMARTRE, trenches at.

MONTMORIN, War-Secretary.

MOORE, Doctor, at attack of Tuileries, at La Force.

MORANDE, De, newspaper by, will return, in prison.

MORELLET, Philosophe.

MOUCHETON, M. de, of King’s Bodyguard.

MOUDON, Abbe, confessor to Louis XV.

MOUNIER, at Grenoble, proposes Tennis-Court oath, October Fifth, President of Constituent Assembly, deputed to King, dilemma of.

MOUNTAIN, members of the, re-elected in National Convention, Gironde and, favourers of the, vulnerable points of, prevails, Danton, Duperret, after Gironde dispersed, in labour.

MULLER, General, expedition to Spain.

MURAT, in Vendemiaire revolt.

NANCI, revolt at, description of town, deputation imprisoned, deputation of mutineers, state of mutineers in, Bouille’s fight, Paris thereupon, military executions at, Assembly Commissioners.

NANTES, after King’s flight, massacres at.

NAPOLEON Bonaparte (Buonaparte) studying mathematics, pamphlet by, democratic, in Corsica, August Tenth, under General Cartaux, at Toulon, Josephine and, at La Cabarus’s, Vendemiaire.

NARBONNE, Louis de, assists flight of King’s Aunts, to be War-Minister, demands by, secreted, escapes.

NAVY, Louis XV. on French.

NECKER, and finance, account of, dismissed, refuses Brienne, recalled, difficulty as to States-General, reconvokes Notables, opinion of himself, popular, dismissed, recalled, returns in glory, his plans, becoming unpopular, departs, with difficulty.

NECKLACE, Diamond.

NERWINDEN, battle of.

NIEVRE-CHOL, Mayor of Lyons.

NOBLES, state of the, under Louis XV., new, join Third Estate.

NOTABLES, Calonne’s convocation of, assembled 22nd February 1787, members of, effects of dismissal of, reconvoked, 6th November 1788, dismissed again.

NOYADES, Nantes.

OCTOBER Fifth, 1789

OGE, condemned.

ORLEANS, High Court at, prisoners massacred at Versailles.

ORLEANS, a Duke d’, in Louis XV.’s sick-room.

ORLEANS, Philippe (Egalite), Duc d’, Duke de Chartres (till 1785), waits on Dauphin, Father, with Louis XV., not Admiral, wealth, debauchery, Palais- Royal buildings, in Notables (Duke d’Orleans now), looks of, Bed-of- Justice, 1787, arrested, liberated, in States-General Procession, joins Third Estate, his party, in Constituent Assembly, Fifth October and, shunned in England, Mirabeau, cash deficiency, use of, in Revolution, accused by Royalists, at Court, insulted, in National Convention, decline of, in Convention, vote on King’s trial, at King’s execution, arrested, imprisoned, condemned, and executed.

ORMESSON, d’, Controller of Finance.

PACHE, Swiss, account of, Minister of War, Mayor, dismissed, reinstated, imprisoned.

PAN, Mallet du, solicits for Louis.

PANIS, Advocate, in Governing Committee, and Beaumarchais, confidant of Danton.

PANTHEON, first occupant of.

PARENS, Curate, renounces religion.

PARIS, origin of city, police in 1750, ship Ville-de-Paris, riot at Palais- de-Justice, beautified, in 1788, election, 1789, troops called to, military preparations in, July Fourteenth, cry for arms, search for arms, Bailly, mayor of, trade-strikes in, Lafayette patrols, October Fifth, propositions to Louis, Louis in, Journals, bill-stickers, undermined, after Champ-de- Mars Federation, on Nanci affair, on death of Mirabeau, on flight to Varennes, on King’s return, Directory suspends Petion, enlisting, 1792, on forfeiture of King, Sections, rising of, August Tenth, prepares for insurrection, Municipality supplanted, statues destroyed, King and Queen to prison, September, 1792, names printed on house-door, in insurrection, Girondins, May 1793, Municipality in red caps, brotherly supper, Sections to be abolished.

PARIS, Guardsman, assassinates Lepelletier.

PARIS, friend of Danton.

PARLEMENT, patriotic, against Taxation, remonstrates, at Versailles, arrested, origin of, nature of, corrupt, at Troyes, yields, Royal Session in, how to be tamed, oath and declaration of, firmness of, scene in, and dismissal of, reinstated, unpopular, summons Dr. Guillotin, abolished.

PARLEMENTS, Provincial, adhere to Paris, rebellious, exiled, grand deputations of, reinstated, abolished.

PELTIER, Royalist Pamphleteer, ‘Pere Duchene,’ Editor of.

PEREYRA (Peyreyra), Walloon, account of, imprisoned.

PETION, account of, Dutch-built, and D’Espremenil, to be mayor, Varennes, meets King, and Royalty, at close of Assembly, in London, Mayor of Paris, in Twentieth June, suspended, reinstated, welcomes Marseillese, August Tenth, in Tuileries, rebukes Septemberers, in National Convention, declines mayorship, against Mountain, retreat to Bourdeaux, end of.

PETION, National-Pique, christening of.

PETITION of famishing French, at Fatherland’s altar, of the Eight Thousand.

PETITIONS, on capture of King, for deposition, &c.

PHELIPPEAUX, purged out of the Jacobins.

PHILOSOPHISM, influence of, on Revolution, what it has done with Church, with Religion.

PICHEGRU, General, account of, in Germinal.

PILNITZ, Convention at.

PIN, Latour du, War-Minister, dismissed.

PITT, against France, and Girondins, inflexible.

PLOTS, of King’s flight, various, of Aristocrats, October Fifth, Royalist, of Favras and others, cartels, Twelve bullies from Switzerland, D’Inisdal, will-o’-wisp, Mirabeau and Queen, poniards, Mallet du Pan, Narbonne’s, traces of, in Armoire-de-Fer, against Girondins, Desmoulins on, prison.

POLIGNAC, Duke de, a sinecurist, dismissed, at Bale, younger, in Ham.

POMPIGNAN, President of National Assembly.

POPE PIUS VI., excommunicates Talleyrand, his effigy burned.

PRAIRIAL First to Third, May 20-22, 1795.

PRECY, siege of, Lyons.

PRIESTHOOD, disrobing of, costumes in Carmagnole.

PRIESTLEY, Dr., riot against, naturalised, elected to National Convention.

PRIESTS, dissident, marry in France, Anti-national, hanged, many killed near the Abbaye, number slain in September Massacre, to rescue Louis, drowned at Nantes.

PRISONS, Paris, in Bastille time, full, August 1792, number of, in France, state of, in Terror, thinned after Terror.

PRISON, Abbaye, refractory Members sent to, Temple, Louis sent to, Abbaye, Priests killed near, massacres at La Force, Chatelet, and Conciergerie.

PROCESSION, of States-General Deputies, of Necker and D’Orleans busts, of Louis to Paris, again, after Varennes, of Louis to trial, at Constitution of 1793.

PROVENCE Noblesse, expel Mirabeau.

PRUDHOMME, Editor, on assassins, on Cavaignac.

PRUSSIA, Fritz of, against France, army of, ravages France, King of, and French Princes.

PUISAYE, Girondin General, at Quiberon.

QUERET-DEMERY, in Bastille.

QUIBERON, debarkation at.

RABAUT, St. Etienne, French Reformer, in National Convention, in Commission of Twelve, arrested, between two walls, guillotined.

RAYNAL, Abbe, Philosophe, his letter to Constituent Assembly.

REBECQUI, of Marseilles, in National Convention, against Robespierre, retires, drowns himself.

REDING, Swiss, massacred.

RELIGION, Christian, and French Revolution, abolished, Clootz on, a new.

REMY, Cornet, at Clermont.

RENAULT, Cecile, to assassinate Robespierre, guillotined.

RENE, King, bequeathed Avignon to Pope.

RENNES, riot in.

RENWICK, last of Cameronians.

REPAIRE, Tardivet du, Bodyguard, Fifth October, rewarded.


REPUBLIC, French, first mention of, first year of, established, universal, Clootz’s, Girondin, one and indivisible, its triumphs.

RESSON, Sieur, reports Lafayette to Jacobins.

REVEILLON, house destroyed.

REVOLT, Paris, in, of Gardes Francaises, becomes Revolution, military, what, of Lepelletier section.

REVOLUTION, French, causes of the, Lord Chesterfield on the, not a revolt, meaning of the term, whence it grew, general commencement of, prosperous characters in, Philosophes and, state of army in, progress of, duelling in, Republic decided on, European powers and, Royalist opinion of, cardinal movements in, Danton and the, changes produced by the, effect of King’s death on, Girondin idea of, suspicion in, Terror and, and Christian religion, Revolutionary Committees, Government doings in, Robespierre essential to, end of.

RHEIMS, in September massacre.

RICHELIEU, at death of Louis XV., death of.

RIOT, Paris, in May 1750, Cornlaw (in 1775), at Palais de Justice (1787), triumph, of Rue St. Antoine, of July Fourteenth (1789), and Bastille, at Strasburg, Paris, on the veto, Versailles Chateau, October Fifth (1789), uses of, to National Assembly, Paris, on Nanci affair, at De Castries’ Hotel, on flight of King’s Aunts, at Vincennes, on King’s proposed journey to St. Cloud, in Champ-de-Mars, with sharp shot, Paris, Twentieth June, 1792, August Tenth, 1792, Grain, Paris, at Theatre de la Nation, selling sugar, of Thermidor, 1794, of Germinal, 1795, of Prairial, final, of Vendemiaire.

RIOUFFE, Girondin, to Bourdeaux, in prison, on death of Girondins, on Mme. Roland.

ROBESPIERRE, Maximilien, account of, derided in Constituent Assembly, Jacobin, incorruptible, on tip of left, elected public accuser, after King’s flight, at close of Assembly, at Arras, position of, plans in 1792, chief priest of Jacobins, invisible on August Tenth, reappears, on September Massacre, in National Convention, accused by Girondins, accused by Louvet, acquitted, King’s trial, Condorcet on, at Queen’s trial, in Salut Committee, and Paris Municipality, embraces Danton, Desmoulins and, and Danton, Danton on, at trial, his three scoundrels, supreme, to be assassinated, at Feast of Etre Supreme, apocalyptic, Theot, on Couthon’s plot-decree, reserved, his schemes, fails in Convention, applauded at Jacobins, accused, rescued, at Townhall, declared out of law, half-killed, guillotined, essential to Revolution.

ROBESPIERRE, Augustin, decreed accused, guillotined.

ROCHAMBEAU, one of Four Generals, retires.

ROCHE-AYMON, Grand Almoner of Louis XV.

ROCHEFOUCAULT, Duke de la, Liberal, President of Directory, killed.

ROEDERER, Syndic, Feuillant, ‘Chronicle of Fifty Days,’ on Federes Ammunition, dilemma at Tuileries, August 10th.

ROHAN, Cardinal, Diamond Necklace.

ROLAND, Madame, notice of, at Lyons, narrative by, in Paris, after King’s flight, and Barbaroux, public dinners and business, character of, misgivings of, accused, Girondin declining, arrested, condemned and guillotined.

ROLAND, M., notice of, in Paris, Minister, letter, and dismissal of, recalled, decline of, on September Massacres, and Pache, doings of, resigns, flies, suicide of.

ROMME, in National Convention, in Caen prison, his new Calendar, in riot of Prairial, 1795, suicide.

ROMOEUF, pursues King.

RONSIN, General of Revolutionary Army, arrested and guillotined.

ROSIERE, Thuriot de la, summons Bastille, in First Parliament, in National Convention, President at Robespierre’s fall.

ROSSIGNOL, in September Massacre, in La Vendee.

ROUSSEAU, Jean-Jacques, Contrat Social of, Gospel according to, burial- place of, statue decreed to.

ROUX, M., ‘Histoire Parlementaire.’

ROYALTY, signs of demolished, abolition of.

RUAMPS, Deputy, against Couthon.

RUHL, notice of, in riot of Prairial, suicide.

SABATIER de Cabre, at Royal Session, arrested, liberated.

ST. ANTOINE to Versailles, Warhorse supper, Nanci affair, at Vincennes, at Jacobins, and Marseillese, August Tenth.

ST. CLOUD, Louis prohibited from.

ST. DENIS, Mayor of, hanged.

ST. FARGEAU, Lepelletier, in National Convention, at King’s trial, assassinated, burial of.

ST. HURUGE, Marquis, bull-voice, imprisoned, at Versailles, and Pope’s effigy, at Jacobins, on King’s trial.

ST. JUST in National Convention, on King’s trial, in Salut Committee, at Strasburg, repels Prussians, on Revolution, in Committee-room, Thermidor, his report, arrested.

ST. LOUIS Church, States-General procession from.

ST. MEARD, Jourgniac de, in prison, his ‘Agony’ at La Force.

ST. MERY, Moreau de, prostrated.

SALLES, Deputy, guillotined.

SANSCULOTTISM, apparition of, effects of, growth of, at work, origin of term, and Royalty, above theft, a fact, French Nation and, Revolutionary Tribunal and, how it lives, consummated, fall of, last rising of, death of.

SANTERRE, Brewer, notice of, at siege of Bastille, at Tuileries, June Twentieth, meets Marseillese, Commander of Guards, how to relieve famine, at King’s trial, at King’s execution, fails in La Vendee, St. Antoine disarmed.

SAPPER, Fraternal.

SAUSSE, M., Procureur of Varennes, scene at his house, flies from Prussians.

SAVONNIERES, M., de, Bodyguard, October Fifth, loses temper.

SAVOY, occupied by French.

SECHELLES, Herault de, in National Convention, leads Convention out, arrested and guillotined.

SECTIONS, of Paris, denounce Girondins, Committee of.

SEIGNEURS, French, compelled to fly.

SERGENT, Agate, Engraver, in Committee, nicknamed ‘Agate,’ signs circular.

SERVAN, War-Minister, proposals of.

SEVRES, Potteries, Lamotte’s ‘Memoires’ burnt at.

SICARD, Abbe, imprisoned, in danger near the Abbaye, account of massacre there.

SIDE, Right and Left, of Constituent Assembly, Right and Left, tip of Left, popular, Right after King’s flight, Right quits Assembly, Right and Left in First Parliament.

SIEYES, Abbe, account of, Constitution-builder, in Champ-de-Mars, in National Convention, of Constitution Committee, 1790, vote at King’s trial, making fresh Constitution.

SILLERY, Marquis.

SIMON, Cordwainer, Dauphin committed to, guillotined.

SIMONEAU, Mayor of Etampes, death of, festival for.

SOMBREUIL, Governor of Hotel des Invalides, examined, seized, saved by his daughter, guillotined, his son shot.

SPAIN, at war with France, invaded by France.

STAAL, Dame de, on liberty.

STAEL, Mme. de, at States-General procession, intrigue for Narbonne, secretes Narbonne.

STANHOPE and Price, their club and Paris.

STATES-GENERAL, first suggested, meeting announced, how constituted, orders in, Representatives to, Parlements against, Deputies to, in Paris, number of Deputies, place of Assembly, procession of, installed, union of orders.

STRASBURG, riot at, in 1789.

SUFFREN, Admiral, notice of.

SULLEAU, Royalist, editor, massacred.

SUSPECT, Law of the, Chaumette jeered on.

SWEDEN, King of, to assist Marie Antoinette, shot by Ankarstrom.

SWISS Guards at Brest, prisoners at La Force.

TALLEYRAND-PERIGORD, Bishop, notice of, at fatherland’s altar, his blessing, excommunicated, in London, to America.

TALLIEN, notice of, editor of ‘Ami des Citoyens,’ in Committee of Townhall, August 1792, in National Convention, at Bourdeaux, and Madame Cabarus, recalled, suspect, accuses Robespierre, Thermidorian.

TALMA, actor, his soiree.

TANNERY of human skins, improvements in.

TARGET, Advocate, declines King’s defence.

TASSIN, M., and black cockade.

TENNIS-COURT, National Assembly in, Club of, and procession to, master of, rewarded.

TERROR, consummation of, reign of, designated, number guillotined in.

THEATINS Church, granted to Dissidents.

THEOT, Prophetess, on Robespierre.

THERMIDOR, Ninth and Tenth, July 27 and 28, 1794.

THEROIGNE, Mlle., notice of, in Insurrection of Women, at Versailles (October Fifth), in Austrian prison, in Jacobin tribune, armed for insurrection (August Tenth), keeps her carriage, fustigated, insane.

THIONVILLE besieged, siege raised.

THOURET, Law-reformer, dissolves Assembly, guillotined.

THOUVENOT and Dumouriez.

TINVILLE, Fouquier, revolutionist, Jacobin, Attorney-General in Tribunal Revolutionnaire, at Queen’s trial, at trial of Girondins, at trial of Mme. Roland, at trial of Danton, and Salut Public, his prison-plots, his batches, the prisons under, mock doom of, at trial of Robespierre, accused, guillotined.

TOLLENDAL, Lally, pleads for father, in States-General, popular, crowned.

TORNE, Bishop.

TOULON, Girondin, occupied by English, besieged, surrenders.

TOULONGEON, Marquis, notice of, on Barnave triumvirate, describes Jacobins Hall.

TOURNAY, Louis, at siege of Bastille.

TOURZELLE, Dame de, escape of.

TRONCHET, Advocate, defends King.

TUILERIES, Louis XVI. lodged at, a tile-field, Twentieth June at, tickets of entry, ‘Coblentz,’ Marseillese chase Filles-Saint-Thomas to, August Tenth, King quits, attacked, captured, occupied by National Convention.

TURGOT, Controller of France, on Corn-law, dismissed, death of.

TYRANTS, French people rise against.

UNITED STATES, declaration of Liberty, embassy to Louis XVI., aided by France, of Congress in.

USHANT, battle off.

VALADI, Marquis, Gardes Francaises and, guillotined.

VALAZE, Girondin, on trial of Louis, plots at his house, trial of, kills himself.

VALENCIENNES, besieged, surrendered.

VARENNE, Maton de la, his experiences in September.

VARIGNY, Bodyguard, massacred.

VARLET, ‘Apostle of Liberty,’ arrested.

VENDEE, La, Commissioners to, state of, in 1792, insurrection in, war, after King’s death, on fire, pacificated.

VENDEMIAIRE, Thirteenth, October 4, 1795.

VERDUN, to be besieged, surrendered.

VERGENNES, M. de, Prime Minister, death of.

VERGNIAUD, notice of, August Tenth, orations of, President at King’s condemnation, in fall of Girondins, trial of, at last supper of Girondins.

VERMOND, Abbe de.

VERSAILLES, death of Louis XV. at, in Bastille time, National Assembly at, troops to, march of women on, of French Guards on, insurrection scene at, the Chateau forced, prisoners massacred at.


VILATE, Juryman, guillotined, book by.

VILLARET-JOYEUSE, Admiral, defeated by Howe.

VILLEQUIER, Duke de, emigrates.

VINCENNES, riot at, saved by Lafayette.

VINCENT, of War-Office, arrested, guillotined.

VOLTAIRE, at Paris, described, burial-place of.

WAR, civil, becomes general.

WASHINGTON, key of Bastille sent to, formula for Lafayette.

WATIGNY, Battle of.

WEBER, in Insurrection of Women, Queen leaving Vienna.

WESTERMANN, August Tenth, purged out of the Jacobins, tried and guillotined.

WIMPFEN, Girondin General.

YORK, Duke of, besieges Valenciennes and Dunkirk.

YOUNG, Arthur, at French Revolution.