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  • 1837
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Egg sauce,
Election cake,
Elderberry wine,
Elder-flower wine,
Essence of lemon peel,
Essence of peppermint,
Eve’s pudding,

Family soup,
Federal cakes,
Flannel cakes,
Flax-seed lemonade,
Floating island,
Flour, to brown,
Flour hasty-pudding,
Force-meat balls,
Fowls, to boil,
Fowls, to roast,
Fox-grape shrub,
Friar’s chicken,
Fritters, (apple,)
Fritters, (plain,)
Frosted fruit,
Fruit queen-cakes,

General sauce,
Gherkins, to pickle,
Ginger, to preserve,
Ginger beer,
Ginger plum-cake,
Gingerbread, (common,)
Gingerbread nuts,
Gingerbread, (Franklin,)
Gingerbread, (white,)
Gooseberries, bottled,
Gooseberry custard,
Gooseberry fool,
Gooseberries, to preserve,
Gooseberries, to stew,
Gooseberry wine,
Goose pie,
Goose pie for Christmas,
Goose, to roast,
Grapes, in brandy,
Grapes, (wild,) to keep,
Grape jelly,
Gravy, (drawn or made,)
Gravy soup, (clear,)
Ground nuts, to roast,
Ground rice milk,
Grouse, to roast,
Gruel, to make,
Gruel, oatmeal,

Halibut, to boil,
Halibut cutlets,
Ham, to boil,
Ham, to broil,
Ham or bacon, directions for curing, Ham, (to glaze,)
Ham dumplings,
Ham pie,
Ham sandwiches,
Ham, to roast,
Ham, (Westphalia,) to imitate,
Hare or rabbit soup,
Hare, to roast,
Harvey’s sauce,
Herbs, to dry,
Hominy, to boil,
Honey cake,
Horseradish vinegar,
Huckleberry cake,
Hungary water,

Ice cream, (almond,)
Ice cream, (lemon,)
Ice cream, (pine apple,)
Ice cream, (raspberry,)
Ice cream, (strawberry,)
Ice cream, (vanilla,)
Ice lemonade,
Ice orangeade,
Icing for cakes,
Indian batter cakes,
Indian corn, to boil,
Indian dumplings,
Indian flappers,
Indian muffins,
Indian mush,
Indian mush cakes,
Indian pound cake,
Indian pudding, baked,
Indian pudding, boiled,
Indian pudding without eggs,
Italian Cream,

Jelly cake,
Johnny cake,
Julienne (à la) soup,

Kid, to roast,
Kitchen, pepper,
Kitchiner’s fish-sauce,

Lady cake,
Lamb, to roast,
Lavender, compound,
Lavender water,
Laudanum, antidote to,
Lead water,
Lemon brandy,
Lemon catchup,
Lemon cordial,
Lemon cream,
Lemon custard,
Lemon juice, to keep,
Lemon peel, to keep,
Lemon peel, (essence of,)
Lemons, preserved,
Lemon pudding,
Lemon syrup,
Lettuce or salad, to dress,
Lip salve,
Liver dumplings,
Liver puddings,
Lobster, to boil,
Lobster catchup,
Lobster, to fricassee,
Lobster, to dress cold,
Lobster, pickled,
Lobster, potted,
Lobster pie,
Lobster sauce,
Lobster soup,
Lobster, to stew,

Maccaroni, to dress,
Maccaroni soup,
Maccaroni soup, (rich,)
Maccaroons, (almond,)
Maccaroons, (cocoa-nut,)
Maccaroon custard,
Mackerel, to boil,
Mackerel, to broil,
Mangoes, to pickle,
Marbled veal,
Marlborough pudding,
Marmalade cake,
Merrilies’ soup,
Milk biscuit
Milk punch
Milk soup
Mince pies
Mince meat
Mince meat for Lent
Mince meat, (very plain)
Minced oysters
Mint sauce
Molasses beer
Molasses candy
Molasses posset
Moravian sugar-cake
Morella cherries, to pickle
Mock oysters of corn
Mock turtle, or calf’s head soup
Muffins, (common)
Muffins, (Indian)
Muffins, (water)
Mulled cider
Mulled wine
Mulligatawny soup
Mush, (Indian,) to make
Mush cakes
Mushrooms, to broil
Mushroom catchup
Mushrooms, to pickle brown
Mushrooms, to pickle white
Mushroom sauce
Mushrooms, to stew
Musquito bites, remedy for
Mustard, (common)
Mustard, (keeping)
Mutton, to boil
Mutton broth
Mutton broth made quickly
Mutton, (casserole of)
Mutton chops, broiled
Mutton chops, stewed
Mutton cutlets, à la
Mutton harico
Mutton, hashed
Mutton, (leg of,) stewed
Mutton, to roast
Mutton soup, (including cabbage and noodle soups)

Nasturtians, to pickle
Nasturtian sauce
New York cookies

Oatmeal gruel
Ochra soup
Oil of flowers
Omelet, (plain)
Omelet soufflé
Onions, to boil
Onions, to fry
Onions, to pickle
Onions, pickled white
Onions, to roast
Onion sauce, (brown)
Onion sauce, (white)
Onion soup
Orange cream
Orange jelly
Orange marmalade
Orange pudding
Ortelans, to roast
Oyster catchup
Oysters, fried
Oyster fritters
Oysters, minced
Oysters, pickled
Oysters, pickled for keeping
Oyster pie
Oysters, scalloped
Oysters, stewed
Oyster soup
Oyster soup, (plain,)
Ox-tail soup,
Oyster Sauce,

Panada, (chicken,)
Pancakes, (plain,)
Pancakes, (sweetmeat,)
Parsley, to pickle,
Parsley sauce,
Parsnips, to boil,
Partridges, to roast,
Partridges, to roast another way,
Paste, (dripping,)
Paste, (lard,)
Paste, (the best plain,)
Paste, (potato,)
Paste, (fine puff.)
Paste, (suet,)
Paste, (sweet,)
Peaches, (in brandy,)
Peach cordial,
Peaches, (dried,)
Peaches for common use,
Peach jelly,
Peach kernels,
Peach marmalade,
Peaches, to pickle,
Peaches, to preserve,
Peach sauce,
Peas, (green,) to boil,
Peas soup,
Peas soup, (green,)
Pears, to bake,
Pears, to preserve,
Peppers, (green,) to pickle,
Peppers, (green,) to preserve,
Pepper pot,
Perch, to fry,
Pheasants, to roast,
Pheasants, to roast another way,
Pie crust, (common,)
Pies, (standing,)
Pies, (apple and other,)
Pickle, (East India,)
Pig, to roast,
Pig’s feet and ears, soused,
Pigeon or chicken dumplings,
Pigeon pie,
Pigeons, to roast,
Pine-apple ice cream,
Pine-apples, (fresh,) to prepare for eating, Pine-apples, to preserve,
Plovers, to roast,
Plum charlotte,
Plums for common use,
Plums, to preserve,
Plums,(egg,) to preserve whole,
Plums, (green gage,) to preserve,
Plum pudding, baked,
Plum pudding, boiled,
Poke, to boil,
Pomatum, (soft,)
Pork and beans,
Pork cheese,
Pork, (corned,) to boil,
Pork, (pickled,) to boil with peas pudding, Pork cutlets,
Pork, (leg of,) to roast,
Pork; (loin of,) to roast,
Pork, (middling piece,) to roast,
Pork pie,
Pork steaks,
Pork, to stew,
Port wine jelly,
Pot pie,
Pot pie, (apple,)
Potatoes, to boil,
Potatoes, to fry,
Potatoes, roasted
Potato pudding
Potato snow
Pound cake
Prawns, to boil
Prune pudding
Pudding catchup
Pumpkin, to boil
Pumpkin chips
Pumpkin pudding
Pumpkin yeast
Punch, (frozen,)
Punch, (milk,)
Punch, (fine milk,)
Punch, (regent’s,)
Punch, (Roman,)
Pyramid of tarts,
Pink sauce,

Quails, to roast
Queen cake
Quin’s sauce for fish
Quince cheese
Quince cordial
Quince jelly
Quince marmalade
Quinces, preserved
Quinces, to preserve whole
Quince pudding

Rabbits, fricasseed
Rabbits, to fry
Rabbits, to stew
Radishes, to prepare for table
Radish pods, to pickle
Raspberry charlotte
Raspberry cordial
Raspberry ice-cream
Raspberry jam
Raspberries, to preserve
Raspberry vinegar
Raspberry wine
Raw egg
Reed birds, to roast
Rennet whey
Rhubarb tarts
Rice, to boil
Rice, to boil for curry Rice custard Rice cakes
Rice dumplings
Rice flummery
Rice jelly
Rice pudding, boiled
Rice pudding, (farmer’s,)
Rice pudding, (ground,)
Rice pudding, (plain,)
Rice pudding, (plum,)
Rice milk
Rice milk, (ground,)
Ringworms, remedy for,
Rock-fish, to boil,
Rock-fish, to pickle,
Rolls, (common,)
Rolls, (French,)
Rose brandy
Rhubarb jam
Rose cordial
Rose vinegar
Russian or Swedish turnip, to boil, Rye and Indian bread

Sago pudding
Salad, to dress,
Salmon, (fresh,) to bake whole,
Salmon, (fresh,) to bake in slices, Salmon, (fresh,) to boil,
Salmon, (pickled,)
Salmon, (smoked,)
Salmon steaks
Sally Lunn cake,
Salsify, to dress,
Sandwiches, (ham,)
Sassafras beer,
Sausage meat, (common,)
Sausages, (fine,)
Sausages, (Bologna,)
Savoy biscuits,
Scented bags,
Scotch cake,
Scotch queen-cake,
Scotch sauce for fish,
Sea bass or black-fish, boiled,
Sea bass, fried,
Sea catchup,
Sea kale, to boil,
Seidlitz powders,
Shad, baked,
Shad, to fry,
Shalot vinegar,
Short cakes,
Shrub, (cherry,)
Shrub, (currant,)
Shrub, (fox-grape,)
Smelts, to fry,
Snowball custard,
Snipes, to roast,
Soda biscuit,
Soda water,
Spanish buns,
Spinach, to boil,
Spinach and eggs,
Sponge cake,
Spruce beer,
Squashes or cymlings, to boil,
Squash, (winter,) to boil,
Squash, pudding,
Strawberries, preserved,
Strawberry ice-cream,
Strawberry cordial,
Sturgeon cutlets,
Suet pudding,
Sugar biscuit,
Sugar syrup, clarified,
Sweet basil vinegar,
Sweet jars,
Sweet sauce, (cold,)
Sweet potatoes, boiled,
Sweet potatoes, fried,
Sweet potato pudding,
Sweetbreads, to broil,
Sweetbreads, larded,
Sweetbreads, to roast,
Syllabub or whipt cream,
Syllabub, (country,)
Shrewsbury cake,

Tamarind water,
Tarragon vinegar,
Tea, to make,
Thieves’ vinegar,
Toast and water,
Tomatas, to bake,
Tomata catchup,
Tomatas, to keep,
Tomatas, to pickle,
Tomatas, to stew,
Tomata soy,
Tongue, (salted or pickled,) to boil, Tongue, (smoked,) to boil,
Tripe, to boil,
Tripe, to fry,
Tripe and oysters,
Trout, to boil,
Trout, to fry,
Turkey, to boil,
Turkey, to roast,
Turkish sherbet,
Turnips, to boil,

Veal, (breast of,) to stew,
Veal,(breast of,) to roast,
Veal cutlets,
Veal, (fillet of,) to stew,
Veal, (fillet of,) to roast,
Veal, (knuckle of,) to stew,
Veal, (loin of,) to roast,
Veal, (minced,)
Veal patties,
Veal pie,
Veal soup
Veal soup, (rich,)
Veal steaks
Veal or chicken tea,
Vegetable soup,
Venison hams,
Venison, (cold,) to hash,
Venison pasty,
Venison, to roast,
Venison soup,
Venison steaks,
Vermicelli sour,
Vinegar (cider,)
Vinegar, (sugar,)
Vinegar, (white,)
Violet perfume,

Wafer cakes,
Walnut catchup,
Walnuts, pickled black,
Walnuts, pickled green,
Walnuts, pickled white,
Warm slaw,
Warts, remedy for,
Washington cake,
Watermelon rind, to preserve,
Water souchy,
Welsh rabbit,
White soup, (rich,)
Wine jelly,
Wine sauce,
Wine whey,
Wonders or crullers,
Woodcocks, to roast,

Yam pudding,
Yeast, (bakers’,)
Yeast, (bran,)
Yeast, (common,)
Yeast, (patent,)
Yeast, (pumpkin,)


Almond bread,
Almond paste,
Apple dumplings, (baked,)
Apple compote,
Apple rice pudding,

Batter pudding
Blood, to stop,

Charlotte Polonaise,
Charlotte Russe,
Cherry cordial,
Cider cake, (plain,)
Cream cheese,
Cucumbers, (preserved,)
Custard cakes,

Frozen custard,

Giblet soup,
Green pea soup, (French,)
Green ointment,
Gumbo soup,

Ham omelet,
Hoe cake,
Honey ginger cake,

Ice cream, (common,)
Indian loaf cake,

Lemon drops,

Milk toast,

Peach leather,
Peach mangoes,
Pearlash, to keep,
Peppermint drop’s,
Pink champagne jelly,
Potato Yeast,

Rock cake,

Tennesee muffins,
Tomatas, (broiled,)
Tomata honey
Tomatas, (preserved,)