Easter at Russian Orthodox church

Easter Stories

The Life of Jesus of Nazareth by Rush Rhees Based on the Scriptures, historic evidence as well as the author’s own faith, this story depicts the life of Jesus. Rush Rhees avoids preaching- his description of events is eloquent and rational, giving the book a unique edge. An excellent starting point for religious conte
The painting Crossing the Delaware depicting the American Revolution

12 books that give different perspectives on the American Revolution

Independence Day holds a special place in the heart of the American Nation. The Fourth of July commemorates the day when the Founding Fathers declared separation from The British Empire. It is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbeques and family reunions. But the Declaration of Independence was strategically important for the thirteen colonies as it
Books for mothers

16 books that will rock your Mom’s world!

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that will not wither or melt and can be revisited at any time? Then look no further — these 16 unconventional gifts will surely leave a lasting impression! Where we belong, Emily Giffin “From the best-selling novelist, Emily Giffin, comes the unforgettable story of one powerful secret, its effect
Sunglasses on closed book in warm sunshine

Best Holiday Books to Read this Summer

Whether you are jetting off on an exotic holiday or seeking shade from the scorching sun in a city park, a good book will be the perfect companion this summer. Our selection encompasses gripping thrillers, romantic suspense, classic novels and historical crimes, guaranteed to satisfy your summer cravings. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon A fast-moving historical
Close-up of red roses against a red blurred background

Roses are Red

With the Valentine’s Day fast approaching, our thoughts inevitably turn to our loved ones. In our humble opinion, love notes, timeless and unique, will leave a lasting impression and make a profound impact on the object of your desire. We would like to share some inspirational quotes and poems with those who are romantics at