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Christmas Feel Good Books

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When the December sun abandons planet Earth, we know it is time to turn to our favourite classic stories that are guaranteed to warm our hearts in time for Christmas.

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If you are dreaming of an exotic escape, then why not spend the darkest month on a Treasure Island with Robert Louis Stevenson? Transport yourself to 18th century France with Alexander Dumas’ romantic novel The Lady of the Camellias - a story about Parisian courtesan that inspired Verdi’s opera La Triviata. If you are secretly dreaming of a white Christmas, then folk tale characters Baba Yaga and Father Frost would be happy to introduce you to cold Russian winters.

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Even if seasonal flu kept you away from Christmas parties this year, don’t despair – you are cordially invited to attend The Netherfield Ball taking place in Pride and Prejudice at any time convenient for you. Not a fan of arrogant Mr Darcy, who “owns a miserable half of Derbyshire”? Then you will be delighted to get acquainted with Emma at the Weston’s Christmas party, who is best known for her matchmaking skills in the Austenesque world.

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Christmas Eve is not the same without the well-loved Christmas Carol. Experiencing paranormal activities with Mr Scrooge will remind you of the true spirit of the season. However, if you are in favour of dark, mysterious Christmas entertainment, then you will not get enough of the ghost stories Told After Supper by a group of friends on Christmas Eve.

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If a holiday break represents an opportunity for reflection, look no further than A Doll’s House, a critically-acclaimed drama that raises marital issues and challenges a woman’s place in society.

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Ready for new discoveries, you will enjoy a less-known romantic novel The Mistletoe Bough, focusing on the rollercoaster engagement experience of a young couple will certainly cheer you up during this festive season.

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Finally, let the resilience, bravery and optimism of March sisters from American novel Little Women inspire your New Year’s resolutions.

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