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Easter Stories

Image credit: Gaudenzio Ferrari (Stories of Life and Passion of Christ)

This week we went on the hunt for Easter stories that adults can indulge in during this spring holiday. These timeless tales help us gain an understanding of the origins of Easter revealing the significance of this religious celebration and inspiring the readers on their spiritual journey.

The Life of Jesus of Nazareth by Rush Rhees

Image credit: Martijn Braat

Based on the Scriptures, historic evidence as well as the author’s own faith, this story depicts the life of Jesus. Rush Rhees avoids preaching- his description of events is eloquent and rational, giving the book a unique edge. An excellent starting point for religious contemplation.

Quiet Talks about Jesus by S. D. Gordon

Image credit: James Tissot (Jesus Teaching by the sea Shore)

Even though the first look at the title might suggest a life story of the Man from Galilee, there is more to it that meets the eye. This collection turns out to be a powerful source of life-changing ideas that evoke emotional response and stimulate the imagination, allowing the readers to raise their conscious awareness.

King Robert of Sicily by Sara Cone Bryant (adapted from Henry Longfellow’s poem)

Image credit: B Wilson

Set in the times of Crusades, Longfellow’s fantasy paints a portrait of the ‘Emperor of Allemaine' who, during the coronation, challenges the verse in a prayer. In the best traditions of medieval romance literature, he vanishes into the darkness to endure divine punishment on his penitential journey to the acceptance of his new position of a jest at his court. Forgiven for his sin, Robert is reinstated as a King.

Two Old Men, Leo Tolstoy

Image credit: Rembrandt (Two men disputing)

When two old men set off on pilgrimage to the Promised Land, challenges swiftly follow them on their trip. After losing sight of each other, they continue their journey in solitude learning some life-changing lessons about love, family ties and good deeds.

Our Lady’s Child by Brothers Grimm

Image credit: Illustration by O. Herrfurth

A unique blend of a fairy tale with Christian morals highlights forgotten virtues in the world. Brothers Grimm reveal the true meaning of Christianity where repentance and forgiveness replace good and wicked. When young girl opens a secret door, she faces a penalty for her actions. After the lass confessed her sin at the stake, she is redeemed by the Virgin Mary descended from Heaven to save her from a wrongful death.

The Flaming Heart of Danko by Maxim Gorky

Image credit: www.newdaynews.ru

Maxim Gorky spent several years rendering short Bessarabian stories for his collection published under the name of “The Old Woman Izergil”. This folk tale captures the complex relationship between leaders and their followers as well as the personal sacrifice that strengthens that bond. A young courageous man Danko shows kindness to the people stranded in a deep forest and gives his life to save them.

The Jerusalem Sinner Saved by John Bunyan

Image credit: Howard Lyon (though your sins be a scarlet)

Written in the last year of John Bunyan’s life, the story is greatly influenced by the author’s personal views on absolution and his conversion to religion. Bunyan unfolds the story about the infinite grace of Jesus Christ who extends his mercy to the ‘unworthy’ Jerusalem sinner. Bunyan poignantly illustrates the power of forgiveness and the profound effect it has on sinners.

The Parables Of The Saviour by Anonymous

Image credit: Ilya Repin (The Last Supper)

Surrounded by his followers, the Christ reveals the spiritual truth about the God’s will through a collection of short stories. From Prodigal Son and Good Samaritan to The Lost Sheep, the parables delve into different aspects of humanity and teach valuable lessons about the faith. The characters in this stories are punished or rewarded for their deeds in accordance with Divine Commandments. An inspirational reading for children and adults alike!

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

Image credit: Illustration by Rita Voutila

A wonderful book about the personal transformation and the reward for kindness at the end of life. This story focuses on a giant who, driven by the sense of possession and fury, bans children from playing in his beautiful garden by building a wall. The Giant’s actions have repercussions — the garden is cursed with a long cold winter. Recognising his selfishness, the giant destroys the wall and enjoys his last years in his spring garden surrounded by children.

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