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War-Time Financial Problems by Hartley Withers

Part 5 out of 5

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convertibility into gold should be maintained.

[Footnote 1: Cd. 9182, _2d_.]


Addis, Sir Charles, on banking,
Aerated Bread Co., and bonus issues,
Allies, loans to,
America, effect of war on,
War finance of,

Bank Act: its purpose,
Its suggested repeal,
Its working,
Bank Amalgamations, progress of,
Bechhofer, Mr, on Guild Socialism,
Bills of Exchange, as basis of issue,
Bonar Law, Mr, on after-war position,
On capital levy,
On sale of securities,
British Trade Corporation, formation of,
Brunner, Mond, and bonus shares,
Budget, in 1918,

Canadian Pacific, and bonus issues,
Capital, foreign,
Levy on,
Meaning of,
Supply of,
War's destruction of,
Capital Issues, Committee on,
Licence required for,
Need to restrict,
Stock Exchange and,
Cole, Mr, on Guild Socialism,
Cunliffe Committee, report of
Currency: inflation of,
Metals as,
Origin of,
Quantity theory of,
Report on,

_Daily News_, on capital levy,

Expenditure, Committee on,

France, after-war position of,
Free Trade and British supremacy,

Germany, after-war position of,
Our claims against,
War finance of,
Gold standard: affected by war,
Faults of,
Reasons for,
Goodenough, Mr, on note issue,

Hoare, Mr Alfred, on taxation,
Holden, Sir Edward, and the Bank Act,

Inflation, working of,
Interest, rate of,

Kitson, Mr, on currency,

Labour, example set by,
Lawrence, Mr Pethick, on capital levy,
Lees, Mr Edward, on debt redemption,
Lloyds, elasticity of,
London, prestige of,

Macaulay, Lord, on bad money,

_New Statesman_, on capital levy,

Owen, Senator, on American system,

"Quantity Theory," of currency,

Reserves, capitalising,
_Round Table_, on capital levy,

Socialism, and bank amalgamations,
In light of war,
Stilwell, Mr, on paying for war,

Taxation, as war weapon,
Increase of, in war,

"War Emergency Workers," on capital levy,
Webb, Mr, on State banking,

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