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The Trade Union Woman by Alice Henry

Part 6 out of 6

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Casey, Josephine
Cohn, Fannie
Collective bargaining
Collective grievances
Colored workers
Coman, Katharine
_Commercial Bulletin_
Condon, Maggie
Conservation movement
Consumers' League
Conventions, labor
Cooeperative efforts
Cost of living

Daley, Mollie
Dana, Charles A.
Davies, Anna
Democracy, and education
and public ownership
evolution of
Dewey, John, quoted
Dickenson, Fannie
Direct legislation
Domestic science profession
Donnelly, Michael
Donovan, Mary
Dorchester, Mass., early schools of
Dreier, Mary E.

Economic basis of trade union
Economic status of women
Education, according to grade percentage
early, of girls
Glynn, Frank L., on, quoted
in labor questions
of the immigrant
poverty the chief check to
_See also_ Vocational education
"Effective voting"
Efficiency and expectance
Elmira College
Employers' associations
Equal pay
Evans, Mrs. Glendower

Fitzgerald, Anna
Fitzpatrick, John
Flood, Emmet
Franklin, Stella

General Federation of Women's Clubs
Gillespie, Mabel
Goldmark, Josephine
Gompers, Samuel
Graham, Mr.
Grant, Annie
Greeley, Horace
Gutteridge, Helena

Hamilton, Cicely, quoted
Hannafin, Mary
Harriman, Mrs. J. Borden
Harvard University
Health and shorter hours
Henderson, Rose
Home industries, development of
Home-work, and child labor
and Italians
as social anachronism
_See also_ Limitation of hours
Huge Strikes
agreements in
Citizens' Committee in
Huge Strikes, close of
immigrants in
Joint Strike Conference Board in
picketing in
results of
Triangle Shirt Waist Co.
United Garment Workers
Women's Trade Union League in
Hull House
Huntingdon, Arria

Immigrants, Americanization of
discrimination against
domestic policy regarding
education of
employment of
exploitation of
federal and state care of
handicaps of
haphazard distribution of
Juvenile Protective League, quoted, regarding
Immigrants, League for the
Protection of Immigrants
Polish girls as, peculiarly exploited
_Immigrants in America Review_
Immigration, probable causes of
Industrial Relations, Federal Commission on
Industrial rivalry between men and women
Industrial struggle, new forms of the
Industrial Workers of the World
Industry, children and
public ownership the latest development of
standards in
Investigations, by City Club, Chicago
by Federal Commission on Industrial Relations
by Knights of Labor
by New York State Factory Investigating Commission
Federal (Women and Child Wage Earners)
first governmental

Japanese laundry workers

Kavanagh, Fannie
Kehew, Mary Morton
Kelley, Florence
Kellogg, Paul
Kellor, Frances A., quoted
Kenney, Mary E.
Kerchensteiner, Georg, quoted
Kingsley, Charles
Knefler, Mrs. D.W.
Knights of Labor

Labor legislation, administration of laws under
needed for stores
objections to
providing for women factory inspectors
women affected by
_See also_ Limitation of hours; minimum wage
Labor movement, backwardness of
development of
Irish in
_Labour Leader_
Lemlich, Clara
Lewis, Augusta
_Life and Labor_
Limitation of hours, and department-store clerks
and elevated railroad clerks
Limitation of hours, declared constitutional
eight-hour law regarding, in California
effects of, on health
first law for, in Great Britain
for public employes
including men and boys
organized women support
relation of, to wages
ten-hour law regarding, in Illinois
Lippard, George
"Living-in" system
Lowell, Josephine Shaw
Lowell, Mass.

Macarthur, Mary R.
Macdonald, Mary A.
McDonald, J. Ramsay, quoted
McDowell, Mary E.
McNamara, Maggie
Mahoney, Hannah (Mrs. Nolan)
Maloney, Elizabeth
Marot, Helen
Marriage, an unstandardized trade
and factory life
and organization
Marriage, and the working-woman
Married woman, as a half-time worker
as a wage-earner
economic status of
incongruous position of
Married women and the labor movement
Matthews, Lillian, quoted
Maud Gonne Club
Maurice, F.D.
Mead, George H.
Merriam, Charles E.
Mill, John Stuart
Minimum wage, employers' objections to
for the immigrant
in Australia
Mitchell, Louisa
Mittelstadt, Louisa
Morgan, T.J.
Morgan, Mrs. T.J.
Mott, Lucretia
Mullaney, Kate
Murphy, John J.

National and other central labor bodies:
Amalgamated Meat Cutters' and Butchers' Workmen of North America
American Federation of Musicians
Boot and Shoe Workers' Union
British Women's Trade Union League
Cigar Makers' International Union
Daughters of St. Crispin
International Brotherhood of Bookbinders
International Glove Workers' Union
International Ladies' Garment Workers
International Typographical Union
Massachusetts Working Women's League
National Industrial Congress
National Labor Congress
National Labor Union
national trade unions, more than thirty from 1863 to 1873
National Trades Union
New England Congress, policies of
railroad brotherhoods
railway unions
Retail Clerks International Union
Shirt, Waist and Laundry Workers' International Union
Trades and Labor Congress of Canada
United Felt, Panama and Straw Hat Trimmers
United Garment Workers
United Mine Workers
United Textile Workers
Women's Department, Knights of Labor
Women's Labor Reform Associations
Women's National Labor League
Women's state labor unions
Women's Trade Union League
Women's Union Label League
Working Women's Labor Union for the State of N.Y.
National Civic Federation
National Consumers' League
National Young Women's Christian Association
Neill, Charles P.
Nestor, Agnes
New York State Factory Investigating Committee
_New York Sun_
Northwestern University

Oberlin College
O'Brien, John
Occupations, and locality
blind-alley trades
boot and shoe workers
button workers
children's employments
department-store clerks
domestic work
employes in state institutions
garment-workers. _See_ sewing trades
house-cleaning developments
laundry workers and laundresses
tobacco-and cigar-workers
O'Connor, Julia
O'Day, Hannah
O'Reilly, Leonora
O'Reilly, Mary
Organization, and minimum wage
craft form of
eventually international
in unskilled trades
industrial form of
of colored races
of department-store clerks
of Italians
of Orientals
of Slavic Jewesses
of women, by men
of women backward
O'Sullivan, Mary E. _See_ Mary E. Kenney
_Outlook_, quoted
Overwork and fatigue

Pankhurst, Mrs.
Patterson, Mrs. Emma
Pearson, Mrs. Frank J.
Perkins, L.S.
_Philadelphia Ledger_
Phillips, Wendell
Pillsbury, Parker
Poe, Clarence
Polish National Alliance
Popular disapproval of women's trade unions
Potter, Frances Squire
Powderly, Mrs. Terence V.
Powderly, Terence V.
Power loom, first
Preferential shop
Proportional representation
Protection for young trade-union girls
Protocol of peace
Public employes
Public ownership, the latest development of industry
Putnam, Mrs. Mary Kellogg

Quick, Nelle
Quimby, Mrs. C.N.M.

_Revolution, The_
Rickert, T.A.
Robins, Mrs. Raymond quoted
Rodgers, Mrs. George
Roman, F.W., quoted
Roosevelt, Theodore
Rumsey, Thomas
Russell Sage Foundation

Samuels, Adelaide
San Francisco earthquake
_San Francisco Examiner_
Schneidermann, Rose
Schreiner, Olive
Scott, Melinda
Secretary for Labor
Sewing machine introduced
Sewing trades, early conditions in war orders for
_See also_ Huge strikes
Shedden, John
Shute, Mrs. Lizzie H.
Simpson, James
Sinclair, Upton
Slavery, family and group
Smith, Mrs. Charlotte
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth Oakes
Smith-Lever Act
Snowden, Mrs. Philip
Snowden, Philip
Social advance
Socialism, and economic independence and socialists
Sorel, George
Southern mountain women
Specialization and economy
in home industries
in house-cleaning
Specialization, trade and professional, compared
Speeding up
Spencer, Anna Garlin, quoted
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
Steghagen, Emma
Stevens, Alzina P.
Stevens, George, quoted
Stewart, Mrs. Levi
Stirling, Mary
Stone, Huldah J.
Stone, Lucy
Strasser, President
Strike, American girl strikebreakers in general
Marx & Haas
of Danbury Hatters
of Fall River weavers
of laundry-workers, (S.F.) (Troy)
of packing-plant employes
of printers
work, after
_See also_ Huge strikes.
Sumner, Helen L.
_Survey, The_, quoted
Sutter, Maud
Symphony orchestras

Thomas, W. L, quoted
Topp, Mr.
Trade agreement
a typical
Hart, Schaffner and Marx
Trade unions, aims of, xx
and factory inspection
and standard of living
and women members
as training schools
conservative and radical compared
city federations of
craft form of
dues of
exclusiveness of
federation of
in other fields
industrial form of
interstate cooeperation of women of
juvenile union
locals of women's, best training school
one big union
outside support for
relations between labor bodies
reorganization of
women membership of
supported by labor men

United States Agricultural Department
United States Agricultural Department, and immigration
census of, occupations under
industrial development of
_See also_ Investigations
United Tailoresses' Society
University of Chicago

Valesh, Eva McDonald
Van Etten, Ida
Vassar College
Vincent, John J.
Vocational education, and the immigrant
as part of public system
A.F. of L. on
co-education only solution of
Commercial Club of Chicago, on
domestic economy
ideal plan for
in Germany
original form of
tendencies of experts
women's share in, inadequate
_Voice of Industry_
Vote, the

N.Y. Commission evidence regarding
Waight, Lavinia
Wald, Lillian D.
Walling, William English
War orders
Ward, Lester F.
Watters, J.C.
Whitehead, Myrtle
Whitney, Edward B.
Wilkinson, J.W.
Wilson, J. Stitt, quoted
Winslow, Charles H.
Winters, Sallie
Woerishofer, Carola
Wolfe, F.E., quoted
Woman, as the organizer
as the race
double function of
Woman suffrage, and civic work, and education
Woman suffrage, and great strikes
and industrial struggle
and social control
indorsed by, A.F. of L.
labor conventions
movement for, in Great Britain
organization of women voters under
organized women and
Women, and vocational training
and vocations
compulsory underbidders
in meat-packing plants
Woolston, Howard B., quoted
Work, John M., quoted
Working Women's Society

Young, Anne

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