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The Scornful Lady by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher

Part 3 out of 3

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l. 31. A and G] as he.
l. 34. A _omits_] They draw.
l. 36. F and G _omit_] Jesus.

p. 260,
l. 4. A and B _omit_] Why.
l. 11. F] but none so.
l. 26. A]wilde.
B, C and E--G] vild.
l. 31. F and G] sword.
l. 33. B and G] a hazard.

p. 261,
l. 1. A and B] which is prone inough.
C--G] are prone.
l. 5. A] anger lost.
l. 10. F and G] least share in.
l. 25. D, F and G] are you.
l. 33. A and B] self from such temptations.
G] self from temptations.
l. 34. A--D, F and G] Pray leape.
G] the matter.
C] whether would.
l. 38. A--C, E and G] should.

p. 262,
l. 6. F and G _omit_] a.
l. 11. A--C] see.
l. 12. E] Of any.
l. 20. F and G] his ruin.
l. 27. C _omits_] him.
E--G] with these.
l. 37. E--G] leave them to others.
l. 40. C] works a mine.

p. 263,
l. 13. A] certaine.
l. 18. E--G] spoken.
l. 19. F] ask you.
l. 20. E--G] forward.
l. 32. G] hard-hearted.
l. 35. F and G] me to do.

p. 264,
l. 4. E--G] could redeem.
l. 10. D, F and G] This.
l. 24. A] you have so.
l. 27. E and G] By this light.

p. 265,
l. 10. F] by your troth.
l. 11. A] could.
l. 15. C] cold meats.
l. 23. F and G] we would.
l. 27. F and G] that thou art here.
l. 29. F and G] use thee.
l. 33. A and B] offending.
l. 34. F and G] Thou art nothing ... for love's sake.

p. 266,
l. 3. G _omits_] I hope.
l. 13. F and G] thy face.
l. 14. A--G _omit_] for.
ll. 21 and 22. F and G] companion.
l. 25. A] amable.
l. 38. G _adds at end_] I hope.

p. 267,
l. 4. A, B and D--F] Don Diego, Ile.
l. 11. A, C and E] saies.
l. 15. E--G] you may.
l. 20. E] wine here. F and G _add before_ All] Mr. Morecraft.
l. 21. A--G] Sir. _Savill_?
l. 31. G] and yet they.
l. 33. F _omits_] pray.
l. 36. A--C and E--G] God a gold. 2nd Folio _misprints_] expouud.

p. 268,
l. 3. A] not you.
l. 7. A and B] is much is much.
l. 18. G] in tenements of.
l. 22. F and G] I shall not dare to.
l. 23. A] By blithe.
l. 33. A and B] of satten.
l. 37. A--G] necessary.
D--G] and consuming.

p. 269,
l. 10. 2nd Folio _misprints_] nor.
l. 16. A--G] a' my knowledge.
l. 20. F and G] the. F] Morall.
l. 27. B and D--G] worst on's.
l. 31. A] your complement.
l. 34. F and G] paid back again.

p. 270,
l. 4. F and G] we have liv'd.
ll. 4 and 5. F and G] be the hour that.
l. 14. A _misprints_] Yo. Lo.
l. 15. F and G] A thirsty.
l. 17. F _omits_] Sir.
l. 20. A] raile.
l. 24. D--G] to'th.

p. 271,
l. 1. A] hee's your.
l. 4. A--G] fall.
l. 19. A--G] who you left me too.
l. 20. F _omits_] for.
l. 23. F and G] be leaping in.
l. 24. E--G] nights.
l. 25. F _omits_] my.
l. 27. E] thirtie.
l. 34. B] you fellow.
l. 37. A--G] Cresses sir to coole.
l. 39. A--C] fornications.

p. 272,
l. 3. E--G] get no.
l. 4. A--G _add_] Finis Actus tertii.
l. 6. A--G] solus.
l. 8. A] thee to? to what scurvy Fortune.
l. 9. E] of Noblemen.
l. 15. B and E--G] profit. 2nd Folio _misprints_] Eccle.
l. 16. F] eats out youth.
l. 22. 2nd Folio _misprints_] abolishth, is.
l. 25. D and E] in his.
l. 33. A] neglectingly.
l. 34. A] broke.

p. 273,
l. 9. F and G] abused like me. A--F] Dalida.
l. 11. F and G] you may dilate.
l. 27. F and G] could not expound.
l. 28. A] and then at prayers once (out of the stinking stir you put me
l. 29. A] mine owne royall [F and G _also add_ royal] issue.
l. 34. D and E] for you.
l. 35 B] and thus.
l. 36. A, F and G] contrition, as a Father saith.
l. 39. A--G] Comfets.
l. 40. A, F and G] then a long chapter with a pedigree.

p. 274,
l. 3. A] lovely.
l. 4. F and G] when due time.
l. 8. F and G] but have.
l. 14. A--E] cunny.
l. 17. A _omits_] in. F and G] the hanging.
l. 19. A, F and G] more with the great Booke of Martyrs.
l. 23. F and G _add after_ beloved] Abigail.
l. 31. E--G] chop up.

p. 275,
l. 3. A and B] wise Sir.
l. 7. A, B, F and G] make.
l. 14. F and G] thank Heaven.
l. 19. E--G _omit_] Lord.
l. 22. A and B] some sow. l. 23. F and G] brought forth.
l. 26. F and G] will not.
l. 29. E] a cleere. E--G] would take.
l. 39. A] and yet would.

p. 276,
l. 3. A--F] errant.
l. 5. A--F] pray be.
l. 9. A] the gods (B=God) knowes. C] God the knowes. F and G] Heaven
l. 15. 2nd Folio _misprints_] Lo.
l. 18. A _omits_] so.
l. 19. A--C _omit_] for.
l. 38. E--G] that has.

p. 277,
l. 1. A and B] turne in to.
l. 4. A _omits_] pray.
l. 13. G] have you.
l. 14. G] light, as spirited.
l. 21. G] sheeps.
l. 22. G] with two.
l. 23. F and G _add at end_] I can.
l. 33. F and G] your use of.
l. 37. A, B, D, F and G] now then.

p. 278,
l. 7. A--G] Rosasolis.
l. 16. G] in presuming thus.
l. 19. E--G] to any end.
l. 23. D, E and G] heap affliction. B--D, F and G] on me.
l. 28. F and G _add_] ha.
l. 33. F and G _for_ a _read_] ha'.
l. 37. E--G _omit_] Sir.

p. 279,
l. 1. G] no so.
l. 2. A] know.
l. 6. F _omits_] that.
ll. 6--8. D and E _omit_] at you ...not laugh
_and runs on the remainder of_ Lady's _speech as part of_ Mar.'s.
F and G _omit_] Sir ...not laugh.
l. 7. A--C _omit one_] 'ha.'
l. 15. A and B] for it then.
l. 20. E--G] And you may.
l. 28. G] crack.
l. 36. A--C] fit ath.
l. 38. B] will you cure.

p. 280,
l. 5. A and C] Let him alone, 'is crackt.
l. 6. D--G] he's a beastly.
A and B] to loose.
l. 7. A--G] is a.
ll. 9 and 10. G] foh (soh F) she stinks.
ll. 19 and 20. F and G] ye have ...hate ye.
l. 23. A and B] in intercession. D--G] make intercession.
l. 25. A] not all.
l. 26. F and G] and will.
l. 32. A and B] safer dote.
l. 33. F] disease.

p. 281,
l. 8. A--C] I hope 'is not.
l. 16. A] There is.
l. 28. A] Carrire.
D--G] carriage.
l. 29. A--C, F and G] now I.
l. 30. A--G] a horse back.
l. 31. A--C and E--G] to looke to.

p. 282,
l. 3. A--C] 'is fleet.
l. 10. 2nd Folio _misprints_] sweed.
l. 11. F] not your.
A--E] Reasens.
F and G] your rotten Reasons.
l. 13. F and G] civil and feed.
l. 16. A--G] pounds.
l. 18. A, F and G] defend.

p. 283,
l. 2. F and G] Ordinaries do eat.
l. 3. F and G] to a play.
l. 6. E] Bootmaker.
F and G] to a bear-baiting.
l. 13. A, C--G] aire.
l. 15. A] as little.
l. 18. E] if they may.
ll. 22 and 23. F and G] ask me.
l. 23. A and B] a modesty.
l. 24. A--F] Wardrope.
l. 28. E--G] to dogs.
l. 36 E] cheate.
A--G] _add_] Finis Actus Quarti.

p. 284,
l. 27. F and G] the Gentleman.
l. 31. A and B] house Sir.

p. 285,
l. 5. B] for your.
l. 10. A--D] be lest.
E--G] be left.
l. 15. E] never-worme.
l. 25. F and G] the elder hath.
l. 31. 2nd Folio _misprints_] Gentlewomau.

p. 286,
l. 7. G] goodly.
l. 8. A and D] beliefe.
l. 10. E--G] you cas'd.
l. 29. A--G] in thy.
l. 30. G _omits_] I.
l. 31. F] years.

p. 287,
l. 1. F and G] vilely.
l. 3. A and D--G] shall want uryne to finde the cause by: and she.
B and C] shall want uryne finde the cause be.
l. 14. A and B] I stoppe.

p. 288,
l. 7. E _omits_] did.
F and G] he does.
l. 25. A and B _omit_] be.
l. 34. F and G] till death.

p. 289,
l. 1. 2nd Folio _misprints_] berroth'd.
E and G _add at beginning_] Ah.
l. 5. A and B] mind is.
l. 6. G] womens.
l. 22. F] not any.
l. 26. F and G _omit_] Godlike.
l. 27. A and B] passions.
l. 28. F and G] is her law.
l. 39. D--G] and colour.

p. 290,
l. 7. 2nd Folio _misprints_] yon.
l. 7. F and G] you, though unknown.
l. 18. F and G] Heaven to comfort.
l. 34. A and B] Milde still as.
l. 37. B] ends.
l. 40. F and G] never find.

p. 291,
l. 7. A and B] I will.
l. 12. G] spoken.
l. 25. A--F] judicially.
l. 27. G] off her.
A--C] sound.
G] her Love.
F] lovers.
l. 33. A, B and E--G] a bed.
l. 37. D] at a third.
F and G _add after_ Balls] admirably.

p. 292,
l. 2. A, F and G] forgot.
ll. 4 and 5. F and G _omit_] I'll not ... you joy.
l. 9. G] there was.
l. 10. A, B, F and G] meant.
G _omits_] you.
l. 19. G] rather then.
l. 20. A, B and D--F] forsooke.
l. 34. A, E and G] I had rather.

p. 293,
l. 4. D--G _add after_ so] a most ungodly thing.
ll. 5 and 6. D--G _omit_] Since a ... ungodly thing.
l. 30. D and F _omit_] and Young.
l. 32. A and B] all uncivill, all such beasts as these.
C] are uncivill, all such beasts.
D and E] wee are uncivill, as such beasts as these.
F and G] all uncivil. Would, etc.

p. 294,
l. 7. G] are you.
l. 11. A--C] learning new sir.
E--G _omit_] Sir.
l. 14. A] rouge.
l. 16. A] capassions.
l. 17. 2nd Folio _misprints_] Goaler.
l. 25. F and G] indeed I do.

p. 295,
l. 8. 2nd Folio _misprints_] A I.
l. 27. F and G] Heaven quite.
1. 31. F and G] thou help.
l. 34. F and G _omit_] the Cleve.
l. 36. F] all this.

p. 296,
l. 30. F, _some copies_] hankt it.
l. 34. G] O Heaven.

p. 297,
l. 1. F and G] with this.
l. 12. F and G] who I.
l. 17. B, F and G] hold out.
l. 22. A] witnes to.
ll. 26 and 27. F and G] this Welford from.

p. 298,
l. 5. 2nd Folio _misprints_] turn.
l. 8. A, B, D, F and G] tyr'd.
l. 12. A] sore Ladies.
D--G _omit_] four.
l. 19. F and G] I think I.
l. 23. A] I see by her.
l. 38. A and E] make.

p. 299,
l. 2. E--G] he is.
l. 10. A and B] A will. C] I will.
l. 13. F and G] make you well.
l. 15. G] unconverted.
l. 20. F and G] tell you.
l. 26. B] yon.
l. 34. F and G] Who's.

p. 300,
l. 8. F and G] must wear.
l. 9. G _omits_] Of.
l. 19. A and B] pound.
l. 22. E and F _omit_] a.
l. 29. G] you wall graze.
l. 30. F and G] once again.
l. 33. F and G] your Worship.
l. 38. G] Why now.

p. 301,
l. 3. F and G] As fast as.
l. 11. C] helps.
l. 17. A and B _omit_] the.
l. 24. F and G] and lead.
l. 25. A--G _add_] Finis.

[During the passing of these sheets through the press, a copy of the
quarto named G (1677, 'The Seventh Edition') has been found in England by
the writer of this note. Its existence has been ignored by every previous
editor of Beaumont and Fletcher, and, apparently, by English
bibliographers, the folio of 1679 being presumed to be 'Ed. 7.' The
knowledge that a copy existed in America led to a fruitless search for it
in English libraries, until accident, a few months ago, brought one to
light in time to enable a collation of its text to be included in the
above notes. It will be seen that many of the readings are of considerable


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