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The Re-Creation of Brian Kent by Harold Bell Wright

Part 5 out of 5

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largest and all else must wait.

After finishing "The Eyes of the World," Mr. Wright embarked on the
building of a home in the Santa Monica mountains near Hollywood,
California. So in the summer of 1915 the little family of five
began making their residence in the new canyon home, one of
nature's delightful spots.

Then again, the author went into camp in the Arizona desert while
writing "When a Man's a Man." For he finds it very helpful to live
in the atmosphere of his story while doing the actual writing and
he also avoids frequent interruption. I think he got more real
enjoyment out of this story than any he has previously done. It is
a story of the out-of-doors in this great unfenced land where a man
must be a man. I suppose, too, he enjoyed writing this work so
much, partly, because it comes so easy for him to just tell a story
without the intervention of some nerve racking problem. The only
book he has heretofore written that is purely a story is "The
Shepherd of the Hills," and I sometimes wonder to what proportion
of his readers does this Ozark story hold first place. For all
such, I am sure, "When a Man's a Man" will find a reception of
special heartiness because it is just a fine, big, wholesome novel
of simple sweetness and virile strength.

I have written this sketch of Harold Bell Wright that you may know
him as intimately, if possible, as if you had met him in person.
But should you have the opportunity of making his acquaintance do
not deny yourself the pleasure. If you are a lover of his books I
am sure you are just the kind of person that the author himself
delights to meet.

"Relay Heights," February 15, 1916.

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