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The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, and Discoveries of The English Nation v. 4 by Richard Hakluyt

Part 8 out of 8

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Of their marching, charging and other martial discipline.

Section X.
Of their colonies and mamtainmgof their conquests

Section XI.
Of the Tartars and other borderers to the country of Russia, etc.

Section XII.
Of the Permians, Samoites, and Lappes

Sub-section (_a_).
The description of the regions, people and rivers lying north and
east from Moscovia, likewise the description of other countreys
and regions, even unto the empire of the great Can of Cathay,
taken out of Sigismundus ab Herbertstein

Sub-section (_b_).
A note gathered by John Baptista Ramusius, out of Abilfada
Ishmael, concerning the trending of the ocean sea from China

Section XIII.
The Emperor's private or houshold officers

Section XIV.
Of the private behaviour or qualitie of the Russe people

XXXVIII. The Lord Boris Pheodorowich his letter to William Burghley, Lord
High Treasurer of England

XXXIX. The queenes majesties letter to Pheodor Ivanowich (1591)

XL. The queenes majesties letters to Boris Pheodorowich

XLI. Letter from Lord Burghley to Boris Pheodorowich

XLII. Letter from Pheodor Ivanowich to Queen Elizabeth

XLIII. Letter from Boris Pheodorowich to Queen Elizabeth

XLIV. Letter from Boris Pheodorowich to Lord Burghley

XLV. A letter given to the English merchants by Pheodor Ivanowich

XLVI. M. Garlands commission unto Thomas Simkinson for the bringing of M.
John Dee to the Emperour of Russia his court

XLVII. A letter from Edward Carland to M. John Dee for the same purpose

XLVIII. A branch of a letter from M. John Merick, touching the death of
Pheodor Ivanowich

XLIX. A letter from John Balak to Gerardus Mercator, concerning the North

L. A testimonie of the north eastern discoverie made by the English, by
John Baptista Ramusius

LI. The testimonie of Gerardus Metcator, touching the same.

LII. The testimonie of Joannes Metellus Sequanus, concerning the same.


Tables of Contents.

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