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The Palmy Days of Nance Oldfield by Edward Robins

Part 5 out of 5

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This publick decency in their theatre I have myself seen carried so
far that a gentleman in their second Loge, or middle-gallery, being
observed to sit forward himself while a lady sate behind him, a loud
number of voices called out to him from the pit, "_Place a la
Dame! Place a la Dame_!" When the person so offending, either not
apprehending the meaning of the clamour, or possibly being some John
Trott who feared no man alive, the noise was continued for several
minutes; nor were the actors, though ready on the stage, suffered to
begin the play till this unbred person was laughed out of his seat,
and had placed the lady before him.

Whether this politeness observed at plays may be owing to their clime,
their complexion, or their government, is of no great consequence;
but if it is to be acquired, methinks it is a pity our accomplished
countrymen, who every year import so much of this nation's gawdy
garniture, should not, in this long course of our commerce with them,
have brought over a little of their theatrical good-breeding too.


Abington, Mrs.
Actors and audience, Colley Cibber on
Addison, Joseph
his "Cato"
Anne, Queen
Anne's reign, Life in Queen
Ashbury, Joseph
Ashton's "Reign of Queen Anne"
Aston, Tony
Attorneys of Queen Anne's day

Baggs, Zachary
Baker of Dublin
Barry, Spranger,
Mrs. Spranger
Barry, Mrs. Elizabeth
Bartholomew Fair
Bath life
"Beaux' Stratagem," Farquhar's
Bellchambers, Edmund
Bertie, Miss Dye
Betterton, Thomas
Blackmore, Dr. (Sir Richard)
Bolingbroke, Lord
Booth, Barton
Mrs. Barton
_see also_ Santlow
Boswell, James
Bowman, an actor
Bracegirdle, Anne
Bradshaw, Mrs.
Brett, Colonel
Miss Anne
Broschi, Carlo (Farinelli)
Budgell, Eustace
Bullock, an actor
Burney, Dr.
"Busiris," Young's

Cadogan, Charles Sloane, 1st Earl
Campbell, Thomas
"Careless Husband," Cibber's
Cat, Christopher
"Cato," Addison's
Centlivre, Mrs.
her "Perplexed Lovers"
Centlivre, Mr.
Charles II., King
Chener, Mons.
Chetwood, W.R.
"Christian Hero, The," Steele's
Church and stage
Church music and the theatre
Churchill, General (Marlborough's nephew)
Churchill, Colonel (Oldfield's son)
Churchill, Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough
Churchill, Mary, Countess of Cadogan
Cibber, Caius Gabriel
Cibber, Colley
"Cibber, Apology for the Life of"
Cibber, Theophilus
Clive, Mrs.
Coffee-houses of Addison's day
Collier, William
Colman's "Random Records"
Corelli, Arcangelo
Costumes, Stage
Courthorpe's "Addison"
Covent Garden Theatre
Craggs, Mr. Secretary
Crawley, the showman
Critics, Addison on dramatic
Crown, John
Cuzzoni, Francesca

Davenant, Alexander
Davies, T.
Defoe, Daniel
Delany, Mrs.
Dennis, John,
"Essay on the Operas"
Diction of the eighteenth century
"Distressed Mother, The," Philips'
Dod, Benjamin
Dogget, Thomas
Doran, Dr.
Dorset, Earl of
Dorset, Garden Theatre
Downes, the prompter
Drama and the Restoration
Dramatic critics (Addison)
Dramatic writings, old and new
Drury Lane Theatre
Drury Lane,
revolt of Betterton
another exodus
Drury Lane, Company
"Duke of York's Company"
D'Urfey's "Western Lass"

"Echoes of the Playhouse"
Elrington, Thomas
Epilogues, Comic (The _Spectator_)
Estcourt, Dick
Eugene, Prince
Evans, John

"Fair Quaker of Deal," Shadwell's
Farquhar, Capt. George
Faustina, Bordoni Hasse
Fielding, Henry
Fitzgerald, Percy
Fontaine, Monsieur de la
Foote, Samuel
"Funeral, or Grief a la Mode, The," Steele's
Funeral customs, old time

Gambling women
Garrick, David
Garth, Dr.
Genest, P.
George I., King
Gildon, Charles,
Gossin, Jeane Catherine
Gregory, Mr.
Griffith, Thomas
Gwyne, Nell

Habits of society
Halifax, Lord
Haymarket Theatre,
restricted to operas
"Hearts, The King of," Maynwaring's
Hendon, Heywoodhill
Henley, Mr.
Hertford, Countess of
Hill, Aaron
Horton, Mrs.
Howard, Bronson
Hoyt, Mr.
Hughes, Mr.
Hulet, Charles

"Inconstant, The," Farquhar's
Ingolsby, General
Italian opera

"Jane Shore," Rowe's
Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster
Johnson, Dr. Samuel
Johnstone, Drury Lane machinist
Jones, Henry Arthur
Jonson, Benjamin

Keen, Theophilus
Killigrew, Charles
"King's Company, The"
Kit-Cat Club
Knight, Mrs.
Knipp, Mrs.

Lambro, Miss
Lecouvreur, French actress
Leigh, Francis
Lincoln's Inn Field Theatre of 1695,
"Lives of the Poets," Cibber's
Lorrain, Rev. Paul
Lowe, R.W.

Macclesfield, Anne, 1st Countess of
"Make-up," Art of
Marlborough, _see_ Churchill
Master of the Revels, office of
Maynwaring, Arthur,
Maynwaring, Mr. (Oldfield's son)
"Milk White Flag, A," Mr. Hoyt's
Mills, John
Misson's, Henre, "Memoirs"
Mist, Nathaniel
_Mist's Weekly Journal_
Mitford, M.R.
Mitre Tavern
Montagu, Captain
Morley's "Notes on The _Spectator_"
Mountford, Will
Mountford, Mrs., _see_ Verbruggen
Mountford, Susan

Neal, Edmund, "Phaedra and Hippolitus"
"Non-Juror, The," Cibber's
Norris, an actor

Oldfield, Captain
Oldfield, Mrs.
Oldfield, Anne (Nance)
meets Farquhar
introduced to Vanbrugh,
joins the stage
Bath _debut_
first stage triumph
Cibber's "Careless Husband" her success
as Sylvia in Farquhar's "Recruiting Officer"
leaves Drury Lane for the Haymarket
supplants Mrs. Bracegirdle
salary at the Haymarket
---- and at Drury Lane
as Andromache in "Distressed Mother"
plays Marcia in "Cato"
meets Alexander Pope
tragic parts
rivals produce a riot, her triumph
as Jane Shore
adheres to Drury Lane
takes Sophonisba, praised by Thomson
meridian lustre
mistress of A. Maynwaring
personal attractions
accepts protection of Marlborough's nephew
received at Court
her natural children
ancestress of Earls of Cadogan
sympathy for Richard Savage
intercedes for his life
mourned by Savage
her equipage
sweetness and common sense
retains her bloom
captivating as Lady Townley
moved in polite circles
ill-health, dies in Lower Grosvenor Street
laid in State in the Jerusalem Chamber
interred in Westminster Abbey
Oldfield, Anne, elegy by Richard Savage
Opera, Italian
Operatic singers
Oxford and the drama
actors contribute to St. Mary's restoration fund

Page, Francis
Pepy's Diary
"Perplexed Lovers, The," Centlivre's
Philips, Ambrose
Players in Queen Anne's time
Pope, Alexander
Porter, Mistress
Powell, George
Prince George of Denmark
Pritchard, Sir William
"Provoked Husband, The," Vanbrugh and Cibber's

Radcliffe, Dr.
"Recruiting Officer, The," Farquhar's
Rich, Christopher
Rich, John
Rivers, Lord
Rogers, Mrs.
Rowe, Nicholas
Russell Court Chapel
Ryan, Lacy

Sandridge, Dean
Santlow, Hester
_see also_ Booth, Mrs.
Saunders, Mistress
Savage, Richard
Schlegel, Augustus Wm.
"Scornful Lady, The"
Shadwell, Thomas
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley
"Sir Courtly Nice," Crown's
"Sir Thomas Overbury," Savage's
Skipworth, Sir Thomas
Smith, an actor
_Spectator, The_
Stage armies
Stanyan, T.
Steele, Sir Richard
Strolling players
Swift, Dean
Swiney, Owen

"Tamerlane," N. Rowe's
"Tartuffe," Moliere's
Theatre and church
and playgoers
Theatrical dress
claptrap, Addison on
property, Sir R. Steele on
Theatricals began, Hour
Thomas, Augustus
Thomson's "Sophonisba"
Thurmond, John
Toasting glasses
Tofts, Mrs.
Tonson, Jacob
Trumbull, Sir William

Vanbrugh, Sir John
Verbruggen, Mrs.
Voss, Mrs.

Walker, an actor
Walpole, Horace
Walpole, Sir Robert
Ward, Ned
Wig, cost of a full-bottomed
Wilks, Robert
William III., King
Williams, Joseph
Woffington, Peg
"Wonder, The," Mrs. Centlivre's
Woollen shrouds

Yates, Mistress
Young's, Dr., "Busiris"

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