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The Life of the Bee by Maurice Maeterlinck

Part 4 out of 4

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2. Practical Apiculture:

Dzierzon, "Theorie und Praxis des neuen Bienenfreundes; "Langstroth,
"The Honeybee "(translated into French by Ch. Dadant: "L'Abeille et
la Ruche," which corrects and completes the original); Georges de
Layens and Bonnier, "Cours Complet d'Apiculture; "Frank Cheshire,
"Bees and Bee-keeping" (vol. ii.--Practical); Dr. E. Bevan, "The
Honey-bee;" T. W. Cowan, "The British Bee-keeper's Guidebook;" A.
Root, "The A B C of Bee-Culture;" Henry Alien, "The Bee-keeper's
Handy-book;" L'Abbe Collin, "Guide du Proprietaire des Abeilles;
"Ch. Dadant, "Petit Cours d'Apiculture Pratique; "Ed. Bertrand,
"Conduite du Rucher; "Weber, "Manuel pratique d'Apiulture;" Hamet,
"Cours Complet d'Api-culture; "De Bauvoys, "Guide de l'Apiculteur;"
Pollmann, "Die Biene und ihre Zucht; "Jeker, Kramer, and Theiler,
"Der Schweizerische Bienenvater; "S. Simmins, "A Modern Bee Farm;"
F. W. Vogel, "Die Honigbiene und die Vermehrung der Bienvolker;
"Baron A. Von Berlepsch, "Die Biene und ihre Frucht," etc.

3. General Monographs:

F. Cheshire, "Bees and Bee-keeping" (vol. i.--Scientific); T. W.
Cowan, "The Honey-bee; "J. Perez, "Les Abeilles; "Girard, "Manuel
d'Apiculture" (Les Abeilles, Organes et Fonctions); Schuckard,
"British Bees; "Kirby and Spence, "Introduction to Entomology;
"Girdwoyn, "Anatomie et Physiologic de l'Abeille;" F. Cheshire,
"Diagrams on the Anatomy of the Honeybee;" Gunderach, "Die
Naturgeschichte der Honigbiene; "L. Buchner, "Geistes-leben der
Thiere;" O. Butschli, "Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Biene; "J. D.
Haviland, "The Social Instincts of Bees, their Origin and Natural

4. Special Monographs (Organs, Functions, Undertakings, etc.):

F. Dujardin, "Memoires sur le Systeme nerveux des Insectes;" Dumas
and Milne Edwards, "Sur la Production de la Cire des Abeilles; "E.
Blanchard, "Recherches anatomiques sur le Systeme nerveux des
Insectes;" L. R. D. Brougham, "Observations, Demonstrations, and
Experiences upon the Structure of the Cells of Bees;" P. Cameron,
"On Parthenogenesis in the Hymenoptera" (Transactions Natural
Society of Glasgow, 1888); Erichson, "De Fabrica et Usu Antennarum
in Insectis;" B. T. Lowne, "On the Simple and Compound Eyes of
Insects "(Philosophical Transactions, 1879); G. K. Waterhouse, "On
the Formation of the Cells of Bees and Wasps; "Dr. C. T. E. von
Siebold, "On a True Parthenogenesis in Moths and Bees; "F. Leydig,
"Das Auge der Gliederthiere; "Pastor Schonfeld, "Bienen-Zeitung,"
1854--1883; "Illustrierte Bienen-Zeitung," 1885-1890; Assmuss, "Die
Parasiten der Honig-biene."

5. Notes on Melliferous Hymenoptera:

E. Blanchard," Metamorphoses, Moeurs et Instincts des Insectes;
"Vid: "Histoire des Insectes; "Darwin, "Origin of Species;" Fabre,
"Souvenirs Entomologiques "(3d series); Romanes, "Mental Evolution
in Animals; "id., "Animal Intelligence; "Lepeletier et Fargeau,
"Histoire Naturelle des Hymenopteres; "V. Mayet, "Memoire sur les
Moeurs et sur les Metamorphoses d'une Nouvelle Espece de la Famille
des Vesicants "(Ann. Soc. Entom. de France, 1875); H. Muller, "Ein
Beitrag zur Lebensgeschichte der Dasypoda Hirtipes;" E. Hoffer,
"Biologische Beobachtungen an Hummeln und Schmarotzerhummeln;
"Jesse, "Gleanings in Natural History; "Sir John Lubbock, "Ants,
Bees, and Wasps; "id., "The Senses, Instincts, and Intelligence of
Animals;" Walkenaer, "Les Haclites; "Westwood, "Introduction to the
Study of Insects; "V. Rendu, "De l'Intelligence des Betes;" Espinas,
"Animal Communities," etc.

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