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The Illustrated London Reading Book by Various

Part 8 out of 8

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SPI'RITUAL, _a._ that which regards divinity; that which regards the
soul; not temporal

SPLE'NDID, _a._ showy; magnificent; pompous

STABI'LITY, _s._ steadiness; strength to stand

STA'GNANT, _a._ motionless; still

STA'GNATE, _v.a._ lie motionless; have no stream

STA'NDARD, _s._ an ensign in war; a settled rate

STA'RLING, _s._ a bird that may be taught to whistle, and articulate

STA'TESMAN, _s._ a politician; one employed in public affairs

STA'TION, _v.a._ place in a certain post or place

STA'TUE, _s._ an image; solid representation of any living being

STA'TURE, _s._ the height of any animal

STE'RIL, _a._ barren; unfruitful

STO'IC, _s._ an ancient philosopher of a particular sect, that met under
the _Stoa_ or portico of the temple

STO'ICAL, _a._ pertaining to the Stoics

STRA'TAGEM, _s._ an artifice in war; a trick by which some advantage is

STRU'CTURE, _s._ building; form

STRU'GGLE, _v.n._ labour; strive; contend

STU'DENT, _s._ a bookish man; a scholar

STUPE'NDOUS, _a._ wonderful; amazing; astonishing

STU'PIFY, _v.a._ make stupid; deprive of sensibility

SUB-DIVI'DE, _v.a._ to divide a part into more parts

SUBDIVI'SION, _s._ the act of subdividing; the parts distinguished by a
second division

SUBDU'E, _v.a._ crush; oppress; conquer; tame

SUB'JECT, _s._ one who lives under the dominion of another; that on
which any operation is performed

SUBME'RGE, _v.a._ to put under water; to drown

SUBMI'SSIVE, _a._ humble

SU'BSEQUENT, _a._ following in train

SUBSI'STENCE, _s._ competence; means of supporting life; inherence in
something else

SU'BSTANCE, _s._ something real, not imaginary; wealth; means of life

S'UBSTITUTE, _s._ one placed by another to act with delegated power

SUBTERRA'NEOUS, _a._ living under the earth

SUBVE'RSION, _s._ overthrow; ruin

SU'CCEED, _v.a._ follow; prosper

SUCCE'SSFUL, _a._ prosperous; happy; fortunate

SUCCE'SSION, _s._ a series of persons or things following one another; a

SU'CCOUR, _s._ aid; assistance; help in distress

SU'CCULENT, _a._ juicy; moist

SU'DDEN, _a._ coming unexpectedly; hasty; violent

SU'FFER, _v.a._ bear; undergo; endure; permit

SUFFI'CE, _v.n._ be enough; be sufficient; be equal to the end, or

SUFFI'CE, _v.a._ afford; supply; satisfy

SUFFI'CIENT, _a._ equal to any end or purpose

SU'LLY, _v.a._ spoil; tarnish; dirty; spot

SU'LTRY, _a._ hot and close

SU'MMON, _v.a._ call up; raise; admonish to appear

SU'MPTUOUS, _a._ costly; expensive; splendid

SUPE'RB, _a._ grand; pompous; lofty; magnificent

SUPERINCU'MBENT, _a._ lying on the top of something else

SUPERINDU'CE, _v.a._ bring in as an addition to something else

SUPERINTE'NDENCE, _s._ superior care; the act of overseeing with

SUPERINTEN'DENT, _s._ one who overlooks others authoritatively

SUPE'RIOR, _a._ higher; greater in dignity or excellence; preferable;

SUPERIO'RITY, _s._ pre-eminence; the quality of being greater or higher
than another

SUPERSE'DE, _v.a._ make void by superior power

SUPERSTI'TIOUS, _a._ full of idle fancies or scruples with regard to

SUPPLY', _v.n._ fill up a deficiency; yield; afford; accommodate;

SUPPLY', _s._ relief of want; cure of deficiencies

SUPPO'RT, _s._ act or power of sustaining; prop

SUPPO'RT, _v.a._ sustain; prop; endure

SUPPO'SE, _v.a._ admit without proof; imagine

SU'RFACE, _s._ superficies; outside

S'URPLUS, _s._ overplus; what remains when use is satisfied

SURROU'ND, _v.a._ environ; encompass; enclose on all sides

SURVE'Y, _v.a._ view as examining; measure and estimate land; overlook

SUSCE'PTIBLE, _a._ capable of anything

SUSPI'CION, _s._ the act of suspecting; imagination of something ill
without proof

SWA'LLOW, _v.n._ take down the throat; take in

SY'CAMORE, _s._ a tree

SY'COPHANT, _s._ tale-bearer

SY'MMETRY, _s._ adaptation of parts to each other; proportion; harmony

SY'MPHONY, _s._ harmony of mingled sounds

SY'NAGOGUE, _s._ a Jewish place of worship

SY'STEM, _s._ any combination of many things acting together

SYSTEMA'TIC, _a._ methodical; written or formed with regular
subordination of one part to another

TA'BLET, _s._ a small level surface; a surface written on or painted

TA'BULAR, _a._ set in the form of tables or synopses

TA'CTICS, _s._ the art of ranging men on the field of battle

TA'FFETA, _s._ a thin silk

TA'NKARD, _s._ a large vessel with a cover for strong drink

TA'PER, _v.n._ grow gradually smaller

TA'TTOO, _v.a._ mark by staining on the skin

TA'WDRY, _a._ meanly showy; showy without elegance

TA'XATION, _s._ the act of loading with taxes; accusation

TE'CHNICAL, _a._ belonging to the arts; not in common or popular use

TE'LESCOPE, _s._ a long glass by which distant objects are viewed

TEA'CHER, _s._ one who teaches; an instructor

TE'MPERANCE, _s._ moderation in meat and drink; free from ardent passion

TE'MPERATE, _a._ moderate in meat and drink; free from ardent passion;
not excessive

TE'MPERATURE, _s._ constitution of nature; degree of any qualities;

TE'MPLE, _s._ a place appropriated to acts of religion; the upper part
of the sides of the head

TE'MPORAL, _a._ measured by time secular; not spiritual

TEMPTA'TION, _s._ the act of tempting

TENA'CITY, _s._ adhesion of one part to another

TE'NDENCY, _s._ direction or course toward any place, object, inference,
or result

TE'NDER, _a._ soft; sensible; delicate; gentle; mild; young; weak, as
_tender_ age

TE'NDRIL, _s._ the clasp of a vine or other climbing plant

TE'NEMENT, _s._ anything held by a tenant

TENU'ITY, _s._ thinness; smallness; poverty

TE'RMINATE, _v.n._ have an end; be limited; end

TERMINA'TION, _s._ the end

TERRE'STRIAL, _a._ earthly

TE'RRIBLE, _a._ dreadful; formidable; causing fear

TE'RRIER, _s._ a kind of dog

TE'RRITORY, _s._ land; country

TE'RROR, _s._ fear communicated; fear received; the cause of fear

TE'XTURE, _s._ the act of weaving; a web; a thing woven; combination of

THE'REFORE, _ad._ for this reason; consequently

THOU'SAND, _a._ or _s._ the number of ten hundred

TIDE, _s._ time; alternate ebb and flow of the sea

TI'MID, _a._ fearful; wanting courage

TI'MOROUS, _a._ fearful; terrified; susceptible of fear; capable of
being frightened

TI'TLE, _s._ a general head comprising particulars; an appellation of
honour; claim of right; the first page of a book, telling its name,
and generally its subject

TO'CSIN, _s._ an alarm-bell

TO'RPID, _a._ motionless; sluggish

TO'RTURE, _s._ torments judicially inflicted; pain by which guilt is
punished, or confession extorted

TO'RTURE, _v.a._ punish with tortures; torment

TOUR, _s._ (pronounced _toor_) a journey for pleasure

TOU'RIST, _s._ one who travels for pleasure

TO'WARD, _prep._ in a direction to; near to

TOW'ER, _s._ high building; fortress; an elevation

TRADI'TIONAL, _a._ delivered by tradition

TRA'GEDY, _s._ any mournful or dreadful event

TRA'GIC, _a._ mournful, calamitous

TRA'GI-CO'MEDY, _s._ a drama compounded of merry and serious things

TRAIN, _v.a._ draw along; entice; educate

TRA'NQUIL, _a._ quiet; peaceful

TRANQUI'LLITY, _a._ quietness; peace; freedom from trouble or annoyance

TRANSA'CT, _v.a._ manage; negotiate; perform

TRANSA'CTION, _s._ negotiation; management

TRA'NSIENT, _a._ short; momentary

TRANSI'TION, _s._ removal; passage from one to another; change

TRANSMI'T, _v.a._ send from one place to another

TRANSPA'RENT, _a._ clear; translucent

TRA'VEL, _s._ journey; labour; toil

TRA'VEL, _v.n._ make travels; move; go

TRA'VERSE, _v.a._ to cross; to lay athwart; to cross by way of
opposition; to wander over

TREA'CHEROUS, _a._ faithless; guilty of deserting or betraying

TREA'CHERY, _s._ perfidy; breach of faith

TREA'SURER, _s._ one who has the care of money; one who has the charge
of treasure

TRE'LLIS, _s._ a structure of iron, wood, or osier, the parts crossing
each other like a lattice

TREME'NDOUS, _a._ dreadful; horrible

TRE'MOUR, _s._ the state of trembling or quivering

TRE'MULOUS, _a._ trembling; fearful; quivering

TREPIDA'TION, _s._ fear; terror; hurry; confused haste; terrified flight

TRI'ANGLE, _s._ a figure of three angles

TRIBU'NAL, _s._ the seat of a judge; a court of justice

TRI'BUTE, _s._ payment in acknowledgment; subjection

TRI'PLE, _a._ threefold; treble

TRI'UMPH, _s._ victory; conquest

TRIU'MPHANT, _a._ victorious; celebrating a victory

TRO'PHY, _s._ something shown or treasured up in proof of victory

TRO'UBLE, _v.n._ disturb; afflict; tease; disorder

TRU'NCATE, _v.a._ maim; cut short

TRU'NNIONS, _s._ the knobs or bunchings of a gun, that bear it on the
checks of a carriage

TUBE, _s._ a pipe; a long hollow body

TU'BULAR, _a._ resembling a pipe or trunk

TUMU'LTUOUS, _a._ uproarious; noisy

TU'NIC, _s._ part of the Roman dress, natural covering; tunicle

TU'NNEL, _s._ funnel; shaft of a chimney; passage underground

TU'RBAN, _s._ the covering worn by the Turks on their heads

TU'RPITUDE, _s._ shamefulness; baseness

TY'RANNY, _s._ severity; rigour

TY'RANT, _s._ an absolute monarch governing imperiously; a cruel and
severe master; an oppressor

U'LTIMATE, _a._ intended as the last resort

UNABA'TED, _part._ not lessened in force or intensity

UNACCOU'NTABLE, _a._ not explicable; not to be solved by reason; not

UNA'LTERABLE, _a._ unchangeable; immutable

UNAPRROA'CHED, _a._ inaccessible

UNAWA'RE, _ad._ unexpectedly; without thought

UNCE'RTAINTY, _s._ want of certainty; inaccuracy

UNCHA'NGEABLE, _a._ not subject to variation

UNCO'MFORTABLE, _a._ affording no comfort; gloomy

UNCU'LTIVATED, _a._ not instructed; uncivilised

UNDAU'NTED, _a._ unsubdued by fear; not depressed

UNDERGO', _v.a._ suffer; sustain; support

UNDERMI'NE, _v.a._ to excavate under

UNDIMI'NISHED, _a._ not to be lessened; incapable of being lessened

UNDISCO'VERED, _a._ not seen; not found out

UNDISTI'NGUISHABLE, _a._ not to be distinguished

UNFO'RTUNATE, _a._ unsuccessful; unprosperous

U'NIFORM, _a._ conforming to one rule; similar to itself

UNIFO'RMITY, _s._ conforming to one pattern

UNINHA'BITABLE, _a._ unfit to be inhabited

UNINI'TIATED, _part._ ignorant of; not conversant with

UNIVE'RSAL, _s._ the whole

U'NIVERSE, _s._ the general system of things

UNJU'STIFIABLE, _a._ not to be defended

UNMO'ULTED, _part._ unchanged in feather

UNPA'LATEABLE, _a._ nauseous, disgusting

UNRETA'LIATED, _part._ unreturned, applied to injuries

UNSA'Y, _v.a._ retract; deny what has been said

UNSUCCE'SSFUL, _a._ not having the wished event

UNSWA'THE, _v.a._ unbandage

UNVI'TIATED, _part._ pure; not defiled

UNWIE'LDY, _a._ unmanageable; not easily moving, or moved

URGE, _v.a._ press; incite; provoke; solicit

U'SHER, _s._ an under-teacher; one whose business it is to introduce
strangers, or walk before a person of high rank

UTE'NSIL, _s._ an instrument for any use, such as the vessels of the
kitchen, or tools of a trade

VALE'RIAN, _s._ a plant

VA'LLEY, _s._ low ground; a hollow between two hills

VA'LUABLE, _a._ precious; worthy

VA'LUE, _s._ price; worth; rate

VAN, _s._ the front of an army; the first line

VANI'LLA, _s._ a plant, the fruit of which is used to scent chocolate

VA'NISH, _v.n._ lose perceptible existence; disappear; be lost; pass

VA'RIANCE, _s._ discord; disagreement

VA'RIEGATE, _v.a._ diversify; stain with different colours

VA'RIOUS, _a._ different; several; diversified

VA'RY, _v.a._ change; change to something else

VA'TICAN, _s._ the palace of the Pope at Rome

VEGETA'TION, _s._ the power of producing the growth of plants

VEGETA'TIVE, _a._ having the power to produce growth in plants

VE'HICLE, _s._ a conveyance

VE'NERABLE, _a._ old; to be treated with reverence

VE'NISON, _s._ game; the flesh of deer

VENTILA'TION, _s._ the act of fanning

VENTILA'TOR, _s._ an instrument contrived to supply close places with
fresh air

VE'NTURE, _v.n._ dare; run hazard; engage in

VE'RIFY, _v.n._ justify against the charge of falsehood; confirm; to
prove true

VE'RILY, _ad._ in truth; certainly

VE'SSEL, _s._ any capacity; anything containing; the containing parts of
an animal body

VESU'VIUS, _s._ a burning mountain near Naples

VICI'NITY, _s._ nearness; state of being near

VICI'SSITUDE, _s._ regular change; revolution

VI'CTIM, _s._ sacrifice; something destroyed

VI'CTORY, _s._ conquest; triumph

VI'GIL, _s._ watch; a fast kept before a holiday

VI'GOROUS, _a._ full of strength and life

VI'GOROUSLY, _ad._ energetically; forcibly; with force; without weakness

VI'LLAGE, _s._ a small collection of houses

VI'NDICATE, _v.a._ justify; clear; assert; revenge

VI'NTAGE, _s._ the produce of the vine for the year; the time in which
grapes are gathered

VI'OLATION, _s._ infringement of a law

VI'OLENT, _a._ forcible; unseasonably vehement

VI'PER, _s._ a serpent; anything mischievous

VI'PERINE, _a._ belonging to a viper

VI'RULENT, _a._ poisonous; venomous; poisoned in the mind; malignant

VI'SIBLE, _a._ perceptible by the eye; apparent

VI'SION, _s._ sight; the faculty of seeing; the act of seeing; a
supernatural appearance; a spectre; a phantom; a dream; something
shown in a dream

VI'SUAL, _a._ using the power of sight

VI'TIATE, _v.a._ deprave; spoil; make less pure

VOLCA'NO, _s._ a burning mountain

VO'TARY, _s._ one devoted, as by a vow, to any particular service,
worship, study, or state of life

VU'LTURE, _s._ a large bird of prey

WA'NTONLY, _ad._ sportively; carelessly

WEA'PON, _s._ an instrument of offence; something with which one is
armed to hurt another

WI'LDERNESS, _s._ a desert

WI'STFUL, _a._ attentive; earnest; full of thought

WO'NDERFUL, _a._ admirable; strange; astonishing

WO'RSHIP, _v.a._ adore; honour; venerate

ZEST, _s._ relish

ZOOLO'GICAL, _a._ that which relates to animals


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