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The Illustrated London Reading Book by Various

Part 7 out of 8

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FLEUR-DE-LIS, _s._ (French for a lily, pronounced _flur-de-lee_) a
term applied in architecture and heraldry

FLE'XIBLE, _a._ capable of being bent; pliant; not brittle; complying:
obsequious; ductile; manageable

FLOAT, _v.n._ to swim on the surface of water; to move without labour in
a fluid; to pass with a light irregular course; _v.a._ to cover with

FLO'RIDNESS, _s._ freshness of colour

FLO'URISH, _v.a._ and _v.n._ yield; prosper; wield; adorn

FLU'CTUATE, _v.n._ roll to and again, as water in agitation; be in an
uncertain state

FLU'ID, _a._ anything not solid

FLU'TTER, _v.n._ move irregularly; take short flights with great
agitation of the wines

FO'LIAGE, _s._ leaves; tuft of leaves

FO'LLOWING, _a._ coming after another

FOME'NT, _v.a._ cherish with heat; encourage

FO'REFATHER, _s._ ancestor

FO'REIGN, _a._ not in this country; not domestic; remote; not belonging

FO'REPART, _s._ anterior part

FO'REST, _s._ a wild uncultivated tract of ground, with wood

FO'RMER, _a._ before another in time; the first of two

FO'RMIDABLE, _a._ terrible; dreadful; tremendous

FORTIFICA'TION, _s._ the science of military architecture; a place built
for strength

FO'RTITUDE, _s._ courage; bravery; strength

FO'RWARD, _v.a._ hasten; quicken; advance

FO'RWARD, _a._ warm; earnest; quick; ready

FO'RWARD, _ad._ onward; straight before

FO'RWARDNESS, _s._ eagerness; ardour; quickness; confidence

FOSSE, _s._ a ditch; a moat

FOUNDA'TION, _s._ the basis or lower parts of an edifice; the act of
fixing the basis; original; rise

FRA'GMENT, _s._ a part broken from the whole; an imperfect piece

FRA'NTIC, _a._ mad; deprived of understanding

FREE'STONE, _s._ stone commonly used in building, so called because it
can be cut freely in all directions

FREIGHT, _s._ anything with which a ship is loaded; the money due for
transportation of goods

FRE'QUENT, _a._ often done; often seen; often occurring

FRE'SCO, _s._ coolness; shade; duskiness; a picture not drawn in glaring
light, but in dusk

FRI'CTION, _s._ the act of rubbing two bodies together

FRI'VOLOUS, _a._ trifling; wasteful; dawdling

FRO'NTIER, _s._ the limit; the utmost verge of any territory

FU'RNACE, _s._ a large fire

FU'RNISH, _v.a._ supply with what is necessary; fit up; equip; decorate

GA'BLE, _s._ the sloping roof of a building

GA'LAXY, _s._ the Milky Way

GA'LLANT, _a._ brave; daring; noble

G'ALLEY, _a._ a vessel used in the Mediterranean

GA'RDEN, _s._ piece of ground enclosed and cultivated

GA'RMENT, _s._ anything by which the body is covered

GA'RRISON, _s._ fortified place, stored with soldiers

GAUGE, _s._ a measure; a standard

GENEA'LOGY, _s._ history of the succession of families

GE'NERAL, _a._ common; usual; extensive, though not universal; public

GENERA'TION, _s._ a family; a race; an age

GE'NEROUS, _a._ noble of mind; magnanimous; open of heart

GE'NIAL, _a._ that gives cheerfulness, or supports life; natural; native

GE'NTLE, _a._ soft; mild; tame; meek; peaceable

GEOGRA'PHICAL, _a._ that which relates to geography

GEO'GRAPHY, _s._ knowledge of the earth

GE'STURE, _s._ action or posture expressive of sentiment

GI'ANT, _s._ a man of size above the ordinary rate of men; a man
unnaturally large

GIGA'NTIC, _a._ suitable to a giant; enormous

GLA'CIER, _s._ a mountain of ice

GLA'NDULAR, _a._ having glands

GLI'STER, _v.n._ shine; to be bright

GLO'BULE, _s._ a small particle of matter of a round figure, as the red
particles of the blood

GLO'RIOUS, _a._ noble; excellent; illustrious

GLO'SSY, _a._ shiny; smoothly polished

GO'RGEOUS, _a._ fine; magnificent; gaudy; showy

GO'SLING, _s._ a young goose; a catkin on nut-trees and pines

GO'SSAMER, _s._ the web of a male spider

GOUT, _s._ a disease attended with great pain

GO'VERNOR, _s._ one who has the supreme direction; a tutor

GRADA'TION, _s._ regular progress from one degree to another; order;

GRA'DUALLY, _ad._ by degrees; step by step

GRA'NDEUR, _s._ splendour of appearance; magnificence

GRANGE, _s._ a farm

GRATIFICA'TION, _s._ pleasure; something gratifying

GRA'TITUDE, _s._ duty to benefactors; desire to return benefits

GRA'VITY, _s._ weight; tendency to the centre; seriousness; solemnity

GROTE'SQUE, _a._ distorted of figure; unnatural

GUARD, _s._ part of the hilt of a sword; a man or body of men whose
business is to watch

GUIDE, _s._ director; regulator

HABITATION, _s._ place of abode; dwelling

HABI'TUALLY, _ad._ customarily; by habit

HA'GGARD, _a._ deformed; ugly

HARA'NGUE, _v.n._ make a speech

HA'RMONIZE, _v.a._ to adjust in fit proportion

HARPO'ON, _s._ a bearded dart, with a line fastened to the handle, with
which whales are struck and caught

HA'ZARDOUS, _a._ perilous, dangerous

HE'AVY, _a._ weighty; burdened; depressed

HE'RALDRY, _s._ the art or office of a herald; registers of genealogies

HE'RBAGE, _s._ grass; pasture; herbs collectively

HERBI'VOROUS, _a._ that eats herbs

HERE'DITARY, _a._ possessed or claimed by right of inheritance;
descending by inheritance

HE'RETIC, _s._ one who propagates his private opinions in opposition to
the Catholic Church

HE'YDAY, _s._ frolic; wildness

HI'DEOUS, _a._ frightful; ugly

HIPPOPO'TAMUS, _s._ a large animal--the river horse

HISTO'RIAN, _s._ a writer of facts and events

HISTO'RICAL, _a._ that which relates to history

HI'STORY, _s._ narration; the knowledge of facts and events

HO'LLOW, _a._ excavated; not solid; not sound

HO'NEY, _s._ a sweet substance produced by bees

HO'NOUR, _s._ dignity; fame; reputation; glory

HO'RIZON, _s._ the line that terminates the view

HO'SPITABLE, _a._ giving entertainment to strangers; kind to strangers

HO'TTENTO'T, _s._ a native of the south of Africa

HOWE'VER, _ad._ in whatsoever manner; at all events; happen what will;

HOWI'TZER, _s._ a kind of bomb

HU'MAN, _a._ having the qualities of a man; belonging to man

HUMA'NITY, _s._ the nature of man; benevolence

HU'MBLE, _a._ not proud; modest; low

HU'MID, _a._ wet; moist; watery

HUMI'LITY, _s._ freedom from pride; modesty

HU'NDRED, _s._ a company or body consisting of a hundred.

HU'RRICANE, _s._ a blast; a tempest

HYDRAU'LIC, _a._ relating to the conveyance of water through pipes

HY'DROGEN, _s._ a gas, one of the component parts of the atmosphere

I'CEBERG, _s._ a hill of ice; a moving island of ice

I'CICLE, _s._ a pendent shoot of ice

I'DOL, _s._ an image worshipped as God; one loved or honoured to

IGNO'BLE, _a._ mean of birth; worthless

IGUA'NA, _s._ a reptile of the lizard species

ILLE'GAL, _a._ unlawful

ILLUMINA'TION, _s._ brightness; splendour

ILLU'MINATIVE, _a._ having the power to give light

ILLU'SION, _s._ mockery; false show

ILLU'STRATE, _v.a._ brighten with light; brighten with honour; explain;

ILLUSTRA'TION, _s._ explanation; example; exposition

ILLU'STRIOUS, _a._ conspicuous; noble; eminent

I'MAGE, _s._ a statue; a picture; an idol; a copy

IMA'GINARY, _a._ fanciful; poetical

IMAGINATION, _s._ fancy; conception; contrivance; scheme

I'MITATE, _v.a._ copy; counterfeit; resemble

IMMATE'RIAL, _a._ incorporeal; unimportant

IMMEA'SURABLE, _a._ immense; not to be measured

IMME'DIATELY, _ad._ without the intervention of any other cause or event

IMME'NSE, _a._ unlimited; unbounded; infinite

I'MMINENT, _a._ unavoidable; perilous

IMMO'RTALISE, _v.a._ to render immortal

IMMORTA'LITY, _s._ exemption from death; life never to end

IMPA'RT, _v.a._ grant; give; communicate

IMPA'RTIAL, _a._ indifferent; disinterested; just

IMPA'SSABLE, _a._ not to be passed; not admitting passage

IMPA'SSIBLE, _a._ incapable of suffering

IMPA'TIENT, _a._ not able to endure; hasty; eager

IMPERCE'PTIBLE, _a._ not to be discovered; not to be perceived; small

IMPERFE'CTION, _s._ defect; failure; fault

IMPE'RIAL, _a._ belonging to an emperor, king, or queen; regal;

IMPE'RIOUS, _a._ commanding; powerful

IMPE'TUOUS, _a._ violent; forcible; vehement

IMPLA'CABILITY, _s._ irreconcileable enmity

IMPLI'CITLY, _ad._ with unreserved confidence

IMPO'RT, _v.a._ carry into any country from abroad

IMPO'RTANCE, _s._ thing imported, or implied; consequence; matter

IMPO'RTANT, _a._ momentous; weighty; of great consequence; forcible

IMPO'SE, _v.a._ lay on as a burden or penalty; deceive; fix on

IMPO'SSIBLE, _a._ that which cannot be; that which cannot be done

IMPRE'GNABLE, _a._ invincible; unsubdueable

IMPRE'SSION, _s._ the act of pressing one body upon another; mark made
by pressure; image fixed in the mind

IMPULSE, _s._ communicated love; the effect of one body upon another

IMPU'NITY, _s._ freedom from punishment; exemption from punishment

INABI'LITY, _s._ want of power; impotence

INACCE'SSIBLE, _a._ not to be reached or approached

INA'CTIVE, _a._ sluggish; slothful; not quick

INCA'LCULABLE, _a._ that which cannot be counted

INCAPA'CITATE, _v.a._ disable; weaken; disqualify

INCARNA'TION, _s._ the act of assuming body

INCE'NTIVE, _s._ that which kindles; that which provokes; that which
encourages; spur

INCE'SSANT, _a._ unceasing; continual

I'NCIDENT, _s._ something happening beside the main design; casualty

INCLO'SURE, _s._ a place surrounded or fenced in

INCLU'DE, _v.a._ comprise; shut

INCONCE'IVABLE, _a._ incomprehensible

INCONSI'DERABLE, _a._ unworthy of notice; unimportant

INCONSI'STENT, _a._ contrary; absurd; incompatible

INCRE'DIBLE, _a._ surpassing belief; not to be credited

INCU'LCATE, _v.a._ impress by frequent admonitions

INCU'RSION, _s._ an expedition

INDENTA'TION, _s._ an indenture; having a wavy figure

I'NDICATE, _v.a._ show; point out

INDI'CTMENT, _s._ an accusation presented in a court of justice

INDIGNA'TION, _s._ wrath; anger

INDISCRI'MINATE, _a._ without choice; impartially

INDISPE'NSABLE, _a._ not to be spared; necessary

INDIVI'DUAL, _a._ single; numerically one; undivided; separate from
others of the same species

INDU'CE, _v.a._ persuade; enforce; bring into view

INDU'LGENCE, _s._ fond kindness; tenderness; favour granted

INDU'STRIOUS, _a._ diligent; laborious

I'NDUSTRY, _s._ diligence; cheerful labour

INEQUA'LITY, _s._ difference of comparative quantity

INE'VITABLE, _a._ unavoidable

INEXHA'USTIBLE, _a._ not to be spent or consumed; incapable of being

INEXPRE'SSIBLE, _a._ not to be told; unutterable

I'NFANTRTY, _s._ a body of foot soldiers; foot soldiery

INFA'TUATE, _v.a._ to strike with folly; to deprive of understanding

INFE'RIOR, _a._ lower in place, station, or value

I'NFIDEL, _s._ an unbeliever; a Pagan; one who rejects Christianity

I'NFINITE, _a._ unbounded; unlimited; immense

INFINITE'SSIMAL, _a._ infinitely divided

INFI'NITY, _s._ immensity; endless number

INFI'RMITY, _s._ weakness of age or temper; weakness; malady

INFLA'TE, _v.a._ to swell; to make larger

INFLE'XIBLE, _a._ not to be bent; immoveable; not to be changed

INFLI'CT, _v.a._ to impose as a punishment

I'NFLUENCE, _s._ power of directing or modifying

INFLUE'NTIAL, _a._ exerting influence or power

INGE'NIOUS, _a._ witty; inventive

INGENU'ITY, _s._ wit; invention; genius; subtlety

INGLO'RIOUS, _a._ void of honour; mean; without glory

INGRA'TITUDE, _s._ unthankfulness

INHA'BITANT, _s._ dweller; one that lives in a place

INHE'RENT, _a._ existing in something else, so as to be inseparable from
it; innate

INI'MITABLE, _a._ not able to be imitated; that which is incapable of

INJU'RIOUS, _a._ hurtful; baneful; capable of injuring; that which
injures; destructive

INJU'STICE, _s._ iniquity; wrong

INNU'MEROUS, _a._ innumerable; too many to be counted

INQUI'SITIVE, _a._ curious; busy in search; active to pry into

INSCRI'PTION, _s._ something written or engraved; title

I'NSECT, _s._ a small animal. Insects are so called from a separation in
the middle of their bodies, whereby they are cut into two parts,
which are joined together by a small ligature, as we see in wasps
and common flies

INSE'NSIBLY, _ad._ imperceptibly; in such a manner as is not discovered
by the senses

INSE'RT, _v.a._ place in or among other things

INSI'DIOUS, _a._ sly; diligent to entrap; treacherous

INSI'GNIA, _s._ ensigns; arms

INSIGNI'FICANT, _a._ unimportant

INSI'PID, _a._ tasteless; void of taste

INSIPI'DITY, _s._ want of taste; want of life or spirit

I'NSOLENCE, _s._ petulant contempt

INSPE'CT, _v.a._ to examine; to look over

INSPE'CTION, _s._ prying examination; superintendence

INSPIRA'TION, _s._ infusion of ideas into the mind by divine power; the
act of drawing breath

INSTABI'LITY, _s._ inconstancy; fickleness

I'NSTANT, _a._ _instant_ is such a part of duration wherein we perceive
no succession; present or current month

I'NSTANTLY, _ad._ immediately

I'NSTINCT, _s._ natural desire or aversion; natural tendency

INSTITU'TION, _s._ establishment; settlement; positive law

INSTRU'CT, _v.a._ teach; form by precept; form authoritatively; educate;
model; form

INSTRU'CTION, _s._ the act of teaching; information

INSUFFI'CIENT, _a._ inadequate to any need, use, or purpose; unfit

INTE'GRITY, _s._ honesty; straightforwardness; uprightness

INTELLE'CTUAL, _a._ relating to the understanding; mental; transacted by
the understanding

INTE'LLIGENCE, _s._ commerce of information; spirit; understanding

INTE'LLIGIBLE, _a._ possible to be understood

INTE'MPERANCE, _s._ the act of overdoing something

INTE'NSE, _a._ excessive; very great

INTE'R, _v.a._ cover under ground; to bury

INTERCE'PT, _v.a._ to hinder; to stop

I'NTERCOURSE, _s._ commerce; communication

I'NTEREST, _s._ concern; advantage; good; influence over others

INTERE'ST, _v.n._ affect; move; touch with passion

INTERLO'CUTOR, _s._ a dialogist; one that talks with another

INTERME'DIATE, _a._ intervening; interposed

INTE'RMINABLE, _a._ immense; without limits

INTE'RPRETER, _s._ one that interprets

INTERRU'PT, _v.a._ hinder the process of anything by breaking in upon it

INTERSE'CTION, _s._ point where lines cross each other

I'NTERSPACE, _s._ space between

INTERSPE'RSE, _v.a._ to scatter here and there among other things

INTERVE'NE, _v.n._ to come between

I'NTERVIEW, _s._ mutual sight; sight of each other

INTERWE'AVE, _v.a._ to intermingle; to mix one with another in a regular

I'NTIMATE, _a._ inmost; inward; near; familiar

INTONA'TION, _s._ the act of thundering

INTO'XICATE, _v.a._ to inebriate; to make drunk

I'NTRICATE, _a._ entangled; perplexed; obscure

INTRI'GUER, _s._ one that intrigues

INTRI'NSIC, _a._ inward; real; true

INTRODU'CTION, _s._ the act of bringing anything into notice or
practice; the preface or part of a book containing previous matter

INTRU'DER, _s._ one who forces himself into company or affairs without
right or welcome

INUNDA'TION, _s._ the overflow of waters; the flood; a confluence of any

INVA'LUABLE, _a._ precious above estimation

INVA'RIABLE, _a._ unchangeable; constant

INVESTIGATION, _s._ the act of investigating; the state of being

INVI'NCIBLE, _a._ not capable of being conquered

INVI'SIBLE, _a._ not to be seen

I'RIS, _s._ the rainbow; the circle round the pupil of the eye

IRRA'DIATE, _v.a._ brighten; animate by heat or light; illuminate

IRRE'GULAR, _a._ deviating from rule, custom, or nature

I'RRIGATE, _v.a._ wet; moisten; water

I'RRITATE, _v.a._ provoke; tease; agitate

IRRITA'TION, _s._ provocation; stimulation

I'SLAND, _s._ a tract of land surrounded by water

I'SSUE, _v.a._ send forth

ITA'LIC, _s._ a letter in the Italian character

JA'VELIN, _s._ a spear; a dart; an implement of war

JE'ALOUSY, _s._ suspicion in love; suspicious fear; suspicious caution

JE'WEL, _s._ a precious stone; a teem

JO'CUND, _a._ merry; gay; lively

JO'URNEY, _s._ the travel of a day; passage from place to place

JO'YOUS, _a._ glad; gay; merry; giving joy

JUDI'CIOUS, _a._ prudent; wise; skilful

JU'GGLER, _s._ one who practises sleight of hand

JU'NCTION, _s._ union; coalition

JU'STIFY, _v.a._ clear from imputed guilt; maintain

KANGARO'O, _s._ an animal found in Australia

KE'RNEL, _s._ anything included in a husk; the seeds of pulpy fruits

KI'NGDOM, _s._ the territories subject to a monarch; a different class
or order of beings, as the mineral kingdom; a region

KNI'GHTHOOD, _s._ the character or dignity of a knight

KNO'WLEDGE, _s._ information

KNU'CKLE, _s._ joints of the fingers, protuberant when the fingers close

LABU'RNUM, _s._ a kind of tree

LA'MENTABLE, _a._ deplorable

LAMENTA'TION, _s._ expression of sorrow; audible grief

LA'NCEOLATE, _a._ in a lance-like form

LA'NDSCAPE, _s._ the prospect of a country; a picture of the prospect of
a country

LA'NGUAGE, _s._ human speech; style; manner of expression

LA'NGUOR, _s._ faintness; softness; inattention

LA'RVA, _s._ an insect in the caterpillar state

LA'TENT, _a._ concealed; invisible

LA'TERALLY, _ad._ by the side

LA'TITUDE, _s._ latent diffusion; a certain degree reckoned from the

LA'TTER, _a._ lately done or past; mentioned last of two

LA'VA, _s._ molten substance projected from volcanoes

LE'AFLET, _s._ a small leaf

LE'GION, _s._ a body of Roman soldiers, consisting of about five
thousand; military force; a great number

LE'NITY, _s._ mildness; gentleness

LENS, _s._ a glass spherically convex on both sides

LEVA'NT, _s._ east, particularly those coasts of the Mediterranean east
of Italy

LEVI'ATHAN, _s._ a water-animal mentioned in the Book of Job

LI'ABLE, _a._ subject; not exempt

LI'BERAL, _a._ not mean; generous; bountiful

LI'BERATE, _v.a._ free from confinement

LI'BERTY, _s._ freedom, as opposed to slavery; privilege; permission

LICE'NTIOUSNESS, _s._ boundless liberty; contempt of just restraint

LI'CHEN, _s._ moss

LIEUTE'NANT, _s._ a deputy; in war, one who holds the next rank to a
superior of any denomination

LI'GHTHOUSE, _s._ a house built either upon a rock or some other place
of danger, with a light, in order to warn ships of danger

LI'NEAR, _a._ composed of lines; having the form of lines

LI'QUID, _a._ not solid; fluid; soft; clear

LI'QUOR, _s._ anything liquid; strong drink, in familiar language

LI'STEN, _v.a._ hear; attend

LI'TERALLY, _ad._ with close adherence to words

LI'TERARY, _a._ respecting letters; regarding learning

LI'TERATURE, _s._ learning; skill in letters

LI'TURGY, _s._ form of prayer

LOCA'LITY, _s._ existence in place

LOCOMO'TIVE, _a._ changing place; having the power of removing or
changing place

LO'CUST, _s._ a devouring insect

LU'DICROUS, _a._ fantastic; laughable; whimsical

LU'MINARY, _a._ any body which gives light

LU'MINOUS, _a._ shining; enlightened

LU'NAR, _a._ that which relates to the moon

LU'PINE, _s._ a kind of pulse

LUXU'RIANT, _a._ superfluously plentiful

MACHINE, _s._ an engine; any complicated work in which one part
contributes to the motion of another

MACHI'NERY, _s._ enginery; complicated workmanship

MAGAZI'NE, _s._ a storehouse

MA'GICAL, _a._ acted or performed by secret and invisible powers

MAGNANI'MITY, _s._ greatness of mind

MAGNA'NIMOUS, _a._ of great mind; of open heart

MAGNI'FICENT, _a._ grand in appearance; splendid; otherwise, pompous

MAJE'STIC, _a._ august; having dignity; grand

MAJO'RITY, _s._ the state of being greater; the greater number; the
office of a major

MALE'VOLENCE, _s._ ill-will; inclination to hurt others

MA'LICE, _s._ hatred; enmity; desire of hurting

MALI'CIOUS, _a._ desirous of hurting; with wicked design

MALI'GNANT, _a._ envious; malicious; mischievous

MALI'GNITY, _s._ ill-will; enmity

MA'NDIBLE, _s._ a jaw

MA'NKIND, _s._ the race or species of human beings

MA'NNER, _s._ form; method; way; mode; sort

MANUFA'CTORY, _s._ a place where a manufacture is carried on

MANOEUVRE, _s._ a stratagem; a trick

MARA'UDER, _s._ a soldier that roves in quest of plunder

MA'RGIN, _s._ the brink; the edge

MA'RINER, _s._ a seaman

MA'RITIME, _a._ that which relates to the sea

MA'RSHAL, _v.a._ arrange; rank in order

MA'RTYR, _s._ one who by his death bears witness to the truth

MA'RVELLOUS, _a._ wonderful; strange; astonishing

MA'SONRY, _s._ the craft or performance of a mason

MA'SSACRE, _s._ butchery; murder

MA'SSIVE, _a._ heavy; weighty; ponderous; bulky; continuous

MA'STERPIECE, _s._ chief excellence

MATE'RIAL, _a._ consisting of matter; not spiritual; important

MATHEMA'TICS, _s._ that science which contemplates whatever is capable
of being numbered or measured

MA'XIM, _s._ general principle; leading truth

ME'ASURE, _s._ that by which anything is measured; proportion; quantity;
time; degree

MECHA'NIC, _s._ a workman

MECHA'NICAL, _a._ constructed by the laws of mechanics

ME'DAL, _s._ a piece of metal stamped in honour of some remarkable

MEDI'CINAL, _a._ having the power of healing; belonging to physic

MEDITA'TION, _s._ deep thought; contemplation

ME'DIUM, _s._ the centre point between two extremes

ME'LANCHOLY, _a._ gloomy; dismal; sorrowful

ME'LLOW, _a._ soft with ripeness; soft; unctuous

MELO'DIOUS, _a._ musical; harmonious

ME'MBRANE, _s._ a web of several sorts of fibres, interwoven for the
wrapping up some parts; the fibres give them an elasticity, whereby
they can contract and closely grasp the parts they contain

MEMBRA'NOUS, _a._ consisting of membranes

ME'MOIR, _s._ an account of anything

ME'MORABLE, _a._ worthy of memory; not to be forgotten

ME'MORY, _s._ the power of retaining or recollecting things past;

MENA'GERIE, _s._ a place for keeping foreign birds and other curious

ME'NTION, _v.a._ to express in words or in writing

ME'RCHANDISE, _s._ commerce; traffic; wares; anything to be bought or

ME'RCHANTMAN, _s._ a ship of trade

META'LLIC, _a._ partaking of metal; consisting of metal

ME'TEOR, _s._ any body in the air or sky that is of a transitory nature

ME'TRICAL, _a._ pertaining to metre or numbers; consisting of verses

METROPO'LITAN, _a._ belonging to a metropolis

MI'CROSCOPE, _s._ an optical instrument, contrived to give to the eye a
large appearance of many objects which could not otherwise be seen

MI'LITARY, _a._ engaged in the life of a soldier; soldierlike warlike;
pertaining to war; affected by soldiers

MIND, _s._ intellectual capacity; memory; opinion

MI'NERAL, _s._ fossil body; something dug out of mines

MI'NSTER, _s._ a monastery; a cathedral church

MI'NSTRELSY, _s._ music; instrumental harmony

MINU'TE, _a._ small; little; slender

MI'RACLE, _s._ a wonder; something above human power

MIRA'CULOUS, _a._ done by miracle

MI'RROR, _s._ a looking-glass

MI'SERY, _s._ wretchedness; calamity; misfortune

MISFO'RTUNE, _s._ calamity; ill-luck

MI'SSILE, _s._ something thrown by the hand

MI'SSIONARY, _s._ one sent to propagate religion

MI'XTURE, _s._ the act of mixing; that which is added and mixed

MO'ATED, _a._ surrounded with canals by way of defence

MO'DERATE, _a._ temperate; not excessive

MODERA'TION, _s._ state of keeping a due mean between extremities

MO'DESTY, _s._ decency; purity of manners

MODULA'TION, _s._ the act of forming anything to certain proportion;

MO'LTEN, _part. pass._ the state of being melted

MO'MENT, _s._ an individual particle of time; force; importance

MOME'NTUM, _s._ the quantity of motion in a moving body

MO'NARCH, _s._ a sovereign; a ruler; a king or queen

MO'NASTERY, _s._ a residence of monks

MO'NEY, _s._ metal coined for the purposes of commerce

MO'NKEY, _s._ an animal bearing some resemblance to man; a word of
contempt, or slight kindness

MO'NUMENT, _s._ anything by which the memory of persons or things is
preserved; a memorial; a tomb

MO'RALIST, _s._ one who teaches the duties of life

MORA'LITY, _s._ the doctrine of the duties of life

MO'RNING, _s._ the first part of the day

MO'RTAR, _s._ a cement for fixing bricks together; otherwise, a kind of
cannon for firing bomb-shells; a kind of vessel in which anything is
broken by a pestle

MO'RTIFY, _v.a._ destroy vital properties, or active powers; vex;
humble; depict; corrupt; die away

MO'SLEM, _s._ a Mussulman; relating to the Mahometan form of religion

MOSQUE, _s._ a Mahometan temple

MO'TION, _s._ the act of changing place; action; agitation; proposal

MO'ULDED, _v.n._ be turned to dust; perish in dust

MO'UNTAINOUS, _a._ hilly; full of mountains; huge

MO'VEABLE, _a._ capable of being moved; portable

MULETE'ER, _s._ mule-driver; horse-boy

MULTIPLI'CITY, _s._ more than one of the same kind; state of being many

MU'LTITUDE, _s._ a large crowd of people; a vast assembly

MU'RMUR, _v.n._ grumble; utter secret and sullen discontent

MU'SSULMAN, _s._ a Mahometan believer

MU'TILATE, _v.a._ deprive of some essential part

MU'TUALLY, _ad._ reciprocally; in return

MY'RIAD, _s._ the number of ten thousand; proverbially any great number

NA'RROW, _a._ not broad or wide; small; close; covetous; near

NA'TION, _s._ a people distinguished from another people

NA'TIVE, _a._ original; natural

NA'TIVE, _s._ one born in any place

NA'TURAL, _a._ produced or effected by nature; not forced; tender

NA'TURALIST, _s._ one who studies nature, more especially as regards
inferior animals, plants, &c.

NA'TURE, _s._ constitution of an animated body; regular course of
things; disposition of mind; native state or properties of anything;
sort; species

NAU'TICAL, _a._ that which relates to a sailor

NA'VIGABLE, _a._ capable of being passed by ships or boats

NAVIGA'TOR, _s._ a sailor; seaman

NE'CESSARY, _a._ needful

NECE'SSITY, _s._ compulsion; want; need; poverty

NEGO'TIATION, _s._ treaty of business

NEI'GHBOURHOOD, _s._ vicinity; place adjoining

NE'ITHER, _pron._ not either; nor one nor other

NICHE, _s._ a hollow hi which a statue may be placed

NIDIFICA'TION, _s._ the act of building nests

NI'MBLY, _ad._ quickly; speedily; actively

NI'TROUS, _a._ impregnated with nitre

NOBI'LITY, _s._ high-mindedness; the highest class of people in
civilized life

NO'BLE, _a._ magnificent; great; illustrious

NO'TICE, _s._ remark; heed; regard; information

NOTWITHSTA'NDING, _conj._ although; nevertheless

NO'XIOUS, _a._ hurtful; harmful; baneful; guilty

NU'MBER, _s._ many; more than one.

NU'MBERLESS, _a._ more than can be reckoned

NU'MEROUS, _a._ containing many; consisting of many

NU'TRIMENT, _s._ food

OBE'DIENCE, _s._ submission to authority

OBE'ISANCE, _s._ courtesy

O'BJECT, _s._ that about which any power or faculty is employed

OBJE'CTION, _s._ adverse argument; criminal charge; fault found; the act
of opposing anything

OBLI'QUE, _a._ not direct; not parallel; not perpendicular

OBLI'VION, _s._ forgetfulness

OBNO'XIOUS, _a._ hateful; hurtful; injurious

OBSERVA'TION, _s._ the act of observing, noticing, or remarking; note;

OBSE'RVE, _v.a._ watch; regard attentively note; obey; follow

O'BSTINACY, _s._ stubbornness

OBSTRU'CT, _v.a._ block up; oppose; hinder

OCCA'SION, _s._ occurrence; casualty; incident; opportunity; convenience

OCCA'SION, _v.a._ cause; produce; influence

O'CCUPY, _v.a._ possess; keep; take up; employ; use

OFFE'NSIVE, _a._ displeasing; disgusting; injurious

O'FFER, _v.a._ present itself; be at hand; be present

O'FFER, _v.a._ propose; present; sacrifice

O'FFICE, _s._ a public charge or employment; agency; business

OLFA'CTORY, _a._ having the sense of smelling

O'LIVE, _s._ a plant producing oil; the fruit of the tree; the emblem of

O'MINOUS, _a._ exhibiting bad tokens of futurity

OMI'SSION, _s._ neglect of duty; neglect to do something

OMNI'POTENT, _s._ the Almighty

OMNIPRE'SENCE, _s._ unbounded presence

OMNI'SCIENCE, _s._ boundless knowledge; infinite wisdom

O'NSET, _s._ attack; storm; assault

O'PAL, _s._ a precious stone

O'PALINE, _a._ resembling opal

OPPORTU'NITY, _s._ convenience; suitableness of circumstances to any end

OPPRE'SS, _v.a._ crush by hardship or unreasonable severity; overpower;

OPPRE'SSOR, _s._ one who harasses others with unreasonable or unjust

O'PTICAL, _a._ relating to the science of optics

O'PTICS, _s._ the science of the nature and laws of vision

O'PULENT, _a._ rich

O'RACLE, _s._ something delivered by supernatural wisdom; the place
where, or persons of whom, the determinations of heaven are inquired

O'RAL, _a._ delivered by mouth; not written

O'RATOR, _s._ a public speaker; a man of eloquence

O'RBIT, _s._ a circle; path of a heavenly body

O'RCHARD, _s._ a garden of fruit trees

O'RCHIS, _s._ a kind of flowering plant

O'RDER, _s._ method; regularity; command; a rank or class; rule

O'RDINANCE, _s._ law; rule; appointment

O'RDINARY, _a._ established; regular; common; of low rank

O'RDNANCE, _s._ cannon; great guns

O'RGAN, _s._ natural instrument: as the tongue is the organ of speech. A
musical instrument

ORGA'NIC, _a._ consisting of various parts co-operating with each other

O'RGANISM, _s._ organic structure

O'RIENT, _a._ eastern; oriental; bright; gaudy

ORI'GINAL, _a._ primitive; first

O'RNAMENT, _v.a._ embellish; decorate

OSCILLA'TION, _a._ the act of moving backward or forward like a pendulum

O'SSEOUS, _a._ bony; resembling bone

OSTENTA'TION, _s._ outward show; pride of riches or power

OSTRICH, _s._ a large bird

OTHERWISE, _ad._ in a different manner; by other causes; in other

OU'TLET, _s._ passage outward

OU'TSET, _s._ setting out; departure

OU'TWARD, _a._ external; opposed to _inward_.

OVERFLO'W, _v.a._ deluge; drown; overrun; fill beyond the brim

OVERTA'KE, _v.a._ catch anything by pursuit; come up to something going

OVERTHRO'W, _v.a._ turn upside down; throw down; ruin; defeat; destroy

OVERWHE'LM, _v.a._ crush underneath something violent and weighty;
overlook gloomily

PACI'FIC, _a._ mild; gentle; appeasing

PA'LACE, _a._ a royal house

PA'LTRY, _a._ worthless; contemptible; mean

PA'RADISE, _s._ the blissful region in which the first pair were placed;
any place of felicity

PA'RALLEL, _a._ extending in the same direction; having the same

PARALLE'LOGRAM, _s._ in geometry, a right-lined four-sided figure, whose
opposite sides are parallel and equal

PA'RAPET, _s._ a wall breast high

PA'RCEL, _s._ a small bundle; a part of a whole

PA'RDON, _s._ forgiveness

PARO'CHIAL, _a._ belonging to a parish

PARO'TIDA-SA'LIVART, _a._ glands so named because near the ear

PA'RTICLE, _s._ any small quantity of a greater substance; a word
unvaried by inflection

PARTICULAR, _s._ a single instance; a minute detail of things singly
enumerated. IN PARTICULAR, peculiarly; distinctly

PARTICULARLY, _ad._ in an extraordinary degree; distinctly

PA'SSAGE, _s._ act of passing; road; way; entrance or exit; part of a

PA'SSENGER, _s._ traveller; a wayfarer; one who hires in any vehicle the
liberty of travelling

PA'SSIONATE, _a._ moved by passion; easily moved to anger

PA'SSIVE, _a._ unresisting; suffering; not acting

PA'STORAL, _a._ rural; rustic; imitating shepherds

PATHE'TIC, _a._ affecting the passions; moving

PA'THOS, _s._ passion; warmth; affection of the mind

PA'THWAY, _s._ a road; a narrow way to be passed on foot.

PA'TIENCE, _s._ the power of suffering; perseverance

PA'TIENTLY, _ad._ with steadfast resignation; with hopeful confidence

PA'TRIARCH, _a._ one who governs by paternal right; the father and ruler
of a family

PA'THIMONY, _s._ an estate possessed by inheritance

PA'TRIOT, _s._ one who loves his country

PA'TRON, _s._ one who countenances, supports, or protects; defender

PEA'CEABLE, _a._ not quarrelsome; not turbulent

PE'CTORAL, _a._ belonging to the breast

PECU'LIAR, _a._ appropriate; not common to other things; particular

PECULIARITY, _s._ particularity; something found only in one

PE'DESTAL, _a._ the lower member of a pillar; the basis of a statue

PE'DIMENT, _s._ an ornament that finishes the fronts of buildings, and
serves as a decoration over gates

PE'NANCE, _s._ infliction, either public or private, suffered as an
expression of repentance for sin

PE'NDULOUS, _a._ hanging

PE'NETRATE, _v.a._ enter beyond the surface; make way into a body;
affect the mind

PENINSULA, _s._ laud almost surrounded by water

PE'NURY, _s._ poverty; indigence

PE'OPLE, _s._ a nation; the vulgar

PERCEI'VE, _v.a._ discover by some sensible effects; know; observe

PERCE'PTIBLE, _a._ such as may be known or observed

PERFECTION, _s._ the state of being perfect

PERFO'RM, _v.a._ execute; do; accomplish

PE'RFORATE, _v.a._ pierce with a tool; bore

PERHA'PS, _ad._ peradventure; may be

PE'RIL, _s._ danger; hazard; jeopardy

PE'RIOD, _s._ length of duration; a complete sentence from one full stop
to another; the end or conclusion

PE'RISIH, _v.n._ die; be destroyed; be lost; come to nothing

PE'RMANENT, _a._ durable; unchanged; of long continuance

PERNI'CIOUS, _a._ destructive; baneful

PERPENDICULAR, _a._ a straight line up and down

PERPE'TUAL, _a._ never-ceasing; continual

PERPLE'X, _v.a._ disturb; distract; tease; plague

PERPLE'XITY, _s._ anxiety; entanglement

PE'RSECUTE, _v.a._ to harass or pursue with malignity

PERSEVE'RANCE, _s._ persistence in any design or attempt; constancy in

PERTINA'CITY, _s._ obstinacy; stubbornness; constancy

PERTURBA'TION, _s._ restlessness; disturbance

PERU'SAL, _s._ the act of reading

PETI'TION, _s._ request; entreaty; single branch or article of prayer

PHA'LANX, _s._ a troop of men closely embodied

PHENO'MENON, _s._ appearance

PHILOSOPHER, _s._ a man deep in knowledge

PHILOSOPHICAL, _a._ belonging to philosophy

PHILO'SOPHY, _s._ moral or natural knowledge

PHY'SICAL, _a._ relating to nature or to natural philosophy; medicinal;
relating to health

PICTO'RIAL, _a._ produced by a painter

PIC'TURESQUE, _a._ beautiful; magnificent

PI'LCHARD, _s._ a kind of fish

PI'LGRIMAGE, _s._ a long journey

PI'OUS, _a._ careful of the duties owed by created beings to God; godly;

PI'RATE, _s._ a sea robber

PISTA'CHIO, _s._ a dry fruit of an oblong figure

PI'TIABLE, _a._ that which deserves pity

PLA'CABLE, _a._ willing or able to be appeased

PLA'INTIVE, _a._ complaining; lamenting; expressive of sorrow

PLA'NETARY, _a._ pertaining to the planets; produced by the planets

PLANTATION, _s._ a place planted; a colony

PLAU'SIBLY, _ad._ with fair show

PLEA'SANT, _a._ delightful; cheerful; merry

PLEA'SANTRY, _s._ merriment; lively talk

PLEA'SURE, _s._ delight

PLE'NTIFUL, _a._ copious; fruitful; abundant

PLI'ABLE, _a._ flexible; easy to be bent; easy to be persuaded; capable
of being plied

PLI'ANT, _a._ bending; flexible; easy to take a form

PLU'MAGE, _s._ feathers; suit of feathers

PNY'X, _s._ a place where assemblies of the people were held

PO'ETRY, _s._ sublime thought expressed in sublime language

POI'GNANCY, _s._ power of irritation; sharpness

POI'SON, _s._ that which taken into the body destroys or injures life;
anything infectious or malignant

POLI'TE, _a._ glossy; smooth; elegant of manners

POLITICAL, _a._ that which relates to politics; that which relates to
public affairs; also cunning, skilful

PO'PULAR, _a._ vulgar; familiar; well known

POPULARITY, _a._ state of being favoured by the people; representation
suited to vulgar conception

POPULA'TION, _s._ the state of a country with respect to numbers of

PO'RTABLE, _a._ manageable by the hand; supportable

PO'RTION, _s._ a part; an allotment

PORTMA'NTEAU, _s._ a chest, or bag, in which clothes are carried

POSI'TION, _s._ state of being placed; situation

PO'SITIVE, _o._ absolute; particular; real; certain

POSSE'SS, _v.a._ have as an owner; be master of; seize; obtain

POSSESSION, _s._ property; the thing possessed

POSSIBLE, _a._ having the power to be or to be done; not contrary to the
nature of things

POSTE'RITY, _s._ succeeding generations

PO'TENTATE, _s._ monarch; prince; sovereign

PO'WER, _s._ command; authority; ability; strength; faculty of the mind

PRACTICABLE, _a._ capable of being practised

PRA'CTICAL, _o._ relating to action; not merely speculative.

PRAE'TOR, _s._ a functionary among the ancient Romans

PRAI'RIE, _s._ a meadow

PRECAUTION, _s._ preservative caution; preventive measures

PRECE'PTOR, _s._ a teacher; an Instructor

PRE'CINCT, _s._ outward limit; boundary

PRECI'PITOUS, _a._ headlong; steep

PREDECE'SSOR, _s._ one who was in any state or place before another;

PREDOMINANCE, _s._ prevalence; ascendancy

PREDOMINANT, _a._ prevalent; ascendant; supreme influence

PREDOMINATE, _v.n._ prevail; be supreme in influence

PREFI'X, _v.a._ appoint beforehand; settle; establish; put before
another thing

PRELI'MINARY, _a._ previous; introductory

PREJUDICE, _s._ prepossession; judgment formed beforehand; mischief;

PREPARATION, _s._ anything made by process of operation; previous

PREROGATIVE, _s._ an exclusive or peculiar privilege

PRE'SCIENT, _a._ foreknowing; prophetic

PRESENT, _a._ not past; not future; ready at hand; not absent; being
face to face; being now in view

PRESE'NT, _v.a._ offer; exhibit

PRESE'RVE, _v.a._ save; keep; defend from destruction or any evil

PRESU'MPTION, _s._ arrogance; blind confidence

PREVE'NT, _v.a._ hinder; obviate; obstruct

PRINCIPAL, _a._ chief; capital; essential; important; considerable

PRINCIPLE, _s._ constituent part; original cause

PRO'BABLE, _a._ likely

PRO'BABLY, _a._ very likely

PROBA'TION, _s._ proof; trial; noviciate

PROCEE'D, _v.n._ pass from one thing or place to another; go forward;
issue; arise; carry on; act; transact

PRO'CESS, _s._ course of law; course

PROCE'SSION, _s._ a train marching in ceremonious solemnity

PRODI'GIOUS, _a._ enormous; amazing; monstrous

PRO'DUCE, _s._ amount; profit; that which anything yields or brings

PRODU'CE, _v.a._ offer to the view or notice; bear; cause; effect

PRODU'CTION, _s._ the act of producing; fruit; product; composition

PROFESSION, _s._ vocation; known employment

PROFU'SE, _a._ lavish; too liberal

PROFUSION, _s._ extravagance; abundance

PRO'GRESS, _s._ course; advancement; motion forward

PROHI'BIT, _v.a._ forbid; debar; hinder

PROJE'CT, _v.a._ throw out; scheme; contrive; form in the mind

PRO'PAGATE, _v.a._ extend; widen; promote

PRO'PER, _a._ fit; exact; peculiar

PRO'PHECY, _s._ a declaration of something to come

PROPHE'TIC, _a._ foreseeing or foretelling future events

PROPORTION, _s._ symmetry; form; size; ratio

PROPOSITION, _s._ one of the three parts of a regular argument, in which
anything is affirmed or denied; proposal

PROPRIETOR, _s._ possessor in his own right

PROPRI'ETY, _s._ accuracy; justness

PROSA'IC, _a._ belonging to or resembling prose

PROTE'CTOR, _s._ defender; supporter; guardian

PROTRU'DE, _v.a._ thrust forward

PROVI'DE, _v.a._ procure; furnish; supply; stipulate

PROVIDE'NTIAL, _a._ effected by Providence; referrible to Providence

PRO'VINCE, _s._ a conquered country; a region

PROVINCIAL, _a._ that which relates to provinces

PROVISION, _s._ the act of providing beforehand; measures taken
beforehand; stock collected; victuals

PROVOCATION, _s._ an act or cause by which anger is raised; an appeal to
a judge

PROXI'MITY, _s._ nearness

PTA'RMIGAN, _s._ (pronounced _tar-mi-gan_) a bird of the grouse species

PU'BLIC, _s._ the people; general view; open view

PU'LLEY, _s._ a small wheel turning on a pivot, with a furrow on its
outside, in which a rope runs

PU'NISH, _v.a._ to chastise; to afflict with penalties or death for some

PU'NISHED, _a._ chastised

PU'PIL, _s._ a scholar; one under the care of a tutor

PU'RCHASE, _v.a._ acquire; buy for a price

PU'RITY, _s._ clearness; freedom from foulness or dirt; freedom from
guilt; innocence

PU'RPOSE, _v.t._ intention; design; instance

PU'TRIFY, _v.n._ to rot

PU'ZZLE, _v.a._ perplex; confound; tease; entangle

PY'RAMID, _s._ a solid figure, whose base is a polygon and whose sides
are plain triangles, their several points meeting in one

PYTHA'GORAS, _s._ the originator of the present system universe

PYTHAGORE'ANS, _s._ followers of Pythagoras

QUALIFICATION, _s._ accomplishment; that which makes any person or thing
fit for anything

QUA'NTITY, _s._ any indeterminate weight or measure; bulk or weight; a
portion; a part

QUA'RRY, _s._ game flown at by a hawk; a stone mine

RA'DIANT, _a._ shining; emitting rays

RAMIFICA'TION, _s._ division or separation into branches; small
branches; branching out

RA'NCID, _a._ strong scented

RAPA'CIOUS, _a._ given to plunder; seizing by violence

RAPI'DITY, _s._ celerity; velocity; swiftness

RA'PTURE, _s._ transport; haste

RA'TTLE, _s._ a quick noise nimbly repeated; empty and loud talk; a

RA'TTLESNAKE, _s._ a kind of serpent, which has a rattle at the end of
its tail

REA'CTION, _s._ the reciprocation of any impulse or force impressed,
made by the body on which such an impression is made

RE'ALISE, _v.a._ bring into being or act; convert money into land.

REA'SON, _s._ the power by which man deduces one proposition from
another; cause; ground or principle; motive; moderation

REASONABLENESS, _s._ the faculty of reason

REASONING, _s._ an argument

REBE'LLION, _s._ insurrection against lawful authority

RECE'DE, _v.n._ fall back; retreat; desist

RECEI'VE, _v.a._ obtain; admit; entertain as a guest

RE'CENT, _a._ new; late; fresh

RECE'PTACLE, _s._ a vessel or place into which anything is received

RECOGNITION, _s._ review; renovation of knowledge; acknowledgment;

RECOLLE'CTION, _s._ recovery of notion; revival in the memory

RECOMME'ND, _v.a._ make acceptable; praise another; commit with prayers

RECOMMENDA'TION, _s._ the act of recommending; that which secures to one
a kind reception from another

RE'COMPENSE, _s._ reward; compensation

RECOMPENSE, _v.a._ repay; reward; redeem

RE'CORD, _s._ register; authentic memorial

RECREA'TION, _s._ relief after toil or pain; amusement; diversion

RE'CTIFY, _v.a._ to make right

RE'CTITUDE, _s._ straightness; rightness; uprightness

REDE'MPTION, _s._ ransom; relief; purchase of God's favour by the death
of Christ

REDU'CE, _v.a._ bring back; subdue; degrade

REFLECTION, _s._ that which is reflected; thought thrown back upon the
past; attentive consideration

REFLE'CTOR, _s._ considerer

REFRA'CT, _v.n._ break the natural course of rays

REFU'LGENT, _a._ bright; splendid

REGA'LIA, _s._ ensigns of Royalty

REGA'RD, _v.a._ observe; remark; pay attention to

RE'GIMENT, _s._ a body of soldiers under one colonel

RE'GION, _s._ tract of land; country

RE'GULAR, _a._ methodical; orderly

REINFO'RCE, _v.a._ strengthen again

REJE'CT, _v.a._ cast off; refuse; throw aside

RE'LATIVE, _s._ a near friend; a relation; a kinsman

RE'LATIVE, _a._ having relation

RELAXATION, _s._ the act of loosening

RELA'XED, _a._ slackened; loosened; let loose; diverted; eased;

RELEA'SE, _v.a._ quit; let go; slacken; free from

RELE'NT, _v.n._ slacken; remit; soften; melt

RE'LIC, _s._ that which remains

RELIE'VE, _v.a._ ease pain or sorrow; succour by assistance; support;

RELI'GION, _s._ a system of divine faith and worship

RELU'CTANT, _a._ unwilling; acting with repugnance

REMAI'N, _v.n._ continue; endure; be left

REMAINDER, _s._ the part left

REMA'RKABLE, _a._ observable; worthy of note

RE'MEDY, _s._ a medicine by which any illness is cured; that which
counteracts any evil; reparation

REME'MBER, _v.a._ bear in mind; not to

REMO'NSTRANCE, _s._ strong representation

REMO'RSELESS, _a._ without remorse

RE'NDER, _v.a._ restore; give back; represent; exhibit; give

REPEA'T, _v.a._ use again; do again; speak again

REPO'RT, _s._ rumour; popular fame; sound; loud noise

RE'PRESENT, _v.a._ exhibit; describe; personate; exhibit to show

REPRESENTA'TION, _s._ image; likeness; public exhibition

REPRIE'VE, _s._ respite after sentence of death

REPRI'SAL, _s._ something seized by way of retaliation for robbery or

RE'PTILE, _s._ an animal that creeps on many feet

REPU'BLIC, _s._ commonwealth; a government without a King or other
hereditary head

REPU'GNANT, _a._ disobedient; contrary; opposite

REPU'LSE, _v.a._ beat back; drive off

REPUTA'TION, _s._ character of good or bad; credit

REPU'TE, _s._ character; reputation

REQUE'ST, _s._ petition; entreaty; demand

RE'QUIEM, _s._ a hymn, in which they ask for the dead, requiem or rest

REQUISITE, _a._ necessary

RE'SCUE, _v.a._ set free from any violence, confinement, or danger

RESE'MBLE, _v. a_ to be like; to compare; to represent as like something

RESE'NTMENT, _s._ anger; deep sense of injury

RE'SERVOIR, _s._ a receiver; a large basin which receives water

RESIDENCE, _s._ dwelling; place of abode

RESOU'RCE, _s._ resort; expedient

RESPECTIVE, _a._ particular; relating to particular persons or things

RESPIRA'TION, _s._ the act of breathing; relief from toil

RESPLENDENT, _a._ bright; shining; having a beautiful lustre

RESPONSIBLE, _a._ answerable; accountable

RESTRAINT, _s._ abridgment of liberty; prohibition; restriction

RETALIATION, _s._ requital; return of like for like

RETA'RD, _v.a._ hinder; delay

RE'TINUE, _s._ a number attending upon a principal person; train

RETROSPECTION, _s._ act or faculty of looking backward

RETU'RN, _s._ the act of coming back to the same place; act of restoring
or giving back

REVELA'TION, _s._ discovery; communication; apocalypse; the prophecy of
St. John, revealing future things

REVE'NUE, _s._ income; annual profits received from lands or other funds

RE'VERENCE, _s._ veneration; respect; title of the clergy

REVE'RSE, _v.a._ turn upside down; overturn

RHINO'CERUS, _s._ a large animal with a horn on its nose

RHODODE'NDRON, _s._ the rose-bay

RI'BALDRY, _s._ mean, lewd, brutal language

RI'DICULE, _s._ contemptive mockery

RI'VET, _v.a._ fasten strongly

RI'VULET, _s_ a small river; streamlet; brook

ROMA'NTIC, _a._ wild; fanciful

ROO'KERY, _s._ a nursery of rooks

ROYA'LIST, _s._ adherent to a King

RU'BY, _s._ a precious stone of a red colour

RU'DIMEMT, _s._ the first principle

RU'GGED, _a._ rough; uneven; rude

RU'STIC, _a._ rough; rude; pertaining to the country

RUSTI'CITY, _s._ rural appearance; simplicity

SA'CRAMENT, _s._ an oath; an outward and visible sign of an inward and
spiritual grace

SA'CRED, _a._ immediately relating to God; holy

SA'CRIFICE, _v.a._ offer to heaven; destroy or give up for the sake of
something else; destroy; kill

SAGA'CITY, _a._ quickness of scent; acuteness of discovery

SA'LINE, _a._ consisting of salt; constituting bait

SA'NCTITY, _s._ holiness; goodness; purity

SA'NGUINARY, _a._ cruel; bloody; murderous

SA'PPHIRE, _s._ a precious stone, of a blue colour

SAU'RIAN, _s._ a reptile belonging to the order of Sauris or lizards

SAVA'NNAH, _s._ an open meadow without wood

SCABBARD, _s._ the sheath of a sword or dagger

SCE'NERY, _s._ the appearances of places or things; the background of
the scenes of a play

SCE'PTRE, _s._ the ensign of royalty borne in the hand

SCI'ENCE, _s._ knowledge; certainty grounded, on demonstration

SCIENTIFIC, _a._ producing demonstrative knowledge

SCREECH, _s._ cry of horror and anguish; harsh cry

SCRI'PTURE, _s._ sacred writing; the Bible

SCU'RRY, _a._ mean; vile; dirty; worthless

SCU'LPTURE, _s._ carved work

SE'AMAN, _s._ a sailor

SE'ASON, _s._ one of the four parts of the year; a fit time

SE'CRET, _s._ something studiously hidden; privacy; solitude; a thing

SECRE'TE, _v.a._ put aside; hide

SECU'RITY, _s._ protection; safety; certainty

SEE'MING, _s._ appearance; show; opinion

SELE'CT, _v.a._ choose in preference to others rejected

SELE'CTION, _s._ the act of choosing; choice

SE'MI-GLO'BULAR, _a._ half circular

SE'MINARY, _s._ place of education

SE'NATOR, _s._ a public counsellor

SENSA'TION, _s._ perception by means of the senses

SENSIBI'LITY, _s._ quickness of sensation; delicacy

SENSORIO'LA, _s. plur._ little sensoriums

SENSO'RIUM, _s._ the seat of sense; organ of sensation

SE'NTINEL, _s._ one who watches or keeps guard, to prevent surprise

SEPARATION, _s._ the act of separating; disunion

SE'QUEL, _s._ conclusion; consequence; event

SEQUE'STER, _v.a._ separate from others for the sake of privacy; remove;

SERE'NITY, _s._ calmness; mild temperature; peace; coolness of mind

SE'RIES, _s._ sequence; order; succession; course

SERRA'TED, _a._ formed with jags or indentures, like the edge of a saw

SE'RVANT, _s._ one who attends another, and acts at his command

SERVICEABLE, _a._ active; diligent; officious; useful; beneficial

SE'VERAL, _a._ different; divers; many

SHA'NTY, _s._ a temporary wooden building

SHE'LTER, _s._ cover; protection

SI'GNAL, _s._ a notice given by a sign; a sign that gives notice

SI'GNIFY, _v.a._ to declare; to make known; to declare by some token or
sign; to express; to mean

SILT, _s._ mud; slime; consisting of mud

SI'MILAR, _a._ like; having resemblance

SIMPLICITY, _s._ plainness; not cunning; silliness

SIMULTANEOUS, _a._ acting together; existing at the same time

SINCE'RITY, _s._ honesty of intention

SI'NGER, _s._ one that tings; one whose profession or business is to

SI'NGULAR, _a._ single; particular

SI'TUATE, _part. a._ placed with respect to anything else; consisting

SKE'LETON, _a._ the bones of the body preserved together, as much as can
be, in their natural situation

SKI'RMISH, _s._ slight fight; contest

SLA'TY, _a._ having the nature of slate

SLEIGHT, _s._ artful trick; dexterous practice

SLU'GGISH, _a._ slow; slothful; lazy, inactive

SOBRI'ETY, _s._ soberness; calmness; gravity

SOCI'ETY, _s._ company; community

SO'CKET, _s._ a hollow pipe; the receptacle of the eye

SO'LDIER, _s._ a fighting man; a warrior

SO'LEMN, _a._ religiously grave; awful; grave

SOLE'MNITY, _s._ gravity; religious ceremony

SOLI'CITOUS, _a._ anxious; careful; concerned

SOLI'CITUDE, _s._ anxiety; carefulness

SO'LID, _a._ not liquid; not fluid; not hollow; compact; strong; firm;
sound; true; profound; grave

SOLI'LOQUY, _s._ a discourse made by one in solitude to himself

SO'LITARY, _a._ living alone; not having company

SO'LITUDE, _s._ loneliness; a lonely place

SO'RROW, _s._ grief; pain for something past; sadness

SOU'THERN, _a._ belonging to the south

SO'VEREIGN, _s._ supreme lord.

SPA'NGLE, _s._ any little thing sparkling and shining

SPA'NIEL, _s._ a dog used for sport in the field, remarkable for
tenacity and obedience

SPEA'KER, _s._ one that speaks; the prolocutor of the Commons

SPE'CIES, _s._ a sort; class of nature; show

SPECIMEN, _s._ sample; a part of any thing exhibited, that the rest may
be known

SPE'CTACLE, _s._ a show; sight

SPECTA'TOR, _s._ a looker-on; a beholder

SPECULA'TION, _s._ examination by the eye; view; spy

SPHE'RICAL, _a._ round; globular

SPI'CULA, _s. plur._ little spikes

SPI'CY, _a._ producing spice; aromatic

SPI'DER, _s._ the animal that spins a web for flies

SPI'RAL, _a._ curved; winding; circularly involved

SPI'RIT, _s._ breath; soul of man; apparition; temper

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