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The Illustrated London Reading Book by Various

Part 6 out of 8

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shackles of practice, and the prejudices of the mode, aided by the
countenance of a few men of rank, of elevated and true taste, would
probably lay the present half-Gothic mode of music in ruins, like those
towers of whose little laboured ornaments it is an exact picture, and
restore the Grecian taste of passionate harmony once more to the delight
and wonder of mankind. But as from the disposition of things, and the
force of fashion, we cannot hope in our time to rescue the sacred lyre,
and see it put into the hands of men of genius, I can only recall you to
your own natural feeling of harmony and observe to you, that its
emotions are not found in the laboured, fantastic, and surprising
compositions that form the modern style of music: but you meet them in
some few pieces that are the growth of wild unvitiated taste; you
discover them in the swelling sounds that wrap us in imaginary grandeur;
in those plaintive notes that make us in love with woe; in the tones
that utter the lover's sighs, and fluctuate the breast with gentle pain;
in the noble strokes that coil up the courage and fury of the soul, or
that lull it in confused visions of joy; in short, in those affecting
strains that find their way to the inmost recesses of the heart,

Untwisting all the chains that tie
The hidden soul of harmony.--_Milton_.


* * * * *


Say ye--oppress'd by some fantastic woes,
Some jarring nerve that baffles your repose,
Who press the downy couch while slaves advance
With timid eye to read the distant glance;
Who with sad pray'rs the weary doctor tease,
To name the nameless, ever new disease;
Who with mock patience dire complaint endure,
Which real pain, and that alone, can cure:
How would ye bear in real pain to lie,
Despised, neglected, left alone to die?
How would ye bear to draw your latest breath,
Where all that's wretched paves the way for death?

Such is that room which one rude beam divides,
And naked rafters form the sloping sides;
Where the vile bands that bind the thatch are seen,
And lath and mud are all that lie between,
Save one dull pane that coarsely patch'd gives way
To the rude tempest, yet excludes the day:
There, on a matted flock with dust o'erspread,
The drooping wretch reclines his languid head!
For him no hand the cordial cup supplies,
Nor wipes the tear which stagnates in his eyes;
No friends, with soft discourse, his pangs beguile.
Nor promise hope till sickness wears a smile.


[Illustration: GEORGE CRABBE.]

* * * * *


[Illustration: Letter T.]

Thou, who didst put to flight
Primeval silence, when the morning stars,
Exulting, shouted o'er the rising ball:
O Thou! whose word from solid darkness struck
That spark, the sun, strike wisdom from my soul;
My soul which flies to thee, her trust her treasure,
As misers to their gold, while others rest:
Through this opaque of nature and of soul,
This double night, transmit one pitying ray,
To lighten and to cheer. Oh, lead my mind,
(A mind that fain would wander from its woe,)
Lead it through various scenes of life and death,
And from each scene the noblest truths inspire.
Nor less inspire my conduct, than my song;
Teach my best reason, reason; my best will
Teach rectitude; and fix my firm resolve
Wisdom to wed, and pay her long arrear;
Nor let the phial of thy vengeance, pour'd
On this devoted head, be pour'd in vain.

The bell strikes One. We take no note of time
But from its loss; to give it then a tongue
Is wise in man. As if an angel spoke,
I feel the solemn sound. If heard aright,
It is the knell of my departed hours.
Where are they? with the years beyond the flood!
It is the signal that demands dispatch:
How much is to be done! My hopes and fears
Start up alarm'd, and o'er life's narrow verge
Look down--on what? A fathomless abyss!
A dread eternity! How surely mine!
And can eternity belong to me,
Poor pensioner on the bounties of an hour?
How poor, how rich, how abject, how august,
How complicate, how wonderful is man!
How passing wonder He who made him such!
Who center'd in our make such strange extremes--
From different natures, marvellously mix'd:
Connexion exquisite! of distant worlds
Distinguish'd link in being's endless chain!
Midway from nothing to the Deity;
A beam ethereal--sullied and absorpt!
Though sullied and dishonour'd, still divine!
Dim miniature of greatness absolute!
An heir of glory! a frail child of dust!
Helpless immortal! insect infinite!
A worm! a god! I tremble at myself,
And in myself am lost. At home a stranger.
Thought wanders up and down, surprised, aghast,
And wondering at her own. How reason reels!
Oh, what a miracle to man is man!
Triumphantly distress'd! what joy! what dread
Alternately transported and alarm'd!
What can preserve my life, or what destroy?
An angel's arm can't snatch me from the grave;
Legions of angels can't confine me there.
'Tis past conjecture; all things rise in proof.
While o'er my limbs sleep's soft dominion spread,
What though my soul fantastic measures trod
O'er fairy fields, or mourn'd along the gloom
Of pathless woods, or down the craggy steep
Hurl'd headlong, swam with pain the mantled pool,
Or scaled the cliff, or danced on hollow winds
With antic shapes, wild natives of the brain!
Her ceaseless flight, though devious, speaks her nature
Of subtler essence than the trodden clod:
Active, aerial, towering, unconfined,
Unfetter'd with her gross companion's fall.
Even silent night proclaims my soul immortal:
Even silent night proclaims eternal day!
For human weal Heaven husbands all events;
Dull sleep instructs, nor sport vain dreams in vain.


* * * * *


[Illustration: Letter N.]

Nay, shrink not from that word "Farewell!"
As if 'twere friendship's final knell--
Such fears may prove but vain:
So changeful is life's fleeting day,
Whene'er we sever, Hope may say,
We part to meet again!

E'en the last parting earth can know,
Brings not unutterable woe
To souls that heav'nward soar:
For humble Faith, with steadfast eye,
Points to a brighter world on high,
Where hearts, that here at parting sigh,
May meet--to part no more!



* * * * *


* * * * *

[We have considered that it would be useful to the young reader to have
a ready means of reference, in the READING BOOK itself, to all unusual
words of one syllable, and all the words of two syllables and above,
that occur in the various lessons. In the following pages will be found,
properly accentuated, all the more difficult polysyllables, with their
meanings, derived from Johnson, Walker, and other competent

* * * * *

ABA'NDON, _v.a._ give up; resign, or quit; forsake; leave

ABI'LITY, _s._ capacity; qualification; power

A'BJECT, _a._ mean; being of no hope or regard; destitute

ABLU'TION, _s._ the act of cleansing or washing clean; water used in

ABO'LISH, _v.a._ make void; put an end to; destroy

ABO'UND, _v.n._ have in great plenty; be in great plenty

ABRE'AST, _ad._ side by side

ABRU'PTLY, _ad._ hastily; suddenly; without the due forms of preparation

A'BSOLUTE, _a._ positive; certain; unlimited

A'BSTRACT, _s._ the smaller quantity containing the virtue or power of
the greater

ABSTRU'SE, _a._ hidden; difficult

ABU'NDANT, _a._ plentiful

ABU'TMENT, _s._ that which borders upon another

ACA'DEMY, _s._ (from _Academus_, an Athenian, who founded a public
school at Athens, which after him was called Academia, _Latin_),
place of education; an assembly or society of men, uniting for the
promotion of some art

A'CCENT, _s._ the sound of a syllable; a modification of the voice
expressive of the passions or sentiments; the marks made upon
syllables to regulate their pronunciation

A'CCIDENT, _s._ that which happens unforeseen; chance

ACCO'MPANY, _v.n._ associate with; become a companion to

ACCO'MPLICE, _s._ an associate; partner

ACCO'MPLISHMENT, _s._ ornament of mind or body; acquirement

ACCO'ST, _v.a._ speak to; address; salute

ACCO'UNT, _s._ the state or result of a computation--as, the _account_
stands thus between us; narrative; value

ACCO'UTRE, _v.a._ dress; equip

A'CCURACY, _s._ exactness; nicety

ACCU'STOM, _v._ to habituate; to inure

ACQUI'RE, _v.a._ gain; obtain; attain

A'CRID, _a._ having a hot biting taste; bitter

A'CRIMONY, _s._ sharpness; severity; bitterness of thought or language

ACRO'POLIS, _s._ a citadel; the highest part of a city

ACTI'VITY, _s._ quickness; nimbleness

ACU'TE, _a._ sharp, not blunt; sharp, not dull; not stupid; vigorous;
powerful in operation

ADAMA'NTINE, _a._ made of adamant; having the qualities of adamant, viz.
hardness, indissolubility

ADA'PT, _v.a._ admit, justify; yield; permit

ADIEU', _ad._ used elliptically for _a Dieu je vous commende_, at the
parting of friends; farewell

A'DMIRABLE, _a._ to be admired; of power to excite wonder

ADMIRA'TION, _s._ wonder

ADMI'T, _v.a._ suffer to enter; allow

ADO'PT, _v.a._ take a son by choice; make him a son who is not so by
birth; place any person or thing in a nearer relation than they have
by nature or something else

ADRO'ITNESS, _s._ dexterity; readiness

ADU'LT, _s._ a person above the age of boyhood or girlhood

ADVA'NCE, _v.a._ improve; forward; propose

ADVA'NTAGE, _s._ superiority; opportunity

ADVE'NTURE, _s._ chance; hazard; an enterprise in which something must
be left to hazard

ADVE'NTURER, _s._ he that puts himself into the hands of chance

ADVE'NTUROUS, _a._ bold; daring; courageous; inclined to adventures

ADVE'RSITY, _s._ affliction; calamity; misfortune; the public misery

ADVE'RTISEMENT, _s._ something advertised; the public notice of a thing

A'DVOCATE, _s._ he that pleads a cause

AE'OLIAN, _a._ an epithet applied to lyric poetry, because Sappho and
Alcaeus were natives of Lesbos in Aeolia, and wrote in the Aeolic

AE'RIAL, _a._ belonging to the air; lofty

AFFABI'LITY, _s._ civility; condescension; easiness of manners

AFFE'CT, _v.a._ act upon; produce effect in any other thing; move the
passions; aim at; aspire to

AFFECTA'TION, _s._ an elaborate appearance; false pretence

AFFE'CTION, _s._ state of being affected by any cause or agent; love;
kindness; good-will to some person; passionate regard

AFFE'CTIONATE, _a._ full of affection; fond; tender; warm; benevolent

AFFI'NITY, _s._ connection with

AGGRE'SSION, _s._ first act of injury

A'GONY, _s._ the pangs of death; any violent pain in body or mind

AGRE'EABLE, _a._ suitable to; pleasing

A'GRICULTURE, _s._ the science of making land productive

A'LABASTER, _s._ a kind of soft marble, easier to cut and less durable
than the other kinds

ALA'RUM, _s._ notice of any approaching danger; any tumult or

A'LIEN, _s._ foreigner; stranger

A'LKALI, _s._ any substance which, when mingled with acid, produces
effervescence and fermentation

ALLEGO'RY, _s._ a figurative discourse, in which something is contained
other than is literally understood

ALLE'VIATE, _v.a._ make light; ease; soften

ALLO'W, _v.a._ permit; give leave

A'LPHABET, _s._ the order of the letters, or elements of speech

ALTERA'TION, _s._ the act of changing; the change made

A'LTITUDE, _s._ height of place; space measured upward

AL'TOGETHER, _ad._ completely; without exception

AMA'LGAMATE, _v.a._ to unite metals with silver

AMA'ZEMENT, _s._ height of admiration; astonishment

AMBI'GUOUS, _a._ using doubtful expressions; doubtful; having two

AMBI'TION, _s._ the desire of preferment or honour; the desire of
anything great or excellent

AMBI'TIOUS, _a._ fond of power; desirous of power

AME'RICAN, _s._ native of America

A'METHYST, _s._ a precious stone of a violet colour

A'MIABLE, _a._ kind; gentle; good natured; loving; not selfish

AMMUNI'TION, _s._ military stores, applied to artillery

AMPHITHE'ATRE, _s._ a building in a circular or oval form, having its
area encompassed with rows of seats one above another

AMPU'LLA, _s._ (pronounced _am-poo-la_) a vessel of pure gold, used for
containing the holy oil at coronations

AMU'SE, _v.a._ entertain with tranquillity; draw on from time to time

ANA'LOGY, _s._ resemblance between things with regard to some
circumstances or effects

ANATO'MICAL, _a._ relating or belonging to anatomy

ANA'TOMY, _s._ the art of dissecting the body; the doctrine of the
structure of the body

A'NCESTOR, _s._ one from whom a person descends

A'NCIENT, _a._ old; past; former

A'NECDOTE, _s._ something yet unpublished; biographical history;
personal history

ANEMO'METER, _s._ an instrument to measure the force of the wind

ANGE'LIC, _a._ resembling angels; belonging to angels

A'NIMAL, _s._ a living creature

ANIMA'LCULE, _s._ a small animal, generally applied to those which
cannot be seen without a microscope

ANIMO'SITY, _s._ vehemence of hatred; passionate malignity

ANNIHILATE, _v.a._ reduce to nothing; destroy

ANNO'Y, _v.a._ incommode; vex; tease; molest

A'NNUAL, _a._ that comes yearly

A'NTELOPE, _s._ a goat with curled or wreathed horns

ANTHROPO'PHAGI, _s._ man-eaters; cannibals

ANTI'CIPATE, _v.a._ take an impression of something which is not yet as
if it really was

A'NTIQUARY, _s._ a man studious of antiquity

ANTI'QUE, _a._ ancient; old; odd; of old fashion

ANTI'QUITY, _s._ old times; remains of old times

A'NTRE, _s._ a cavern

ANXI'ETY, _s._ perplexity; lowness of spirits

ANXIOUS, _a._ disturbed about some uncertain event

A'PATHY, _s._ exemption from feeling or passion

APO'CALYPSE, _s._ the Book of Revelations

APO'LOGY, _s._ defence; excuse

APO'STLE, _s._ a person sent with commands, particularly applied to
those whom our Saviour deputed to preach the Gospel

APOSTO'LIC, _a._ delivered or taught by the Apostles

APPARA'TUS, _s._ tools; furniture; show; instruments

APPE'AR, _v.n._ be visible; in sight

APPEARANCE, _s._ the act of coming into sight; phenomenon; apparition;

APPE'NDAGE, _s._ something added to another thing without being
necessary to its essence

A'PPETITE _s._ hunger; violent longing

APPLA'USE _s._ approbation loudly expressed; praise

APPLICATION, _s._ close study; intenseness of thought; attention; the
act of applying; the act of applying anything to another.

APPORTIONMENT, _s._ dividing into portions

APPRECIATE, _v.a._ set a price on anything; esteem

APPRO'ACH, _v n._ draw near; somewhat resemble

APPROBATION, _s._ the act of approving, or expressing himself pleased,
or satisfied; support

APPRO'PRIATENESS, _s._ a fitness to be appropriated

APPROPRIATION, _s._ the application of something to a certain purpose

AQUA'TIC, _a._ that inhabits the water; that grows in the water

A'QUEDUCT, _s._ a conveyance, tunnel, or way made for carrying water

ARA'TOO, _s._ a bird of the parrot kind

AR'BALIST, _s._ a naturalist who make trees his study

A'RBITRABY, _o._ despotic; absolute; depending on no rule

ARBU'TUS, _s._ a strawberry tree

ARCA'DE, _s._ a continued arch; a walk arched over

ARCHBI'SHOP, _s._ a bishop of the first class, who superintends the
conduct of other bishops

ARCHITE'CTURE, _s._ the art or science of building

A'RCTIC, _a._ northern; lying under the Arctos or Bear

A'RDUOUS, _a._ lofty; difficult

ARI'SE, _v.n._ mount upward; get up; proceed

ARMI'LLA, _s._ a bracelet, or jewel worn on the arm

A'RMY, _s._ collection of armed men; a great number

AROMA'TIC, _a._ spicy; fragrant; strong-scented

ARRI'VE, _v.n._ reach any place; happen

ARRA'NGE, _v.a._ put in the proper order for any purpose

ARRA'NGEMENT, _s._ the act of putting In proper order, the state of
being put in order

ARRA'Y, _s._ order, chiefly of war; dress

A'RROGANCE, _s._ the act or quality of taking much upon one's self

A'RROW, _s._ the pointed weapon which is shot from a bow

A'RTICLE, _s._ a part of speech; a single clause of an account; term

ARTI'CULATE, _v.a._ form words; speak as a man; draw up in articles;
make terms

A'RTIFICE, _s._ trick; fraud; stratagem; art; trade

ARTIFI'CIAL, _a._ made by art; not natural

ARTI'LLERY, _s._ weapons of war; cannon; great ordinance

A'RTISAN, _s._ professor of any art

ASCE'NDANCY, _s._ influence; power

ASPE'RSE, _v.a._ bespatter with censure or calumny

A'SPIC, _s._ the name of a small serpent

ASSA'ILANT, _s._ one that assails

ASSE'MBLY, _s._ a company met together

ASSE'RT, _v.a._ to declare positively; maintain; to defend either by
words or actions; claim

ASSIDU'ITY, _s._ diligence

ASSI'MILATE, _v.a._ bring to a likeness; turn to its own nature by

ASSISTANCE, _s._ help

ASSISTANT, _s._ a helper

ASSI'ZE, _s._ a jury; any court of justice; the ordinance or statute

ASSO'CIATE, _s._ a partner; a confederate; a companion

ASSU'RE, _v.a._ give confidence by a firm promise

ASTO'NISHMENT, _s._ amazement

ASTRO'NOMY, _s._ the science of the motions, distances, &c. of the stars

A'THEISM, _s._ the disbelief of a god

ATHE'NIAN, _s._ a native of Athens

A'TMOSPHERE, _s._ the air that encompasses the solid earth on all sides

ATRO'CIOUS, _a._ wicked in a high degree; enormous

ATTA'CH, _v.a._ arrest; fix one's interest; win; lay hold on

ATTA'CK, _v.a._ to make an assault

ATTA'IN, _v.a._ gain; procure; reach

ATTAINMENT, _s._ an acquisition; an accomplishment

ATTE'MPT, _v.a._ venture upon; try; endeavour

ATTE'NDANT, _s._ one that attends; one that is present at anything

ATTENTION, _s._ the act of attending; the act of bending the mind upon

ATTE'NTIVE, _a._ regardful; full of attention

ATTI'RE, _s._ clothing; dress; equipment

A'TTITUDE, _s._ position; expression

ATTRA'CT, _v.a._ draw to something; allure; invite

ATTRA'CTIVE, _a._ having the power to draw anything; inviting

ATTRIBUTE, _v.a._ to ascribe; to yield as due; to impute as a cause

AU'DITOR, _s._ a hearer

AURO'RA-BOREA'LIS, _a._ electrical light streaming in the night from
the north; the northern lights or streamers

AUSTE'RITY, _s._ severity; cruelty

AUTHENTIC, _a._ genuine

AU'THOR, _s._ the first beginner or mover of anything; a writer in

AUTHO'RITY, _s._ power; rule; influence; support; legal power

AU'TUMN, _s._ the season of the year between summer and winter

AVAILABLE, _a._ profitable; powerful; advantageous

AVALA'NCHE, _s._ immense mass of snow or ice

A'VERAGE, _s._ a middle proportion

AVI'DITY, _s._ eagerness; voracity; greediness

AVO'ID, _v.a._ shun; shift off; quit

AWA'KE, _v.a._ rouse out of sleep; put into new action

AW'KWARD, _a._ clumsy; inelegant; unready

A'ZURE, _s._ blue; faint blue


BA'CCHANALS, _s._ the drunken feasts of Bacchus; fabulous personages who
assisted at the festivals of Bacchus

BALCO'NY, _s._ a frame before the window of a room

BALLO'ON, _s._ a large hollow ball of silk, filled with gas, which makes
it rise in the air

BA'NDIT, _s._ a man outlawed

BA'NISH, _v.a._ condemn to leave one's country; drive away

BA'NISHMENT, _s._ the act of banishing another; the state of being

BARBA'RIAN, _s._ a savage; a man uncivilized

BA'RBAROUS, _a._ savage; ignorant; cruel

BA'RREN, _a._ unfruitful; sterile; scanty

BARRIC'ADE, _v.a._ stop up a passage; hinder by stoppage

BASA'LT, _s._ a variety of trap rock

BASA'LTIC, _a._ relating to basalt

BASTI'LE, _s._ (pronounced _basteel_) a jail; formerly the state prison
of France

BA'TTER, _v.a._ beat; shatter; beat down

BA'TTLE, _s._ a fight; an encounter between opposite enemies

BEA'CON, _s._ something raised on an eminence to direct

BEA'RABLE, _a._ that which is capable of being borne

BEAU'TY, _s._ a particular grace or feature; a beautiful person

BECO'ME, _v.a._ befit; be suitable to the person

BEDE'CK, _v.a._ to deck; to adorn; to grace

BE'DSTEAD, _s._ the frame on which the bed is placed

BEHI'ND, _ad._ out of sight; not yet in view; remaining

BEHO'VE, _v.n._ to be fit

BELI'EVE, _v.n._ to have a firm persuasion of anything

BENEFA'CTOR, _s._ one that does good

BE'NEFIT, _s._ a kindness; a favour conferred; an advantage

BENE'VOLENT, _a._ kind; having good-will

BENI'GHT, _v.a._ involve in darkness; surprise with the coming on of

BENI'GNANT, _a._ kind; generous; liberal

BE'NISON, _s._ a blessing

BENU'MB, _v.a._ make torpid; stupify

BESIE'GE, _v.a._ to beleaguer; to lay siege to

BESPRE'NT, _v. def._ besprinkled

BESTO'W, _v.a._ give; confer upon; lay up

BETWE'EN, _prep._ in the middle space; from one to another; noting
difference of one from another

BI'LBERRY, _s._ the fruit of a plant so called

BO'ATMAN, _s._ he that manages a boat

BO'DY, _s._ material substance of an animal; matter; person; collective
mass; main part; main army

BO'RDER, _s._ edge; edge of a country; a bank raised round a garden and
set with flowers

BO'UNTEOUS, _a._ liberal; kind; generous

BOUQUE'T, _s._ (pronounced _boo-kay_) a nosegay

BOWSPRI'T, _s._ (a sea term) the mast that runs out at the bow of a ship

BRA'CELET, _s._ an ornament for the arms

BRA'CH, _s._ a she hound

BRA'CKISH, _a._ salt; somewhat salt

BRI'LLIANCY, _s._ brightness; lustre

BRI'LLIANT, _s._ a diamond of the finest cut

BRI'LLIANT, _a._ shining; sparkling; full of lustre

BU'BBLE, _s._ a small bladder of water; anything which wants solidity
and firmness

BU'LKY, _a._ of great size or stature

BU'LWARK, _s._ a fortification; a security

BUO'YANCY, _s._ the quality of floating

BU'RDENSOME, _a._ grievous

BU'RIAL, _s._ interment; the act of putting anything under earth or

BU'RY, _v.a._ inter; put in the grave; conceal

BU'TTRESS, _s._ a prop; a wall built to support another

CA'DENCE, _s._ the fall of the voice; state of sinking, decline

CALA'MITY, _s._ misfortune; cause of misery; distress

CA'LCULATE, _v.a._ reckon; adjust

CAL'CULA'TION, _s._ a practice or manner of reckoning; a reckoning

CA'LEDO'NIANS, _s._ the ancient inhabitants of Scotland

CAMPA'IGN, _s._ a large, open, level tract of land; the time for which
any army keeps the field

CA'NADA, _s._ a province of the British possessions in America

CANA'L, _s._ any course of water made by art; a passage through which
any of the juices of the body flow

CANA'RY, _s._ an excellent singing-bird--so called from its native
place, the Canary Islands

CA'NNIBAL, _s._ a savage that eats his fellow-men taken in war

CA'PABLE, _a._ susceptible; intelligent; qualified for; able to receive;
capacious; able to understand

CAPA'CIOUS, _a._ wide; large

CAPA'CITY, _s._ power; ability; state; condition; character

CAPERCA'ILZIE, _s._ (pronounced _cap-per-kail-zeh_) cock of the wood

CA'PITAL, _s._ the upper part of a pillar; the chief city of a nation or

CA'PITAL, _a._ applied to letters--large, such as are written at the
beginning or heads of books

CA'PTAIN, _s._ a chief commander

CA'PTIVE, _s._ a prisoner

CAPTI'VITY, _s._ imprisonment; subjection by the fate of war; bondage;
slavery; servitude

CA'PTURE, _v.a._ take prisoner; bring into a condition of servitude

CA'RAVAN, _s._ a conveyance; a troop or body of merchants or pilgrims,
as they travel in the East

CARE'ER, _s._ a course; full speed; course of action

CA'RGO, _s._ the lading of a ship

CARNI'VOROUS, _a._ flesh-eating

CA'ROB, _s._ a plant bearing a nutritious fruit so called

CA'RRIAGE, _s._ the act of carrying or transporting; vehicle; conduct

CA'RRION, _s._ the carcase of something not proper for food

CA'RRONA'DE, _s._ a short iron cannon

CA'RRY, _v.a._ convey from a place; transport; bring forward; bear

CAR'TILAGE, _s._ a smooth and solid body, softer than a bone, but harder
than a ligament

CARTILA'GINOUS, _a._ consisting of cartilages

CA'RTRIDGE, _s._ a case of paper or parchment filled with gunpowder,
used for greater expedition in loading

CASCA'DE, _s._ a cataract; a waterfall

CA'STELLATED, _a._ that which is turretted or built in the form of a

CATAMARA'N, _s._ a rude species of boat

CA'TARACT, _s._ a waterfall

CATA'STROPHE, _s._ a final event

CATHE'DRAL, _s._ the head church of a diocese

CA'VALRY, _s._ horse soldiery

CA'VERN, _s._ a hollow place in the ground

CA'VIL, _s._ a false or frivolous objection

CA'VITY, _s._ a hole; a hollow place

CE'DAR, _s._ a kind of tree; it is evergreen, and produces flowers

CE'LEBRATE, _v.a._ praise; commend; mention in a set or solemn manner

CELE'BRITY, _s._ transaction publicly splendid

CELE'RITY, _s._ quickness

CELE'STIAL, _a._ heavenly

CE'METERY, _s._ a place where the dead are deposited

CE'NTRE, _s._ the middle

CE'NTURY, _s._ a hundred years

CEREMO'NIOUS, _a._ full of ceremony

CE'REMONY, _s._ form in religion; form of civility

CE'RTAIN, _a._ sure; unquestionable; regular; particular kind

CHAO'TIC, _a._ confused

CHA'PTER, _s._ a division of a book; the place in which assemblies of
the clergy are held

CHARACTERI'SE, _v.a._ to give a character of the particular quality of
any man

CHARACTERI'STIC, _s._ that which constitutes the character

CHARACTERI'STICALLY, _ad._ constituting the character

CHA'RITY, _s._ kindness; love; good-will; relief given to the poor

CHA'TEAU, _s._ (pronounced _shat-oh_) a castle

CHA'TTER, _v.a._ make a noise by collision of the teeth; talk idly or

CHE'RUB, _s._ a celestial spirit, next in order to the seraphim

CHRI'STENDOM, _s._ the collective body of Christianity

CHRI'STIAN, _s._ a professor of the religion of Christ

CHRO'NICLE, _s._ a register of events in order of time; a history

CHRO'NICLER, _s._ a writer of chronicles; a historian

CHRONO'METER, _s._ an instrument for the exact measuring of time

CI'PHER, _s._ a figure, as 1, 2

CI'RCUIT, _s._ a circular band

CI'RCUIT, _s._ ring; round; stated journey repeated at intervals

CIRCU'MFERENCE, _s._ the space enclosed in a circle

CIRCUMSCRI'BE, _v.a._ enclose in certain lines or boundaries; bound;

CI'RCUMSTANCE, _s._ something relative to a fact; incident; event

CI'STERN, _s._ a receptacle of water for domestic uses; reservoir

CI'STUS, _s._ rock-rose

CI'TADEL, _s._ a fortress; a place of defence

CI'TIZEN, _s._ a freeman of a city; townsman

CI'TY, _s._ a corporate town that hath a bishop

CI'VIL, _a._ political; not foreign; gentle; well bred; polite

CIVI'LITY, _s._ politeness; complaisance

CI'VILIZA'TION, _s._ civilising manners

CI'VILIZE, _v.a._ reclaim from savageness and brutality

CLA'MOUR, _s._ noise; tumult; disturbance

CLA'RION, _s._ a trumpet

CLI'MATE, _s._ a region, or tract of land, differing from another by the
temperature of the air

CLU'STER, _s._ a bunch

CO'GNIZANCE, _s._ trial; a badge by which one is known

COLLE'CT, _v.a._ gather together; bring into one place; gain from

COLLO'QUIAL, _a._ that relates to common conversation

COLO'NIAL, _a._ that which relates to a colony

CO'LONIST, _s._ one that colonises; one that dwells in a colony

COLO'SSAL, _a._ of enormous magnitude; large

CO'LOUR, _s._ the appearance of bodies to the eye only; hue; appearance

CO'LUMN, _s._ a round pillar; a long file or row of troops; half a page,
when divided into two equal parts by a line passing down the middle

COLU'MNAR, _a._ formed in columns

COMBINA'TION, _s._ a union; a joining together

CO'MFORTABLE, _a._ admitting comfort; dispensing comfort

COMMA'NDER, _s._ a general; chief; leader

COMMEMORA'TION, _s._ an act of public celebration

COMME'NCE, _v.a._ to begin

CO'MMERCE, _s._ intercourse; exchange of one thing for another; trade

COMME'RCIAL, _a._ that which relates to commerce

CO'MMINUTE, _v.a._ to grind; to pulverise

COMMO'DITY, _s._ wares; merchandise

COMMONWE'ALTH, _s._ a polity; an established form of civilized life;
public; republic

COMMU'NICATE, _v.a._ impart knowledge; reveal

COMMU'NITY, _s._ the commonwealth; the body politic; common possession

COMPA'NION, _s._ a partner; an associate

CO'MPANY, _s._ persons assembled together; a band; a subdivision of a
regiment of foot

CO'MPARABLE, _a._ capable of being compared; of equal regard

COMPA'RE, _v.n._ make one thing the measure of another; find a likeness
of one thing with another

COMPA'RISON, _s._ the act of comparing; state of being compared;
comparative estimate

COMPE'TE, _v.a._ to vie; to contend; to strive; to endeavour to outstrip

COMPLA'INT, _s._ representation of pains or injuries; malady;
remonstrance against

COMPLAI'SANCE, _s._ civility; desire of pleasing

COMPLE'TION, _s._ accomplishment; act of fulfilling

COMPLI'ANCE, _s._ the act of yielding to any design or demand

CO'MPLICATE, _v.a._ to render difficult and incomprehendable; to join
one with another

COMPOSI'TION, _s._ a mass formed by mingling different ingredients;
written work

COMPREHE'ND, _v.a._ comprise; include; conceive; understand

CONCE'AL, _v.a._ hide; keep secret; cover

CONCE'IT, _s._ vain pride

CONCE'NTRIC, _a._ having one common centre

CONCE'PTION, _s._ the act of conceiving; state of being conceived;
notion; sentiment

CONCE'SSION, _s._ the act of granting or yielding

CONCI'LIATE, _v.a._ to gain; to win; to reconcile

CONCI'SE, _a._ short; brief; not longer than is really needful

CONCO'CT, _v.a._ to devise

CO'NCORD, _s._ agreement between persons or things; peace; union; a

CONCU'SSION, _s._ the state of being shaken

CONDE'NSE, _v.n._ to grow close and weighty

CONDI'TION, _s._ rank; property; state

CO'NDOR, _s._ a monstrous bird in America

CONDU'CT, _v.a._ lend; accompany; manage

CONE, _s._ a solid body, of which the base is circular, but which ends
in a point

CONFE'R, _v.a._ compare; give; bestow; contribute; conduce

CO'NFERENCE, _s._ formal discourse; an appointed meeting for discussing
some point by personal debate

CONFE'SS, _v.a._ acknowledge a crime; own; avow; grant

CONFI'NEMENT, _s._ imprisonment; restraint of liberty

CO'NFLUENCE, _s._ the joining together of rivers; a concourse; the act
of joining together

CONFORMA'TION, _s._ the form of things as relating to each other; the
act of producing suitableness or conformity to anything

CONFO'RMITY, _s._ similitude; consistency

CONGE'NER, _s._ a thing of the same kind or nature

CONGE'NIAL, _a._ partaking of the same genius

CONGLO'MERATE, _v.a._ to gather into a ball, like a ball of thread

CO'NICAL, _a._ in the shape of a cone

CONJE'CTURE, _s._ guess; imperfect knowledge; idea

CONNEC'TION, _s._ union

CO'NQUER, _v.a._ gain by conquest; win; subdue

CO'NQUEROR, _s._ a victor; one that conquers

CO'NQUEST, _s._ a victory

CO'NSCIENCE, _s._ the faculty by which we judge of the goodness or
wickedness of ourselves

CO'NSCIOUS, _a._ endowed with the power of knowing one's own thoughts
and actions; bearing witness by the dictates of conscience to

CONSCRI'PTION, _s._ an enrolling or registering

CO'NSECRATE, _v.a._ to make sacred; to canonize

CO'NSEQUENCE, _s._ that which follows from any cause or principle;
effect of a cause

CO'NSEQUENT, _a._ following by rational deduction; following as the
effect of a cause

CONSI'DERABLE, _a._ worthy of consideration; important; valuable

CONSI'ST, _v.n._ subsist; be composed; be comprised

CONSI'STENCE, _s._ state with respect to material existence; degree of
denseness or rarity

CONSI'STENCY, _s._ adhesion; agreement with itself or with any other

CONSPI'CUOUS, _a._ obvious to the sight

CO'NSTANT, _a._ firm; fixed; certain; unvaried

CONSTELLA'TION, _s._ a cluster of fixed stars; an assemblage of

CONSTERNA'TION, _s._ astonishment; amazement; wonder

CO'NSTITUTE, _v.a._ give formal existence; produce; erect; appoint
another in an office

CONSTRU'CT, _v.a._ build; form; compile

CONSTRU'CTION, _s._ the act of building; structure; form of building

CONSTR'UCTIVE, _a._ by construction

CONSU'MPTION, _s._ the act of consuming; waste; a disease; a waste of
muscular flesh

CO'NTACT, _s._ touch; close union

CONTA'GIOUS, _a._ infectious; caught by approach

CONTA'IN, _v.a._ hold; comprehend; restrain

CONTE'MPLATE, _v.a._ study; meditate; muse; think studiously with long

CONTEMPLA'TION, _s._ meditation; studious thought

CONTE'MPLATIVE, _a._ given to thought or study

CONTE'MPORARY, _s._ one who lives at the same time with another

CONTE'MPTIBLE, _a._ worthy of contempt, of scorn; neglected; despicable

CO'NTEST, _s._ dispute; difference; debate

CONTE'ST, _v.a._ to strive; to vie; to contend

CONTI'GUOUS, _a._ meeting so as to touch

CO'NTINENT, _s._ land not disjoined by the sea from other lands; that
which contains anything; one of the quarters of the globe

CONTI'NGENCY, _s._ accidental possibility

CONTI'NUE, _v.n._ remain in the same state; last; persevere

CONTRA'CT, _v.a._ to shrink up; to grow short; to bargain

CO'NTRARY, _a._ opposite; contradictory; adverse

CONTRI'VANCE, _s._ the act of contriving; scheme; plan; plot

CONVE'NIENCE, _s._ fitness; ease; cause of ease

CONVE'NIENT, _a._ fit; suitable; proper; well adapted

CO'NVENT, _s._ an assembly of religious persons; a monastery; a nunnery

CO'NVERSE, _s._ conversation; acquaintance; familiarity

CONVE'RSION, _s._ change from one state to another

CONVE'RT, _v.a._ change into another substance; change from one religion
to another; turn from a bad to a good life; apply to any use

CONVE'Y, _v.a._ carry; transport from one place to another; bring;

CONVU'LSIVE, _a._ that gives twitches or spasms

CO'PIOUS, _a._ plentiful; abundant

CO'PPICE, _s._ a low wood; a place overrun with brushwood

CO'RDIAL, _a._ reviving; hearty; sincere

CORONA'TION, _s._ the act of crowning a King

CORPORA'TION, _s._ a body politic, constituted by Royal charter

CORPO'REAL, _a._ having a body; material; not spiritual

CORRE'CT, _v.a._ punish; discipline; remark faults; take away fault

CORRESPONDENCE, _s._ intercourse; relation; friendship

CO'UNCILLOR, _s._ one that gives counsel

COU'NTENANCE, _s._ the form of the face; air; look; calmness of look;

CO'UNTRY, _s._ a tract of land; a region; rural parts

CO'URAGE, _s._ bravery; boldness

CO'VERING, _s._ dress; anything spread over another

CRA'FTY, _a._ cunning; knowing; scheming; politic

CRA'TER, _s._ the bowl, opening, or funnel of a volcano

CREA'TION, _s._ the act of creating; universe

CREA'TOR, _s._ the Divine Being that created all things

CRE'ATURE, _s._ a being created; a general term for man

CRE'VICE, _s._ a crack; a cleft; a narrow opening

CRI'MINAL, _s._ a man accused; a man guilty of a crime

CRI'MINA'LITY, _s._ the act of being guilty of a crime

CRI'TIC, _s._ a judge; otherwise a censurer

CRI'TICAL, _a._ relating to criticism

CRO'CODILE, _s._ an amphibious voracious animal, in shape like a lizard

CROO'KED, _a._ bent; winding; perverse

CRU'ELTY, _s._ inhumanity; savageness; act of intentional affliction

CRU'SADE, _s._ an expedition against the infidels; a holy war

CRY'STAL, _s._ crystals are hard, pellucid, and naturally colourless
bodies, of regular angular figures

CU'LPABLE, _a._ criminal; guilty; blamable

CU'LTIVATE, _v.a._ forward or improve the product of the earth by manual
industry; improve

CULTIVA'TION, _s._ improvement in general

CU'POLA, _s._ a dome

CU'RFEW, _s._ an evening peal, by which the Conqueror willed that every
man should rake up his fire and put out his light

CURIO'SITY, _s._ inquisitiveness; nice experiment; an object of
curiosity; rarity

CU'RIOUS, _a._ inquisitive; desirous of information; difficult to
please; diligent about; elegant; neat; artful

CU'RRENT, _a._ passing from hand to hand; authoritative; common; what is
now passing

CU'STOM, _s._ habit; fashion; practice of buying of certain persons

CY'MBAL, _s._ a kind of musical instrument

CY'PRESS, _s._ a tall straight tree. It is the emblem of mourning

DALMA'TIA, _s._ a province of Austria

DALMA'TIAN, _a._ belonging to Dalmatia

DA'MAGE, _s._ mischief; hurt; loss

DA'NGER, _s._ risk; hazard; peril

DA'NGEROUS, _a._ hazardous; perilous

DA'STARDLY, _ad._ cowardly; mean; timorous

DA'UNTED, _a._ discouraged

DECE'PTION, _s._ the act or means of deceiving; cheat; fraud; the state
of being deceived

DECLI'NE, _v.a._ shun; avoid; refuse; bring down

DE'CORATE, _v.a._ adorn; embellish; beautify

DECORA'TION, _s._ ornament; added beauty

DE'DICATE, _v.a._ to inscribe

DEFA'CE, _v.a._ destroy; raze; ruin; disfigure

DEFE'CTIVE, _a._ wanting the just quantity; full of defects; imperfect;

DEFE'NCE, _s._ guard; protection; resistance

DEFI'CIENCY, _s._ want; something less than is necessary; imperfection

DEGE'NERACY, _s._ departure from the virtue of our ancestors

DEGE'NERATE, _a._ unworthy; base

DE'ITY, _s._ divinity; the nature and essence of God; fabulous Rod; the
supposed divinity of a heathen god

DE'LICACY, _s._ daintiness; softness; feminine beauty; nicety; gentle
treatment; smallness

DE'LICATE, _s._ fine; soft; pure; clear; unable to bear hardships;

DELI'CIOUS, _a._ sweet; delicate; agreeable

DELI'GHT, _v.a._ please; content; satisfy

DELI'NEATE, _v.a._ to paint; to represent; to describe

DELI'VER, _v.a._ set free; release; give; save; surrender

DE'LUGE, _v.a._ flood

DE'LUGE, _v.a._ drown; lay totally under water; overwhelm; cause to sink

DEME'ANOUR, _s._ carriage; behaviour

DEMO'LISH, _v.a._ raze; destroy; swallow up

DEMONSTRA'TION, _s._ the highest degree of argumental evidence

DENO'MINATE, _v.a._ to name anything

DEPA'RTMENT, _s._ separate allotment; province or business assigned to a
particular person

DEPO'RTMENT, _s._ carriage; bearing

DEPO'SIT, _s._ a pledge; anything given as a security

DEPO'SIT, _v.a._ lay up; lay aside

DEPRA'VITY, _s._ corruption

DE'PREDA'TION, _s._ a robbing; a spoiling; waste

DEPRI'VE, _v.a._ bereave one of a thing; hinder; debar from

DE'RVISE, _s._ a Turkish priest

DESCE'NDANT, _s._ the offspring of an ancestor

DESCRI'BE, _v.a._ mark out; define

DESCRI'PTION, _s._ the sentence or passage in which anything is

DESCRY', _v.a._ give notice of anything suddenly discovered; detect;

DE'SERT, _s._ a wilderness; solitude; waste country

DESE'RVE, _v.a._ be entitled to reward or punishment

DESI'GN, _s._ an intention; a purpose; a scheme

DESIGNA'TION, _s._ appointment; direction; intention to design

DESI'RE, _v.a._ wish; long for; intreat

DE'SOLATE, _a._ without inhabitants; solitary; laid waste

DESPA'TCH, _s._ to send away hastily; to do business quickly; to put to

DE'SPERATE, _a._ without hope; rash; mad; furious

DE'SPICABLE, _a._ worthy of scorn; contemptible

DESPI'SE, _v.a._ scorn; condemn; slight; abhor

DE'SPOTISM, _s._ absolute power

DESTINA'TION, _s._ the place where it was our destiny to go; fate; doom

DE'STINE, _v.a._ doom; devote

DE'STINY, _s._ doom; fate

DE'STITUTE, _a._ forsaken; abject; in want of

DESTRO'Y, _v.a._ lay waste; make desolate; put an end to

DESTRU'CTION, _s._ the act of destroying; the state of being destroyed;

DETA'CH, _v.a._ separate; disengage

DETA'CHMENT, _s._ a body of troops sent out from the main army

DETE'R, _v.a._ fright from anything

DETERMINA'TION, _s._ absolute direction to a certain end; the result of
deliberation; judicial decision

DETE'RMINE, _v.a._ fix; settle; resolve; decide

DETE'STABLE, _a._ hateful; abominable; odious

DETRA'CTION, _s._ the withdrawing or taking off from a thing

DETRU'DE, _v.a._ thrust down; force into a lower place

DEVASTA'TION, _s._ waste; havoc; desolation; destruction

DEVE'LOP, _v.a._ to disentangle; to disengage from something that
enfolds and conceals

DEVIA'TION, _s._ the act of quitting the right way; wandering

DEVO'TE, _v.a._ dedicate; consecrate

DE'VOTEE, _s._ one erroneously or superstitiously religious; a bigot

DEVO'TION, _s._ piety; prayer; strong affection; power

DE'XTEROUS, _a._ subtle; full of expedients; expert; active; ready

DIABO'LICAL, _a._ devilish

DI'ADEM, _s._ the mark of Royalty worn on the head

DI'AL, _s._ a plate marked with lines, where a hand or shadow shows the

DI'ALECT, _s._ subdivision of a language; style; manner of expression

DI'ALOGUE, _s._ a discussion between two persons

DIA'METER, _s._ the straight line which, passing through the centre of a
circle, divides it into two equal parts

DI'AMOND, _s._ the most valuable and hardest of all the gems; a

DI'FFER, _v.n._ be distinguished from; contend; be of a contrary opinion

DI'FFERENT, _a._ distinct; unlike; dissimilar

DIFFICULTY, _s._ hardness; something hard to accomplish; distress;
perplexity in affairs

DI'GNITY, _s._ rank of elevation; grandeur of mien; high place

DILA'TE, _v n._ widen; grow wide; speak largely

DI'LIGENCE, _s._ industry; assiduity

DIMI'NISH, _v.a._ to make less

DIMI'NUTIVE, _a._ small; narrow; contracted

DIRE'CT, _v.a._ aim at a straight line; regulate; order; command;
adjust; mark out a certain course

DIRE'CTION, _s._ tendency of motion impressed by a certain impulse;
order; command; prescription

DIRE'CTLY, _ad._ immediately; apparently; in a straight line

DISAGRE'EABLE, _a._ unpleasing; offensive

DISA'STROUS, _a._ calamitous

DISCI'PLE, _s._ a scholar; one that professes to receive instruction
from another

DISCIPLINE, _s._ education; the art of cultivating the mind; a state of

DISCONCE'RT, _v.a._ unsettle the mind; discompose

DISCOU'RAGE, _v.a._ depress; deprive of confidence

DISCO'VER, _v.a._ disclose; bring to light; find out

DISCO'VERY, _s._ the act of finding anything hidden

DISCRI'MINATION, _s._ the state of being distinguished from other
persons or things; the mark of distinction

DISHO'NOUR, _s._ reproach; disgrace; ignominy

DISLO'DGE, _v.a._ to go to another place; to drive or remove from a

DISMA'NTLE, _v.a._ strip; deprive of a dress; strip a town of its
outworks; loose

DISMA'Y, _s._ fall of courage; desertion of mind

DISOBE'DIENCE, _s._ the act of disobeying; inattention to the words of
those who have right to command

DISO'RDER, _s._ irregularity; tumult; sickness

DISPA'RAGEMENT, _s._ reproach; disgrace; indignity

DISPLA'Y, _v.a._ exhibit; talk without restraint

DISPOSI'TION, _s._ order; method; temper of mind

DISQUI'ETUDE, _s._ uneasiness

DI'SREGARD, _v.a._ to slight; to neglect

DI'SSIPATE, _v.a._ scatter every way; disperse; scatter the attention

DISSO'LVE, _v.n._ be melted; fall to nothing

DISTANCE, _s._ remoteness in place; retraction of kindness; reserve

DISTE'MPER, _s._ disease; malady; bad constitution of the mind

DISTI'NCTION, _s._ the act of discerning one as preferable to the other;
note of difference; honourable note of superiority; discernment

DISTINCTLY, _ad._ not confusedly; plainly; clearly

DISTRE'SS, _s._ calamity; misery; misfortune

DISTRI'BUTE, _v.a._ to deal out; to dispensate

DI'STRICT, _s._ region; country; territory

DIVE'RGE, _v.n._ send various ways from one point

DIVE'RSIFY, _v.a._ make different from another

DIVE'RSION, _s._ the act of turning anything off from its course

DIVE'RSITY, _s._ difference; dissimilitude; unlikeness; variety

DIVI'DE, _v.a._ part one whole in different pieces; separate; deal out

DI'VIDEND, _s._ a share

DO'CILE, _a._ teachable; easily instructed; tractable

DOMA'IN, _s._ dominion; possession; estate; empire

DOME'STIC, _a._ belonging to the house; private

DOME'STICATE, _v.a._ make domestic; withdraw from the public

DOMI'NION, _s._ sovereign authority; power; territory

DO'RSAL, _a._ pertaining to the back

DO'UBLE, _a._ two of a sort; in pairs; twice as much

DRAMA'TIC, _a._ representable by action

DRA'MATIST, _s._ author of dramatic compositions

DRAW'INGROOM, _s._ a room to which company withdraw--originally

DRE'ADFUL, _a._ terrible; frightful

DRE'ARINESS, _s._ gloominess; sorrowfulness

DRE'ARY, _a._ sorrowful; gloomy; dismal; horrid

DU'CAT, _s._ a coin struck by Dukes; in silver valued at about four
shillings and sixpence, in gold at nine shillings and sixpence

DURA'TION, _s._ power of continuance; length of continuance

DU'RING, _prep._ for the time of the continuance

EA'RLY, _ad._ soon; betimes

EA'RTHQUAKE, _s._ tremour or convulsion of the earth

EA'STERN, _a._ belonging to the east; lying to the east; oriental

EA'SY, _a._ not difficult; ready; contented; at rest

ECLI'PSE, _s._ an obscuration of the heavenly luminaries; darkness;

ECO'NOMY, _s._ frugality; discretion of expense; system of matter

E'DIFICE, _s._ a fabric; a building

EDI'TION, _s._ publication of anything, particularly of a book

EDUCA'TION, _s._ formation of manners in youth

EFFE'CT, _s._ that which is produced by an operating cause; success;
purpose; meaning; consequence

EFFE'CTUAL, _a._ productive of effects; expressive of facts

EFFE'MINACY, _s._ softness; unmanly delicacy

E'FFLUENCE, _s._ what issues from some other principle

E'FFULGENCE, _s._ lustre; brightness; splendour

EFFU'SE, _v.a._ to pour out; to spill, to shed

EJA'CULATION, _s._ an exclamation

ELA'BORATE, _a._ finished with care

ELE'CTRIC, _a._ relating to electricity

ELE'CTRO-MA'GNETISM, _s._ a branch of electrical science

E'LEGANCE, _s._ beauty, rather soothing than striking; beauty without

E'LEGY, _s._ a mournful song; short poem without points or turns

E'LEPHANT, _s._ a large quadruped

E'LEVA'TED, _a._ exalted; raised up; progressed in rank

ELEVA'TION, _s._ the act of raising up aloft; exaltation

ELOCU'TION, _s._ the power of fluent speech; the power of expression;
eloquence; flow of language

E'LOQUENCE, _s._ the power or speaking with fluency and elegance

ELU'DE, _v.a._ to mock by unexpected escape

E'MANATE, _v.a._ to issue; to flow from something else

EMBA'LM, _v.a._ impregnate a body with aromatics, that it may resist

EMBA'RK, _v.n._ to go on board a ship; to engage in any affair

EMBROI'DERY, _s._ variegated work; figures raised upon a ground

E'MERALD, _s._ a precious stone of a green colour

EME'RGE, _v.n._ to issue; to proceed; to rise

EME'RGENCY, _s._ the act of rising into view; any sudden occasion;
pressing necessity

E'MINENCE, _s._ loftiness; height; summit; distinction

E'MINENT, _a._ celebrated; renowned

EMI'T, _v.a._ to send forth; to let fly; to dart

EMO'LUMENT, _s._ profit; advantage

E'MPEROR, _s._ a monarch of title and dignity superior to a king

EMPLO'Y, _v.a._ busy; keep at work; use as materials; trust with the
management of any affairs; use as means

E'MULATE, _v.a._ to vie

EMULA'TION, _s._ rivalry; desire of superiority

ENA'BLE, _v.a._ make able; confer power

ENCA'MPMENT, _s._ the act of encamping or pitching tents; a camp

ENCHA'NTMENT, _s._ magical charms; spells; irresistible influence

ENCI'RCLING, _a._ environing; surrounding

ENCLO'SE, _v.a._ part from things or grounds common by a fence;
surround; encompass

ENCOU'NTER, _v.a._ meet face to face; attack

ENCRO'ACHMENT, _s._ an unlawful gathering in upon another man; advance
into the territories or rights of another

ENDA'NGER, _v.a._ put in hazard; incur the danger of

ENDU'RANCE, _s._ continuance; lastingness; delay

E'NEMY, _s._ foe; antagonist; any one who regards another with

ENERGE'TIC, _a._ operative; active; vigorous

E'NERGY, _s._ activity; quickness; vigour

ENGA'GE, _v.a._ employ; stake; unite; enlist; induce; fight

ENGINE'ER, _s._ one who manages engines; one who directs the artillery
of an army

ENGRA'VER, _s._ a cutter in wood or other matter

ENGRA'VING, _s._ the work of an engraver

ENGRO'SS, _v.a._ thicken; increase in bulk; fatten; to copy in a large

ENJO'Y, _v.a._ feel or perceive with pleasure; please; delight

ENLA'RGEMENT, _s._ increase; copious discourse

ENNO'BLE, _v.a._ to dignify; to exalt; to make famous

ENO'RMOUS, _a._ wicked beyond the common measure; exceeding in bulk the
common measure

ENQUI'RY, _s._ interrogation; examination; search

ENRA'GE, _v.a._ irritate; make furious

ENSNA'RE, _v.a._ entrap; entangle in difficulties or perplexities

E'NTERPRISE, _s._ an undertaking of hazard; an arduous attempt

E'NTERPRISING, _a._ fond of enterprise

ENTHU'SIASM, _s._ a vain belief of private revelation; beat of
imagination; elevation of fancy

E'NTRAILS, _s._ the intestines; internal parts

ENU'MERATE, _v.a._ reckon up singly; number

ENVE'LOPEMENT, _s._ covering; inwrapment

E'PIC, _a._ narrative

EPI'STLE, _s._ a letter

EPI'STOLARY, _a._ transacted by letters; relating to letters

E'QUAL, _a._ even; uniform; in just proportion

EQUITY, _s._ justice; impartiality

ERE'CT, _a._ upright; bold; confident

ERE'CT, _v.a._ raise; build; elevate; settle

E'RMINE, _s._ an animal found in cold countries, of which the fur is
valuable, and used for the adornment of the person. A fur worn by
judges in England

ERRO'NEOUS, _a._ wrong; unfounded; false; misled by error

ERU'PTION, _s._ the act of bursting out; sudden excursion of a hostile

ESCO'RT, _v.a._ convoy; guard from place to place

ESPE'CIAL, _a._ principal; chief

ESPE'CIALLY, _ad._ principally; chiefly; in an uncommon degree

ESPLANA'DE, _s._ the empty space between a citadel and the outskirts of
a town

ESSE'NTIAL, _a._ necessary to the constitution or existence of anything;
important in the highest degree

ESTA'BLISHMENT, _s._ settlement; fixed state

ESTRA'NGE, _v.a._ keep at a distance; withdraw

ETE'RNAL, _a._ without beginning or end; perpetual; unchanging

ETE'RNALLY, _ad._ incessantly; for evermore

ETE'RNITY, _s._ duration without beginning or end

ETHE'REAL, _a._ belonging to the higher regions

EVA'PORATE, _v.a._ to drive away in fumes

E'VENING, _s._ the close of the day; beginning of night

EVE'NTUALLY, _ad._ in the event; in the last result

E'VIDENT, _a._ plain; notorious

EXA'CT, _a._ nice; not deviating from rule; careful

EXA'MINE, _v.a._ search into; make inquiry into

EXA'MPLE, _s._ copy or pattern

E'XCAVATE, _v.a._ hollow; cut into hollows

EXCE'L, _v.a._ to outgo in good qualities; to surpass

E'XCELLENCE, _s._ the state of abounding in any good quality; dignity;

E'XCELLENT, _a._ eminent in any good quality; of great value

EXCE'PT, _prep._ exclusively of; unless

EXCE'SSIVE, _a._ beyond the common proportion

EXCI'TE, _v.a._ rouse; animate

EXCLU'DE, _v.a._ shut out; debar

EXCLU'SIVE, _a._ having the power of excluding or denying admission

EXCRU'CIATE, _v.a._ torture; torment

EXCU'RSION, _s._ an expedition into some distant part

EXCU'RSIVE, _a._ rambling; deviating

EXECU'TION, _s._ performance; practice; slaughter

EXE'MPLARY, _a._ such as may give warning to others; such as may attract
notice and imitation

E'XERCISE, _s._ labour of the mind or body

EXE'RTION, _s._ the act of exerting; effort

EXHI'BIT, _v.a._ to offer to view; show; display

EXHIBI'TION, _s._ the act of exhibiting; display

EXHI'LARATE, _v.a._ make cheerful; cheer; enliven

EXI'STENCE, _s._ state of being

EXPA'ND, _v.a._ to spread; to extend on all sides

EXPA'NSE, _s._ a body widely extended without inequalities

EXPE'DIENT, _s._ that which helps forward as means to an end

EXPEDI'TION, _s._ an excursion

EXPE'L, _v.a._ drive away; banish; eject

EXPE'RIENCE, _s._ knowledge gained by practice

EXPE'RIENCED, _a._ wise by long practice

EXPE'RIMENT, _s._ a trial of anything

EXPI'RE, _v.a._ breathe out; close; bring to an end

EXPLO'SION, _s._ an outburst; a sudden crash

EXPO'RT, _v.a._ carry out of a country

EXPO'SE, _v.a._ lay open; make bare; put in danger

EXPRE'SSION, _s._ the form of language in which any thoughts are
uttered; the act of squeezing out anything

E'XQUISITE, _a._ excellent; consummate; complete

EXTE'MPORE, _ad._ without premeditation; suddenly

EXTE'ND, _v.a._ stretch out; diffuse; impart

EXTE'NSIVE, _a._ large; wide; comprehensive

EXTE'RIOR, _a._ outward; external

EXTE'RNAL, _a._ outward

EXTI'NGUISH, _v.a._ put out; destroy; obscure

EXTI'RPATE, _v.a._ root out; eradicate

E'XTRACT, _s._ the chief parts drawn from anything

EXTRAO'RDINARY, _a._ different from common order and method; eminent;

EXTRA'VAGANT, _a._ wasteful; not saving; otherwise, improbable, false

EXTRE'MELY, _ad._ greatly; very much; in the utmost degree

EXTRE'MITY, _s._ the utmost point; highest degree; parts at the greatest

FACI'LITY, _s._ ease; dexterity; affability

FA'CTORY, _s._ a house or district inhabited by traders in a distant
country; traders embodied in one place

FA'CULTY, _s._ the power of doing anything; ability

FAMI'LIAR, _a._ domestic; free; well known; common; unceremonious

FAMI'LIARITY, _s._ easiness of conversation; acquaintance

FA'MILY, _s._ those who live in the same house; household; race; clans

FA'MOUS, _a._ renowned; celebrated

FANA'TICISM, _s._ madness; frenzy; insanity

FANTA'STIC, _a._ whimsical; fanciful; imaginary

FA'RTHER, _ad._ at a greater distance; beyond this

FA'SHION, _v.a._ form; mould; figure; make according to the rule
prescribed by custom

FA'TAL, _a._ deadly; mortal; appointed by destiny

FATI'GUE, _s._ weariness

FATI'GUE, _v.a._ tire; weary

FAUN, _s._ a kind of rural deity

FA'VOURITE, _s._ a person or thing beloved; one regarded with favour

FE'ATHER, _s._ plume of birds

FE'ATURE, _s._ the cast or make of the face; any lineament or single
part of the face

FE'ELING, _s._ the sense of touch; sensibility; tenderness; perception

FERMENTA'TION, _s._ a slow motion of the particles of a mixed body,
arising usually from the operation of some active acid matter; as
when leaven or yeast ferments bread or wort

FERO'CITY, _s._ savageness; wildness; fierceness

FE'RTILE, _a._ fruitful; abundant; plenteous

FERTI'LITY, _s._ abundance; fruitfulness

FE'STAL, _a._ festive; joyous; gay

FE'STIVAL, _a._ time of feast; anniversary-day of civil or religious joy

FESTO'ON, _s._ In architecture, an ornament of carved work in the form
of a wreath or garland of flowers or leaves twisted together

FEU'DAL, _a._ dependant; held by tenure

FI'BRE, _s._ a small thread or string

FI'CTION, _s._ a fanciful invention; a probable or improbable invention;
a falsehood; a lie

FIDE'LITY, _s._ honesty; faithful adherence

FI'GURE, _s._ shape; person; stature; the form of anything as terminated
by the outline

FI'LIAL, _a._ pertaining to a son; befitting a son; becoming the
relation of a son

FI'RMAMENT, _s._ sky; heavens

FLA'GON, _s._ a vessel with a narrow mouth

FLA'MBEAU, _s._ (pronounced _flam-bo_) a lighted torch

FLA'VOUR, _s._ power of pleasing the taste; odour

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