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The History of John Bull by John Arbuthnot

Part 3 out of 3

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John Bull as a Constable.

CHAP. XIV.--How John rose out of his Bed on a cold Morning to
prevent a Duel between Esq. South and Lord Strutt; how, to his great
surprise, he found the Combatants drinking Geneva in a Brandy Shop,
with Nic.'s favourite Daughter between them; how they both fell upon
John, so that he was forced to fight his way out.

CHAP. XV.--How John came with his Constable's Staff to rescue Nic.'s
Daughter, and break the Esquire's China Ware.

CHAP. XVI.--Commentary upon the Spanish Proverb, "Time and I against
any Two;" or Advice to Dogmatical Politicians exemplified in some
New Affairs between John Bull and Lewis Baboon.

CHAP. XVII.--A Discourse of the delightful Game of Quadrille. How
Lewis Baboon attempted to play a Game Solo in Clubs, and was bested;
how John called Lewis for his King, and was afraid that his own
Partner should have too many tricks; and how the Success and Skill
of Quadrille depends upon calling a right King.

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