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The Fortune Hunter

Part 3 out of 3

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The magistrate handed the inclosure to a clerk, who was a German.
``Read it aloud,'' he said. And the clerk, after a few moments'
preparation, slowly read in English:

To the Public:

Before oblivion swallows me--one second, I beg!

I have sinned, but I have expiated. I have lived bravely,
fighting adversity and the malice which my superior gifts from
nature provoked. I can live no longer with dignity. So, proud
and fearless to the last, I accept defeat and pass out.

I forgive my friends. I forget my enemies.

Exit Carl Feuerstein, soldier of fortune, man of the world. A
sensitive heart that was crushed by the cruelty of men and the
kindness of women has ceased to beat.


P. S. DEAR. MR. KONIGSMARCK-- Please send a copy of the above to
the newspapers, English as well as German.
C. F.

The magistrate beamed his kindliest upon Hilda. ``The charge
against you is absurd. Your arrest was a crime. You are free.''

Hilda put her hand on Otto's arm. ``Let us go,'' she murmured

As they went up the aisle hand in hand the crowd stood and
cheered again and again; the magistrate did not touch his
gavel--he was nodding vigorous approval. Hilda held Otto's hand
more closely and looked all round. And her face was bright

Thus the shadow of Mr. Feuerstein-- of vanity and false emotion,
of pose and pretense, passed from her life. Straight and serene
before her lay the pathway of ``work and love and home.''

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