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The Faithful Shepherdess by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher

Part 3 out of 3

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l. 25. A-F] Who I did.
l. 29. A-C] _Enter the_.

p. 406,
l. 2. A and B] _of a_ Amoret.
l. 3. A and B] But all these.
l. 29. A and B] swear, Beloved _Perigot_.
l. 37. A-D] then that young.

p. 407,
l. 4. A and B] How should.
l. 11. C] take my _Amoret_.
l. 30. A and B _read_] div'd art, art not.
l. 36. F] still as.
l. 37. C] Though others shows.
l. 38. C] and rest my.

p. 408,
l. 18. A and B _omit_] _in her own shape_.
l. 26. A and B _omit_] Ama.
l. 28. A and B _add_ Amoret _after_ path.

p. 409,
l. 17. A-D] _He flings her_.

p. 410,
l. 4. A and B] locke.
l. 11. F] bank.

p. 411,
l. 9. A-C] silver string.

p. 412,
l. 2. E] Leave there gravel.
l. 20. A-F _add_] Exit.
l. 22. A and B _add_] _Finis Actus Tertis_.
l. 23. A and B _omit_] _Actus Quartus. Scena Prima._
l. 34. A and B] Perigot _to Enter_. Amaryllis, _running_.

p. 413,
l. 2. A-F] heavy Clowdes.
l. 18. A-C] of his breath.

p. 414,
l. 35. A-D] happy bower.

p. 415,
l. 7. A-F] Will undo his.
l. 10. A-F] holy rights.
l. 11. A-D] the feared.
l. 22. A and B] the Gwomes.
l. 35. A and B] thie wound. C] thy wound.

p. 416,
l. 20. A--D] Now a gapes.
l. 31. A--F] to this destiny.

p. 417,
l. 1. A-D] not possible.
l. 2. A and B] all heates, desires.
l. 3. A-F] thoughts.
l. 9. A and B] Playsters.

p. 418,
l. 1. A and B] To deserve the.
l. 11. A-C] sought it.
l. 13. A-C] or shade.
l. 15. A-C] but I.

p. 419,
l. 7. A and B] imagination.
l. 26. 2nd Folio _misprints_] thy and.
l. 30. A and B _omit_] _Exit_ Amoret.

p. 420,
l. 26. A-D] thy lazy.
l. 36. A-D] _looking of_ Perigot.

p. 421,
l. 2. A and B omit] art. E, F and 2nd Folio] thou darest.
l. 12. A-F] Ribandes.
l. 14. A-C _omit_] the.
l. 17. A and B] those too little.
l. 28. C] a fact so.
l. 30. A and B] Came flowing. C] Come flying.

p. 422,
l. 10. A and B] men, most.
l. 12. F] thy vows. l. 13. 2nd Folio] help.
l. 17. A-F] till Crosse fate.
l. 26. C] seeks.
l. 30. A and B _omit_] _Per_.

p. 423,
l. 14. A and B] esteeme.

p. 424,
l. 11. A and B] denye.
l. 18. C] sent my gloves.
l. 26. A and B] bread.

p. 425,
l. 1. A-C] light shutts like.
l. 23. A-D] vild.

p. 426,
l. 5. 2nd Folio] beings.

p. 427,
l. 10. A-C _omit_] to.
l. 19. A-C] once loose both my.
l. 27. 2nd Folio _misprints_] be.
l. 36. A and B] Inconstance.

p. 428,
l. 6. A-D] shalt.
l. 9. A-D] know thee light.
l. 16. A-D] that gave such.
l. 19. A and B _add_] _Finis Actus quartus_.
l. 24. A-D] windowes.

p. 429,
l. 14. A-C] coate.
l. 22. A-D _add_] _and Amarillis_.
l. 31. C] sexes voice and.

p. 430,
l. 5. A-F] that doth thy.
l. 6. A and B] but held to.
l. 12. A-F] Durst a toucht.
l. 22. A-C] will bide.

p. 432,
l. 33. A-F] mornings.

p. 433,
l. 39. A and B _omit_] _The_.

p. 434,
l. 2. C-F] those.
l. 3. A and B] this long night. C _omits_] same.
l. 5. C] eares.
l. 12. F _omits_] and.
l. 19. A-C _omit_] thou.

p. 435,
l. 7. F] I am.
l. 16. A-F] thy chaste.
l. 18. A-F] God.
l. 25. A--D _omit_] To live. A-C] never after to.

p. 436,
l. 3. A and C] thy smiling.
l. 21. A and B] any men may.
l. 29. A-C omit] a.
l. 33. A and B] willd. C] will.
l. 38. A-C _omit_] _Exeunt_.

p. 437,
l. 1. A-F] hand.
l. 2. A and B] in the mornings.
l. 6. A-F] hand.
l. 34. A-D] On these other.

p. 438,
l. 7. A-D] Whose base end is.
l. 22. A and B] Thers a hand. C] Thers at hand.
l. 39. A and B] kneeleth.

p. 439,
l. 7. A-C] Sticke once.
l. 8. A-C] O canst thou. C] leave me.
l. 9. A and C] soon could I.
l. 20. A-D] Perhaps will cleanse thee once again.
l. 24. A-F] are appeas'd.
l. 27. 2nd Folio] Shephered.

p. 440,
l. 14. A and B] their live.
l. 18. A and B _omit_] take a pair.
l. 23. 2nd Folio] offenders,;

p. 441,
l. 13. 2nd Folio _misprints_] bouble.
l. 20. A and B _omit_] and disgrace.
l. 35. C] _brings_ Amoret _in_.

p. 442,
l. 23. A-C] wrong in.
l. 28. 2nd Folio _misprints_] let let. C] wanton lusters.
l. 29. A-F] rights.
l. 30. A-E] Shepheards,
l. 39. A-C] complement.

p. 443,
l. 1. A-C _omit_] still.
l. 4. A-C _for Alex_.} All.
l. 7. A and B] bless you after.
l. 34. C] or bancks.

p. 444,
l. 14. 2nd Folio _misprints_] must.
l. 16. C] tresses.
l. 23. A and B] of the night.
l. 24. C] me light. l. 26. A and B] bring the Coral.
l. 33. A and B] I venter.
l. 36. A-C] these Thicks.

p. 445,
l. 9. 2nd Folio _misprints_] Cle.
l. 10. A-F _add_] Finis. A and B _add also_] _The Pastorall of the
faithfull Shepheardesse._

p. 446,
l. 6. A-D] with the.
l. 14. A and C] this vaine. 2nd Folio] vain.
l. 26. A-F] wants.
l. 28. A-C] Some like if. A-D _omit_] not.
l. 29. A-D] judgments.
l. 32. A-C] aright to thee. D] a right to thee.

p. 447,
l. 8. A and B] much will and.
l. 10. A-C _omit_] now.

pp. 446-7. The lines by Fr. Beaumont are contained in A-F.

p. 447. The lines by Ben Jonson are contained in A and C-F.

p. 448. The Dialogue is contained in D-F.


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