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The Elson Readers, Book 5 by William H. Elson and Christine M. Keck

Part 9 out of 9

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uncomfortable state of affairs (un-kom'fer-ta-b'l; a-farz'), hard way
of living

unconscious (un-kon'shus), feeling and knowing nothing

uneasiness (un-ez'i-nes), worry

unequal fight, ill-matched struggle

unfolded to your gaze, spread out before you

unhoused (un-houzd'), turned out of their homes

unknown, crowded nations, great masses of people of different races

unwittingly, by accident

upon their kind, against other men

useless (us'les), without having been made good use of

utmost (utmost), greatest

utter itself in words (ut'er), speak its meaning

vagrant (va'grant), idle wanderer

vague (vag), not clear

vague lisps (vag), talk that could not be understood

vales (valz), little valleys

valor (val'er), bravery

varied riches (va'rid), good foods of different kinds

vault (volt), walled-up space under- ground

vauntingly (vant'ing-li), boastingly

veered (verd), turned

venomous (ven'um-us), poisonous

verdant (vur'dant), green

vest that is bright, red breast

vexation (vek-sa'shun), anger

vexations (vek-sa'shunz), troubles

victuals (vit'lz), food

villain (vil'in), wicked man

virgin air (vur'jin), clear, fresh air of spring.

virtue of vested power (vur'tu), because of the office to which he had
been elected

vision (vizh'un), dream

visions of sugarplums (vizh'unz), dreams of candy

vizier (vi-zer'), a high state officer in Mohammedan countries

voluntarily (voi'un-ta-ri-li), willingly

Wabasso (wa-bas'o)

Wabun (wa'bun), East wind

Wahwahtaysee (wa'wa-ta'se)

wain (wan), wagon

waistcoat (wast'kot), vest

walks of life, things they try to do

wand (wand), slender stick

wanders piping through the village, walks around the town, playing
sweet music

wanted nothing, had everything he wanted

warring (wor'ing), fighting

warrior (wor'yer), fighting man

wary (wa'ri), easily frightened

was minded to try (min'ded), felt he would like to test

wastes (wasts), wide stretches of land unfit for cultivation

wayside blossom (wa'sid blos'um), flower growing by the roadside

wayside things (wa'sid'), flowers that grow along the roadside

Wawa (wa'wa)

Wawonaissa (wa'won-a'sa)

Waywassimo (wa-was'i-mo)

weasel (we'z'l), a small animal noted for its quickness

wedge (wej), a tool, thinner at one edge, used for splitting

ween, know

well mounted, riding on good horses

wend (wend), go

wheeling (hwel'ing), circling

whence, from where

where the last was bred, in the place in which the last sprang

whereupon (hwar'u-pon'), after which

wherever it listeth (hwar'ev'er; list'eth), wherever it wishes

white-skin wrapper, covering of white bark

Whitsunday (hwit's-n-day), the seventh Sunday after Easter

whole round of my isle, trip all the way around the island

whose joy is to slay, who like to kill

wield (weld), use

wigwams (wig'womz), huts of bark

wilderness (sil'der-nes), wild country

wildfire Jack-o'-lantern, gay little man dancing about

willing lands, ground ready for plowing

will not eat salt, in olden times eating salt with a man (that is,
being his guest) bound the guest to do his host no harm, then or

wily (wii'i), tricky

winged (wing'ed), having wings

winged with feathers (wingd), having feathers at one end, to help them

wintry hoard (win'tri hord), store of food for the winter

wisdom of the book, words which made up the sense

witchery (wich'er-i), fascination

within his scope (with-in'; skop), where he could reach it

with one accord (a-kord'), with the same idea

with one consent (kon-sent'), agreeing

without more ado (a-doo'), not making any objection

wonder (wun'der), surprising thing

wondrous (wun'drus), strange

wondrous birth and being (wun'drus; be'ing), story of the wonderful
way he came into the world and lived in it

words cannot paint, anything one might say could not describe

work the book out, do enough work to pay for the book

worship (wur'ship), devotion to God

wounded (woond'ed), hurt

wounds (woondz), old griefs

woven texture (wo'v-n; teks'tur), cloth

wrack (rak), ruin

wreath (reth), garland

wreathed (reth'ed), joyous

wreathing fires reth'ing), flames twisting around

wrought (rot), worked

wrought together in such harmony (rot; har'mo-ni), so combined in the

Xenil (ze'nil)

yearling (yer'ling), an animal one year old

yellow hair, the silky threads growing out from the end of the corn ear

Yenadizze (yen'a-diz'e), an idler

yeoman (yo'man), free-born man

yester (yes'ter), of the day before

yet unforgotten, still remembered

yore (yor), olden time

young sun, early morning sun

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