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The Elson Readers, Book 5 by William H. Elson and Christine M. Keck

Part 8 out of 9

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diminutive (di-min'u-tiv), tiny

directly (di-rekt'li), at once

disaster (diz-as'ter), great trouble

discloses (dis-kloz'ez), lets be seen

discover (dis-kuv'er), find out

dismounted (dis-moun'ted), threw down off its mountings

disputed (dis-put'id), argued; talked each against the others

disquietude (dis-kwi'e-tud), uneasiness

dissuading (di-swad'ing), advising away from

distant days that shall be, time to come but still far-off

diversified (di-vur'si-fid), made to have a look of variety

docile (dos'il), gentle

down of a thistle (this'l), lightest thing you can think of

down timber (tim'ber), fallen trees

dowry (dou'ri), gift of a man to his bride

draft (draft), one drink

dread silence reposes (dred si'lens re-poz'ez), sleeps quietly, so we
fear it

dreamy recollection (rek'o'lek'shun), faint memory

drink your health, wish you good health when beginning to drink,
usually at a meal

driven (driv'en), blown before the wind

droll (drol), laughable

drooping (droop'ing), with hanging heads

droop o'er the sod, hang over a grave

drought (drout), lack of rain

drowned (dround)

dry and dumb (dum), dried up and still because there is no water to

ducat (duk'at), old gold coin ($2.28)

dungeon (dun'jun), underground prison

Duquesne (doo-kan')

dusk'y pods (dus'ki), dark-colored seed vessels

duty holds him fast (du'ti), he knows he ought to stay

each in its turn the sway, one after the other ruled

eager hand (e'ger), hand that could hardly wait

earth-bound ties, roots which hold it in the ground

ear'th'en (ur'th'n), earthenware

earth was young, world had not long existed

Eastern lands, Asia and Africa

eaves (evz), edges of the roof which overhang the walls slightly

echo (ssk'o), say over again

echoing corridor (ek'o-ing kor'i-dor), long, empty hall in which they
could hear their own footsteps

ell (el), forty-five inches

enchantment (en-chant'ment), magic

en-circled (en-sur'kl'd), wound around

en-counter (en-koun'ter), meeting

engines (en'jinz), implements

enterprise (en'ter-priz), undertaking; willingness to try different

epidemic (ep'i-dem'ik), a disease which one person takes from another

Epimetheus (ep'i-me'thus)

equipage (ek'wi-paj), horses and carriage

ere (ar), before

esteem (Ls-tem'), good opinion

evaporated (e-vap'o-rat-ed), passed away from me

ever-officious Tonish (o-fish'us ton'ish), Tonish, who was always
doing too much

every part has a voice (ev'er-i), each stripe and star means something

evident intention (ev'i-dent in-ten'shun), plain purpose

Ewayea (e-wa-ya'), a lullaby

exaggerations (eg-zaj'er-a'shunz), overstatements

excess (ek-ses'), too much

exile (ek'sil), one away from home

explore (eks-plor'), examine thoroughly

expound (eks-pound'), explain

express consent (eks-pres' kon-sent'),

especial permission being given

extending themselves (eks-tend'ing), spreading out so as to be at a
distance from each other

extinguish (eks-ting'gwish), put out

extraordinary (eks-tror'di-na-ri), surprising; unusual

exulted (eg-zult'ed), was glad

exulting, glean (eg-zult'ing glen), rejoicing, harvest

eyeglass of dew (i'glas'; du), a dew-drop

fading, losing the original color

fail of the fruits, have not the fruits

faint shadow of a trouble, only a hint of unhappiness

fair voyage (voi'aj), trip without severe storms or accidents

fallow (fa1'o), pale yellow

Falls of Minnehaha (min'e-ha'ha), a waterfall near Minneapolis

false estimates (fols es'ti-mats), wrong judgment

faltering (fol'ter-ing), stopping

fame, being known everywhere

fame so becoming to you (be-kum'ing), glory that suits you so well

famous roebuck (ro'buk), fine, big deer

fantastic forms (fan-tas'tik), strange shapes

fashioned (fash'und), shaped; made

fashioned flutes (fash'und), made pipes from which he blew music

fast in my fortress (for'tres), held firmly by my love.

fatal (fa'tal), destructive

fatigue (fa-teg'), weariness

favorable gale (fa'ver-a-b'l gal), wind blowing in the direction he
wished to sail

feasting his eyes, enjoying looking at

features and tokens (fe'turz; to'k'nz), parts of the face, and

feeling but one heart-beat, all having the same feelings and wishes

feet unwilling, moving slowly without interest

fenlands (fen'landz'), swamps

fervently (fur'vent-li), warmly

feuds (few-dz), quarrels

fevered mart (fev'erd mart), market place full of excitement

fib'rous (fi'brus), made of fibers; strong

filled the night, made it all light

fissure (fish'ur), narrow crack

fitfully blows (fit'fool-li), blows and then stops

fit to be made a tool of, suitable to be deceived by flattery to do
the work of others

flags, long, narrow leaves of a plant

flanking parties, riders who were going to stand at the sides

flaunt (flant), make a great showing of

flaunting (flant'ing), waving

flaunting nigh (falnt'ing al), making a great show near them

flecked with leafy light, spotted with sunlight shining through the

fleck its lonely spread (flek), show as a dark spot against the great
stretch of grass

flesh creeps, shudder with horror

flexibility (flek'si-bil'i-ti), ability to be bent

flight of song, where a song goes

flitting (flit'ing), flying about

flow in music, glide along so as to make pleasant sounds

flow'ry dells, little valleys with flowers in them

flutter (flut'er), are in motion

foliage (fo'li-aj), leafy plants

folly laughs to scorn (fol'i lafs to skorn), one who is foolish makes
fun of

fond, loving

forbear (for-bear'), keep from

forbear thy stroke (for-bear'), do not chop it down

forbidding further passage (for-bid'ing fur'ther pas'aj), keeping them
from going on

forbore (for-bor'), held back

ford, a shallow place where the soldier could cross without a bridge

forefather (for'fath'er), ancestor

forehead (for'ed), upper part of the face

forest-fighters (for-est-fit'erz), men used to fighting among trees

forest's life was in it, it was made from the trees and seemed alive
like them

forever and a day, for all time

for-lore' (for-lorn'), poor and lonely

former state, condition it had been in

formidable (for'mi-da-b'l), dreadful

fortnight (fort'nit), two weeks

foul footsteps pollution (po-1u'shun), dishonor of the country, caused
by an enemy being in it

fowling piece, gun for shooting birds

fragments (frag'ments), scraps

fragrant (fra'grant), sweet-smelling frame of mind, feeling this way

franchise of this good people (fran'chiz), vote of the men of this

freight'ing (fra'ting), burden

freight it with (frat), load the boat with

frenzy (fren'zi), joyous madness

frequented (fre-kwent'ed), visited

fretted, tired; teased

frigate (frig'at), light, sailing warship fringed with trees, with a
thin line of trees along it

frol'ic (frol'ik), play

frolic chase, game of running after each other

frosted (frost'ed), frostbitten, and, as a result, loosened

frothy (froth'i), having bubbles

frowning pine forest (froun'ing pin for'est), dark evergreen forest

fugitives (fu'ji-tivz), horses which were trying to escape

full glory reflected (re-flekt'ed), with all its colors showing

full of invention (in-ven'shun), good at thinking up plans

furrows (fur'oz), shallow trenches made by the plow

furze (furz), an evergreen shrub with yellow flowers

gainsaid (gan'sed'), changed

gallantly (gal'ant-li), bravely

gallantly streaming (gal'ant-li strem'ing), bravely flying

gaunt (glint), thin from, hunger

gauze (goz), thin, transparent stuff

gave me a good character (kar'ak- said I was a reliable man

gave myself up for lost, stopped having any hope of being saved

genial (je'ni-al), favorable to growth

genial hour (je'ni-al), pleasant spring time

genius (jen'yus), a person who can do more or better than ordinary

Genius (jen'yus), a powerful spirit

gentian (jen'shan), a beautiful flowering plant, usually blue

gesture (jes'tur), motion

ghastly spectacle (gast'li spec'ta- horrible sight

gigantic (ji-gan'tik), very large

gilt, gold-plated metal

gimlet (gim'let), tool which bores small holes as it is turned

Gitche Gum'ee (gi'che OW), Lake Superior

gitche Manito (gi'che man'i-to), Great Spirit

give back the cry, answer

give me thought for thought, tell me his ideas and listen to mine

glade (glad), an open, grassy space in a wood

gladness breathes, joy seems to come

gleaming (glem'ing), light

glean, gather

glens, little valleys

dimmer (glim'er), gleam

glimmering o'er (glim'er-ing), shining brightly over corn and people

glittering (glit'er-ing), shining

glorified the hill (glo'ri-fid), sent beautiful rays of light upon the

glory fell chastened (chas'nd), his light at the height of its
brightness cast but a soft light

glossy (glos'i), shining

gold'en ears before (gol'd'n), yellow ears of corn taken from their
husks and piled in front of the huskers

goodly root (good'li root), the much prized potato

gophers (go'ferz), ground-squirrels

gorgeous (gor'jus), magnificent; beautiful

gossip of swallows, bird-notes that sound like chatter

go the entire round, make the furrow around the field

Governer (guv'er-ner), the chief man of the colony

gracious-ly (gra'shus-li), with kind courtesy

Granada (gra-na'da)

granaried harvest (gran'a-rid), grain and vegetables stored for the

gratifying his utmost wishes (grat'i-fy-ing), giving him anything he
might wish for

grave (grav), serious-looking

gray of the morning, faint light before the sun is up

greatest disquietude (dis-kwe'e-tood), worst trouble

Great Spirit, God

grievously (grev'us-li), painfully

grim, stern; unyielding

grimace (gri-mas'), made-up face

griping landlord (grip'ing), stingy man who rents houses for high rent

grope (grop), feel without seeing

grow into tangles (tang'g'lz), grow wild as in the woods or fields

guard thy repose (gard; re-poz'), protect you while you sleep

guidance (gid'ans) showing him the right course to take

guided of my counsel (gid'ed; koun'-sul), take my advice

guiding lines (gid'ing), reins by which horses are driven

guileless (gil'les), pure in heart

guinea (gin'i), English coin ($5.11)

gullies (gul'iz), small valleys dug out by water

gushing (gush'ing), freely flowing

habitable (hab'it-a-b'l), fit to live in

had occasion to go out (o-ka'zhun), needed to go somewhere in the town

hailed his coming, called out gladly when they saw him

half-faced camp, shack with three walls and one open side

half-section of unfenced sod, 320 acres of unbroken ground with no

hallooed (ha-lood'), shouted halloo

hallow us there (ha1'o), give us a feeling at home as of sacred things

hamlet without name (ham'let), few houses near together, but not
called a town

hampers (ham'perz), woven baskets

handiwork (han'di-wurk'), what I make

handkerchiefs (hang'ker-chifs)

hand of art, tasteful plan

happily arranged, growing in pretty clumps

hardy gift (har'di), fruit of the sturdy plant which is given by the

harrowing additions (har'o-ing a-dish'unz), things added that are
painful to hear

hart (hart), male red deer Harunal-Rashid' (ha-roon'-ar-ra-shed'),
Caliph of Bagdad

harvest (har'vest), dry seeds

has an ax to grind, wants someone to do some hard work without pay

hate is shadow, feelings of dislike darken everything

haughty (ho'ti), proud

haunches (hanch'ez), hind legs

haunt (hint), come back again and again

haunts (hants), places where one loves to go often

haunts of Nature (na'tur), out-of-doors

havoc of war (hav'ok), ruin caused by fighting

hawk-eyed eagerness (hok-id e'ger-nes), watching impatiently and with
the sharpness of a hawk

hearken (har'ken), listen

hearthrug (harth'rug), rug in front of the fireplace

heart outran his footsteps, wanted to be there before he was

hearts-ease, comfort in trouble

hearts right hand of friendship, a greeting that shows we feel friendly

heartstrings, love

heath (heth), land covered with heather, which has a purple blossom

heav'n-rescued land (hev'n-res'kud), country saved by God

heavy-rolling flight, running with a rocking movement from side to side

heir (ar), one who takes the property of another after he is through
with it

helm (helm), helmet, a protection for the head; the machinery that
steers the ship

he must be cold, he lacks feeling

herb'age (ur'baj), grass and other plants eaten by grazing animals

here, on earth

heroic blood (he-ro'ik), descended from brave men

hewed (hud), chopped

Hiawatha (hi-a-wath'a)

hidden silk has spun (hid'n), threads of down in the pod that resemble
those which the silkworm spins

hideous (hid'e-us), horrible-looking

hie (hi), go; take

high relief (re-lef') carved so that the features stood up from the box

hireling (hir'ling), paid soldier

his proper sphere (prop'er sfer), his own place

his reverence (rev'er-ens), the minister

hither (hith'er), here

hoard (hord), supply of provisions

hoary (hor'i), old and gray

hold (hold), lower part of a ship, where cargo is stored

hollows that rustle between' (hol'oz; rus'l be-twen'), low, quiet
places between large, noisily-roiling waves

home-brew served for wine, home-made drinks were used instead of wine

homely old adage (hom'li; ad'aj), common saying

hoodwinked, blindfolded

horror (hor'er), great fear

horror of my situation (hor'er; sit'u-a'shun), great danger of the
place I was in

horseplay, rude play or jokes

host (host), great number

hotly pressed, closely followed

hovel (hov'r1), small, poor house

hovered (hub'erd), fluttered

huddled (hud'ld), crowded

hue (hu), color

hues of summer's rainbow (huz), colors in the rainbow in summer

human (hu'man), exactly like man

Humber (hum'ber), a river in northeastern England

humble (hum'b'l), lowly; not proud

humor (hu'mer), temper

humor better suited to his own (hu'-mer), more like his

hurrah (hoo-ra'), a word used as a shout of joy

hurricane (hur'i-kan), great storm

hush of woods, quiet of the forest

Iagoo (e-a'goo)

Icarus (ik'a-rus), the son of Daedalus--which *see*

ideas (i-de'az) thoughts

idle, golden freighting (fra'ting), burden of golden-colored autumn

if to windward, if the hunter is in the direction from which the wind

imaginable (i-maj'i-na-b'l), I could think of; possible

immortal in their childhood (i-mor'-tal), so placed that they would
never grow any older

Imperial (im-pe'ri-al), royal

imperious (im-pe'ri-us), demanding much

implement (im'ple-ment), tool

imply a share of reason (im-pli'; re'-z'n), suggest some power to think

impression continuing (im-presh'-un kon-tin'u-ing), the effect

inability (in-a-bil'i-ti), that you cannot

incalculable (in-kal'ku-la-b'l), cannot be counted

incapable (in-ka'pa-b'l), not able

incline (in-klin'), slope

in darker fortunes tried (for'tunz), they had when they were poor

indifference (in-dif'er-ens), not caring

indigestible (in'di-jes'ti-b'l), impossible to digest

indignation (in'dig-na'shun), anger against what is wrong

induce (in-dus'), cause

indulge it to the utmost (in-dulj'; ut'most), be as cross as be could

infinite (in'fi-nit), everlasting

infinitely (in'fi-nit-li), much more

ingenious (in-jan'yus), clever

inhaling (in-hal'ing), smelling

inheritance (in-har'i-tans), a gift from our ancestors

initial mound (in-ish'al), first furrow around the field

inquiries (in-kwir'iz), questioning

in such wise, so fiercely

intelligent (in-tel'i-jent), clever

intent upon (in-tent'), interested in

interminable forests (in-tur'mi-na-b'l), woods that seemed endless

interrupt his lay (in'te-rupt'), stop his song

in the largest sense, in the broadest meaning

intimate association (in'ti-mat a-so'si-a'shun), close companionship

intolerable (in-tol'er-a-b'l), unbearable

intruder (in-troo'der), an uninvited guest

invention (in-ven'shun), schemes

Islands of the Blessed (i'landz; bles'-ed), in mythology, islands
where people lived happily, after death

isles (ilz), islands

jasper (jas'per), a dark, hard stone

jaunty (jan'ti), gay and easy

jet, black

jib (jib), swing around

joined to such folly (fol'i), a partner in such foolishness

joyance (joi'ans), happiness

judgment (juj'ment), idea; opinion

Justiciar (jus-tish'i-ar), chief judge

justs/jousts (justs), mock fights between knights on horseback

Kagh (kag), the hedgehog

keel (kel), bottom of a ship

keep, support

kept, made to go on

khan (kan), an unfurnished building for the use of traveling traders

King's Council (koun'sil), men who met with the King to advise him

kissed into green (kist), changed to green when touched by the sun's

knight (nit), in Great Britain, a man with the title Sir

knights of old (nits), men of olden times who went about doing brave

knoll (nol), a little round hill

knows full well, knows very well

Kwansind (ksa'sind)

lady, the wife of a knight

lamentable (lam'in-taa-b'l), distressed

lamentable tone, sad voice

languidly (lang'gwid-li), carelessly

lank (lank), thin

lapsed (lapst), slipped

larch (larch), tree which looks like an evergreen but sheds its needles

lariat (lar'i-at), long rope with running noose

laudable (lod'a-b'l), praiseworthy

laughing (laf'ing)

launch (lanch), get it afloat

lavish horn (lav'ish), overflowing horn; from the mythological story
of the horn that could become filled with whatever its possessor

lea (le), ground covered with grass

league (lee-g), about three miles

learned (lur'ned), highly educated

learning (lurn'ing), knowledge

leave unmoved (un-moovd'), unharmed

lee of the land, shelter of the shore

legends (lef'endz), old stories only partly true

lei'sure (le'zhur), time to do what he wished

levee (lev-e'), reception given by a ruler or his representative

liege (lej), having the right to claim service

light and boon, bright and pleasant

lightsome (lit'sum), cheery

life a Turk, as people do in Turkey

Lilliput (lil'i-put)

Lilliputians (lil'i-pu'shanz)

limes (limz), fruit like lemons, but smaller and more sour

linden (lin'den), made from basswood

listless (list'les), caring about nothing

livelihood (liv'li-hood), living

livelong (liv'long'), whole

loam (lam), earth

lone (lon), lonely

lone post of death, place where he must die alone

looked westerly (wes'ter-li), turned toward the west, the direction in
which the wind was blowing before it stopped

loosed (loost), set free

lost their labor, got no good from the work they had done

lovely tokens (luv'li to'k'nz), beautiful signs

lower (lo-ur), darken

lowly thatched cottage, small one-story house with roof of straw

lozenge (loz'enj), a tablet of medicine

lust, strong wish

luster of midday (lus'ter; mid'da), light bright as at noon

lustrous (lus'trus), radiant

lusty rogue (lus'ti rog), lively little rascal

magic arts (maj'ik), power over spirits

magician (ma-jish'an), one who uses magic arts

magic his singing (maj'ik), charming way he sang

magnificence (mag'nif'i-sens), grandeur

Maharaja (ma-ha-ra'ja), title of the principal Hindu chief

Mahngotaysee (man-go'ta'se), brave

maintain (man-tan'), keep

make amends to the human race (a-mendz'), make up to people everywhere

make a stand, hold out against; fight

man-builded today, built by people now

maneuver (ma-noo'var), planned movement of a large number

man of might, strong, important man

man's dominion (do-min'yun), for the use of people

mansion (man'shun), large and handsome residence

many a happy return, many more

mariners (mar'i-nerz), sailors

marred (mard), spoiled

marred the whole scene (mard) spoiled the effect planned

marvel (mar'vel), wonderful thing

marveled (mar'veld), wondered

Massasoit (mas'a-soit') match, able to win against

matchless, having no equal

matrons (ma'trunz), married women

mayhap, maybe

maze (maz), confusing number of paths which cross

meads (medz), meadows

measures (mezh'urz), melodies

meditated (med'i-tat'ed), thought

meeting-house, church

melancholy (mel'an-kol-i), sad

melted them to pity, softened their feelings so they were filled with
gentle thoughts

merchandise (mur'chan-diz), goods

merchant-man (mur'chant-man), a trading vessel

merest (mer'est), simplest

merry (mer'i), joyous

metallic (me-tal'ik), of metal

metal true, really good iron

methinks (me-thinks'), it seems to me

Midas (mi'das)

milder glory shone (mil'der), a softer and paler glow cast its light

mildew (mil'du), mold; rust

mingled into one (ming'g'ld), so united that one could not be
distinguished from the other

miniature (min'i-a-tur), very small

Minnehaha (min'e-ha'ha)

Minnewawa (min'e-wa'wa)

mirthful to excess (murth'fool; ek-ses'), too gay

mischievious (mis'chi-vus), fun-loving

misdoings (mis-doo'ingz), wrong acts

mission (mish'un), errand

mists of the deep, fog over the water

moccasins of magic (mok'a-sinz), charmed shoes

moderation (mod'er-a'shun), fair way

modest bell, bell-shaped flower that hangs over

molder in dust away (mol'der), lose their form and become earth again

molested (mo-lest'ed), troubled

molten (mol't'n), melted

monarch (mon'ark), ruler

Monongahela (mo-non'ga-he'la), river in Pennsylvania

Monsieur (me-syur'), French for Mr.

moor sandy, wet ground

more enterprise (en'ter-priz), willingness to try to do things

Morgiana (mor'gi-a'na)

mortal (mor'tal), human

mortal enemy (mor'tal en'e-me), man who hates you so much he would
like to kill you

mortal fear, greatest fear

mortal-ly (mor'tal-i), so as to cause death

mosques (mosks), places of worship in Mohammedan countries

moss (mos), a tiny grasslike plant, very soft

moss-green trees, trees with trunks covered by green moss

mount to the sky, fly out of sight

mow (mo; here, mo for rime)

much amiss (a-mis'), very wrong

much contriving (con-triv'ing), making great plans

much frequented (fre-kwent'ed), often visited

much inclined (in-klind'), having a great liking for

Mudwayaushka (mud'way-oush'ka)

multiply his heaps, make his piles many times greater

mummies (mum'iz), dead bodies which have been preserved in a dried
state; here, persons whose minds are dry and not open to new ideas

Munchausen (mun-cho'zen), a teller of extravagant tales

Musketaquid (mus-ket'a-kwid)

Muskoday (musk'o-day)

mute (m-yut), voiceless; quiet

muttering, saying in a low tone

muzzle (muz'l), nose and,mouth

my design (de-zin'), my plan

mysterious (mis-te'ri-us), puzzling

mystic splendors (mis'tik splen'-derz), magic brightness

naked sword (nay'kd sord), sword without a sheath

narrow bound, thin wall keeping them out

national constellation (nash'un-al kon'ste-la'shun), group of stars
belonging to the nation

native language (na'tiv lang'gwaj), way that is natural to them

natural death (nat'u-ral), died without being killed

naught (not), nothing

navigate the azure (nav'i-gay-t; az'-ur), sail through the sky

Nawadaha (na'wa-da'ha)

near his cot, not far from his cottage

neither (ne'ther)

neither willing nor reluctant (ne'-ther re-luk'tant), not showing
whether she wanted to go or stay

nephew (nef'u), the son of a brother or sister

nicest goldsmith, most skillful worker in gold

niche (nich), small opening

nimble (nim'b'l), quick to do things

noble (no'b'l), coin worth about $1.60; man of high rank

Nokomis (no-ko'mis)

nostrils (nos'trilz), the openings in the nose for breathing

note if harm were near, to see if there were any danger round about

obliterated (ob-lit'er-at'ed), taken away

obscure (ob-skur'), dark

obscured their passage (ob-skurd'; pas'aj), hid their line of movement

observation (ob'zer-vay'shun), careful notice

obstacle (ob'sta-k'l), something in the way

obtained a foothold (ob-tand'), got a start

occupied with her grief (ok'u-pi-d), full of sorrow

o'cean's breast (o'shanz brest), calm surface of the sea

O drug, useless thing

o'er-shadowed Thanksgiving Day (or-shad'od), brought up sad thoughts
on the holiday

o'er the combers (or; kom'erz), over the long rolling waves

of all degrees, of all kinds, large and small

of a serious nature (se'ri-us na'tur), of a dangerous kind

officially recognized (o-fish'al-i rek'og-nizd), known and stated

ointment (oint'ment), precious salve

Ojibways (o-jib'waz), a tribe that lived just south of Lake Superior

ooze and tangle (ooz), mud and roots

oozing outward (ooz'ing), flowing from the tree

Opechee (o-pech'e)

open-handedness, generosity

operations of the enemy (op'er-shunz; en'e-mi), doings of those
fighting against us

oppression lifts its head (o-presh'-shun), people are treated unjustly

original (o-rij'i-nal), first

outlaw', one who breaks the laws and flees to escape punishment

overcame this handicap (han'di-kap), got over this disadvantage

Owaissa (o-was'a)

packet (pak'et), bundle

pack train, a number of animals carrying the supplies of the party

pagans (pa'ganz), not Christians

painted pulpit (pool'pit), green and purple over-arching leaf of the
jack-in-the-pulpit flower

painted tribes of light, gay, bright flowers of spring

painted white, white-skinned, like an Indian's face covered with paint

pale skies, gray skies of early spring

palfreys (pol'friz), saddle-horses

palisades pine-trees (pa1'i-say-dz'), tall pines, standing like a wall
on each bank

palpitated (pal'pi-tat'ed), shook

Pandora (pan-do'ra)

parched (parcht), dry

parent (par'ent), the giver of life

partake (par-tak') share

particularly (par-tik'u-lar'li), very

partners (part'nerz), companions

past will no longer be the past (past), things that happened long ago
will seem as real as though going on now

pathos (pa'thos), sad sweetness

patient weathercocks (pa' shent we'-ther-koks), patient, waiting for
the wind to blow

Pauwating (pa-wa'ting) St. Mary's river, joining Lakes Superior and

pay my court (kort), show my respect by visiting you

peace of mind, calm thoughts with nothing to disturb them

peasants (pez'ants), lowest class of people

peer (per) peep cautiously

pennon (pen'un), flag

performing these good offices (per-for'ing), doing these kind acts

perilous (per'i-lus), dangerous

periodical (pe'ri-od'i-kal), printed matter, in the form of a magazine,
published regularly (not daily)

perplexity (per-plek'si-ti), difficulty

persevered (pur'se-verd') persisted

perseveringly (pur'se-ver'ing-li), continually

personage (pur'sun-aj), creature

pest, disease which kills

pestered (pes'terd), annoyed

pettishly (pet'ish-li), crossly

pheasants (fez'antz), wild birds of delicious flavor

phoebe (fe'be), a kind of bird

phrase (fray-z), expression

physical and moral courage (fiz'i-kal; mor'al kur'aj), bravery of body
and mind

physique (if-zek'), build and health

piece of cover (kuv'er), bit of underbrush large enough to hide behind

pierce like a shaft (pers; shaft), fly through like an arrow

pine-clad hills, hills covered with pine trees

pinion (pin'yun), wing

pitiable (pit'i-a-b'l), sad

place of deposit (de-poz'it), keeping place

plagued the realm (plagd; relm), made trouble in the country

plague the Abbot (plag), annoy the Abbot

plaiting (plat'ing), braiding

Plantagenets (plan-taj-e-nets), the English Kings from 1154 to 1485

plenty, enough of everything

pliant as a wand (pli'ant; wond), as easily moved as a willow twig is

plow had violated (vi'o-lat-ed), had been turned up by the plow, and
thus spoiled for the small owners

plowshare' (plou'shar'), blade of the plow; part which turns up the

plundered store (plun'derd), goods he had taken by force

Poet Laureate (lo're-at), poet chosen by the King to write on great
events of the nation

point to windward (wind'werd), turn in the direction from which the
wind came

poised it in the air (poizd), held it high

political bustles (po-lit'i-kal bus'-lz), activities of politics

pollution (po-lu'shun), soiling and making impure

pomp (pomp), show

ponder (pon'der), think

pondering much, thinking things over

ponderous (pon'der-us), heavy

Ponemah (po-ne'ma)

poniard (pon'yard), dagger

porcelain (por'se-lan), fine white ware

possessed authority (po-zest' o-thor'i-ti), knew how to control

power of prophecy (prof'e-si), ability to foretell events

practice decency (prak'tis de'sen-si), do the right thing every time

prattle (prat'l), child's talk

presence (prez'ens), being there

presently (prez'ent-li), soon

prevent (pre-vent'), keep from

Prideaux (pre-do')

pried into (prid), tried to pull apart

prig, one who thinks himself good

prime (pri-m), best

princely (prins'li), like a prince

proclaim (pro-klam'), show

profusion of flowers (pro-fu'zhun), great many flowers

projected (pro-jekt'ed), extended

proudly we hailed, looked at with pride and joy

province (prov'ins), one of the divisions of certain countries

prudence (proo'dens), wisdom; sense

psalm (salm), sacred song

publican (pub'li-kan), tax gatherer

pull fodder (fod'er), pull up cornstalks by the roots

pulp, wet mixture of which paper is made

pumpkin (pump'kin)

purpose (pur'pus), object; work

pursuit (pur-sut'), chase

put me in mind, suggested to me

quail (kway'-l), the bobwhite

quirk (kwurk), turn

quoit (kwoit), ring

quoth (kwoth), said

radiance (ra'di-ans), brilliance

radiant (ra'di-ant), beaming

raid (ray-d), attack made to get something

ramparts (ram'parts), protecting walls for defense

rangers (ran'jerz), men who live on the range or prairie

rapturous (rap'tur-us), very happy

rarities (rar'i-tiz), rare and precious things

ravenous (rav'n-us), very great

rayless disk of red, flat, burning circle, not seeming to throw off
any rays of light

reappeared (re'a-perd'), came in sight again

rear (rer), raise

rearing (rer'ing), standing on her hind legs

recalling (re-kol'ing), remembering

received in trust (re-sevd'), taken, to protect honorably

reckless (rek'les), careless

recognized (rek'og-nizd), saw

recoil (re-koil'), rebound

recovering himself (re-kuv'er-ing), coming back to his natural state
of mind

red-coats, British soldiers, so called because of their red uniforms

redeem them (re-dem'), buy them back

redoubled (re-dub'ld), repeated

reeds, large tall swamp grasses

reenforcing (re'en-fors'ing), covering again

reflected (re-flekt'ed), thought

regions of the morning (re'junz), place where the sun rises; the East

regular order (reg'-u-lar or'der), in straight lines, one behind the

related (re-lat'ed), told

relaxed (re-lakst'), loosened; let go

Reldresal (rel'dre-sal)

remnant (rem'nant), few that are left

remotest corner of Africa (re-mot'-est), part of Africa the farthest

render (ren'der), give back

renown (re-noun'), fame

repaired to her house (re-pard'), went to her house

repair the mischief (re-par'; mis'-chif), make up for the harm

repast (re-past'), feast

repelling (re-pel'ing), driving back

repentance (re-pen'tans), regret

resembles (re-zem'b'lz), is like

resin (rez'in), dried sap

resolutely (rez'o-lut-li), determinedly

resoled (re-zolvd'), with his mind firmly made up

resplendent (re-splend'ent), shining brightly

restore (re-stor'), put back

retired chamber (re-tird' cham'ber), room away from the main part of
the house

retreat (re-tret'), hiding place

revels (rev'els), wild enjoyment

reverberations (re-ver'ber-a'-shunz), echoes

reverence (rev'er-ens), great respect

richly decked (dekt), wearing beautiful and costly blankets and other

rich stuffs, costly cloth of different kinds

ridges, raised lines of ground

ridiculous (re-dik'u-lus), deserving to be laughed at

rills, little streams

ring of the same, sound of it

ripened charge (rip'end charj), precious object in its keeping, now
ready for husking

rippling (rip'ling), blowing in curves

rival for one hour (ri'val), equal at the time of greatest beauty

riveted (riv'et-ed), fastened by bending down the end

riveted his at-ten'tion (riv'et-ed; a-ten'shun), put all his thought

roam (rom), wander

robes of darkness, blue-black foliage clothing it

roc (rok), imaginary bird of great size

roguishly defied (ro'gish-li de-fid'), resisted in a joking way

Roha (ro'ha)

root (root), the potato

rosy morn (ro'zi morn), reddish tint of the sky at sunrise

round-tower of my heart, safest place for a prisoner

route (root), way

ruefully (roo'fool-i), sadly

rue the day (roo), regret what I had done that day

rugged (rug'ed), uneven

rugged vales be-stow' (rug'ed vay'lz be-sto'), rough valleys furnish

ruined (roo'ind), destroyed

ruminating (roo'mi-nat'ing), chewing their cuds

run over with joy, be wildly happy

rushes, coarse grasses

russet (rus'et), reddish brown or reddish gray

Sachem (sa'chem), Indian chief

sacrificing (sak'ri-fic'ing), giving up

sad sea wave, ocean seeming sad because you are sad

sage speeches (say'j), wise remarks

saluted the company (sa-lut'ed; kum'pa-ni), greeted those assembled

sandal-wood (san'dal-wood), a highly prized, fragrant Asiatic wood
from a tree of the same name

sank deep into my mind, made a lasting impression on me

sate (sat), old spelling of satin

satin burs (sat'in), prickly husks of chestnuts with their smooth,
soft lining

satisfy his mind (sat'is-fi), find out what he wanted to know

save, except

savory (sa'ver-i), pleasing to the smell

scaled the wall (skald), got over the wall, as soldiers climbed by
ladders over the walls of an old-time city

scars of all wars, marks left from injuries got in fighting

scope (skop), reach

scorched (skorcht), heated until burned

scoured the seas (skourd), hunted over the seas

scour for spoils (skour), hunt for dainty foods

scour'ing down the meadow (skour'ing; med'o), sweeping over the

sear (ser), withered

seaward glide (se'werd glid), flow toward the ocean

Sebowisha (seb'o-wish'a)

secure him against evil (se-kur'; a-genst' e'v'l), protect him from

sedges (sej'ez), grasslike plants with tall heads of seeds

senor (se'nyor), Spanish for sir

sense of elation (e-la'shun), feeling of joy

sequin (se'kwin), a coin, no longer in use, worth about 82.25

serene of look and heart (se-ren'), with a calm face and mind

service liketh us, we like to serve

sesame (ses'a-me), a kind of grain grown in the East and used for food

severed (sev'erd), cut off

Severn (sev'ern), a river in southwestern England

shadow of an infinite bliss (in'fi-nit), hint of happiness that cannot
be measured

shanty, small, unfinished house

shaped them to a framework, bent and fastened them to form the
skeleton of the canoe

share, see plowshare

sheath (sheth), put into its case

sheaves (shevz), bundles of grain

sheer into the river, straight down into the water

shiftless (shift'les), poorly kept

shilling, coin worth $0.24

shining land of Wabun (wa'bun), bright light (Wabun is the East Wind)

shining shoulders, bare, wet shoulders glistening in the sun

shipping, passage on shipboard

shirk (shurk), one who tries to get out of work

shivering shock, force that breaks its timbers

shoal (shol), sandbar

shoot a main, have a match

shot his shining quills, cast off some of his smooth spines

shoulder your matchlocks, take your guns

shroud, rope of a ship

shuttle (shut'l), tool used in weaving

sieve (siv), a utensil for separating the coarse particles from the

signify union (sig'ni-fi un'yun), mean joining

sincerity (sin-ser'ity), honesty

sinews (sin'uz), tough strips

singing pine trees, pines through which the wind blew with a pleasant

singled out (sing'g'ld), chose

sire (sir), father

situation (sit'u-a'shun), state in which things were

skillet (skil'et), frying pan

skimming (skim'ing), flying so close as to brush the surface

skirted (skurt'ed), walked along the edge of; grew along the edge of

skyward cast (ski'werd), hung high

slab (slab), thick slice

slaughtered (slo'terd), killed for food

sledge (slej), a heavy hammer

sleep shall be broken, you will be awakened

sleight-of-mouth tricks (slit), mysterious disappearanoes

slow sloping to the night (slop'ing), sinking slowly in the West

sluices (sloos'ez), gates to hold back the water

smiling fields, patches of grain growing well

smirk (smurk), put-on smile

smite the ore (smit), hammer the iron into shape

smoldered (smol'derd), slowly burned

Soangetaha (son'ge-ta'ha)

soaring (sor'ing), floating in the air

sobered by his adventure (so'berd; ad-ven'tur), made wise by his

softly pictured wood (soft'li pik'turd), beautifully colored foliage
showing up in soft tints

solace (soi'as), comfort

somber (som'ber), gloomy

soothe, comfort

sore of heart, weary and discouraged

sorry pass, sad state

sound of their shock, noise when they struck

sovereign (sov'er-in), ruler

spacious (spa'shus), large

spake with naked hearts, hid no secrets from each other

spare yards, extra poles used to support the sails

spars (sparz), masts

speaks sublimely (sub-lym'li), has a noble meaning

specter-like figure (spek'ter-lyk'), person looking like a ghost

spelled down, beat in spelling

sphere of gold (sfer), golden globe

spikes, large nails

spire, a slender rod, or tower, extend ins upward from the top of a
build ins; here, for the weathercock

spiritualizes (spir'it-u-al-iz-ez), purifies

spirit was gradually subdued (spir'it; grad'u-al-li sub-dud'), she was

splendor dazzles in vain (splen'der), bright show of glory does not

splendor wild (splen'der), light rising and falling

spoils of forest free, things that come from trees

sported, played

spray (spra), twig

sprites (sprits), fairies

square heaven of blue, blue part of the flag

stalwart (stol'wert), brave

stanch (stanch), faithful

stanched (stancht), checked the bleeding from

standing in for the shore, coming toward the land

stand you in yeoman's stead (yo' manz sted), be of help to you in your

star spangled, sprinkled with stars

state and person, country and the man himself

stately (stat'li), standing proudly

stature (stat'ur), height

stayed my walk, stopped me

stay surety (shoor'ti), be security

stern, the back part of a boat

steward (stu'erd), man in charge of the food

stick to your sphere (sfer), do the things you can do; don't try to do
those you can't

stiff, not to be bent or changed

stifled murmur (sti'f'ld mur'mur), a low sound not easily heard

stirred their souls to passion (pash'un), moved their deepest feelings

store, large amount

storm still brave, stand firm in a hard wind

stoutest, bravest

stout fellow, gay young man

Straits of Gibraltar (strats; ji-brol'tar), narrow waterway between
Spain and Africa

strength allied to goodness (a-lid'), bodily power added to virtues

strewn (stroon), covered

stricken (strik'en), frightened

strife comes with manhood, men have to fight

stroked in ripples (strokt; rip'lz), gently made into little folds

stubble (stub'l), short stalks left in the ground after grain has been

studied the situation (stud'id; sit'u-a'shun), thought over the state
in which things were

sturdy (stur'di), strong; firm

sublimely (sub-lim'li), with great nobility and purity

succeeded to the gloom (suk-sed'ed; gloom), followed the cloudiness

such an old mustache (mus-tash'), so fierce a soldier

suitable to that character (sut'a-b'l; kar'ak-ter), such as dancers

Sultan (sul'tan), title of the ruler in some Asiatic countries

summit of the Cedar (sum'it), top of the tree

summoned (sum'mund), called

sun benignant (be-nig'nant), kindly sun

sun is under the sea, sun has set

sunshine of sweet looks, brightness of expression

supple (sup'l), easily bent

supported the dog's chances (su-port'ed; chans'ez), said that the dog
would succeed

suppressed (su-prest'), kept down

surety (shoor'ti), security

surge's swell (surj'ez), waves of the rising sea

surpassed (sur-past'), did better than

swam (swim) sweeping westward, moving swiftly toward the west

sweetmeats, candied fruits

swell the merriment (mer'i-ment), make louder the sound of happy voices

swept down into a valley, sloped gradually to low land

swerve (swurv), go crooked

swoon (swoon), faint

symbol (sim'bol), sign

symbolizes (sim'bol-iz-ez), means

tamarack (tam'a-rak), tree that looks like an evergreen but sheds its
needles in winter

tang to the spirit (tang; spir'it), fancied taste

Taquamenaw (ta'kwa-me'no), river in Michigan

tarnished (tar'nisht), stained

taught wisdom from the past, having learned better things from what
had happened before

Tawasentha (ta'wa-sen'tha), name of a valley in New York

tawny (ta'ni), yellowish-brown

tax, a part of one's wealth given up by law to benefit the public

tedious (te'di-us), tiresome

terrace (ter'as), a raised level platform of earth

text, the subject of a talk

theater (the'a-ter), building in which plays are acted

their green resume (re-zum'), are again covered with grass

the night is behind us, night-time is almost here

therefore (thar'for), for that reason

thick zigzags (zig'zagz'), many paths running this way and that

thinned to a thread, grew so narrow she could barely be seen

thongs (thongz), narrow strips of leather

threshold (thresh'old), piece of timber under the door

thrilled (thrild), filled with joy

thunder halls (thun'der holz), far up, where the thunder dwells

thundering down the valley (thun'der-ing; val'i), running along level
ground with a noise like thunder

thus accoutered (a-koo'terd), dressed in this way

thus disposed (dis-pozd'), so arranged

thwarted the wily savage (thwort'ed; wi'li), fought against the tricks
of the Indians

tinge (tinj), color; tint

tinkered (tink'erd), worked without knowing just how

tiny (ti'ni), very small

tipped with flint, having points of flint, the hardest kind of stone

'tis meet, it is right

tittered (tit'erd), laughed mockingly

titter of winds, merry sound of the breeze

toil is the real play, work is more fun than playing

toil'some (toil'sum), hard

tolerable (tol'er-a-b'l), bearable

toll (tol), tax; money

took no toll (tol), did not rob them

took shipping, engaged passage on shipboard

took to his revels (rev'elz), went on with his wild play

tormentors (tor-men'toerz), flies which bit them

tortured by their lances (tor'turd), in great pain from the sharp bites

touchhole (tuch'hol'), the place where the powder was lighted

tour (toor), trip

tourneys (toor'niz), meetings where knights fought

toward (to'erd), in the direction of

towering steep (tou'er-ing), high slope

towers (tou'erz), high parts of the castle

tracker (trak'er), one who traces the path an animal has taken

trade winds, winds which always blow in the same direction

tradition (tra-dish'un), story handed down

traffic (traf'ik), business

train, those in a company

tranquil (tran'kwil), motionless because there was no wind

transparent (trans-par'ent), able to be seen through

transport (trans'port), great excitement

transport (trans-port'), to remove

traveling schoolmaster (trav'el-ing), teacher who went from one place
to another

treason (tre'z'n), attempt to injure the government

tribes of men might prosper, all nations might live in better ways

trickling (trik'ling), of water running in a small stream

trims, smooths neatly

triumph (tri'umf), victory

triumphant (tri-um'fant), glad of success

trophy (tro'fi), prize

troubled spirit (trub'ld spir'it), soul of the dead man which cannot

tryst (tryst), meeting place

turban (tur'ban), headdress worn in Mohammedan countries, a cap with a
sash or scarf wound about it

turquoise (tur'koiz), a precious blue stone

turret (tur'et), a small tower

tusks (tusks), large, projecting teeth

twining (twyn'ing), creeping up and winding about

twinkle of its candle, little glow like that from a candle

twinkling, moment

tyrant would be lord (ti'rant), cruel master would rule everything

unaccustomed to vexations (un'a-kus'tumd; vek-sa'shunz), not used to
any sort of bothers

unanimously elected (u-nan'i-mus-li), given every vote

unapt (un-apt'), unlikely

unbounded freedom (un-bound'ed), state where they did as they liked

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