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The Day's Work [Vol. 1] by Rudyard Kipling

Part 7 out of 7

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I wonder why, Boy?"

"Oh, if you remember that, you must remember the rest. Confess!"

"I remember lots of things, but I know I didn't. I never have -
till just now."

"You did, dear."

"I know I didn't, because - oh, it's no use keeping anything back!
because I truthfully meant to."

"And truthfully did."

"No; meant to; but some one else came by."

"There wasn't any one else. There never has been."

"There was - there always is. It was another woman - out there -
on the sea. I saw her. It was the 26th of May. I've got it written
down somewhere."

"Oh, you've kept a record of your dreams, too? That's odd about
the other woman, because I happened to be on the sea just then."

"I was right. How do I know what you've done when you were awake -
and I thought it was only you!"

"You never were more wrong in your life. What a little temper
you've got! Listen to me a minute, dear." And Georgie, though he
knew it not, committed black perjury. "It - it isn't the kind of
thing one says to any one, because they'd laugh; but on my word and
honour, darling, I've never been kissed by a living soul outside my
own people in all my life. Don't laugh, dear. I wouldn't tell any
one but you, but it's the solemn truth."

"I knew! You are you. Oh, I knew you'd come some day; but I didn't
know you were you in the least till you spoke."

"Then give me another."

"And you never cared or looked anywhere? Why, all the round world
must have loved you from the very minute they saw you, Boy."

"They kept it to themselves if they did. No; I never cared."

"And we shall be late for dinner - horribly late. Oh, how can I
look at you in the light before your mother - and mine!"

"We'll play you're Miss Lacy till the proper time comes. What's
the shortest limit for people to get engaged? S'pose we have got
to go through all the fuss of an engagement, haven't we?"

"Oh, I don't want to talk about that. It's so commonplace. I've
thought of something that you don't know. I'm sure of it. What's
my name?"

Miri - no, it isn't, by Jove! Wait half a second, and it'll come
back to me. You aren't - you can't? Why, those old tales - before
I went to school! I've never thought of 'em from that day to this.
Are you the original, only Annieanlouise?"

"It was what you always called me ever since the beginning. Oh!
We've turned into the avenue, and we must be an hour late."

"What does it matter? The chain goes as far back as those days?
It must, of course - of course it must. I've got to ride round with
this pestilent old bird-confound him!"

"'"Ha! ha!" said the duck, laughing'- do you remember that?"

"Yes, I do - flower-pots on my feet, and all. We've been together
all this while; and I've got to say good bye to you till dinner.
Sure I'll see you at dinner-time? Sure you won't sneak up to your
room, darling, and leave me all the evening? Good-bye, dear -

"Good-bye, Boy, good-bye. Mind the arch! Don't let Rufus bolt into
his stables. Good-bye. Yes, I'll come down to dinner; but - what
shall I do when I see you in the light!"

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