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The Crown of Thorns

Part 3 out of 3

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Mystery and faith, then; let what we have said concerning these
be not alone for the skeptic, but for the Christian who has faith
but cannot fully justify and confirm it, or who feels it
faltering under some heavy burden, or who is overwhelmed by the
magnitude of the truths to which it attaches, or who wishes, with
a kind of half-doubt, that these things might be seen and felt.
They are great, they are incomprehensibly great; but are they
therefore untrue? Does not your heart of hearts tell you they
are true? Does not that Revelation of Christ steal into your
soul and feed it, satisfy it, as nothing else can, with a warm,
benignant power, that makes you know its truth?

Mysteries are all about us, but faith sees light beyond and
around them all. Have you recently laid down the dead in their
place of rest? Cold and crushing, then, is that feeling of
vacancy, that dreary sense of loss, that rushes upon you, as you
look through the desolate chambers without,--through the desolate
chambers of the heart within. But will not He who calls out from
the very dust where yon sleepers lie the flowers of summer, and
who, in the snows that enwrap their bed, cherishes the germs of
the glorious springtime, will not He who works out this beautiful
mystery in nature bring life back from the tomb, and light out of
darkness? It is truly a great mystery; but everything within us
responds to it as reasonable; and though it demands our faith,
who, who, in this limited and changing world, can walk by sight

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