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The Chosen People by Charlotte Mary Yonge

Part 4 out of 4

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23. What had been the doctrine of Joseph?

24. What did Sadoc declare after him?

25. What were the disciples of Sadoc called?

26. What were the doctrines of the Sadducees?

27. What were those called who held aloof from them?

28. What kind of kings followed Ptolemy Euergetes?

29. What attempt was made by Ptolemy Philopator?

30. How was it frustrated?

31. What was the prophecy of Philopator's invasion?--_Dan_. xi. 10.

32. What cruelty was attempted by him on his return to Egypt?

33. How were the Jews saved?

34. To whom did Judea give itself up?

35. How was the treason of the Jews predicted?--_Dan_, xi. 14.

36. In what year did the Jews pass from the Egyptian to the Syrian power?


1. How was Antiochus's punishment of the traitors foretold?--_Dan_. xi. 14.

2. What were the conquests predicted in the 15th verse?

3. How did he treat Judea?--verse 16th.

4. What alliance did he make?

5. What was the prophecy of this marriage?--verse 17th.

6. What expedition was predicted in the 18th verse?

7. What checked him in this expedition?

8. What became of Antiochus the Great?

9. How was this predicted?--verse 19.

10. Who were the Romans?

11. What were they in Nebuchadnezzar's dream?--_Dan_. ii. 33.

12. What were they in Daniel's vision?--_Dan_, vii. 7.

13. Why were they like iron?

14. To what were they most devoted?

15. What great Phoenician city had they conquered?

16. What yoke did the Romans impose on Syria?

17. What was the name of the successor of Antiochus?

18. How does Daniel describe him?--Dan. xi. 20.

19. What sacrilegious attempt was made in the time of Seleueus?

20. How was it punished?

21. What was the end of Seleueus?

22. Who succeeded him, and by what means?

23. How was the success of Antiochus Epiphanes foretold?--Dan. si. 21.

24. What was he in Daniel's vision?--Dan. viii. 9.

25. What was his character?

26. How was his preference of Roman to Greek gods foretold?--Dan. xi.

27. What terrible apostasy took place among the Jews?

28. How had Zechariah predicted the fall of the Priests? Zech. xi. 16.

29. What war was predicted in Daniel xi.?

30. What wickedness was being perpetrated at Jerusalem?

31. How had this sacrilege been foretold?--verses 30, 31.--viii. 11, 12.

32. How had the martyrdoms been foretold?--viii. 10.

33. What Psalms are applicable to this persecution?--

34. What were the most remarkable martyrdoms?

35. In what apocryphal book are they recorded?

36. What was the remarkable difference between these and Christian


1. What deliverers were raised up for the Jews?

2. Why was the family of Mattathias called Asmonean?

3. How was Mattathias first roused to resistance?

4. What purification did Mattathias make?

5. What were the predictions of him and his sons?--Dan. xi. 32, 33.

6. Who succeeded Mattathias?

7. How arose the name of Maccabees?

8. What was the great work of Judaa Maccabaeus?

9. What was the end of Antiochus Epiphanes?

10. How had it been predicted?--Dan. xi. 44, 45.

11. What was the death of Eleazar?

12. How was the varying success of the Maccabees foretold?--Dan. xi.

13. What was the death of the apostate Menelam?

14. How had Zechariah spoken of him?--Zech, xi. 17.

15. How had Zechariah foretold these wars?--Zech, ix. 13.

16. Who succeeded Maccabaeus?

17. With whom did Jonathan make a treaty?

18. What success did Jonathan gain?

19. What became of Jonathan?

20. Who succeeded him?

21. What work did Simon complete?

22. What was the end of Simon?

23. Who was the successor of Simon?

24. What conquest was made by John Hyrcanus?

25. What prophecies were fulfilled by the fall of Edom?--Ps. cxxxvii.
7.--Is. xxxiv. 6, to the end.--Joel, iii. 19.

26. What is the present state of Idumea?


1. Who was the first Asmonean King?

2. What prophecy thus had a fulfilment? A. Zech. vi. 13; but this was
only really accomplished in our Lord.

3. Who reigned after Aristobulus?

4. Who after Alexander Janneus?

5. What dispute broke out between the sons of Alexandra?

6. Who fostered the ill-will between the brothers?

7. To whose decision was the dispute referred?

8. What was it that made the Roman power so terrible?

9. How did the Romans extend their dominion?

10. What were the Roman triumphs?

11. How was the Roman army composed?

12. What was the Roman standard?

13. How did the Romans rule their conquered provinces?

14. Who alone could obtain law and justice?

15. Who had long ago described the Romans exactly?
--_Deut_, xxviii. 48, 49, 50, 51.

16. What Roman general first invaded Palestine?

17. By what means did Pompey take Jerusalem?

18. What presumptuous act did Pompey commit?

19. What was the punishment of Pompey's sacrilege?

20. What became of Aristobulus?

21. How did Pompey arrange the affairs of the Jews?

22. What troubles did Pompey meet with at home?

23. Who gained the chief power at Rome?

24. What country had Julius Caesar invaded?

25. What arrangements did Caesar make in Palestine?

26. Who was Herod?

27. What became of Julius Caesar?

28. Who divided his power on his death?

29. How did Herod gain favour from Antony?

30. Who put an end to the reign of Hyrcanus?

31. What exploits were done by Herod?

32. How did Herod make himself King?

33. Who was Herod's wife?

34. Who was High Priest?

35. What crimes did Herod's jealousy of the royal line lead him
to commit?

36. How were the High Priests appointed after the murder of Aristobulus?

37. How did Herod try to make up for his crimes?

38. Who had become Emperor of Rome?

39. What was the state of all the world?

40. What general expectation prevailed?

41. What had Augustus been told at a heathen temple?

42. What prophecy was fulfilled by Judea having an Edomite king?
--_Gen_. xlix. 10.

43. How long was it since the walls of Jerusalem had been built?


1. In what year of the world did Augustus number his people?

2. What was the object of Augustus?

3. What was the real cause of this taxation?

4. What prophecies had foretold that the Messiah should be born of a
woman?--Gen. in. 15.--Is. vii. 14.--Jer. xxxi. 22.--Micah, v. 3.

5. How was Bethlehem fixed for His birth-place?--Micah, v. 2.

6. How was His birth foretold?--Is. ix. 6.

7. What allusion was there to His being received into a stable and
rejected by His townsmen?--Is. i. 3.

8. What were the rejoicings?

9. By what rite was He made obedient to the Law?

10. By whom had His Name been previously borne?

11. Who had prophesied of that Name?--Jer. xxiii. 6.

12. How was His presentation in the Temple foretold?--Hag. ii. 7 and 9.

13. How was Simeon's greeting of Him foretold?--Is. xxv. 9.

14. How had He been marked out to the eastern nations as a Star?--Numb.
xxiv. 17.

15. What predictions were there of the coming and the gifts of the
eastern sages?--Ps. lxxii. 10-15.--Cant. iii. 6.--Is. lx. 3.

16. How had the massacre of the holy Innocents been predicted?--Jer.
xxxi. 15, 16, 17.

17. How had the flight and return from Egypt been foreshown?--Hos. xi.

18. What was Herod's last crime?

19. What children did he leave?

20. Who first succeeded him?

21. Why was Archelaus deposed?

22. How was Palestine divided?

23. Who governed Judea?

24. What regulations for the Roman empire were made by Augustus?

25. What languages were everywhere spoken? 26. Who succeeded Augustus,
and in what year?

27. What were the predictions of our Lord's childhood?--_Is_. vii.
15.--liii. 2.

28. How had David declared the wisdom He showed in the Temple?--_Ps_.
cxix. 99, 100.

29. Mention the prophecies of His forerunner?--_Is_. xl. 3.--_Mal_. iv.
5, 6.

30. How had baptism with water been already employed?

31. How did our Lord sanctify baptism?

32. What had been the object of the Law which St. John brought to a

33. How did He show how the sins of which His disciples were sensible
might be removed?

34. Who were the first disciples?

35. Whom did they acknowledge in our Lord?--_Deut_. xviii. 15.

36. How had the miracles been promised as marks of the Messiah?--_Is_.
xxxii. 3, 4.--xxxv. 5, 6.

37. How had His gentleness been foretold?--_Is_. xi. 1 2, 3, 4.--xlii.
I, 2, 3.--lxi. I, 2, 3.

38. How had the cleansing of the Temple been foretold?--_Ps_. lxix.
9.--_Mal_. iii. 1, 2, 3.

39. What was the martyrdom of St. John the Baptist?

40. What was it that prevented the Jews from recognizing the Messiah?

41. How had their rejection of Him been foretold?--_Ps_. lxix, 7,
8.--_Is_. liii. I, 2.

42. How had the triumphal entry into Jerusalem been predicted?--_Ps_.
viii. 2.--cxviii. 26.--_Jer_. xvii 25.--_Zech_. ix. 9.

43. How had the plots of the Pharisees been foretold?--_Ps_. x. 10,
11.--xxxv.--vii.--lvi. 5, 6.

44. Mention the prophecies of the treachery of Judas.--_Ps_. xli.
9.--lv. 12, 13, 14, 15.

45. How had the price been already made known, and likewise what became
of it?--_Zech_. xi. 12, 13.

46. What was to be the end of the traitor?--_Ps_. cix. 7, 8, 9.

47. What blessed mystery was instituted on the night before the Passion?
48. How had the joining of different authorities been foreshown?--Ps.
ii. 2.

49. How the testimony against Him?--Ps. xxxv. 11.

50. How the judgment?--Is. liii. 8.

51. How His silence before Pilate?--Is. liii. 7.

52. How the insults of the soldiery?--Is. 1. 6.

53. How the scourging?---Ps. cxxix, 3.--Is. liii. 5.

54. How the disfigurement?--Is. lii. 14.

55. What was the accusation on which the Jews condemned Him?

56. What that on which Pilate condemned Him?

57. Why was crucifixion the manner of His death?

58. How had it been predicted?--Ps. xxii. 17.--Is. xxv. 11.--Zech. xii.
10.--xiii. 6.

59. How had the desertion of the disciples been foretold?--Ps.
lxxxviii. IS.--Zech. xiii. 7.

60. How the derision of the Jews?--Ps. xxii. 7, 8.

61. How the parting of the garments?--Ps. xxii. 18.

62. How the sponge of vinegar?--Ps. lxix. 22.

63. What had been the prediction of-the sense of desertion by God?--Ps.
xxii. 1.

64. What of the dying among the wicked and the burial?--Ps. lxxxviii.
3, 4.--Is. liii. 9.

65. What of the Resurrection?--Ps. xvi. 11.--Is. xxv. 8.

66. What of the effect on us?--Is. xxvi. 19.--Hos. xiii, 14.

67. What of the Ascension?--Ps. lxviii. 18.


1. What was fulfilled by the one great Sacrifice?

2. What were the ceremonies of the Law?--Heb. x. 1.

3. What was the difference between circumcision and baptism?

4. How had baptism been enjoined?--Mark,xvi. 16.

5. Where had its regenerating power been declared?--John, iii. 5.

6. How had the promise of being cleansed by His blood been held out
in the Old Testament?--Ps. li. 2.--Is. i. 18.--lii. 15.--Joel, iii.
21.--Zech. xiii. 1. 7. How were the faithful invited to constant
partaking of pardoning grace?--Ps. xxxvi. 8, 9.--Is. xii. 3.--xliv.
22.--lv. 1.--Ezek. xlvii. 9.--John, iv. 14.--vii. 37.--See Rev. xxii.

8. How had the Passover come to the true fulfilment?--1 Cor. v. 7.

9. How had the deliverance of the redeemed been foretold?--Is. xxxv. 8,

10. Which day of the week was to be kept in remembrance of their rescue?

11. How was the great Sacrifice to be partaken of?

12. How had it been instituted?--Luke, xxii. 19, 20.

13. Where had it been predicted?--Prov. ix. I, 2, 5.--Zech. ix. 17.

14. How was the bringing near in prayer made known? Is. lxv. 24.--Mai.
I. 11.--Matt. vi. 9.--xxi. 22.--Mark, xi. 24.--John, xvi. 23, 24, 26,

15. How had the day of Atonement come to fulfilment?--Heb. ix.
24.--Rev. v. 8.

16. How was our Lord revealed as a Shepherd?--Gen. xlix. 24.--Ps.
xxiii.--Is. xl. 11.--Jer. xxxi. 10.--Ez. xxxlv. 23.--xxxvii. 24.--Zech.
xiii. 7.--xi. 7.--Matt, xviii. 12, &c.--John, x. I, &c.

17. How is the Old Testament shown to be only explained in our
Lord?--Is. xxix. 11, 12.--Rev. v. 1-5.

18. What were the believers in the new Covenant to be called?

19. What is the meaning of Church?

20. How many believers met at first?

21. Whom did they choose into the place of Judas?

22. How was he consecrated?

23. What gift was thus bestowed on him?--John, xx. 21, 22, 23.

24. What was the meaning of the name Apostles?

25. What was the second order of the ministry?

26. What festival was taking place?

27. What did the Feast of Weeks commemorate?

28. How was the great work completed?

29. What is the inward work of the Holy Spirit? 30. With what outward
signs was His coming manifested?

31. What was the promise of His coming?--_Joel_, ii. 28, 29,---_John_,
xvi. 7.

32. What were the first-fruits of His coming?

33. What was the occasion of the appointment of the deacons?

34. Who was the first martyr?

35. What was the end of Pilate?

36. Who succeeded Tiberius?

37. What was the history of Herod Agrippa?

38. Who was the great Pharisee convert?

39. How was it made known that the Gospel might be preached to the

40. What had been the promise to Abraham's faith?

41. How had it been foretold that the Gentiles should come in?--_Ps_.
ii. 8.--xix. 4.--xviii. 43, 44.--xxii.--lxviii. 11.--lxxii. 17.--xlix.
6.--_Is_. lii. 7-10-15.--liv. 1._lvi. 6, 7.--lix. 19.--_Matt_. xxiv.
14.--_Luke_, i. 79.--_John_, x. 16.

42. Who was the first Gentile convert?

43. Which Apostle was first martyred, and by whom?

44. What was the end of Herod Agrippa?

45. What were the different missions of the Apostles?

46. What is the tradition about the Creed?

47. What are the texts thought to be allusions to the Creed?--_Luke_,i.
4.--1 _Tim_. vi. 20.--2 _Tim_. i. 13.

48. Why was not the Creed commonly rehearsed?

49. Which was the first of the Gospels?

50. What was the difference between the treatment which the Apostles
received from the Jews and Romans?

51. To whom did they always go first?

52. What advantages did they derive from the Roman power?

53 What was going on in Britain?

54. Who was Roman Emperor?

55. How had the persecutions been predicted?--_Matt_. xxiv. 9.


1. How had St. Paul first been converted?

2. How did he spend his time after his conversion?

3. How bad education fitted him to be an apostle to the Gentiles?

4. How was he introduced to the apostles?

5. What was his first mission?

6. What name was first given at Antioch?

7. How were SS. Paul and Barnabas first set apart?

8. What was their first journey?

9. Who was their companion?

10. What was the occasion of the first Council of the Church?

11. Why must the decisions of a truly general council be right?--Matt,
xviii. 20.

12. What was the decision of the first Council? Antioch?

13. What question arose between SS. Paul and Peter at

14. How did St. Paul differ with St. Barnabas?

15. What was the further history of St. Barnabas?

16. Who were the companions of St. Paul's second journey?

17. How far did his second journey extend?

18. What argument did he hold at Athens?

19. Who were the Athenian philosophers?

20. What were written at Corinth?

21. Which Gospel is said to have been here written?

22. When did St. Paul's third journey begin?

23. What was his first station?

24. What was the cause of the tumult at Ephesus?

25. Which Epistles were written in his third journey?

26. How far did his third journey extend?

27. What caused his return to Jerusalem?

28. What were his troubles at Jerusalem?

29. How was he rescued from violence both of Jews and Romans?

30. Before what tribunals was he brought? 31. Why could he not be set at

32. What were the events of his voyage to Rome?

33. How did he live at Rome?

34. What are the Epistles of his captivity?

35. To what bishops did he write instructions?

36. What apostle ruled the Church at Rome?

37. What are the writings of St. Peter?

38. Which Gospel was superintended by St. Peter?

39. What became of St. James the Less?

40. Which was the first persecution?

41. Which is St. Paul's last Epistle?

42. How did St. Paul and St. Peter die?

43. How had the manner of St. Peter's death been foretold?--John, xxi.
18, 19.

44. What Church was founded by St. Mark?

45. What was the death of St. Mark?


1. How had the apostles been martyred?

2. What Church was left in Ethiopia?

3. What Church was left by St. Thomas?

4. Which apostles left writings?

5. Who alone survived to hear of the destruction of Jerusalem?

6. How had this been foretold?--John, xxi. 22.

7. How did the Jews bring punishment on themselves?

8. How did they misread the prophecies?

9. How had our Lord predicted their self-deception?--Matt. xxiv. 5-11.

10. What Roman was sent against them P

11. How was he called off?

12. What warning was thus given?--Luke, xxi. 20, 21.

13. How did the Christians profit by the warning?

14. How were our Lord's predictions of fearful sights and signs from
Heaven fulfilled?

15. Why was the city more than usually filled?

16. Who was the Roman general?

17. In what year did Titus besiege Jerusalem? 18. How had the Jews
called down vengeance on themselves?

19. How had our Lord mourned for them?--Luke, xiii. 34.--xix, 41.

20. How had St. Paul mourned for them?--Rom. ix. 2,3.

21. How had the manner of the siege been predicted?--Deut. xxviii. 52.

22. How had the dreadful famine been foretold?--Luke, xix. 43.

23. What was the state of the city?--Deut. xxviii. 53-56.--Lam. ii. 20,

24. How was the entrance effected into the Temple?

25. What had been the intention of Titus with regard to the Temple?

26. Why could not the Temple be saved?

27. What condition was the city found to be in?

28. What prophecy was fulfilled?--Matt. xxiv. 2.

29. What became of the treasures of the Temple?

30. What became of the Jews?

31. How had their dispersion been predicted?--Deut. xxviii. 64-68.--Ps.
lix. 11.

32. How have they lived ever since?

33. What warning does St. Paul give the Gentiles?--Rom. xi. 18.

34. Why were the Jews so utterly rejected?

35. Who were accepted in their stead?

36. How had the acceptance of the sons of Japhet been foretold?--Gen.
ix. 27.


1. What were the events of Domitian's persecution?

2. How was St. John a martyr in will?

3. What was revealed to St. John in a vision?

4. Where was the latter part of St. John's life spent?

5. What were the instances of St. John's love?

6. What are the writings of St. John?

7. In what year did he die?

8. What were the habits of the early Christians?

9. How did they meet for worship? 10. What was their practice on the
Lord's Day?

11. How did they arrange themselves at their assemblies?

12. How did the heathen try to find out what they did?

13. Why did Trajan dislike them so much?

14. What had befallen the old Roman temper?--_Dan_. ii. 41.

15. Who was the great martyr of Trajan's persecution?

16. What is told us of St. Ignatius as a child?

17. What is a Father of the Church?

18. How was St. Ignatius put to death?

19. What did he say of himself?

20. Who was St. John's other pupil?

21. What had been said to St. Polycarp in the Revelation?--Rev. ii. 10.

22. In what persecution did St. Polycarp suffer?

23. What did he say of himself at the tribunal?

24. What was his last thanksgiving?

25. What was the manner of his death?

26. What was the story of the Thundering Legion?


1. How had our Lord forewarned His followers of their
sufferings?--_Matt_. x. 16, 17.--_John_, xvi. 2.

2. How had they been told to meet their afflictions?--_Matt_. v. 12.--1
_Peter_, iii. 14.

3. What had He said of confessing or denying Him?--_Matt_. x. 32, 33.

4. What had been promised through St. John to such as overcame?--_Rev_.
ii. 17.--iii. 5 and 21.

5. How had the lot of the martyrs been shown to St. John?--_Rev_. vii.

6. How many periods of persecution had been predicted?--_Rev_. ii. 10.

7. Name the ten chief persecutors.

8. How is Severus memorable in Britain?

9. Who were the martyrs of Carthage?

10. Who were the chief martyrs of the persecution of Valerian?

11. What were St. Lawrence's treasures? 12. Why did Sapricius fail?

13. What became of Valerian?

14. Whose was the fiercest persecution?

15. How did the Theban legion witness their confession?

16. In what manner were Christians brought to trial?

17. Mention some of the martyrs of the Diocletian persecution.

18. Who was the British martyr?

19. Who shielded the Britons?

20. How was the Empire divided?

21. What was the difference between a martyr and a confessor?

22. What was the remarkable end of Galerius?


1. Who was the first believing monarch?

2. How was Constantine converted?

3. Tell me a few of the promises that Gentile sovereigns should obey the
Church?--_Ps_. lxxii. 11.--_Is_. xlix. 23.--lx. 4.--lxvi. 12.--_Rev_.
xi. 15.

4. What was the date of Constantine's conversion?

5. What was Helena's expedition to Jerusalem?

6. How did she do honour to the holy places?

7. What did Jerusalem thenceforth become?

8. What prophecy thus had a partial and material fulfilment?--_Is_ lx.
10.--lxvi. 20.

9. How did Constantine change the capital of his empire?

10. To whom was his chief church dedicated?

11. Who were the patriarchs of the Church?

12. What name was given to the patriarch of Rome?

13. What were those called who retired from the world?

14. What is a heresy?

15. How had our Lord foretold that heresies would arise?--_Matt_. xviii.

16. What warnings had He given against them?--_Matt_. vii. 15.

17. What warning had the apostles given?--_Acts_, xx. 29, 30.--1 _Tim_.
iv. 1.--_Titus_, iii. 10.--2 _Peter_, ii. 1, 2. 18. What had St. John
given as the test of the truth?--1 _John_, iv. 15.

19. What was the heresy of Arius?

20. What council was held against it?

21. Who was the great champion of the truth?

22. What creed was drawn up at Nicea?

23. How many bishops signed the Nicene Creed?

24. How was Arius punished?

25. Into what error did Constantine fall?

26. How was the Church spared from communion with Arius?

27. In obedience to what commands were obstinate sinners cut off from
the Church?--_Matt_. xviii. 17. 1 _Cor_. v. 4, 5.--_Titus_, iii. 10, 11.

28. When was Constantine baptized?

29. How was the Church tried under Constantius?

30. How was it tried under Julian?

31. What profane attempt did Julian make?

32. How was it frustrated?

33. What is the meaning of Catholic?

34. What great confession of Catholic truth was drawn up at this time?


1. Who were the two brothers who reigned together?

2. What evil habit prevailed in their days?

3. What was the great work of St. Jerome?

4. Into what tongue did he translate the Bible?

5. What was the bishopric of St. Ambrose?

6. How was he chosen?

7. How did St. Ambrose resist the Empress Justina?

8. Why did he hold out against her?

9. Who was the Catholic Emperor?

10. What fresh heresy had arisen?

11. What fresh confession of faith was made at the Council of

12. What was the sedition of Antioch?

13. Who preached repentance at Antioch?

14. How were the men of Antioch relieved? 15. What offence was given at

16. How did Theodosius punish the murder?

17. How was he brought to a sense of his cruelty?

18. How did he humiliate himself?

19. What prophecy was literally accomplished in his reign?--Is. lx. 14.

20. How soon did St. Ambrose reconcile Theodosius to the Church?

21. What Father of the Church was converted at this time?

22. What writings did St. Augustine leave?

23. What hymns are ascribed to St. Ambrose?

24. Who finished the conversion of the Gauls?

25. How was St. Chrysostom promoted?

26. How was he persecuted?

27. What prayer is known by his name?


1. How had the Roman power decayed?

2. Of what were the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's statue made?

3. What nations had attacked the Romans?

4. What was the faith of the Teutons?

5. Under what form did they first learn Christianity?

6. Who ruled the Roman empire?

7. What portion first was lost to Rome?

8. Who conquered Britain?

9. How was Ireland converted?

10. What prophecies were there that these distant places should be won
to the faith?--Is. xlix. 1.--lxvi. 19.

11. What great act of self-sacrifice marked the last Triumph?

12. Who conquered Rome?

13. How did Alaric treat Rome?

14. Who was the first Christian King of France?

15. How was Spain brought to the Catholic faith?

16. What led to the conversion of the English?

17. Who was the first missionary to the Saxons?

18. Who sent St. Augustin? 19. Who was the first Christian Saxon King?

20. What devotions were arranged by St. Gregory?

21. What did he do for Church music?

22. What was the work of St. Benedict?

23. What were the habits of the monks and nuns?


1. What evils prevailed in the East?

2. What heresies were there taught?

3. What threat had been made in the Revelation?--_Rev_. ii. 5.

4. What alarm befell the East?

5. How was the true Cross recovered?

6. What false religion sprang up?

7. Who was Mahomet?

8. What was his false prophecy called?

9. What were the requirements and promises of the Koran?

10. In what year was the flight of Mahomet?

11. How did he spread his religion?

12. Where did he die?

13. How do the Mahometans honour Mecca?

14. What was the chief Arabian tribe called?

15. How did they treat Jerusalem?

16. What did they build there?

17. What did they do with the library at Alexandria?

18. How far did they extend their conquests?

19. Where were they brought to a stop?

20. Who turned them back?

21. Are there any sayings in the New Testament that can be applied to
such a falling away as the Mahometan heresy?--2 _Tim_. iii. 13.--_Rev_.
ix. 2 to 11. (supposed.)


1. What was the danger of the Western Church?

2. Why were the people so ignorant?

3. What respect did they pay to religion?

4. What errors began to prevail?

5. What Greek emperor tried to prevent image worship?

6. What different decisions were arrived at in the east and west?

7. Who was the great western emperor?

8. What power did Charles le Magne give the Pope?

9. What miseries came upon the west?

10. Who was the great and good English King?

11. How were the Northmen converted?

12. What harm did Charles le Magne's grant do at Rome?

13. What difference of opinion was there between east and west?

14. Why did the Greeks object to the new words in the Creed of

15. What claim had the Popes set up?

16. Who resisted their claim?

17. How was the rent made between the Greek and Latin Churches?

18. In what year did the schism begin?

19. How is the Church still one inwardly?

20. What rule did the Roman Church make about the clergy?

21. What error did she make in the celebration of the Holy Communion?


1. How many horns had sprung up in Daniel's vision of the Roman power?

2. What do these horns signify?

3. How had our Lord shown how Christianity should work through the
nations?--_Matt._ xiii. 33.

4. But how had Solomon shown that too few would really honour the
Lord?--_Eccles._ iv, 15, 16.

5. In what were the people too prone to trust?

6. Why was it wrong to trust in the intercessions of the Blessed
Virgin?--1 _Tim._ ii. 5.

7. Who had the chief power in the Western Churches? 8. What was the old
way of choosing a bishop?

9. How did the Romans prove that they could not be trusted with the

10. Who took the choice of the Pope for a time?

11. Who took the choice of the Pope from the German Emperor?

12. How has the Pope been ever since elected?

13. In what manner did the western Church regard the Pope?

14. What rule did the Pope bear?

15. How did he punish disobedience?

16. How was the power of the Popes misused?

17. What saints lived about that time?

18. What good works were done?

19. What were built at this time?

20. Why are churches turned to the east?

21. Why does the font stand near the entrance?

22. Why are the people allowed to come into the chancel, not kept out
like the Israelites?

23. What prophecy is fulfilled by constant services?--_Ps_. lxxii.
15.--_Is_. lx. 11.

24. What is partly fulfilled by the peace impressed around the Church,
even upon fierce warriors?--_Is_. xi. 6-9.

25. What vows were knights made to take?

26. What wars were preached in the Middle Ages?

27. What reward did the Pope hold out?

28. What was meant by purgatory?

29. What was meant by an indulgence?

30. What success did the crusaders meet with?

31. How long was Jerusalem in the hands of the Christians?

32. How was the schism increased between the Greek and Roman Churches?

33. Who were the chief crusaders?

34. Why could not the Holy Land be kept?

35. What race of Mahometans came from the east?

36. What country did the Turks conquer?

37. What prophecy was fulfilled at Tyre?--_Ezek_. xxvi. 14.

38. What country was won back by the Christiana?


1. How had the Services of the Church come to be in an unknown tongue?

2. What deceit was practised upon the people?

3. How were those who found fault punished?

4. How was it that there was less ignorance than formerly?

5. Who began to preach against indulgences?

6. What translation did Luther make?

7. How did England separate from the Pope?

8. What became of the English monasteries?

9. Why did the Italian clergy hinder inquiry?

10. What were Luther's party called, and why?

11. Who was the Swiss reformer?

12. Who tried to obtain a General Council?

13. Where was the meeting held?

14. Why was it not a true Council?

15. How was the English Church purified?

16. In what reign was the Prayer Book translated?

17. After what pattern were the Services moulded?

18. What danger did the English Church undergo?

19. Who were the martyrs of the English Reformation?

20. How did it again become prosperous?

21. How did the Council of Trent end?

22. What decision did the foreign Reformers come to as to their Bishops?

23. How did the Roman Catholics treat them?

24. What Churches have Bishops?

25. How are such Churches still one?

26. What countries are Roman Catholic?

27. Which are Lutheran?

28. Which are Calvinist?

29. Which are Greek Catholic?


1. Who discovered America?

2. Who were the first inhabitants of America?

3. Why did the Pope think he had a right over them? 4. To whom did he
give them?

5. How did the Spaniards use the Indians?

6. Who tried to prevent their cruelty?

7. What people were brought to the West Indies to work for the

8. What prophecy was thus fulfilled?--_Gen_. ix. 27.

9. What work did the Jesuits do in South America?

10. What harm did the Jesuits do at home?

11. What bad spirit rose up in Europe?

12. What prophecies were there that the Church should stretch out
far?--_Isaiah_, liv. 2, 3.

13. Which part of America was settled by the Spaniards?

14. Which by the English and Dutch?

15. Who caused our present translation of the Bible to be made?

16. What did Charles I. try to do for Scotland?

17. How was he treated in England?

18. How was the Church persecuted?

19. How did St. Paul speak of such times?--2 _Tim_. iv. 3

20. How long did these evil times last?

21. How was the Church in England restored?

22. Why are Calvinists called Presbyterians?

23. What evils were prevailing in the colonies?

24. How were they neglected?

25. What was the great sin of France?

26. What was the consequence of French unbelief?


1. What schism arose in England?

2. How has St. Paul warned us against separations?--_Romans_, xvi. 17.

3. Why is it dangerous to follow any unordained minister?--_St. John_,
x. I.

4. How has our Lord taught us to cling to His Church?--_St. John_, xv. 4.

5. How can we be sure that ours is a true branch of the Church?--
A. Because our Bishops come straight from the Apostles, and our
faith and our Sacraments are the same as theirs, and agree with Holy

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