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The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1 by Popular Mechanics

Part 15 out of 15

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is laid out as shown, and the edges are cemented with asphaltum
and then tacked to the side of a fence or shed.

[Illustration: Trough of Roofing Paper]

** Ordinary Pen Used as a Fountain Pen [454]

It is a very simple matter to make a good fountain pen out of an
ordinary pen and holder. The device is in the form of an
attachment readily connected to or removed from any ordinary pen
and holder, although the chances are that when once used it will
not be detached until a new pen is needed.

Take the butt end of a quill, A, from a chicken, goose or turkey
feather--the latter preferred as it will hold more ink--and clean
out the membrane in it thoroughly with a wire or hatpin. Then make
a hole in the tapered end of the quill just large enough to pull
through a piece of cotton string. Tie a knot in one end of this
string, B, and pull it through the small end of the quill until
the knot chokes within, then cut off the string so that only 1/4
in. projects. Shave out a small stopper from a bottle cork for the
large end

[Illustration: Fountain Attachment]

of the quill. This completes the ink reservoir.

Place the quill on top of the penholder C, so that its small end
rests against the pen immediately above its eye. Pull the string
through this eye. Securely bind the quill to the pen and holder
with a thread, as shown, first placing under it a wedge-shaped
support of cork or wood, D, hollowed on both sides to fit the
curved surfaces of the quill and holder. The illustration shows
the detail clearly.

To fill the reservoir place the pen upright on its point and dip a
small camel's-hair brush or cloth-bound toothpick into the ink
bottle and "scrape" off the ink it will hold on the inner edge of
the quill. Cork tightly, and the device is ready for use. When not
in use place the holder at an angle with the pen uppermost.
--Contributed by Chelsea C. Fraser, Saginaw, Michigan.

** How to Construct a Small Thermostat [455]

It is a well known fact, that there is a change in the dimensions
of a piece of metal, due to a change in its temperature. This
change in dimensions is not the same for all materials; it being
much greater in some

[Illustration: Simple Thermostat; Couple and Mounting Strip]

materials than in others, while in some there is practically no

If two thin, narrow strips of different metals, that contract or
expand at different ratio due to a variation in temperature, be
rigidly fastened together at their ends, and the combination then
heated or cooled, the combined piece will have its shape changed.
One of the pieces will increase in length more than the other, due
to a rise in temperature, and this same piece will decrease in
length more than the other when subjected to a decrease in

If one end of this combined piece be rigidly clamped to a support,
as shown in Fig. 1, and the combination then have its temperature
changed, the free end will move to the right or left of its
original position, depending upon which of the pieces changes in
length the more. If there is a rise in temperature and the
right-hand piece B increases in length faster than the left-hand
piece A, the free end of the combined piece win move to the left
of its original position. If, on the other hand, there is a
decrease in temperature, the right-hand piece will decrease in
length more than the left-hand piece, and the upper or free end
will move to the right of its original position.

Such a combination of two metals constitutes a simple thermostat.
If the movement of the free end of the combination be made to
actuate a needle moving over a properly calibrated scale we have a
simple form of thermometer. If two electrical contacts, CC, be
mounted on the right and left-hand sides of the upper end of the
combined piece, as shown in Fig. 1, we have a thermostat that may
be used in closing an electrical circuit when the temperature of
the room in which it is placed rises or falls a certain value.
These contacts should be so arranged that they can be moved toward
or away from the combined piece independently. By adjusting the
position of these contacts, the electrical circuit will be closed
when the temperature of the thermostat has reached an
experimentally predetermined value.

The following description is that of a thermostat, constructed by
the author of this article, which gave very satisfactory results.
First obtain a piece of steel, 6 in. long, 5/8 in. wide and 2/100
in. thick, and a piece of brass, 6 in. long, 5/8 in. wide and
3/100 in. thick. Clean one side of each of these pieces and tin
them well with solder. Place the two tinned surfaces just treated
in contact with each other and heat them until the solder on their
surfaces melts and then allow them to cool. A better way would be
to clamp the two thin pieces between two heavy metal pieces, and
then heat the whole to such a temperature that the solder will
melt, and then allow it to cool. This last method will give more
satisfactory results than would be obtained if no clamps are used,
as the thin metal pieces are liable to bend

[Illustration: Support for Couple, and Needle-Mounting Strip]

out of shape when they are heated, and as a result they will not
be in contact with each other over their entire surfaces. After
these pieces have been soldered together forming one piece, which
we shall for convenience speak of as the couple, two small holes
should be drilled in one end to be used in mounting it, and a
notch cut in the other end, as shown in Fig. 2.

Cut from some thin sheet brass, about 2/100 in. in thickness, two
pieces, 1/4 in. wide and 1/2 in. long. Bend these pieces of brass
over a piece of hatpin wire, thus forming two V-shaped pieces. Cut
off a piece of the hatpin, 5/8 in. long, and fasten it across the
notched end of the couple by means of the U-shaped piece of brass,
which should be soldered in place as shown in Fig. 3. All
superfluous solder should then be cleaned from the couple and the
steel pin. Now bend the couple so as to form a perfect half
circle, the brass being on the inside.

The base upon which this couple is to be mounted should be made as
follows: Obtain a piece of brass, 7 in. long, 3/4 in. wide, and
1/4 in. thick. In this piece drill holes, as indicated in Fig. 4,
except A, which will be drilled later. Tap the holes B, C and D
for 1/8-in. machine screws.

Cut from some 1/8-in. sheet brass a piece, 1-7/8 in. long and 3/4
in. wide, to be used as a support for the couple. In one end of
this piece drill two small holes, as indicated in Fig. 5, and tap
them for 3/16-in. machine screws. In the opposite end cut a slot,
whose dimensions correspond to those given in Fig. 5. Now bend the
piece, at the dotted line in Fig. 5, into the form shown in Fig.
6, making sure that the dimension given is correct. This piece can
now be mounted upon the piece shown in Fig. 4, by means of two
brass machine screws placed in the holes B. The slot in the
support for the couple will permit its being moved along the
mounting strip, the purpose of which will be shown later.

Next cut another piece of 1/8-in. brass, 2-3/4 in. long and 5/8
in. wide. In this piece drill two 1/8-in. holes, as indicated in
Fig. 7, and then bend it at the dotted lines into the form shown
in Fig. 8. Mount this strip upon the main mounting strip by means
of two brass machine screws placed in the holes C, so that the
upper part is over the center-punch mark for the hole A in the
main mounting strip.

You are now ready to drill the hole A, which should be done as
follows: Remove the piece you last mounted and then clamp the main
mounting strip in the drill press so that the center-punch mark
for the hole A is directly under the point of the drill. Then
remount the piece you just removed, without disturbing the piece
you clamped in the drill press, and drill a small hole through
both pieces. This hole should be about 3/64 in. in diameter. After
this small hole has been drilled through both pieces, a
countersink should be placed in the drill chuck and the hole in
the upper piece countersunk to a depth equal to half the thickness
of the metal in which it is drilled. Unclamp the pieces from the
drill press, turn them over, and countersink the small hole in
what was originally the lower piece. The object of countersinking
these holes is to reduce the bearing surface of a small shaft that
is to be supported in the holes and must be as free from friction
as possible.

We may now construct the needle, or moving portion of the
thermostat, which should be done as follows: The shaft that is to
carry the moving system must be made from a piece of steel rod,
about 3/32 in. in diameter. Its dimensions should correspond to
those given in Fig. 9. Considerable care should be used in turning
this shaft down, to make sure that it fits perfectly in the small
holes in the supporting pieces. The shaft should turn freely, but
it must not be loose in the holes, nor should it have but a very
small end play.

Cut from some 1/32-in. sheet brass a piece whose dimensions
correspond to those given in Fig. 10. Drill a 1/8-in. hole, A, in
this piece, and cut a slot, B, from one side of the piece into
this hole, and a second slot, C, along the center of the piece as
indicated in the figure. Considerable care should be exercised in
cutting the slot C, so that its breadth is exactly equal to the
diameter of the piece of steel wire fastened on the end of the
couple. Also make sure to get the sides of this slot perfectly
smooth. Cut from some 1/8-in. brass a disk having a diameter of
1/2 in., and solder it to the end of the needle. The dotted line
in Fig. 10 indicates the proper position of the disk. Now drill a
hole, D, through the disk and needle, of such a diameter that
considerable force must be applied to the steel shaft you have
already made, in order to force it through the hole. Force the

[Illustration: Shaft for Needle and Needle]

through this hole until the needle is exactly in the center of the

The parts of the thermostat thus far made can now be assembled.
Place the steel shaft in its bearings and see that it turns
perfectly free. Then place the steel pin, on the end of the
couple, in the slot C, and fasten the

[Illustration: Wiring Diagram for One and Two Bells]

other end of the couple, by means of two machine screws, to the
support made for the couple. Increase or decrease the temperature
of the thermostat and note the results. If everything is working
all right, the end of the needle should move when the temperature
of the thermostat is changed. The amount the end of the needle
moves can be easily changed by moving the support or the couple
toward or away from the shaft supporting the needle, which changes
the position of the steel pin in the slot C. The nearer the steel
pin is to the shaft supporting the needle, the greater the
movement of the end of the needle due to a given change in

A small piece of white cardboard can be mounted directly under the
end of the needle by means of small brass strips, that in turn can
be attached to the lower ends of the main mounting holes D, Fig.
4. A scale can be marked on this piece of cardboard by noting the
position of the needle corresponding to different temperatures as
determined by a thermometer. When this scale has been completed,
you can use the thermostat as a thermometer.

Two contacts may be mounted, one on each side of the needle, in a
manner similar to the method suggested for mounting the cardboard.
These contacts should be so constructed that the end of the needle
will slide over them with little friction, and so that their
position with respect to the end of the needle may be easily

[Illustration: Assembled Thermostat]

Both contacts must be insulated from the remainder of the
thermostat, and may or may not be connected together, depending on
how the thermostat is to be used.

It would be advisable, if possible, to have the part of the needle
that touches the contact points, as well as these points, of
platinum, as the arc that is likely to be formed will not destroy
the platinum as easily as it will the brass. A small wooden
containing case can now be made and the thermostat is complete.
There should be a large number of holes drilled in the sides, ends
and back of the case so that the air inside may be always of the
same temperature as the outside air.

In adjusting, testing, or calibrating your thermostat, make sure
that it is in the same position that it will be in when in use.

The connections of the thermostat for ringing one bell when the
temperature rises or falls to a certain value, are shown in Fig.
11. The connections of the thermostat for ringing one bell when
the temperature rises to a certain value and another bell when the
temperature falls to a certain value, are shown in Fig. 12. The
complete thermostat is shown in Fig. 13.

** A Tailless Kite [458]

The frame of a 3-ft. kite is made of two sticks, each 3 ft. long.
These are tied together so that the cross stick will be at a
distance of 15 per cent of the full length of the upright stick,
from its end, or in this case 5.4 in. The sticks may be made of
straight grained pine, 3/8 in. square, for small kites, and larger
hardwood sticks, for larger kites.

The cross stick is bent into a bow

[Illustration: Plan and Dimensions for Kite]

by tying a strong cord across from end to end. The center of the
bend should be 4-1/2 in. above the ends. The bend is shown in the
sketch. Connect all four ends or points with a cord, being careful
not to pull the bend of the cross stick down, but seeing that it
remains straight across the kite. When this is done the frame is
ready for the cover.

The cover will require 2-1/2 sheets of tissue paper, 20 by 30 in.,
which should be pasted together as the sketch indicates. Cut out
the paper, allowing 2 in. margin for lapping over the cord on the
frame. Place the frame on the cover with the convex side toward
the paper and paste the margin over the cord, allowing the paper
to bag a little to form pockets for the air to lift the kite. The
corners should be reinforced with circular pieces of paper pasted
over the ends of the sticks.

The flying cord is attached to the points A and B of the frame.
There is no cross cord. The kite will fly at right angles to the
flying cord. It is easily started flying from the ground by laying
it with the head toward the operator and pulling it up into the
--Contributed by Chas. B. Damik, Cooperstown, N. Y.

** The Levitation - A Modern Stage Trick [459]

This illusion has mystified thousands of the theater-going public,
in fact, it has been the "piece de resistance" of many illusion
acts. The ordinary method of procedure is as follows: The person
who is to be suspended in the air, apparently with no
support--usually a lady--is first put in a hypnotic (?) sleep. She
is placed on a couch in the middle of the stage, and in most cases
the spotlight is brought into play. The performer then takes a
position close to the couch and with dramatic

[Illustration: Raising the Subject in Midair]

effect makes a few hypnotic passes over the subject. She then
slowly rises from the couch until she has attained a height
varying from 4 to 5 ft. above the stage, as shown in Fig. 1. The
couch is then taken a way and a hoop is passed over the floating
lady. The performer now causes the lady to float back to the couch
or board that she may have been resting on, after which the
so-called hypnotic spell is withdrawn.

In spite of the claims that the illusion owes its origin to Hindoo
magic, it is nothing more nor less than a clever mechanical
contrivance, the construction of which will be readily understood
by a glance at the accompanying illustrations.

The bottom of the couch, if one is used, contains a cradle-like
arrangement which fits the recumbent form of the lady and is
connected to a heavy sheet of plate glass by means of a rod, D,
Fig. 2, attached to one end, and running parallel to the side of
the cradle. When the glass is lifted, the body of the subject is
also raised, seemingly at the will of the performer. This is
accomplished by the aid of an assistant beneath the stage floor.
The plate of glass, E, Fig. 3, passes perpendicularly through the
stage down to a double block and tackle. The end of the cable is
attached to a drum or windlass and the plate glass held steady
with guides at the sides of the slot in the stage floor, through
which it passes. The winding up of the cable naturally forces the
plate glass and cradle up, causing the lady to rise.

Some illusionists place the lady on a board on two ordinary
trestles and cause the board to rise with the lady

[Illustration: Direction the Hoop Takes In Passing over the Board]

on it, as shown in the illustration, thus obviating the use of
heavy paraphernalia as in the cradle attachment. The cradle
attachment is also generally accompanied by a 2-in. iron bar, used
in the place of the plate glass, the performer or operator
standing at the rear of the couch to conceal the bar as it comes
from beneath the stage. However, the method illustrated is the one
generally used.

The solid hoop is passed over the body in the following manner:
Start at the end, B, Fig. 2, passing the hoop as far as C with the
hoop on the outside of the back horizontal rod. The side of the
hoop toward the audience is then turned and swung clear around
over the feet at A and entered between the rod and board on which
the lady rests. The hoop is then carried as far as it will go back
toward the end B. Then the side nearest the operator is passed
over the head of the body apparently the second time and passed
off free at the feet. Thus to the closest observer the impression
is given that the hoop has encircled the lady twice. The
illustrations give in detail the working of the illusion above the
stage floor. No set rule is used for the tackle and drum below the


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Cup, Tin Drinking, for the Camp 379
Current Reverser 107, 111
Curtain Roller 419
Curtain Roller Spring, How to Tighten 79

Dance, Miniature War 255
Darkroom Lantern, Homemade 14, 340
Darkroom, Photographic, Building 26
Demagenetizing a Watch 166
Desk Blotting Pad 17
Developing Box, How to Make 220
Developing Tray, Cracked Composition, To Repair 260
Developing Tray. Photographic 269
Dish Holder, Hot 7
Dogcart, Homemade 160
Dog, How to Chain 257
Dog's Bark, Drowning with Water 435
Dogs, To Drive Away 106
Door Bell and Electric Alarm 114
Door Lock, Secret 6
Door Opener, Electric 78
Door Opener for a Furnace 83
Door, Sliding, Electric Lock for 89
Dovetail Joint 29
Dovetail Joint Puzzle 236
Draft Opener, Automatic 102
Draftsman. Spline for 406
Draftsmau's Ink Bottle Cork, Steel Pen Used In 117
Drawers, Several, Locking with One Lock 314
Drawing, Aid In 270
Drawing Instrument-Wondergraph, How to Make 436
Drawing, Landscape, Made Easy 449
Drill Gauge, Handy 252
Drill, Hand, How to Make 444
Drinking Cup, Tin, for the Camp 379
Drinking Trough for Chickens 454
Drip Shield for the Arms 258
Dry Batteries, Another Way to Renew 378
Dry Batteries, Cheap, How to Obtain 410
Dry Batteries, Old, To Renew 401
Dry Batteries, Renewing 367
Dry Battery Cell, How to Make 160
Duplicator for Box Cameras 363
Duplicator, Homemade 240

Easel, How to Make 415
Egg-Beater, How to Make 291
Eggshell Funnel 93
Eggshells, How to Preserve 288
Elderberry Huller, Homemade 323
Electric Alarm 94
Electric Alarm, Door Bell and 114
Electric Alarm That Rings a Bell and Turns On a Light 337
Electric Anesthesia 445
Electric Apparatus-Ammeter, How to Make 49, 203
Electric Apparatus-Annunciator, Homemade 57
Electric Apparatus-Annunciator, How to Construct 416
Electric Apparatus-Batteries, Connecting Up to Given Any Voltage 93
Electric Apparatus-Battery Rheostat 80
Electric Apparatus-Battery Voltmeter 153
Electric Apparatus-Bell, Return Call, with One Wire 101
Electric Apparatus-Cats, To Shock 411
Electric Apparatus-Cell, Daniell 252
Electric Apparatus-Circuit Breaker for Induction Coils 101
Electric Apparatus-Controller and Reverse for Battery Motor 72
Electric Apparatus-Controller for a Small Motor 42
Electric Apparatus-Current Reverser 107, 111
Electric Apparatus-Galvanometer, Tangent 150
Electric Apparatus-Induction Coil, How to Make 138
Electric Apparatus-Induction Coils, Mercury
Make and Break Connection for 187
Electric Apparatus-Jump Spark Coil 113
Electric Apparatus-Medical Induction Coil, How to Make 63
Electric Apparatus-Motor, Single Phase Induction 124
Electric Apparatus-Motors, Direct Connected Reverse for 60
Electric Apparatus-Rheostat, Lead Pencil 145
Electric Apparatus-Shocking Machine 139
Electric Apparatus-Thermo Battery, How to Make 59
Electric Apparatus-Thermostat, Small 455
Electric Apparatus-Transformer, 110-Volt 439
Electric Apparatus-Voltammeter, Pocket 330
Electric Battery Massage, Homemade 144
Electric Bed Warmer, Homemade 338
Electric Bell, Relay Made from 94
Electric Blue Light Experiment 47
Electric Clock, Homemade 268
Electric Charges, Detector for 281
Electric Door Opener 78
Electric Engine 276
Electric Experiment, Interesting 377
Electric Experiment, Reversing Switch for 92
Electric Fire Alarm, How to Make 430
Electric Furnace Regulator, How to Make 388
Electric Furnace, Small, How to Make 48
Electric Heat Regulator, Automatic 344
Electric Horn, How to Make 218
Electric Hydrogen Generator 54
Electric Illusion Box 135
Electric Indicator for a Wind Vane 348
Electric Lamp Experiment 53, 120, 131
Electric Lamp Sockets, Miniature, How to Make 270
Electric Lamps, Miniature 434
Electric Lamps, Testing 314
Electric Light Circuit, Experiments with 50
Electric Lighting, Miniature 104
Electric Lights, Turned On and off from Different Places 205
Electric Lock 60, 110
Electric Lock for Sliding Door 89
Electric Lock, Simple 60
Electric Locomotive, Miniature, How to Make 165
Electric Motor 401
Electric Motor, Novel 395
Electric Motor, Small 214, 222, 345
Electric Pendant Switch, How to Make 310
Electric Piano, How to Make 247
Electric Plug, Homemade 430
Electric Postcard Projector 195
Electric Rat Exterminator 358
Electric Shock, To Give While Shaking Hands 133
Electric Shocker for Garbage Cans 94
Electric Stove. Homemade 31, 273
Electric Terminals, Varnish for 376
Electric Time Alarm 433
Electric Toaster, How to Make 37
Electric Walking Stick 413
Electric Wires, Flexible, Adjuster for 386
Electricity, To Discharge Toy Cannon by 59
Electricity; To Explode Powder with 53
Electricity, Writing with 74
Electrodeposition, Copies Made from Wax Molds by 157
Electrolytic Rectifier, How to Make 197
Electromagnet, Floating 152
Electroplating, Easy Method of 88
Electroscope, How to Make 103
Electrostatic Illumination 299
Emery Wheel Arbors, Washers for 359
Enameling a Bicycle Frame 385
Engine, Electric 276
Engine, Gasoline, How to Make 207
Engine, Model Steam 1
Engine, Steam, Made from Gas Pipe and Fittings 184
Engine, Toy Steam, How to Make 73
Engine, Turbine, How to Make 355
Equatorial, Homemade 204, 253
Equilibrator for Model Aeroplanes 11
Experiment, Center of Gravity 302
Experiment, Electric 377
Experiment, Electric Blue Light 47
Experiment, Heat and Expansion 124
Experiment, Phonograph 105
Experiment, Telephone 137
Experiment with a Vacuum 439
Experiment with Colored Electric Lamps 53
Experiment with Heat 134
Experiment with Incandescent Lamp 427
Experiment with Two Foot Rule and Hammer 106
Experiment, X-Ray 190
Experiments, Electric Lamp 120, 131
Experiments, Electrical, Reversing Switch for 92
Experiments with a Mirror 434
Experiments with Electric Light Circuit 50
Eye, Blind Spot in, To Find 129
Eyeglasses, Holding Firm 315

Fan, Wooden, How to Make 332
Faucet Used as an Emergency Plug 343
Feed Box for Chickens 292
File, Chalking 19
File, Sharpening Skates with 306
File Soft Metals, How to 406
Film Washing Trough 331
Films, Drying 412
Films, Frame for Drying 446
Filter, Simple and Effective 278
Filtering with a Small Funnel 25
Finger Mathematics 181
Finger, Removing Tight Fitting Ring from 361
Fingers, Protecting from Chemicals 283
Fire Alarm, Cheap 47
Fire Alarm, Electric, How to Make 430
Fire Alarm, Simple, How to Make 359
Fire Extinguisher, Homemade 351
Fire, Making with the Aid of Ice 338
Fire Screen, How to Make 82
Fire Screen. Leaded Glass 295
Fish Bait 152
Fish, One Way to Cook 206
Fishhook Box 379
Fishing through Ice, Signals for 10, 281, 380
Flag, Brass, How to Make 266
Flatiron Rest 19
Flier, Toy, How to Make 429
Flint Arrowhead, How to Make 23
Floor Polisher, Homemade 10, 350
Flour Sifter 7
Flower, Magic Growing 244
Flower Pot Stand 33
Flower Pots, Clay, Used for Bird Houses 277
Flower Pots, Window Shelf for 292
Flower Stand, Iron 353
Flowers, Cut, To Longer Preserve 419
Flowers, Decoloration of 288
Flush Valve, Repairing a Washer on 344
Fob, Shoestring Watch, How to Weave 285
Fob, Watch, How to Make 12, 223
Food. Keeping Cool in Camps 21
Football, Tying Knot for 133
Footrest, Child's, on an Ordinary Chair 453
Footwear, Drier for 229
Forks, Balancing on a Pin Head 427
Foundry Work at Home 95
Fountain for an Ordinary Pen 450
Fountain Pen, Ordinary Pen Used as 454
Fountain Pen Used as a Ruler 319
Fountain Pens, Leaking, Remedy for 390
Frame, Brass, in Repousse 237
Frost, To Keep Windows Free from 354
Fuming of Oak 196
Funnel. Eggshell 93
Funnel, Filtering with 25
Funnel, Glass 412
Funnel, Horn Used as 7
Funnel, Temporary 275
Funnel, Venting a 318
Furnace, Brass, How to Build 115
Furnace, Door Opener for 83
Furnace Draft. Alarm Clock to Pull Up 107
Furnace Draft Opener, Automatic 102
Furnace, Electric, How to Make 48
Furnace Regulator, Electric, How to Make 388
Furniture, Cleaning 185
Furniture, Cleaning Leather on 13
Furniture, Drawing of 294
Furniture--Library Set in Pyro-Carving 407
Furniture--Rustic Seat 441
Furnlture--Table, Mission Library, How to Make 141
Furniture, Tightening Cane In 230

Galvanometer, Tangent, How to Make 150
Galvanoscope, How to Make 68
Game-Baseball, Playing with a Pocket Knife 250
Game-Bottle Pushers 409
Game, Chinese Outdoor 176
Game Played on the Ice 216
Garbage Can, Keeping Animals Away from 94
Gas Cannon 197
Gas Jet, Ringing a Bell by Touching 403
Gas Jet, Shade Holder Bracket for 419
Gas, To Light without Matches 394
Gasoline Burner for Model Work 55
Gasoline Engine, Homemade 207
Gauge, Carpenter's 19
Gauge, Drill 252
Gauge, Rain, How to Make 64
Gauntlets on Gloves 266
Gear Cutting Attachment for Small Lathes 167
Gear for Model Work 225
Gear Wheels, Small, To Make without a Lathe 46
Geissler Tuhe, How to Make 154
Glass Blowing and Forming 420
Glass Cleaning Solution 31
Glass, Effect of Radium on 116
Glass, Emergency Magnifying 305
Glass, Fire Screen, Leaded 295
Glass Funnel, Emergency 412
Glass, Ground, Imitating 294
Glass, Ground, Substitute 255
Glass Letters, Removing from Windows 319
Glass, Magnifying, How to Make 397
Glass, Photograph Prints Mounted on 231
Glass Plates, Piercing with a Spark Coil 426
Glass Tube, To Make a Bulb on 324
Gilder, How to Make 171
Gloves, Cleaner for 302
Gloves, Gauntlets on 266
Gold Leaf, Covering Signals with 189
Gouge Used as a Bit 411
Gramophone Records, Cracked, Repairing 24
Grape Arbor, How to Build 73
Gravity Batteries, Why Fail 115
Gravity Experiment 302
Grease Stains, Removing from Book 230
Grease, To Remove from Machinery 216
Greasing the Front Wheels of an Automobile 320
Grills, Rope, How to Make 277
Ground Glass, Imitating 294
Guitar That Is Easy to Make 320
Gummed Paper, Substitute for 315
Gun Barrels, Bursting of 304
Gun, Toy, for Throwing Cardboard Squares 269
Gymnasium. Outdoor:
Part I-The Horizontal Bar 298
Part II-Parallel Bars 301
Part III-The Horse 303

Hacksaw Blade, Knife Made from 293
Hammock, Barrel Stave 75
Hammock, How to Make 410
Hand Car Made of Pipe and Fittings 440
Hand, Magic Spirit 2
Handbag, Ladies', How to Make 213
Handbag, Removing 36 Cannon Balls from 256
Handkerchlef Mended after Being Cut and Torn 198
Handkerchief Trick, Vanishing 319
Handle, Opengng, for a Stamp Pad 23
Handle, Tying Paper Bag to Make 10
Hanger, Trousers, How to Make 143, 369
Hangers, Tool 453
Hardening Copper 206
Harmonograph, Line 34
Hat. To Hang on a Lead Pencil 133
Hatpins, Sealing Wax, How to Make 175
Hats, Felt, Packing Cut from 207
Heat and Expansion 124
Heat, Cardboard Spiral Turned by 226
Heat, Experiment with 134
Heat Regulator, Electric 344
Hectograph, Homemade 240, 326
Hinge, Broom Holder Made of 33
Hinges, Imitation Fancy Wings on 224
Hinges, Leather, Metal Covering for 41
Hole, Square, How to Bore 179
Hole, Threaded, Sizing 295
Holes, Boring In Cork 8
Holes, Circular. Cutting In Thin Sheet Metal 35
Holes, Different Shaped, Fitting Plug in 122
Horn, Electric, How to Make 218
Horn, Paper Phonograph, How to Make 71
Horn Used as Funnel 7
Horsepower of Small Motors, Finding 238
House, Building In a Tree Top 146
Hydrogen Generator, Constant Pressure 70
Hydrogen Generator, Small Electrical 54
Hygrometer, How to Make 71, 140

Ice Boat, How to Build 357
Ice Boating 382
Ice, Bottle Pushing on 409
Ice Chisel, Handy 61
Ice, Fish Signal for Fishing through 10
Ice, Fishing through 281
Ice, Game Played on 216
Ice, Making a Fire with the Aid of 338
Ice, Merry-Go-Round Whirl on 380
Ice, Peculiar Properties of 100
Ice, Signals for Fishing through 380
Ice Skates, Hollow Grinding 231
Ice Yacht. How to Build 307
Illusion, Balloon Ascension 300
Illusion Box, Electric 135
Illusion for Window Attraction 239
Illusion. Miniature "Pepper's Ghost" 52
Illusion, Roller Coaster 293
Illusion, Rolling Uphill 361
Illusions, Optical 74, 99, 130, 183, 206, 348, 364
Incandescent Lamp, Experiment with 427
Indian Clubs, Weighting 318
Indicator, Electric, for a Wind Vane 348
Induction Call, How to Make 138
Induction Coil, Lighting an Incandescent Lamp with 112
Induction Call, Small Medical, How to Make 63
Induction Coils, Circuit Breaker for 101
Induction Calls. Mercury Make and Break Connections for 187
Induction Motor, Single Phase, How to Make 124
Ink Bottle Cork, Steel Pen Used in 117
Ink Spots, Removing 131
Inkstand, Ornamental Metal 315
Insulating Aluminum Wire 306
Insulating Cleats, Substitute for 348
Insulation, Removing from Wire 213
Interrupter, How to Make 51
Iodine Stains, Removing 425
Iron Castings, Putty for 269
Iron Flower Stand, Ornamental 353
Iron Polisher 286
Iron Rest for an Ironing Board 288
Iron Work, Ornamental, Easy Designs in 370
Ironing Board Stand, How to Make 17, 429
Irrigating with Tomato Cans 450

Jelly Making Stand 290
Jewelry, How to Clean 353
Jig Saw Puzzle, Photographic 361
Joint, Dovetail 29
Jump Spark Coil, How to Make 113

Kennel, Concrete 23
Kennel Door, Automatic Closing 32
Kerosene, Used in Polishing Metals 364
Kettle, Spoon holder On 24
Kettles, Spoon Rest for 304
Key Forms, Preserving 454
Key, Removing from a Double String 179
Kiln, Pottery 62
Kitchen, Novelty Clock for 360
Kitchen Utensil--Baking Pan 13
Kitchen Utensil--Cherry Seeder 29
Kitchen Utensil--Chopping Board 19
Kitchen Utensil--Egg-Beater, How to Make 291
Kitchen Utensil--Elderberry Huller 323
Kitchen Utensil--Flour Sifter 7
Kitchen Utensil for Removing Pies from Pans 275
Kitchen Utensil--Homemade Toaster 139
Kitchen Utensil--Hot Dish Holder 7
Kitchen Utensil--Hot Plate Lifter 318
Kitchen Utensil--Jelly Making Stand 290
Kitchen Utensil--Knife Sharpener 379
Kitchen Utensil--Ladle and Strainer, Combined 302
Kitchen Utensil--Pot Cover Closet 16
Kitchen Utensil--Pot Covers, Homemade 297
Kitchen Utensil--Querl, Versatile 28
Kitchen Utensil--Salad Dressing Mixer 16
Kitchen Utensil--Spoon Rest for Kettles 24, 304
Kitchen Utensil--Tool for Lifting Can Covers 352
Kitchen Utensil--Vegetable Slicer 413
Kite Balancing Strings, Rubber Bands in 270
Kite, Box, How to Make 58
Kite, Chinese, How to Make and Fly 210
Kite Reel. Homemade 156
Kite, Tailless 458
Kites of Many Kinds and How to Make Them 391
Knife Blade, Worn, Repairing 228
Knife Made from Hacksaw Blade 293
Knife, Pocket, Playing Baseball with 250
Knife Sharpener, Kitchen 379
Knot, Magic 198
Knot Trick 167
Knot, Tying for Football 133

Ladle and Strainer, Combined 302
Ladle, Babbitt 264
Ladle for Melting Babbitt 173
Lamp, Acetylene, Lighting 401
Lamp, Arc 132
Lamp Cord, Flexible, Holder for 317
Lamp Cords, Flexible, Clasp for Holding 267
Lamp, Flash, How to Make 174
Lamp, Homemade Pocket 149
Lamp, Incandescent, Experiment with 427
Lamp, Incandescent, Lighting with an Induction Coil 112
Lamp, Quickly Made 329
Lamp Sockets, Miniature Electric. How to Make 270
Lamp Stand and Shade, How to Make 147
Lamps, Electric, Testing 314
Lamps, Miniature Electric 434
Lamps, To Make Burn Brightly 364
Lantern, Camper's Makeshift 266
Lantern, Darkroom, How to Make 14, 340
Lantern, Homemade 163
Lantern, Magic, How to Make 328
Lantern, Magic, Using Sun's Light in 251
Lantern Slide Masks, Cutting 245
Lantern Slides, Blueprint, How to Make 120
Lantern Slides, How to Make 127, 220
Lantern Slides, Tinted, How to Make 144
Lathe, Bench, Made of Pipe Fittings 316
Lathe, How to Make 86
Lathe, Making Gear Wheels without 46
Lathe, Wood Turning, To Make Out of an Old Sewing Machine 403
Lathe Work, Calipering 258
Lathes, Small, Gear Cutting Attachment for 167
Laundry Device--Clothes Rack 14
Laundry Device--Clothesline, Double, Support for 318
Laundry Device--Iron Rest 19
Laundry Device--Iron Rest for an Ironing Board 288
Laundry Device--Ironing Board Stand 17, 429
Laundry Device--Sad Iron Polisher 286
Laundry Device--Washboard Holder 39
Lavatories, Sleeve Holders for 17
Lead Cannon, How to Make 338
Lead, Melting in Tissue Paper 185
Lead Pencil Rheostat, How to Make 145
Leaf, Photograph Printed on 362
Leather Card case, How to Make 350
Leather Hinges, Metal Coverings for 41
Leather on Furniture, Cleaning 13
Leather, Softening 140
Leather Spectacle Case, How to Make 228
Leather, Table Mat of, How to Make 286
Leather Work, Arts and Crafts 168
Letter Holder of Pierced Metal 294
Lettering on a Dark Ground, Paint for 170
Lettering with a Carpenter's Pencil 306
Letters, Glass, Removing from Windows 319
Levitation-Modern Stage Trick 459
Library Set in Pyro-Carving 407
Life Buoy, How to Make 432
Life preserver, Homemade 4
Light Gas without Matches, To 394
Light, Post or Swinging, Homemade 189
Light Trick, Invisible 251
Lightning Arrester, How to Make 122
Lightning, Photographing 124, 176
Lights, Turning On and Off from any Number of Places 310
Linoleum, How to Repair 273
Liquids-Splashes, Study of 164
Lock, Automatic 106
Lock, Electric 60, 110
Lock, Electric, for a Sliding Door 89
Lock, Homemade Pneumatic 65
Lock, Lubricating 151
Lock, Secret Door 6
Lock, Spring, Protection of 72
Lock, Trunk, How to Attach 134
Lock, Window 397
Locking Several Drawers with One Lock 314
Locomotive, Miniature Electric, How to Make 165
Log, To Cross Stream on 94
Lubricant for Wood Screws 137
Lubricate Sheet Metal, To 69
Lubricating a Lock 151

Machinery, To Remove Grease from 216
Magazine Binder, To Make 406
Magazine Clamp, How to Make 435
Magazine, How to Bind 40, 56
Magic Box Escape 7
Magic-Electric Illusion Box 135
Magic Lantern, Homemade 328
Magic, Old Time 167, 175, 176, 179, 193, 198, 234,
244, 251, 256, 427
Magic, Parlor, for Winter Evenings 90
Magic Spirit Hand 2
Magic-Violin, Making Spirits Play 295
Magnet for the Work Basket 292
Magnifying Glass, Emergency 305
Magnifying Glass, Homemade 397
Mahogany, Filler for 139
Mail Photographs, How to 312
Mail, Sending Coins by 287
Marble, Rolling 191
Massage, Electric Battery 144
Mat, Wrestling 330
Match, Chain Made from 311
Match Holder of Wood and Metal. How to Make 282
Match, How to Relight 444
Match Safe, Homemade 194
Mathematics, Finger 181
Mattresses, Handling 19
Measuring the Height of a Tree 376
Medical Induction Coil, How to Make 63
Mercury Make and Break Connections for Induction Coils 187
Merry-Go-Round, How to Build 359
Merry-Go-Round Swing. How to Make 131
Merry-Go-Round Thriller 209
Merry-Go-Round Whirl on Ice 380
Metal Coverings for Leather Hinges 41
Metal Inkstand, Ornamental 315
Metal, Melting in the Flame of a Match 449
Metal, Pierced, Letter Holder of 294
Metal, Sheet, Sawing 291
Metal, Sheet, To Lubricate 69
Metal, Thin Sheet, Cutting Circular Holes in 35
Metal Whisk Broom Holder 221
Metals, Soft, How to File 406
Metals, Use of Kerosene In Polishing 364
Mice and Rats, Killing 293
Micrometer, Homemade 130
Microscope, Homemade 433
Microscope, Small, How to Make 408
Microscope without a Lens 76
Minnow Trap, How to Make 390
Mirror, Experiments with 434
Model Aeroplanes. Equilibrator for 11
Model Steam Engine 1
Model, Steamboat 216
Model Work, Gasoline Burner for 55
Model Work, Gear for 225
Model Work, Three Way Cock for 50
Mold, Removing from Wallpaper 320
Monoplane Weather Vane 390
Moon, New, photographing 174
Motor, Battery, Controller and Reverse for 72
Motor, Battery, Reversing 405
Motor, Electric 214, 345, 395. 401
Motor, Reversing 105
Motor, Single Phase Induction 124
Motor, Small, Controller for 42
Motor, Small, How to Make 428
Motor, Water 66, 311
Motorcycle Drives Washing Machine 219
Motors, Small, Finding Horsepower of 238
Mouse Trap 112, 198, 293, 395, 450
Music Cabinet, How to Make 77
Music, Furnace, To Transmit to a Distance 107

Nail Holes, Filling 85
Nail, To Hang Heavy Things on 323
Nails, Iron Shingle, Life of 244
Necktie Holder, Homemade 369
Negatives. Broken, Restoring 377
Nickel, Polish for 112
Nostril, Child's, Removing Button from 237
Nut Cracking Block 290
Nuts, Tightening 155
Nutshell Photograph Novelty 24

Oak, Fuming of 196
Optical Illusion 74, 99, 130, 183, 206, 348, 364
Optical Top 69
Ornaments, Christmas Tree, Repairing 11

Packing, Cut from Felt Hats 207
Paint Brushes, Care of 267
Paint, Cause of Sagging 340
Paint for Lettering on a Dark Ground 170
Paint, Old, Removing 396
Paint, Sealing Up 363
Painting an Automobile 357
Painting Over Putty 136
Painting Yellow Pine 151
Paints, To Prevent from Crawling 55
Paints--Water Color Box 257
Pan, Baking 13
Paper Aeroplane, How to Make 329
Paper Bag, Tying to Make a Handle 10
Paper Bags, Use for 19
Paper Boat, How to Make 321
Paper, Gummed, Substitute for 315
Paper, Smoothing after Erasing 29
Paper, To Remove from Stamps 234
Paper under an Inverted Bottle, Withdrawing 33
Parachutes and Darts, Toy 352
Paraffin Wire, How to 161
Pen, Fountain, Ordinary Pen used as 450, 454
Pen, Fountain, Used as a Ruler 319
Pen, Steel, Used in Ink Bottle Cork 117
Pencil, Carpenter's, Lettering with 306
Pens, Corrosion of, Preventing 257
Pens, Leaking Fountain, Remedy for 390
"Pepper's Ghost" Illusion, Miniature 52
Percolator, Plant Food 258
Perfume Making Outfit 363
Phoneidoscope 407
Phonograph Experiment 105
Phonograph, Homemade 289
Phonograph Horn, Paper, How to Make 71
Phonograph Music, To Transmit to a Distance 107
Phonograph Record Cabinet 79, 433
Phonograph Reproducer, Relieving Weight of 245
Phonograph Spring. Broken, Repairing 316
Phonograph, Steadying 214
Phonograph, Thorns Used as Needles on 453
Photograph Letters, Spelling Names with 232
Photograph Mounts, Rough AIligator 424
Photograph Novelty, Nutshell 24
Photograph of a Clown Face 180
Photograph Postcards, Drying 453
Photograph Print Washing Tank 136
Photograph Printed on a Leaf 362
Photograph Prints, Drying Flat 38
Photograph Prints, Drying Without Curling 425
Photograph Prints, Mounting on Glass 231
Photograph Prints, Stretcher for Drying 275
Photographic Jig-Saw Puzzle 361
Photographing a Man in a Bottle 74
Photographing Lightning 124, 176
Photographing the New Moon 174
Photographing the North Star 443
Photographs, Freak, Making of 110, 440
Photographs, How to Mail 312
Photographs in Relief Easily Made 431
Photographs, Mounting in Plaster Plaques 287
Photographs on Watch Dials, Making 386
Photographs. To Print on Silk 396
Photography--Background Frame, Take Down, How to Make 156
Photography--Changing Bag for Plate Holders 212
Photography--Copying Stand 149
Photography--Darkroom Lantern, How to Make 340
Photography--Darkroom, Small, Building 26
Photography--Developing Box, How to Make 220
Photography--Developing Tray 269
Photography--Developing Tray, Cracked, Repairing 260
Photography--Duplicator for Box Cameras 363
Photography--Enlarging from Life in the Camera 111, 117
Photography--Film Negatives, How to Keep 194
Photography--Film Washing Trough 331
Photography--Films, Drying 412
Photography--Films, Frame for Drying 446
Photography-Green Prints, Paper That Makes 157
Photography-Kits for the Camera 159
Photography-Negative Washer, Adjustable, How to Make 143
Photography-Negatives, Broken, Restoring 377
Photography-Paper Stuck to Negative, To Remove 250
Photography-Pictures, Four, on One Plate 46
Photography-Printing Frame Stand 123
Photography-Prints, Overexposed Developing, Saving 16
Photography-Proofs, Making before Negative Dries 33
Photography-Ray Filter, Substitute for 120
Photography-Toning Blue On Bromide and Platinum 31
Photography-Tripod Holder, Homemade 284
Piano, Electric, How to Make 247
Picture Frame, Etched Copper, How to Make 414
Pies, Removing from Pans 275
Pin Ball, How to Make 314
Pine, Yellow, Painting 151
Pipe and Fittings, Hand Car Made of 440
Pipe and Fittings, Hand Sled Made of 305
Pipe Fittings, Bench Lathe Made of 316
Pipe Fittings, Uses for 61
Pipe, Gas, and Fittings, Steam Engine Made from 184
Pipe Rack, Bent Iron 305
Planing Octagonal Wood Pieces, Block for 293
Plant Food Percolator 258
Plaques, Photo Silhouette Brass 217
Plaques, Plaster, Mounting Photos in 287
Plaster of Paris, How to Mix 110
Plaster, Porous, Removing 41
Plate Lifter, Hot 318
Plug, Electric, How to Make 430
Plug, Emergency, Faucet Used as 343
Plug, Fitting in Different Shaped Holes 122
Plumb-Bob Line, Adjusting 229
Pocket Lamp, Homemade 149
Pockets for Spools of Thread 13
Polish, Aluminum 428
Polish for Nickel 112
Polish, Stove 133, 252
Polisher, Floor 10, 350
Polishing Cloths for Silver 32
Polishing Flat Surfaces 229
Polishing Metals, Use of Kerosene in 364
Porch Swing Chair 128
Portfolio, How to Make 225
Portieres, Japanese, How to Make 265
Postcar Holder, How to Make 363
Postcard Projector, Electric 195
Postcard Rack 25
Postcards, Photograph 453
Postcards, Unreadable, Key Card for Writing 35
Pot Cover, Closet 16
Pot Covers, Homemade 297
Pottery Kiln, Homemade 62
Poultry, Feed Box for 292
Poultry Feeder, Alarm Clock 79
Powder, to Explode with Electricity 53
Propelling Vehicle, How to Make 402
Pulley, Grooved, Made from Sheet Tin 412
Pump, Rotary, How to Make 81
Punch. Piercing, for Brass 19
Punching Bag Platform, Adjustable 267
Punt, Homemade 123
Purse, Coin, How to Make 354
Putty, Blacking 376
Putty for Iron Castings 269
Putty Grinder 191
Putty, Painting over 136
Putty, To Preserve 121
Puzzle, Checker Board 189, 233
Puzzle, Dovetail Joint 236
Puzzle, Photographic Jig Saw 361
Puzzle, Wire 378
Pyro-Carving, Library Set in 407

Quartz Electrodes Used in Receiving Wireless Messages 170
Querl, Versatile 28
Quilting Frames, Folding 258

Rabbit Trap, Homemade 233
Rabbit Trap, Self Setting, How to Make 158
Rabbits, Trap for 395
Rack, Bent Iron Pipe 305
Rack, Clothes 14
Rack, Cup and Saucer 105
Rack for Displaying Coins 220
Rack, Postcard 25
Rack, Shoe 146
Radium Affects Glass 116
Rain Gauge, How to Make 64
Rat Exterminator, Electric 358
Rat Traps 290, 395
Rats and Mice, Killing 293
Rats, Keeping from a Chicken Coop 352
Ray Filter, Substitute for 120
Reel, Kite 156
Relay Made from an Electric Bell 94
Rheostat, Battery 80, 445
Rheostat, Lead Pencil, How to Make 145
Rheostat, Water 78
Rheostat, Water, How to Make 43
Ring, Finger, How to Make 39
Ring, Tight Fitting, Removing from Finger 361
Roller Coaster Illusion 293
Roller Skates, Homemade 386
Rope Grills, How to Make 277
Rubber Bands in Kite Balancing Strings 270
Rubber Stamps, How to Make 393
Rubber Tip for Chair Legs 229
Rule and Hammer, Experiment with 106
Ruler, Fountain Pen Used as 319

Sack Trick 251
Sail, To Attach to a Bicycle 425
Sailomobile, How to Make 326, 415
Sails, Boat, Revolving a Wheel with 152
Sails for Skaters 381
Salad Dressing, Aid in Mixing 16
Sandpaper, To Keep from Slipping 376
Saw, Bracket, How to Make 42
Saw, Homemade Scroll 11
Sawing Sheet Metal 389
Scissors, Removing from a Card 175
Scissors, Sharpening 419
Sconce, How to Make 325
Scoop, Shot 230
Screen, Fire, How to Make 82
Screw, Tightening with Lead 233
Screws, Inserting in Hardwood 318
Screws, Wood, Lubricant for 137
Sealing Wax Bent While Cold 61
Sealing Wax Hatpins, How to Make 175
Seals, Clear Wax Impressions from 450
Searchlight, Self Lighting Arc 9
Searchlight, Small, How to Make 336
Seat, Rustic 441
Settee, Homemade 385
Sewing Bag, How to Make 386
Sewing Machine, Old Wood Turning Lathe Made Out of 403
Screw, To Hold on a Screwdriver 337
Scroll Saw, Homemade 11
Shade, Candle, How to Make 191
Shade, Fastening to a Roller 413
Shade Holder Bracket for a Gas Jet 419
Shaving Mug, Traveler's 9
Shelf Arrangement, Convenient 413
Shelf, Mission Bracket 39
Shelf, Turn Down, for a Small Space 144
Shelf, Window, for Flower Pots 292
Shellac Gum, Dissolving 124
Shocking Machine, Homemade 139
Shoe Horn, Substitute 25
Shoe Rack, Homemade 146
Shoe Scraper 413
Shoes, Skating, How to Make 158
Shoes, White, Cleaner for 239
Shoestring Watch Fob, How to Weave 285
Shot Scoop 230
Shower Bath, Homemade 15
Signals, Covering with Gold Leaf 189
Signals for Fishing Through Ice 10, 380
Silhouette Brass Plaques, Making 217
Silhouettes, How to Make 68
Silk, To Print Photographs on 396
Silver, Cleaning 305, 344
Silver Plating Outfit, Small, To Make 360
Silver, Polishing Cloths for 32
Sink or Bathtub Stopper, Substitute 429
Sizing a Threaded Hole 295
Skate Sharpener, Pocket, How to Make 166
Skater, Winged 381
Skates, Ice, Hollow Grinding 231
Skates, Roller, How to Make 386
Skates, Sharpening with a File 306
Skating Shoes, How to Make 158
Ski, Norwegian 384
Skidoo-Skidee Trick, Scientific Explanation of 162
Skis and Ski-Toboggans, Making 3
Sled, Barrel Stave 383
Sled, Bicycle 157
Sled, Bicycle Coasting, How to Make 231
Sled, Hand, Made of Pipe and Fittings 305
Sled, Toboggan, How to Make 44, 384
Sled, Yankee 408
Sleds, Coaster, Rocker Blocks on 223
Sleeve Bands, Bicycle Trouser Guards as 283
Sleeve Holders for Lavatories 17
Sleigh, Chair 383
Sleigh, Running 381
Sling, Crossbow and Arrow, How to Make 339
Snow House, Eskimo, How to Make 5
Snowshoes, Homemade 9
Solder with Low Melting Point 421
Soldering Clamps, Homemade 137
Soldering for the Amateur 38
Soldering Tool, Emergency 28
Spark Coil, Piercing Glass Plates with 426
Spectacle Case, Leather, How to Make 228
Spit Turned by Water Power 102
Splashes, Study of 164
Spine for Draftsman 406
Spoon Rest for Kettles 24, 304
Sport-Skis and Ski-Toboggans, Making 3
Sports, Winter, Devices of 380
Spring Board for Swimmers 237
Spring, Curtain Roller, How to Tighten 79
Sprocket Wheels, Small, To Make 15
Stage, Miniature, How to Make 159
Stains, Iodine, Removing 425
Stains on Book Leaves, Removing 31
Stamp Pad, Handle for Opening 23
Stamps, To Remove Paper from 234
Star, North, Photographing 443
Static Machine, How to Make 177
Steam Calliope, How to Make 418
Steam Engine Made from Gas Pipe and Fittings 184
Steam Engine, Model 1
Steam Engine, Toy, How to Make 73
Steam Turbine, Homemade 20
Steamboat Model, Simple 216
Steel, Chisel, Annealing 362
Steering Wheel, Heated 441
Stereograph, Principles of 186
Stick Pin, How to Make 164
Still, Homemade 426
Still, Simple, How to Make 170
Stool, Camp, How to Make 222
Storage Battery, Small, How to Make 121
Stove, Electric, How to Make 31, 273
Stove Polish 133, 252
Stovepipe, Cleaner for 230
Stoves, Cleaning 155
Strainer and Ladle, Combined 302
Stream, Crossing on a Log 94
Street Car Line, Imitation, How to Build 374
Sundial, How to Lay Out 261
Sunlight, Using in Magic Lantern 251
Swimmers, Spring Board for 237
Swimming Pool, Concrete 178
Swing and Turning Rings Combined 283
Swing Chair, Porch 128
Swing, Homemade Round 192
Swing, Merry-Go-Round, How to Make 131
Swing Seat, Child's Homemade 276
Switch, Automatic Time 80
Switch, Battery 99
Switch, Electric Pendant, How to Make 310
Switch, Reversing for Electrical Experiments 92
Switch, Simple, for Reversing a Current 111

Table, Lifting 99
Table Mat of Leather, How to Make 286
Table, Mission Library, How to Make 141
Table Pads, Asbestos 212
Talking Machine Reproducer, Relieving Weight of 245
Tank, Small, Aerating Water in 241
Target, Illuminated 291
Tarnish, Removing 17
Tea Tray, Cheesebox Cover 18
Teeter Board, Revolving 297
Telegraph and Telephone Line, Combination 332
Telegraph Codes 422
Telegraph Instrument and Buzzer, How to Make 334
Telegraph Key and Sounder, How to Make 76
Telegraph Key, Homemade 21, 283
Telegraph Line, One Wire 78
Telegraph, Line, Simple Open Circuit 59
Telephone and Telegraph Line, Combination 332
Telephone Experiment 137
Telephone Receiver, Homemade 55, 353
Telephone, Receiving Wireless Telegraph Messages with 92
Telephone, Singing 75
Telephone Transmitter, Homemade 398
Telephone, Wireless, How to Make 432
Telescope, How to Make 108
Telescope Stand and Holder 218
Telescope, Water, How to Make 410
Tent, Bell, How to Make 190
Tent, Lawn, Quickly Made 398
Tents, Weatherproofing for 389
Thermo Battery, How to Make 59
Thermo-Electric Battery, How to Make 140
Thermometer, Air 152
Thermometer Back in Etched Copper. To Make 246
Thermostat. Small, How to Construct 455
Thorns Used as Needles In a Phonograph 453
Thread, Cutting Inside Glass Bottle 179
Thread Spools, Pockets for 13
Time Alarm, Electric 433
Time Switch, Automatic 80
Tin, Sheet, Grooved Pulley Made from 412
Tinware, Rustproof 347
Tire Repair, Emergency 33
Toaster, Electric, How to Make 37
Toaster, Homemade 139
Toboggan Sled, How to Make 44, 384
Toboggans and Skis, Making 3
Tool, Cutting Point of 278
Tool for Lifting Can Covers 352
Tool Hangers 453
Tool, Soldering 28
Top, Austrian 12
Top, Optical 69
Toy, Child's Rolling, How to Make 224
Toy Darts and Parachutes 352
Toy Flier, How to Make 429
Toy-Skidoo-Skidee, Scientific Explanation of 162
Trailer for a Bicycle 397
Transformer, 110-Volt. How to Make 439
Trap for Rabbits, Rats and Mice, How to Make 395
Trap for Small Animals 82
Trap, Minnow, How to Make 390
Trap, Mouse 112, 198, 450
Trap, Rabbit 233
Trap, Rat 290
Trap, Self Setting, How to Make 158
Trays, Copper. How to Make 180
Tree, Measuring the Height of 376
Tree Top, Building House in 146
Trees, Burning Inscriptions on 45
Trick, Balancing on Chairs 131
Trick, Bottle, Diving 331
Trick, Buttonhole 234
Trick, Cannon Balls, 36, Removing from Handbag 256
Trick, Card. with Tapered Deck 70
Trick, Coin and Card on the First Finger 175
Trick, Coin and Tumbler 378
Trick--Coin, Changing into a Button 234
Trick--Coin, Disappearing 176, 193
Trick--Coin, Moving Under a Glass 214
Trick--Coin, Sticking against Wall 176
Trick--Coins, Dropping in a Glass Full of Water 231
Trick--Coins, Making Stick to Wood 287
Trick--Cord, Buttoned 427
Trick--Electric Illusion Box 135
Trick--Electric Shock, To Give While Shaking Hands 133
Trick--Flowers, Growing 244
Trick--Forks. Balancing on a Pin Head 427
Trick--Handkerchief Mended after Being Cut and Torn 198
Trick--Hat, To Hang on a Lead Pencil 133
Trick--Key, Removing from a Double String 179
Trick, Knot 167
Trick--Knot. Magic 198
Trick--Light, Invisible 251
Trick--Magic Box Escape 7
Trick--Magic Spirit Hand 2
Trick--Marble, Rolling 197
Trick, Mechanical, with Cards 63
Trick--Miniature "Pepper's Ghost" Illusion 52
Trick--Optical Illusions 74
Trick-Paper, Withdrawing from Under an Inverted Bottle 33
Trick-Photograph of a Clown Face 180
Trick, Rising Card 256
Trick, Sack 251
Trick--Scissors. Removing from Card 175
Trick, Skldoo-Skldee 116
Trick, Stage-Levitation 459
Trick-Table, Lifting 99
Trick-Thread, Cutting Inside a Glass Bottle 179
Trick, Vanishing Handkerchief 319
Trick-Violin, Making Spirits Play 295
Trick, Watch 313
Trick, Water and Wine 244
Trick with a Coin in a Wine Glass 167
Tripod Holder, Homemade 284
Trolley Coaster, Homemade Overhead 387
Trousers, Hanger for 143, 369
Trunk Lock. Combination, How to Attach 134
Turbine Engine, How to Make 355
Turbine, Steam 20
Turning Rings and Swing, Combined 283
Turpentine In Cutting Oil 302
Typewriter Ribbons, Renewing 454

Vacuum Cleaner, New Use for 25
Vacuum, Experiment with 439
Valve, Flush, Repairing a Washer on 344
Varnish for Electric Terminals 375
Vegetables, Preventing Burning in a Pot 14
Vegetable Slicer 413
Vehicle-Automobile, Boy's Homemade 430
Vehicle-Hand Car Made of Pipe and Fittings 440
Vehicle, Propelling, How to Make 402
Vehicle-Wind Propeller, How to Make 415
Violin, Making Spirits Play 295
Vise, Carpenter's Homemade 36
Vise. Hand. How to Make 201, 211, 226, 280, 340
Volcano. Miniature. How to Make 448
Voltammeter, Pocket 330
Voltmeter, Battery 153
Vulcanizing Press for Rubber Stamps 394

Walking Stick. Electric 413
Wall, Cleaning 375
Wall, Waterproofing 229
Wallpaper, Moldy, Cleaning 320
War Dance, Miniature 255
Washboard Holder 39
Washer on a Flush Valve, Repairing 344
Washers for Emery Wheel Arbors 359
Washing Machine, Driving with Motorcycle Power 219
Watch, Demagnetizing 166
Watch Dial. Illuminating at Night 149
Watch Dials, Making Photographs on 386
Watch Fob, How to Make 12, 223
Watch Fob, Shoestring, How to Weave 285
Watch Trick, Mystifying 313
Water, Aerating In Small Tank 241
Water and Wine Trick 244
Water Bicycle, How to Make 335
Water Candlestick 406
Water Colors, To Prevent from Crawling 54
Water, Drowning a Dog's Bark with 435
Water. Freezing in Pipes 409
Water Motor, Homemade 66, 311
Water Power, Spit Turned by 102
Waterproofing a Wall 229
Water Rheostat 43, 78
Water Supply, Cost of 435
Water Telescope. How to Make 410
Water Wheel Does Family Washing 129
Water Wheel, How to Make 374
Water Wings, How to Make 202
Wax Impressions from Seals 450
Wax Molds, Copies Made by Electrodeposltion 157
Weather Vane, Monoplane 390
Weatherproofing for Tents 389
Weights for Athletes, How to Make 274
Wheel, Revolving with Boat Sails 152
Wheels, Front, of an Automobile, Greasing 320
Wheels, Sprocket, To Make 15
Whisk Broom Holder, Sheet Metal 221
Wind Propeller, How to Make 415
Wind Vane, Electric Indicator for 348
Windmill for Practical Purposes, How to Make 399
Windmill, Miniature, How to Make 333
Windmill, Musical 74
Windmill, Stationary, How to Make 445
Window Attraction--Fish and Birds Illusion 239
Window Boxes, Rustic 30
Window Conservatory 103
Window Display 22
Window Lock 397
Window Shade, Fastening to a Roller 413
Window Shade, Repair for 229
Window Shelf for Flower Pots 292
Window Stick 450
Windows, Removing Glass Letters from 319
Windows, To Keep Free from Frost 354
Wings, Water, How to Make 202
Winter Sports, Devices of 380
Wire, Aluminum, Insulating 306
Wire Connections, Flexible, Forming Coils to Make 443
Wire Loop Connections for Battery Binding Posts 449
Wire, Paraffin, How to 161
Wire Puzzle 378
Wire, Removing Insulation from 213
Wire Terminals for Battery Connections 168
Wireless Coherer, Easily Made 77
Wireless Messages, Quartz Electrodes Used In Receiving 170
Wireless Systems, Simple 54
Wireless Telegraph, How to Make 84, 121
Wireless Telegraph Messages, To Receive with a Telephone 92
Wireless Telegraph, Short Distance 102
Wireless Telephone, How to Make 432
Wires, Drawing Into Fixtures 13
Wires, Flexible Electric, Adjuster for 386
Wondergraph, How to Make 436
Wood Pieces, Octagonal Wood, Block for 293
Wood, Staining 221
Woodwork, Cleaning 315
Work Basket, Homemade 22
Work Basket, Magnet for 292
Workbench for the Amateur 226
Workbench, Homemade 442
Wrestling Mat 330
Writing with Electricity 74

X-Ray Experiment 190
X-Ray Instrument, Homemade 151

Yacht, Ice, How to Build 307

Zincs, Old Battery, To Use 87

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