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The Book of American Negro Poetry by Edited by James Weldon Johnson

Part 4 out of 4

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Negro Serenade
Negro Singer, The
Negro Soldiers, The
New Day, The

O Black and Unknown Bards
Ol' Doc' Hyar
O Southland

Paul Laurence Dunbar
Prayer, A

Rain Music
Rain Song, The
Road to the Bow, The
Rubinstein Staccato Etude, The

Sandy Star and Willie Gee
Scarlet Woman, The
Sence You Went Away
Ships That Pass in the Night
Sic Vita
Song of Thanks, A
Sprin' Fevah
Spring in New Hampshire
Stanzas from The Fledgling Bard and the Poetry Society
Star of Ethiopia
Summer Magic

Teacher, The
Time to Die
Tired Worker, The
To a Skull
To O. E. A
To Our Friends
To the White Fiends
Turn Me to My Yellow Leaves
Two Points of View

Uncle Eph's Banjo Song

Washer-Woman, The
'Weh Down Souf
When de Co'n Pone's Hot
When Ol' Sis Judy Pray
White Witch, The
Why Adam Sinned
Wife-Woman, The
Winter Is Coming


Zalka Peetruza

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