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The American Missionary by Various

Part 2 out of 2

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until your next birthday, so I'll tell you first how she came to go to
Tougaloo at all.

To begin with, Mamma Bradley had been rummaging about in the attic a
long time, when little Fay set out to find her.

"What are you doing up here, mamma?" said Fay. "I've been hunting for
you ever so long."

"Oh, I'm looking for some things to put in the barrel that is going to
Tougaloo for the poor people that the missionaries are working for."

"Clothes?" said Fay.

"Yes, clothes, and I suppose they would be glad of almost anything that
would help to make their lives more comfortable," said her mother.

Fay sat down in an old basket and watched her mother fold and unfold the
contents of trunks and boxes so quietly, that Mrs. Bradley finally
looked up and said:

"Why don't you go to your play, dear? What are you thinking about?"

"I was thinking," said Fay, "do you s'pose the Tougaloo folks have any
little girls?"

"Oh, yes, plenty of them."

"Big's me?"

"Yes, all sizes, I suppose," said Mrs. Bradley, going on with her work.

"Well," said Fay, "I was thinking, how d'you s'pose they'd like Susy?"

"What! the new dolly that Auntie gave you for keeping your elbows off
the table?"

"Yes'm," said Fay. "Do you s'pose she'd make a little Tougaloo girl's
life any more comfor'ble?"

"Why, yes, dear, anything that gives you so much pleasure would please
them, of course," said her mother, "but are you quite sure you want to
give Susy away?"

"Well, when Auntie gave us our missionary boxes in the Sunday-school
class, she told us to be sure and remember what was printed on them, and
she read on one side something about people giving their first fruits,
and she said it meant their best things, and on top it said, 'Inasmuch
as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have done it unto
me.' Now Susy is my best doll--any way I love her best, and there
couldn't be anybody much leaster than a little girl like me way down in
Tougaloo, could there, mamma?"

"Well, you must think it all over, and if you are quite sure that you
want to do it, we will take Susy down to the church this afternoon with
the other things," said her mother.

Fay said no more, and in a few minutes she tripped down stairs, and when
her mamma followed soon after, she heard the creak of Fay's little
rocking chair, and the words, "Sleep, baby, sleep," which told her as
she peeped through a crack in the door, that Susy was getting her last
lullaby from the fond little mother, who at the proper time presented
Susy all dressed for her journey to Tougaloo.

"When Fay and her mother arrived at the church, sure enough right there
in the parlor stood two or three barrels, while dear old Mrs. Rogers and
half a dozen other ladies were filling them with useful articles.

"Here is a package of clothing," said Mrs. Bradley, " and I have another
bundle, which Dennis will bring from the carriage in a few minutes."

"And Susy's going to Tougaloo," said Fay, reaching out her treasure to
Grandma Rogers as she spoke.

"Well now, the dear," said Grandma Rogers, "don't you want her yourself,

"No'm, not now," said Fay, "if you'll find a little girl who'll take
real good care of her--her name's 'Susy.'"

"Well, did you ever!" said Grandma Rogers. " Here's jest the place for
Susy, she can set right here in Miss Blout's bunnit as snug as a bug."

"Wait a minute, Mrs. Rogers," said Miss Bliss, and taking a pencil she
wrote on a little slip of paper, "My name is Susy, and I should like to
go to some little girl who will take good care of me." This she read and
pinned the slip on Susy's pretty dress when she was safely seated in
"Miss Blout's bunnit," in which odd carriage, made of roses and ribbons,
Susy started on her long journey to Tougaloo. Her little mother, Fay,
would like some day to get a letter from Susy's new mother, though she
has not yet heard from her.


* * * * *


* * * * *

MAINE, $566.12.

Augusta. "Christmas Offering" $5.00

Brewer. First Cong. Ch. and Soc. 22.50

Brunswick. Cong. Ch., by Mrs. Ellen F.
Lincoln, 2Bbls. and 1 Box of C., _for Selma,

Castine. Mary and Margaret J. Cushman,
2 each 4.00

Cumberland Center. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 35.00

Cumberland Mills. Warren Ch. (of which
10.64 _for Indian M._, and 5 from Primary
Dept. of Sab. Sch. _for Mountain White
Work_) to const. Mrs. Mary Melcher
and Roland H. Blanchard L.M.'s. 85.75

Fryeburg. By Mrs. Albert F. Richardson,
_for Freight_ 1.50

Gardiner. Cong. Ch., by Miss S.E. Adams,
Bbl. of C., _for Selma, Ala._

Gorham. Cong. Ch. and Parish 35.81

Hallowell. "Friends" _for Freight_ 5.00

Harrison. Bbl. of C., 50c. for freight, _for
Mobile, Ala._ .50

New Castle. Second Cong. Ch. 15.00

Norway. Mrs. Mary K. Frost 2.50

Portland. Second Parish Ch., ad'l 35.00

Portland. Brown Thurston's Class, High
St. Sab. Sch., _for Student Aid, Hampton
Inst._ 20.00

Presque Isle. Cong. Ch. 12.50

Skowhegan. Island Av. Ch. 24.00

Skowhegan. Ladies' Miss'y Soc., by Mrs.
L.W. Weston, Bbl. of C., _for Selma, Ala._

South Berwick. Cong. Ch., to const. Mrs.
Annie A. Burleigh and Mrs. Hannah
I. Hodgen L.M.'s 80.00

South Berwick. Mrs. Lewis' S.S. Class,
3.25; Miss McClellans' Class, 1.15; Miss
Oak's Class, 1.60; _for Wilmington, N.C._ 6.00

South Paris. Cong. Ch. 11.50

Turner. Mrs. Royal H. Bird, _for Indian M._ 5.00

Waterford. First Cong. Ch., bal. to const.
Rev. C.L. Skinner L.M. 6.66

West Falmouth. Sab. Sch. of Second
Cong. Ch., _for Student Aid, Selma, Ala._ 16.00

West Falmouth. By Rev. W.H. Haskell,
_for Freight_ 2.00

Willard. "Star Mission Circle," _for Pleasant
Hill, Tenn._ 5.00

Woolwich. Cong. Ch., 10; Mrs. J.P.
Trott, 2 12.00

York. First Cong. Ch. 42.50
Collected by Miss Bertha D. Robertson:
Bangor. Third Ch. 5.00
Bangor. "Little Girl," First Ch. 1.00
Brewer Village 5.50
Camden 2.00
Ellsworth. S.P. Dutton 20.00
Foxcroft 3.37
Freeport. Cong. Ch. 8.62
Mechanic Falls. Dr. Holt 1.00
Norridgewock. Mrs. Dole 5.50
Portland. "A Lady" 5.00
Rockland 1.00
Sacarappa 14.00
---- 2.16
Winthrop 1.25

---- 75.40


Alton. Cong. Ch. 3.00

Boscawen. "Crescent City Helpers, "_for
Straight U._ 25.00

Bristol. Cong. Ch. 4.25

Center Harbor. S.F. Emery 3.00

Concord. South Cong. Ch., to const. Rev.
Harry P. Dewey and Dea. Frank Coffin
L.M.'s 61.00

Concord. "The Light Bearers," Box of
Christmas Gifts, _for Storrs Sch._

Gilsum. Cong. Ch. 10.00

Great Falls. First Cong. Ch. 25.00

Hampstead. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch. 28.15

Harrisville. Cong. Ch. 5.72

Hinsdale. By Miss Abbie Robertson, Bbl.
of C. _for Storrs Sch._

Hollis. "Friends," Cong. Ch., 2 Bbls. of
C., _for Storrs Sch._

Keene. Second Cong. Ch. 8.99

Laconia. Cong. Ch. and Soc., to const.
Harley W. Carey L.M. 41.10

Marlboro. Cong. Ch. 3.87

Mount Vernon. Cong. Ch. 20.00

Nashua. First Cong. Ch. 22.69

Nelson. Cong. Ch. 4.28

Newmarket. Thos. H. Wiswall 10.00

Peterboro. Mrs. M.A. Whitney 4.00

Rindge. Cong. Ch. 7.76

Rindge. Ladies of Cong. Ch., 2 Bbls. of
C., _for Storrs Sch._

Sanbornton. Cong. Ch. 7.70

Swanzey. Cong. Ch. 9.62

Warner. Ladies' Miss'y Soc. of Cong. Ch.,
_for Storrs Sch., Atlanta, Ga._ 5.00

Wilton. Second Cong. Ch. 15.00

VERMONT, $374.03

Bakersfield. Cong. Ch. 24.50

Barton. "C.H. Soc." of Cong. Sab. Sch.,
_for McIntosh, Ga._ 6.00

Barton Landing. Bbl. of C., 2 for Freight,
_for McIntosh, Ga._ 2.00

Bennington. Second Cong. Ch. 36.82

Cabot. Mrs. H.A. Russell, 5; Mrs. L. McAlister
50c. 5.50

Cambridge. Second Cong. Ch. 4.57

Derby Center. Cong. Ch. 4.00

East Corinth. Cong. Soc., Bbl. of C., _for
Storrs Sch._

Fairlee. M.W. Smith 8.00

Guildhall. Ladies of Cong. Ch., by Mrs.
Geo. Hubbard 6.25

Hartford. Second Cong. Ch. 61.30

Ludlow. Cong. Ch. 11.00

Manchester. Ladies of Cong. Ch., Bbl. of
Bedding, etc., _for Atlanta U._

Milton. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 6.29

Newport. Ladies of Cong. Ch., 20.43;
Bbl. and Box of C. (2 for Freight), _for
McIntosh, Ga._ 22.43

Post Mills and West Fairlee. "A few
Friends," by Rev. L.E. Tupper, special,
_for Atlanta U. 4.00

Randolph. Mrs. I. Nichols 1.50

Saint Johnsbury. South Cong. Ch. 36.61

Springfield. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch.
Christmas gift 15.00

Stowe. Cong. Ch. and Soc., to const.
Alva Warren L.M. 58.89

Swanton. Ladies of Cong. Ch., _for McIntosh,
Ga._ 6.00

Tyson. Cong. Ch. .74

Underhill. 2 Bbl. of C. and 5 _for McIntosh,
Ga._ 5.00

Waterville. Cong. Ch. 1.20

West Battleboro. Cong. Ch. 10.93

West Charleston. Ladies of Cong. Ch.,
3.75; "King's Messengers" Soc., 6.87; by
Mrs. Chas. E. Bennett 10.62

Westfield. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for McIntosh,
Ga._ 5.00

Westminster, West. Bundle of C. and 6
_for McIntosh, Ga._ 6.09

West Townshend. Ladies of Cong. Ch., _for
McIntosh, Ga._ 3.38

Wilmington. Cong. Ch. 13.50



Milton. Estate of Dr. B. Fairchlld, by C.H.
Jackson $2.00


Acton, Cong. Ch. and Soc. 11.23

Amherst. First Cong. Ch. 25.00

Amherst. Mrs. W.A. Stearns, _for Students
Aid, Tillotson Inst. 10.00

Andover. West Parish Ch. and Soc. 50.68

Andover. Miss M.E. Manning, _for Talladega
C. 10.00

Attleboro. Second Cong. Ch. and Soc. 90.00

Auburndale. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 254.00

Boston. Edward A. Strong, _for
Atlanta U_ 394.50
" Mount Vernon Ch. 316.20
" Union Ch. and Soc. 146.80
" Park St., Homeland B'ch,
_for Student Aid, Park St.
Indian Station, Oake, Dak._ 100.00
" Mrs. C.A. Spaulding, _for
Student Aid, Fisk U._ 50.00
" Bray Wilkins, for Wilmington,
N.C. 8.00
" "A Friend" 5.00
" ----, 5.00
" Grimes & Co., 64 Reading
Books, _for McIntosh Ga._
" Cong'l S.S. and Pub. Soc.
3 Boxes Books, _for
Straight U._

Dorchester. Village Ch. and Soc. 46.91
" Dea. S.B. Holman, 2;
Mrs. J.H. Means, 1;
Mrs. Ballantine, 1; _for
Student Aid, Tougaloo U._ 4.00

West Roxbury. South Evan.
Ch. and Soc. 19.65

---- 1096.06

Braintree. First Ch. 45.84

Bridgewater. J.W. Herrick, _for Talladega
C. 1.00

Brimfield. Laidies Union of Second Cong.
Ch., _for Freight_ 2.00
" Ladies Miss'y Soc., Cong. Ch.,
Bbl. of C. _for Tougaloo, Miss._

Brookline. Mrs. F.A. White 10.00
" "E.P." 1.00

Cambridge. First Ch. and Shepherd Soc.
278.82; North Av. Cong. Ch., add'l, 39.20
Mrs. J. Russel Bradford, 15.00 333.02

Cambridgeport. First Cong. Ch., 138.26,
Pilgrim Ch. M.C. Coll., 6.47 144.73

Cambridgeport. Margaret Shepard Soc.,
_for Storrs Sch._ 9.00

Cambridgeport. Miss Julia Robinson, _for
Tougaloo U._ 2.00

Cambridgeport. Sab. Sch. of Pil. Ch., _for
Marie Adlof Sch'p Fund_ 1.00

Chelsea. First Cong. Ch., 50.50; Third
Cong. Ch., 35.18; Central Ch., 18.04 103.72

Chelsea. Y.P.S.C.E., First Cong. Ch.,
_for Student Aid, Fisk U._ 25.00

Curtlsville. Rev. T.A. Hazen 10.00

Dalton. Mrs. Harriet A. Campbell, _for Calvary
Ch., Pine Mountain, Tenn._ 100.00

Daiton. Mrs. Louisa F. Crane 100.00

Dedham. "A Friend." 2.00

Easthampton. Payson Cong. Ch. (of which
36.55 _for Indian M._) 273.84

Easthampton. Sab. Sch. of First Cong. Ch. 35.00

East Longmeadow. "A Friend." 50

Edgartown. Cong. Ch. 7.00

Enfield. Cong. Ch. 29.09

Foxboro. Children's Miss. Circle 5.00

Gardner. First Cong. Ch. 15.00

Granby. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 100.00

Greenfield. Second Cong. Ch. 51.42

Greenfield. M.O. Farrand, _for Indian M._ 5.00

Hanover. Second Cong. Ch. 10.00

Harwich. Cong. Ch. 10.00

Haverhill. Sab. Sch. of W. Cong. Ch.
"Harvest Festival" to const. J.H. CRUMMETT
and ALVAH L. SARGENT L.M.'s 60.00

Holliston. "Bible Christians, Dist. No. 4" 33.00

Hopkinton. Cong. Ch. 75.08

Hubbardston. Ladies' Miss'y Soc. of Cong.
Ch. Bbl. of C., Val. 40., _for Tougaloo, Miss._

Hyde Park. First Cong. Ch. and Soc. 20.00

Lakeville. "Friends" 4.50

Lee. A.R. Smith, Box of Papers _for Savannah, Ga._

Leverett. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch. 5.00

Lexington. Hancock Ch. and Soc. 10.93

Littleton. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 17.00

Littleton. Mrs. J.C. Houghton, _for Student
Aid, Atlanta U._ 5.00

Lowell. First Cong. Ch. 60 to const. J.T.
M.'s.; Pawtucket Ch., add'l 50c. 60.50

Ludlow. Sab. Sch. Mission Circle, "Precious
Pearls." Bbl. of C. 2 _for freight, for
Macon Ga._ 2.00

Lynn. First Cong. Ch., 11.30; North Cong.
Ch. 5 16.30

Malden. First Cong. Ch. and Soc. 42.50

Maplewood. Infant S.S. Class, _for Wilmington,
N.C._ 4.00

Marion. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 10.71

Marshfield. Ladies of Cong. Ch., 3 bbls.
of C. _for Straight U._

Medway. Village Ch., add'l 50.00

Melrose. Frontier Aid Soc., _for Student
Aid, Atlanta U._ 50.00

Middleton. Ladies' Miss'y Soc., by Mrs.
C.A. Berry, _for Woman's Work_ 6.00

Milford. "Friends," 5.75; Mrs. Jno. Daniels,
5, _for Talladega U._ 10.75

Mill River. Cong. Ch. and Sab. Sch. 15.76

Monson. "Spare Minute Soc.," Bbl. Christmas
Goods, _for Jellico, Tenn._

Newburyport. Prospect St. Ch. 154.40

Newton. J.H. Nichols, _for Conn. Ind'l
Sch., Ga._ 25.00

North Adams. First Cong. Ch. 36.82

North Amherst. Henry Stearns 4.50

North Amherst. Bbl. of C., _for Fisk U._

Northampton. A. Lyman Willlston, 500;
Mrs. C.L. Williston, 100 600.00

Northampton. A.L. Williston, _for Student
Aid, Tougaloo U._ 20.00

Northboro'. Evan. Cong. Ch. 51.14

Northboro'. Ladies of Cong. Ch., Bbl. of
C., _for Storrs Sch._

Northtbridge. First Cong. Ch. and Soc. 21.00

North Brookfield. First Cong. Ch. 100.00

North Hadley. Second Cong. Ch. 5.94

Norton. Mrs. Wheaton, _for Tougaloo U._ 20.00

Oxford. First Cong. Ch. 28.00

Pittsfleid. James H. Dunham, 50; South
Cong. Ch. 41.20, to const. ROBERT L.
BARRETT L.M. 91.20

Pittsfield. Sab. Sch. of First Cong. Ch.
_for Student Aid, Fisk U._ 15.00

Pittsfleid. Sab. Sch. of First Cong. Ch.,
_for McIntosh, Ga._ 10.00

Reading. Cong. Ch., 17.50; "A Friend," 2 19.50

Rockland. Cong. Ch. 30.00

Sandwich. Mrs. Robert Tobey 4.00

Scotland. Cong. Ch., Box of C., _for
Straight U._

Somerville. Day St. Ch. and Soc. 18.00

South Weymouth. Second Cong. Ch. 32.00

South Weymouth. Sab. Sch. of Union
Cong. Ch., _for Wilmington, N.C._ 20.00

South Williamstown. Cong. Ch. 12.00

Spencer. Benev. Soc. of Cong. Ch., _for
Atlanta U._, Bbl. of Bedding, etc.

Springfield. "Mrs. P.B." 5.00

Springfield. Miss L.S. Dickinson, 1; Miss
M. 1.25, _for Mountain Work_, and 1.25 _for
Freight_ 3.50

Upton. Bbl. of C., 3 _for Freight for Mobile,
Ala._ 3.00

Walpole. Sab. Sch.. of Cong. Ch., _for
McIntosh, Ga._ 125.00

Walpole. Ortho. Cong. Ch. 48.04

Waltham. Sab. Sch. Class, _for Student
Aid, Storrs Sch._ $3.00

Warren. Cong. Ch. (30 of which to const.
Rev. D.O. CLARK L.M.) 133.64

Warren. Ladies of Cong. Ch., _for Student
Aid, Straight U._ 2.75

Warren. Cong. Ch., 2 Bbls of C., _for Austin,

Watertown. "Gift" 1.18

Wayland. C.M. Lee, _for Storrs Sch._ 3.00

Webster. First Cong. Ch. and Soc. 1.16

Westboro'. Sab. Sch. of Evan. Cong. Ch. 50.00

West Boylston. First. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 30.00

West Boxford. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 6.61

West Brookfield. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 25.50

West Dennis. Mrs. Sarah S. Crowell 2.50

Westfield. Dr. H. Holland 3.00

Westhampton. Ladies' Benev. Soc., _for
Tougaloo U._ 10.00

West Newbury. J.C. Carr 4.00

West Newton. E.P. Simmons 5.00

West Newton. Ladies, 2 Bbls. Household
Goods, etc., _for Home, Storrs Sch._

Williamstown. First Cong. Ch. 1.00

Winchester. First Cong. Ch. (11.58 of
which _for Indian M._) 44.43

Woburn. "A Friend" 5.00

Worcester. Union Ch., 202.35; Salem St.
Ch. 40.53 242.88

Worcester. Young People's Soc. of Plymouth
Ch., _for Indian M._ 20.00

Worcester. "Great Heart," 20; "A
Friend" 50 handkerchiefs for Jones
Kindergarten 20.00

----. "K" 400.00

By Charles Marsh, Treas. Hampden Co.
Benev. Ass'n.

Chicopee, Second 60.74
Chicopee, Third 26.81
Holyoke, First 18.17
Holyoke, Second 36.77
Huntington. Second 13.12
Ludlow 16.23
Mittineague 17.60
Monson 25.00
Springfield, Hope 66.10
West Springfield, Park St. 32.27
---- 312.81


Falmouth, Me. By Rev. W.H. Haskell, one
and one-half Bbls., _for Williamsburg Ky._

Fryeburg, Me. Ladies of Cong. Ch., Bbl.
_for Louisville, Ky._

Hallowell, Me. "Friends," 2 Bbls. Christmas
Gifts, _for Jenifer, Ala._

Norridgewock, Me. Mrs. Caroline F. Dole,
Box, _for Kittrell, N.C._

South Berwick, Me. Ladies of Cong. Ch.,
Bbl., _for Wilmington, N.C._

Goffstown, N.H. Miss E. Kendall, Box
Christmas Gifts, _for Oaks, N.C._

Cambridgeport, Mass. Pilgrim Ch. Sew.
Circle, 1 Case, Val. 53.50, _for Straight U._

Belmont, Mass. Mrs. W.H. Goodridge,
Christmas Gifts, _for Storrs Sch._

Brimfield, Mass. Ladies' Union of Second
Cong. Ch., Bbl. _for Pleasant Hill, Tenn._

Brockton, Mass. Mrs. S.A. Southworth,
Box, _for Santee Indian M._

Framingham, Mass. "Friends," Bbl. _for
Kittrell, N.C._

Marlboro, Mass. Bbl.

Middleboro, Mass. Home Mission Circle,
2 Bbls., _for Oaks, N.C._

Somerville, Mass. Children's Mission
Band of Day St. Ch., Bbl. of Christmas
Gifts, _for Pleasant Hill, Tenn._

Somerville, Mass. Heart and Hand Soc.
of Prospect Hill Ch., Bbl. _for Straight U._

Waltham, Mass. Mrs. Luce's Sab. Sch.
Class, Trunk of Gifts, _for Storrs Sch._

Watertown, Mass. Young Ladies' Mission
Band of Phillips Ch., Bbl. Christmas
Gifts, _for Louisville, Ky._

Woburn, Mass. Bbl., _for Louisvile, Ky._

RHODE ISLAND, $427.80.

Bristol. First Cong. Ch. $38.14

Bristol. Mrs. H.P. Walker, _for Indian M._ 5.00

Central Falls. Cong. Ch. 66.75

East Providence. Newman Cong. Ch. 20.00

Newport. United Cong. Ch. 74.67

Providence. Pilgrim Cong. Ch., 100.48;
Jas. Coats, 100 200.48

Providence. "A Friend" _for Indian M._ 3.00

Westerly. Cong. Ch. 19.76

CONNECTICUT, $3,361.42.

Abington. Cong. Ch. 23.00

Berlin. Second Cong Ch. 55.74

Bloomfield. Cong. Ch. 10.00

Branford. Ladies' Aid Soc. of First Cong.
Ch., _for Conn. Ind'l Sch., Ga._ 25.00

Branford. Birthday pennies of Infant
Class, First Cong. S.S., _for Marie Adlof
Sch'p Fund_ 2.10

Bridgeport. Park St. Cong. Ch. 25.60

Bristol. Cong. Ch. 10.00

Canaan. S.P. Norton 2.50

Cheshire. Ladies' Sew. Soc. of Cong. Ch.
_for Indian M._ 50.00

Clinton. Cong. Ch. and Soc., 39.25; Rev.
Thos. A. Emerson, 10; Frances H. Emerson, 10 59.25

Columbia. Cong. Ch. 22.00

Danbury. Second Cong. Ch. and Soc. 8.00

Darien. Ladies' Soc., by Miss Ellen M.
Nash, _for Conn. Ind'l Sch., Ga._ 10.00

Deep River. Cong. Ch. 30.00

East Canaan. Cong. Ch. 3.00

East Haddam. "A Friend" 5.00

East Haddam. Ladies' Soc., Bbl. of C.,
_for Thomasville, Ga._

East Hartford. First Cong. Ch. (10 of
which from Abraham Williams) 11.69

Elliott. Wm. Osgood 2.00

Fair Haven. Sab. Sch of Second Cong.
Ch., _for Student Aid, Fisk U._ 15.00

Farmington. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch.,
128.38; Cong. Ch., 94.81 223.19

Guilford. First Cong. Ch. (10 of which _for
Conn. Ind'l Sch., Ga._) to const. MISS

Haddam. First Cong. Ch. 15.06

Higganum. Cong. Ch. 17.00

Kensington. Wm. Upson 10.00

Lakeville. Mrs. M.H. Williams 5.00

Madison. Cong. Ch. 11.00

Manchester. Ladies Benev. Soc. of Cong.
Ch., _for Conn. Ind'l Sch., Ga._ 22.00

Meriden. Sab. Sch. of First Cong. Ch. 20.00

Meriden. First Cong. Ch., _for Indian M._ 5.00

Middletown. South Cong. Ch., 53.82; First
Ch., 44.51 98.33

Milford. First Cong. Ch. (150 of which _for
Indian M._) 300.00

Milford. Sab. Sch. of Plymouth Ch. _for
Birds Nest, Santee Indian M._ 15.54

Monroe. Ladies' Miss'y Soc., by Miss H.L. Curtiss,
Treas., _for Conn. Ind'l Sch., Ga._ 8.00

New Britain. First Ch. of Christ, 100.06;
South Cong. Ch., 166.10, to const. JOHN
E. WETMORE L.M.'s 266.16

New Canaan. Cong. Ch. 38.00

New Haven. Dwight Place Ch., 132.14;
"Busy Workers," Howard Av. Cong.
Ch., 5 137.14

New Haven. Frances C. Skinner, _for Student
Aid, Fisk U._ 10.00

Newington. Cong. Ch. 17.98

New London. First Cong. Ch. 81.20

New Milford. Cong. Ch. 81.05

Norfolk. Cong. Ch. 180.00

North Greenwich. Cong. Ch., to const.

North Guilford. Mrs. Eben F. Dudley, 5;
A.E. Bartlett, 1.50 6.50

Norwalk. First Cong. Ch. 22.56

Norwich. Broadway Cong. Ch. 121.40

Old Saybrook. Cong. Ch. $14.56

Oxford. Cong. Ch. 21.92

Plainville. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for
Oaks, N.C._ 20.00

Plantsville. Ladies' Ind'l Soc. of Cong. Ch.,
_for Conn. Ind't Sch., Ga._ 35.00

Prospect. B.B. Brown, _for Mountain
Work_ 20.00

Putnam. Second Cong. Ch. 24.73

Ridgefield. Cong. Ch. 12.86

Rockville. Second Cong. Ch. 4.53

Roxbury. "A Friend" 5.00

Seymour. Ladies' Aid Soc., by Miss
Emma Lockwood, _for Conn. Ind'l Sch.,
Ga._ 15.00

Simsbury. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for
Straight U._ 13.00

Simsbury. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for
Fisk U._ 13.00

South Britain. Cong. Ch. 37.57

Stratford. First Cong. Ch. 27.55

Talcottville. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 50.62

Terryville. Cong. Ch. 32.99

Thomaston. Cong. Ch. 40.10

Thomaston. Primary Sab. Sch. Class,
First Cong. Ch., _for Rosebud Indian M._ 5.10

Torrington. Third Cong. Ch. and Bible
Sch. 51.02

Torrington. Ladies' Miss'y Soc., of First
Cong. Ch., _for Conn. Ind'l Sch., Ga._ 10.56

Wallingford. Cong. Ch. Pledge Fund 107.73

Wapping. Cong. Ch. 18.66

Waterbury. Second Cong. Ch. 75.00

Waterbury. Woman's Bevev. Soc. of
Second Cong. Ch., _for Conn. Ind'l Sch.,
Ga._ 50.00

West Hartford. First Ch. of Christ (16 of
which _for Dakota Indian Sch._) 168.75

West Norwalk. Rebecca Pennell 5.00

Westport. Naugatuk Cong. Ch. 10.31

West Winstead. First Cong. Ch., _for Talladega
C._ 42.89

Wethersfield. Cong. Ch. 30.60

Windham. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 21.74

Windsor Locks. "A Friend" 6.50

Winsted. Mrs. M.A. Mitchell, _for Student
Aid, Talladega C._ 25.00

Winsted. Mrs. Emily W. Case 1.00

Woodstock. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 33.93

Woodstock. Frances H. Butler, _for Williamsburg,
Ky._, by Mrs. S.M. Hotchkiss,
Sec., W.C.H.M.U. 30.00

Woodstock. Miss F.E. Butler, Pkg. of C.
_for Jellico, Tenn._
----. "A Friend in Conn." 100.00

NEW YORK, $518.76.

Alfred Center. Mrs. Ida F. Kenyon 5.00

Amsterdam. David Cady 10.00

Binghamton. First Cong. Ch. 64.04

Brooklyn. South Cong. Ch., 50.24; Central
Cong. Ch., 25.00; Mrs. M.L. Hollis,
4 79.24

Brooklyn. E.D.J.N. Stearns, _for Mountain
White Work_ 5.00

Candor. Cong. Ch. 21.00

Churchville. Z. Willard, _for Student Aid,
Macon, Ga._ 10.00

De Kalb. Rev. R.C. Day 5.00

Fairport. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 30.00

Fairport. Primary Class Cong. Sab. Sch.,
20.00 _for Santee Indian M._, and 5 from
Birthday Box, by Miss S.E. Dowd 25.00

Hobart. Mrs. J.W. Blish 3.00

Homer. "Friends," _for Student Aid, Talladega
C._ 1.00

Le Roy. Miss Delia A. Phillips 10.00

Lockport. First Cong. Ch. 16.52

Malone. Cong. Ch. 58.93

Marcellus. "J.H." Christmas Memorial
of W.G.H. 5.00

Massena. Cong. Sab. Sch., _for Student Aid,
Talladega C._ 4.50

Mexico. George G. French 10.00

New York. Mrs. H.B. Spelman, _for Student
Aid, Atlanta U._ 25.00

New York. Fred Wolfe 10

New York. Camp Chapel, pkg Goods, _for
Jellico, Tenn._

Orient. Cong. Ch. 15.52

Oriskany. Mrs. R.W. Porter 1.00

Owego. L.H. Allen, M.D. 10.00

Saratoga Springs. Mrs. R.F. Knapp, _for
Indian M._ 5.00

Schenectady. Mrs. S.M. Johnson 15.00

Smyrna. Cong. Miss. Soc. 50.00

Summer Hill. S.S., _for Talladega C._ 5.00

Warsaw. Cong. Ch. 7.91

Whitesboro. Mrs. L. Halsey 10.00

Woman's Home Missionary Union of N.Y.
by Mrs. L.H. Cobb, Treas., _for Woman's
Oswego, W.H.M.S. 10.00
----. "God Speed the Work." 1.00

NEW JERSEY, $175.52.

Asbury Park. Mrs. S.A. Tyler 50

Boundbrook. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch. _for
Santee Agency_ 10.00

Jersey City. First Congl. Ch. (Tabernacle) 72.02

Perth Amboy. Rev. P. Kimball 10.00

Westfield. Cong. Ch. 83.00


Meadville. Ladies' Miss'y Soc. of Park Av.
Ch., _for Mountiain White Work_ 20.00

Morth East. Miss C.A. Talcot 1.00

Philadelphia. Sab. Sch. of Central Cong. Ch.,
_for Mech'l Building, Tillotston Inst._ 25.00

Ridgway. By Minnie Kline, _for Oaks, N.C._ 5.00

OHIO, $548.64.

Akron. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for Student
Aid, Atlanta U._ 50.00

Akron. Sab. Sch. of First Cong. Ch., _for
Student Aid, Fisk U._ 50.00

Atwater. "Willing Workers" by Mrs.
Geo. Weldy, Bbl. of C. _for Storrs Sch._

Berea. Cong. Ch., Soc. of C.E., _for ed. of
children, Williamsburg, Ky._ 2.00

Bryan. S.E. Blakeslee 5.00

Chatham Center. Cong. Ch. 15.13

Cincinnati. Walnut Hills Cong. Ch. and
Sab. Sch., 75.00; Mrs. Betsey E. Aydelott,
5 80.00

Defiance. Dr. J.L. Scott, _for Student Aid,
Fisk U._ 5.00

Dover. Y.P.S.C.E., 20; Young Ladies
Class, Cong. Sab. Sch., 10 _for Student
Aid, Athens, Ala._ 30.00

Elyria. Ladies Soc. of Cong. Ch., _for
Wilmington, N.C._ 8.00

Hudson. Cong. Ch. 16.94

Lexington. Cong. Ch. 5.80

Mallet Creek. Mrs. M.W. Bingham 5.00

Mansfield. F.E. Tracy, _for Student Aid,
Austin, Tex._ 100.00

Medina. "Opportunity Club" by Caddie
Root 2.00

Metz. Miss Lulu Fish, _for Macon, Ga._ 5.00

Oberlin. Sab. Sch. of Sec. Cong. Ch., _for
Student Aid, Tillotson C. and N. Inst._ 10.00

Ravenna. Box and Bbl. of C., _for Jackson,

Saybrook. Cong. Sab. Sch. Mission Band 6.65

South Ridge. Mrs. U. Havilland 50

Strongsville. Elijah Lyman 10.00

Toledo. Y.P.M. Soc. of First Cong. Ch. 20.00

Wauseon. Cong. Ch. 9.62

Tallmadge. Rev. L. Shaw and other
friends, 6 Bibles, 10 Testaments, _for
Mountain Work_

Wellington. First Cong. Ch. 50.00

Ohio Woman's Home Miss'y Union, by
Mrs. Phoebe A. Crafts, Treas. _for Woman's
Marietta. Ladies' Miss. Soc. 2.00
Oberlin. Sab. Sch. of Sec.
Cong. Ch. 20.00

Wellington. Ladies' Benev.
Soc. $15.00
---- $37.00


Andover. Estate of Mrs. Theodate Linn,
_for Corbin, Ky._ 25.00

INDIANA, $40.22.

Bloomington. Mrs. A.B. Woodford, _for
Student Aid, Fisk U._ 10.00

Brazil. George Kimball Greenough 22

Terre Haute. Cong. Ch. 30.00

ILLINOIS, $736.00.

Batavia. Prof. Wm. Coffin 5.00

Bunker Hill. Woman's Miss'y Union, Sack
of C., _for Tougaloo, Miss._

Central Park. Cong. Ch. 21.00

Chicago. First Cong. Ch., 116.09; New
England Ch., bal., 62.02; South Park
Cong. Ch., 16.49; South Cong. Ch., 5, and
Sab. Sch., 15; Tabernacle Ch., 10; Bethany
Cong. Ch., 8.07; Warren Av. Cong.
Ch., add'l, 50 cts. 233.17

Colusa. Mrs. Sophia Miller 1.00

Danvers. Cong. Ch. 16.90

Elgin. Cong. Ch. 40.74

Elgin. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for Sch'p
Endowment, Fisk U._ 25.00

Hampton. Henry Clark 5.00

Jefferson. Cong. Ch. 12.26

Kewanee. Cong. Ch. 100.00

Knoxville. Wm. Arms 1.50

Lawn Ridge. John Crawford 10.00

Monroe. Cong. Ch. 3.00

Oak Park. Cong. Ch. 81.21

Ottawa. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for Sch'p,
Fisk U._ 25.00

Payson. Daniel E. Robbins 5.00

Peoria. Rev. A.A. Stevens, _for Talledaga
C._ 5.00

Princeton. Cong. Ch. 16.05

Princeton. Cong. Ch., _for Student Aid,
Fisk U._ 14.17

Quincy. "A Friend" 5.60

Springfield. Mrs. C.L. Post, Box and Bbl.
of C., etc., _for Austin, Tex._

Turner. Mrs. R. Currier 5.00

Waverly. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for Student
Aid, Tillotson Inst._ 5.00

MICHIGAN, $143.64.

Adrian. A.J. Hood 10.00

Battle Creek. "A Friend" 50

Benzonia. Cong. Ch. 11.35

Grand Junction. Cong. Ch. 4.04

Grand Ledge. Ira P. Holcomb 5.00

Hillsdale. Ladies of Presb. Ch., Bbl. of
C., _for Selma, Ala._

Howell. Z.M. Drew 50

Jackson. Mrs. R.M. Bennett 2.50

Lake Linden. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for
Student Aid, Talledega C._ 15.00

Milford. Mrs. Wm. A. Arms 5.00

Olivet. Cong. Ch. 2.25

Romeo. E.B. Dickinson 50.00

Tecumseh. James Vincent 10.00

Unadilla. Mrs. Agnes D. Marshall 3.00

Vermontville. Cong. Ch. 19.50

---- "Michigan Friend," _for Athens,
Ala._ 5.00

WISCONSIN. $493.41.

Beloit. Seond Cong. Ch., 27.95; First
Cong. Ch., 7.50 35.45

Depere. Frist Cong. Ch. 15.00

Eau Claire. First Cong. Ch. 100.00

Evansville. Cong. Ch., Bbl. of C., _for Austin,

Fond du Lac. "Willing Workers," First
Cong. Ch., _for Jones Kindergarten_ 25.00

Fox Lake. Cong. Ch. 8.74

Koshkonong. Cong. Ch. 5.62

Leeds. Cong. Ch. 11.00

Madison. First Cong. Ch. 14.61

Menasha. Cong. Ch. 41.42

Menomonee. Sab. Sch., of Cong. Ch., bal.,
_for a Kreutzer Marie Adlof Sch'p_ 16.00

Milwaukee. Plymouth Ch., 50; Pilgrim
Ch., 29 79.00

Ripon. First Cong. Ch., 37.20; Sab. Sch.
of Cong. Ch., 5.46 42.66

Watertown. Cong. Ch. 6.70

Whitewater. First Cong. Ch. 72.40

Windsor. Cong. Ch. 9.00

IOWA, $394.37.

Cedar Rapids. First Cong. Ch. 20.38

Des Moines. Plym. Cong. Ch. 154.82

Dunlap. Cong Ch. 8.22

Eldora. Cong. Ch. 29.38

Glenwood. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for
Student Aid, Tillotson Inst._ 10.00

Grinnell. Cong. Ch. 13.28

Grinnell. Mrs. J.B. Grinnell, _for Student
Aid, Talladega C._ 10.00

Letts. Postal Order 3.00

Magnolia. Cong. Ch., 15.50; and Sab.
Sch., 5 20.50

McGregor. Cong. Ch. (5 of which _for
Fisk U._) 25.00

Montour. Cong. Ch., to const. ROGER M.
TENNEY L.M. 33.42

Oskaloosa. Cong. Ch., 6.38; S.R. Pettitt,
2 8.38

Tabor. Mrs. S. Rossiter, 1; Mrs. E. Platt,
1; C. Webber, 1, _for Student Aid, Tillotson
Inst._ 3.00

Tipton. William Coutts 5.00

Iowa Woman's Home Missionary Union,
by Mrs. M.J. Nichoson, Treas:

Ames. L.A.S. 5.00
Almoral. W.H.M.U. 75
Cedar Falls. W.H.M.U. 1.30
Clinton. W.H.M.U. 5.00
Fairfield. W.H.M.U. 3.48
Lyons. W.H.M.U. 12.46
Marion. W.H.M.U. 10.00
McGregor. W.H.M.U 12.00
---- 49.99

MINNESOTA, $276.49.

Appleton. Cong. Ch. 2.75

Faribault. Cong. Ch. 56.04

Glyndon. Ch. at Glyndon, 6.37; Union
Sab. Sch., 82 cts. 7.19

Minneapolis. Sab. Sch. of Second Cong.
Ch., 38.58; Seonc Cong. Ch., 11.50;
Plym. Cong. Ch., 25.50 75.58

Minneapolis. Sab. Sch. of Lyndale Cong.
Ch., _for Oake Indian Sch._ 5.00

Northfield. First Cong. Ch. 41.09

Spring Valley. Cong. Ch. 6.00

Minn. Woman's Home Miss'y Soc. by Mrs.
Clara Norton Cross, Treas., _for Woman's

Minneapolis. Plym. Ch. W.H.M.S.,
to const. MRS. MARTHA A. HOOD, and
75.89; Plym. Ch. W.H.M.S., Special,
11; Plym. Ch. Y.L.M.S., 15.95 102.84

MISSOURI, $151.00.

Ironton. J. Markham 1.00

Laclede. Mrs. E.D. Seward, to cons. MRS.
and LEWYLLYN P. SEWARD, L.M.'s 150.00

KANSAS, $34.55.

Highland. Cong. Ch. 5.00

Kiowa. Rev. J.C. Halliday 10.00

Sabetha. P. Robbins 2.00

Sterling. First Cong. Ch. 17.55

DAKOTA, $10.85.

Lake Preston. W.M.S. by Mrs. Sue Fifield,
Terr. Treas. $3.00

Webster. Cong Ch. 7.85

Yankton. Y.P. Mission Band, Box Christmas
Goods, _for Jackson, Miss._

NEBRASKA, $58.69.

Humboldt. J.B. White 20.00

Lincoln. First Cong. Ch. 4.35

Stanton. Cong. Ch. 2.20

Syracuse. Cong. Ch. 2.00

Weeping Water. Cong Ch. 30.14

OREGON, $27.00.

Canyon City. E.S. Penfield 25.00

Portland. W.H. Holcomb, Sen. 2.00


S'kokomish. "Little Workers" by Rev. M.
Eells, _for Marie Adlof Sch'p Fund._ 2.10


Denver. Mrs. E.C. Kinney, _for Student
Aid, Tillotson Inst._ 5.00

CALIFORNIA, $205.00.

Pasadena. J.F. Church and Wife 200.00

Riverside. Mrs. W.F. Montague 5.00


Washington. Sab. Sch. of First Cong. Ch.
_for Student Aid, Santa Fe, N.M._ 18.15

Washington. Lincoln Mem'l Ch., Christmas
Thank Offering 38.06

MARYLAND, $80.00.

Baltimore. J. Henry Stickney, _for Howard
U._ 50.00

Baltimore. First Cong. Ch., add'l. 30.00

TENNESSEE, $1,114.46.

Chattanooga. Cong. Ch. 11.05

Crossville. Cong. Ch. 2.20

Grand View. Tuition. 30.00

Jellico. Tuition. 15.25

Jonesboro. Tuition, 30.65; Rent, 2. 32.65

Memphis. Tuition. 440.50

Nashville. Tuition, 551.64; Rent, 5.85 557.31

Nashville. Cong. Ch. of Fisk U., Christmas
Offering. 13.00

Nashville. Union Cong. Ch. 12.50


Beaufort. Christmas Offering, Cong. Ch. 5.00

Lassiter's Mills. Cong. Ch. 3.50

Wilmington. Tuition. 213.48

Wilmington. Cong, Ch., Christmas Offering 6.50

Wilmington. By Miss H.L. Fitts, _for Student
Aid_ 5.50


Charleston. Tuition. 216.00

GEORGIA, $898.80.

Atlanta. Storrs Sch., Tuition. 299.35

Atlanta. Prof. Thos. N. Chase. 10.00

Atlanta. "A Friend," _for Student Aid, Atlanta
U._ 5.00

Atlanta. First Cong. Ch., 13 Birthday Gifts 1.72

Macon. Tuition. 226.10

Marietta. Third Cong. Ch. and Sab. Sch. 3.00

McIntosh. Tuition. 25.13

McIntosh. "Friends," by Miss Plimpton,
_for McIntosh._ 9.00

Savannah. Tuition. 231.25

Savannah. Ladies' Miss'y Soc., by., Miss
A.D. Gerrish, _for Indian M._ 10.00

Savannah. Rev. J.H.H. Sengstacke 50

Thomasville. Tuition. 77.75

FLORIDA, $14.71.

Daytona. Cong. Ch. 9.71

Jacksonville. Mrs. Anna W. Chadwick 5.00

ALABAMA, $508.25.

Athens. Tuition. 93.65

Athens. Trinity Ch. and School 5.00

Athens. M.F. Wells, _for Athens_ 5.00

Mobile. Tuition. 264.75

Talladega. Tuition. 134.25

Talladega. Missionary Concert Coll. (2.96
of which _for Indian M._) 5.60

LOUISIANA, $287.30.

New Orleans. Tuition. 263.00

New Orleans. Straight University Ch. 24.30


Tougaloo. Tuition, 132.25; Rent, 32 164.25

TEXAS, $113.03.

Austin. Miss R.M. Kinney, _for Student
Aid, Tillotson Inst._ 21.50

Austin. Tuition. 84.13

Austin. Ladies' Miss'y Soc. _for Indian M._ 5.00

Helena. "Thank Offering," by Rev. M.
Thompson 2.40

INCOMES, $1,682.50.

Avery Fund, _for Mendi M._ 715.00

C.F. Dike Fund, _for Straight U._ 50.00

Gen'l Clinton B. Fisk Sch'p Fund, _for Fisk
U._ 30.00

Gen'l Endowment Fund. 50.00

Graves Library Fund, _for Atlanta U._ 150.00

Graves Sch'p Fund, _for Talladega C._ 125.00

Haley Sch'p Fund, _for Fisk U._ 50.00

Hastings Sch'p Fund, _for Atlanta U._ 12.50

Howard Theo. Fund, _for Howard U._ 275.00

Le Moyne Fund, _for Memphis, Tenn._ 50.00

Theo. Fund, _for Howard U._ 125.00

Tuthill King Fund, _for Berea C._ 50.00

CANADA. $15.00.

Montreal. Chas. Alexander 5.00

Sherbrooke. Mrs. H.J. Morey 10.00

SCOTLAND, $1,000.00.

----. "A Friend of Missions" 1,000.00

ENGLAND, $50.00.

London. Prof. and Mrs. C.M. Mead. 50.00

Donations $16,704.37
Incomes 1,652.50
Legacies 27.00
Rents 39.85
Tuition 3,328.95

Total for December $21,752.67
Total from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 55,088.90


Rockland, Ill. Estate of Rev. Benj. Foltz,
by Chas. G. Foltz, Ex. 500.00


Subscriptions for December. $192.45
Previously acknowledged. 83.50
Total $275.96

H.W. HUBBARD, Treasurer,
56 Reade St., N.Y.

* * * * *

[Footnote 1: Deceased.]

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